Lie To Me E9

It’s like a whole new cast -they all look so different. It seems their new looks come with a change of heart as well. Some more sudden than others. If his declaration wasn’t enough for AJ to be convinced, how K will act in the next episode will. The only one who is fighting against the current is YJ. She keeps wanting to go back to the way everything was – trying to convince herself that nothing changed in 3 yrs. So desperate to hang onto K and the way they were, she is clutching at straws that aren’t even there. Little brother won’t be much help either now that he is following his impulse as well. People guessed SH would do this, but I gotta admit, I didn’t really know till the preview. That’s the beauty of previews, they tell you just enough to have hope. Even though K kept silent at the end of E8, I knew he wouldn’t fail AJ. His reticence was only masking what he has always done all his life. He was protecting ppl he cared about and following his sense of obligation. His senes of duty to his loved ones includes YJ and always will. You can’t fault him for that. It’s who he is and that’s also part of what AJ loves about him. But YJ was right- he has changed in three yrs cuz now there is someone else on that list of ppl he cares about- it’s only a matter of time till he realizes how high up on the list AJ really is – to himself and to her.
Since there aren’t that many episodes left- I decided to continue doing this live.
Lie To Me E9
K is home alone drinking -he remembers YJ crying and telling him how hard it was for her to hang on for 3 yrs-it was so hard she wanted to die-she even thought of dying- but she thought of K and couldnt die-if this much time passes, then SH will be ok too- then she could meet/date  K again
AJ is cutting off her hair and replaying what she said to SR. AJ looks in the mirror and says “it’s ok”
AJ leaves a note for her dad to make sure he eats-cuz i was busy i didnt take care of you well- you know I love you right? he wonders if something happened
AJ’s coworkers think AJ is taking on too much work but she says she can do it
AJ gets a call from SR and they meet
SR: you really didnt get married?
SR: all of it was all a lie?
 AJ:yes – I just played a joke
SR:does that make sense? you even had a housewarming
AJ: sorry
SR: what happened with K then?
did you get someone who resembled him?
no cuz that was K’s house for real.  
AJ: it really was that person
SR: you’re saying that K was part of this childish joke
it doesnt make sense -why would he
AJ: I’m not sure either
why am I always like this?
when I saw you and JB -it was awful
it’s the same this time around too
why isnt it me-why is it another woman?
it’s not once but twice -isnt this too much?
it always happens to me -like a dummy
SR tells AJ to cheer up and says fighting
AJ says she has to go back to work
after AJ leaves
SR realizes AJ played a joke on her
K calls AJ but she doesnt answer.
AJ sticks around and works longer while others take off. she has to prepare for the business trip to the resort. her boss tells her to prepare it well without making mistakes
AJ goes to the cafe and YJ is there with SH and everyone else. they introduce AJ to tell YJ and YJ says she knows AJ. they told AJ to sit but AJ leaves
K is upset. he asks how they could not know till it got this far.  H says it was hidden so that’s why they didnt know. P says it’s not too late yet so they just need to come up with the money they need.
K yells at a bunch of old men and it’s a problem with the resort or something. K says he is going to hold all of them responsible.
K tells P to go down and handle the resort problem. she says she cant do it alone and K says he knows and will go down there also
YJ calls to eat lunch but K says he cant today
P looks at him so he asks what she wants to say
P: can I say it? for 3 yrs – one person feels the same
it’s a lot of time for another person’s heart to change
 follow your heart and dont think so much
I used to think you and YJ were good together
but now I dont know-what you feel these days
K explains how he doesnt want to hurt YJ twice-that’s all
P:then are you going to start over with YJ?
K shakes his head no
P says something complicated about  how something can leave more scars and about cruelty and how it makes you more human
SR goes to K’s hotel and asks where the office for the president is.
YJ calls K and he doesnt answer and YJ jumps in K’s office. she asks him to feed her cuz she is hungry. she is busy too and will just eat and go. even tho he is busy, he has to eat
SR thinks about all the things that happened while she is in the elevator.
to surprise me they got married-for that reason- cant believe that
or they got married in secret and broke up-noo
or they promised to get married but broke up cuz of that other girl
K and YJ are walking down the hall and she keeps linking arms with him and he tries not to but she keeps doing it. they see SR. YJ says hello saying that she saw SR before. K asks YJ to wait outside
K asks how SR has been -that the housewarming went awry and he will have another one….but SR cuts him off.
