Can You Hear My Heart E14

Every great story has a moment where the reader is giddy from getting to witness a really beautiful love story unfold. With these two, their first phase was their childhood and their brief, but crucial friendship. Then now, as two adults, it’s like this kiss was the end of that first phase. From here on, a new chapter of their romance starts. Normally at this point, we would be saying goodbye to our lead characters, but they have 16 more eps to make us fall in love with them even more. How it unfolds is anyone’s guess, but if they can make me swoon this much over a sweet peck, can’t wait to see what’s in store for us when they are one hundred percent in love.  
5/15 11:05pm
DAEBAK DAEBAK DAEBAK!!!!!! This is my all time favorite episode – I know I said that before – but this one is REALLY it! Is it possible to be this enraptured by an episode????? OMG my head is spinning this was soooo perfect-totally incoherent right now:)
You know what I love the most? He isn’t going to be needing that hackysack so much anymore cuz now he has someone much better -with her love and support – he won’t be so dependent on an inanimate object for comfort and security no matter what it represented for him. All this time, he was attached to it cuz it reminded him of his days when he was normal, carefree, and happy. Now he has that with W and she might be heavier to throw in the air, but she probably feels better in his arms. Either way you look at it, that hackysack is going to represent a whole new thing-something that has been there since the moment they met: love.
in the past, he used to call her “the one I used to like” as in past tense
but tonight he said “the one I like  -the one cha don joo likes” present tense  🙂
Alexus already guessed it first when she said the next episodes will be D calling out to W “the one I kissed – the one D kissed”, but I think pretty soon it will be “the one I love, the one D loves”
I want to do the last scene first then the zoo scene ( could watch this 24/7 and never get tired of it)
then the grandma one-(I bawled thru this scene like twice)
then work on the business ones which were hard so dont expect too much there-
i’m having midas flashbacks with all this business jargon and it’s giving me nightmares 
OMG i give up- I think I have an aversion to business terms.
I have a physical reaction to it – it makes me get an instant migraine and everything sounds like jibberish -it might as well be in another language
after D yells into the phone that he cant hear
M tries to reach D but it goes to voice message
he keeps telling D to pick up the phone -where are you
call me back right now
T says to leave him alone
M says he has to go to D
T says D isnt in his right mind-even if you meet him-he wont listen to you
he did this in Saipan too-wait till he calms down and as control over his feelings
M: but I cant do that
this time you were wrong to do this
she defends herself saying
she had no choice but to do that
going to buy all the shares/stocks
and drag choi out from his position
I’m going to make sure he cant sit there in that position
isnt that why we came here? for 16 yrs
so what did I do wrong?
M: that’s right
it wasnt your fault
it’s my fault for not being able to stop you
he walks away
she tells him to stop and listen to her
she yells at him to come back cuz she called him
but he leaves anyway
M leaves a message to D 
I’m going to explain it all so pick up
I know how angry you are
but me too- in your situation I think I will go crazy
let’s meet
let’s meet and talk
MS calls M and says they cant reach D either
she asks if anything happened to D
M says D might go back to the office and if he does she needs to call M right away
she keeps asking what is going on
M reminds her she is the team leader and needs to do as D instructed and dont make
the other workers nervous
grandma looks at her pic of M calling out his name and saying “my baby”
W comes in so grandma hides it
grandma complains that Y is going around feeding the fish, but not thinking of feeding his mom
and thinks Y was bewitched by that bad guy “cha dong cha”
 (she got his name wrong and basically called D a “car” in korean- car is “ja-dong cha”)
W corrects the grandma saying his name is cha dong joo and he isnt a bad person
grandma says she thought everyone with WK was bad but since
D taught her son to read -there are some at WK that are nice
W takes out snacks she got for the grandma but grandma wants food to take her medicine
W asks what medicine since she isnt supposed to be ill
so grandma lies and says S bought her health medicine
W goes out to make grandma some food
grandma looks at her pic of M
she thinks he is good looking
M goes to see D at his house and calls out D’s name
but he sees Y so M hides
Y thinks he heard someone say “Dong joo ya?”
he asks the fish: you guys heard it too didnt you?
since you guys ate a lot
swim hard
