Can You Hear My Heart E16

Holy cow- what I predicted on E15 comments actually happened…but it was worse than I thought. Poor devasted DJ. I hate that his world is going to crumble around him. Tonight he watched the one person he thought he could trust in the world in that situation with the other person he loves – that is like double the pain for him. I am going to try to forgive M tonight cuz he was going thru his own angst and was drunk, but he better back off soon. As for W reciprocating M’s feelings, I doubt that love line will ever come to pass. She doesnt seem like she has room in her heart for anyone except for D. You would think D would trust that and have faith in her. But after everything he went thru in his life, that leap of faith might be hard for him to see right now. 
Someone on comments wrote that I seemed to love the words on this drama cuz I translate so many lines of dialogue-the ones that were funny, sad, poignant, etc. She left out one cuz we all know why. I always do the whole episode minus the business parts if I can help it cuz try translating anything business related and tell me how much fun you had. To be absolutely honest, I am still a bit scarred. After what happened on 49 Days, now I am a little gun shy when it comes to trust. I really thought 49 Days had it in the bag to be one of the best-but now that it is filed in my book as a drama that started strong and kept on going till it wimpered at the end like Bag Guy and Cinderella’s sister, I don’t know if I can handle another let down. The timing for this new character who looks like W’s dead mom is not coming at a good time. After tonight, my faith in CYHMH will either be renewed or falter. Keeping my fingers crossed.  
Can You Hear My Heart E16
After D stops choi from hitting him, choi says how dare you do this to your father. D: destroying your son behind his back -is that being a father. dont use hyung to pull me down. choi says he already made a contract with J and they are already partners in business.
D looks over at M and M takes W out of the place.choi to D: you think you can beat me? it’s better if you kneel-it will be more comfortable (?).
M tells her to get in the car. W asks how they can leave D behind. he asks if she wants to get in between that fight-should we go back in? H says let’ go and she asks where they are going and M says it doesnt matter where
choi tells his secretary to look into M and find out how much more money he can get. since D made that threat, choi wants to start with destroying M
D looks at his hackysack and thinks about calling W. MS comes in and asks what they are going to do about S. D tells her to ignore S. MS says how cuz S is looking into everything-MS asks if she should do something about S. D says MS’s name so she leans in and asks -do you think i cant do the job? he scoots back from her. she asks if he wants to be alone again. he says he does. she sighs and says it’s hard to be his friend-when you want to be friends, tell me.
MS turns to go, but asks why he held hands with W when he left, but D didnt hear cuz he was looking down. MS mutters how he acts like he didnt hear when he doesnt want to answer. she says she will ask W herself.
M and W are walking up a hill. W:he is still his son so isnt he going too far- step father is still a father- choi is the worst huh? M asks if W isnt out of breath. she says she is ok. i can walk well- i could run up too. she asks if D and M fought-so that’s why D was mad at you huh? M:that’s right – he wanted to fight with me so he showed up bringing you so that makes D bad
she tells him not to get mad at D cuz D likes M a lot- I can tell right off.  he wasnt trying to get you mad- it seems like he was trying to stop you from making that contract with choi
M calls D and asks where D is
M: after we eat, go somewhere to get some air, then I will take her back to the garden
D asks if they are together. and there is no answer.
M lies and says D told M to take W home and that D was sorry. M wants to keep going up the hill since this is his first time here and doesnt know what’s on top. W looks back down like she wants to go to D but she follows M up the hill.
M asks W if she came here a lot
W says she came here once with her family with SC’s parents too cuz SC borrowed a car and brought all of them here. she mentions how her grandma cursed all the way up the hill cuz it was hard so her dad piggybacked the grandma but the grandma said Y carrying her was hard too cuz she worried it would be tiring for him.
