Lie To Me E13

First K made his sacrifice and proved his love – now AJ reciprocates. Can’t tell who is giving up more – in terms of monetary value K probably wins, but who is to say what AJ gave up doesn’t mean more since she did it for the sole reason of love (which is priceless).

* Thanks to Carine, we have the Chinese translations 🙂

Guess who played cupid tonight and brought AJ and K even closer without even realizing it – yup-YJ. AJ didnt get that idea out of nowhere- it came directly from YJ’s mouth. It’s like YJ gave her the seed, AJ took it to the most fertile piece of land and now it’s already sprouting and pretty soon AJ will have the best looking garden and YJ has to look on and see what she inadvertently caused. It’s like YJ didn’t take into account how strong K and AJ’s relationship is, but this couple is here to stay.

Lie to me E13

Starts with K looking at the fireworks and thinking back to his aunt who said you have to come no matter what – then K driving to AJ then meeting her at the bench and hugging. after he said he missed her, she wipes her tears. he asks if anything happened and she says no just a little. she mentions how awhile ago the minister brought up YJ’s dad and K tells her not to worry about stuff that doesnt matter and to trust him. K:  you trust HKJ right? she nods. he says let’s go and she asks where. he says since she worried about stuff that doesnt matter she must have been sad so they have to go relieve stress.

they go and eat thukbokki and AJ keeps saying how good it tastes

JB gives SR a present (an expensive watch) promising to celebrate their marriage every day and she gives him one too. it’s a mystery book and he looks to see if there is more than just the book but that’s all there is so he is a little disappointed

on her way to the bathroom, SR sees K’s aunt and YJ and her parents waiting. SR calls AJ and asks what she is doing – that she is outside eating with JB and if AJ has time SR wanted to meet her. but AJ says she is playing right now. SR asks with who and AJ says with K.  YJ’s mom overhears SR asking if AJ is really with K and says thank goodness and tells AJ to have fun with K.

YJ tells her family to leave and not wait anymore. K’s aunt looks upset

K and AJ are playing games and K gets a call and doesnt answer it. YJ sends a text saying it’s ok if he didnt come cuz of her but not to be rude to (insult) her parents like that. AJ says if a guy on a date doesnt answer his phone then it’s strange and it must be another girl. she tries to see who called but he says it’s nothing

K and AJ eat ice cream. AJ asks what happened today cuz she thinks something is going on cuz he is playing too hard and not answering his phone-hiding his text. K tells her the truth that he had a dinner appt. she asks if it was for work. he explains it was work and it wasnt.she reminds him how he told her to tell him everything about when she ate and washed her hand.  she keeps telling him to tell her. K: you asked me if I knew park-what you thought was right – he is YJ’s step dad. that’s why you were crying today huh? he asks how did she know who park is and she says it wasnt anything and wont say so he makes ice cream go up her nose

aunt yells at K asking what happened to him -he should have come when he said he was going to-why didnt he show up? K: something else came up. aunt: did you meet AJ? is that what happened? cant believe this – were you a guy where a woman is more imp than business.even after I told you like that. are you the HKJ I know?  K says he will apologize to YJ’s parents but he doesnt want to use park to get chen. K says he will meet in person park and chen separately and wants to convince chen on his own and meet park to tell him clearly where K stands (in regard to YJ) cuz this is World’s business. K says he will handle it somehow and asks for his aunt to have faith in him.

the boss gets mad at that big coworker and he promises to do better. they all leave for lunch except for AJ and that coworker who got yelled at. AJ asks if K is working and talks says while she was working she thought about chen and asks K if everything with the investment is going well and that other guy sort of listens in. she brings up the Korean and China festival and how they are thinking of having it at world hotel.

chen is smeeting with park and other men over a game of mahjong. park says even tho his daughter was engaged and it got broken off he thought K and YJ would get back together. he didnt know K had another girl. park asks if chen is thinking of investing in great hotel. Chen told Park that he had seen AJ before a few times and it’s sad that they are not married. Chen also said he don’t want to invest too much in Director Quan’s time. (who is Quan?) He also told Park that it’s late, indirectly asking Park to leave. park says he lost the game and the time is late and says he will leave first.chen said “bye” (I know that much chinese)
Park runs into K. park sarcastically says he had fun at dinner thanks to K.  K says that’s good if park had fun. K is not allowed to go in unless he is a member so he flashes some money at the guards $2,000 and says “am I a  member now?” and gives a $10 tip too.

