Lie To Me E3

That train I mentioned before- still chugging along…looking for some great views to distract me, but we haven’t cleared the bustling city yet so maybe things will look up once we get out to the countryside and get closer to that ocean I am looking forward to seeing. 
Remember the Dream High / Duo vote? Here is another one 
I am taking a poll – how many want me to continue Lie To Me?
I don’t mind continuing at all cuz this drama is easy, but I just need to know this is helping someone or else what is the point?
Also I am dropping Ripley and not even touching it, but I also need to know if anyone
wants me to do recaps for City Hunter.
sorry for the name confusion – my kdrama overdose stupor made me mix up K’s brother’s name
JH is actually SH -oops sorry
I bet if this guy was as attractive as KJH or YKS -this wouldnt have happened. I’m with ck10z on this, no appeal whatsoever – not even the voice. No second lead worshipping problem on this drama – I’m rooting for K all the way.
Lie To Me E3
while waiting for his wife, JB was checking out other women. after AJ calls out “sweetie” to K, K’s friends all come out and clap, K looks at her stunned and AJ says to herself “what did I just do”. *SR gets a tummy ache right on the spot. K walks towards AJ, she sort of backs up. K tells her to “say that again”. she says “it’s a misunderstanding-I didnt do it on purpose-I said it without realizing….” and she runs after SR saying “let’s go together”.
K’s runs after her but his friends stop him -telling him “not to fight between two ppl who love each other”. K assures them “it’s not like that” and stops running for a second until he sees AJ again. AJ presses the elevator button begging it to hurry and open and makes JB who has piggybacked SR to get on. K misses the elevator and says “i’m going crazy”. SR doesnt want AJ’s help and pushes AJ away, but JB thanks AJ for her help. SH comes out and wonders what happened
* there is a korean saying that translates to “my stomach aches” and it means that if you watch someone have everything -when it is something you want for yourself-it gives you a tummy ache cuz you sort of begrudge them their happiness-like you are envious or jealous of it. That is why SR having this coincidental tummy problem at this moment sort of represents that.
K’s aunt goes to see K at his home and then to his office. H informs her K is out today and she wants to know where but he says he cant say. she orders K to come right now if he doesnt want to get kicked out from his position.
H goes to K. K asks if H came up cuz he heard her make that one threat and H points out when she says she will do something she does.  K asks what he should say to his aunt when he goes down. should I tell her that a crazy woman is going around making false claims and I got tricked by her – on top of that – on my  own turf. what is worse is i watched her like a fool while she signed her name on a contract that clears up the rumors. right now I feel like my insides are upside down but having to pretend nothing is wrong is killing me-like this?
H blames himself for advising K to go easy on AJ to settle things. K tells H to tell his aunt he will go meet her tm. H asks if K is going to talk to AJ again but K says she made him look like a fool so he will make her regret that. H says he still feels bad for AJ cuz now the aunt knows and the aunt wont leave this alone. now AJ is really in trouble cuz if the aunt knows AJ backstabbed K, the aunt might call a killer. K tells him not to go overboard.
H goes to tell the aunt that K will go meet her tm but K goes out and meets his aunt. she asks about the rumor that he is married. he says it was a joke – his friends misunderstood. she wants to know how his friends would dare to joke around with K(about something like this). the aunt asks who the woman is and names AJ. he asks how she found that out-did she have him investigated/watched. K explains  AJ is a victim too and nothing is going on and there is nothing for AJ to like about being connected with him about this marriage rumor.
K tells the aunt not to worry about it and it’s something that just happened. the aunt asks what K and AJ’s relationship is. he says nothing at all.
he tells her this is his business and he will settle it. she says she will back down since he will take care of it.
Before she leaves, she asks if K started this rumor cuz he didnt want to go on any more blind dates. he says she watched too many dramas.she says :is it that obvious? he tells her not to let others know cuz whether that is good or bad-it’s part of her charisma. they smile at each other. she asks again if there is nothing going on between AJ and K. after she is gone, K tells H that K wants to meet that lawyer
