Can You Hear My Heart E13

Sometimes I don’t get W-I think her brain is wired differently than mine. When a guy that cute opens his arms like that – you don’t question the whys and just run into them – even if no tears come out you force them –poke your own eyes if you have to – just to keep staying in his arms like that till one of you has to pee or the sun comes down and Y comes to get you with his helmet. No sane woman would miss an opportunity like that I’m telling you.
Did anyone else cry cuz this time I held it together- just barely tho cuz the last scene got to me again. Also, I wonder why the scene from the preview didnt come out -where M says he should be going to Choi instead of America. I was totally expecting something with that to be the ending.
Starts from W chasing after D and standing there crying and saying his name.
D goes in and grabs the hackysack
M pulls up in his car and walks over calling her name.
he puts his hand on her shoulder and she runs off
M goes inside as D walks out after changing clothes
M: are you going anywhere
D: no 
M: I have something to say
D: later
M holds his arm
M: are you by any chance going to meet W?
D: huh? how did you know?
M: she just left
D tells M to wait and leaves
M calls out D’s name
D goes outside looking for W
D calls out
 “the one I used to like”
W doesnt turn around and keeps walking away
D calls out “the one cha dongjoo used to like”
then he tries calling out her name formally : bong woo ri -shi
but she is still crying and walking
then he tries informal : ya-boong woori
D gets an idea and throws his hackysack at her back.
she stops and picks it up.
she turns around and he says “nice” like a kid
he tells her to give it back.
M shows up and watches them.
D keeps asking for it back -it’s mine – give it back
and she puts her head down and runs into his arms and hugs him. 
M comes up and asks W if anything happened.
W starts to say to D:
this… hackysack … it was my mom’s …my mom…
W puts it in his hand
 she says “I’m sorry” and turns to leave but turns around again to say “I’m sorry”
M calls D’s name but D tells him to wait
 D runs after her
Y says to the flowers
is D really mad? was he sulking? wonder where he went
W walks along asking: mom what do i do?
D comes up beside her and walks next to her and startles her.
she wipes her tears quickly and stops walking
so D takes a few steps back to where she is
D: it’s ok -you can cry more
dont you cry more when you are alone?
is that not it?
do you cry more if someone is there?
ah I dont know
he stands face to face with her
D: anyway keep crying till you are done
he holds out his arms to her
in one hand he is holding out the hackysack
D: why? cuz I dont think I can give you this
how badly do you think I wanted it to steal it from you.
also I had it longer than you
also if you have this – you’ll have a headache
often the side seams burst
not too long ago – it’s insides came out
so you have to perform surgery on it often
cuz my brother is a doctor
are you going to cry more?
he holds out his arms again
W: I’m done crying
I’ll be going
he blocks her path
he walks backwards
D: go then – I will escort you to your home
but in return – you cant try to take this (he holds out the hackysack)
he keeps walking backwards and almost falls
she tries to catch him and they laugh about it
M tells T that he didnt tell D yet about the factory but he is going to cuz he doesnt want to keep it from him. M says he also has something to tell her and tells her to wait a bit
D comes in and mouths to M “hang up”
OMG I can read lips too cuz he mouths into the phone “dont call”
M says into the phone that D came and hangs up
M asks about W
D says: she left – she wanted to pay back $3,000 for the flower design
so I was going to take it and toss it back to her boyfriend
D looks at the hackysack and says: what is she going to do cuz I am not giving this to her
M holds out some earphone and tells him to put them on
but D says : ah the sound of birds is great
M says let’s talk about something else then
but D holds up the sack and asks: should I make the exact same one for her
cuz i wont ever give her this
what do I do if she keeps asking for it back
M tries to tell D about the factory but D interrupts and mentions how he followed M’s advice and thinks it will be hard with just one factory and asks M to take care of something before he leaves
M says he made a company out of investments and wants to use it
D seems surprised by that so M says: you told me to do two things at once
be a doctor and work in business
he explains that it’s better for him to handle the investment he got from the wives at the art museum and D suddenly hugs him for it saying: it’s so nice to have a brother.
M pushes him back and tells him to look up cuz M has something to say to D
M tells him not to overreact
D touches his heart and says :
you saw what happened a while ago huh? W took me by surprise
(total guess cuz I am not sure how to explain “whang dahng hae”-maybe it’s “stunned/speechless/overwhelmed”)
M says Dong joo
and suddenly M hears Y call out D’s name
so M mouths “woo ri” to D to get D to look over at the door
Y comes in
M stands there and Y comes over and says he looked around for D.
Y: were you sulking cuz you couldnt water the flowers?
 D gets up and explains it was cuz of work
Y sees the back of M and asks who M is
Y: is he a scary person again? if he is a scary person –
should I write “ga” (means go in korean) for you?
D explains that M is his older brother
Y thinks about it and says: your brother is a doctor
Y goes over to M
so M turns his face away as Y bows and says
hello cha dong joo’s older brother who is a doctor
M bows and says “yes” and turns his face again
Y tries to look at his face and says “I am Bong YG”
D blocks Y and says the fish is hungry and leads Y away
Y says it’s not time to feed the fish yet – feeding time is at 5pm
M sneaks a peek at his father
but looks away again when Y looks at M again and bows to M
Y: thank you -D was hurt over there in the living room
me too – I waited for my M and slept all the time on the front porch and caught cold
but my W said D’s older brother was a doctor and would help D get well
now that D is not sick at all
thank you thank you very much
cha dong joo’s older brother who is a doctor
thank you very much
Y bows again and M walks out cuz he has been crying
Y tells D that D’s brother is leaving
Y: what to do- I shouldnt have come
cuz I kept talking – did “D’s older brother who is a doctor” get mad?
 D lies and reassures Y: that wasnt it – left cuz he was busy
Y is happy and says : oh he was busy – he wasnt mad
Y bows and says goodbye
M is already outside
he sits on the steps and cries some more.
M hears someone coming out so he gets up and leaves
It was D looking for him.
W goes home and cries looking at her mom’s picture saying “mom”.
