49 Days E20 (Finale):Live

Anyone who lives with deadlines knows, when the moment arrives when you have to finish something up- in your haste to get it done, you make mistakes. The writer for this was in that exact same situation I bet cuz this was not a well thought out ending. This is not the finale we deserved after going through everything with these characters. The fans of this show deserved better and I echo everyone’s dissatisfaction. I don’t mind if she planned this ending from day one-if that is the case, I can overlook it. But she clearly did not cuz if you watch last night’s flashback scene where young Y is kidnapped, there is no way that girl is five years old. The lack of detail about what really happened to Y when she was five is amateur hour. Plus, in a crowded bus stop like that, there is no way a kid can be taken without the kid throwing a fit and being heard or seen by someone. Everything that should have played out in two episodes was thrown together to cram into one and it showed.  If you are going to throw in that fact about Y being a sibling, you give it the due attention it deserves and not rush it. Even J’s mom’s reaction to her new found daughter was awkward. I used to think that episode when MG was kidnapped in MSOAN was the worst a drama could ever get near the end of a series, but I was wrong. 49 Days is a close second and the sad thing is -it never had to be. It always had the potential to be so much more.
All of a sudden I fear for the ending for both my current favorite dramas CYHMH and  BL – not so worried about LTM and Romance Town yet cuz I am not as invested in the characters but omg if something like this happens on CYHMH or BL – I will seriously throw a hissy fit. If an ending like tonight is the price we pay for falling in love with these characters, I am going to tread more cautiously from here on.
OMG words escape me – while I was typing this – I could FEEL every reader’s discontent….wow-never saw an ending like this – like EVER. ……..I need something to hit….from the first few minutes of the episode …then pretty much throughout….I kept saying “huh?” like a million times..like “am I hearing this correctly?”…….then I cried ….then I went back to “huh? WTFreak?!…..now I’m like numb….still in shock…..denial….there should be a law against endings like this….all of a sudden I remember how I felt when the High kick series ended …..kinda like this- sort of like the wind was knocked out of me
49 Days Finale
After J says she is going to die again soon
she remembers back to the room where she got her head scan
S walked in wearing his black suit like he is here to do business and looked serious
then we see him wearing a doctor’s coat and he smiles at her
J: you’re the scheduler arent you?
S: this is making me sad – did you already forget me?
J:that’s not it-why can I see you?
cuz schedulers are only seen by ppl who are going to die
he looks serious
J: I remember -why do I remember the 49 days?
S: it was a cruel final gift given to you -you can turn it down if you want
J:what does that mean? I’m going to die?
S: I got my last schedule and the last dead person I have to escort is you SJH
he says she was already set to die 6 days from now
but in the middle of it
she had to unfairly take the 49 day trip and receive 3 tears
so they are giving her the chance to remember her 49 days for her sake-
J: so are you asking me to choose whether  to remember those 49 days or not.
S: if you dont want to – six days from now when you die- you will see me for the first time
J: so you are saying I am going to end up dying (after 5days)
he says it was destined from the day she was born that she would die then. get angry if you want.
J: who can I get angry at? no matter how angry I get angry- no matter how much i feel like this is not fair-no matter how upsetting this is-i know it wont matter-even if I beg
S pats her back and says there is something out of human control and that’s life and death
J chose to remember 49days. Y asks what that all means and who said that to J about the 49 days and her appointed death. J says there is someone who does that. she says she is going to leave soon and die. Y says this is too much -you suffered so much and just now came back to live- it’s too cruel.
J says if she didnt do the 49days – right about now her dad’s company would have gone to M
and I would have been out of my mind from the shock of my friend and fiance backstabbing me
I might have not been able to overcome that shock and committed suicide and died
cuz of the 49 days I got to love and receive love from someone like H. I was able to protect my dad’s company. and the life I led up till then, I was able to look back  on it. sometimes I think it was a good thing-if I died not knowing anything- I would have died living a fake life
Y asks why J isnt letting on that she remembers. J says:if I am going to die anyway- I want to look like I was living happy-as the naive cheerful and carefree J. that’s how I wanted to leave-without anyone knowing but with you
(J takes Y’s hand) since I got to meet you in my own body-I couldnt pretend that I didnt know you. Y:what about H? for your sake he worked so hard-he loves you-even if your parents dont know-he remembers the 49 days.he asked you to tell him that you love him when you woke up-that night- he asked you not to go without saying goodbye
J:what does any of that matter I have to leave and he will remain behind
“I liked you-I loved you” saying that – how will that help H if I tell him
 it will just end up hurting him more
Y: but you are having a hard time too