K reads JB’s name on his business card and asks if JB is the best. H says lawyers are the same.
when K goes to meet the lawyer, JB recognizes K by the elevators and asks if K is AJ’s husband. 
JB introduces himself explaining he saw K at the hotel. JB asks if AJ didnt talk about him so K asks if they were close. JB says yes cuz we lived together. K looks at him funny so JB explains they lived in the same study boarding place. JB asks if K came cuz he needed a lawyer but K says he doesnt. before JB goes up, K says he isnt AJ’s husband. but JB thinks K said that cuz he doesnt like JB calling AJ by her name and not addressing her as a married woman (missus)
K tells H to find another lawyer cuz that one is close to AJ. H says they almost entrusted a cat with a fish. K and H think that maybe JB and AJ are in this together and the lawyer coached her. H suggests reporting AJ to the police
scene where AJ gets arrested and her coworkers watching her get dragged away. AJ imagined this staring at a poster with handcuffs on it. coworker comes out and asks if AJ imagined something racy just now cuz she was thinking of handcuffs. she says he needs to be hit and uses her name tag to hit him
AJ wonders why K is so quiet and didnt call all day cuz the normal thing is to throw a fit. AJ gets a call that someone is waiting downstairs -her husband. her whole staff follows her down to look
AJ goes down wondering what she should say. SH shows up so he asks if she is happy or disappointed that it’s him. SH wonders if he should have said he was her younger brother instead cuz saying he is her friend is too bland. she tells him to clear up the misunderstanding with her coworkers so SH tells her coworkers he is her younger brother.
SH gives her his new cell phone number and tells her to save it. he says if he had a phone yesterday that wouldnt have happened. she says he is too impudent for using not having a phone as an excuse. he tells her to eat, get energy, and then hit him. SH asks if the guy she wanted to dump was K. she asks why he is interested. SH says he is worried cuz she went to put out a fire and made a bigger one. I was there but I couldnt find the right time to appear. she thinks K will think of her as a strange woman and is probably really mad. SH makes a remark about K’s personality and explains he knows K a little. she asks if he is going to lie and say he is K’s younger brother since they have the same last name. SH remarks his lies dont work on her anymore. she thinks she should move to another country. SH tells her to just tell K that she is sorry, it was a mistake, and let’s settle this – would K kill her when she is apologizing. she thinks maybe since she is a civil servant K wont go that hard on her. SH: cant be sure about that. she tells SH to do one thing – either cheer her up (encourage her) or taunt her.  JB comes up so she hides.
JB finds her. she asks if SR is ok. he says SR has stress and will be ok in a few days. SR was just busy preparing to leave for Canada to study some more.JB wonders if she should buy SR macaroons instead of waffles like she is craving. JB says how he saw AJ’s husband. AJ: you did? what did he say. JB says he said her name and K didnt seem to like it. so he thinks K wanted JB to call her “missus”. JB invites her to have a meal together as married couples and AJ says we’ll see. SH asks why she did that cuz it’s just going to make it worse.
she packs up and runs away when JB steps to another area to take a call. he wonders why she left without saying anything
boss says AJ is pitiful for making her younger brother say he is her husband. one guy wonders if AJ has a real younger brother but the other one says that (SH) was her younger cousin. another guesses she was just joking. her boss says he doesnt dislike AJ, but thinks something is wrong psychologically for AJ to joke around and make her younger cousin say he is her husband
AJ shows SH where she used to live and study for 2 yrs. he thinks she must have had a hard time, but she says she was very happy cuz she was staying with some guy she liked. she liked him a lot and wanted to look good for him, but didnt know how. so she made a promise with herself to confess after she passed and he would know how she felt. but after she passed the exam-he was already dating someone else. SH asks if that guy is the one from the cafe.