K goes in to meet chen.Chen asked K what again? to indicated why is K to see him again.  K says sorry for coming here. Chen replied that there’s no need for sorry, you came at the right time, join us for the game. Chen asked, you know how to play mahjong? K: I dont know but I will try cuz I have a reason to play it. Chen told K to not waste his effort and asks K to go home. Chen also said to K that it’s not like last time anymore, this time it’s important that K get things cleared up, if not I can’t work with you. K admits:like you heard I did lie but(then chen said but… )K continues: lying about being married to GAJ was cuz of our love-same thing for telling you the truth that I wasnt married-it was for her sake. our answers clashed (were different), but the one thing we both  felt in our hearts was true. that’s when I learned for the first time how different truth and honesty were.then Chen said in fact and truth. K: in one moment of lie-even now when I could lose so much -there is only one truth for me-to get/gain one person that I cant throw away everything. since you havent turned down (rejected) my business yet,  I’m asking you for just one more chance to compete for my company.   Chen then said, you don’t fool people last time, but you lied because you were soft hearted. Chen then told K that he’ll go through the proposal papers and tells K to go home. K says he knows. Chen apologizes to his mahjong players and continues playing.then K leaves.

AJ gets a call and tells her coworkers that it’s been decided that some people attending the festival stays at world hotel. the bitter coworker notes that it’s been decided on world hotel. kim says that is great for world cuz the ppl coming will be over $1,500 so K is lucky. the bitter coworker asks to speak to the boss alone

boss asks what the guy means – is he saying that AJ made a preference for world hotel to be chosen. coworker insinuates that AJ and the world hotel has some kind of link and lists all the stuff that’s happened like at jejudo when AJ didnt stay at the motel they reserved. boss thinks that might be possible and the guy says it’s for sure AJ got helped by someone. boss asks if the guy is saying that K lobbied to get his hotel chosen and the guy agrees. boss yells at him and tells him to not try to catch someone and just do his job well.

SB is excited about going out and getting some air saying it’s been a long time. SH asks if YJ said she would come. SB says she is coming. he calls YJ to verify and asks if she packed her stuff and is on her way, but she says sorry and just go with SH. SB wont let her back out and tells her to come cuz they need her car to go anywhere. SH yells into the phone to hurry and come. she agrees and the 3 of them go.

AJ asks if the boss finished the list and tells her to take it. boss asks AJ about if something has been decided  and she says not yet and mentions world hotel and great hotel. she gets a call from K and the bitter guy says to the boss – see I told you-(K) he is helping her

AJ says in front of ppl she cant talk like she does so she came to a corner to take the call. she asks where he is. he says going back after an appt. she asks what appt and K says it’s a secret. she threatens to sulk if he doesnt tell. she guesses it’s a girl. K: if it’s a girl would I go on purpose to meet her?she asks who it is cuz it’s suspicious and he says it’s a foreigner customer. she guesses chen and worries that K is in a mess for revealing the truth that they arent married. he tells her it’s not that so dont worry and just to go straight home after work and dont get lost on the street and get stolen by some other guy. after they hang up she mutters his voice didnt sound like he was in a happy mood

SB, YJ, and SH go to some place by the river. SB mentions about the place hasnt changed at all and mutters something about how places dont change but ppl do. a person needs to change that’s what makes them human. ppl change-the world changes- love changes. SH asks what he is trying to say. SB says let’s talk after we eat.

SH asks if YJ was sick cuz he heard she didnt feel well.she says she is ok. SH mutters about “loving someone doesnt end up as a crime”. she asks “what?” SH:I’m talking about me. why is it when I love- it becomes a crime-that’s what I was thinking. YJ says at first she blamed AH a lot saying if he wasnt for him, if he wasnt K’s brother. but now that K and her ended up like this -it doesnt seem like it was cuz of SH.  i think to you maybe our (k and her) love was like a test and that test – we didnt pass. Everything changed but I’m the same. SH tells her to change too – become more pretty (in behavior I think he meant) and she agrees she is going to change now so that she wont be hurt alone.