J: from watching you I felt it-the person who remains behind has to live for himself
so please dont tell H anything. I just want to remain as a friend to him
H goes to see M in prison. M says he wanted to see H brag cuz H said he was going to bring M down and H did that.  H says he feels better cuz he doesnt have to watch M destroy himself anymore. M says the M that H knew has been gone for quite some time. H says that’s not true that M will come back- he asks M to take his punishment and come back as the hyung he respected and wanted to be like.H says M was someone who wanted to overcome his circumstance.  M asks H:do you know why I liked you? H: did you even like me? M: I liked you cuz you were scarred. you were hurt by your parents…(?) not doing anything to treat that and leaving it alone. that’s what I liked cuz I dont have that. H tells him J is doing well. that she doesnt know what M did yet but when she does, H will be there for her to  help her get through it. M tells him not to tell him anymore
J is home and eating with her parents. she says they could have eaten what they normally do but this is too elaborate. dad says their housekeeper made all this and her mom only made one thing-the bean paste soup. J says: no wonder cuz that’s why I keep wanting to eat that. J says it tastes the best. her mom says this seems like a dream cuz she wanted to be able to eat together like this even just once. dad says he only wished to see J laugh one more time each.J compliments herself for being able to make both their wishes come true
Y is waiting when J comes to visit her. J asks why Y came out. Y says J waited for her every day like this but Y didnt get to say hi. J says that’s only natural cuz Y couldnt see J. they go in and Y makes J kimpap.
J says it tastes much better than the ones she makes. J feeds Y. J: it would have been nice if I could have stayed by your side. Y: is this a time for you to worry about me?
J tells her that there will be a lot of good ppl around her soon
H is sitting in his office and the chef comes running in to say J is here in Heaven. H goes out to see her. H: what are you doing here when you should be in the hospital.
J: I ditched the hospital to go somewhere with you
they are in the car
J: i never once got to make kimpap and go on a picnic with my boyfriend.
H: when did I start becoming your boyfriend?
J: that’s not it
H: if you like me just confess that you do
she say she forgot her mp3 player and asks to borrow his if he has one
H:why do you need it
she says it’s one of the things she needs for the picnic
H: your borrowing love, mp3 player , car – what else are you going to borrow next time.
J: you
J: H let me borrow you one day as my boyfriend. you dont want to?
H: then you too- let me borrow you for one day tm and my girlfriend.
J reveals her kimpap. he asks if she made it and she says she wanted to thank him with this for taking care of her parents while she was in a coma. she asks how it tastes and he complains about the taste but says the spinach was selected well. she asks if it doesnt taste good and he replies would he be eating it if it didnt. H takes pics of the kimpap and her and they joke around.
they eat and take pics. then sit and listen to music. the bracelet fell out of his pocket. J: you had this?she confesses that his mom gave it to her. since it looks like you dont hate me now so I will tell you but to be honest, I was close with your mom. you didnt know huh? H: you were close with my mom?
 he is surprised to learn that
H’s mom is cooking and J eats it.the mom says she likes J for eating so well.
J asks why the mom makes this every day when H doesnt even eat it
she says since she didnt take care of him for so long -in case he eats one or two she cooks for him.
J asks why H doesnt like his mom so much. the mom says: I didnt tell H what he wanted to know
mom: when you love someone too much -even if you are misunderstood, you can say it
cuz if he knows he will be even more hurt
when you love too much -even if you are misunderstood- you dont clear it up
instead of letting the other person get hurt
it’s better if I am misunderstood
end of that flashback
then another one with Y/J and H
H remembers Y/J saying the same thing to him
 H realizes Y/J gave his mom’s words back to him. J says she knows now- his mom’s words and heart
H: covering what you feel in your heart is harder than not knowing
J remembers how Y/J said that same thing to H
H asks why she visited his home to see his mom when he wasnt there and she says cuz he wasnt home so much so she wanted to be his mom’s friend
he takes her to a fountain to throw in a coin and make a wish cuz it’s supposed to come true. she says she had a wish so it’s a good thing and throws one in and prays. he looks over at her and remembers
Y went to see H. Y: J told me not to tell you -during that time she was so lonely and having a hard time–and now too – for the ppl remaining behind – watching her go thru that alone was so ….
to let J do what she wants – even tho it’s hard on you- I  thought you should know 
cuz I understand how she feels
H: what I wanted the most was to see J alive- is there really something like that
I dont have to see her for the rest of my life -just let her live
they both close their eyes
H makes a wish for J to live by his side and J makes a wish for H to forget her.
 H says let’s open our eyes
they look at each other and smile
H drives alone and tells himself that he did well – but why is he so nervous