they ate fried pork cutlets and SC’s mom complained they came all the way here to eat something fried again – cuz they run a fried chicken store-ever since she was 9 so it’s been 16 yrs. it’s been a really long time huh?
M: it has been a long time
if you were 9 you were small but you already grew this much
she talks about how she was tall for 9
M:bet your face was way prettier than now
W: that’s not true – it’s better now
she says something about what the grandma said about her face and M mutters then she must not have been good looking as a child
W asks what that means
he changes the subject and says he is hungry and asks her to buy him food.
she asks:again?
M:where is that place that sells pork cutlets
she wonders why he keeps asking her to feed him.
W only orders one portion of fried pork cutlets and tells him to eat- it’s really big huh?
M: arent you going to eat?
W: you cant eat all this alone. it’s bad to have leftovers, if it’s not enough I will order more
M: you’re lying. you said you liked me a lot more than D
to someone you like- do you only buy half a portion?
if D came – would you have bought him only a half portion?
W:of course-if it was D-I wouldnt have even bought this much
he is always doing whatever he wants so why would I buy it for him
even now look-after I left a while ago-he didnt send me even one text
and only told you to take me home
that D said he was sorry – you just made that up huh
I know all that – cuz I didnt hear anything -i’m right huh?
M: when I eat all of this – order more for me
so is your first love really your brother?
M: why is your oppa your first love
she says that talk pains (her heart)
W:back then I didnt know that you cant marry a brother.
since I liked dad so much – i lost my senses and asked him for permission
oppa was probably shocked too cuz he really liked me
M: your oppa did?
he gives her this look like stop lying so she says
it’s for real -normally my oppa didnt smile but when he saw me he smiled
when he didnt eat his packed lunch- when I gave it to him he ate it
also at night when it was time for me to go to the bathroom
he would come out to the yard and pretend like he was studying
that was all a lie -it’s dark there so you cant read a book
it was cuz he was waiting for me -like I wouldnt know
he acted like he had charisma but if you know him
she shakes her hand as if to say he doesnt have any
 M smiles and says : oppa must have liked you a lot
normally guys act like they have charisma in front of girls they like
W: they do dont they?
M: after we eat let’s go ride cable cars
they say there are getting rid of it soon and I never rode that even once
after D hurt his head in the accident
we couldnt ride stuff at amusement parks at all
 she says M should have rode it alone but he says how could he ride it alone when his brother was sick-that would be too rude.
Y and SC go to S’s house. they ring the bell but she is sleeping. SC says they must have gone somewhere and suggests they come back tm
but Y says when is tm and he misses his mom
Y starts to bang on the door and calls out “mom”
SC tries to make him quiet cuz they might get in trouble with the guard
grandma thinks choi came to catch her
SC asks Y to go home but Y asks him to just see his mom once and go
SC threatens to leave first if Y is going to be stubborn
grandma touches the door so they know she is inside
Y says it’s him but she tells him to go -you’re trying to catch me arent you? go
Y says he is her son
but she yells at him to go away cuz she doesnt have a son. dont bother my S and go
SC yells at her to open the door cuz it’s him
but she worries about S and thinks they are after her daughter. she begs them to leave S alone. dont hit the poor girl and leave her alone- I was wrong. Y says she sounds like his mom and she is crying -who hit her? so Y and SC beg her to open the door.
W asks if M got the tickets for the cable car but he lies they have to wait a little bit
M says let’s just go. she says what about you not getting to ride the cable car-since you are going to the states. he says he decided not to go to america cuz no one is stopping him from going. W gets a calls from SC about how he went to S’s home so W says she has to go. M offers to take W there. he tells her to make her grandma calm down and let her sleep. W gets a call from S. M sees S get out of the car and yells at W for bringing her mom to begin with. S tries to talk to M and invite him up next time, but he says he has no reason to come here again and just takes off.
