Lie To Me E4

Thank goodness – we are out of the tunnel people- I am now starting to enjoy this drama a whole lot more. This episode was way better than yesterday’s and I see potential here. Lots more to love about tonight’s episode.
*I feel like I translated this 3 times now – it’s finally done.
Thank you thundie for coming to my rescue 🙂
thank you ck10z for your chinese translations
Ok the votes are in and just to be fair, I am going with the majority.
Just to let everyone know – here are the dramas I will not drop no matter what
Can You Hear My Heart – all 30 eps will be done so no more worries
Best Love – will continue to recap, but I’m doing it over at Thundie’s Prattle
(link on the blogroll -bottom right) Once 49 Days ends this week, Best Love will be done live there
Lie To Me– keeping it now that I know some ppl want me to continue
Still up in the air
City Hunter: I think LMH is good looking as much as the next girl, but if I learned anything from Personal Taste, it’s that a handsome face does not make up for lack of plot. I really am scared about this drama cuz I have a feeling I will be typing stuff like this:“LMH kicked some guy’s butt then ran into the building while all the bad guys started shooting at him but all the bad guys seem to suck at hitting their target cuz LMH is still unscathed.” If stuff like this happens, I am going to reconsider. The main problem is I never recapped an action drama before so I have no idea what to expect with this.
Not recapping these:
Romance Town – Even though I like it a lot, only one thing is stopping me and it’s
not just a time factor (cuz it would have to wait in line after Best Love and City Hunter)
The main reason is there are too many character names to memorize -just the thought of having to keep track of all those characters makes me run screaming the other direction. I really gave it some thought too cuz I LOVE and ADORE the grandma from brilliant legacy. You guys have no idea how much I wish I could do this one, but ppl voted for LMH so it was either this or City Hunter.
Ripley: The main reason why I decided to drop it-I am no longer curious about how Micky looks in normal clothes without a hanbok anymore. I saw the poster stills and that was enough. Plus, I don’t like how dark this drama seems. My gut instinct says I won’t love it so I don’t want to force myself to do this one – not to mention my dislike of Lee Da Hae is not going to go away anytime soon. Most of you voted for Lie To Me anyway and I am not about to do two Mon/Tues dramas cuz that is just plain crazy.
Lie To Me E4
Starts from SH offering to help AJ, but she asks what time it is. he says it’s past 6 so she rushes out. she complains how one night in the room cost her a month’s salary and she didnt even get to sleep on the bed-she tells herself this was a dream and bangs her head on the wall and says it’s not a dream and complains about the pain. SH says it’s fun to watch.
At home, K is having coffee and reading the papers. H calls K to tell him that AJ checked out 30 mins ago. K:so? H: it looks like she was with some man-the cab valet saw that AJ came out with a young man. K: are you in your right mind? whatever a customer does with whomever is private. how could you just blurt that out? H says he only told just in case K was curious.
K mutters that it doesnt matter to him. but then K thinks to himself: a man? what a funny woman-if she has a guy-why does she want us to pretend to be married. is she playing around with me? doorbell rings
when K goes out, SH says good morning. he remarks K has a weird look on his face-were you surprised? should I come back later? K stands there stunned then smiles
AJ’s boss asks why AJ didnt come in to work yet. the woman says AJ is taking a break until the weekend. boss complains AJ does whatever she wants. one guy asks if AJ is sick and the woman guesses something happened at AJ’s home.
AJ is dozing off in her dad’s class, but she wakes up a kid to make him pay attention
after class she has lunch with her dad and tells him to make his class more fun. AJ:what was that? everyone was dying of boredom. he replies: if (specific) law class is fun then that person is crazy. she asks if he is like that- is he the best (whatever law class that was) in Korea.  she stops eating so he asks if she is on a diet. she says she stopped eating cuz it doesnt taste good and complains she wanted to eat something good. he says why should he be good to her when she is a daughter who stays out all night. she says she had to last night and throws his words back to him -when he said he would be more worried about a daughter who comes home on time when she is almost 30.
AJ: she is having such a hard time so I told her I would ask you.
