49 Days E19:Live

I think we have to keep our faith that the writer won’t fail us now. They have always surprised us, but always in a good way so let’s be optimistic about the finale tm night.
Partly cuz I was too busy with recaps and partly cuz I rather be surprised…I have no idea what tonight and the finale is going to reveal. Whatever I write will be one hundred percent unadulterated joy or anguish. For the sake of others who hate spoilers, I won’t write about the ending here after it airs. It will be at the bottom of the page. * but can I just say this about the ending – OMG!
even though the scheduler’s name is Yi soo- I kept it S cuz it got confusing writing Y and then YS over and over for their scenes
49 Days E19
 After receives her two other tears, J holds her pendant and says “this”
S asks if it’s 3 teardrops. then confirms it is. J: it is huh?
he acts impressed and says she lived a useful life
she wonders what happened -cuz there is no one she could receive tears from-
she really doesnt have anyone
he reminds her he told her how humans are known for changing their minds and there is no forever.
J:then does it mean I can go back?
 S: you must be very curious who they are,
but she tells him not to tell her cuz she doesnt want to know.
S:you dont want to know?
J: if I know who it is, I might just love these 3 people
he tells her to go and she fades away.
as J’s mom and P cries over her, J opens her eyes and sees them. her dad comes in and asks why they are crying. he sees that J opened her eyes. P yells it out that J opened her eyes. they send P out to get the doctor. her parents yell out her name and cry.
Y has packed her stuff. chef knocks and comes in and asks why she isnt coming down to eat. she says she will be going cuz there is no more reason for her to be here. he asks where she is going and what she means by “no reason to stay here”. she leaves and he thinks she isnt the Y that he knows
chef calls H. H asks if J is ok and chef tells H they calculated the days wrong.
chef: the real Y packed her stuff and went home-she said there is no more reason to stay here.H pulls over and wonders if that means J is dead
doctor is surprised this happened. her mom asks if J remembers her and J says of course.
J says dad and then P’s name.
H keeps saying -it cant happen-it probably didnt. he gets a call from her mom that J woke up
Y goes back  to her home and imagines seeing J talking to Y.
J’s getting a head scan. H rushes into her room and her parents says that J is getting a check up. H congratulates her parents and her dad congratulates H.  H tells them that his dad is investing in the company. H says his dad is sending his lawyer to Korean tm. after he gets the contract for the investment, he will be making the desposit right away. 
 J’s dad asks how he can pay back H for this help. H says his dad looked over everything to do with haemido and decided to invest (strictly business). P comes in and says J is done with her checkup and says the doctor wants to see her dad.
H goes with her dad to meet the doctor. they hear good news about her recovery. J’s dad tells the doctor :see – a girl who woke up perfectly fine has no chances of survival you said?  the doctor says its a miracle. J’s dad says it doesnt matter cuz she is alive.
H asks the doc if anything else is wrong. the doc says cuz her muscles have weakened, it will be hard for her to walk right away.  H says he is going to see J
P is feeding J porridge . J says how good it taste. her mom tells her to eat slowly cuz there are many more days left for J to eat. J says it’s nice to hear her mom nag and wants another hug. her mom thanks her for coming back. J says her mom is the cutest mom in the world. P asks for another hug too. J thanks P.
P:what did I do for you to be grateful? J : for being born as my friend. P says it’s a cheesy line but it sounds really good. P says she is more grateful to J.
H comes in the room and J says to him: H- it’s been a while. but what are you  doing here? did you come cuz you heard about me?
H doesnt know how to reply so he says “huh? yes”. her mom starts to say what H did while J was in her coma but J interrupts and asks why M and IJ didnt come since H came too. her mom lies and says M went on a business trip cuz of haemido to Europe  and they didnt get to contact IJ yet. J’s mom asks to see P and H outside. J tells her to talk here
J’s mom explains to them that since J just woke up-she wont be able to handle the shock of what’s going on between IJ and M. P says J shouldnt know about what happened to the dad’s company and his surgery. the mom decides to keep it a secret till J is better.
H asks if J came back with only memory from before the accident. P says of course J would go back to that memory and the mom says since J only had a week left before her wedding -it was the most happy time in her life. the mom promises to tell J later how much H suffered and helped them out. P says they should go back in before J thinks something is strange
M gets weird looks from ppl at the office. some men ask if M didnt know that M’s fiance woke up. M is surprised that J woke up
M goes to see Y. he goes in without knocking cuz he has a key. he apologizes and says he didnt know anyone would be here.
she tells him that J left and wont be back ever. if you dont believe me-go to J’s hospital and confirm it.he says he knows so she says why did he come here if he knows.  
