Can You Hear My Heart E21

Sometimes I wonder why D doesnt think it’s a little strange that W is always signing to him. She does it frequently enough for him to pick up on the clues, but he still isn’t. I wonder if the day he realizes she knew all along about him being deaf-if he is going to replay moments like this in his head. My other thought is – if he is deaf – shouldnt he already know how to sign? Guess he was never taught.
* thank you for this pic M_S 🙂
It’s up it’s up!!!! Everyone go and read what thundie wrote about CYHMH – woohoo!! *happy crazy dance* I have been waiting forever for this post – I kept pestering her to watch it and she did and fell instantly in love like us 🙂
I can’t help but wonder what is going thru T’s mind and heart. Even if you are raising your enemy’s child – how could you hate an innocent kid who loved her so much? How could she endure being called mom unless a part of her really loved him to an extent? boy this episode is heavy on the drama people – like so much of that action music came out cuz one revelation after another. My poor D is caught in the crossfire between his mom and his hyung…preview is scaring the crap out of me-can anyone think of what M could possibly offer W to lure her away from D- cuz I cant think of anything-bribes wont work- we know gifts wont work – even if he wants to take everything from D- isnt W the one thing M cant have?
Can You Hear My Heart E21
After Y begs, M yells “let’s go” and D says “hyung” and looks back at Y as M leads D away- Y cries out M’s name and sobs
W and grandma comfort Y
choi meets with some guy in charge of the investigation- someone high up
( i dont know corporate law at all so I dont really know what laws M violated)
the guy says how the investors said something different-how they didnt have a reason to sue and stuff so i think he said it wont work to hide this for long)
choi says J is still young and choi wants J punished
choi asks the guy to draw out J’s interrogation or sentence
the guy says choi seems really angry
choi: i’m usually like that – when I punish someone I do it well
so that the person next to him too will come to his senses right away
the guy promises to do what he can to punish J
and asks the secretary to contact someone (the person who handed over the evidence of what M did) 
and choi says bring that person to me too cuz he helped out choi and choi wants to thank him (since T is the one who turned over the evidence to get M into this mess-she is the person choi wants to meet. choi doesnt know but it’s T who helped him get J so in essence he just asked his secretary to bring his wife to thank)
T hears what choi is planning from the secretary and laughs
if he wants to thank me then tell him to give me his stocks
 she pulls out a photo of her dad
watch carefully father – what choi does gain today with those hands that killed you father
D tells M: just listen- you cant go to america -you wont be able to get on the plane-
I will consult with the lawyer and figure out what to do so for a day or two
go somewhere and clear your head -where do you want to go?
[M says something i dont know]
D pulls over and says he isnt in the mood to kid around
if you dont tell me I will go where I want
M asks to go eat first and  then take him to the police station directly
and for the time being dont tell mom cuz she will faint if she hears what J did
D says how serious this is (and explains specifically but it’s words I dont know)
something the mom gave and M says he didnt even see that before so D says he will look into it cuz if someone did something with it (tamper with it) then they need to reveal that first
M worries and realizes: then mom might be in danger too
D: just think about yourself right now
M wants to drive cuz he has some place to go
D: no you cant dont make this worse
M makes D get out
M: listen to your hyung
D: what are you going to do when you meet him
M says even if he gets caught -he wants to meet with choi in person cuz he has something to say
M pulls up to the building and asks D to go get someone
D: you’re not thinking of doing something else right?
M: we dont have time
D: dont move and wait here -I will hurry and bring him
as soon as D is out of the car
M calls choi
choi’s car pulls up along next to D
M gets out of his car
choi to M: why are you calling
M: i have something to tell you-should I go there or will you come here?
choi sees M is standing right behind choi
choi calls the security
D: dad
choi: listen to what happens when someone doesnt listen to me
D runs over to M but gets stopped by men
M gets handcuffed
M: i will get investigated so take these cuffs off
they dont listen and put M in the car
D calls out hyung
M stares at choi then he stares at T who is watching from her car
D sees his mom too and looks over at M
M looks heartbroken but T just stares
M refused to be pushed into the car till he could stare at T
T calmly drives off
D calls out – mom didnt -hyung mom didnt
inside the car, M looks defeated
M is in the car and remembers back to when T asked him to be her son
and how he asked her to take him too (to die)
and how she said it was fate that he became her son