 SR:what are you doing now. I saw you meet that girl before.
what is the relationship between you two
it looks like you two like each other
let’s just say AJ is like that but how could you too
he asks what she is talking about
SR: how could you lie like that when you had someone you liked?
if you pretended to be a married couple -that’s one thing
why did you make AJ fall for you.
K: wait a minute
SR: did you buy any chance plan with that girl to make AJ look like a fool?
K:wait a minute
 how did you know? that GAJ and I were not married
she says AJ told her the truth-that she did it to make me jealous-that you and her
did this together
K: is that for real?
SR:that’s what I am saying -what is the real truth
say you are married and have a housewarming
kiss in front of everyone
then say it was a fake marriage
he walks off
K goes out to YJ who is waiting. he says sorry
K is in the car and calling AJ. she doesnt answer again. he keeps calling and she answers. K asks to meet and he will go where she works
AJ:  SR went to the hotel to meet you?
K:why did you reveal the truth
I made a promise to you
by any chance did you not trust me?
AJ: that wasnt it – it seemed wrong to your fiance
I was going to tell SR before she left to go study anyway
when I told her I wasnt married to you she was so mad
you should have seen that too
she was so mad so all that time I lied -it had some affect/was useful
chen said he would invest
I got SR back for good (got even with SR)
 our act was a success
K: you mean that?
AJ: yes
thank you for everything – it was all cuz of you
K: it was really an act?
AJ: of course it was – did you think it wasnt?
she says she has to go-she came out in the middle of work-these days she keeps working late
K calls her name
AJ: I know- now it’s really the end of us
she extends her hand- thank you for everything-goodbye
K holds her back and tells her to get mad instead-
and not make that strange face
AJ: i’m not angry-what is there to be angry about?
when we both acted
she pulls her hand free
it would be nice if we didnt meet from here on
she leaves
K goes home and remembers how AJ said she wasnt mad cuz they both acted
he throws something out of anger
AJ walks home and tells herself she was acting.
she goes to the bench and cries
her dad comes over and asks why she is like that
she keeps saying the cherry blossoms are gone
he says it’s ok and she says it’s not ok
next morning she finally eats with her dad.
he asks if she is going to be gone for a few days
she says she will call while she is gone
he asks if she wants to go on a blind date
cuz he has some great guy
he is surprised she isnt saying no
she says but the guy has to be really great
her dad says it’s a waste to to give his daughter away
he says just live with him but
she wants to go on the blind date
AJ is driving with her coworker
he asks what’s going on with her
aunt asks SH if he settled his feelings with YJ
he asks his aunt to give permission for K and YJ
K was hurt cuz of him so SH wants K to be happy
AJ and coworker arrive at the resort and K shows up too
K and AJ look at each other
AJ goes in and her coworker asks if that was world group’s K
K goes in and asks why AJ and her coworker came
they explain that AJ is here to coordinate a tourism convention for the ministry
AJ goes into her room and says see you later to her coworker
she talks to herself about K
why are we meeting again – what am i supposed to do
K gets shown around the resort
K walks down a path and is told not to go that way
the sign is down so K tells the workers to take care of it
AJ goes to meet P with her coworker
AJ explains about who is coming and asks to be shown where the convention is
going to be and shows her coworker how to take the pics
AJ is here to set up for the convention
K comes in the room
P introduces AJ and her coworker
AJ asks to be shown to other locations
and leaves
K calls out her name
do you like plays? I like them-they are fun
when you watch it knowing it’s all an act
how do you like it here
he goes on about the venue-the grand ballroom-how many it seats and its size/dimensions
it’s really great for a stage
it’s what I favor the most
so could you tell me what play you are doing right now
AJ: a play? you think of everything with so much ease
I came to work and not to act
K: it’s not an act?
he asks P why AJ came here
but AJ explains about her work here
K asks P what’s been set for AJ’s event
K listens and says they wont do it
so leave here
K walks off
so AJ tries to go after K
but her coworker says let’s just go
P yells at K
is he in his right mind?
does he know who he just spoke to like that and still did that?
I dont know what happened between you and GAJ
right now she is an important client for us
a really huge national event -the decision to have it here
depends on that woman and the ppl she works
but you are going to let that opportunity slip by
how can you not separate work with your personal feelings
she tells him to apologize to AJ
coworker is packing and AJ tells him not to overreact
he asks if she didnt hear K earlier-he told us to get out
he says this is the first time he’s seen this in 3 yrs of doing this work