grandma asks what W is doing there and not going to work
W says she is going but grandma holds her back asking why W’s face looks like this
grandma says W feels hot (feverish)-did she kick off her covers? did she catch a cold?
W says she is ok but the grandma insists W is sick
she orders W not to go to work selling cars
and goes looking for medicine
W backhugs her saying :grandma-my grandma
grandma asks why W is doing this
W: since I am stuck to your back like this
it’s so nice and warm
grandma calls her crazy cuz what’s there to like
when it’s hard to earn money for food,
cost her hospital bills
and live suffering a lot
W insists she still likes it despite all those things
W: when I leaned on my mom’s back like this
my mom didnt reply when I talked to her
but since you insult me and call me a crazy girl – it’s so nice
Grandma: were you missing your mom and got sick?
W: no that wasnt it
she says she wants to play with grandma and not go to work today.
grandma tells her she is going to make her some food and wants W to sleep after she eats cuz that’s the best thing when you are sick
S shows up and takes her mom
W asks where she is taking the grandma and S tells her to mind her own business
and drags her mom off
S takes her mom and makes her look at composites sketches of faces and tries to get a picture of M since grandma saw him. choi calls S and S tells him she will find M. the grandma stops looking at pics when she overhears the call. grandma realizes that S is going to take M and take him to choi so now grandma is not willing to help.
S explains how choi is married cuz of money and not cuz he loves his wife. and that choi doesnt have his own son – only a step son. grandma says she regrets giving birth to S.
grandma blames herself for raising S so badly. she says it’s her last wish that S will listen to her and he a good mom. suddenly S promises to listen to her mom. S lies and says all the right things like how much she wants to see her son and hear him call her “mom”, but not sure grandma believes S cuz she cries.
MS is visiting with T. M comes in and MS says it’s good he came cuz she had something to ask him. But T tells him to change first – she laid it out already so M says he will talk to MS later.
 MS thinks he doesnt look well and wonders if he fought with his gf. T asks if M has a gf. MS says he does- D. T laughs. MS: I was going to choose between those two, but the two of them are always together. she doesnt think she can be a daughter in law.
MS goes up and walks in on M changing. M asks what she is doing but she says it’s no big deal between the two of them (that she sees him with his shirt unbuttoned)
she wants to know about D’s  hackysack. she keeps thinking about it so she cant focus on work.
she keeps asking M to tell her about it cuz she cant stand it when she is curious
she backs M to a corner and he tells her to back up
she tells him to talk so he says that toy is something D had ever since his accident when he lost his memory
MS: you’re saying he still has that till now
M explains that it is small and easy to hold so it became a habit
MS: so if I take that away from him, he will probably kill me
M: of course you will die. with everything else, he shares with me
but he wont even let me touch that
MS comments that when D was young, he must have been girly to have a toy like that
T is on the phone talking business and tells the person to do his job without anyone noticing.
 M knocks to come in.
M says he has something to tell her and she says she does too.
M: mom choi offered me a job. he wants me to work under him.
if he really thougt D couldnt do it
he wouldnt have thought to bring me in
T: junha- do you think that person is doing that cuz he is scared of D?
he is the guy who pulled off my dad’s oxygen and tossed it when my dad collapsed right by his feet
when he kills someone he makes certain of it
how dare he propose that to you
it’s the same as when he took my dad’s right hand man Kang (MS’s dad) and made him serve choi
so what did you say?
M: i didnt give him an answer
until I leave for america
I wanted to buy more time for D
T: you are really planning on going?
M says he will continue managing the invested company
wherever I am, I want to keep helping D
can I go?
T: it seems like you already decided.
M takes her hand and says “mom”
T: if that is what you think you should do – go
dont worry about here
I will try to do it
M: you will? what can you do?
T: whatever -if it is for the sake of my son
what is there that I cant do?
M: mom
T: son-dont just have faith in D-try trusting me too- I can do well
W is lying down and gets a call from MS. MS had mentioned she would be dropping by so W asks if she is coming now. MS says she has to drop by somewhere else and since W lives near by, she wanted to stop by and she has something to give W
D comes out of his office and asks for some list and the girl says MS was going to check the list
so D walks over to MS and catches part of her call
MS: there are times when bong woo ri is sick too 
I thought you were always energetic
MS says into the phone for W to hand on a minute
MS tells D that it will take her longer cuz she has to wait for 3 things to come up
 D leans in and talks loudly into the phone
so are you going to keep talking on the phone with someone who is sick?
W sits up and hears D say into the phone
if you are sick you should go to the hospital
why keep talking to someone who is working
or better yet – take some medicine and sleep deeply
MS says she will call W back again and hangs up
D goes to his office and MS follows him in
MS says to D: why did you yell? she must have heard all that and been embarrassed
D: I said it for her to hear
since we are busy working
MS: she isnt someone we dont know and she is sick -arent you even worried?
D: if you are that worried – go and take her to the hospital
MS: you are really awful
D: what – it’s not like she has a serious illness -where is she hurt?
MS: I dont know
MS tells him to care about ppl as much as he cares about that hackysack.
she informs him she is stopping by the factory and her lab and leaving work right after
and leaves
D wonders if W got sick cuz he has the hackysack
S is still trying to get a sketch of M and asks her mom to start over and grandma pretends she is tired. the artist asks to speak with S. he says they have 10 already and none of them are right and he thinks it’s a waste of time to do more. she begs him to do one more. while S is with the sketch artist.
grandma hides the pic that is closest to a pic of M and puts it in her pocket.
Y goes down and tells the neighbor (going to use NB for neighbor) that W is sick and has a high fever-what should I do? 
NB:why are you asking me – ask your friend D
Y: D is busy right now
NB: I am busy too – watching TV and eating
Y asks how to make porridge- I can make rice taste good