J’s parents are at the hospital. her mom says J should have rested when J comes out after a bath. J: i’m not tired at all- it was really fun today and I was happy.  her dad asks who J was with to be that happy. she says she will tell only him why she was happy-she whispers:I was happy cuz I was born  your daughter.he hugs her. the mom feels left out so J goes over to her and hugs her mom whispering: I was happy cuz I was born your daughter. J:
I lived really happily. suddenly J gets a stomach ache and collapses. her parents start calling out her name and then the mom goes to call the doctor
J’s spirit leaves her body and S is there waiting and helps her up. he bows and says she did really well all this time. J watches her dad hold her body and cry. she tells S -let’s hurry and go.
they walk down the hall together and he shakes her hand in front of the elevator. he opens the door. she steps inside. they both cry as the doors close.
doctor tells the parents about the reasons why she died. her parents are crying.
H runs in and sees the sheet over her body and cries
IJ is outside and gets  a call about J’s death. she drops the phone and cries
M gets a call from IJ in prison that J died. M:what? he drops the phone
at J’s wake, P is holding J’s mom and crying
chef is crying and all of J’s friends
IJ goes and looks from a distance – crying
Y is there crying and so is H
H buries J’s ashes with P and Y is there too. IJ watches from a distance
M cries in his cell
J’s parents see how clean her room is and guess she spent all night cleaning it like she knew she was going to die. the dad asks what J whispered in her ear and he says she said the same thing to him too
her parents think J came back to say good bye and woke up for just a short time
H hears J’s voice calling out his name
H finds a box of Y’s belongings with a note but J narrates it
I am SYK
please return these items to me
these are precious to me
I’m someone who needs a friend
I hope that H who doesnt have anyone to confide in would be my friend
like he was a good friend to SJH
H takes it to Y and Y says she didnt know this would still be around
cuz it’s what she left behind at the office 5 yrs ago
in the contents of the box. she finds a key and says it belongs to yi soo
H asks who he is
Y says that J cleaned up after her (after Y let go of everything)
butY didnt get to do it for Yi soo
Y goes with H to where yi soo used to live
she goes to a locker and pulls yi soo’s stuff and her pink bag
Y wonders why the pink bag is here cuz she threw it away a long time ago
H asks what it is
she says it’s something she had when she was abandoned and
when she left the orphange she threw it away
inside is a pink shoe
she guesses that yi soo brought it back
then she finds a bank book
Y and yi soo go to the bank and he makes an account in her name
he saved her money for the pension
Y, this is yi soo
the pension I promised
to give it to you i made an account
from now on little by little our dream will grow
even if there are hard times
if we do it together we can conquer it
this is a secret but you are my guardian
cuz you gave me a reason to live
and you are the most precious person in the world to me
 Y holds it and cries
S is there and cries with her
he tells her to stop crying and have some strength
H comes in with a fruit basket
J’s dad is yelling at the mom cuz she kept pics
of their dead child and didnt throw it away
he yells at her to get rid of it
but she says leave it alone
H picks up the photo that dropped
the mom asks what brought H here
H says he came to check on them
H asks who the little girl was
she says she was J’s older sister
H: J had an older sister?
her mom says J did
but they didnt get to bury her like J
when they were younger
J wanted to have everything the same as her older sister
and if J didnt get to she threw a fit
when the mom was at a bus stop with them
some strange woman stares at the girls
J wandered away
so the mom went to look for her
when she came back
her older daughter was gone
for one week two calls came in asking for a ransom
so each time they took money to meet them but no one was there
also there were no more calls after that
H asks if J didnt remember that she had a sister
the mom says at first J looked for her but cuz she was young she soon forgot
H says he saw someone with the same bag and shoes and that person doesnt have parents
* what I think happened was the woman who kidnapped Y
didnt have a child at first and then had a son
or maybe she tried to take care of both her son and Y
but she couldnt handle raising both so she later abandoned Y
H goes to see Y with J’s mom
H explains that J had a sister she lost
and Y has the same bag and shoes
the mom asks Y to look at the pics
Y says she doesnt want to – her mom abandoned her
but the mom asks Y to show her the bag and shoes anyway
H asks her to let them check it
so Y gets it out
the mom says how her older daughter liked stars
she opens it and there is a star drawn on it
her mom says Y drew it
she realizes Y is her daughter
she says – you are alive- you were alive
S is there
he remembers how he told J that she couldnt get tears from her parents or family
S: Y is J’s older sister?
when J was walking with S to the elevator
she asks him who the two tears were from
she guesses it was P and Y
he says one was from P but the third wasnt Y
J:then who is it?
flashback to when IJ tried to kill J
IJ sees her reflection and asks herself what did I just try to do
she looks at J’s body and says what am I doing
this isnt what I wanted to do
IJ confesses everything she did wrong to J’s body
she gets on her knees and says she was wrong and cries
she tells J that she is sorry
and she touched J’s face
that is when H walked in and thought she was trying to kill J