AJ: wasnt I a fool? instead of the civil service exam I should have had plastic surgery. SH makes a comment that choosing love thru studying for the exam and not surgery seems like a thing she would do. she reminds him they havent known each other long. he says knowing someone-time isnt important. cuz even if you knew someone all your life, you might not know them. SH says he is jealous of JB cuz no one ever passed that exam cuz of SH. she decides to go home, some homeless man scares her asking for her to buy him coffee so SH rescues her and makes her run with him. he offers to take her home but she says it’s close by.
SH asks the cab driver what today’s date is and the guy says 16th and SH says it’s already this day. he goes to visit YJ’s place and asks if she is living well saying it’s been a long time.
YJ  has a bunch of french friends singing her happy bday and they are speaking french and all i caught was thank you..something about…3yrs and  Korea…travelling…
Sonia translated this whole scene:
“They sing : Happy Birthday to her, she blows out the candles and they give her some presents and ask her if she really wants to go back to Korea? She says she hasnt been there for 3 years & it’s time to go back and it would a pity not to accept the job. (offered in Korea), they say they are going to miss her, she answers: let’s just party! they say: ok lets’s party!”
 AJ is looking thru some travel brochures and coworker asks if AJ is going on a trip, but AJ says she isnt – she just wants to not think about anything and quietly leave Korea. AJ asks her coworker why someone who is clearly mad would not get angry and stay quiet and the woman guesses that person might be busy. AJ gets a call that the minister wants to see her
the minister is taking her to eat at the world hotel cuz he feels bad she got blamed for that bee incident when it wasnt her fault. she thinks maybe she wont see K but every guy she sees turns into K (she keeps imagining she sees K). she says
She doesnt know if she is eating the food thru her nose or her mouth. just as she is leaving she thinks she is imagining K again but this time it is him. he doesnt say anything and just goes in.
she asks him to talk for a minute, but he doesnt want to and when they struggle he yells out for her to let go and talk and it causes everyone to stare.
so he takes her to a stairwell to talk. he accuses her of being determined to ruin him. AJ says she wants to apologize for that night and explains how that friend she lied to about being married was there and AJ got flustered and…but he cuts her off mid explanation saying he doesnt have interest in her problem. AJ: you think i am a strange woman dont you? K: that doesnt matter
AJ: not it does matter. I want to at least not be misunderstood that I did it on purpose.
she wants another chance to tell his friends and promises to do it right this time but he says she doesnt need to. K: you dont need to bother with that. she wonders if that means he isnt angry with her but he doesnt answer and leaves.
after he walks out, he says he hasnt even started yet
friends go and report to SR that AJ isnt married but SR confirms AJ is cuz she saw them together. SR thinks that K is keeping it quiet cuz his aunt is opposed.
AJ goes to see SR. AJ takes SR waffles cuz JB had told her that SR wanted to at least smell it since she cant eat any. AJ explains how she met JB by accident. SR acts all lovey dovey about JB saying this is why she cant tell her husband anything cuz she just said that in passing and he is this thoughtful (passing on info about his wife). she accepts the waffles and tosses the box carelessly aside.
SR says AJ got her wish cuz AJ wanted to eat waffles with JB but AJ says that was all in the past.
SR asks how AJ met K and AJ says it was an accident and SR says AJ is lucky. AJ is about to tell the truth (in her head she tells herself to let it all out and tell the truth that she isnt married ) but SR finishes her sentence asking if AJ lied-that she lied and said she was pregnant to get K. AJ calls SR a bad name in her head. SR: or how else would you marry K? AJ changes the subject and says she heard from JB that SR is going to study abroad. SR retorts:did you talk about me when you guys met up acting like it was an accident?
AJ says when she asked about SR, JB seemed sad about his wife leaving so he mentioned that.
SR asks what AJ is hoping for-while she is gone – does AJ want to make some moves on her husband? AJ says that’s not it, but SR wants to know if that is not it, why did AJ buy that and come here. SR:or did you really worry about me? AJ says this is why ppl say bad things about married women. AJ rubs it in that she met her match (like SR said she would one day)-someone who is better than SR’s husband. she throws those words back to SR about the law of the universe and how it doesnt mean anything cuz this happened (AJ marrying K). SR wants to get rid of AJ and asks: arent you busy? but AJ says she isnt -she has nothing to do. AJ wonders what this feeling is – (AJ realizes this is how it feels to have the upperhand and is in a happy mood) 