is that person really the president? what kind of president does that?
K shows up and says he is sorry for what just happened amd bows
coworker says it’s ok -there must have been an misunderstanding
that they arent tricksters and came to prepare for the event
K says he knows
coworker tells AJ to be understanding since K is personally apologizing
K asks him to leave for a minute but she tells him to stay 
K says he is asking as a favor so coworker leaves saying he is going to go eat
AJ: you dont need to apologize
K: I’m not going to apologize
leave here
she calls out his name
K: it’s uncomfortable -looking at your face
it makes me mad and puts me in a bad mood
AJ:why are you getting angry – if anyone should- it should be me
K: so it’s better if you got angry instead
AJ: you must not know something but you should be sorry towards me
why make a person confused?
why kiss me -not once but twice
i dont know about one time but why do it twice
K: cuz I like you
AJ: you like me? then what is that girl and what am I ?
ah-you like me a little and like the other girl a whole lot more
AJ leaves the room
and goes to the elevator
she goes hiking outside into the mountains
she goes higher and higher
and drops her cell phone accessory
she is sweaty and out of breath
she remembers how Yj said she is meeting K again thanks to AJ
how K said he was a great actor
and how she asked him if he was acting or if it was real
and he said real and kissed her
her bench breaks and she falls off
she rolls down the hill and her cheek is bleeding
coworker is looking everywhere for AJ
he wonders where AJ went
he says AJ isnt picking up her phone
K asks what is going on
coworker says he cant find AJ and he cant reach her
P says AJ isnt here at the resort
K calls workers to look for AJ
some girl says she saw some woman go up the mountain
coworker worries cuz sun will set soon
K and the whole group of men in suits go up in the mountains
they thinks it’s better to call other workers
but K insists on looking more and takes off
they all split up and go looking
K goes off alone
 AJ wakes up and tries to use her cell phone but no reception
her ankle hurts
 she calls out for help
it gets dark
K calls out her name
K finds her
and jumps down next to her
he asks if she is ok
she asks how he could come down like that instead of carefully coming down
he calls P and says he found her and tells them to hurry and come
she cant stand so he offers to piggy back her
but she wont cuz help is coming
he says help will come in 20-30 mins so she only needs to wait a little bit
she gets cold so he gives her his jacket
but she says its ok
and he hangs it over her shoulder
she starts to fall asleep so he scoots closer
and lets her lean on his shoulder
she knows he did that but leans anyway
K smiles
K watches AJ sleeping at the hospital
he says nothing else is wrong
her ankle will be better after she rests it for a few days
AJ:that’s good
K: it’s not that I like you a little and like YJ a lot more
she says she doesnt want to be mistaken or stupid anymore
coworker comes running in worried and asks where she is hurt
coworker takes AJ back to the resort
K leaves without saying anything
coworker wonders why K is so cold today
when yesterday K made a fuss looking for AJ so much
K goes home
YJ and SH are there with a surprise party
K says it’s not his birthday
SH says it’s mine
they sing to SH
YJ gives SH a gift
K says he will get SH a present next time
SH wants an expensive gift from K cuz it’s a waste to spend his own money
SH asks K to help him stop their aunt cuz aunt wants SH to work at the office
SH: i met her to eat and heard that and ran off right away
YJ says she knew SH would play but she didnt know SH would keep doing it
SH tells her not to be that way cuz she might regret later
K watches them joke around
SH asks why to K (for staring)
K: cuz I like it-it’s a good day
SH calls K old fashioned
SH asks YJ: what do you like about a guy like this who isnt any fun
in the car when K drives YJ home
YJ asks K to sing the song on the radio cuz it’s been a long time
since she has heard it
but he doesnt so she says he changed cuz long time ago he sang it whenever she wanted him to
she wants to go to a spot they havent been to in a long time
she says the place didnt change at all
everything is the same-that’s so unusal-how can that be
it seems like a lie that 3 yrs passed
K asks:the work you are doing now- you must almost be done finishing it up
she says it ends next week
they asked me to keep working but i’m thinking of taking a break
K: YJ-when you are done with work-you should go back to paris
there are more chances there than here
YJ: oppa
K: I dont think we should start over
YJ:are you saying you dont like me now?
 it’s not funny at all -dont kid around
K: I have someone I like
YJ asks if that person is AJ
they look at each other
at the cafe the singer gets yelled at by AK
the girl asks why AK doesnt tell her to go on blind dates
AK says the girl said she wouldnt get married
the girl says she said she wouldnt get married – not – not go on blind dates
AK tells her to tell her dad if she wants to go on blind dates and not AK