she gives back the contract for her home and tells him to get his deposit back from the landlady cuz she isnt going to stay here long and asks for the key back. M says he doesnt need a room that he got to chase her away.
since it is already paid that is why he put her name on the contract. she asks for the key.
M: what are you going to do now?
Y: since I am not J – dont be confused
M: wasnt the person who bothered you- you?
  she tells him to leave  
J hears that her parents stayed with her all the time while she was in a coma. her dad says he stayed longer than her mom.
H smiles listening. J says she received a lot of love and that she is very lucky. J asks why H isnt leaving and still sitting there. her parents mention how good H was to them and how concerned he was about J. how H switched out the flowers and paid a lot of attention. J says “thank you” to him and says “(they say) if a person suddenly changes they die-why are you doing that when it’s not like you “. she tells him to go.
chef asks H:did you meet J?
H tells chef : J doesnt recognize/know  me
for that time- she doesnt remember being with me
she forgot her memory for the past 49 days.
chef worries that H has to start his one sided love again.
H says the fact she came back is more important
not that she doesnt remember him 
but he feels hurt (that she doesnt remember him)
he goes out and remembers the past 49 days. how can you not remember?
Y looks at the 15th circled on her calendar.
 she asks: yi soo-when are you coming?
  hurry and come
S is sitting by here
H goes to see Y
he says he came without calling cuz she doesnt have a phone
I came to tell you that J woke up. she regained consciousness
Y says thank goodness.
H says that J doesnt remember her time (49days)
she probably wont remember you too
H: so I wanted to at least say thank you for helping J
I’m really grateful
that’s why I am saying this
since you quit your job at the coffee shop cuz of J
how about if you work at my place.
she tells him not to be concerned about her
H says since the job is what she studied but she interrupts
Y: i have someone I am waiting for
wait a minute
she gets his bracelet and gives it back saying
Y: J told me to give this back to you when she left
she said it belonged to your mom
H: this is my mom’s? how…
Y: she didnt tell me that
you should ask her yourself
also she said to tell you that
she is grateful
and feels sorry that she only received and left
that if it wasnt for you that she wouldnt have been able to endure this time
she told me to tell you that
M finds out that something went wrong with the business deal. the guy wants to know how M is going to take responsisbility for this. M gets a text from IJ to eat
M asks the waiter if he heard anything from H about money problems. waiter tells him how H went to america and got investment. M yells at him for not telling him sooner but the waiter says
why should I tell you that? I’m not a guy who is greedy about money.
M asks then if he was pretending to report to M during that time
waiter says he can take a test and go into that company (that M offered to help him with)
and leaves
M gets a call to go to the police station tm
IJ looks at pic of M and her.  she goes and sits at that place M used to go with his mom
M gets drunk with his secretary friend. the friend said he cant watch M be ruined so he is only here till today. M accuses him of leaving cuz he doesnt have anything to gain from M anymore. the guy says how M used to be impressive. M says he knows how he ended up but he wont die like this.
IJ goes to see M. he asks why she came -could you not appear in front of me? I’m begging you not to show up.  she says she came to tell him she is going out of seoul. if he needs her he can call cuz she is going to jinan for a short time. she says sorry.
J’s mom tells J that IJ is too sick to visit. J insists IJ will come right away if IJ knows that J woke up
the mom says IJ isnt even answering her phone so J tells her mom to go to IJ’s home
H shows up with flowers and cake
he says congratulations for coming back- from now on I am going to come every day
H asks her mom if it is ok for J to eat cake
 and J says she will eat the cake with IJ when she comes
her mom mentions J’s friend (Y) and asks if J remembers entrusted her seal with her. J says she doesnt remember that. H offers to take her for her rehabilitation. he doesnt leave so she wonders why he is like that
H pushes her wheelchair outside
H: the air is good huh?
J:how far are you going to go (pushing me)? H – why are you like this?
H: do you not like me doing this?
J :it’s not that I dont like it-it is uncomfortable
H:what’s uncomfortable?
how does it feel to come back alive?
do you like it?
they stare at each other as they say
J: i like it – I like it a lot
H: I like it a lot too -cuz you came back to life
J- what did you do for 49 days – did you just sleep? did you have some dream by any chance?
J: if I did dream – do I have to tell you?
H: in that dream – did I not come out even once?
J:why would you come out?
she says she wants to go in and rest.
 M hides and watches H pushing J in her wheelchair
IJ: J woke up?
J’s mom : you probably didnt want her to wake up but after she woke-she asked for you
P says J is making a fuss for them to bring IJ so P tells her to go with J’s mom.
IJ: you want me to go to J?
P: J doesnt know anything about you and M and about the company
IJ tells them to lie and say she went overseas.
mom: I’m not asking you to go beg for forgiveness
just act like you used to for a short time
cant you do even that?