my W swims well too
M gets a call so he goes into the room
Y gets a call from W
she asks if D came yet and Y says he hasnt
Y suddenly gets panicked cuz his mom cant get hungry and
he rushes to make grandma food and tells W not to do it cuz he is on his way
M watches him leave
W wonders what happened at the office
after remembering M say that
NB notices the watch and asks if she got engaged without them knowing
cuz it’s a nice watch
she says it’s not and it doesnt belong to her cuz  she is going to return it
he wants to try it on just once before she returns it cuz it looks expensive
she asks what is the point of trying it on since it doesnt belong to them anyway
he says time wont stop if he tries it on
but she says how hard it is to take off
he tries but cant get it off
NB asks her to tell him about D
he explains how Y, D, and the NB are going to be friends and needs to know some info
can he drink (alcohol)? guys should know how to drink
she tells him not to teach D bad things like drinking
NB asks if it is the same person who gave her the watch but she says that is another person
since she is talking about this guy and some other guy
NB wonders what’s going to happen to his son SC -is he a guy who is gone?
she says she doesnt know and tells him that D is busy and they shouldnt bother him
choi goes home and T is in bed
he turns the light on
she tells him to turn it off cuz she took some medicine
choi asks what she did as his wife
he yells that cuz of D the company’s stocks are at rock bottom
choi says D messed it up cuz he doesnt know how to run a business
T: did you do well right from the beginning? you learn from your mistakes
she reminds him how he inherited her father’s fortune
choi asks if she means he should stay quiet and live since he got that
he claims he made the company what it is and that he worked to make this fortune
T:so what do you want me to do
he wants her to send D back to america tm
choi goes to S’s
S says the person who should have left the house was T and not choi
choi says T wont leave on her own cuz it’s her father’s fortune
S says T steal thinks of choi as a secretary
thinking since he married into money that he should just work and stay quiet
cuz T is the owner of WK
he asks for the pic of M
she says she didnt know choi would come today
she says to wait a few days cuz she is having it worked on to make it look good
like getting it framed since M isnt a criminal
and it made her feel bad to have a sketch of her son like that
choi asks if the grandma really did see M
S says her mom said M looks just like choi cuz of the bloodline
he asks how her mom knows his face
S lies quickly and says even Y knew choi’s face right off
from when they saw choi when Y and her mom dropped off kimchi at her place
choi asks about M and how he looked-his condition and health
she says he is well cuz he used to be smart and it seems M grew up well alone
she says if M was by their side then choi wouldnt have been upset over someone else’s son
choi gets a call
he finds out about M’s part in this
how M is the president of the W investment company
and that he bought stocks  (not sure but it’s not good for D for sure)
M waits for D at his house
M thinks about his conversation with T
M to T: you should just tell me not to go and hold onto me
T: no you need to decide-up until now that’s what you did
M: should I not go?
should I not go to america?
should I not go to america and go to choi?
T: I want to hurry and end this-that’s all I want
M says aloud addressing D’s home
the way I am is funny huh?
it’s cuz I threw it away
I’m the one who threw away my family
so I am afraid I will be thrown away too
that is why I do this
D is in his car crying and listening to classical music
he touches the speaker or subwoofer or whatever it is called
and says closing his eyes
koong koong koong
W picks up her hackysack
she gets a call from D and doesnt pick up so it stops ringing
she is upset cuz she missed his call
but he calls again
so she quickly says ” hello” and coughs cuz she answered it too fast
he asks her to open the door cuz he is in front of her house
she goes downstairs
calling out his name in a low voice and hits her mouth
cuz she remembered he cant hear
when she gets to the bottom of the stairs
she hears a voice say
“the one who kissed SC”
D peeks out from where he was hiding
she asks what he is doing there
he realizes he was at the wrong house
and tries to go into the right one
but she stops him
W:where are you going?
D: why? you and Y come to my house every day
so cant I go into yours?
she stops him again
saying it’s too late and everyone is asleep
D: already? why do they sleep so early?
she asks if anything happened
D: if something happened -would I come here? I would work
what should I say at a time like this
dumb ant poop?
she stares at him
so he asks why she is staring like that
and grabs her hand
she pulls away asking why he is doing this