how she said his burden was heavy and she was sorry
M starts to laugh like he is crazy inside the car
then he has a scary look on his face – like REALLY scary
D pulls up to his house
he asks his mom- you didnt right? tell me you didnt
you didnt know M would end up like that right?
T:that’s right I didnt -the one who made J like that was choi-it wasnt me
D: then why did you run off? for 16yrs you called him son -when hyung was taken away-why did you run off?
you are the one who did the wrong thing
were you relieved it got all blamed on hyung?
even though – this isnt right
you were the one who did the wrong thing
if someone needs to go in – it should be me going in
why should hyung go in
D walks off so she grabs his arm
T: you cant -where are you going?
he shakes off her grip and goes again
she grabs his arm again
T: no you cant go -i will tell you everything so come inside
he shakes her off again
D: I am sick of your lies and excuses
T:should I tell you the truth? can you handle it?
D: tell me
T: J is choi’s son
inside the house
D says “mom” but she tells him to be quiet
she tells the maid to go outside and not come back in till T calls her and not to let anyone come in
D: tell me when did you know?
T: from the night you stopped hearing
dont waver-he just has to live there a few years and come out
it’s not like he is going to die
it’s not like he cant hear – like you for the rest of your life
she holds his face
dong joo – do you know what I am saying?
look directly at my lips
compared to what choi did to you – this is nothing at all
if I could – for making my son like this – I want to kill him
this isnt the end of it – mom hasnt even started
D: mom – even tho – you shouldnt have done that to J hyung
T: dong joo
D: how could you do that to hyung
T: i told you not to take his side
before J could put the knife in your back – I did it first
J knows he is choi’s son
D looks surprised
T: he didnt even tell you – he is that kind of kid – he is the same as choi
at that young age – saying he will live alone
he was a ruthless kid who threw away his own family
D: mom
T: if he makes up his mind -you think he wont be able to throw you and me away?
if he is more ruthless than choi -he will
like you think- he isnt a kid who needs our help
D: mom there is something you dont know 
 J was planning to leave for america today
he wasnt trying to abandon you and me
that you would throw him away like this
cuz he was afraid of being thrown away
he was going to leave so they couldnt catch him
even tho he knew he was choi’s son
he chose you and me all the way till the end
you are the one who threw him away
go right now and beg for forgiveness
beg and bring him back
T: no – I cant raise him again-also i dont want to
I was tormented enough living with him by my side
you were young so you didnt know that well
every day, I had to feed, clothe, and hear “mom” from him-choi’s son
also I dont want to hear him call me mom anymore
D: mom
maid says choi is coming
T tells D to keeep his mouth closed cuz choi doesnt know J is his son
both of them wipe their tears
choi asks if something happened-D should be at work
T: you’re not at your office so is there a reason why D cant be away from his office
D says to this mom not to act like she didnt hear what he said – if she cant go alone -call him and he will go with her
D leaves
choi says it must be more urgent that work
she says she wanted to see choi so it’s good he came- heard he put her son J away
you look like you are in a great mood- should I give you some celebratory wine
choi: then i’ll be thankful
T: come in
T pours him a glass
choi- I knew you were harsh but I didnt know to this extent
T: but I cant go so far as to say “cheers”
choi: J wont be able to come out for the time being-if you have some money
take care of him cuz he wont be able to be a doctor anymore too
you should at least give him enought to live on -since he is your son
she starts to laugh like she is nuts
choi says she must be crazy- since he is in such a good mood she should drink his wine too
S shows up: you are there?
T says to S: with him – the three of us, I wanted to have wine together
but he says he is leaving so could you try to keep him here
T to choi: S is here -are you still going to leave? you’re not right?
choi tells S to take T to the hospital cuz she is totally crazy
T tells choi: honey I dont like shinae -she is dirty
S tells her to watch her words
S to choi: you saw right? this woman mistreats me like this
T:then how should I treat you?
J is inside jail right now – should I put you in there? no -while you are going
you two should hold hands tight and go in that would be good
if both of you go together- then J wont be lonely-right honey?
S calls T on her bluff and tells her to report it
choi tells S not to get involved
choi says T must be crazy cuz of J-be careful
if she acts crazy one more time he is going to put her in a psychiatric ward
T replies to his threat by walking over and throwing wine on S
T tells choi to not to ruin WK’s name and if he doesnt want to be destroyed – make sure he controls S from talking
S says to choi :honey
choi tells her to shut up