IJ says she cant go.-she wont go
mom: why cant you go-you duped J for all those years and acted really well (pretending to be her friend) just do it like that
P says if IJ had an ounce of humanity IJ should go
go and act like before J’s accident
IJ begs her mom not to make her see J
IJ says I was wrong -please dont make me meet her-please-  I cant see J’s face
but P drags her off
J: H are you really going to come here every day and not work?
H: that’s right I am going to come every day and play all day and go
J: I wish you would do design work more earnestly
 she looks at the sketch behind her
J: you drew that did you? I really like it
you have a talent that others dont have so why do you waste it
H: cuz I have no one to show it to or enjoy it with
if I do more design work seriously
will you look at it?
J asks herself-why is he like this so much
J’s mom brings IJ so J asks to speak to IJ alone and asks H to go get coffee with her mom
J says she slept alot and dreamt.
on my engagement day when I broke my heel
I kept seeing you taking your shoes off
at that time ….you took off your shoes and ran barefoot
at that moment you took off your shoes for my sake
IJ: what does that mean
J:shoes are a woman’s pride and you at that moment
threw away your pride for my sake
you forgot about the engagement and thought of me first
cuz you were my friend
 J closes her eyes and says she is sleepy and tells IJ to go but J was crying
IJ goes home and cries
J is in bed and both her parents are sleeping.
Y is pacing and S is upset cuz of the penalty he has a week left.
he blames the sunbae and calls her a “bad grandma”
suddenly he gets called by her
S goes to see the sunbae and asks why she called him when he didnt do anything wrong to get a penalty
she yells back cuz he is being direspectful cuz his time is almost up
S explains it’s cuz he is peeved
sunbae asks if he is upset cuz his memory came back but he cant act like he knowsY.
S tells her to stop -it’s so difficult I feel like I am dying
sunbae: can a dead guy die again? even if you die you have to meet Y tm and then die
sunbae says today is the end of his 5 yrs.
S: cuz I got that penalty i have to do it for a week longer
sunbae only told him to be a scheduler for a week longer
and she never told him not to meet Y before that
S realizes that and wonders why he didnt confirm that
S:then I can meet Y tm.
Y gets and invitation out of nowhere. she cant sleep cuz she keeps looking at the time.
she washes her hair and looks for her blowdryer. she puts on the facial stuff J bought her. she is dressed up and goes to meet S
S is sitting on a bench. he gets up and she can see him. she walks slowly over to him but he walks faster. S:  SYK it’s been a long time. you havent changed at all.
she says his name and cries and touches his face. Y: you came. she finally hugs him and cries
Y: how could this happen? why are you coming now? why did you come now?
S:cuz it was time to come – I could only come now
he says: let’s go – we have to go somewhere first
she asks where
he says : for today just do what I tell you
he takes her on his bike
they go to his site where he died
S: at that time, I (something )
while doing music – I felt like it was a new world
i didnt like how I lived up till then -it was stuffy
Y: it must have been hard for you being my guardian too
since you were young
S: you were young too
the pain between us was too much  
i thought it couldnt be settled with talking/conversing
so after (…)
I told you I would clearly show you what I felt in my heart
while doing music I did play with girls
since you were like my hometown
so I bought a ring to propose with
he looks for it and finds it in the dirt.
he asks for her hand and puts the ring on her finger.
then he puts on his
he says the “next thing is”
and takes her to an amusement
Y:why here?
S: we couldnt come to the amusement park even once
cuz we didnt have any money
Y: so you want to go here now?
S: he promised to go with you on your bday-song yi soo did
he takes her hand and goes in
they ride on stuff
they are smiling and laughing
they even go shopping for bunny ear headbands and take pics
Y asks where else they are going
S says she is the same as a long time ago – asking what’s next-my SYK
S: I told you not to ask, not to get angry and just follow along
S takes her home and tells her to go grocery shopping
cuz he wants to eat food she made
Y: you want me to go grocery shopping alone?
S: this time I wont go without saying anything
she asks what he is going to do alone
he says he has something else to do -i’ll be done before you get home
he is remodeling her home
Noh comes and asks if the person who lived  here  moved
S says: no – it is getting remodeled
Noh asks:what about YK- the home owner
S: she went to go do something
Noh asks if they before
S: I’m working so stop asking me questions
dont come today or tm at all
come back after a few days
Noh asks S to tell Y that Noh came by
S: if you hurry and go I will tell her
if you keep hanging around then I dont want to
after he leaves S accuses Noh of being interested in Y (cuz Y is pretty)
and says even tho Noh is a doctor Noh cant get her cuz she is his
Y shops and comes home calling out for him
Y’s home is changed-furniture -bed- total new room
she cant see him so she gets scared and he comes out and says “I am here”
(his hair is straight)
he says how much dust there was from redoing the wall paper
she asks if he did all this
he says he used his wall papering part time job skills
