Lie To Me E10

Now we have to wait a whole week to figure out exactly why K said that- but I love that he did. Can’t wait to hear how he explains himself. He proved my point – there is no turning back for this guy. This episode was hilarious-so many cute scenes….more comments at the end cuz of spoilers
Lie To Me E10
Starts from AJ and her date ordering, then K coming in.
After she comes out of the bathroom, K leads her away. He takes her to the elevator and SH walks by as they get in and doors close so SH missed them by a second. elevator door opens and P and staff see K and AJ holding hands. AJ tries to free her hand but K holds on tight. K tells them-sorry take the next elevator
guy wonders if they saw wrong-the girl says K was holding hands. guy starts texting, but P looks mad. SH looks for AJ. AJ calls her date saying she had an emergency. he asks if it’s not too serious (the guy was worried but cool about the whole thing)
AJ asks how he could drag her away like this.
K yells at AJ : you said (let’s meet) for the last time
so why do you keep showing up?
AJ: didnt you see? I was on a blind date
K: using work as an excuse
using blind date as an excuse
is doing this “for the last time”
AJ: all you have to do is not pay any attention to it
K: you are making it so that I cant (pay attention)
you said you didnt want to misinterpret – and also not to be a fool
but all you could think of was going on a blind date
in front of me at my hotel
she says sorry if it inconvenienced him 
it wasnt on purpose but I didnt think ahead
K calls her name
AJ: dont worry I wont appear in front of you again
AJ walks off – he could have just said it with words why did he have to drag me out
and why did he hold my hand -making a person misinterpret
he is really a bad guy
she gets hit by a random ball-kids apologize for hitting her with it
she starts to cry
K comes over and asks if she is ok
she says : I like you -I like you – so dont like that other girl
K:say it like that and dont hold it in
since I like you dont like that other girl
she held onto his arm but lets go
K: like that – say what you want to say -dont hold it in
so I know what is in your heart-what you really feel inside-what the truth is
AJ:then what do you really feel inside? what is the truth
K: i told you -that I like you -dont you remember?
AJ: if you like me – cant you just like me only?
dont hurt me and just only like me
K says he cant hurt someone who is innocent/blameless again- that’s all
she asks if he thinks he has to take responsibility for the innocent
K: if I dont – can you like me -someone who doesnt do that
do you wish I could be like that?
AJ: I must have gone crazy- just pretend not to know
she walks off
she sits and cries
music lyrics say:why didnt I know-why didnt I do it
now even if I want to – I cant say those words
YJ remembers K saying he likes someone and how YJ asked if that person was AJ
and K giving her a look as an answer
AJ’s dad stares at his wife’s pic
our daughter seems to be having a hard time these days
if you were here – you could have taken care of her better than me
AJ comes home and dad asks how the date went
she says it went well
dad:did you like him- did he like you?
she is vague so he tells her to say something
she says there wasnt anything special-just ate….
he asks if she wants to drink soju with him
she says yes and to wait while she washes up and she’ll prepare the appetizers
he shows her baby pics of her
how his daughter was the best back then
didnt study and threw tantrums
AJ denies doing that
he asks if she doesnt meet close friends from back then
she says everyone is busy- there are moms-some work
and not too long ago she met some and they are living well
he looks at his wife’s pic and AJ guesses he is thinking of her mom
dad: when a daughter gets married they say she needs her mom
AJ says her dad does everything including being a mom
AJ offers to marry a guy who will let her take her father in after she gets married
she pokes him- you like that right?
he tells that’s ok she doesnt have to and tells her not to poke
she looks at her dad
he asks if she is looking at his face for the first time
she says yes and that his eyebrows are thick and she will admit he is good looking
she goes in to sleep cuz she has to go to the resort tm
she tells him to drink just a little
her dad mutters AJ must be really having a hard time
YJ parks and gets out of her car
same time AJ comes out of her car
but they dont meet in the garage
P asks if AJ is there is anything that makes her uncomfortable and AJ says there isnt
YJ comes to meet P
YJ explains how she went to the hotel but they told her P was here
P asks if YJ came to see her
YJ asks what happened with K and AJ
P says even though she is friends with K, they dont know about each other’s personal life
YJ:he is doing this cuz he is sensitive cuz of his work huh?
 when a guy is having a hard time they look for someone to lean on
or is there something going on with the hotel
he is someone who has a lot of concerns
and he has a lot to watch over
P: I only know one thing
K really wanted to be considerate towards you
i dont know if that is love or something else-you have to decide
YJ: I know oppa well the most