choi threatens T: same for you -keep your mouth shut and live (?) if you dare to act up- you could end up like J
choi leaves
T tells S to clean the mess and go
D is driving and remembers what T said about J being choi’s son
he pulls over and looks distraught
nam is trying on product
D’s staff talk about what happened
how J is something else for taking so much money
another one says D and J liked each other a lot
then they talk about J isnt D’s real brother
another one worries about Re:nk line cuz J got that factory for them
worries about D – hoping he isnt linked to what J did
MS walks over and asks if each worker did what they were told to do
MS sticks up for J saying he prepared for 5yrs with them on energy cell
there is no final outcome of the interrogation so dont talk out of line and just do the work they were given and while boss is away from his desk – if there is any urgent business turn it over to her
when the girl says something needs to be decided today
MS says: let’s meet in the conference room in 30 mins
boss is the one who is the most hurt over this trouble
so that he doesnt have to be concerned about work
you and I decide about what to do this time
Nam overheard the whole thing and claps and says “bravo” for how MS spoke up and took charge
MS asks nam to handle nam’s work for the time being cuz MS cant right now
nam: dont worry – I like the new products
MS asks about W’s grandma – if she is doing better-MS couldnt talk cuz she was so busy
nam says: it’s my line – I am taking care of it so go do your work
 Y shows his grandma the family pic and points everyone out
grandma wonders why she is in there in the pic
Y says this is their whole family
it’s ok if you forgot mom cuz I know everything
mom today M came – i thought he would come to the botanical garden but he came to the chicken place
Y points out M’s pic and says his name
NBs worry cuz Y is being normal and not crying and hitting his head like they thought
wife says to W- it’s more scary cuz your dad is like that
W: why? dad is teaching grandma who M oppa is
she tells her dad to say who M is to grandma
Y points to his mom and then him then MS- she married me
and this is maru – saying he is his son and her grandson
NB says Y must really be a fool and his wife hits him saying Y is teaching his mom
NB’s wife: since everything turned out well – let’s go to the chicken place
nam shows up and NB’s wife falls down from shock
Nam says hello really politely to Y
NB says hi and asks if she came alone today
NB’s wife asks who nam is and does her husband know her
Y says hello to nam -one who loved and left
W asks how nam knew where she lived
grandma just stares at nam
NB’s wife asks what happened and thinks nam is a ghost
Y: no she isnt a ghost she is “one who loved and left’
NB’s wife: why is a person who “left” here?
W explains nam is her trainer and she resembles her mom
nam reminds her she told W not to say “mo”ther
Y signs secret : i didnt talk about that too
nam calls him by name
NB’s wife says she cant stay here cuz she thinks she is going crazy and feels dizzy and tells her husband to hurry and follow her
NB sort of winks at nam and says see you next time
grandma looks at the pic of MS and gets dizzy and sits down
Y and W check of the grandma
nam runs over to grandma too
nam sees her pic in the family photo and gets scared
nam wonders if this is a joke – how could this happen
W comes over and asks if nam got some air
nam:where do I resemble your mom?
I dont look so (minsoong minsoong- no clue what this word means cuz first time hearing it but I am going to guess “plain looking” since W’s mom never wore makeup)
W : yes – but what brings you all the way to my home?
nam gives her the Re:nk line and tells her to sell
W: if you had called I would have gone to pick it up
why did you carry it all the way here when it was heavy
nam: I felt like it- did your father say anything?
nam: dont ask when I asked
W says Y is massaging his mom’s leg cuz grandma is sleeping
nam talks to herself and gets mad at Y: I came here and he is massaging her leg?
how could he do that? forget about everything-  I’m sick of men
W: did something happen with my dad?
nam: what could happen- but something did “happen” to president cha
the whole office is upside down
as W runs over to D’s home
nam’s voiceover says what J is accused of and says it will take a few years at least for J to see the open sky
(she called J- the person who is president cha’s hyung) 
W runs and knocks on D’s door
she calls but he doesnt answer his phone
D goes to visit M
but M doesnt want to see D
Y is putting aside M’s rice: M is a fool – I make rice really really well
SC yells that grandma woke up
Y says he is coming and brings in food for his mom
grandma says she is grateful and doesnt know what to do
SC says this isnt much and shows her a stack of money
grandma your future grandson has prosperity huh (earning ability)
Y says SC has a lot of money -he is rich
SC: from now on this family doesnt have to worry about money-why? cuz I am here
he asks where W is cuz he has to leave the money with her and hurry and go
Y says W went to see D (the makeup president) cuz something big happened to the president
SC gives all the money to Y and runs off and hears SC fall