Y: that’s not it
why did you make the room like this
when I am going with you
S: even if we stay one day, I wanted to stay in a clean place
he sort of lectures her asking how she could leave the room like that
when she used to be a clean freak
he tells her to decorate the rest of the room according to her taste
they are lying in bed together and Y falls asleep in his arms
S doesnt sleep and keeps touching her face
she wakes up
S:are you awake? then let’s go for a walk
they are walking along hand in hand
Y is staring at him
he asks why
she says cuz it’s so unusal
yesterday I thought it was a dream
but even at night you were by my side until morning
it’s this sunny outside
but I can see you and touch you
S: even though (you can) I am still a dead person
for the sake of meeting you, I waited 5 yrs
for you
while giving you this ring
i loved you
i never liked anyone else even for a moment
let’s get married
I wanted to say all that
 but –  now it’s not
now what I wanted to say changed
he lets go of her hand
until that time I loved you
she holds his hand again
from now on i dont love you
i dont want to go leaving you just pain
i want you to forget me
and he happy
so I waited 5 yrs
Y: no dont do that – I want to go with you
S: we cant go together
even if decide to die cuz you want to go with me
at that moment we will never be together
dead is like that
Y: it’s too hard being here alone
i cant endure
S: for my sake you have to endure
i have to let you go so I can be happy in my next life
if you are miserable then my heart will feel uneasy also and I wont be comfortable
cuz I was born with a bad temper and was too selfish
i will live an unfortunate life
i couldnt receive love I couldnt love
he tells her to throw away the ring now
she says she doesnt want to
S: throw it away – now it doesnt mean anything
i kept it to clear up your misunderstanding
he takes his off
she tells him not to
he throws his in the water
S: you knew how precious you were to me
you were not thrown away/abandoned
you were the most precious person (in the world) to me
you were someone impressive
so you will end up being the most precious to someone else
promise me that you will be happy for my sake
so that I can leave this world without (?)
and start over in my next life
Y- for my sake be happy
he takes her ring off and throws it too
that I was able to meet someone like you
i was grateful
and was happy
Y: I’m just sorry (to you)
cuz I left everything up to you
I never paid you back
S: pay it back to the person you love
in my place
give it to that person
she cries
and he kisses her
he steps back
and turns and cries
and walks away from her
she keeps crying
watching him go
until he disappears
M goes to see his mom
he says in his head
mom I wanted to succeed and come take you away-i’m sorry
some men come to take him away/arrest him
he begs to let him see his mom
he goes in and asks if she hid the paperwork that IJ gave her really well
the mom asks who he is 
he tells her that until he comes back for it she cant give it to anyone else
look at me- you cant give it to any other face than mine
she recognizes him
she calls him by name
and asks if he got his MBA
why did you come without letting me know
even if I am sick
I was going to meet you at the airport
she asks if he got the money she sent him
it wasnt enough to live on was it?
M: no it was
she says he is lying like he always did cuz he was afraid it would be hard on her
her memory is sporadic
if you got your MBA then do you have a doctorate now?
so M cries
she says she knew he would become this successful person
Mom: I knew you would be different from your dad
i’m grateful to my son
she thanks him and hugs him
he cries more
M gets taken away in handcuffs. he looks up at his mom and hides his cuffs
M’s secretary tells IJ that M was arrested at his mom’s hospital
M is being interrogated. the guy asks about IJ’s involvement and M denies it and takes all the blame
Y is in her bed
thinking of what yi soo said
(endure for my sake-I have to let you go to be happy in my next life-for my sake-he happy)
she says she misses him
and what J said (when it’s hard-think of days when you had regrets just like this and find the strength to live)
Y goes to see J
she is outside J’s hospital room door
she remembers how H said J wont be able to remember Y
J comes out and calls out “Y onyi”
J asks if she came to see her
Y asks if J remembers her
J hugs her
Ysmiles and pats her back
they sit outside- Y on a bench and J in her wheelchair
Y asks J : you remember me but you dont remember H? you remember him too?
why are you pretending not to – when you do?
J: the reason why is
cuz I am going to die soon
Y is in J’s room looking around
H asks what J is doing at Heaven
J asks H to let her borrow him for a day as her boyfriend
M gets out again cuz IJ goes to see M
IJ asks M to stop now
but M says he wont quit and will keep going
J sees S and asks if he is the scheduler
S is wearing a doctor’s coat
 he asks if she forgot him already
she asks why she remembers her 49 days
my head is literally spinning from all the crying and lack of sleep
why is she going to die again? what the crap is that?
omg is my wish actually going to come true?
is S and J going to end up together
and then Y and H??????????????????????
I never meant for this to happen tho
I only wished it would happen
I never once imagined that it could tho
this is amazing
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95 comments on “49 Days E19:Live