she starts talking about a friend who lied to her friend as a joke that she was married when she wasnt and the guy who she lied about wants to sue- so what is going to happen with that friend if she goes to court cuz that guy she lied about has lots of money and power. he is taking her to court and lawyers are involved. what will happen in court?
she makes a guess and her dad says she already knows that’s going to happen. her dad advises to go and beg forgiveness right away. she says it’s past that. he asks if AJ caused a problem again. she keeps insisting it happened to her friend
K and SH are waiting and their aunt comes in. SH tries to hug her but she pushes SH away and asks K:what is this thing?she kicks and beats SH up:  you said you didnt need a family-do you not have fingers? for 3 yrs not a single call-when I raised you for over 20 yrs. SH holds her wrist so she tells him to let go but he says if he does she will hit again. he finally hugs her and says she hasnt changed at all.
she says it’s gross and tells him to let go.
K gets up and goes over to help his aunt but she also kicks K cuz he lied to her (he told her she was coming so he could introduce a girl to her but it’s SH)
they finally all smile. she feeds SH. she asks why his face is like that-is he eating well? SH reminds her he is 27-it’s been too long so she must have forgotten that. she asks K to confirm that SH lost a lot of weight. she asks about his studio and room and whether he is going to use the studio from before but he says he isnt going home. his aunt and K stare at him so SH clarifies he means there is no rush cuz he is staying with a friend and after he gets settled then he will see. aunt asks K what SH is talking about. K tells the aunt that SH didnt get hit enough.SH asks her to go easy on him but she yells that he wasted his time for 3 yrs – was that not enough?  she says she was lenient cuz he is younger but there is no end. she wants to know how much longer he isnt going to come to his senses cuz of YJ.
K gets a call and has to leave. SH says K seems busy. K says it’s important. aunt asks if the president Chen (chinese guy) is coming tm for sure. K says he is.after K leaves, SH leans in and asks his aunt if she thinks she made a mistake in bringing up YJ.aunt: whose fault is that?
the person K wanted to meet for investment (Chen) canceled his room for K’s hotel and changed to another one cuz he didnt want to impose and told H that he and his wife would find their own accommodations. K asks where to and P says the “Great” so K wonders why that hotel was chosen.
H wonders if the other hotel is insterested in the same thing as K but P says the other hotel doesnt have the means to do that. H wonders then why Chen did that. K thinks Chen is saying he doesnt want to come to K’s homeground-that Chen hasnt decided anything yet. H: if he isnt going to invest – then why did he accept our invitation to come? K thinks he is doing it to make K nervous until the last moment.
P asks what to do and K says he is going to the airport tm and escorting Chen to the other hotel
AJ’s dad is on another movie date with AK. he asks if she isnt angry anymore (since they just watched the movie they missed the other day). since she doesnt seem like she is over it yet he offers to buy dinner too and asks what she wants to eat, but she runs off to the bathroom.
AJ’s dad runs into JB (who is on a date). her dad asks if JB came with his wife cuz JB was holding a red purse but JB doesnt answer and hides the bag. JB congratulates AJ’s dad for AJ’s marriage and apologizes for not knowing about her marriage earlier cuz he never heard any news about her.
 he says he just found out not too long ago that she was married to the CEO of world hotel HKJ and was surprised to hear that.
Her dad says: dont worry I was surprised too.
*JB knows AJ’s dad cuz JB took her dad’s classes so JB calls him “professor” 
AJ’s dad comes home and AJ is busy at home and she says she doesnt know why she went on this break if she is going to work so much over the phone.
AJ’s dad mentions her lie about being married to K. he tells her to get married if she wants to and not lie and cause trouble. AJ: i’m not going to get married. her dad:then why did you lie like that? AJ: I just did it. she says she just wanted to say that (that she is married). didnt he ever want to do that and he says he didnt. 
K tells his driver to let him off and K drives himself. K goes to YJ’s home. and stares at the balcony.
he imagines this:
lights come on and YJ comes out and she says you feel sorry dont you? why did you stand me up? if you are going to apologize come up
K says to himself
a lot of time has passed – happy birthday