S yells at SC to walk straight
S comes in drunk and upset-so you were hiding here
she yells at grandma: after destroying your daughter-can you eat?
Y protects his mom: S dont do that
S: you fool – you stay out of this
she pulls Y away from her mom
S to her mom: if you have eyes – look-are you happy your daughter lives like this?
do you know what T just did to me? choi -that punk – is the same as her
i cant live like this – find M
grandma speaks formally saying : dont do this
Y says his mom is sick-dont do this
S asks if the grandma lost her memory-who said you could lose your memory-
you have to find M – tell me where he is
Y: dont do this S and he keeps protecting his mom
S: tell me – I am going to take my son M – I am going to steal everything from T
choi? I’m not going to let him off either
Y pushes S away and tells her:i’m not going to sit by and do nothing either
you to go to your home-this is our home – go to your home
S:what is this?
Y: mom is sick so it’s upsetting -if I cry mom gets upset so I didnt even cry
you made mom cry -i’m mad cuz I didnt get to feed M -now you are not letting mom eat
he calls her the bad names her mom calls her and he tells her to go
S tries to hit Y for calling her those names so grandma stops her and says dont do that
S to her mom:what are you going to do- now this fool is even looking down on me
Y pulls S away from his mom saying dont do that and keeps telling S to go away
W texts D “db”
SC asks W: did something happen to D?
she shakes her head no
SC: then it is J- I mean M hyung?
she says she just heard thru someone so she doesnt know the details
W: i came to ask D
SC: M hyung is going to far- made us look for him for 16yrs 
as soon as he shows up he makes trouble
W says sorry and that she wanted to congratulate SC today
SC:then just go – you can go home and  call
but W says she wants to see D’s face
i’m sorry i dont know why I am doing this but I’m worried about D so I cant do anything
SC : you dont need to be sorry – I do that too
i dont know why I am like this
but I worry about you and cant do anything at all
SC: cant you just like me?
SC: i’m going-your boss may worry his staff and not do his work
but I’m going to my employees -what do you think? I am more cool huh?
choose who you like carefully and dont regret letting me go
D comes up behind them and bows to SC
SC mentions to W: did you see that?  he turned white seeing me and bowing his head-
how can a grown man – when he faints/collapses call me (SC meant D looks sickly) 
D asks why W came-he was about to call her
she asks if she should leave
M is getting drilled by the investigator
and that guy choi spoke to comes in and takes over the interrogation
M says WK is more impressive than he thought for the guy to show up
the guy throws down evidence M didnt realize he had
M starts to sort of do the crazy smile again
D covers W with a blanket as they sit outside by a fire
D asks if she came cuz she was curious about J -why isnt she asking
W: if I ask will you answer
D: no
W: now that I’ve seen your face “I dont want to talk” is written all over it
D: arent you curious
W: I am curious but I am being patient and waiting till you tell me
D: i should have been patient and waited too
D changes the subject-he takes out his phone
he asks what her text was and shows it to her
W: instead of replying to what I asked – you are talking about something silly
D: you sent this silly text : “db”
it’s not abbreviations/ acronyms- what is it?
she says look carefully and signs “together”
D:what is that?
W does it again: talking with your hands “together”
that I want to be with you – to hurry and come -that I will stay by your side
D: it is abbreviations – but that long phrase you can write it this succinct?
W: should I show something more amazing/unusal?
she signs with her hands over her heart
D: what is that?
W: did you eat? did you cover yourself with a blanket well while you were sleeping?
if someone torments you tell me and I will punch them all for you
why are you smiling? why are you crying? what are you doing now? where are you?
cuz of you I cant live
D grins: what is that?
she signs with her hands over her heart
W: i love you
D says he wish he could say what he wants to say to hyung like that with just one sign  and show him
W: do it I will show you how -even tho I cant speak english well I can sign well
D: I cant ask J hyung to be D’s hyung anymore- cant say I am sorry- cant ask him to forgive mom- how did we end up like this
D cries with his hands over his eyes and says
“hyung-how- how can my hyung be choi’s son”
W asks if M knows that too
D nods his head
she hugs him as he cries
inside she is on the couch and he leans against her and sleeps
she holds his hand and then cradles him in her arm and covers him with the blanket
she touches his head
she says in her head: CDJ -the person who hurt you this much isnt M- it’s choi -just remember that
she leaves
D wakes up
when W comes home
Y is in his usual sleeping spot waiting for M to come home
SC was sleeping next to Y so W wakes him and tells him to go sleep
SC says he was waiting up till she came
he says he is tired and tells her to sleep