but I dont know how to make porridge. how do you make it?
NB still acts jealous of D.
I thought you wouldnt betray me
he goes on about how his friends duped him
so he grabs Y and tells him to take money from him instead
cuz he is too old so where can he get another friend now at his age
 so Y gets an idea and suggest that NB play with Y and D-all three together.
NB says he didnt know they could do that
Y: you didnt even know that? you’re like a dummy
grandma comes home with S and Y tells his mom that W is sick with fever and wont eat anything
grandma says Y should have made W eat porridge
so NB raises his hand and offers to make it with Y
the whole family sits around to watch W  eat porridge that NB and Y made.
NB’s wife brought the strongest medicine she could get and gives it to W
 she wonders why W got sick cuz she normally doesnt
W asks how NB came and she says she hired a part time worker cuz her son is away
studying and her husband just lives in the house all the time
S overhears and thinks the NB’s wife said SC went to dental school
grandma calls S crazy and explains in a rude way to her daughter that
SC went to learn how to fry chicken
the NB’s wife goes over to ask if S has a problem with her son going to “chicken college”
S tells the neighbors to leave so the family can talk. NB says they are part of this family too.
NB’s wife says to leave S alone cuz she doesnt even know what family is
S gets offended
NB asks if she said anything incorrect –
what is a family – ppl who live and eat togther in one home
but has S ever ate one meal with them
so how dare you tell us to go or not
S is shocked so W tells the NB’s wife to hold in her anger
grandma too-she tells NB’s wife to pretend she didnt hear anything and go downstairs
NB’s wife tells them (W’s family) not to call them when S comes over and makes her husband leave with her
S calls her a rude woman
grandma yells for S to be quiet and leave too
but S shows the sketch of Y that grandma chose as M and says she wont leave emptyhanded
Y looks at the pic and says “it’s me”
S holds it up next to Y’s face
if you have eyes – just look at this – how is this M? it’s Y
she begs for the grandma to remember M-you said you saw him at the hospital mom
W looks at her grandma
grandma lies again and says she saw M in her dreams (cuz Y and W are in the room).
Y backs her up and said his mom dreamt it
S asks if her mom already lost her senses
Y blocks the grandma and so does W
MS shows up 
she says she thought there were robbers
Y calls her “ghost”
S tries to hide her face but MS saw her
S goes outside and tell choi over the phone that she saw Kang’s daughter (MS)
cuz she came to my mom’s home. she must know the girl who lives here
Choi asks about M’s composite sketch
S lies to choi that she made one of M. 
S: I cried seeing our son’s face
choi warns her to watch what she says cuz Kang’s daughter is there and says meet tm and talk
but S says she needs to watch over kang’s daughter
cuz they cant ignore kang cuz of what he did for WK
she offers to stick around here cuz she confirmed M is alive and it would be bad for them if kang’s daughter and D hung out
she says she will stick with them and observe/spy on them
W and MS come out
so S hangs up saying “MS is coming”
S is suddenly sweet and takes W’s hand and thanks MS for being so good to “our W”
she isnt our bloodline but since she had no place to go we raised her
so now she is the same as a real niece
MS says she has something to talk about with W and asks S to leave them.
S: cant I be here?
MS laughs: you cant that’s why I asked you to leave
S tells them to have fun and pretends to go but listens from the corner
when they are alone
MS says W is like her and only gets sick part of the day
W thanks her for bringing the makeup
MS tells W how she brought the makeup to W first and not to T.
W says she feels bad for just receiving and if MS lived nearby W would deliver milk to her
MS tells her not to worry about it
since her lab is nearby she offers to come often to visit W
and instead of milk to feed her
W agrees to do that -whenever you come
MS: I wish D was just half a person as you
cuz he is my ideal
but that is what he lacks
that’s why I cant marry him
S is shocked too
MS: of course he isnt thinking about it
it’s just how I think (=it’s what I want to happen)
W: wasnt your bf doctor jang?
MS: that too – it’s just me thinking it
MS: to be honest – right now I am two timing (I like both guys)
when I make up my mind/when I am certain
-between the two – I want to catch one
you met both
who is better?
SC is outside the house and hides when MS and W come out. MS reminds W not to forget her name and W says she cant cuz MS has her mom’s name. MS says “then it’s fate”.
MS mentions how she didnt get to see SC -it’s too late now huh?
W:my friend SC?
MS says in her dream she was telling him how she feels inside but didnt get to finish
SC is about to come outside to yell at MS but stops when he hears W say she misses SC too
and that he isnt here now
he went somewhere and will be back around next week
MS: you guys seemed close -you must be bored
W says instead of being bored – it’s weird not to see SC cuz she is used to see him every day.
MS -so you must miss him and W nods
 SC watches that and grins contentedly
W calls SC.
SC: why?
W:what are you doing
SC: about to go to sleep
she accuses him of being outside (running off campus)
but he says the window is open
and that he wouldnt go anywhere cuz he came to study
she asks why he doesnt even call to say hi
he says he was busy frying chicken so he forgot she lived under the same sky as him.
SC: W – you should know that you were happy all this time cuz
this SC’ face – not just anyone can stare at it every day
she thanks him
he grins : now you know?
she tells him how she was sick today with a fever too.
he asks what he should do – go there now?
she tells him to learn how to make the best tasting chicken in the world.
SC: what else can I do for you for you not to be sick?
she tells him to keep being her friend.
when I am upset, I only have you to talk freely like this-you’re going to keep doing that right?
he looks sad and doesnt say anything. she tells him to hang up and sleep cuz she thought he forgot to hang up and fell asleep. but SC was just bummed cuz that wasnt the answer he wanted to hear.
Y is up drawing
when W asks what he is doing
Y says “D’s present”
Y explains D gave Y the helmet, let him play school with the fish,
taught him to read and write. cuz of that – mom really liked it and called me smart so I have to thank him. so that is why I am drawing so I can give him the drawing as a present.
W looks at the family photo
W: dad -mom wasnt someone who couldnt hear
but someone who could see well huh?
Y looks up at W
W: mom could see and hear everything with her eyes didnt she