S opens the door and grandma is hiding. she protects S and tells Y and then to go away and not hit her daughter again. S asks her mom why she is like this. grandma tells S to hurry and run away. Y says he is her son, but she says she doesnt have a son. S asks if her mom doesnt know Y-did she already lose her mind. grandma keeps saying let’s run away. Y keeps saying his mom is weird and hits himself. S tells her mom to come to her senses since the grandma is the only one who knows what M looks like. grandma tells S she cant lose M to choi and not to worry cuz she hid M’s picture. she tells S not to worry.S asks if her mom hid the sketch of M and goes thru grandma’s pockets.
S asks where her mom hid the picture. Y tells S not to do that and grandma protects S saying dont hit her. SC sees the pic on the ground and picks it up during the chaos and hides it.
NB says to his wide that it seems like their honeymoon without SC, but his wife is trying to change her husband’s skin tone to D’s milky white one. he complains it burns. she mixed  in a weird combination so she tells him to go wash it off. W and SC bring a shocked Y home. NB asks SC what’s going on. SC tells them that the grandma lost her memory and doesnt recognize Y
Y goes to his mom’s room and cries holding her pillow. W goes in and tries to give him water. she tells him to stop crying. he says his mom doesnt know him-she said I wasnt her son. W says it doesnt matter cuz NBs know and all the neighbors know. Y says everyone knows but his mom doesnt. W says all they have to do is keep telling the grandma every day until grandma remembers.
W says they shouldnt have cried a while and just told the grandma funny stories. if Y sang and tossed his shoes and caught it, grandma would have known him. Y says he should have done that a while ago. she asks what else he can do to help his mom remember-what can Y do to make grandma remember right off. Y says if he writes her a letter -when he wrote for her to sleep-she said “oh my son Y- my smart son”. NBs come in feeling bad for Y but he says he is busy. Y gets up to sing the part his mom likes when she says “my son is the best-Y is doing so well- sing it one more time-she’ll remember me right away. W says then let’s start with that and keep doing more till grandma remembers. they all yell “let’s show her”
W goes outside and SC comes over. he tells her to confide in him, but she says she wants to be alone. he asks if she forgot what she promised her mom. he signs for them to figure out her problem “together”. she mutters he only knows how to sign that and always does it. so he signs – do you think I am a “fool”.
SC asks what else he can do to make her laugh. she says she didnt laugh cuz it was funny. he says what about this and takes out the sketch-it’s M hyung. he says he found it at aunt’s home. now it’s only a matter of time before they find him. the bottom part is sort of hard to see cuz of the juice. she asks if this is supposed to be M
 M goes to D’s house.
D:when did you come- you should make some noise with your feet – i was surprised
D asks M to hit him now if M wants since D drank alcohol, but M ignores him.
D asks if M had a good date with his younger should have bought her something good to eat and buy her some nice clothes cuz she wears the same thing, bag, and what is up with that watch-it’s too shabby.  D asks what M’s plans with choi is.
M says he is going to take everything from choi. i grabbed his ankle really well.
D :you think you are the only one who grabbed it -you think choi will let you take it from him?
before choi is ruined- you will be destroyed first
whoever goes first- if both of us grabbed each other’s ankles
if we die we die together
you want to sleep here?
M gets up and goes to the room
D calls out: do you love choi?are you two romeo and juliet? why die together.
D :why are you trying to win so much
if something bad happens to you and I steal WK back- you think I will feel at ease about that?
(by using the law) after you avenge  choi -you think W will thank you for getting (him punished) for her mom’s death
from meeting W today – didnt you feel anything
the family you have to protect isnt mom and me
it’s W and her family
you know all that and are being stubborn
300 IQ jang junha – you are smarter than me
M says he is tired and tells him to say what he wants
D warns M not to trust their mom. she will choose WK-she will not protect M.
start by canceling that factory contract for energy cell
D tells M not to do that with choi if M really doesnt want to die with choi.
M: i dont want to
M: why are you so surprised – it’s what you often say
even if I listen to what you say
i cant become you
you can easily say that to not trust mom
but if I break her trust