P:that’s why you dont have confidence now
YJ says she thought P was on her side
P says:when you two were in love – it was good to see
so I wanted you two to work out
YJ: then you dont now?
P: cuz K is having a hard time
YJ: I am having a hard time too
P:it’s been 3 yrs
dont just look at K from 3 yrs ago- look at the K now
YJ: now i know why K is afraid of you
P gets a call so YJ leaves
P runs out so YJ and AJ wont meet
P runs out and tells YJ to take another elevator cuz it goes directly to parking
but they run into AJ coming in
YJ and AJ greet each other
P calls K
K:what’s going on
P yells out his name
K:now what?
P yells at K over the phone
whether you struggle over what to do or whether you date
do it by yourself outside of hotel
and dont do it where all the staff can see
K:why are you coming out so strong?
P: you are walking around holding hands with a girl at my work
K: that was cuz…
P: I told you very clearly
if you are going to be considerate – it will end up hurting (someone)
dont be considerate if you cant take responsibility
you might think it’s the best thing to do
but it’s only the best for you
if you are going to end up hurting someone anyway-
 do it the right way/do it with certainty
K goes to see YJ
YJ:it’s been exactly a week
he says he was worried cuz he couldnt reach her by phone
YJ asks if AJ likes him too
he says yes
YJ:you must have felt good about it cuz GAJ has charm
I thought a lot about it
I wanted to understand you
that you like GAJ – it doesnt make sense
but you saying that you do
I wanted to be understanding
after thinking about it
I thought that was possible/could happen(him liking another girl)
since we were apart for 3 yrs
K says her name
YJ: you can waver
K:I’m not wavering – I like that person
YJ keeps saying : no you are wavering cuz I was gone
cuz I was gone -that is why you are wavering
he says her name again
YJ: I tried – to understand you
I wnated to be understanding but
why are you like this?
do you know how weird you are right now
I havent changed so how could you change-oppa
K says he will wait till she is over him (till she settles her feeling for him)
YJ cries
AJ is working
SH calls
she says she is working
SH: i know but dont civil servants have time to eat-it’s lunch time
she tells him to hang up
he asks her to come out and he will buy her food -he’s at the resort now
she goes out to meet him
she says she doesnt have time to eat lunch
he gives her a really cute monkey
she asks what that is
he mimics a voice saying hello I’m GAJ
i’m a civil servant -something stress- so my fur turned yellow
SH: look carefully it looks just like you
eyes nose mouth and tummy
stuffed monkey is wearing a diaper
he offers it to her but she pushes it away
SH in a sad voice: you only hate me
play with me AJ noona
she hits him cuz he said it looked like her
she thinks it’s cute
he guesses the date wasnt good-
i knew it- analyst- yacht-wasnt a big deal huh
she asks if he came to ask that
he says if she went on a date she should say something
did the other guy not like her
she says that wasnt it
he thinks the guy didnt like her
SH: a woman who goes after blind dating doesnt have charm/attractive quality
AJ: then it cant be helped – since i dont even have charm 
I should go work
she gets up to go
SH:are you sulking? you are huh?
he holds onto her hand
AJ:let go
she pretends to be sulking
SH: why are you sulking over that
she turns and smiles at him
I tricked you -you are easily tricked
ya I am GAJ- I dont sulk about stuff like that
she says she has to go work and thanks him for the monkey
YJ looks at her engagement ring and puts it on
she remembers how she showed it K and how he ran to her
and hugged her
YJ goes to see the aunt
aunt says sorry to YJ -the aunt didnt think far ahead
and that she was sorry to AJ too cuz she didnt know AJ would be so hurt
since they said they were acting I really thought she was acting
YJ says she wants to hurry and get married at the earliest
aunt: have you already discussed it with K (is it set)
YJ:he doesnt have time to pay attention to that (marriage preparation)
aunt: did K say he would marry you
YJ says she waited 3 yrs and doesnt want to wait longer-she cant
aunt tries to talk but doesnt finish her sentence
aunt goes into a room and thinks about that day when she showed AJ to YJ
and how angry K was at his aunt
aunt wonders why AJ behaved like that
she calls someone to investigate AJ in detail
aunt goes to meet K
she asks if he ate
he talks about work
she tells him to handle it on his own
K:why are you like this? so scary
she says she met YJ
she says she already apologized to YJ
he says the aunt did well
aunt: she talked about marriage
that she doesnt want to wait any longer
that she cant wait
aunt confirms YJ didnt talk with K about it
K says they ( YJ and him)  will figure it out
aunt says AJ seems like a good person
K looks like he wonders why she said that
aunt looks at him kinda strangely too
* I wonder if K is afraid for AJ
and doubts if his aunt means that statement
cuz it was implied in the past she came on strong
when she opposed some girl K dated
but I thought the aunt meant it sincerely
AJ is eating with her coworkers and boss