when K goes home, SH is sitting on the steps waiting for K. SH brought beer. SH says it reminds him of  long time ago when he first drank beer with K all night. K: dont you remember getting hit by aunt when we went home? SH: why wouldnt i? I thought we would get killed. SH talks about K’s work as CEO of the hotel cuz the aunt told him to, but K says she didnt tell him to do it- he said he would. SH says K had no choice but to go work there  cuz she said “world hotel is your responsibility”. SH says he is grateful to K cuz SH gets to live the way he wants. K:I like it – I have no complaints
SH: i  didnt know you wouldnt marry YJ
you like to give in for me
but you went so far as to give up YJ?
should I say I’m grateful for this too
K says it didnt have anything to do with SH
SH: how can it not have anything to do with me
when it’s obvious it was cuz of me
what about you?
even tho the engagement was called off
is it really over?
K: YJ and I are over – 3 yrs ago
SH: I knew that would happen – you are really tough/strong
SH tells him to drink up
K drinks a lot and remembers back to that night
SH comes home drunk. K asks why he drank so much but SH pulls away
SH: cuz you are getting married
cuz I was so happy
K calls out his name
SH talks about how long he liked YJ (since they were kids)how he kept liking her since then
but how could it be you?
if i cant (marry her) – you shouldnt either-
how? how can YJ be my sister in law.
he clings to K and cries.
next morning K wakes up and looks for SH. SH had stepped out for a walk cuz K didnt wake up.SH says K got old cuz he slept in just cuz he drank alcohol.  K says SH passed out and had to take SH to the room to lay him down. K says let’s go out to eat but SH makes them breakfast (ramen). K asks SH to stay with K if SH doesnt want to go live with the aunt, but SH turns him down. SH thanks him for thinking of him but right now he doesnt want to think about anything and live like this and think of his future.Kgets a call about the lawsuit.something is going thru tm and K asks how long it will take to go to court I think and K hears 3 wks at most. K says that’s taking too long and asks for it to be sped up.he tells the caller to discuss it with his secretary.
SH: do you have something that is a headache?
K: a little
SH: should I guess? it’s a woman problem huh?
K tells him not to imagine whatever he wants
SH: why did a strange woman insist that she is married to you?
K assumes the aunt told SH
SH: should I tell you how to settle it well
K says he doesnt want his help
SH says K didnt hear him out-he can help with this problem
K asks if SH went to see their mom and dad
SH says he didnt so K says let’s go this weekend
but SH says let’s go now
is it wrong to tell a  president not to go into work
AJ’s dad asks what she is going to do cuz she is going to be sued
dad: should I help? (since he is a lawyer)
AJ: I will take care of it -I have way
dad: I dont understand all of it but at least tell me-why you wanted to do that
AJ: i know that I am strange too
i’m not at an age where I cant get married
I still dont know if marriage is a good thing
but that girl is married
I havent but that girl did
that girl is married and I cant stand that I havent
there are things that I’m better than her
if you count it all up, I’m better than her
but it front of her- it’s like I’m lacking
I hate that so I’m going crazy
I know in my head but in my heart I cant understand it 
SB is sketching some woman. AK comes out and wonders why SB is doing that. the girl sings about love being childish. AK says SB must be happy and the girl sings about a woman’s jealousy. SB thinks AK is jealous and is happy
K and SH go to their parents gravesite. they put flowers on their mother’s grave and is about to pour a shot of soju for the dad.
K asks if his dad would have ever drank soju in his entire life.
 SH realizes he should have got something nicer.
K tells his dad- you saw that right? I didnt do it- SH bought it.
SH says: sorry dad -like a dummy I bought something I like
you never drank this did you
you have to drink stuff like this so you wont be known as uppity over there
Sh says to K: i did well huh?
they bow to their parents.
SH says it’s been 20 yrs since they have been orphans-we grew up well huh?
 K says “we?” so SH says: just you then-braggart
K thanks him for coming back. then K pounces on him warning him not to run off again and they playfully fight
on their way down, SH asks K about the important person who is arriving today. K looks at his watch and says he has plenty of time. SH asks how important is this person for K to go meet him in person at the airport. K says he’s a very important/ impressive person cuz the connection to China is on the line and everyone is watching whether K can do it or not
SH says he will drive and gets the key from K. he pulls over and asks K to go out and buy the vegetables from the grandma cuz he doesnt like watching a grandma having to go thru that. K is wary but gets out anyway. he goes out and asks how much all the vegetables are and SH takes off. K wonders what SH is thinking of. 