girl says AK dated her dad and AJ’s dad so why does AK favor AJ’s dad
AK tells the girl to go home then
SB asks if all of AK’s friends are ppl she dated
SH asks if AJ is going on a blind date
AJ looks at the pic of the guy she is going on the date with
she says he looks ok
her dad says the guy wanted to meet her and asks if she is going to go
she says yes
her dad sets it up for tm night
she asks who goes on a blind date on mon
her dad explains the guy is going on a business trip to NY from tues on
and wont be back for a whole month-does she want to wait till then?
she agrees to tm
he says let the guy decide the place and asks if she can make time tm
if she cant she wants to use a sick day
since it’s something that could change her life and
 she cant live with her dad for the rest of her life
her dad says there is no point in raising a daughter
aunt comes in and K is sleeping so she stops H from waking K
SR tells her mom that this is her life and she will do what she needs to do
she says her mom will just say something to JB
JB says he will stay in an officetel
she asks where she is suppose to go
he said her mom’s
he asks her to decide
she says she hasnt
and he tells her to hurry and decide and agree
she wonders why he is so brazen when he didnt do anything good (had the affair)
SH asks why AJ didnt send him a text on his bday
she says happy belated bday
SH:heard you are going on a blind date
AJ: you heard?
SH:what does the guy do?
AJ: he is an analyst and even owns a yacht
SH: are you really going to do it?
AJ: of course I have to do it for real
SH walks off
she wonders if she went overboard with the yacht
over their meal
JB asks while they eat not to fight since not many days are left
JB says sorry to SR for getting caught by AJ
if JB was better/more successful than K
then SR wouldnt be like this and says sorry for not being a good husband
she tells him that AJ isnt married
that AJ being married to K was all a lie
JB asks what she is saying
AJ is trying on outfits
she thinks she looks like a civil servant in those outfits
her dad comes in saying it’s for 7 at world hotel sky lounge
she wonders why it had to be there
her dad says the guy has meetings all day there
she wants to meet elsewhere but he said they agreed the guy would pick the place
AJ wears a blackdress and meets her date
she says sorry for being late
he says she is ten mins early
AJ:thank goodness
he asks if she heard she doesnt look like a civil servant a lot
she says yes -that she will take it as a compliment
she asks what is good here
he says the X burger so they both order it
K shows up and sees AJ on her date
K walks over so she thinks he is saying hi to her
but he is greeting some men behind her
her date asks if she knows K
she says no -no at all
she talks loudly and asks how the guy became an analyst
guy says cuz he likes money
she over does it laughing and sort of worries the guy
AJ: really? i like money too-wonder why I am a civil servant
she says she thinks being an analyst has more vision than a hotel president
he thanks her for thinking of it as impressive
she laughs loudly again saying he was already impressive
SH is driving and remembers what AJ said about her date
that he is an analyst with a yacht
he turns the car around
K leaves with the group of men
AJ keeps cutting her burger a lot so her date asks if her meat is tough
she says it tastes good
he asks if she wants a glass of wine
she says yes and excuses herself to go to the bathroom
*that burger plate costs $150 each
she goes to the bathroom
SH runs into the hotel and he looks determined
AJ comes out of the bathroom and K leads her away
new song
K yells at AJ : you said (let’s meet) for the last time
so why do you keep showing up?
using work as an excuse
using blind date as an excuse
is doing this “last time”
AJ: dont worry I wont appear in front of you again
YJ: you can falter/waver
K: I’m not faltering
YJ: I wasnt here so that’s why you are faltering
P to K: dont look at the K from 3 yrs ago- look at the K now
SH says this time it’s not – it’s not right this happens again-right?
YJ and the aunt meet
aunt says : talked about marriage – dont want to wait anymore-cant wait anymore
K says he will discuss it with YJ
YJ tells AJ that YJ is marrying K
YJ: I thought I should tell you
AJ cries
AJ cries and says she likes K-since I like you -dont like me back

76 comments on “Lie To Me E9

  1. richhappiness says:


    Lol on KI JOON ssi… He deserved the confusion… It’s also nice to see that he is starting to feel how AJUNG felt when they were still pretending as married couple..:)))

    Thank you rebel souls for the subs..:)


  2. Garnett says:

    so impressed! thank you so much, I can watch lie to me even it doesnt have the subtitle coz I can read it here in english! 🙂


  3. mizweng says:

    for those who haven’t watched ep 9 with english sub, here’s a link for you…quality is outstanding…

    happy viewing!!!


  4. sky says:

    Please don’t be drunk Ah jung, and more tender, romantic and loving moments together Ah Jung-Kyung Gi Joon, please more kissesss


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