Can You Hear My Heart E15

So many revelations and so much to digest. The first half of this drama was pure joy and then the second half was tragic again. Here is my fervent wish for W to lie every chance she gets *wink wink*
*made a new page for you guys – to post news and stuff -it’s under KD forum-I will be putting up notes about kd stuff up there too -like cute interview snippets and stuff
I don’t understand why they brought back the actress who played W’s mom. Totally freaked me out when she came out.I thought maybe I was seeing things or something.
After D kisses her, she drops the hackysack and closes her eyes. seeing that her eyes are closed, D kisses her again and she opens her eyes and touches her lips. D says “that mouth, you can eat with it or blow on the toy piano but cant  lie with it-  it’s not there for you to lie-if you do it again, I won’t just stop with this much.* did you really come to meet Y? she nods her head “yes”. D: wait here. he turns and walks down the steps and W loses feeling in her legs and plops down. D goes inside and his heart is racing and tries to catch his breath. Y tells a fish he likes it for eating well and thanks it. Y runs over to D and D yawns and says he is sleepy and quickly says bye and goes into his room. Y tells him to sleep well and bows.
* he meant that if she lies again, he is going to kiss her more seriously next time-if there was ever an incentive to lie again-this is the BEST one
Y walks out and wonders:did W come- i have to feed her-bet she is hungry. Y sees her and goes up. he notices her touching her lips so he asks if she hurt her lips-is it bleeding? she says she is sleepy. Y: you’re sleepy too- that’s strange, it’s not night time but everyone is sleepy.she says let’s go. he points out the hackysack is on the ground, so W picks it up and looks over at D’s home.
D is sitting on his bed and says “this isnt it” and runs out and chases after Y and W.
Y says let’s hurry and go eat with mom.
since W isnt paying attention, he asks if she is sleepy and offers to piggyback her.
W says she is hungry and Y says he will make the rice really tasty.
D comes up from behind and asks Y to give him some food too.
Y:are you hungry D?
D:yes-please give me some food.
Y:yes I cook rice really well.
D laughs and hugs Y saying “thank you”.
Y thanks him back.
while still hugging Y, D turns his head nasks W about his hackysack
and she holds it out to him.  
then D hugs W and says to W: thank you.
Y: D is hugging my W and thanking her.
D to W:you were surprised huh? it was cuz I like you.thank you
Y says let’s go so W gently pushes D off repeating what Y said “let’s go” (since D didnt hear)
she holds out the hackysack and D takes her whole hand and runs after Y while still holding onto her hand
W goes in first and cleans up a little bit before D comes in. Y looks for the grandma and W tells him that Y went to S’s home. Y says she cant cuz he has to massage his mom’s legs- she wont be able to sleep if her legs hurt.  W says to let her sleep there for a few days since S is her daughter. D comes in and cant hear anything. he looks around. NB’s wife wonders who D is and her husband thinks D is a robber. in the room, Y says he misses his mom. the NB’s wife comes around and stares at D and has to sit (cuz he is so good looking). she says “oh my heart” when she sees D’s face. Y tells D that his mom isnt here. NB realizes this is D.  NB’s wife pats W and says W did well in bringing D home. she compliments W (you did well) [for nabbing a guy like D ]
S drags her mom out of the kitchen. grandma says her legs hurt -she cant go and says she is hungry-give me some food. S tells her to go out- she says she will buy her meat or anything. grandma says she doesnt want to eat outside. S says she doesnt live here alone and the owner will come soon. the grandma says not to live like this and asks S to go to her home with her. S tells her to do whatever she wants and ignores her mom. grandma offers to cook and asks where the rice is but S says she doesnt eat rice cuz she might gain weight. grandma says then let’s not eat and die. I lived as much as I could
even tho the grandma is away in seoul, Y still scoops her rice in case she comes and another one for M. NB calls D “friend” and tells D that Y does this- Y scoops everyone’s rice and he ends up eating cold rice. NB asks D if D doesnt have enough blood (cuz he is so pale) and D says he is healthy. W gives D his rice. then Y scoops W’s so NB asks where his is.  Y says there isnt food for NB cuz they only eat breakfast together. NB’s wife brought more yummy food for D and tells D to eat a lot. Her husband complains she doesnt even make it for him on his bday, but she pushes him aside. she tells D to tell her if there is anything else he wants to eat. D thanks her and she laughs cuz he said thank you. Y guesses that she likes D. it makes her giggle more cuz it’s true.
NB calls D “friend” and tries to give some alcohol to D and W drinks it. she explains it is a waste to give alcohol to someone who cant drink it. NB tells them to give it Y to drink so that he wont bang his head all night cuz he misses his mom. Y doesnt want to but they tell him to drink so they can sleep  so W drinks it. D watches all the confusion and smiles.