Y agrees and says when he sang to her, her eyes got round-so she was pretty
D’s eyes are round too and he is pretty
 W agrees D is pretty
but when someone made fun of mom cuz she couldnt hear, mom cried huh?
Y says “yes” looking sad
W: so about D resembling mom
she signs something with her hand-a scratching motion: what do you think?
Y says he knows that sign and asks why (she made that sign)
W:what do we do if bad ppl upset D and make him cry like mom
Y says D cant be upset/hurt
W: so let’s (she makes the scratching sign) D’s and mom’s round pretty eyes 
Y makes the same sign back
and W makes him pinky swear
*I have no idea what that scratching sign meant but my guess is to keep it a secret
M is sleeping and wakes when he hears D say : “took took took “
D is on the floor playing with the hackysack asking it “what sound do you make?
W delivers milk at D’s. 
D comes out and calls out “hey milk”
“what time is it now?”
she says “6:15” after looking at her yellow watch on her bag.
D comes over and looks at her watch saying he cant trust her (he checks the time)
he asks why she puts her watch there – is it the lastest fashion?
she explains how it belongs to her brother
he told me to hold onto it
since I dont know when I might see him
she bows and says “stay healthy” and turns to leave but
D goes up behind her and checks her forehead for fever.
D:I’m curious about something -is 6:15 the normal time to drink milk?
he leans in
(since she knows he has to read her lips, she turns to talk to him and startles him)
D blurts out : what is this?
how can you deliver milk at 6:15 when I eat breakfast at 6
how can I drink milk when I am full?
W:then what time should I deliver it?
he turns and she goes right in front of him
and says clearly
W:what time should I deliver it?
D:do whatever you want
he turns his head again
W goes right in front of his face again
W: you designate the time-what time?
she kept looking at his face as she talks to him.
Y comes and yells that he has a present for D
D goes back in
so she pulls on his arm asking
what time? why are you leaving without telling me what time you want the milk delivered?
D: can a girl just grab a guy’s arm like this if she wants?
she lets go and Y runs over
he gives D a scroll saying it is a present
D: a present?
Y thanks D for teaching him how to read.
D worries about M inside and M looks thru the blinds at them
Y goes in and introduces W to all the fish by name. D shows them how he put Y’s drawing in a case. Y wrote a letter on the picture: dont get sick and smile hahaha
D compliments Y for writing the letter so well
D says W must draw well is she takes after her dad.
or does she just play piano well?
Y says she doesnt, his W just blows on the piano well, runs around fast,
swims well like a fish
W denies it saying she doesnt do it well
Y argues she does by saying
last time she fell in the water with SC
and she swam and saved SC on the day she kissed SC
she looks over at D and D looks at her shocked to hear this
W denies she kissed SC (cuz D is there)but Y tells her not to lie cuz lying is bad and bad ppl get taken away by the police
D leans on the tank and gives her a disapproving look
W tries to take her dad saying she needs to deliver milk before the snack time but he says he already gave it to them
D looks at her and nods his head
she says she is leaving
Y says he needs to go with her
D stops her and hands her his hackysack
(he pretends the reason he is giving it back is cuz she has a great dad)
he puts it in her hand and closes her fingers around it
D asks Y to feed the fish later
D puts the picture Y drew on his shelf
D apologizes to M for making M hide out (cuz Y came)
D: I couldnt just tell them to go after getting a present
M: it’s ok – there arent that many days left where I have to hide like this
 D: but why does your younger sister do that
M:  you
M holds onto D and asks if D gave the hackysack.
D shakes him off saying : I dont know
M asks: if you were going to get this mad about it-why did you give it to her?
D: i dont care for it – I dont care for all of it
W is trying to sell some guy a car.
W:how about this one – a doctor I know rides this car and tho he is usually a cool person, he looks even cooler riding this-go with this car
she goes on about how girls go for guys in this car
when the guy turns to another car she blocks him
telling him not to even look at it cuz before he knows it he will end up signing a contract to buy it and how great it handles and demonstrates the motion of steering
 M shows up and knocks on the window.
 he asks (mouths the words) through the window “did you eat? I am hungry”.
she buys him egg baked into bread. (this is really yummy btw)
she says she wanted to buy him something more tasty but he says it is yummy
she likes it cuz it makes you full and it’s a bargain for the money
if they dont sell this in america – go and sell it- it will sell really well
M: should i not be a doctor?
she tells him to do both
M says she is the same as someone-why do ppl keep telling him to do two things
W:who? who is the same as who?
M: there is someone – a guy who is like a bad ant poop
M asks if there is anything else she wants to do besides selling cars.
W: (you’re asking) me?
M: then do you think I am asking this egg bread
she says she doesnt cuz she sells $2,000 worth in commissions sometimes and her friends who graduated college sometimes dont even earn $1,000. M asks if she is going to do that even if money drops from the sky. she says”yes” cuz money dropping from the sky wont happen. 
W:why? do you think what I do is not that good?
M:no cuz you are still young that’s why
she accuses him of mimicking what she says-he did it before too last time
M:it’s fun – should I not do it?
W:you’re teasing me
M:  that’s not it -“when you dont even know anything”
W: stop that
M: oh what a loud “ant poop”
W: I said stop that
M laughs
she gets a call from a friend but he takes the phone away
M: when you were in school you didnt study well did you
M: a person needs to study when they are studying
and when they are eating egg bread, they need to focus on the egg bread
he shoves hers in her mouth
D is talking with MS about business but she asks where the hackysack is. Kim and some guy come in with bad news. kim says it’s on the energy cell homepage too that kim did something and it was written up but he claims he isnt a spy. kim says he thinks they are trying to ruin D’s company’s image. D calls for someone to come in but another girl comes in and says something bad happened.
D goes to see choi and choi yells at him cuz D ruined the image of the company.
choi: i thought you said you had the confidence..that you prepared for 5 yrs…what is this disaster
D says no one verified the rumor.
choi: what’s so important about proof and whether it’s truth or rumors-when WK’s stocks dropped