I feel like the past 16yrs will collapse in that one moment.
that’s why whereever the end is I want to go there
M: if mom throws me away – you (do something for me*i dont know these words)
or else I’m too pitiful
dont worry about me and work on bringing back energy cell
you have to gather strength to protect me
choi asks T: did D really lose his memory after the accident? I cant tell cuz I cant see it with eyes. he mentioned the factory accident from 16 yrs ago today-and even brought the daughter of the woman who died then. T:heard they had to meet for a short time cuz of the problem with energy cell. choi says a son cant talk to his dad like that-he told me it was better to kill him if I was going to lay a hand on him-why is he like that- what did I do?
T: dont you know? I think I know why he did that
heard you told S to help D’s work
you are really brazen
I was going to get mad too
but cuz you and S really fit each other well-I am being patient
to the extent that I feel sorry for being in the middle
choi: if you know you should be sorry then get a divorce
since you are so impressive – it should be a little hard for you to put up with it
T:that’s why I can divorce you – I like it when things are hard for you
i’m going in to sleep first
S is looking everywhere for M’s pic. grandma says it’s not here. S says if she cant find the picture, the grandma cant sleep tonight. she tells grandma to draw M’s picture and not be wrong. grandma says Y draws better. S says if the grandma doesnt find the sketch, grandma cant see Y again and tells her to hurry and find it. grandma asks to make one call to Y cuz how shocked he must have been to know she lost her memory-grandma says she deserves to die. S says even if grandma dies, she better find the sketch first and then die. there is a call and grandma wants to answer it thinking it might be Y.
S says into the phone that grandma got her memory back. W asks if grandma knows who she is. W tells Y that grandma remembers. Y tells his mom not to worry cuz he is fine-dont cry mom- even if you dont remember me I know you- so it’s ok-mom did you eat well. W asks if grandma really saw M for real and not in a dream. Y tells her not to hang up and he sings for his mom.
W looks at the sketch of M and covers the lower half
W peeks thru the window and hears the piano
she goes in and it’s only a recording
D:what is this?
he comes out from behind the fish tank
these days- do you deliver the milk all the way to the kitchen?
W: no it’s cuz I heard the piano
D: if you hear the piano-is it ok to just walk in someone else’s home
W laughs it off :why are you like this?
I was worried yesterday so you should have sent me a text
D:why should I?
he points his spatula at her
why should I send a text to someone whose first love is  bong maru
leave the milk way over there and go
he waves her away
W: look here – I was going to just overlook it
but after doing that to me yesterday- how can you talk to me like that
D:what did I do?
W: you asked me to drink and planned to use me and deceive me…
D: and lie .he suddenly puts his lips an inch away from hers and puckers up
so she lightly taps his lips away
D: this isnt it
W: to me this is it
you better not lie again
D: ok – but where did you go with hyung yesterday
W:oh that’s right-is he here right now
D: no he isnt-he left
M appears:  who left
I am here so who left
W glares at D: you lied again
W smiles at M: you only drink choco milk right? she hands him one
M: you remembered that? I only said it in passing
D grabs the milk away and gives M the spatula
D tells him to drink quickly cuz he has a meeting
M asks if she wants coffee but she says she doesnt drink coffee
D smiles all happy but then
she asks for water so D’s smile is gone
D asks “what is this”  and walks away jealous
when W turns to look back at D- he shakes his head at her and goes
M asks how the grandma is doing. W says she is better and her no remembering might have been cuz grandma was drunk. she asks if that condition isnt something that gets bad so suddenly. he tells her to be careful and not let her drink alcohol and watch that she isnt stressed or shocked. W looks at his eyes and asks about his dad being a doctor. M says since she bought him food he asks her to eat dinner but she says she has to work.
only choi and D are in that huge conferenece room with the secretary. choi asks how long he has to wait.D says since it’s time should they order something to eat. MS comes in and says all the email D sent to stockholders is gone.choi asks MS if she knows how her dad came to be WK’s (whatever her dad’s job title is). she says she doesnt cuz her dad doesnt talk about work at home. choi asks her to ask her dad and find out. choi tells D : if you played around when you were young, you should be careful. if you dont want to fall from a high height -dont think about going up.