AJ goes to the bank and asks about loans. SH calls her to come out to the playground. she says she is busy and he says if she doesnt come now  he will tell her friend that AJ’s marriage is a lie. AJ takes the loan form with her. Aj comes and beats him up for the threat and he says she is like his aunt. he says they dont have time and takes her to the car. she asks where he got the car but he tells her not to be moved by it cuz it is just a loan and hurry and get in 
SH hears how she is getting a loan. she says she needs money whether it is to use for a lawyer or compensation.SH: you’re thinking of giving K money? AJ: if I can settle it with money I have to try. i  cant just wait around like a dummy waiting to be sued. she folds it up and puts in the visor. SH: i am asking cuz I am curious but how much are you thinking of giving as compensation?
AJ: I havent spoken to his lawyer yet, but I think I can come up with $10,000 so SH laughs (cuz to someone like K that isnt much). AJ: if that too little? but I cant pay anymore. SH says it’s not little to most ppl but it’s too bad that  K is too rich. AJ:that’s what I am saying.  K keeps calling SH but he wont pick up. AJ says it has been ringing for a while now, but he tells her not to pay attention
since K cant reach SH, K calls H to go pick up that important person without any mistakes cuz K cant.  
some grandma gives K an egg on the bus. she asks if he is going to sell all those vegetables in seoul.since he seems embarrassed about selling vegetables, she tells him not to be
AJ finds out they are going to the airport.she asks why and he says you’ll know when you get there 
H is there practicing his Chinese.
SH has to pull her out of the car
she asks why she has to meet a chinese person
SH tells her to just say nice meeting you, welcome, and say your name
she only has to say that and leave the rest to him
AJ keeps asking him to think about it-why should she meet his friend
but he keeps threatening to tell SR about the lie that AJ is married to K
he asks AJ to be nice and polite to his friend and if she can make it more fun then it would be even better-cuz he wants to give that person a good impression of korea
SH: i’m asking as a favor-help me
H is about to write down the name of the chinese guy but he has to call it in cuz he forgot and tells the person on the other line to call it out slowly.he wrote the Chinese visitors name-Chiun Yin Hau (writing as it’s pronounced)as he does, AJ walks in with SH. SH borrows paper and pen from another guy and writes down a name on the paper. Aj asks if SH knows Chinese and he brags he can do lots of things.she thinks he is lying so he tells her to just watch.AJ tells him to hold it up and covers his face just as YJ walks by.H sees YJ and follows her and realizes he needs to go back in.
chinese couple coming out with trolley
chen : That is my name
goes up to SH/AJ chen: You are here to meet me
SH: You are Shanghai’s___ some company name and title?
President(hwijang is the title).
I am happy to meet you This is ____ (K’s company name)
President’s Kyun wife.She is called Gung Ya Jien. Chen and W: wife?
AJ:welcome to Korea chen: thank you AJ: thank you Wife : I didn’t know President Kyun had a wife?
AJ: what? SH? mannaso bangab managu (LOL sorry had to romanized)
SH: Is there anyone else with you. Chen: There are only 2 of us.This is the 2nd time we are ____ (visiting?) here. SH: That’s good.____ (can’t understand his accent).Shall we….something (I guess to leave.
H goes back and misses the chinese couple
SH almost sees YJ get in a cab, but AJ distracts him with the bags.
K arrives at the hotel and gives all the vegetables to the cab valet guy. staff wonders what happened with K these days – is their hotel going downhill  (backrupt)?
P asks what happened with K. K says he got on the wrong bus and got confused. K asks H what happened-why didnt he meet President Chen. didnt you go out to the airport in advance? H says he went early but they missed each other and he didnt get to meet him. K gets mad at H yelling that he told H to do it right. H says sorry and P says they checked Great hotel and Chen had not checked in yet. K wonders if Chen missed his flight and asks if they checked whether he boarded the flight. H says Chen did at 4;30 he arrived in Seoul. P asks K what he thinks happened so K tells her to call Shanghai and find out how to contact Chen. H almost tells K that he saw YJ but he decides not to.
SR is waiting for JB. he gets surprised she came out to meet him. he asks why she is out here and she says she was out buying something and saw him pull up. she says he suffered working all night. SR was only pretending to be a loving wife cuz a neighbor saw them