but he takes her hand again
and drags her off
in the car, he turns his rear view mirror and aims it at her face
he says he can see her
she asks him where they are going
he tells her not to converse with him
cuz he’ll get in an accident
so she puts her face close to his
and tells him to pull the car over
he stares at her mouth
then turns on music
she says again to pull the car over
so he takes her face and pushes it back to her side
telling her to: just kiss with SC
her eyes go round
W:it’s not like that
he asks if she likes Beethovan
she says yes
and he says he doesnt
he asks if he should change the music to something else
he hums to the music on the radio but it doesnt match
they go to the zoo and spy on lions
he points a flashlight at them
she asks what he is doing cuz they are sleeping
but he points the light on them anyway
he says hello to them and explains how lions see well in the dark and dont need lights
W: but why did we come here?
D: cuz I only see gardens everyday so I thought of animals
she asks if this zoo is his too
D says no and they have to run if they get caught
he holds her hand and takes her to the next place
D stops and says: I almost forgot – that lion can swim really well
there are even lions who can cross a river
but they didnt kiss SC
D: let’s go
she pulls him back and makes a pouting face
W:why do you keep talking about SC?
D: should I not?
W: dont do it
D: then you too – from now on dont talk about SC in front of me
W:when did I talk about SC?
D: SC paid off the $3,000 for the flower design
 W: what? SC did that?
D: I told you not to talk about SC
let’s go look at monkeys
and he drags her off again
W points out how cute the baby monkeys are
so D flashes a light on them and keeps pointing lights
so she keeps telling him not to do that and tease them
D likes it cuz she is clinging to him
when she stops, he does too
suddenly he asks if some animal (I dont know the name of) is sleeping and walks off
but he comes back and grabs W’s hand
saying it’s cuz it is dark
and takes her with him
they hold hands as the walk and he sees something and tells her to run
they have to hide and W sees some guards when they sit down
W: that’s why -why did you make us come here
it’s too dark so D cant read her lips
so he makes her hold the light saying it is too heavy
and aims it facing her but she aims it up at her face
D:when we were younger
you said I dragged you to a corner
what was I like when I was younger?
even when I was younger
was I like this
manly and with charisma?
she smiles
D:what is that?
she starts to do impressions of a young D’s way of talking
W “if we go now-we’ll get caught” (eheheh =his childish laugh) 
“you’re saying you are 7? (eheheh)
D: you’re saying I did that?
that doesnt make sense
you’re lying
W mimics young D again
“you’re lying” (eheheh)
it was so funny
“you’ll get caught” “you’ll get hurt” “I hear it”
you said it like that
you acted like you were an older brother
but you talked so much like a baby
also when you were younger
you said to my brother M
you were kinda cute
D: how about now?
D: is it still like a baby? my voice?
guards find them-one asks who they are
so D stands up and says hello to them
so W says “eh?” (cuz she is confused why)
D suddenly says “run” and he takes off first and she follows
they hold hands and run away
guards give chase yelling for them to stop
but the guards give up pretty quickly
W is waiting alone when M calls her
he says she doesnt seem like she is sleeping yet from her voice
W: yes (I wasnt) -what is going on?
he says he called to check if she went home ok
W: i did go home but something is going with D isnt there?
M:why are you asking about D?
W: you said earlier that something happened at the office
but he looks fine now that’s why
M: you’re with him right now?
M: where are you
M: wait for me- I’m leaving right now so hold onto D
W tries to say something but he hung up so she complains he just said what he wanted and hung up
she hears D’s voice
“the one who kissed SC”
he throws her a bottle of water
saying his arm hurts
he throws his in the air and rotates it and puts it in his pocket
just like how he did it when he was getting her a drink at his party
when they were younger
MS asks M if D came home
M says he hasnt yet and asks what she is doing here
she says she came cuz she was worried and asks where M is going
M: just go home for today
even when he comes back
i dont think he’ll be in the mood to meet
MS: you are going to meet him huh?
M: the two of us have something to talk about
MS: I wont get in the way
I’m just worried
I have to see his face at least and go
M tells her to see D tm at the office
he tells her to go home safely
D is mad and walks off
W chases after him
W: I didnt do it on purpose
I didnt do it on purpose
he just happened to call so I said it
D: it’s late-arent you going?
W: I dont know what’s going on but
he’ll be here soon so if you just go….