her boss says AJ and coworker kim worked hard and says since the minister is going to attend they cant make mistakes
a woman mentions someone who resigned
boss says that person was fired and ppl are just saying resigned
kim thinks that is going too far -that person didnt have an affair
just promised to get married but fell in love with someone else
what is so wrong about that
they talk about how that person sent a wedding invitation to the minister and stuff
so it makes the boss say that they cant behave that way and taint the image of their job
woman says there is no one in their office who would do that
AJ chokes on her food
AJ is told someone is here to see her
she goes down and its YJ
AJ says she cant be away from her desk too long
YJ: i must have come where you were busy
AJ looks over and notices YJ wearing her ring
she asks why YJ came
YJ says she had a lot to say to AJ on the way over
but now in front of AJ she cant think of it
AJ tells her to speak comfortably
YJ: K oppa and I are getting married
AJ asks why YJ is telling her that
YJ: cuz I thought I should tell you
oppa said you liked him
AJ walks away and cant breathe
she calls K :I told you to forget
why did you tell when I told you to act like you didnt hear
did you want to brag to that girl?
you two must have had fun
why did you tell her when I told you not to!!!
AJ hangs up on him
K was in the middle of a meeting so he couldnt answer
he continues his meeting
coworkers ask if they should have a after work gathering
AJ says let’s go out now
K shows up and asks to speak to AJ
she walks off
coworkers guess it is K from world hotel
AJ is eating with coworkers and K is eating at another table
K orders another order of meat
kim yells over to K that he is eating well
K explains that he starved for lunch
AJ wonders why there are no customers here
K yells that he borrowed the whole restaurant
coworkers are impressed and asks K if he already paid for their table too
K points out a law/rule – i think about ppl working for the ministry not accepting gifts or something cuz both guys says they dont follow that rule (so cute)
coworker kim offers K some drink
AJ asks why kim keeps speaking to someone who doesnt matter
kim: cuz I want to
K asks them: it’s hard to work with her huh?
the guy starts to relay all the stuff AJ does but shuts up when she gives him a look
K: since I am paying -I hope you will take good care of her
he offers to buy more meat
kim says thank you and wants to order more but AJ says it’s enough and stop eating
AJ looks over at K and drinks more soju
AJ wants to go drink more at a second location
coworkers says dont-that she should go home
AJ: if you dont want to forget it -I will go alone
she walks off
K goes after her
kim calls out to K: please take care of her well
other coworker asks what AJ and K’s relationship is
he wonders if the rumor about secret marriage is AJ
kim says that doesnt make any sense -it’s not AJ
AJ is trying to call and almost falls
K tells her to be careful and she says “let go”
AJ: isnt it too much? even tho I said I liked you
you laugh over it with your girl
he says that is a misunderstanding
AJ: misunderstanding? that’s a really bad thing to do
dont you know that? dummy
she hits him and drops her phone
she gets in a cab and leaves
K still has her phone
his driver pulls up
AJ walks home and K is sitting and waiting on their bench
K:what are you coming so late? I waited a long time
she asks what he is doing there
he gives her back her phone
she takes it and walks
she asks why he is following again
he says to see her home
AJ: leave while I am nice
he asks -do you know what my nickname is
“HKJ whole thing/everything set”
arent you curious what that is?
AJ: i’m not curious
K goes on and explains;
good looking. strong sense of responsibilty-manners etc
to be honest it’s not inaccurate
she gives him the funniest look I have ever seen
kinda like “what are you smoking?”
K: I’m not bragging
acting like I dont know a woman who is drunk
it goes against my nickname
she asks: a guy who is responsisble etc talked about what someone else said
(in other words: why did he tell about what AJ said to K)
K tells her point blank that he didnt do that- I didnt
he calls her name in a soft voice-ah jung ah
she runs off saying dont call my name like that
K grins watching her run off (he looks so smitten)
SH watches and looks mad
SH is at the park swinging and remembers back to all the time he spent with AJ
he tells himself
not this time-dont do this- you really cant do this again-right?
SR is meeting friends
and says she has a secret
they guess it’s about AJ
but SR doesnt say it so they think SR just pretended to make something up
SR says that’s not it
(she never told on AJ-she actually kept AJ’s secret-so proud of SR)
they all look at rings
SR decides getting the same one is tacky
so they all decide on each one’s ring
they ask if SR called AJ
before she leaves-they tell SR to make up with AJ and meet her
SR says she is going to
she asks for another pretty ring that is a little different from what she is wearing 
AJ remembers how K called her name softly
she keeps repeating it
she looks at her cell phone and is shocked
K took a pic of himself with it and saved it on her background