YJ goes home and smiles and says “it’s home”  she gets a call from her mom. YJ tells her she just arrived. YJ says there is no need to stay in a hotel cuz it’s clean. after she cleans, if it’s too much, YJ says she will go to a hotel. YJ tells her mom to tell her step dad that she will go visit on the weekend.
she starts to clean up and finds a pink stain on the carpet.
YJ : you are really awful
look at you putting on a serious face cuz you are afraid I might get mad
are you that scared of me?
K: we cant go on anymore-I’m sorry YJ
YJ:what kind of apology is that?
just say sorry for not showing up-I’m not that mad
K: let’s break off the engagement
YJ: i mean it- it’s true- I’m ok now (and not mad about being stood up)
K: SH has disappeared
YJ: maybe he just went on a short trip
K: you know (why)
YJ: so? SH is just a friend- I never once thought of him as more than a friend
he is a friend – but he is doing this on purpose on his own
you know too how he is
always doing whatever he wants
(to him) only his feelings are important
cuz of SH so many times….dont you get angry?
K: even tho he does- he is still my brother
at 13yrs old – our parents passed away
in this world -it was just the two of us
he is all I have
I cant lose him too
YJ:then what about me?
since SH is the only younger brother and it wont work 
what about me?
is there two of me? 
is there another YJ for HKJ?
(she knocks over a wine glass and it breaks when she goes to his side)
YJ: answer me
what about me?
they both cry
K wakes up and looks upset
H goes in
K:havent you left yet?
H says he cant leave work yet cuz K hasnt
K: how many time do I have to tell you
when it’s time- just get off work on your own
H says he isnt that kind of guy-someone not responsible
K asks if Chen has called yet
H says he doesnt seem concerned
K tells H to go home
but H says he will when K doe
so K says he is going 
the chinese couple are digging for squids and clams in the mud with AJ and SH
SH tells AJ to be understanding cuz this is the couple’s second honeymoon
AJ complains what SH promised is different cuz he said all she had to do was just say hello-is this just saying hello?
SH says sorry but he didnt know either they would come here-this wasnt what he planned
she asks when did he ever do something right
said he would return her resignation napkin and it was used in the bathroom
said he would help at the hotel but ditched her and didnt show up;
and just threatens (when he threaten to tell SR the truth)
SH says it’s still nice to be here getting fresh air
AJ says what’s so great – does she have nothing to do to come here and…..
then she digs and AJ finds a squid and everyone is happy
while they are cooking the squid
AJ:Does it taste nice? chen : My ___(gucshiang) also has a beach like this.When I was younger,my friends and I also used to do this….. This makes me recall my old memories
AJ asks SH to ask chen: What you ate when you were younger,how does it compare to now? chen and what SH translated: it’s the same as when he was younger- good taste doesnt change.
AJ tells AH to tell chen that she is happy that the taste hasnt changed
the wife says the view is beautiful
but when SH translated -he said “she said it’s beautiful”
so AJ thought the wife was saying AJ was beautiful
but SH points to the view so AJ looks at it too
AJ: it really is beautiful -since it is beautiful- even if it changes – I hope it changes slowly
so I dont miss even a single thing and be moved by it all
W: She can feel that emotion___(?) that would be a very blessed person (meaning AJ)
*It means that whatever she feels that’s how lucky she should be.
AJ feeds them more of the squid 
K is having a meeting
in the middle of it P comes in and hands him a note and he writes something on it too. then she does
AJ is having drinks with that chinese woman who keeps talking
and AJ doesnt know what she is saying and wonders why SH is not coming
SH calls her and tells her to leave on her own
AJ speaks english and says she has to leave
the lady hugs her
once outside, AJ wonders aloud: is this the only hotel in korea? why does it have to be this one again?
K comes out of the elevator and turns and walks down the same hall as her
so she hides her face and says “why again?”
K turns and looks
she is trying to hide and peeks out to see if he is coming
K: I didnt know I would be running into you again
AJ: i cant believe it too
K brings up her past complaints about the hotel
and says -isnt she coming here too often after saying those things
she says he seems to have a problem with repeat customers
and promises to be more careful (not to come again)
she closes the door but he opens it again
and gets in the elevator with her
K: if you have a man-why did you ask to pretend to me married to me?
AJ: what?
K: did that man say he wouldnt marry you?
is that why you spread that fasle rumor about me
she asks why he is bringing a guy into this