choi demands to know how D is going to take responsibility for this
D says he will find out who did this and wont let them do it again by using the law against them.  choi yells not to look into it cuz it wont change anything-the image that has been damaged wont be revived even if D finds out who did it. choi: if you have time to do that-try to stop the news articles instead. Kang asks what happened. kang yells at D asking what D was doing during all this. when D leaves, choi says: you thought you could push me around-let’s see how long you can stand it. kang asks choi if choi did this cuz kang wouldnt listen to choi. choi orders Kang to quiet the dummies who didnt oppose this (D’s company) last time. choi warns kang that if something doesnt come thru this time, both of them will be bead (choi and kang) and that choi wont let kang pull away from everything he has done 
M takes W to eat ice cream. she mentions how constantly upset she had been lately but today she feels happy. M asks what she had been upset about,  but she says it was nothing.
W says how yummy the ice cream is and worries she might gain weight.
M says she could use some weight gain and mentions how pointy her chin is.
W says her grandma thinks that too -that her chin is pointy.
M tells her to eat more and offers to buy her some more food, but W says it’s ok cuz it doesnt matter if she eats more cuz she takes after her dad.
W: you havent met my dad yet have you? his chin is really pointy. since he goes over to D’s home to feed the fish, before you leave for america try to meet him once. he looks just like me. my dad is really good looking. his nose is long like this and eyes like this and when he smiles he looks like an angel.
she asks who M looks like – his mom or dad.
M does really answer and says “not sure”
he changes the subject
M: is the hackysack well? after D gave you that, he is in a panic
W: panic?
M: since he carried it around for 16yrs, his hand shakes
W: his hand shakes? how?
she demonstrates slight shaking so M says “no-way worse”
so she shakes it even more
M laughs into his cup
W: you lied?
M: who would believe that? if he isnt even an alcoholic -why would his hand shake?
she yells out at him
M gets a call and she takes the phone away saying he cant answer his call either
when you are drinking coffee- you should focus on coffee
M agrees to but W sees it is T calling so she tells him to answer.
M: I dont want to – I’m going to focus on coffee
W: it’s from home -what if it’s an emergency
M:why are you going back and forth-do this -dont do this
M talks into the phone and calls T “mom”. M says into the phone “what about D?”.
M gets up and walks away to take the call when he sees W staring at him
T tells M : didnt even get to start properly and what choi wanted happened.
it is the end of energy cell.
M : if the news articles are prevented from going out then it will be ok-where is D?
T:no you just do your own work
I thought you already knew
even if D asks for help
I’m calling you to not get involved and help him
let’s hang up
M calls out “mom” over and over
so she says
M says the articles have to be blocked and something has to be found
D cant do that alone
T: even tho -you stay out of it-you have to go to america
T: even if you can stop this problem -you think this will be the end?
if you are not going to the end with us
end it now here – that’s the right thing to do
M: but I still want to see D’s face -I’ll go there after I drop by the office
after he hangs up, she smiles cuz it was what she wanted
M tells W that he has to leave
W: it’s ok -did something happen to D?
M makes her sit back down and keeps holding her hand
M: i cant take you back cuz something came up at the office
W tells him she is ok and tells him to hurry and go
but he says “wait a minute” and takes out a watch and puts it on her wrist
W: what is this?
M: to pay you back for the food
since you bought me food I should treat you too-but since I am going to america
she tries to take it off and says she cant accept it
but he stops her and says (using informal language)
M: bong woo ri -it was nice to meet you
this is my prescription (to cure her) 
if you want to treat “the disease” of how you keep thinking of your brother
I told you to forget him
2011-5-14 at 2:20 pm
 from this time on – dont look at the watch your brother gave you and look only at this one. then you will  -little by little – forget about him
 MS finds out who spread the rumor. it was someone who was fired at a factory. MS says she will meet him -he is dead. but D gives her another task and tells another guy to stop something else. D says he will go and meet the guy who was fired. kim feels bad but D says it isnt Kim’s fault.
reporters come in so D’s guy says D cant leave right now and more reporters fill the place. M runs in and pushes past the reporters to get to D
M tells D he will look into it. choi is standing there looking smug, but D walks off looking determined.
D goes to meet the guy and calls him when he gets near.
D is his in car and calls the man. 
he tells the man he is the president of energy cell and gives his name
D reads what the guy says.the man said “i’m sorry”.
the man makes another call.
he asks into the phone “your son’s name is cha dong joo isnt it?’ 
D is able to read the man’s lips a little bit.
 the man explains into the phone he was going to go somewhere else and leave town
but his wife is sick in the hospital so he couldnt leave her alone
on D’s phone some caller ID pops up and he realizes the man is talking to his mom. 
he is shocked and upset and grips the steering wheel.
the man promises into the phone not to take calls that he doesnt know the number of
and asks “your son wont come looking for me at the hospital right?”
D takes the phone from the man and talks into it: 
was this it?
T: dong joo?
to you mom -your revenge is more imp than me and hyung (M) huh?
T: please if you have something to say use your phone
(M walks into the room)
D: I said I would do it – I said I would get WK back-but you wont let me/you dont think I can?
you dont have any faith in me/you cant trust me that much?
why? why?
T: there is someone next to you so please dont say anymore
M asks her to give her the phone so he can talk to D
T tells M that this isnt D’s phone and D lost his mind
D: cuz whatever you do behind my back- since I wont be able to hear?
you put me out front like a doll
what did you and junho do behind my back?
T :that’s not it -please
she begs D to call from his phone so he can hear what she has to say but D just yells into the phone)
I cant hear !
I cant hear what you are saying mom!
talk louder!
talk louder!
I cant hear!
I cant hear!
D goes to see W at her house and tells her to come down
W gives back the hackysack saying she lied and that D never stole it 
D:what was I like when I was younger
W:you were cute
D: what about now?