D: then you can wait here
cuz I didnt promise to meet him here
she stops him
W: but it’s scary to wait alone
D: that’s why I’m saying let’s go
follow me
M pulls up
D tells her to get in and opens the passenger side door for her
D: get in-arent you getting in?
she starts to walk over to D but M calls out D’s name so she stops to look at M
so D leaves her there with M and drives off alone
on the drive back to her house
M says he feels sorry to W cuz she is so quiet
when D isnt even angry cuz of W
W: should have come ten minutes later
M: if I came ten mins later -for you to do what?
if it’s a way to get D to stop being angry
teach me that
this is the first time I saw him this angry during the 16 yrs we lived together
i dont know what I have to do
W:that’s not it – I had something to give him-this
she holds up the hackysack
W: I thought about returning it to him the whole day
but like a dummy -while we were playing I forgot
M suddenly pulls over and stops the car
W says she was startled and asks why he did that
M: i shouldnt have come
M: if I left it alone
he would have gotten that back
then he might have been less angry
also you were wrong too
why did you have to tell me you guys were there
M: that ball is the problem
he is a (?) and sensitive guy
when are you going to give it back to him
W: i dont think that’s it
didnt the two of you fight?
why are you blaming the ball
M: now you arent falling for it
W: do you want to kid around right now
the two of them are exactly alike
MS is eating ramen at D’s home
she has food in her mouth and talks about work
D tells her to talk after she eats
she keeps going on talking but D is reading
[she asked why he is like that with junha since they (are so close) cant live without each other
you said you didnt like girls who talk too much but do you know you make the other person talk a lot-look at that -look at that]
she walks over to him
she says she knew him 5 yrs
even tho they cant date
they can be friends
D says she doesnt think about the other person
I want to be alone right now so shouldnt you have sensed that
and left after a few mins
she starts to explain and he adds
D: i have to feel comfortable around you to be friends
M shows up so D tells her to leave
D wont even speak to M
M tells MS that D wants to be alone -so let’s go
MS: so that’s how you do it-it’s too hard
D is staring at the fish
and Y’s drawing and smiles for a second
then he looks sad again
W delivers milk at D’s
she wonders if D made up with M
W is holding the hackysack and was about to ring the bell but
manager yells out to W that D isnt home
she asks him when D left
he asks what her relationship is with D
cuz they (W and Y) are not the kind of ppl who can talk with D
W:what’s wrong with my dad and me
he says:you’re asking cuz you dont know
your  level is different-so why are you close?
what did you do to get close?
what method did you use?
W says D’s family’s personality is that they are always in a hurry
so they like other ppl who are fast
and  her dad and her are the fastest
at talking and their feet (moving)
he says is that reason enough to like them
she says he doesnt have to believe her if he doesnt want to
W goes home and looks at the hackysack
I didnt get to give it to him again
she hears the NB’s wife falling
grandma tells her she is going to hurry and  pack and leave
W goes and asks what her grandma is doing
grandma blames the NB for being loud cuz the grandma was
going to leave before W got home
W: where are you going?
NB says the grandma is going to W’s aunt’s home
NB asks the grandma why she is going to S’s
G: what is wrong with a mother going to her daughter’s home
G says since W came then W can take her to S’s
W says the grandma cant go cuz Y will worry
you cant go – I wont let you
grandma: dont hold onto me I’m going to seoul
and look for M with S
W:you are going to find M?
NB says G will only get insulted by S and not be able to find M
G tells her to sit still if she doesnt know anything
G brags about the medicine S bought her
and also these two (W and Y) forgot all about M
cuz they are not related by blood
so I will go and find him
W says she was wrong and promises to look for M from today on
G: now I dont trust you anymore
go and grab a cab cuz I am going to S
W keeps saying she was wrong and pleads with G
NB tells W to leave the grandma alone
and let her suffer at S’s and then she will come back
NB goes to grab a cab
W keeps begging grandma saying W was wrong
D has his eyes closed and his hands over his ears
Y comes over and sees D talking to the flowers
what should I do?
you’re not going to talk?
but I have to go
he opens his eyes
fine -then where is Y right now?
Y runs over to D and says Y is here
D: answered right away
Y:what did you say with the flowers that was so fun?
D: it wasnt fun talk
I told them about something that upset me
Y: but you cant be upset-that wont do
why? who? was it that scary person?