K says he has a right to know cuz he got involved for no reason cuz of that man
he follows her out but she yells out to other ppl
“you saw right? he is a stalker”
K wont let her get in the cab and keeps talking to her
he tells her to tell him cuz based on her reason he might (something)
AJ: does that mean you wont sue?
he asks if he knows that guy? who is he?
she gets in the cab and tells him to talk thru her lawyer
he wonders if that means she doesnt have a guy
he  gets a call from SH
* K is clearly curious about the guy she left the hotel with
SH left a note on K’s car that he used the car well
K is meeting with the chinese couple
K apologizes for not going to meet them at the airport
they compliment K on his wife I think
K: did my wife really go to meet you? (at the airport)
they say her name -GAJ
so he is in shock (kung fu panda music plays)
more chinese – a lot more
K offers to meet them next time with his wife
since they got along so well with her
(more panda music)
AJ is waiting for SR’s checkup to be done
they go to a cafe
K pulls up with H
SR thanks AJ for going with her to the hospital-that she couldnt go with JB or her mom and she didnt have the courage to go alone and the only person she could think of was AJ
AJ tells her not to use the hospital as an excuse and asks what SR really wants
cuz she knows SR has something else on her mind
SR lectures AJ saying she became bad
SR:from now on let’s be close friends
AJ: did you eat something wrong?
SR says she is leaving Korea soon so she wants to get along with AJ till then-she really means it
AJ says SR is not capable of being sincere
SR asks when AJ is going to introduce SR to K
AJ tells SR off saying AJ thinks SR is scary and gross and tells her “let’s not meet again”
SR sees K come in and says “your husband came”
AJ wonders why he is here
K looked over at AJ sort of angry but then puts a smile on his face and waves his hand
K calls out
yeobo I’m here
K goes up to AJ
“I looked for you a long time”
SR introduces herself as AJ’s friend
K:i’m her husband HKJ
SR : I know – AJ bragged about you a lot
K to AJ: did you?
AJ to SR: when did I?
SR invites him to sit
but K says he cant cuz he has somewhere urgent to go with his “jung-ee”
AJ to K: go where?
K asks AJ “did you forget? I told you we had someplace urgent to go to”
AJ says it’s been a while since she met her friend
K asks SR permission to borrow his “jungee”
SR says it cant be helped and tells AJ to hurry and go
AJ still tries to stay but K says sweetly “give me your bag”
he takes AJ’s bag and escorts her out with a smile with his arm around AJ’s shoulder
but that smile fades once they walk away
SR gripes about him saying “my jung-ee” 
* cant tell if he is saying her name in a cute way or
using the korean word for wife “ja-gee” in a playful way
in the car, AJ accuses him of having her followed and that meeting her was not an accident
AJ: why arent you saying anything
K: let’s go somewhere quiet to talk
AJ tells him : whatever it is -let’s talk now but he glares at her
she pulls down the visor and the flyer falls out
(the one she put in the car after SH forced her to meet him and drove her to the airport)
she wonders why that flyer is here but puts it back 
K takes her to the same place – to the pedal boats
the guy says hello and that they came again
K puts on his vest and asks if she isnt going to get on
AJ: what do you want to talk about – just talk here (on land)
K:you’re not by any chance afraid are you?
AJ: who is?
 they end up out there again
she wonders why there is no one else around
K:are you curious?
he leans in close
all the other boats are full of kissing couples
she asks :what did you just say?
K:you didnt hear me?
AJ: yes -i didnt hear
K: fine then I will say it again
let’s get married
AJ says to K: what’s wrong with me? let’s just say my dad opposed (the marriage)
if you have a difficult time -call me
AJ buys something and when the sales clerk asks if it is a present for her boyfriend AJ says it is for her husband
SR asks why AJ doesnt wear her wedding ring
SR and JB fight (like they are breaking up)
K meets YJ: you look healthy
YJ: you too
there are rumors that K is cheating on AJ
someone asks AJ: did you know?
AJ: it’s someone important to K
AJ asks K: do men cheat?
K: who is cheating? (meaning that he isnt cheating on her)
AJ: it doesnt matter to me whether you are cheating or not so why am I like this?
K leans in to kiss AJ on that bench with the blossoms
* just to clarify why K needs to keep pretending to be married to AJ cuz of that chinese couple
the reason is this business deal is a huge thing for his hotel
he already promised his aunt he would do well
the chinese couple spent a whole day with who they thought was K’s wife
if they learn it was all a lie, they will not go thru with their investment
plus it’s only for a short time K thinks