H and K are working late and P shows up. K asks what brings her here so late. P:why do you think? K guesses and says the name of the festival (AJ was talking about). H highfives her and K says “you did well.” P thanks him.  K: now we just have to do well. he tells them that chen is giving them a chance and looking over their proposal again (so they can compete again) P starts to ask if that wasnt already …but K isnt listening anymore.

AJ texts K saying she came straight home from work and offers to send hearts with her text. K gets the text and grins

there are some stipulations from the japan team that doesnt match so AJ has to skip lunch and work (this comes out later in more detail)

H reports to K that chen will leave in a few days.K asks if H is sure and H says yes.

K gets a call from AJ and she speaks like an official asking if he is world hotel’s president. he speaks back to her formally.  she says the schedule for the festival they sent doesnt match at all so she is curious how they can mess up such an imp thing.  he says dont kid around and she says she isnt-she is working now. he says he will check and tell his side to send it over again. K: it’s lunch time so did you eat? AJ: cuz of you I didnt get to eat and I’m working. I’m hungry. so bring the right papers and bring it here yourself. K:what did you say? AJ: I said it clearly – if you dont bring the paperwork right away-we will take out world hotel from this event. K calls H to pull out the festival schedule and leave right now

when they arrive at AJ’s work, K tells H to leave. H: you are really going to go yourself? K:she told me to come in person. H asks how H go in alone. K: if I do that and she does take us out of the festival for real-are you going to take responsibility for all that revenue loss?  H asks: are you sure you are dating GAJ? – how could she be so strict with us. K glares at him and snatches the paperwork from him.

K goes in and says he brought all the related paperwork. coworkers are shocked to see K

AJ goes over the list and shows how someone on the japan team said he wasnt going to eat breakfast so if the hotel lists it – almost got charged with an expensive breakfast for nothing. K holds up some other paperwork saying someone called and spoke to his side late and if you look at the next day’s schedule -that breakfast charge was deducted. who are you putting blame on after “who” made the mistake? AJ gives a long convoluted response about how his hotel’s motto and how they should have called or added in the changes and should match what their customers want. K: so something that could have been settled with one phone call -did you have to make a busy person come here in person? AJ:who did that? boss kicks the side door listening in so K asks him: didnt you do that? the boss goes over to AJ and whispers if it’s not imp to just let it go. she argues that a civil servant doesnt take their job lightly-they  have to do their job well and be accurate. you told me that before i came in this room.

K and AJ eat together. she says sorry for making him come since he is busy. he asks if it’s a secret in the office that they are dating. AJ: what dating? K is upset and asks:what is this? am I the only one who came out (about their relationship at work). coworker and boss watch them so AJ pretends to be formal and uses her official tone and gets up and tells K to go now and says she is busy. and leaves first.

AJ is working late- K texts AJ -he asks if the food he delivered arrived ok cuz he wasnt sure about what she liked to eat yet. she texts backs she wanted to eat pig’s feet and soondae (pig’s sausage) but it cant be helped.

when she leaves work late at night K is waiting outside. she asks if he didnt go home yet. K: yes cuz of someone I was too tired.  AJ: why didnt you go home if you were tired? K: if I go home I would miss you more -if I miss you I get more tired. go somewhere with me. AJ: this late at night? cant- I have to go home. K: call your dad and I will tell him. to lend me his daughter just one day. AJ: you are crazy. K holds her face and says : I want to be with you today. AJ: what is this. K laughs and says : let’s go sweat -get in.

AJ calls her dad and lies and says she cant go home today cuz she has a lot of work-I told you yesterday. her dad says working all night will wear out her body and tells her to be careful. she tells him not to worry and go to sleep. he says he will be late today too preparing for school and if anything happens she can call him. K asks why she didnt tell the truth she is with him since they arent going anywhere strange. K asks if her dad said anything about him (what K is like) she says nothing special. K asks if he isnt the first guy to go meet her dad. AJ: of course you arent the first. K:what I’m not the first? AJ: must have thought you were the first. she laughs and says she was kidding around. he asks again if her dad said anything about him. AJ: just that he didnt like you. K gets mad and she laughs and says she was kidding calls him cute when he gets sulky