D: yes and another…
Y: another? who else?
D writes on the ground : all
everyone – all of them dont listen to me
so it makes me mad
why do ppl-when they have ears-not listen to my words?
they always lie every day
Y: it’s not all of them – I didnt do it
I listened to your words and I didnt lie
so it’s not “all”
D:that’s right -then (he crosses out some of what he wrote)
Y:it’s not “all” so dont be upset
D nods his head and smiles
D: then just one more
what should I do with ppl who lie and dont listen to me when I talk
Y: dont play with them
Y: dont play with bad ppl
if you do you’ll be hurt
I will play with you
D laughs
D:then I can do that
all I had to do was not play with those ppl
but why didnt I think of that
thank you Y
Y thanks D
they bow together
Y:it’s not “all” so dont be upset
D nods
Y asks why D is not going to work
cuz Y has to go to work
so D and Y get up each saying he is going to go work
D goes and kidnaps choi in his own car to talk
D pulls up to a parking space
D turns and says to choi: the problem got bigger but there is no way to solve/restore it
and asks choi for help
choi : you started this business after you didnt listen to what I wanted you to do
so why are you asking me now for help 
D: the problem is already out there so I have to try to resolve it
the rumor was started by our factory worker
if I reveal that the problem might get bigger
and energy cell’s image will get worse
choi : is it possible to get worse?  energy cell is over
go back to america
D: help me out just once
choi tells him to find the answer
D: even tho I look for it- I dont know it dad
choi says when things quieted down he was going to do something
but D ruined it
choi: even if I try to stop (the shareholders?? guessing) they wont just stand down
D points out that choi would be the one to decide and not the shareholders
choi says that is right but he reminds D that choi didnt decide to start energy cell
choi :you said you would do whatever it took to stay alive
that you’ll try to do it like me
you thought just anyone could do this
he tells D to get out
M and T are talking at a clothing store
T reminds him that he has to be at a V-VIP appt during the weekend
M: arent you going to go see D?
T: if he is avoiding you too-what do you think he’ll do if I appear
M: before you kill choi – you should hold onto D
she gets a text – cant read-she shows it to M
T: you still think I was wrong even tho he does this?
everything will be fine now if you take action
dont forget you have to something with WK’s stocks or investments
T says her side has 5% and choi has 20%
M says something about how it’s faster to do something if they save energy cell
cuz there are a lot of ppl who oppose choi
I think she asked if he has a way to save energy cell and M says they have to find a way
and she tells him not to be stubborn too
stockholders are all opposed but choi is the only one who is standing firm so it’s a chance for us
I think my dad is helping D
she is buying M clothes
M goes to D’s company
MS asks if M heard from D
M asks if D didnt come into work
a girl says D texted them to wait here
but he cant be reached
M gets a call from choi
kang and choi are meeting
kang asks choi if choi thinks he can drag WK away alone by ignoring kang
choi says to kang that he cant be pulled away by kang
choi tells him his plans and tells kang to decide to follow choi or not
choi:have you seen me not get what i wanted
choi tells kang to decide which side he is going to stick to
choi invites M in
when kang leaves
choi says to M
ppl have more fears as they get older (referring to kang)
he was never to that extent
M asks why choi wanted to see him
choi mentions how M did something with WK’ s stocks/shares
M: cant I do that?
choi: no- you should grab the chance when you get it
choi says something system something and that shareholders are against it
so choi needs something from M
M says if he gives choi what he wants it will be harder for D
choi: i ‘m not asking D
I’m asking you
M:what can i get from it?
choi: you have to say what you want to get
money? a higher position than D? or what else?
M: those two things I already have
 choi gets called
D is having a press conference
in order to do something to energy cell ….stop the factory….some other bad things
D says he is thankful for this incident cuz now the name energy cell is known all over korea
reporter asks:isnt it a bad method/way (to get the name out there)
reporter says cuz D is a young CEO he seems to be progressing too fast so how is he going to settle this
choi and M watch D
then MS and the staff watch D and MS looks over at M
D: also right here -I just want to say one thing
energy cell has behind it WK that has been around for 30 yrs…
D tells them that he is putting his name on the line and promises to resolve this matter well
stockholders walk by choi and are not happy with choi
choi walks over and asks M