S is telling the staff negative remarks about their work and tells them to do it over. one lady says they came to be trained and not to be treated like this. D comes in and asks :who said to let this person into the office. S asks if he meant her. D introduces himself and tells them they will contact them for a training session and to leave for today. he apologizes. they say they cant work with S. S asks D if he has a problem with her or is he ignoring choi’s orders. D asks someone to take S out and fire S. S says D has no fear. he goes to his office upset and MS almost goes in
W looks at the pic and covers the bottom and says it cant be but he really looks like him. she looks at the new watch M gave her.
MS calls W and asks where Nam is – how WK is determined to kill energy cell and how S came and made it worse. MS says she is going crazy but D is taking it worse. MS says Nam isnt taking her calls and asks W to find Nam. W worries that D is upset again after he left in a good mood. W texts Nam and asks her to meet. teacher Nam – do you want to come out and see a bright (sunny) sky?
S acts all upset to choi and reports how bad D behaved-that in front of ppl D ignored choi’s wishes. choi brings up M’s pic and she tells him how her mom hid the sketch. he asks why she is just telling him, but she says she found out yesterday. she says the police will still have a file of those sketches and says let’s just think about M cuz they need to find their son. he says he will look into it and tells her to go. she says she will just leave it up to him and wait for his call. choi calls in his secretary. choi tells him to go get those sketches and not let S know about it.
T gets an evelope with sketches and one is of M. she asks who made it and the guy says S and her mom. he asks if it’s ok to leave it alone and she says if choi knows she got rid of all the sketches he will suspect.she asks to keep the pics. her spy is choi’s right hand guy. T gives him his payoff but he tells her to give it to him at the end since she needs money to fight choi. T asks him how he could still trust ppl after choi deceived him-she tells him not to trust T too so he accepts. she says she cant compensate with money what he feels indignant about -but with money they can make choi bleed out and die- since we started-let’s go as far as we can go
M is sewing a new hackysack.
W shows up and he tells her it isnt finished and there is still time till they were supposed to meet. she asks if someone is here
M:that’s not it – go out for just ten mins
M: you seem busy so I am only going to give you this and go
she holds out the watch
I wanted to give this back to you so I told you I would come by
the watch is really pretty and I am grateful to you for giving it to me
but when will I be able to wear something like this
cuz of you my wrist was honored
M: just keep it – how can you return something that was given
W: no you gave it to me to forget my brother
but now I dont want to
i’m sorry – since I said I wanted to forget my brother
he asks why she changed her mind.
W:cuz I miss him
she bows and thanks him
as she turns to go he grabs her wrist
M: you said he wasnt your real brother
why do you miss him so much
she says she doesnt know why, but after seeing him,  she misses her brother more
T calls M
T:where are you? i made an appt to meet the investors-leave now
he says he has a conference and has to go to the hospital.
she says she canceled it already.
M:without saying anything to me?
T looks at the sketch of Mmom’s mood isnt good right now
i heard something strange from choi
he said you and D are hanging around that girl W – is that true?
you got on your knees and promised you wouldnt meet your old family
M: I did that cuz I didnt like that you were mad
not cuz I did something wrong
but cuz you didnt like it
T: so are you saying you will keep meeting your younger sibling
M: she isnt my sibling
M: I never once thought of her as my younger sibling back then or now
i’m not M- I am J
why does everyone say she is my sibling
T: ok then meet her
but for that-  let me ask one favor
if  by any chance you go back to your old family
give me some time to be prepared
M:that’s not it
if they see me as just J
I am saying that to tell you that you dont need to be
so sensitive about it when you meet them
T:how can you say that
when mom took you away
you became invisible