she wonders why it’s there
she zooms in on his face and lips
there is a video message too
ah jung ah- did you wake up?
why did you drink so much
AJ talks to his face
you’re smiling?
yeah i woke up
what difference does it make to you if I drank or not
why are you calling my name
calling me ah jung ah and speaking informally
she keeps repeating the message and how he said her name and listening to it over and over again
H came in to give K good news
chen sent an email that cuz of K they were able to do the funeral well
and that he will contact again
H says he thinks this is good
K mutters at least one thing is going well
he gets a call and agrees to meet at night and offers to go to YJs house
SR and her friends get friendship rings
they promise not to let their friendship change
SR thanks them for sending her off so well
they want to eat dinner but SR says she has somewhere to go
friends want to go drink soju
SR mutters as she walks away that she bought AJ a ring cuz she felt sorry for AJ
she decides not to call and surprise her
and calls AJ “poor thing”
AK and AJ’s dad are eating
she says should i get married
she asks if AJ is dating
does the guy not like AJ
her dad asks if AK has a guy cuz she is talking about marriage
AJ is sleeping out in front of her lawn
someone in a suit shows up
it’s JB
she is shocked
he says the door was open
she asks what brought him here
he says he went to her work but they told her she didnt come in today
she says she has to go somewhere tm
he asks if she really didnt marry K
she says sorry
he tells her not to worry and to leave it up to him from now on
he thinks K might take legal action or something and JB wants to stand
on her side and defend her and she cant handle that alone
she thanks him for worrying but doesnt get to finish her sentence
cuz he grabbed her hand
JB: promise me you will discuss it with me
she tries to pull it away
JB grabs her hand again
she says she will and says she has to go pack
JB says if K acts weird she needs to call JB right away
he grabs her hand asking why she did that-like a dummy
she says let go of this and talk
as she pulls away
AJ falls and he lies down with her
JB: it’s not cuz I was pretending not to know how you felt
I was really bad – I’m sorry
(he was referring to back then when he knew she liked him but he chose SR)
she pushes him off cuz SR showed up
AJ tells SR that it’s a misunderstanding- I fell and sunbae…
he asks why SR is here
SR says to clear the air with AJ before I leave
she extends her gift then drops it crying and saying-but I shouldnt have come
JB goes after SR
AJ opens the box and sees the ring
JB yells at SR -how could I act like I dont know
when AJ lied like that cuz of me
SR: cuz of you
JB: yes cuz of me
so i couldnt pretend I didnt know her sincerity
SR asks if AJ was so sincere that she lied like that
he stands up for AJ and tells SR not to talk like that about AJ
JB: are you ever sincere? AJ has always been sincere to him
she cries from the sting of his words
K goes to YJ’s home
YJ asks if AJ called him
YJ says she was one step too late cuz she was going to apologize
YJ:I regretted (what I did) right after meeting AJ – it was too childish-I admit it
K says he doesnt want YJ to go see AJ
it would be better if YJ talked to him
YJ: you must be worried that I might act strangely
when I met GAJ- should I do this or should I do that
I thought a lot about it
get away from my guy
or should I pull her hair and give her (mang-shin)
or ask her to accept
but I couldnt do any of that
I didnt want to stoop that low so I lied that I was marrying you
do you think I liked saying that?
K:that’s why dont do it
YJ: you said you would wait till I am over you (settle her feelings for him)
how can I? what if I cant forever? are you going to wait even then?
did GAJ say she would wait?
do you know how (bee-guh-pae) you are right now
K asks YJ for some time (time away from each other)
K leaves
YJ cries
SH tries to work on his art but cant
he drinks with SB
for the past 3 yrs it was time for me to think about what he did/repent
for the sin of loving my brother’s fiance
for the sin of breaking up K’s love
for those 3 yrs I couldnt look at K or YJ’s face directly
that’s how time passed
SB says it’s all in the past so why is he bringing it up
SH:that’s not it- why do girls I like always like my brother
JB asks what that means – does K like someone-do you like someone now?
JB reminds him how crazy it is to fight over a girl between brothers
SH: This time I thought it wouldnt happen
since I pushed YJ away from my heart
I thought K and YJ would be ok again
but K pushed YJ away
i thought i would feel better if YJ and K were back together
SH says he feels like someone he cant see is controlling him and K
SB says that makes no sense and tells him to talk so he can understand
SH: I didnt know that the girl I liked would end up liking my brother
SB asks who that is
SH: thinking it wont work -i’m ok
thinking it wont work – drives me crazy-makes it hotter
cuz of that I cant say anything or show anything
what do I do?
SH cries
K is drinking alone again
AJ is with her coworkers eating at the resort
kim asks if she was so nervous she didnt sleep
they give her pressure to do well