you arent thinking of investing in D who does whatever he wants without thinking are you
he is mad that D sold out choi’s name
choi to M:whatever you decide D will regret what he did today
D looks up at choi and M
S is at home and her mom comes with W
S is upset that grandma came
G:what is wrong with a mom coming to her daughter’s home
she says it is spacious and nice
grandma  had to hold it in in the car but now she really has to pee and asks
where the bathroom is so W shows her the way
S asks if W is crazy
and tells her to take the grandma away right now
G says the bathroom is the size of their  home
grandma likes the bathroom and wants to live in there
S leads W to talk alone
S: your grandma is not in her right mind
so before she causes trouble
drag her away right now
W explains that grandma wanted to come here to see S cuz grandma felt stuffy at home
S: who said I wanted to see her
do you need money? should I give you money? then will you take her and go?
W: I want to take grandma back too
so please convince her
S: will what I say make sense to an old woman who has senility (maybe Alzheimer)
W says grandma doesnt have that
S: cuz you might leave home
she wanted to hide it from you so I couldnt tell you
she has senility – if she stays with me your grandma’s head will burst
do you want that to happen?
W:how could you lie about that?
what would you have done if something bad happened to her cuz of that (lie)
S almost hits her for yelling at S
S gives W a lot of checks and tells her to take the grandma and disappear right now
W: aunt – isnt grandma your mother?
how can you do this to your own mother?
S: i’ve always been like this
who do you think you are teaching
why? is the money not enough? should I give you more?
they hear something crash
outside grandma dropped something
S only cares about her cup and saucer-complaining that it was expensive
but W checks on grandma asking if she is ok
grandma says she is fine -she was just trying to do some
work at the home she is going to live in
S complains saying who said she could live here
Grandma to S: there are not many days left before your mom dies
so dont regret and be good to me while I am here
S: who is going to regret?
S hits W to hurry and take the grandma
W says to grandma:let’s go home-dad cant sleep without you
grandma: my legs hurt so I cant go
W takes off her backpack and moves it to the front and offers to piggyback her
S complains that she cant live and the grandma is no help
grandma looks up and her daughter saying that and makes up her mind
she pushes W away
S to her mom: you are crazy
grandma:that’s right-did you just now know your mom is crazy?
before I die I want to live with my daughter and receive (i’m guessing love and care)
where is the bedroom so I can sleep for awhile
buy some meat and cook it cuz I am hungry
S: you’ve lost your mind-your temper is quick so your senility is fast too
(she looks over at W cuz now W heard that too)
W just cries and says grandma
S says she is calling a car to take them back so they need to go
W:grandma let’s go home
I will buy you meat
let’s go home
grandma looks down and doesnt say this looking at W
who are you that I eat meat that you bought
before I die- I want to find M and live in this house
no a bigger house than this with my daughter
even tho she is like that
I still like my own daughter more
cuz she is the child I gave birth to
i like my own daughter more
W: let’s go – despite that- let’s go home
grandma: you go
fine- should I speak truthfully?
even tho you are good to me
I still care about what you think (have to be careful around her and not feel at ease)
cuz you are not my child
even tho I get insulted and get threatened
my own child is more comfortable
W: I know you are doing this on purpose
are you doing this cuz of hospital bills?
I already paid that off
dad and I cant live without  you grandma
even tho you dont want to let’s go home
grandma hits W to go
W keeps begging her
grandma: before I lose all my senses/mind
 I want to make her come to her senses
or else even if we find M
M wont be able to live with you and Y
if we find M that monkey (choi) will take him away
W: who is that?
grandma:I dont know-I dont know anything at all
all I know is that my child -my Y -his heart will get broken again
that’s all I know
before I die- before I lose my senses
I want to find M
and make sure to take him to my Y
so  you have to go
go and be by your dad’s side
grandma begs her to go
leave me alone and go
how do you know how I feel inside
they both cry
W leaves by herself
and leaves the grandma there
she gets a video message from SC
he hides his face behind a pork chop
you said you missed me?
he shows his face for a second
I wont show it to you
he tells her to be patient a few days and he will show her his face
SC fighting
* this guy is breaking my heart he is so cute
W sends him a message too
SC dont live like that
why did you act like you are cool?