she takes the photo from Y and tells the pic (M):
oppa you too – the person who hurt you isnt CDJ- how much CDJ loves his J hyung-dont forget that
M is not sleeping and looking mad
D waits in his car
then he goes in to see M
D stands and looks really apologetic
M: why did you come to a place like this?
D doesnt sit so M says his neck hurts (from looking up at D)
M: say anything cuz dont have much time
D explains stuff- thru the lawyer something will be revealed
there is no need for you to take all the blame for what mom did too
M: that’s bad -what kind of son does that-that’s why mom likes only me
D: hyung – mom…
M tells him to leave out talking about mom- and just talk about us now
D: ok – leaving out mom
I was wrong
i am your younger sibling
like a fool – I didnt know anything until it came to this point
for making you live like that for 16 yrs
I was wrong/I’m sorry
M: now that I see you I am losing my energy/resolve
I cant leave out mom
so that I can get some strength back go and tell mom to come
doesnt she want to see her son?
i requested for her to come but she isnt coming
go and make sure you tell her for me
that I miss her
M stands to leave
D calls out to him
M: ah – you are going to avenge choi right? don’t stop
cuz that makes me lose strength too
D: i didnt get to say what i wanted yet
there is still time left -let’s sit
M: i dont want to
make sure you tell mom- her son wants to see her (misses her)
D: I dont want to – I told you I would protect you
I know what mom did wrong to you -even if it’s hating her- I will do it with you
so dont decide on your own and talk with me
dont go hyung
M leaves anyway
D asks his mom if she decided
T:why do you keep not coming into work -the response for reink line is good
let’s hurry and prepare for the make-up show
D: please listen to what I am saying
mom you can hear everything
so why are you acting like someone who cant hear more than me
even though I go there and beg forgiveness a hundred times – hyung wont open his heart
you are the only one who can do it mom
the person hyung is waiting for is you mom
so please go and beg mom till hyung forgives you!
T:the one who should beg is not me
why should you go there? come back right now
he throws down his earpiece and phone
he covers his ears with his hands and screams
he hits himself against the car and screams some more
and cries and sits on the ground
T yells D’s name into the phone
MS asks if something happened to D
T says D is having a hard time cuz of J
MS asks where D is
T asks MS :the empty space left by J – now you have to fill it
MS: what?
T: D- my D – now you have to watch over him
T is afraid something bad will happen to D
MS hugs her: i dont know what I can do but I will do everything I can
T asks MS: from now on I will only trust you
S is sleeping in grandma’s room and wakes up
W and Y watch the grandma cooking in the kitchen
she tastes what she made wondering if it’s too bland and curses
 W signs to her dad that grandma’s memory is back
W runs over and gives her the small spoon and grandma calls her the bad name
Y and W start using her swear words and she hits them for swearing-they must be drunk
Y says it is his mom
she tells them to wake up S-why did that crazy girl come here all drunk
why did you open the door to someone like her
they should have left her on the street
Y says he yelled at S -dont like you – go home -i wont let you alone- but she didnt listen and slept here
grandma cant believe Y talked back to S
Y mentions how mad he was cuz she yelled when his mom had to eat and he was upset he didnt get to feed M when he met him so I got mad and told her to “go”
grandma asks what Y means: you met M?
Y: mom I saw M- he grew this tall (he cant finish cuz he gets sad)
W adds that M came to see grandma at the chicken store
she almost faints hearing that M came to see her
grandma: M came to see me?
S comes out of the room
she hears grandma say:
my baby M really came to see his grandma after I sinned against him-he came to see me?
Y: dont cry mom – i saw M so I’m happy
Y tells his mom that M is D’s hyung
S yells: what did you say? who is M?
S cries and gets her stuff together
grandma says: if you are going kill me and go
S yells at her mom: die- whether you die or not
Y: shinae go go
S to Y: you fool
S to her mom: move (she is trying to get past her mom)
how I acted so awful to J – it’s all cuz of you mom- I am going to M
grandma grabs her leg: you cant – M doesnt like you-he doesnt want a mom who abandoned him -dont torment M anymore and just leave him alone
W and Y comfort grandma
S: who tormented him? this is all cuz of you- you made it this way
grandma begs S: that’s right it’s cuz of me so now at least you cant do this
S:why cant I? Y, W, you all knew and just pretended not to know
just watch what I will do when I find M
W yells at S:why do you think we acted like we didnt know?
S: are you yelling at me now? how dare you
she hits her
W: fine – you can hit me-know one thing before you go- M ended up like that cuz of you did  grandma give birth to M? did grandma abandon M?
you made it like this-after all this time-who can you be a mom too?
what are you going to do if you find M
what right do you have to yell