Y sings over the phone to his mom. grandma tells him to sing it again cuz that is her favorite part. NB’s wife tells the grandma to come cuz they are drinking. Y keeps singing into the phone. D smiles.
grandma says Y is singing well and enjoying it but S grabs the phone away. since the grandma called choi the “dirty guy”, the phone belongs to the “dirty guy” so S pays the phone bill with his money. S tells her mom to go to her family, but the door bell rings. choi is here.
S makes her mom go inside the room and gives her “expensive” alcohol (vodka) and tells her mom to drink it-be quiet and sleep. S begs her not to come out-dont even let me hear you breathe- since you like alcohol I will get you more so dont move and stay here. grandma admits she likes alcohol and drinks some
S asks about work but choi wants the sketch of M and S says she will when it is done. she says choi must have thought of M all day. he says that D made trouble again cuz he doenst know his place. S asks if D wants to get kicked out and wonders if D is doing that cuz he trusts kang since there is talk that D will marry MS. choi:marriage? S tells him how MS said that. S wonders how much stock kang has in WK.
grandma comes in and yells at choi. he asks what she is and she says “your mother in law”. grandma cusses out choi in “old fashioned country talk” and S tells her to get out. grandma says since this is the first time they met in 30 yrs drink this and she throws alcohol at choi and he glares at the grandma. she yells at him for ruining her daughter like this and for him throwing away his son. S tells choi to understand cuz her mom is senile and out of her mind. 
the grandma yells at her daughter for liking a guy like choi and S pushes her away telling her mom to get out and says she cant live without choi. choi slaps S and tells them to get out from his home right now. he says S should have sent her mom to an asylum if her mom lost her mind-how dare they. grandma says who do you think you are? and tries to hit him but S stops her. S grabs his leg saying she was wrong. it was cuz she was looking for M. forgive me once.
 choi: M? i didnt even know that kid was born.dont look for him. if I have to be around ppl like you- it’s better not to find him .grandma:what?  S yells at her mom to be quiet and not make choi angry anymore.  S promises choi she will do whatever he wants- she was wrong- dont be angry-she  wont let this happen again. he tells her to move her hand. she says she cant live without him. she holds his leg and begs that she was wrong. grandma cries and tells S not to do this (beg choi)-my baby-dont do this- my baby- you cant.
M thinks about what D asked-whether M wants to be his brother or mom’s son. T goes in M’s room and asks what D thinks he is doing. she puts the paper on the bed with a headline about D. she says how choi turned his back on D. T says D is digging his own grave. she asks what D said. M says D said he wouldnt play with M anymore.T:did D say something to you? she takes his hand and tells him not to waver-cuz D is still young and isnt like you. M says he doesnt have anything to say-but just for a moment – and lays his head on her lap. M: mom. T: I came from meeting investors- let’s have some hope. M:mom when i was younger I wanted to do this (lay his head on her lap) but I dont know why I didnt have the nerve to do it. it must be gross since a grown guy like me is doing this. T:how can you say that? when a son wants to lay his head on his mom’s lap. my junha must have had a hard time. M: dont just say it with words and rub my back. T:what? M:that’s what moms do. isnt it? he looks up at her. M: i dont know. cuz of what D said- I dont have any energy today. just for a moment.she almost puts her hand on his shoulder.she says she knows his burdens are heavy -but what can I do- mom is sorry. he cries
T goes in her room and choi tells her to turn the lights off. she says she is putting on makeup- they are still a married couple – he isnt the only one using this room so put up with it. he asks where she is going and she says the dont have the relationship where they confide stuff like that to each other and leaves
D and W carry a drunk Y into the room to sleep off the alcohol. she says she will take Y’s helmet off when D does it. she tells him to go home cuz it is late.
when he leaves the room, D sees the family photo and looks at young W. he says “it is her-this is what she used to look like”. then he looks at M and says “he looked better a long time ago” he takes a pic of it with his cell phone. she comes out and asks if he didnt leave. he says she was pretty when she was younger. she says her mom used to do her hair all the time cuz her mom was a hair stylist. he musses her hair then straightens it back neatly
M goes and looks at his home. he sees D coming out with W. she is telling him to be careful and  how her grandma broke her leg going down these steps and realizes he cant hear so she touches his shoulder and tells him to be careful since it is dangerous. D: it is? then hold my hand. W: how can I? then it will be too narrow and we wont be able to go down