AJ eats all the waffles  she brought and walks out gloating. even when it rains, she is happy
SB asks AK to go to a sauna since it is raining.AK has never been so she agrees to and they decide to call another person to go with them. but AJ’s dad comes and asks AK to go with him to eat and watch a movie so AK leaves with him. AJ’s dad gets a call that someone is dying so he tells AK he has to leave and asks what she wants to do stay and watch alone or go. he leaves her there without even an umbrella at the movie theater.
SB drinks with SH and SH tells him to give up on AK and SB asks if SH gave up on YJ. SB claims that SH hasnt given up on YJ. SH mutters that SB is giving him an illness and then the medicine. SB: are you hurt? I am too. they grin at each other.
AK goes to the sauna with AJ and they talk about how bad her dad is. AJ tells her to marry her dad if she wants to do it. AK says they should have gotten married when they were younger
*the reason why they didnt was cuz AJ wouldnt let them when AJ was younger cuz she was a brat
AJ is sleeping and her dad comes home. she tells him to eat and sleep. she tells him how she met with AK. AJ asks how her dad could leave his friend without looking back. she asks if AK doesnt want to get married but her dad says she is just his friend. when AJ leaves telling him to eat, he mutters that AJ was the one who threw a fit when he wanted to marry AK 
SB asks AK how her date was but she says she went to the sauna and he is upset cuz she was going to go with him. she says he is mistaking (who she went with) but he doesnt listen
SR tells her husband over the phone to hurry and come but he says he cant so she starts to scream into the phone but her friends show up to take her home. they say her husband called and asked them to take SR home cuz he couldnt let SR go home alone. they assume SR was touched by her husband’s thoughtfulness so she just smiles. she serves an expensive wine. she says she got that for her anniversary. they asks why she didnt drink it then but she says they got something better. one friend accuses SR of showing off again. they think they should have invited AJ. they think SR was too hard on AJ. the mood gets bitter again and SR tells them to go cuz she is tired. one tells her to drink the wine alone and they leave
SR’s friend wonder why SR is like that cuz her husband is good too. another friend is more envious of AJ cuz she is married and still does the work she wants to do.
a delivery comes for AJ and I think she was just given a lawsuit-she was sued for going back on her word to reveal the truth after she spread false rumors. after she goes to K’s office, but H says she needs to leave or they have to make her leave. he calls security so she leaves. but when she gets downstairs, she looks up and says K cant do this.
K hears that AJ left and he is surprised she would give up so easily. H says K sounds disappointed. H asks if he should have her banned from entering the hotel cuz she might come back, but K retorts -does H want rumors that they chased out a customer? H realizes that could happen. K orders the staff to be on alert. P goes to see K. she says a customer in a suite keeps complaining and she wants K to go there. he asks why she cant take care of one customer.
P says cuz it is AJ in the suite. AJ over-reacts like this water spill might have killed her if she had slipped.
AJ: did I come to this expensive room to bleed profusely and die? the guy says he will take her to the hospital if she needs to go but she says she doesnt need a hospital – she wants the CEO called. the guy says not to do this and she threatens to make more of a loud fuss. K shows up. AJ puts her shoes back on and composes herself. staff leaves muttering why they are having a husband and wife fight like this here. P glares at them to be quiet.
AJ asks if K is going thru with this. he says she made it easy that day cuz now there is proof like she wanted-there are over 20 witnesses who saw her lie and say K was her husband. AJ explains she didnt lie – like she said -she was so upset so she made a mistake. K says that isnt his problem. he tells her to talk to the lawyer cuz if she keeps this up- it will get worse for her.
AJ: cant we settle this nicely. K: there was a chance -but you kicked it away with your feet. AJ: please think it over one more time-you really cant (settle this nicely)?
K: if I think about it twice- I will end up regretting twice. do you have anything else to say? he is about to leave but she blurts out: marry me. Kwhat?