why are you acting like a mom now?
why didnt we tell you?
cuz we didnt want to send him to choi and you
how many more ppl are you going to torment and kill?
even now just act like you dont know and leave M alone
why are you tormenting him all the way till the end
S: should I tell you why? why am I tormenting others? I’ve always been like this
whether others are tormented or die
cuz I have to live first -why?
W begs S to just once do what M wants
he knows you are his mom
even tho he knows there is a reason why he didnt contact you
just wait till M comes back
S says M is her son
she yells at W to move
W: you are his mom (so she shouldnt do this)
S:that is why i am find my son
he is WK’s president’s son- I am going to kick out D-and give M is rightful place
 so who are you to stop me
NB repeats what she said-that M is WK’s son
S accuses them of lying to her and not telling her where M was and says they are all dead
she shoves W aside
NB says to stop S to her son but SC just stands there in shock
W goes after her but S drives off
W calls D
she tells him how aunt knows that M is J
D reads what she said
she tells him to hurry and meet M and tell him before choi and her aunt goes to see M
D turns the car around
S goes to choi
she asks what he did to their son
choi what are you talking about
S: J is our M-dont you get it? you were duped by T
S: J already knows he is our son-he knew and went in
she says that J was a pawn for T and only did what T wanted him to
he kept calling her “mom” and was used by her
choi calls for his car and yells he will kill everyone
D goes back and asks the guard to visit with M -that D is his younger brother
guard says M has a visitor so M walks down the hall
T is sitting there
she asks him to come over to her
she calls out his name
M: mom – take me out of here-mom take me out of here
T asks if he is mad at her – you cant hate me
M: why?
T: you know why D is like that – you being in here it’s not cuz of me- all this is cuz of….
M finishes her sentence: It’s cuz of choi huh?
she nods her head -yes
M: is that why you took me in and raised me?
to avenge choi?
how much you must have despised/ hated me
since I was the son of choi  – who you wanted to kill
so how awful it must have been for you every time I called you “mom”
for the past 16 yrs
T: junha
M: bring him here
M yells: the one who made me this way-bring choi here!
T: jang junha
M: tae hyun soo – bring my father choi !
 preview -this is from the preview posted on the bottom and from the show
M to D: what you did was wrong was be T’s son
T says to D- something about “killing you was (objective?)…. more heartless than choi'”
M calls choi “father”
S gets dragged away saying : you are my child -Igave birth to you
M says he doesnt need this home to choi with S by his side
D:what’s wrong with me?
D asks W: are you planning to live with me forever?
W:no that wasnt…
D:where are you going?
M: going to end up hating your hyung- cuz I am going to take everything you have
M smiles at W
nam offers to W: if you really want it -I can go to your home and give you personal lessons
W:no it’s ok -I will do it here and go
nam: forget about it!
(nam was trying to offer cuz she wanted to go to W’s house and was using this as an excuse but when W turned her down, nam got mad) 
M: not knowing and doing is not a crime/sin but knowing and commiting the sin/crime- I cant forgive -ever.
D: now if there is someone I need to fight I will
SC punches D so D punches SC back
M and choi are now united (choi might as well be breathing thru a mask like darth vadar at this point-all that is missing in that scene where M and choi stand next to each other are lightsabers)
This drama should be called – how many different ways can you break my heart.
seriously -heartache left and right -everywhere you turn except for how much Y and his family love each other, W and D cuz they are rock solid, and I used to think D and M. I am going to miss the bromance so much -it was the most adorable thing to watch.
Somewhere down the line – I want T to admit to M that she lied and repent- all those things she said to D about M, I hope deep down she doesnt mean them- I want her to heal M’s heart cuz she broke it – I want M to know he is worth loving as a son -not just as a pawn for T’s revenge-but as someone she grew to love despite herself – I want her to break down in tears and beg him for forgiveness. If she doesnt, M will never be whole – there will be a giant gaping hole where he thought he was loved by a mom for the first time in his life and this betrayal will manifest and he will never be able to trust again. Forget being abandoned by choi and S – the pain of what T did to him is going to cost him his sanity it looks like. I dont like seeing tortured M – man I hope that preview is wrong. I hope what all you guys said happens- I hope this is M just playing along with choi and S. They dont deserve to be his parents – he deserves better ppl as parents- ppl with a soul.  Even tho it doesnt look like it now, I think T does still care for M. She went to see him and she cried. Maybe I am grasping at straws, but I am hoping that was her first step to make amends.