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  1. […] Lie To Me E4 Thank goodness – we are out of the tunnel people- I am now starting to enjoy this drama a whole lot more. This episode […] […]


  2. J says:

    Thank you so much for recapping Lie to Me! You are so fast 🙂
    I agree with you that things are finally getting more interesting, but no matter what, i’ll keep on watching Lie to Me mostly for Yoon Eun ye since she’s my fav actress ^__^

    The preview for episode 5 looks really good!


  3. addict says:


    reali reali happy u’ll continue with LTM n BL!



  4. becca says:

    thanks for continuing lie to me! 🙂 I love YEH


  5. drama says:

    I was afraid that this drama might be directionless, shuffling back.


  6. kcomments says:

    Oh dear, why did you end the poll so fast? I’ve not yet cast my vote, hehe. But I’ll say it anyway. For Mon-Tue, I think LTM is a safe choice, even though it’s not what I’d expected, I think lots of ppl are following this drama. And I think even with ups/downs (which I’m sure will happen) in the future, still cute and fun. Wed-Thu, hmm…after 49days, BL is a solid choice (tho the Hong Sis’s drama usually slows down during the mid-run, but hopefully will be fun and cute throughout). City Hunter, that you’re going to recap action scene, thrills me ^^ Actually, I’d love if you recap RT, but then it’s not a rom-com with so many households/maids, I just wish you could recap just the OTP moment cuz I believe that what’s most ppl are looking for, but then it couldn’t be called a recap, could it? (I even think if you name House A, House B..haha even that it’s still too difficult for live recap, well I did try to help right?) Don’t you love when GW asks SYR in ep1, the car snack scene; sweet? sweeter?salty? so cute.

    BFB, six eps in, I couldn’t find reason to drop it yet, say it’s middling? But the ratings taking reap this week(4th TNS), it starts shaping up things in designing and the otp love-line which should bring in broader range of viewers (say between the DUO and LTM), so I think this one is on the up and up. Once you get pass that BF herself got pushed/beat around a lot without really stood her ground and fought… yet (really try my blood pressure here, likes Blue said), then you are fine cuz overall quality is good, nice settings (how I wish LTM would beat that!) I really hope Jang Nara could add more dynamic & life into her character cuz I felt a bit flat with SY atm. All that, I’d say it’s not really fun to recap. ^^ Just my 2 cents tho.


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      Hey kcomments
      I was going to maybe just do highlights for RT and just focus on the main love line but like you said – it wouldn’t be a real recap. Maybe what I should do is just focus on just the lovelines for CH, Ripley, and RT for each wk- 3 lovelines should equal one recap.hahaha that would be hilarious


  7. eli says:

    Thanks for continuing lie to me! I love YEH and KJH and i don’t care if it is good or not .
    I enjoy watching these guys and no matter rating is high or low !!!
    about romance town …people , it is just BORING BORING BORING …(just fills up maid storys and too many characters that makes drama more and more unbearable )
    If you don’t like LTM , you will may hate it !! at least this one has a better cast which make me not to give up on it !!


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