no family or relations
changed your name and identity
if everyone finds out about that
what will happen to me
what about D
i’m begging dont meet her
you promised
J i’m begging you
dont meet her
 M hangs up on her.
Nam is writing on M’s map with red lipstick.
when (?) meet a person -it’s between one of them
whether you love or whether you leave
Y comes by saying how he misses his mom.
he sees Nam stops Nam from drawing on the map.
Y: you cant-you cant draw on it
if you draw on the map I get fired-if I get fired I cant wait (here) for M
my mom is sick and if she gets sicker – she wont know my M
so you can write on this
my M has to come
Nam asks who Y is.
Y:me? I am Y-hello “one who drew “(on the map)
she steps back and says ” a fool”
so Y says that’s him- a fool is nice-that’s what my MS said
nam: do you know me?
Y: yes
Nam: you are saying you know me?
she takes off her sunglasses
nam: how?
Y: cuz you are the one who drew on the map
I watched you
manager asks who Nam is and she says he doesnt need to know.
Y bows to her as she leaves: good bye one who drew
Y and manager read what she wrote: 
“whether you love or whether you leave”
manager wonders what that means
Nam sits in the solarium and mutters : it is so frustrating
W goes to meet Nam. Nam asks where is the bright sunny sky and W says it’s cuz it suddenly got cloudy-i’m sorry but at least the air is fresh. Nam says it’s rotted. W:did something happen for you to feel bad? Nam: should i give you some advice. when you look at a guy- dont look at his face (looks). W: I dont look at stuff like that
Nam: that is a white lie
Nam: everything is better in moderation
that guy is too white (this whole thing – she is talking about D and for W not to hurt him)
white things gets dirty easily
dont let it get dirty
if something white gets a stain
the stain doesnt come out
dont give any scars
W:that’s not it
she offers some tea to Nam
the woman tells her to pour it so W does
W:since you dont like ppl to talk in circles
I will be direct
could you please rethink energy cell (think about helping them again)
Nam asks if W is asking “for that man’s sake (D)”
but W says no-it’s so she feels better.
Nam asks how old W is and repeats what W said -25yrs old
W is cleaning the floor at the car center and lip syncing a song
while D films her thru the window with his cell phone.
she notices him and asks thru the glass: when did you come?
D says: keep going
she shakes her head no
D frowns and says thru the window
hurry and do it
W: dont film me cuz it’s embarrassing
he knocks on the glass and begs pitifully
hurry and keep going cuz I am upset
so she keeps singing. she signs the lyrics and D smiles.
“when we pretended like we were a couple
you laughed and I stayed up all night
if you smile – I feel good too
even though you are just joking around
the days I wait for you
the nights I miss you
you bring me happiness
even when I’m alone it’s ok
if I can just see you
i’m always behind you
i’m always looking out for you
but it seems like I have share ‘
she covers her ears and asks “do you hear? my singing voice”.
he does the same thing and says “I hear”
some woman comes by with her son and explains to her son
that “her face is pretty but it’s too bad- she is a deaf person”
D realizes and looks over at W
W:why? she goes to the door
but he knocks on the window and looks at his watch
tells W not to come out cuz he has to go. she calls out his name
M is drunk and offers the lady his cable car tickets, hackysack, and watch.
he offers it all to her and tells her to take it all
cuz when I try to give it- no one wants it
she keeps saying he is drunk and tells him to stop drinking and go
M: i can give all of it-take it 
M gets a call from D and doesnt pick up.
D wonders what is going on.
W texts D- I am walking with my eyes closed-
I am walking with my ears plugged –
why do you think? why? why….ask the stars.
D grins and says “you’re dead” and he goes
W goes home complaining D isnt replying to her texts. she looks up at the stars.
when she gets to her home,
she sees M sitting on the bottom of the steps 
W: what brings you here?
M: I drank some alcohol. 
W: you must have drank a lot.
she tries to help him
do you think you can get up
but he pulls her down and makes her sit “just for a minute”
and leans his head on her shoulder still holding her wrist. 
M: “just for a minute” and says her name.
Then he looks at her so she says “just for a minute” and
covers his mouth and looks at his eyes-
she says ‘you really look like him-maru oppa”
M cries and kisses her but her hand is in the way.
D watches that and cries saying “hyung”