D grabs her hand and puts it over his shoulder
D:who says you cant
he pulls her over his back then turns around and hugs her.
 when W says “bye”
D shushes her and says: at times like this- you are not supppose to say anything. she asks should I take you home since it is dark. he smiles and musses her hair again and says she has no fear and tells her to go in.she just stands there so he says
ok ok I will take you home
 and pushes her back up the stairs
she says it’s ok but he keeps pushing
M watches them
D goes home all happy and tells the fish: hyung is home.
his mom is there.
D stops smiling
she says he is having fun living. he asks if she has a problem with it.
T: i did it for your sake – you should know that better than anyone
D pulls out something for the factory
something to do with saving energy cell’s image
he says he cant say that she did it
you have to hurry – since it’s your company,
you have to get it signed by president J before he leaves for america.
or use this opportunity to put that company under your name
instead of putting a kid who didnt commit any crime out front
T: he is family- so what’s wrong with putting it under his name
J wanted to do it too- I didnt force him to do it-so dont be mistaken
D: is that so? then put it under my name – will do the investment company
but she tells him to just do energy cell properly.
D says he doesnt want to – even if he has to (do something bad) to go in-
he should go in-why should J
T says his name in a stern voice
D: dont mess with hyung
even tho M might believe-now I dont believe the lie that you think of him as family
T:your enemy isnt me- it’s choi
she says if D has time to waste energy on her then he should direct that energy to choi and think of how to win
she yells at him for that interview he gave-how D made all the stock holders into enemies
the reason why I can believe in you
it’s that reason right there
not cuz you cant hear
cuz you cant compete against choi
that’s why i did that
but J might be able to
D: I’m telling you your lies dont work on me
dont pit choi and M against each other
do (?) with energy cell
and dont do anything behind my back again
send J back to america
(D says something about how it’s enough that she has just D to mistreat)
it’s my last warning-dont mess with hyung
if you ruin hyung -I wont even forgive you
 W thinks about what D said (at times like this- you are not suppose to say anything). MS calls W. W says she was going to call MS and forgot. her manager  knows the scout too but she isnt in Korea now. MS says that’s trouble cuz the company is in trouble and needs to hurry and scout out that woman. MS mentions how the company is in trouble cuz of D and the interview in the paper. MS asks W for help with the scout. W says she will ask her team manager again and hangs up. W realizes D lied about nothing being wrong
D looks at a pic of M and T with him. flashback to M and D at the piano and T playing with them. D says to M’s picture-hyung – jang junha- dont regret like M and decide well this time. understand?
D looks out the window for W. he sees two milk cartons. he runs out and looks at his watch: it’s not even 6  -she delivered it early without saying anything
he wonders if she is avoiding him
M walks by and sees W erasing drawings on M’s map and cursing out the kids who drew on it (like her grandma would). she threatens to pull their arms out if she catches them. M smiles and tells her to stop cursing. she asks what he is doing here at this time since he isnt on a walk.
M: cuz I wanted to see my younger sibling  (not sure if he meant D or her). 
W: if you like him that much- how are you going to leave D behind and go to america?
M: should I not go?
M: should I not go?
W: if I say not to go – it’s not like you arent going
M: whether I do or not- couldnt you just say not to go
he walks over to her basket
M: you have choco milk too.
D drinks white but I only drink choco milk
he mentions how he craves sweets
W:wah-you are just like my grandma- she craves sweets too
she keeps easting pure sugar so it’s really upsetting
it would be nice if you didnt go to america and treat my grandma (as her doctor)
she is a little senile and forgets things
W looks back at the map: she cant forget
MS comes in the office saying good morning
D talks about some lipstick color the guy chose well and the guy asks about essence-how it’s great too. D smiles at him and agrees
MS goes to D and says he came back. she says it’s good to see it again
he asks what and she says this hackysack.
she asks if D is in a good mood cuz he got his hackysack back.
D smiles
she says she worried he fought with his gf -of course she was curious why he fought but she held it in thinking of his sake-she says “i did well huh? why did you fight?”
MS mentions how she is meeting W. D asks when and MS says 2pm
S goes to see choi. he yells for someone outside (to take S away) so S locks the door. she hugs him -asking him to forget what happened yesterday-that she was wrong. choi tells her to move her hand and not touch him. how dare she trick him. he tells her to get out. she promises not to let it happen again and that she will get rid of her mom and clean out her home so it doesnt smell. she tells him not to say he wont come to her home. he says how is that her home. she begs for him to save her- just one more chance and holds his hand begging