31 comments on “Can You Hear My Heart E13

  1. Sophie says:

    Heyy!! Thanks again for you hard work! I missed the episode so i don’t know what you are talking about 🙂 Which scenes didn’t come out ? When i read your recap i thought the scenes were showed ? The HUG SCENEE!!! 🙂 And the Maru’s New Watch scene.. Were there others ? 🙂


  2. yumei says:

    thank you so much soul rebel for recap this episode so fast. This is my fav drama by far and i can’t wait till D and WR fall in love with each other…I agreed TS is crazy! I dun know why she keep pressuring D and not trust him…I sometimes cannot stand her for destroying her own son and destroying Maru as well..sigh


  3. mojaslatka says:

    thanks a lot for this. I’ve been waiting for this. Now I can sleep.


  4. thanhtu2208 says:
    Link torrent of ep 13, let’s enjoy this drama 😀


  5. herdys says:

    thanks soooo much for the translation, you’re a lifesaver!! I don’t understad T either… It’s like she’s bipolar or something. Sometimes she seems loving and caring and then she turns into this revenge psycho who uses everyone just to get what she wants.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode! They’re always the most shocking!! =)


  6. kcomments says:

    Thanks Softy,
    That first five mins, me squealed and squealed, so touching when she’s not turning back and DJ kept walking behind, then finally threw the hay-sack to get her attention, such a really really sweet scene, this scene alone loaded with meanings, I love writer Moon more and more. That WR ran into DJ’s arm and hugged him were done beautifully. Aww…she hugged him really tight.

    But then when she was back and hugged her grandma, it’s like she’s happy that grandma is normal and can hear her, interesting lines here, so sad that another person she cares about is deaf like her mom, DJ would never hear her. Here I had a little doubt there whether WR may distance herself from DJ in the future cuz it’s too much stress being around another handicapped, you think?

    JH and WR together were so cute, but I feel JH be nice to WR cuz he wanted her to move on, forget JH, not yet in romantic sense, tho.

    There were parts where I think might trigger DJ to know(in future episode) that WR knows about his hearing, when he turned she kept letting him see her face when talking to him, until DJ started to look into her eyes wondering, then sth else distracted him. Also, I think WR made YG to promise not to tell anyone that DJ cannot hear.

    Man, that scene was so cute, when DJ heard WR kissed SC, he was a bit disturbed and returned the hay-sack immediately, side-eyed her, so cute like a little jealous DJ.

    As for DJ’s mom, I think she just wants to leave DJ out of the whole mess (as in good intention) and makes JH take the blame and fight with Choi (his dad), but she can’t tell DJ about her plan because DJ doesn’t know JH is Choi’s son. Still the direct issue that DJ’d been saying to his mom was to trust him. Today just so sad when DJ held the phone like a normal person should do and keep talking to his mom. You know, it really take an ounce of will for a handicapped person to say out loud his own condition like DJ did today, that he can’t hear, really really a sad scene.

    Phew, ending an episode like this make us all dim doesn’t it?
    Well, tell you the truth, when JH treated WR ice-cream, I really thought to myself, a man like that could treat me anytime, hehehe.