  1. Hipployta says:

    I won’t get upset until the end…but if things go bad…it will not be a good day to be around me tomorrow >:-(


  2. Mai' says:

    Ji Hyun dying doesn’t make sense!
    It makes all that 49 days useless! =(
    I’m so sad here =(
    this drama is too surreal, So I want it to be surreal until the end… I want Y to be with Yi Soo, and Ji Hyunh with Kang… And if it’s possible J and K could exchange bodies =)


  3. mey says:

    i love this drama. i really wouldn’t mind if jihyun dies because she learned so much more from her 49 days.


  4. drama says:

    unbelievable! 3 drops of tears 🙂 can’t wait for last 2 episodes


  5. the way S says find someone to love…. and will love you so much is as if he is referring other person worthy of her just like hankang

    and i think she was on the list in S phone next to be ….. and her whole 49 days is like what S did in 5 years… do their unfinished business and that is hers.


  6. Translation of dialogue(preview ep20):

    Ji Hyun: This today of yours is the precious tomorrow of someone who passed away yesterday.

    Ji Hyun: So who gave me the 3 tears?

    Scheduler: One of the tears came from Park Seo Woo, but the other tear didn’t come from Song Yi Kyung.

    Ji Hyun: Then who was it?

    Kang: Shin Ji Hyun! What are you doing here?

    Ji Hyun: Han Kang, can I borrow you for one day…… to be my boyfriend?

    In Jung: Oppa, we can’t continue this anymore. You need to stop now.

    Min Ho: I cannot stop. Even if it rips me into pieces, I’m will keep going.

    Ji Hyun: You’re Scheduler, right?

    Scheduler: Don’t tell me you forgot about me already?

    Ji Hyun: No, I remember. Why do I remember my 49 days?


  7. rainyrain says:

    just by reading ur live update I’m teary , what am I going to do when I will watch the subbed epi 😦
    thanks for all ur hard work my dear , u’r the best FIGHTING 🙂


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