K walks by again (omg in a PEACH suit)
coworker asks what her relationship is with K
she says nothing at all
kim: you know it doesnt make sense right?
she tells him just to eat
K looks over at AJ
minister arrvies at the resort
AJ takes a deep breath
coworker asks if she is nervous and to take a walk
she waits for the elevator and P and K are on it
she gets in with them
AJ walks outside
K looks over at her
he says to P- AJ is going to be really nervous so find out what will help her and take care of her
K gets in the car
AJ is practicing her speech
she spots chen coming her way and thinks he resembles chen
then she realizes it is him
so she runs off
and calls K
she tells him that chen is here
K:what are you talking about?
AJ: chen is here right now
he says that doesnt make sense cuz chen is coming in on sunday
she says he is here
he says she saw wrong
she says she didnt
he tells her to hang up for now
he tells his driver to turn the car around
he calls H to confirm chen arrived in korea
K meets with AJ
she is nervous
AJ: what do we do?
K: calm down
AJ: how can I calm down
cuz he thinks we are husband and wife
he tells her not to worry cuz chen didnt come here cuz of her
chen has a friend here
AJ: i cant ever run into chen
everyone – my boss and minister are here
if chen recognizes me….
K: trust me and calm down
but she says how can she calm down when she might have to resign
K: dont worry I will make sure i find him and escort him out
she gets called in
K: dont be nervous and do well
she goes in
K calls to gather some ppl
* she is worried she will have to resign cuz her boss says cuz they work for the ministry the staff cant do anything to tarnish the reputation of the ministry
lying about a fake marriage- especially to someone like chen, the minister’s friend -is something she would have to quit over -or possibly get fired. 
not sure if lying warrants being fired but this is a drama so take it with a grain of salt 
AJ starts her speech
her speech is translated
K’s men spread out with a pic of chen
they are all looking for him
OMG this is hilarious
even P is looking for chen
minister is pleased with her speech
AJ taks her bow
K gets a call from P that she found chen
he is at the lounge first floor
K says he will go there
minister says AJ did well
she is next to the minister and chen spots her
miniser and chen are friends-they greet each other
**Chen: Gong Ah Jung, Miss Ah Jung.
Minister: Two of you know each other?
Chen: She was the wife of the CEO Mr.Hyun who work with me previously.
minister hears K’s name and asks AJ if she is married
if it’s K then he is (K’s aunt’s name) nephew- why didnt I know
Chen: What’s happened?
Minister: First time I heard CEO Mr.Hyun is married
Chen: What are you saying?
minister asks again if AJ got married- did she or didnt she
AJ remembers her boss saying she cant do anything that makes the country
look bad or something
so AJ says :yes I am married
K comes and says :no she didnt- she hasnt married*
* i seriously thought he was going to say she hasnt married but she is going t0
no preview
just AJ finding her world pen
** thanks LTM for the translations 🙂
Softy’s take on the ending:
AJ’s lie protects K’s deal with chen
K’s truth protects AJ’s job
they both said what they said out of love for each other -how much more romantic can that get?
I don’t know what other proof ppl need – K sacrificed more here cuz his deal with chen was riding on this lie. I thought him saying that was pretty swoonworthy but some ppl are still calling him indecisive.
the man “decided” all over this episode – AJ knows it too -that is why she let herself be vulnerable again by replaying how he said her name and watching his video message and stuff
also, as to why AJ cant seem to walk straight from episode one -I would have problems walking too in her shoes- she has on heels that are over 4 inches -some higher and most of the time she seems to be drunk-  i dont think there was a whole episode where she didnt almost trip or fall. I think we are supposed to accept that as part of her charm – I personally think balance is not her friend and gravity is out to get her 🙂

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  1. amber says:

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    thank you for the fastest recap ever!!!! you are truly a lifesaver!!! muwahhhh

    now, what shall i do to wait for next week’s episodes…LTM you’re driving me nuts…arrrghhhh


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  10. IBELIS says:

    Earlier in the episode AJ mgr. told them don’t do anything that would cause a scandal or make them look bad. This was in reference to some other employee who had been fired because he was engaged to be married but met some one else fell in love and broke his engagement.

    The point being I guess is their personal life reflects on the country since they represent the country.


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    while waiting for Monday (which is so slow in coming, it seems}, I just wanna share an article I read. It”s an LTM drama review… I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did…Here’s the link….


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