IJ goes to tell M what she did-almost killing J
M asks why she tried to do that cuz he didnt tell her to
IJ reminds him that M hesitated when he found out about J’s dad being sick
M pushed back the deal
he says he was just showing some respect
she says he did it cuz he felt bad
M says he regrets doing that
IJ goes to see M’s mom and asks for the envelope that M left his mom
IJ says the mom needs to give back that envelope
he is becoming a worse person than his dad
the mom gives it to IJ
she sends it to someone
IJ says she wants to go back to that time
when she and J were friends
and she cried
S tells J that IJ was the third tear
J says she knew IJ really loved her
they head towards the elevator
Y is sitting and crying looking at pic of J and Y as kids
S is there crying too
Y: J you were my younger sister
if I had known
I should have known you sooner
I should have let you use my body more
S says:this is what the sunbae meant?
when S met the sunbae
S: why didnt I confirm that?
then I can meet Y tm?
sunbae: but you have to finish up well with traveler J
S: of course I have to do that well- dont worry about that
sunbae: but are you the same as always
you cleared up your misunderstanding and gave the ring
made sure she knew you loved her
did you do that wish that didnt help anyone left
S says it was hard enough just to watch Y live like that for 5 yrs
he guesses that sunbae gave him his memory back earlier
so he would change what he wanted to do on his own
she says he guessed right
S asks if there is anything – to why they paired up Y and J (letting J use Y’s body)
sunbae says if it wasnt for J then Y wouldnt have been able to meet S after 5yrs
S keeps inisisting there is another reason
sunbae says : you’ll see if you watch them
Y and J’s lives might be connected/involved till their next lives
S goes to see Y
he tells her today is his last day as scheduler
he tells her to live happy with her parents
he cries and disappears
S is in a suit and walking in that garden
Y makes food and eats
and checking something on the computer
H says he knows why J left like that
she was able to put a lot of things back to where they belong
he tells her to be happy where ever she is
2 yrs later
IJ imagines seeing her friends
P, J and IJ are being punished for being late
when J’s tummy grumbles
IJ feeds J and P
then P and J feed part of their cookies to IJ
IJ goes to see M
he tells her to stop coming
she says his mom is doing better
he says he still has 3 more years left
she says she will keep doing this for 3 more years
he says she may have asked him to do it but he chose to go thru with it
he tells her to live her own life
and not feel indebted to him
she says after 3 yrs he might be able to forgive himself
H is at some construction site
yelling at the worker
he gets a call
chef’s wife is pregnant
she came to see Y cuz today is Y’s last day at work
Y promises to come see the baby when it is born
P and waiter are dating
he says she is the prettiest
Y reminds him it’s past lunch time so he has to go down to the office
P and waiter dont want to leave each other
he says it only seems like they saw each other for 5 days
P asks if they are hiring here and Y says this isnt a bakery
Noh comes over and Y tells him to sit
he says she is busy all the way till her last day
she asks him to eat lunch with her cuz she hasnt eaten either
waitress says she will get it and tells Y to sit and talk with Noh
waitress asks him what he will do when Y leaves for haemido
he says he will go visit when the resort opens
Y says you dont have a gf so are you coming alone
waitress is happy to hear that and says so the two of you really were just friends
he says they are not just friends
Y explains that when she was going thru a dark tunnel and couldnt move
so that I could find my way out- Noh extended his hand first and lit the way for her to crawl out
that’s the kind of friend Noh is to Y
H comes and calls for Y
Y tells Noh to talk with the waitress
 H asks for Y to bring down some food cuz he is hungry
H asks if they shouldnt all meet since today is her last day
but Y says she is having dinner with her parents
she reminds him not to forget about their appt to meet tm
the mom says the more she thinks about it – it’s so amazing that Y studied hotel and tourism-
like she knew it would end up like this
dad says the mom said every time she saw Y-isnt she tired of it
the dad says how much Y is doing for his company without making it obvious that she is the president’s daughter
dad asks when she is going down to haemido
Y says she is going to see J tm then go down the day after
her mom say J will be happy to see Y
in front of J’s gravesite Yi soo’s gravesite is there too next to J’s
Y says to J: H is busy working -like you asked him to be
he has been a good friend to me
among the people at Heaven who think I am you
I was able to work there comfortably cuz of your likeable personality
H says to J
everyone knows they are going to die
but they live like they arent going to
like your 49 days-i’m living my whole life like it’s 49 days
if you lived without knowing when you were going to die
(something something)
cuz I saw you change during your 49 days
Y puts flowers on yi soo’s
and H puts flowers on J’s
H says to both
here lies two of the most precious ppl in our lives
Y says to both
these two ppl changed our lives and left us
H:the 49 days we spent with these two ppl
Y:we live like each precious day is the last day
Y says to yi soo: cuz I met you I was happy
H says to J :cuz I met you I was happy
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166 comments on “49 Days E20 (Finale):Live