116 comments on “Can You Hear My Heart E21

  1. Zenti says:

    “Somewhere down the line – I want T to admit to M that she lied and repent- all those things she said to D about M, I hope deep down she doesnt mean them- I want her to heal M’s heart cuz she broke it – I want M to know he is worth loving as a son -not just as a pawn for T’s revenge-but as someone she grew to love despite herself – I want her to break down in tears and beg him for forgiveness.”

    Softy, you are so right! It would have changed the course if T will repent. T’s redemption as a person lies in how she can give up her hatred and revenge for the sake of JH. But if this does not happen, then maybe MR, now being abandoned by T, will eventually learn that the people who actually love him with no conditions (despite his parentage and what he did to them) are the family he abandoned 16 years ago.


  2. kcomments says:

    As we are at episode21 (also this post is somewhat quiet down ^^, less risk of getting bricks thrown at), I would like to reverse logic thrown into this drama a bit as I feel some of the facts got twisted/distraughted for dramatic purpose imo. Just sharing you my thoughts.

    For T, accident happened with DJ years ago, was an accident, the boy got scared by his step-dad, he let go of the rope and fell to the ground, we can see Choi reached out to catch him. So it’s not right for T to blame Choi for DJ’s deafness. It’s purely an accident, nobody wanted it to happen. T was the one giving all hers and DJ’s shares to Choi without him asking, so T, in a way, is the one making DJ lose his place. The only two things I agree with her anger are Choi with S (and son) and Choi killed her grandpa.

    For J, the root of all his suffering to date, is his despite of his disabled dad (not sure if it’s not-want-to-be-related-to-disabilities as a whole). He’s angry with grandma to make him a son of a fool, he ran away (at that time thinking his real dad is a fool) cuz he hated to be in that kind of family. No matter how beautiful excuses JH used in episode after episode, it’s his wrongdoings to himself /others that brought him to this stage. The way he treated his grandma, YG is wrong. And I will include S and T into the list too, for one is his biological mom, the other is the person who raised him for 16 yrs. No matter how wrong they are to him, never ever hurt these people, and I will add Choi -his real dad too. He should learn to forgive and let nature runs its course (with these ppl). Because, which ever way he goes (for revenge), the truth that hit him afterward whether he wins or loses, will come back and haunt him, and eat him alive. In order to clear up his mind, to be able to foresee the right path to true happiness,imo, JH has to solve his hatred towards his old family and accept all his guilt committed so far, and forgive himself. There were moments he almost accepted his wrong, but the truth (and the hurt) was so unbearable, thus he brushed it aside, and put his effort to find a way around all those to be happy, only to find a dead end again and again. Humm….if he’s not so good to DJ as a brother, I would not be able to like him at all (in real life). In this drama, no matter how much he cried and yelled and screamed, I couldn’t bring myself to connect with his way of thinking/righteousness at all except that he’s DJ’s best hyung…..