who said you could you pay off the $3,000
after lying and taking $5,000
she says he still owes $2000
SC thank you
friend – do well
he plays it back but adds comments of his own to reply to each thing she said
he mutters she keeps saying friend
who said you could?
i’m going to live like that
i’m normally this cool
I wanted to/I felt like it
I’ll repay it with $50,000
then let’s take off $20,000 and make it $30,000
SC: bong woo ri I miss you
D has a meeting with his staff
he is tossing his car keys now
D cut a group (guess to save costs)
D asks who is in charge of something and MS says she is
MS says W agreed to help her
MS wanted to get help from someone she could trust
D asks why W agreed to help out with something involved with WK
MS says she must like me more than she hates WK
D laughs
MS says this isnt the time to laugh cuz it looks like his gf is two timing him
she asks him to talk with her but M walks in
 M asks D to talk with him
D says he doesnt have anything to say to M
M: you might not have anything to say
but I have something to tell you-come in
D comes in and M locks the door
D:why are you doing this – the staff will misunderstand
M decides to talk leaving out the mom
saying how choi and others turned their back on D so what is D planning to do
D says he isnt worried
M asks if he has a plan
D says he does and wants M to help like he promised about the factory
M: I cant do it – plans changed
D: you said let’s leave out mom
tell me -what plan is it?
M doesnt answer
D: for 16 yrs – what I was going to do once I got here….
how I was going to drag choi out…and go back to where I belong
I said to you a thousand times
but what are you doing now?
M: it’s cuz I dont think that way will work
D: leaving out mom -whose idea is that?
why cant you answer me?
didnt you hear what I said?
cant you hear?
now do you know?
the one who cant hear isnt me – it’s you
mom is blocking both your ears
no matter how much I talk
you dont hear what I am saying do you?
M: dong joo ya
D: dont ever talk *freely in front of me
(* saying whatever he wants)
the words you hear with your ears
you can just listen to it easily
but like me- words I see with my eyes
is left in my heart
so dont make promises you cant keep
do you want to be mom’s son
or do you want to be my brother
cuz now I wont play with mom’s son jang junha anymore
D pulls up to his house
W is waiting there
he sits in his car and smiles looking at her
he goes out and calls out
“the one i like”
he looks at his watch
it isnt time to drink milk
“the one D likes”
why did you come to my house again?
W: I came to meet my dad and go home together
D grins at her
W: really -it’s true – I really did come today to meet my dad-it really is true
she remembers and gives back the hackysack
W: it’s yours
he climbs up a few more steps to be face to face with her
D: you said I stole it
she shakes her head : I lied
when I was young, I gave it to you -so take it
he looks down at the hackysack
D: how about the piano
didnt i ask you to teach me?
she holds her head down and says “I was…”
so he says “huh?”
so she looks up and says
I asked you to teach me
W:that’s right
I’m the one who asked you to teach me piano
you really did write down your addresss but
grandma (something something) was a lie
also I’m the one who went to your house
D:then what about who I liked
she looks down in shame again
W: when we were younger  – for a short time
you were nice to me
no one else would play with me
but you and my dad played with me
I was thankful so
when I got my name
i wanted to tell you first
my name is bong woo ri
cha dong joo – I’m sorry
he leans in and kisses her
her eyes are wide open
his are closed
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63 comments on “Can You Hear My Heart E14

  1. kcomments says:

    Dear Softy, please allow me to put these NG clips here(so cute), thanks.
    Credits : starcandii@soompi


  2. joanneling says:

    your recaps are so fast. wow. and thanks so much. my guess is you love the dialogue a heck of a lot. the cheeky parts, the teary parts, the serious parts all very well balanced and so so well delivered.


  3. MissK says:

    Thank youuu so much!!

    I’ve watched all episodes up to now, but I must be stupid because I don’t understand why she would say “sorry” “sorry” all the time. Like in the last scene. Is she saying sorry because she lied? or is she feeling sympathy with him?


    • Softy says:

      I thought it was mostly cuz she was sorry she didn’t get to tell him her name first like she always wanted to. Either that or she was sorry she lied about everything. But pretty sure it was the first reason.


  4. Louise says:

    hi there, thank you for the review.
    would you know the site to watch CYHMH Livestream


  5. Jill Lucido says:

    Since when did woo ri know dong joo can’t hear? Pls. reply.. Ty!


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