grandma comes out of the room and she thinks this place is like a prison (cuz she doesnt know how to work the doors). she looks in her pocket for S’s phone number to call S and finds M’s pic (and she doesnt recognize him!!!!) she spills juice on part of the picture. she eats candy aand is happy.
W goes to see the doctor about the grandma. he tells her that the grandma needs to eat the medicine he prescribed. she asks what she needs to do to make her grandma all well
Y goes to see his mom and is sad to see she isnt in her room. he wonders if she left like M cuz of him. he says he misses her. SC sneaks in with special tonic drinks for grandma and Y. SC tells Y to drink what he brought. Y says his mom is at S’s house and SC tells Y to be quiet cuz if SC is caught here he will be in trouble. NB calls out for Y. SC drags Y into the room to hide. NB thinks D gave the drinks. Y asks SC if he misses grandma too so SC says he will take Y to see her.
Y calls the manager to send a pic again. she is trying to find someone with that pic at the airport. she sees someone who might be the person she is looking for. the woman keeps walking. OMG this is the actress who played W’s mom. some men stop the woman and she gets interrogated at the airport. W is there listening in. the woman wont take her sunglasses off. she asks what W’s name is. she gives the guy her card and tells him to call her if he needs a car cuz one of his shoe’s heel is more worn down than the other one from pressing down too much on the pedal. W says the woman is cool. the woman says she doesnt know if it’s cuz it is a nice sunny day, but she likes W. the woman is willing to go with W so W thanks her.
kim comes in with some new scent explaining it as the morning before you open your eyes- the scent of the moment the wind blows as a first love lays sleeping
D points out it’s not good to wake his first love when she is sleeping
and D says something about musk.
D realizes its 2pm and asks MS to go with her but she says her appt was pushed back an h0ur and tells him to wait
Y is worried cuz it’s still not 5- he drank alcohol yesterday and his head doesnt hurt but he is sleepy. Y tells the fish he misses his mom and falls asleep. M puts a cushion under Y’s sleeping head and looks at Y. he touches his nose and face. M: “you lived like this” he sits and stares at Y and cries
D stops and looks in on the meeting with W and MS and that woman. MS asks the woman why she switched to selling cars after selling makeup. woman asks why the past is important and MS agrees the future is important. MS asks the woman to train the staff. MS nudges W to help her convince the woman. so W tells the woman to help her (since it is a nice sunny day). the woman asks W what woori means. W explains it has something to do with a flower but since her dad and W didnt know letters at the time, that is how they came up with W.
D steps in and calls W “bong ‘ohri=duck’ shi” so W glares at him. D says W did well bringing the woman here. D leans in close behind W to shake the woman’s hand as he introduces himself. MS says D is their president.
woman says: looks good together (her voice hinted that she meant D and W)
she  says D is perfect to be the CEO of a makeup company cuz of his skin.
S shows up cuz she is in charge of something now. S asks why W is here.
W explains she is here on an errand
W asks S : aunt-how can you here- what about grandma
D asks W if S is her aunt
W says yes but S says: how am I your aunt- other ppl will think it’s true
S tells W to leave cuz they are going to talk business
 the woman decides to leave saying she hates darkness
S yells at the woman to take off her sunglasses
W calls out to the woman and D says to follow him and takes her hand
S asks what’s going on
MS tells S that W went to the airport to scout the woman.
S:but why is he holding her hand and leaving?
D tells W not to go anywhere (and wait in the car) 
she asks if he isnt going after the woman
but he says he has something to do before then.
D asks: S isnt your aunt is she?
he tells her he will be right back and not to move
D doesnt hear a car and almost gets hit. W pushes D out of the way. M was driving the car and stops in time
D asks M: you are still going to listen to what mom said?
M says he left what D wanted back at D’s home
the contract for the factory for energy cell and to check it
D:what? did you come to meet choi?
M: i’m going to do both
i am a two timer-going to buy you a factory
hold hands with choi and steal his (?)
D: you’ve gone crazy- where is all that money going to come from?
M:we have the money from investment-what we saved up-and some of mom’s (?)
D: am I stupid? how can we block both with that?
M says they can take money from investment and use it for a little while to block
the rest of the real estate mom is going to settle
D: you’re going to steal?
D asks if that means M is going to become the same person as choi.