she asks him to pretend to be married to her-not really marry her. dont do anything and just leave things the way they are now. just for two months-no -even one month is ok. he can sue if he wants and she’ll let him, but just one month later. he asks why he should  and she replies “cuz I am asking you as a favor” .
she says she is terminally ill and dying in a month but he doesnt fall for it.he says that is another reason not to and thanks her for using their hotel. “next time let’s meet in court” and leaves.
Outside her room K says:terminally ill? how far is she going to take this?
* she wants him to pretend till SR leaves the country 
SH shows up and goes to AJ’s room,but sees P so he hides. SH and AJ  are drinking and talking. he finds out she asked K to sue her after a month. she asks if it was too much for K to agree to let them live according to the rumor.SH asks why she wants to do that. AJ says if it ends like this – it’s too unfair.I’m getting sued cuz of the rumor anyway so I shouldnt have anything to regret too.
she mentions how SR had nothing to say cuz AJ is married to K. how that was the first time SR did that cuz she realized she cant compete if AJ is married to K.SH asks then it sounds like AJ wants to avenge SR.
AJ cries and says: it is revenge-for the 3 yrs I lost. he asks if it still upsets her. she says it does -so much that he makes her crazy – cuz for 3 yrs after SR stole JB-AJ couldnt do anything – couldnt date – love – or get married. I couldnt do anything. I couldnt like anyone- alone like that forever…she breaks down and cries.
SH tells her not to cry and that she is attractive so she can get married right now if she wants to. she says she doesnt want to get married – she wants to be a married woman. SH: this is a big problem – on top of that the husband is K.
He asks if she is ok but she passes out crying so he covers her with a blanket and asks if she did this knowing how much this room is per night.
she wakes up next morning and she wonders where she is. she sees SH standing there. she asks why he is here. he asks: AJ – do you really have to pretend to be married to K? if that is your wish-should I help you out?
AJ staggers out with SH and guess it got reported back to K cuz he says
K:whatever the customer did with whoever is private
what a funny woman- if she has a guy then why did she want to pretend to be married
AJ says this happened to her friend but her dad says to go right now and beg for forgiveness
and she says it’s past that now
SH threatens if AJ doesnt come right now he will go find her friend and tell everything
AJ asks SH to think about it-why does AJ have to meet his friend
he took her to welcome YJ
SH tells K that he didnt know K wouldnt marry YJ -just cuz you broke off the engagement – is it really over with YJ?
YJ asks :what about me- does J have another YJ?
AJ calls K a stalker
AJ: you’re not suing me anymore? 
AJ yells at K to talk thru her lawyer.
AJ gets hugged by some woman
K asks someone if the person who claims to be his wife went upstairs
SR lectures AJ saying AJ is “bad”  and says let’s be close friends now
when they are at the cafe, K shows up and calls AJ “*yeobo, I’m here” (*what you call your wife) 

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  1. Maria says:

    I have a profuse k drama addiction, and i am without Internet at my house so im following the dramas thru your recaps on my phone. I love all of them, the selfish in me would love if you keep up with your recaps. Great Job!!! Thank you very much!!!


  2. IBELIS says:

    LTM is a keeper , it’s light, it’s funny and the performances have been good. I watched CH as an anime and it was a little weird, I think that from a production stand point it will be hard to do, it will be to much like fugitive plan b. I’m still out on RT but I like a lot of the cast. I find that when a drama get’s over 20 ep’s it gets to draggy.


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    Not gonna lie, i love Yeh and Kang Ji Hwan is Hot.

    But…. a big but, I tried but really not feeling this drama. I seriously hope it get better.


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    I want you t0 continue recapping lie to me! thank you!


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    has you definitely decided to drop Ripley? I just hope you can do ripley instead of lie to me…my wishful thinking…


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    Please continue recapping Lie to Me and City Hunter. I love kdrama, but only speak English and rely on recappers like yourself. Thank you for your hard work. I look forward to all of your recaps.


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