49 Days E18:Live

With hours to spare, she gets her tears. I think it is safe to bet where they came from. Now the heart stopper is what is going to happen with Y next week. I already cried tonight when J was getting those tears, so I can’t imagine how much more if anything bad happens to Y. I swear she better make it thru this drama or I’m gonna be cursing up a storm for weeks. Highkick was a practice run and this one is going to be worse cuz I love this drama.
* on an entertainment program, H is worried what will happen to Y after J wakes up. awwww he cares about Y just like me. the guy playing M says he wants his character to be one of the ppl who cries for J, but he doesnt think he will be
did anyone see whose name was on that list of ppl he has to escort to the elevator? was it Y?
49 Days E18
As soon as Y backhugs H, he calls her Y and tries to go but she cries and says “just a minute” and he asks “are you J?” and takes her hands and holds it. H: tell J – when J wakes up later, tell her to make sure to tell me again what she wants to say right now cuz I want to hear it. please tell her that. also- not to go without saying goodbye. and not to go away like my mom did. she nods her head. M watched that thru the window. he remembers how the man said that J’s spirit wasnt in Y.
J thanks Y.
Y: if i could switch my life for yours, I wish I could. then I can go with yi soo and you can remain by H’s side
J: dont even say those things. when there is yi soo who wants to meet you
Y: he isnt someone who can come back to me
J says how she thought Y lent her body cuz she cared about J and not cuz Y was feeling guilty. Y says it’s for both reasons.
J: I dont want to go and leave H behind and you want to go and follow yi soo-why are we like this.
IJ wakes up and sees J in her bed. J hugs her.  IJ is scared out of her mind and remembers how Y said J could roam around forever. she texts M saying she is scared and asks him to come to her home.
S watches Y sleep and cries and touches her hair and face. he says “it’s too cruel”
IJ is huddled alone and scared. M comes inside and she thanks him for coming cuz she was scared to death cuz of J and IJ thought M wasnt coming.
he says what she said was right-J is back and it wasnt Y.
IJ says she told him that and she was right.
he agrees-  Y is J and J is Y.
IJ says J could follow her around for life-even without Y’s body she could roam like a ghost-she appears in my dreams and I’m scared to death. 
M: if you are scared, do something scary so she wont
IJ: how?
M tells her to stop J’s oxygen
IJ: what does that mean
M: J is not a ghost. her body is alive in that hospital so her spirit can roam around. like you said -she wants to avenge us and plans to make us miserable for the rest of our lives.
he cant go to the hospital cuz her dad knows about M so he urges her to do it
IJ:are you crazy?
he asks if she wants to live the rest of her life with J’s spirit clinging to her
IJ: even if she does -how could I…..
he says he cant leave J alone to do this for the rest of his life
and since IJ started this she has to end this. she sits and cries
Y washes up and comes out. J says there are only 4 days left. Y asks if J stared at the calendar all night. J asks why Y wakes up so early. Y: cuz I sleep at night and during the day.
J: did you by any chance remember everything that happened when I went inside your body for a short time during the day?
Y smiles so J asks why she is smiling
Y: I remember what happened last night
I felt sorry about that but I couldnt help it
J says not to talk about it cuz she doesnt know how to face H (cuz she is embarrassed)
J realizes that Y had just smiled
Y says after letting J use her body – I must be sleeping during the day cuz I cant remember it well
like when you went to M’s home, when we are together, I’m awake
 J asks if Y isnt scared of J at all -cuz other ppl see her as a ghost but since Y seems ok about it so J often forgets she is a spirit. Y: the yi soo who is coming to see me isnt a person either.
J : that too – i told you about yi soo but after that you didnt ask about him or why he is coming
you didnt ask anything like that even once
Y: why should I when I know why he is coming
J: you know why he came? I dont even know that for sure
 Y says he is going to take me with him
 H knocks on the door
so Y asks if he is calling for J
J wonders why he is calling her so early
H takes her to go grocery shopping. he teaches her how to shop for spinach pointing out the difference of which one is good.did you think a man who lived alone in the states maintained this health and appearance with no effort? Y/J asks if M is inside H cuz he brags too much and H gets mad saying he was going to make her breakfast but now he doesnt want to. she asks if he was going to make her breakfast and he corrects her saying he was going to but not anymore. she says she will eat something else then but he says listen to what I was saying till the end. I said I was going to make it but after deciding against it,now I changed my mind to make it again
H makes her something good to eat. Y/J wonders why it tastes so good-maybe it’s cuz she woke up early. he accuses her of making excuses cuz she always eats well. she says she isnt eating a lot cuz she wants to – she needs to feed this body well cuz it lacks nutrients like vitamins and minerals-plus the food is good.  she thinks it will be nice to live here as a couple running this place-shopping at the market together,eat breakfast together, and be busy with the restaurant all day. he asks what she is going to do today and she says work. since the weather is nice, he tells her to go shopping for two designer outfits, one bag, and some other stuff and gives her money. he says it’s her pay and tells her to eat something good. he has go to the hospital to meet J’s dad and mentions some of his plans to stop M.  since the dad is going to be released from the hospital, she doesnt need to worry about the company. H warns her to forget about M and his secret safe and stuff. she mentions how good she feels for being able to stop the bankruptcy.