M mentions how rich ppl break laws to protect their fortunes-they are only borrowing for a short time
D tells M not to buy D a factory- he says he only wanted to stop M from holding hands with choi so D doesnt want it. he didnt want to make M do those things
M says he already signed a contract
D:what’s wrong with you? you and mom- the two of you are not in your right minds
i told you not to listen to mom
M says leaving out their mom-it was my choice
D: you said you were leaving for america
why are you doing this suddenly? hyung
M asks: D- didnt you say you watched choi pulling the oxygen hose from your grandfather’s oxygen tank. I saw him do it to0
to my step mom-cuz of choi- on the day she died during the factory fire
when i went to the hospital she died in front of my eyes
on W’s bag – there is a watch
that’s mine
 my step mom went back in to get that watch and choi closed the doors on her and let her die of suffocation – my step mom and your grandpa  both died suffocating cuz of choi 
 for the first time since I was born- she was the first mom I had
she died thinking I hated her
i didnt get to say anything nice to her -not even one word
 i didnt get to say thank you or I’m sorry
your mom- my mom- I cant lose one again
D-cant I be your brother and be your mom’s son?
D is in the car with W. he asks since you drink well- drink with me today. he takes her to a place and pulls out her chair. she says this is her first time. he tells her not to forget. he looks at her bag and thinks about what M said about how her mom died. he holds her hand while servers set the table. he drinks and he tells her to drink if he gets drunk. D: Y said not to play with bad ppl – someone i like the most keeps playing with bad ppl and wont listen to me so will you tell that person. she asks who M is playing with that is bad. D says”my dad”
choi and M are drinking together. he says when he first met M- he thought M looked like someone. M:who? choi: me when I was younger. choi says M is daring and that’s what is different between M and D. M is perfect and D isnt. M overhears W and D’s voices. W is telling D to stop drinking. D tells her not to treat him like a sick person he is fine
W tells him to do what he wants- if he collapses she will abandon him and go.
D: are you bong maru- to abandon me
she tells him not to talk about her brother like that
D: all he gave you was a watch and didnt even come back-what kind of older brother is that?
call me older brother instead
i wont leave that ant poop alone
W:why are you getting angry talking about my brother?
even if you do i like my brother
W: my brother was my first love.
D looks up and sees that M heard that
D: your first love was ant poop. I dont like everything
he pours another shot
M comes and stops D from drinking
M tells her to go home with D now
D:cant i even drink?
he tries again but M takes it away
M: i told you you cant drink
D: why are there so many things i cant do?  when you do whatever you want
M tells D that choi is inside-there is nothing good from him seeing you
D: he is? then you take W and go
D to W: i’m sorry I am drunk- ask hyung to take you home
W says D is drunk and asks M to take D home with them
M says he will call a car for D but D says he doesnt want that
D to W: let’s go together hyung
choi comes out
choi asks what M is doing here when they were in the middle of talking
choi says to D- the guy who said he is responsible for WK is going around meeting a girl like her
W gets up and D grabs her hand and puts her next to him
D holds her hand and says to choi
you know W dont you?
since you met again- you should apologize
M says to D: you are drunk – take W and go
choi calls D a bad kid
D to choi: did you forget your memory like me?
heard W’s mom died in the WK factory accident
choi tries to grab a chair to hit D with
M grabs the chair
W blocks D and protects him yelling out to choi : dont do it
D puts W behind him
D calls out to M to take W away
M tells W to follow him out but
choi yells: stop right there – i didnt tell you to go yet
M tries to take D to go out too
choi:what are you two doing now?
D says to choi: no one can come between us and split us up (D and M) so dont
choi says “what? this punk” and tries to hit D
but D holds choi’s wrist and says
if you arent going to kill me – dont lay a hand on me
choi to D:
if you were playing around and got hurt
you should have been careful
 if you dont want to fall from a high place you shouldnt have thought of going up
T gets a sketch of M
if choi knows I took him away- he will suspect
W tells M: if you have something that pains you – tell me
W: i didnt know
SC shows W that sketch of M
D: the family hyung has to protect is W and her family
grandma doesnt remember who Y is and says she doesnt have a son
that woman asks Y if he knows her and Y says “yes”
M says he is going to take everything from choi
D says M  will be ruined first
M quotes T and says to D:  even if we die -let’s die together
D calls out to M: do you love choi? why die together?
W tries to help M up
can you get up?
he holds her hand and pulls her down
she tells him to stand still
and puts her hand over his eyes  (she is checking if he is M the way Y does)