    • Softy says:

      Hey kcomments, I don’t know why but I just can’t picture W falling in love with M. I already think he might be liking her, but more like a younger sis thing. If these two ever get romantic, I am going to get squeamish.
      You are right about all the romantic moments – there seems to be more and more lately. Loving every minute. Tm is going to be so good cuz all the Sunday ones are. 🙂


      • kcomments says:

        Please let me ask you this, I noticed in the episode and in the preview, WR kept telling DJ that she’s sorry (as in: sorry that he’s come to this hearing condition the word was ‘bia-a-nae’, sorry for my roman-ized), is this the way how Korean showing their respect or gratitude to a handicapped person? or other meanings? Thanks.

        You know,I’m really looking forward to when WR and DJ both accept DJ’s deafness, it’s gonna be so cute, cuz they’ll both be care free and just loooove. Last night I thought if DJ says to WR ‘Can you hear my heart? (in Korean, of course), I might probably faint, hehe (Though when DJ knows she knows, not sure how he will take that, then WR, how she(or the writer) will cope the issue of’ like or pity’). The animation pic shows DJ carrying a big heart (bigger than hers) looks up at WR, does that mean he will be the one trying to show her his heart? I keep forgetting that now DJ let WR believe he forgets the past, so he’s kind of hide his crush for now.

        Me too, I think JH and WR look like bro/sis, really hope he will help DJ and WR to be together.

        There were scenes that I just realized last night that I’d missed the meaning hidden behind, when DJ played with the hay-sack either tossed it in the air or threw it to the wall/floor and he would make sounds, it’s him imitating the sound of the hay-sack when it hit wall/floor, the sound that he thought he should hear if he could hear, so the hay-say is kind of his comfort friend where there is no sound in his life, aww…hope me making sense here. ^^


        • REBEL SOULS says:

          to answer your question first- did you mean to type “me-ahn-hae”? cuz I dont know what “bi-a-nae” means
          if you meant “i’m sorry”-if you notice in that hug scene-she said it twice (first time formally then second time banmal *I forgot blue’s lesson on the difference between these two at the moment)
          anyway I thought she said it first to address the fact that she is sorry she didnt realize that he cant hear like her mom and she feels bad for him cuz he has to go thru that (as an adult saying it to another adult)
          then the second “i’m sorrry” as his childhood friend who feels bad he has to go thru this
          or maybe I am reading too much into this and she just said the second “sorry” cuz she cant tell him she knows and needs to run off -hahaha 🙂


          • kcomments says:

            Thanks, Softy, buahaha I suppose “me-ahn-hae” it is ^^ I think you are right about both sorry, I saw another one coming tonight in the preview, and DJ looking kind of, what are you sorry about? We’ll see. Hope you get good sleep already cuz tomorrow you are on the roll again. ^^


            • ck1Oz says:

              Isn’t biane/bian/ mian all sorry in Banmal?

              Like mianhamnida/ bianhamnida/joesunghamnida is jondamal/formal.

              Doesn’t it mean she is comfortable with him to use banmal.She just repeated it the 2nd time because he wouldn’t have seen it the 1st time to lip read?


      • Kdramafan says:

        M will most likely fall in love with W cause Kim jae won has said in an interview: junha, woori and dongjoo love line ^^


  7. ck1Oz says:

    Thanks softy for the recap.
    I am confused most of the episode sounds like there are cute D and W moments.The others I don’t know what’s going on.

    Anyway I am going to bed and see what you wrote.
    Am I haunting your page regularly enough now?I am watching every thing now 🙂
    Not enough sleep though.LOL.


    • Softy says:

      Haunt away – love the company.:)
      Not enough sleep – tell me about it- i’m in the same shoes. I think it’s been over a month and a half since I’ve been to church. If I ever make it in the next few weeks-God’s going to ask to see my ID at the door cuz I will be a stranger to him. Seriously- I am hoping there is not a special place next to hell reserved for ppl like me who prefer to sleep in rather than going to church just cuz I watch too many kdramas. Last wk I really intended to go but i slept right thru my alarm. Bet the same thing will happen again tm. Man it’s worse on Sundays- the guilt is pretty bad till 10pm when this starts and I forget about everything 🙂


  8. Jewels says:

    Eyes got a little misty, but thankfully no explosion of tears. There were so many neat scenes today such as: D throwing the hackysack at W, W hugging D, which was really heart warming how she held onto him tight and wrapped her arms around his waist, Grandma, deciding to not help S after she heard her phone call to C, SC secretly watching W, and talking to her on the phone – his smile and body language tells you how much he really cares for her, M and W’s at lunch together, and the watch M gives her so she can forget about her brother… was that like a going away present since he was going back to America, W back hugging grandma, and D grabbing W’s forehead to feel if she has a temperature.

    It was really heartbreaking to see the final scene today, and I cannot wait for tomorrow’s episode.

    Thank you so much Softly. You work so heard. You actually bring more than a recap, you bring the spoken words instantly, if not a few hours after the show has aired which is so, so very nice.

    P.S Thanks for you recaps/translation of Best Love at Thundie’s. I absolutely appreciate it. That show is just hilarious, and it’s just what I need after watching 49 days and CYHMH.


  9. hagrid says:

    Hello Softy. Thanks for this recap. You feed my CYHMH addiction like no other and I’ll forever thank you for that.