K and AJ are at a sauna-he says he had wanted to come here when he got a girlfriend. AJ: why would you leave a hotel sauna and come here? K:cuz we cant go to a hotel sauna together.  she breaks her egg over his head and he yells. she says it tastes better to break it like this. he worries that a hotel staff might see and wants to take the towel off his head. she tells him he better not take that off. you wanted to be together tonight so I came with you here. she feeds him the egg. she says it’s hot and suggests they go to the ice room and mumbles something about love

on the way they run into her dad and AK. her dad asks if he has to wear the facial mask and AK says he does and tells him to be good to her.  AJ goes over and says :these days ppl must prepare for school at saunas. her dad: these days does the ministry watch over saunas?you said you were working all night at the office cuz of too much work. AJ motions for K to come over. her dad to K: you havent dated long so why are you already spending the night together. what if rumors spread around the neighborhood and ruin my daughter’s good name/image. K says sorry but says he doesnt like hearing that insinuation. her dad tells K not to even dream about it cuz his daughter is special. AK says it doesnt matter cuz now they are needle and thread. AK says K and her are in the same shoes and AJ and her dad are on the same side. there is some event where the ppl who drink something really fast wins something. they look on and K whispers to AJ “like cola?” and has to stifle a giggle and AJ sort of nudges him to keep quiet. AJ’s dad has a competitive look and makes K go up there with him. AJ and AK cheer on their men. the emcee guy says the way her dad and K stare at each other is nothing to take lightly. K keeps staring over at her dad and finally cant finish his so he is out of it and her dad finishes his and wins. both guys win something- AJ takes a bear and her dad receives some better prize

K goes to meet chen. K gives him some paperwork (his company’s business plans) and thanks chen for his interest in his company. Chen replies that, it seems that whether or not I invest in your hotel, you are fine with it. K says even if his company dont get chosen for chen’s investment – cuz they can get even a bigger one. even tho it might now be now- some day chen will end up investing in them. chen takes the proposal and stops and shakes hands with K. K says have a safe trip backand see you next time. H says the mood didnt seem positive. K asks about his next appt and H says he can go up now.

K meets with park. K thanks him for giving him some of park’s valuable time. park tells him to get to the point. K apologizes for standing them up. the dinner was his aunt’s idea – if K gets a contract with chen K wants to do it on his own/with his own strength/ you know it has been over with YJ 3 yrs ago. park admits that cuz YJ is not his own blood daughter he cares more about her. i knew you had another woman- a man can do that. but at some time I thought you would be calling me father in law….but K interrupts and says: can flowers bloom on a dead tree?  park says so there was a reason why YJ liked you and laughs

aunt meets with some men. the guy says they trusted K and came this far. they talk about K and it doesnt sound too good. K shows up as the men leave. K says he is going to china today. she asks why. he says to meet ppl involved with chen and to look for other investors. she starts to yell but says do it your way since you caused this problem and said you would take responsibility but dont take too long.

AJ asks K: what am I suppose to do if you keep coming (to her work). K: did I come when I wasnt supposed to? AJ:what if ppl see….K: we can just say straight out (reveal their relationship)  AJ: we cant yet. K: why? are you embarrassed of me? not too long ago you were bragging to your friends and lied even that we were married. AJ says she thinks it’s not time to reveal their relationship yet. K asks why cant they and she says cuz she is a civil servant. K: does a civil servant live not eating or dating and just working. the civil servants I know live doing everything they need to. she asks if he really doesnt know what will happen if ppl find out they are dating. K: i dont know. AJ: you really dont know? it will be in the papers etc. K suddenly says : this is terrible. AJ:why? K: cuz I miss you. AJ: what do you mean when I am next to you so how could you miss me. K: to be honest I go to china tonight. AJ: why? K:what do you mean why? a person running a business goes to china,japan, paris. AJ:when are you coming back? he looks serious and jokes “a year.” she yells at him not to kid around-when are you coming back and why are you telling me that now? K: sorry I had to go suddenly-from now on I will have to go often on business trips so what do we do. AJ:cant be helped – whenever that happens- i will have to play with another guy. K warns :just try doing that.anyway I will come back soon. AJ: ok have a safe trip but really when are you coming back? K: i dont know-I will know when I get there. AJ: since it’s in front of the office so I cant hug you. K: go in and I will be going. he turns to look back at her and she keeps craning her neck till she cant see him anymore

H gives K his boarding pass and briefcase. K tells H to go and work meticulously cuz he is coming back and checking on H. H says dont worry – you know manager P’s personality. H says he will take care of the rest of the work and tells K to have a safe trip.