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    What I love about this drama is that it doesn’t push for the real angst, after tonight episode plus the preview (DJ/JH are back in the same bed again^^), I think DJ will try to protect JH from his mom and Choi. I felt relieved that the writer didn’t break bro relationship for now, love that the three join force and protect each other. There is no indication tonight that JH feels for WR as a lover, which is good too.

    OMG! Is it possible that the lady arrived is WR mom’s twin(siblings)?, so we will know the background of WR’s mom? but it couldn’t be WR’s mom comes back right? Cuz she can hear, but then sth the way she talks with WR and S feels strange, as if she knows more.

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    waaaaaaawza you are fast… love love love this story…too bad subbed videos wont be out for a week again… This is the only drama that I can read live transcribe/summary and get the same or even better feeling when watching it. that says something about the filmography and acting talents.. As much as I loved 49 days, when i read the spoilers I couldn’t cry when I was watching it. This one makes me cry when I read and When I watch.. LOVE LOVE LOVE


  7. Siu Ying says:

    M is going for revenge too! I knew something snapped in him when he found out his stepmom died because she went back in the factory to get the watch she bought for him, but didn’t think it was to this extent. To revenge for a stepmom who he never even once called mother, it’s little wonder he’s so devoted to T, who helped him to become what he is today. But someone should let the guy know now that Choi is his biological father then he can make a more informed decision whether to destroy his real father or not. It’s nice to think M is still human afterall, then there’s still hope for T, there are odd signs here and there that she does love M as a son (despite the odd vibes some scenes are giving us, I’m hoping the writer is just trying to set up the premise that these two people are actually closer than they themselves realise because they went through so much together. T was always a touchy feely sort of person because that was how she was with her own father) but she can’t stop herself from using him because of this revenge plan.

    I’ve always thought it was because W wanted a family and that was why she was so attached to Y and the young M but never would have guessed she thought of M as her first love. Well, that was a shocker. I wonder what triggers W’s suspicion that JH is M in the next episode.

    Poor D, he has so much love for the people closest to him but he doesn’t know what to do to stop them from going to the dark side and ending like the person they want to get revenge from. It’s probably killing hm that he can’t discuss any of this with anyone, but it’s nice he has W and Y to turn to. The fact that D gets those pains in his head and M is a neurologist is giving me a bad feeling, I’m hoping D gets to be truly happy with those he loves safe around him.

    I couldn’t help laughing out loud when the NB fell down from seeing D’s handsomeness. If my daughter (that is if I had daughter in the first place) did the same thing I would keel over too if she brought home a handsome young man like KJW. I’m hoping my sons will bring back girls who are pretty, rich, educated, well brought up, but most importantly with a heart like D’s.

    It’s going to be sad when Grandma finally loses all her memory because no one will actually know what the 100% truths are when they find out about Choi and S. I get the feeling these two will bend the truth for own purpose. These two will most likely go to hell together, destroying lives around them the way they do. I just hope the writers don’t end up allowing them to destroy their own son to make them come to their senses. Please send them to jail without destroying M. He might have been a difficult teenager but he doesn’t deserve to go down with his real parents.

    This drama is getting to be quite a little gem. Thanks for the recap.


    • L says:

      “…I’m hoping my sons will bring back girls who are pretty, rich, educated, well brought up, but most importantly with a heart like D’s…”
      Ha! Where can you find one like that in real life 🙂 ?


  8. Cherry says:

    S is getting what she reaps – M knows who his biological mother is but he is not acknowledging it. S reaps what she sows – for abandoning M and treating her own mother they way she does.


  9. ck1Oz says:

    I’ve just finished the raw and came to read the recap.I was trying so hard to resist but wanted to be surprised.