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      Can you tell me the name of the song? Somebody was asking. I know the song could say the name, it’s on Richard Clayderman collections too. Is it a classic piece? ^^


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      Omg that was so beautiful – you are being way too modest. Please share more of your work, but could you post it on KD Forums cuz that’s where we go to watch videos an stuff. That way more ppl will be able to view this. I loved how you gathered all the best scenes with my fav song.
      Thank you wickedinutopia 🙂


    • saregama says:

      wickedinutopia Thank you so much for such a wonderful video. I was hoping they will release some ost using this music but this one is great.
      In drama they are using it so effectively as backgrounfd music for DJ-WR scenes … the piano and zoo date …it melts heart..
      kcomments , the song is called “Les Derniers Jours D’anastasia Kemsky” and I think its a ballad.


    • wickedinutopia says:

      aww… thank you for liking my fanmade…
      i think im gonna make some more… ><.
      im sorry mods..


    • sadeeshapbn says:

      My heart stopped for a moment… I know Ma Ru will not the succeeded of loving Woo Ri because it is complicated and more than everything Woo Ri likes Doon Joo now… But… I can feel his pain… I know he’s wrong and still doesn’t want to return back but as a person, he suffers a lot more than everyone in this drama…
      I love his straightforwardness but I am scared it will the fact which makes him more suffer in coming episodes…
      The kiss scenes and romantic moments Woo Ri and Doon Joo had so far was cute but didn’t make me excited but, this moment, when Ma Ru kissed her palm tightening it to her mouth with those shattering tears, my heart skipped a beat and froze… If he is not going to get the girl, then please arrange someone else at least.. it’s just the 16th episode and totally another half of the drama need to go and how can we bear his sadness in coming episodes…
      I am not saying because I like Ma Ru (Nam Goong Min) a lot, but the main lead guy seems a bit younger than the main lead girl…and as a couple Ma Ru and Woo Ri match in my eyes so well….


  2. Iviih says:

    Hi ^^ I loved this episode 🙂

    I’m sure about one thing though: I’m all the way Dong Joo!

    I usually fall for the guy full of flaws, who made the wrong decisions… but this time I’m really rooting for DJ.

    Is not like I don’t like MR/JH’s character, because I do, I feel sad for him too and think the poor guy really need love as much DJ needs! But I hope he can find another girl for it. For Dong Jo, WR is the best option (IMO), she understand him so well…

    As for JH/MR he himself brought this suffering upon him. He made the wrong decisions, and I know he was a kid then, but he is smart and already grow up now and I think he should stop WR’s family suffering. If T really loved him as a son I would understand him being by her side. But he must know she is using him… and for that I don’t forgive him, he put revenge above his own family… (his both family, because honestly the poor Dong Joo himself asked him not to go ‘play’ with bad people but he went) He is going on the wrong path…

    Why he can’t forget the revenge thing and be happy? Throw away T and go to his family who loves him very much? He can’t because he wants revenge… and that is what will make him not get the girl.

    As for Dong Joo, I think in the middle of the revenge path he will stop and try to stop JH/MR and his mom of going more far. With WR’s love and YG’s help too I think he will not put revenge above his own family and will try everything to stop them. Aw he is already doing it, he saw him saying for JH not sing any contract with Choi.