J’s dad tells H he is worried about haemido. if the dad doesnt repay the money he loses it. H wonders since they blocked the bankruptcy how her dad can raise so much money again. dad needs to go to the office today. IJ is still working there at the company. J’s dad asks if everyone is gathered and she says they are waiting inside. 
H asks IJ to speak with him. he says he doesnt know what M is up to but H tells her to make M quit his plans. she says she cant stop M so H shouldnt ask her to do that.  he says M can be cold to J but IJ was J’s friend. IJ: I ‘m the friend who did all that-someone who cant give up on M and cant leave him.if M stays in this company I will stay with him.she says she is going to the end with M – it’s all she can do cuz it’s too late. he says there is no “it’s too late” unless you die. he asks her one last time to quit what they are doing cuz their plans have been found out
during J’s dad’s meeting, M goes to see J’s dad asking why he wasnt called to this meeting. her dad asks for M’s resignation. M asks if there is a reason for him to hand in his resignation – cuz there is no proof her dad cant fire M and this will end up M’s company. J’s dad: i wont ask you how you could do this-why you lied to me-i wont ask that stuff cuz I blame myself for believed you were a human being
waitress sees S and is happy, but S says he wants to be served by Y-she is pretty huh? my Y.
Y/J turns and sees him and S waves to her. He brags and says – you saw that right – living in this neighborhood, the overflowing interest I get. she asks why he came here and he says :why do you think? to see your face. Y/J:my face? I told you to stop treating me like Y
S: then what am I supposed to do -you use her body during the day so all I can do is watch her sleeping face at night
also at night – last night you were filming a movie
I warned you -who said you could do “melo” with my Y’s body
Y/J: I got permission from onyi
she told me to do it first
S: wonder why she would – you probably begged her too much
  she asks if his wish was to take Y away
S:what does that mean
Y/J: onyi thinks you are here to take her away
also the way you act seems like it
you watch over her like she is yours
S: Y thinks that?
Y/J: is that why you asked to be a scheduler? to do that?
 S cant believe Y thinks that and gets up and goes.
Y/J wonders why H isnt coming-he said he would be back after going to the hospital. S’s voice says – H is calling – the one you are waiting and waiting on – H is calling. she asks why H isnt coming yet.  H is staying at the hospital with J cuz J’s dad is going home today. Y/J: then are you going to stay there all night?
M reminds IJ that she had said “let’s leave with the money” and M already gave her an answer so why is she bringing this up again.  IJ tells M that things have changed-they have been found out. M: if it was for money I wouldnt have done this. IJ says H and J’s dad are not dumb – they are not going to
just stop at taking the company back from M. M gets a call and hears that H took J’s parents home and mutters who is he to take care of them. IJ says this is not like M to be upset about H. is M mad cuz H is next to Y and J-the two women M likes? cuz H is doing what you cant do anymore? M:both women?
IJ accuses M of loving both Y and J-not cuz he cant tell them apart but cuz he loved both of them. you want to beg for forgiveness from J who is in Y’s body-you want to start over but since you are afraid you will be turned down so you cant. M admits that is true cuz he cant do anything about J living inside of Y. he cant do anything -if there is J’s spirit then even IJ cant be by his side cuz he wont know for sure if J is inside IJ or Y
IJ goes to the hospital to kill J and J is there. J asks her if she is still dropping by here. J watches IJ go in and walk over to her bed. J asks what she is thinking of doing now. IJ is about to take the oxygen mask off and H walks in and pushes her away. he yells at IJ and shakes her- are you crazy? how can you do such a thing? are you human? how can you do something like this? you want to go this far? what did J do that was so wrong? what did she do wrong to you two?-you guys are not human- go cuz I might kill you. J cries on the floor
H goes to see M. H said he came to tell M what kind of person he is-shameless. H calls M names and insults him. he talks about M’s mom and yells at M not to be like his dad. M tells him to stop.H: do you know what kind of mom she is from what I heard from you-she is the kind of mom – when you wanted to earn money with her – she hit you and made you go to school. M yells for H to stop. H yells back: dont become like your dad! H says M did worse things that M’s dad. H tells M that M is the kind of jerk who made a friend try to cut off the oxygen to the woman he used to love.
you spit on your mom’s wish for you not to become someone like your dad
you are someone who is far more depraved than your dad
and your somone who had enough ability to make it on your own
that’s why you are shameless
H says M shouldnt embarrass his mom like this and insults him really well.