    &^%$# WOW…not even talking about the plot developments.Have you ever seen such skinship in one episode?DJ has been smiling and nice for 14 episodes.I didn’t expect all that decisive behaviour tonight.The boy doesn’t let grass grow under him hey?I think we had like 6 episodes of KD drama loveline in 1 hr tonight.Holy cow 🙂


    • ck1Oz says:

      Thanks so much softy.Now I can go to bed it’s after 3am.

      Have some sleep.Ep 15 was so good ^^


      • Alexus says:

        Thanks for visiting the thread at Soompi before you went to bed for the night!! I hope you are having sweet dreams of DJ!!! Sweet DJ, Kissing and Hugging, Kissing and Hugging and messing up WR’s hair…. and like Applexu said, ASSERTIVE DJ. Man, I love this guy!!! So manly!!! See ya when you wake up in the morning!! LOVE DJ and WR!!!!! Luckiest girl EVER!!!!!
        2 kisses, hugs galore front and back, hand holdings, the hair touching…. losing count……overdose of skinship!!! So happy!!


  10. Anon says:

    I love how he just told her straight out that he likes her and who can forget that last scene, he looked so hot there.


  11. po0967 says:

    I don’t understand why they brought back the actress who played W’s mom. –> This line freaked the hell out of me, could you pls elaboarate?


    • Softy says:

      They are using the same actress that played W’s mom to play a new character named Nam. She is the scout MS asked W to track down. MS wants Nam to train their staff cuz the woman used to be great at selling makeup before ( but now she is good at selling cars – that’s how W knows her thru W’s car dealership manager)
      I guess I don’t understand the show’s reason for using the same actress unless they are going to pull some crazy stunt and make Nam W’s mom’s twin sister, make Nam some kind of random doppelgänger, or even worse pull a 49 days stunt and make Nam the reincarnated version of W’s mom- I must be sleep deprived to come up with such crazy ideas.


      • Alexus says:

        I had even a crazier idea. I was chatting with Kcomments about this at Soompi but what if WR is truly Nam’s daughter. She had to hide the existence of WR so she was nameless and had her sister ( WR’s deaf mom) raise her?The real father could be some Chaebol and later in the drama the father could show up and voila powerhouse of DJ+JH+WR to bring JC down!!! Also this Nam woman’s wrath for JC killing her sister can add more fuel to the plot. I really also want to see a shake down between Nam and Shinae. That would be a great match!! Yes as for the dying scenario I am really nervous too. I am totaly traumatized and I don’t think I can handle another ending like that ever again. Alzheimers can be slowed down with the right medications, but it can get very challenging for the family. It isn’t life threatening but I am more concerned about her arthritis which may affect her mobility. A bad fall down those stairs can lead some traumatic brain injury, fractures and then…. I don’t even want to go there. I love Grandma 😦 Even the lady joking about DJ’s pale complexion is making me nervous and on edge……I hope it is just an inside joke and nothing more…..I bet JH would be doing yearly physicals to ensure DJ is healthy.


        • wanzhaf says:

          If they are going to do “die” direction, please dont let DJ die. I have enough heart break with 49D. Let it be Choi and S. I am mentally preparing for the grandma but hopefully only after JH confess he is MR to the father.


      • alove says:

        I read somewhere in a synopsis (when this drama started) that Y will fall in love with a woman who looks identical to W’s mom.



      • kcomments says:

        Like you, not sure I’ll like this plot point. We’ll see.


  12. Celest says:

    So excited about the next episode! I thought for sure that Choi would start to get suspicious about DJ’s memory. And I hope that WooRi finds out about JunHa being MaRu soon.

    I must say, this episode made a lot of jokes about KJW’s super pale skin. Like when NB asking DJ if he doesn’t have enough blood cuz he is so pale or that DJ is perfect to be a CEO of a cosmetic company because of his skin. I LOL-ed so hard.

    Also loved that scene in the beginning where SC’s family and WR and her family are eating and having a good time with DJ. Poor boy, he probably never got to experience that growing up.


    • Siu Ying says:

      They’ve already referred to KJW’s pale skin twice before. Can’t quite remember which episode(s), once when they were talking about him drinking white milk only and another time when the botanical garden’s manager thought DJ wears make-up because he looks so pale and WR said it wasn’t make-up but natural. Or were both said at the same time, can’t remember at all? Anyway, it might become a standing gag.