    As for the motives of the mom, I understand why the mom did it. She was trying to manipulate Ma Roo/Jun Ha to staying. So she tried to spread that rumor and manipulate MR/JH to promise that he will see it to the end. In the end, she doesn’t want DJ to be the one who will face Choi to the bitter end. She loves her son too much and she wouldn’t want him to get his hands dirtied and put him in treacherous territory while facing off with Choi. She wants JH/MR to do the dirty job. She’s pitting the son of her enemy and against his own dad without either knowing that she’s laying out the pieces. It’s kind of brilliant really. Mom is an evil genius and she’s so creepily manipulative. She wants to hit it where it hurts. She wants a double whammy.

    OTOH, I don’t think she realizes that while she’s pitting JH against Choi, DJ feels like he’s being brushed aside to the sidelines and feels like she doesn’t have enough confidence in him that he can do it on his own. DJ is not aware of the grand evil master plan that his mother has. The repercussions of her manipulating people like this is that she’s slowly pushing her own son away from her without realizing what she’s doing wrong.


    • Softy says:

      Wow you explained that perfectly and eloquently – maybe you should have a blog 🙂 I would def go and read your thoughts. Please share more when you get the urge. Loving every word 🙂


  10. Anvesha says:

    I think T doesn’t trust her son with the ability to get revenge.. It is funny how she doesn’t realize that she is hurting her own son with her personal agenda of makin M and choi suffer.. It is sad that D is just a Puppet to her who will enjoy M’s hardwork. But D will never do that.

    Sometimes I think that T really needs M.. More than D because only M blindly follows her n takes care of her.


  11. m_s says:

    Thank-you. *just to show you some love* 🙂


  12. kcomments says:

    TNS episode13 ratings; ^^
    Nationwide 13.5 (5th)
    Seoul 16.1 (5th)


  13. janna says:

    Thanks as always Softy. Looking forward to tomorrow. W should have hugged D some more, he was right there with his arms open and all~


    • Alexus says:

      I totally agree with you!!! Man, that hug was amazing!! I loved how she CHARGED with full force and the DEATH GRASP around his torso that would have knocked his socks off!!!! Lucky she didn’t break any bones and give him a pneumothorax!! hehehe. Loved it.

      The saddest part was the end. When he kept on saying ” I can’t hear, I can’t hear”, it totally reminded of me of the time when he woke up from the coma and DJ’s mom was holding him and he kept on screaming “I can’t hear, I can’t hear”, back then she was also helpless to do anything for her son. Just like she was now, on the phone, helpless to explain anything…. I love this drama so much!!!
      The watch scene with JH and WR, so beautiful that he would try to cure WR of her illness, missing her brother so much and giving the watch to start new. Trying to stop her from dwelling in her memories of MR and living for the present and the future…. JH can’t tell her he is her brother but he still wants to help her.. to get rid of the pain that he caused her…. so touching. I just hope we will have more happier moments for DJ. So heartbreaking to see him suffer like this.


      • Wei says:

        I have rewound that hug scene a whole bunch of times. It made stomach aflutter as I’m sure it made DJ’s heart flutter, teehee!! You know what I found interesting and ironic about the watch scene between WR and JH? It’s funny that he gives her a watch to forget about her past and brother. Yet, the person who’s giving WR the watch is her brother though of course she doesn’t know it yet.

        I love the main characters. They just make my heart ache!

        Alexus: Are you still holding on to the hope of the love triangle?! LOL, I think most people have resigned to the fact that JH will only care for WR as a sister. I’m like still praying for the love traingle, puhahahah!


  14. k-drama lover says:

    thanks alot for your recap…. i waiting for the drama to be uploaded when i saw your recap.. will you do the ep 14 recap live today too?? if yes i’ll be very happy.. hehehe 😀


  15. Jomo says:

    Thank you again and again!
    I teared up so many times, I lost count!

    More than anything with this writer, I am in awe of how the story was set up in the first few “flashback” episodes. Not once second of those moments was wasted, not one prop, conversation, article of clothing. How she did it without it being annoying – like when there are too many coincidences in a story – amazes me.
    Seriously, how could a hackysack hold so much meaning?
    And the importance of “eyes”? JH/MR is hiding his. W/Y discovering DJ’s secret because her MOTHER’s eyes.

    Of course my favorite pain plot point is the watch. The selflessness of W’s mom for JH/MR, offered to and refused by JH/MR, carried by W so DJ notices and asks about it, then JH/MR trying to lessen the pain he caused by replacing it! I am jealous. I need to write like that.

    I know the JH/MR + W love line seems like it would be uncomfortable, but at least he left when they were still little. Not like Autumn Story, which still gives me the creeps! I don’t think they will kiss, though. We will just be teased about that.

    Based on all the skinship DJ and W have exchanged -they are just about even so far – can a kiss between them be far off? Especially when she keeps getting up in his face like that…


  16. lei2010 says:

    OMG! wat ep did DJ kiss W? i was thrilled when i see that pic below the heading… now, going to watch ep13. thanks softy for the recap, im dying to watch that kiss episode…


  17. vivian says:

    Thanks for the recap.. I am crying now… Gosh! Tissue please


  18. Historybygones says:

    Is there a episodes where Dongjoo and WooRi sleep together?I saw it in one of the Fan Mvs.If yes,which episode?Thanks!


  19. renren876 says:

    A source document isn’t a family tree on an web site that may or may not be accurate. Those are fantastic for searching for clues, but you still have to verify the analysis. Many of the family trees on the internet have errors which are replicated time and again by individuals so excited to have found their lines that they don’t verify the info. Original documents (or scans of the original document) are usually best.


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