    I really love their brother relationship. DJ really loves his brother and knows his mother intention (that is why I think he is always looking to her and JH talks with a serious face. Maybe he already always knew how his mom control and manipulate JH using her ”mother love” excuse… and how JH can’t really say no to his mother)


    • Iviih says:

      lol some typos. I meant *We already saw him asking JH not to sign the contract*

      Btw, this episode showed us how JH already know T’s intention. And how JH doesn’t really care being used. He is in denial mode because he doesn’t want his last 16 years go to waste. His 16 years turn into lie… he prefers to ignore it… I think is more like he needs to. Because his choice of leaving his family would heavy more and more on him (more than already it is) and make him really regret about what he did…


    • Alyssa says:

      i like dong joo as well but to say that it was joon ha who brought himself all the suffering is kinda not fair for you said,he needed love and a perfect family and that is the reason why he did that.


      • almondfudge says:

        Er…why is it not fair to say he was the one who brought all this upon himself???Isn’t that the truth???What do you mean he deserves love, wasn’t he getting it from YG??but he was ashamed of even being called as his son…And look at WR…even she has the same background as MR…but do we ever see her getting embarrassed or bogged down by her family???Look at DJ…he is already in love with YG and his pure heart….

        Look at DJ…He is the most unfortunate one…but still he never seems to be bogged down by the life….He is willing to face it with a smile…

        If you really see…JH is the most fortunate one in the drama….He is loved by almost everyone around him…(and now when Choi will know about his real identity, even he will love him and would want to do anything for him….)..but he is always with a sad face and complaining about life….

        And what really works against JH/MR, is his reluctance to make the right decisions….Forget about everything else, he seems all set to even ignore DJ’s love for WR and steal her away…

        JH/MR is the antagonist of this show who is bound to make mistakes and suffer (and make others around him suffer) until he finds redemption….


  3. Cherry16Leaf says:

    OMG!! feel bad for Dong Joo he loves Woo Ri but know he knows she loved her brother makes him more worried ..well the last scene just killed him.. if Woo Ri knows later Joon Ha is Ma Roo she’s gonna love him more TT It makes for him harder cause he loves his brother and Woo Ri. Does he gonna let his love go or his brother?..
    I hope he doesn’t both don’t go.. but I also like Ma Roo & Woo Ri together..

    Dong Joo FIGHTING!! XD


  4. Alyssa says:

    Aww…just can’t wait for ep17.Btw,why is everyone predicting that Dong Joo will die? I don’t think so.I feel that Dong Joo would surely be with Woo Ri.Can’t imagine that we still have to wait for another 2 months to finish watching this show.I hope the ending is like what everyone else hopes for-which is for Dong Joo to be with Woo Ri.How good would it be if the whole show is already released in Korea or even better if it’s in the internet already.I am seriously crazy about this show.Kim Jae Won ❤


  5. lucertola says:

    I’ve started to watch this drama by a coincidence, but kept watching it because of this cute bromance going on. So thank you a lot for this fanvid ^_^
    Could you post a download version of it. It’s not available on YT anymore

    Also, thanks for recaps! & I hope for a Happy Ending too! I couldn’t go trough 49D just due to it’s bad ending. I can deal with an sad ending like QSD’s one, cause of the historical background. But if you make a fiction, which seems to be leading to an happy end, and then twist it + make it illogical – not my cup of tea…


  6. Seoulsister says:

    what is the song playing at the ending? can somebody tell me the title?


  7. k-drama lover says: ep17 preview… man…. junha is becoming more like an enemy to dong joo…


  8. kcomments says:

    Episode 17 preview ^^

    Credits: coroo@soompi


    • kcomments says:

      Dear Softy, KD forum kept reshuffling the vids every time new vid posted, don’t know why, so I post here too just in case.
      Omo…I’m satisfied, just more WR/DJ huggin is enough for me. Also, your wish that they do not stay apart, comes true. ^^


    • Softy says:

      i already translated this on top at KD forum – man I am upset….what is she doing with M????? why is she smiling at him like that? like she likes him back….argghhhhh…i need sat to come and put me out of my misery. I need to see that D is ok.


  9. Louise says:

    though i did not understand the preview, seeing them hugging at the end gives me a lot of hope..

    DJ WR Fighting!!!!!


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