  1. Grace says:

    Really really heart breaking… i never wanted main casts to die… =( i can’t still bear to watch the second to the last and last episodes… the start off was good.. but the ending was not as good as what most have expected… i think many were disappointed with the ending… i believe the drama could have been better….. my heart still aches… now, i’m kinda worried about korean dramas… hope they won’t end disappointing the viewers again…. especially during the last episode…. =(


  2. Anonymous says:

    GJB Bok


  3. Bee says:

    Thanks for the transcipts!
    I’ve been trying to watch the drama on several sites but unable to due to slow connection and can’t on youtube cos the particular videos are banned in my country for copyright reasons. So I was able to read what happened here instead! :DDD My curiosity is satiated. 😛

    And the ending. :O :O :O
    I’m a sucker for happy endings and this was so so so sad and abrupt. ):

    But well, at least it kind of showed the way things ‘really’ are; we can’t possibly end up with an absolutely perfect ending in life can we? (:


  4. Harpreet kaur says:

    really an awesum drama ………………… made me cry till the last drop of tears …………..just simply awesum…..


  5. Anonymous says:

    The ending was awesome and different. Not sugar coated like most and it made it memorable. The end.


  6. Anonymous says:

    When Yi Soo gave Yi Kyung the ring and then he was like…actually I don’t love you, and he threw them into the ocean…wth was that all about? Why give them to her if he was just going to throw them out?


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