K stands in line to go in and AJ shows up. he asks how she knew to come. AJ: going alone on a business trip is strange. where are you going to sleep when you get there? he laughs.  she gives him her world pen. K:what is this? AJ: this ball pen grants wishes.he asks if she still had it and she says to use it when he needs to sign something cuz his wish will come true. his flight is called. K: i have to go in. he says he isnt going abroad like in dramas. AJ: have a safe trip and call when you come back. they hold hands. he tells her to call cuz his phone will be on roaming (can talk anywhere). they dont want to seem to let go. he smiles and holds up her pen. she says have a safe trip

those old men meet with some guys about K and give them a packet. think those old men just leaked info about K’s personal life to the press

AJ looks up where china is and mutters why is it so far away? just cuz it’s far doesnt mean I cant call. she is about to sleep and checks if K called. news start on the computer and on tv. they talk about K trying very hard to get chen and the investment. to get chen’s interest K lied to chen about being married. YJ asks if her dad thought of this and her mom says her dad wouldnt do something like this. YJ asks to meet her dad tm

aunt is mad and yells at P and H. aunt: he caused this and goes to china.did he already know about this and went to china to avoid this? P says K went for something else and the aunt asks why K went for that -dont they have employees over there. H : I said that too but he said he had to go in person. aunt asks if K knows and H says he already told him a few mins ago. she asks if K is coming back. H: he said dont pay attention to it and that he will finish his work there.aunt:how can we not pay attention? she orders H to call K

AJ goes in to work and they are all looking at news about K. boss wonders how K could tell a lie like this. AJ asks what is going on. AJ is in shock and runs out and gets in a cab.

AJ tries to call K but his phone is off. AJ is at K’s office and H leaves a message for K to call cuz AJ is waiting at the office.AJ asks P what happened- cant she reach K? P says it seems hard to contact K in china and says she will call when K calls.AJ asks P to call her and leaves

AJ runs into YJ on her way out. YJ says K never had this happen before. AJ says she cant think straight right now too. YJ says: I know how you feel – you feel bad and your are hurting. AJ: that’s not it – I’m just sorry and sorry and more sorry. YJ:AJ – have you thought what being K’s woman is going to be like?  more than you and I think- K might be carrying around more burdens/baggage. from a young age he never once said it was difficult and never got to do anything he wanted. aside from running his business, he didnt have time to get interested in other things. AJ:what is it that you want to say? YJ: after meeting you – he might be looking at the world for the first time-trapped in his world- you might have pulled him out into the world. AJ: so. YJ: being that woman, it’s not as simple as you think it is now. you have to give everything and throw everything away. you have to give up on everything – do you have the confidence to do that?also K already lost a lot-also- from here on – how much more he has to lose….i wanted to tell you for the last time -think it over carefully-what is good for his sake.

AJ cries in the cab and tries to call again. she gets a call from K’s aunt

AJ goes to meet the aunt. aunt says sorry for the last time they met and for what happened cuz back then there was a reason why she had to do that. AJ asks what the aunt wants to say. aunt asks AJ to return K. looking at his business and for his futre- this is an imp time for him. all this time he was responsible -a president like that cant be ruined cuz of you right? AJ: I know what you are trying to say- I am sorry. I didnt know a lie I told without thinking would get so out of hand. sorry for not thinking ahead -I’m sorry.

AJ’s dad reads the paper about K

AJ goes to their bench and remembers what the aunt said “if you really are thinking about K-help him be able to stand straight again -even now if you get involved – you can get K to (take back his order?) and then YJ’s words (oppa already lost a lot -also from now on how much more he will lose…think again what is best for him) and AJ cries.(brackets are guesses cuz couldnt tell which one she meant cuz those words in korean are similar)

back in her room, she sighs deeply and picks up her phone and calls SR. SR and JB are both sleeping. JB picks up. she asks him to meet now

JB asks why she came this early in the morning and says they worried about her. she asks for his help just once-I know what I have to do- I know too well. JB: what does that mean? AJ: I need a lawyer. you be my lawyer

AJ goes in to work before all the others and writes a resignation letter and leaves it on her boss’s desk.