      Just finished watching the raw, and oh my god I can’t wait until tomorrow for the next episode


    • kcomments says:

      ^^ Talking about fair complex, to my curious, I re-watched KJW in ‘Romance’, he looked so young and chubby but he was fair(white) at that time too. But I think in some scenes of CYHMH, the foundation(make up) used on his face made him look too white, especially in strong sunlight scene, or it can be the lighting. No matter what, I just looooooooove him more and more as DJ.

      The joke in the drama that got me gotta be, the botanical garden manger says DJ is white that at night he’s like a lamp, hahaha.
      I really LMAO this episode when SC’s mom sees DJ in her house and she’s like omo omo couldn’t stand straight and drops to the floor cuz he’s so handsome, hahaha.


  13. L says:

    I love this drama so much. I wish I can watch all next 15 episodes today !!!! I just love the way they love each other in this drama (except the one bad guy) 🙂 I am glad they don’t have any “girl-fighting, screaming, and hair-pulling” in this drama (yet? – I hope).


  14. Jomo says:

    TWIN! or simply sister, is my guess.

    (God I love your side banner of YKS. He’s looking RIGHT at me! Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!)

    Anyway- thanks for doing this show. I was scared for that moment when you said you would drop it, and am grateful that you do these for us, as well as all the other ones!

    CHESSERA! Yes! I said that from the git-go. While DJ had a few days with WR as a child, she spent a lot more time with her oppa. I loved the scene where they, as kids, were having fun together right before his watch broke. JH/MR is the one she hasn’t stopped searching for, and don’t forget JH/MR said he never really thought of her as a sister.

    I don’t know if that means she will stop hugging and kissing DJ, but there may be some real competition for her attention once she figures out JH is MR. Is that Sunday, I hope?

    Beautiful beautiful job showing us MR’s heartache from how he lost his step mom
    and making it understandable that he would cling to DJ’s mother. That was the first time I could forgive him for cutting off his old family. It’s strange though, he is as related to DJ’s mother as he is to Y, and he is as related to DJ as he is to WR. Which, of course, he is not blood related to either set. Just Gramma. Hmmmmm….

    This show has me worrying about the characters more than any other show. I will not speculate on any show that someone will get sick or die or whatever. It kills the joy of the NOW of the shows. I don’t want to lose that wonderful feeling I get every time DJ touches WR or invades her space. I get such a thrill at his aggressiveness and possessiveness. She’d better kiss him back, soon!

    See you all tomorrow!


  15. kcomments says:

    TNS episode 15 ratings^^
    Nationwide 14.5 (4th) — [ (1st) I Believe in Love(KBS2) 19.6]
    Seoul 18.4 (2nd) — [(1st) I Believe in Love(KBS2) 20.0 ]

    I’m so happy, looks like this drama is popular in Seoul already. The kiss scene really does the trick, I guess, hehe.


  16. Jewels says:

    Dear softly, thanks so much for the recap, l loved all the skinship D gave W.


  17. Softy says:

    If that Nam character sticks around and ends up being related to W’s mom – this might be the first plot point I don’t like about this drama. So far this drama has been perfect for me, but as soon as I saw that woman last night, I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. I kept asking myself what would be the reason why they chose the exact same actress to play Nam and I didn’t like the possibilities.
    There is no way W is falling for M at this point. she let D kiss her and stuff and she didn’t stop him. she is already falling for him, so M is a step too late. I already think M likes her a lot as a girl- he went so far as to say it right to her face when he said he was here cuz he missed his younger sibling and asked her to tell him not to go to America. The preview has me nervous cuz of that scene with M and W alone together-so afraid M will make a move on her. I really don’t want D to see that and I would hate to watch the two brothers go against each other over a girl – bad enough they are going to fight it out cuz of choi. Plus aren’t we getting enough of the two brothers fighting for one girl on Lie To Me.


    • saregama says:

      Thank you Softy for your wonderful recaps.
      The Nam character might be related to W or it can be a trick to keep viewers like us guessing and searching for clues just to make drama more interesting.


    • kcomments says:

      I still have hope that W and M together in the preview is just to clear ‘my first love’ thing so W/M can move on as bro/sis. JH saw DJ hug WR on the stairs and didn’t show any sign of jealousy, if anything, I think may be a little lonely.
      However, DJ, I think he might feel a little insecured of how WR feels for him, especially her first love thing, so my guess, DJ will push for WR’s answer soon.^^


  18. k-drama lover says:

    how to watch ep 16 live streaming on mbc online?? any link guys?


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