    Humm….Actually, it’s not in my nature at all to go for revenge of any kind, may be that’s why…..I know it’s a drama meant to entertain us all, still gotta say something. ^_^
    *run for cover* ^^


    • Siu Ying says:

      Less risk of getting bricks thrown at, so funny, you’re safe with me, I won’t throw any bricks.

      There are lots of holes in the drama, but we tend to overlook them as we get carried along with the excitement of seeing the unfolding story.

      T’s logic – she might have given Choi all the shares to the company but she hadn’t expected him to betray her and DJ and rob them of everything, he was supposed to be their future, fancy being caught in the worse moment of your life, your father dead, and your son in hospital with a coma, outcome uncertain, and you overhear a conversation between your so-called trusted husband with his ex (a woman you trusted but in fact you find out is someone who weaselled into your life for another purpose) talking about their son as if nothing happened, while she’s spending time agonising over her own. Don’t forget SA was entrusted with the childminding when T was toing and froing between the hospital and home over her dad, and Choi was the last person to have seen DJ before he fell. To T that might have been one coincidences too many. She was under a lot of stress and then to find out a secret like that between two people she trusted I guess the writer thought it was realistic for T’s character to snap.

      And the bit about DJ falling being his own fault, can’t blame the boy for being scared after witnessing a murder, of his beloved grandfather of all people, I’ve rewinded that bit over and over again and I couldn’t quite work out if at the critical moment Choi didn’t actually stop reaching out further. I got the feeling he hesitated a moment too long right at the end, although I think he did meant to save DJ as he saw him fall.

      This being a drama of course they have to give us something to watch hence the revenge, and in real life the police might not have believed a child who’s just woken up from a coma and amnesia but couldn’t T have just called the police when DJ got his memory back, instead of going through all this cloak and dagger revenge. That wouldn’t have been half as exciting for us to watch.

      As for JH, definitely his own fault for chasing after rainbows, but his emotional confusion can’t accept his lot and people making decisions for him leading his life to paths with ends he doesn’t like personally. Who is to say if grandma had told him that he was SA’s child and his mother left him with her that he won’t have accepted it more because though it’s wrong for a son to despise a father it was still mostly because he couldn’t accept being the son of a ‘fool’, this was the nail in his heart from the beginning. I’m not saying grandma was wrong but JH wasn’t given real facts at any stage for him to base his decisions on, everyone has been deciding the path his life should go on for their own reasons. Grandma thought it was better for him to be the child of Y than SA who threw him away, as a baby I realise MR actually didn’t have a choice but he wasn’t given a choice when he found out about SA possibly being his mum. Sometimes the best intentions might not acutally be the best. T thought she could take him away from Choi and SA then make them suffer, again for T’s own reasons, JH chose this path himself to get away from Y but he still didn’t know why T took him in as a son, now he’s going to be Choi’s son, not becasue Choi loves his son but because Choi wants a son to carry on his bloodline, and again JH is taken on a path not totally of his own choosing, he wants to get out of jail and this is the best way to go. Now what I want to see for the rest of the drama, is JH doing the choosing of his own parents, all of it, then no blame, and if it still goes wrong then JH has absolutely no more reason for going all angsty on us. Y needs to find a way to take the nail out of JH’s heart himself, or JH will never accept him as his dad. I guess the writer thinks for some people receiving love is not enough, you have to love back to feel a diference, ironically JH is in the opposite position with T, he loves her as his mother but as he’s found out she doesn’t fully love him as a son. For T, she needs JH to take the nail out of her heart for her to accept him. Perhaps JH is going ‘undercover’ as part of his revenge, but I think JH has got a bit of Oedipus syndrome with T, he’s going to ‘kill’ Choi to get the love of his mother and by the look of the preview he’s certainly not having SA as his mother. Perhaps this will be SA’s turning point. She keeps insisting she needs her son to live (in luxury), in fact he’s going to be the one to nail her in her coffin, will this be her wakeup call? I’m not into revenge either but I want to see SA get her comeuppance and see her roast for a bit in the next episode.


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