K’s office is flooded with calls. aunt asks if they were able to reach K. P says not yet. K finally picks up and P asks if he knows what is going on and if he saw the internet

AJ stands in front of a lot of reporters and P goes over and says “how could you come here?” but AJ calls the reporters for their attention. she says president K didnt lie

K arrvies at the airport and reporters swarm him and H takes him away

AJ: that lie – I did it all. I said I was married to K so things got out of control. they ask who she is and asks for her to reveal her ID. she says where she works (ministry of culture/tourism) and gives her name



K says he will explain everything himself. aunt says there is no need cuz AJ revealed the truth in front of his office in front of the reporters

AJ apologizes to her office and coworkers and the minister says he is giving AJ a last chance

SR asks AJ if K is going to take responsibility accuses -what is he doing hiding behind a woman’s skirt.

K yells that if he doesnt get involved a person will get hurt-you want me to hide behind a woman like a coward? P tells him to hide – as long as he sits in that position she can be as cowardly as needed.

aunt tells K to forget about AJ for now and just work

K is holding AJ’s hand and standing in the middle of somewhere. AJ asks why he is doing this cuz it’s embarrassing but he yells in front of random ppl: I love this woman-I -HKJ truly love GAJ!

wow loud voice – think ppl indoors even heard that 🙂


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    Okay, I got some bits of the translation with me just now..
    At the game scene, it’s called mahjong.
    Chen asked K at some point, “you know how to play mahjong?”

    About the lie part where I think happened at the game scene too was, Chen “you don’t know how to lie to people before, but now.. this..” He gave K a second chance by telling K that he’ll go through the proposals again. After K left, Chen apologised to the other players and continue the game.

    At the cafe scene, Chen invited K to the cafe, and told K that K was invited not because Chen wanted to listen to K’s proposals, and said he came too… (I miss the rest) then Chen left.

    I’ll be able to get a more detailed one around 12am. =)
    hope this helped.


    • Skylab says:

      Ha.. ha… Mahjong… My neighbour always play it till the wee hours of the morning. I like the sound of the game because it keeps me company while I was reading my book. I hope you don’t mind I write this because this is real.


      • Carine says:

        Ha.. you are in Asia too? So the sounds makes you feel that the players are accompanying you to read. =) I don’t mind no worries.


  19. Blue Passion says:

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    -am sure K will fix the media problem tom so we will have cute moments with our OTP
    -i still believe more problems will arise as our OTP proves their love to the world
    -but at the end we shall still get our happy ending

    overall, am still satisfied with this episode (not too much angst) tho AJ had to resign but then it’s nice to see she has taken responsibility for her actions…am sure, even without the pressure of aunt botox and YJ she would still opt to protect KJ


    • gem says:

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      • m86680 says:

        I think AJ’s colleagues like her too. And they all know KJ and AJ’s relationship is special. It is not just a lie! Glad to know that SoRan and JB are also on AJ’s side. And don’t forget, AJ’s dad is a very competent lawyer/professor too! This ep really shows AJ is a very brave, responsible person and she shows her love for KJ not by words, but by her action. This also shows why AJ, but not YJ, worths KJ’s love. I hope there will be a happier ep 14, otherwise I will have a miserable week.


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    onwards to tomorrow, but I will watch raw, more recap, watch sub, my whole timetable. LTM is a good Kdrama worth watching, especially our K n AJ. Fighting !


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    That’s what people file suits for defammation of character.I guess reputation is important in Korea.Honour and all.

    Thanks softy.I am having mixed feelings about this episode.It is the time for angst.It wasn’t done well but it’s not bad as well.I guess the new writers are doing an okay job.I mean at least it’s not terrible.

    I am trying to get over them suddenly behaving in such a circumspect manner after all the skinship.I mean…I don’t know why.Physically there is minimal skinship however emotionally the ties between them are getting stronger.Not bad doing it like that.Fans have been all caught up with the kisses it’s a good idea to develop the emotional attachment side of things.

    Sorry about the essay.


  30. zenti says:

    @ does anyone know why AJ would need a lawyer? did she break a law by lying?

    I don’t think she needs a lawyer because of lying. She might need a lawyer because it seems that with her position in the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sports she can personally favor the business of World Hotel. She can get corruption charges for it.


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