H : what are you going to do with me if J is gone
with perfectly healthy body, ability, I could stick by your side for the rest of your life (tormenting you)
M asks if H is getting his strength from J when H used to be so meek
H tells him not to act like he is intimidating him cuz now it doesnt work on him 
chef and waiter and H have a meeting about haemido and stuff and  thinks they have enough evidence/proof
H finds Y/J’s camera with her recordings of J’s friends crying. he watches those videos and thinks-you went around doing these things – you already did everything you could. H looks intensely at Y and chef says it’s strange if H watches her like that.chef takes him inside H cries and says he wants to save J – he wants to bring her back to life- i wish she was alive. chef just pats him on the back. Y/J watches him cry from above where he cant see her
Y/J goes to meet S and cries. she begs him to let her just once meet H as J.Iwant to hear him say my name.  in 3 days I am going to die – if I die like this – it’s too unfair. S says he understands how she feels. S: even tho you are looking at that person – you cant act like you know them
you cant say  “it’s me”
I dont  know why I was allowed to remember and given this anguish
Y/J: isnt there a way- cant I meet H as J just once?
isnt there a chance for me to give up my remaining 3 days for 3 hours to live as J
S sits next to her and says there isnt-do you really not have confidence to come back alive?
Y/J: even if I come back alive- you said I wouldnt remember the past 49 days and what happened
then I wont remember this feeling too
S: of course
Y/J: you said other ppl would remember – H, M, IJ will all remember
they talk about how those ppl know about what happened and they could tell J but S says it wont matter cuz in J’s mind no memories will remain
she asks: then what is this?
S reminds her 49 days is the chance to come back to life and that’s it
not something to change her existing life ( i think)
he says something about how there are 49ers who go thru melo
 she says 49 days is too cruel
J’s dad gets some bad news about the company and something
else bad that M did (sound like chinese to me so I give up)
P and H meet. he apologizes for making P feel bad then cuz all he was trying to do was
let P know the truth that J was loved when she was alive
P asks what he means by that
H says he meant exactly what he said -J loved you guys
but IJ wants J to die and you…
P points out that H talks like J is alive
H: then do you think J is dead so you already dont feel anything
P gets defensive: that’s not it – at the hospital they said there was no chance ….
H: that’s right medically she is dead
but just cuz J dies, doesnt mean her connection has ended
H gets a call from J’s mom about the business not going well. he says he will go to the hospital and runs into Y/J. he asks where she has been going around on her own. she reminds him he told her to have fun. Y/J: just cuz I am not busy – you are busy all on your own.  he almost touches her hair but doesnt. he says he isnt just playing around wasting time. he says let’s go and they walk side by side almost touching hands.
chef asks H how he intends to go back and forth to america when there are not many days left for J and suggests H call his dad and ask over the phone. H explains how his dad is a business man – just cuz he is grateful to his son for contacting him again- he wont suddenly invest. even if H goes in person to convince him, his dad might not give it to him. chef says there are only 5 days left. H tells her parents his plan to go and get money/investment for haemido. mom says IJ doesnt show up these days and dad suggests she call P.
M give IJ his bank book (the secret number is IJ’s bday) and tells IJ to leave and wait overseas instead of being scared here cuz of J. when he is done with work, M will call her. she says she cant go alone. he reminds her she wanted to take the money and run away -dont stay by my side and go crazy too. she says she never needed money. as he leaves , J’s mom is there. she calls him trash. IJ gives M his account back and tells him to go. J’s mom slaps J – for doing this in front of her-. she says she knew IJ was bad. IJ says she knew the mom felt that way and blames the mom for being nice to IJ. Ij reminds the mom of the time when IJ was attacked and how the mom worried about what if J was there and worried about J only and didnt ask about IJ. mom says that is normal for a parent to think of their child first.
J says she wants to do something for H cuz all she did was receive. she asks what Y did for yi soo. Y says she made him a picnic-cuz he liked her kimpap. they laid around reading a book and listening to music and J says she never had that kind of date. J wonders where she can prepare the food without H knowing.
H doesnt say anything to J and says bye touching the wall: I will be back. be well
2 days left-4hr-29 mins
chef asks if H is going without telling J. cuz H is going to the airport after dropping by somewhere
H says he cant tell her he is going to america cuz she will ask why he is going and if she senses something is wrong the remaining days she has left will be messed up. chef asks what he is supposed to say and H tells him to handle it and make sure to tell her H wont be late
Y/J tells the chef if H looks for her that she will be out for awhile. after she runs off, chef is grateful she didnt ask where H was.
 she goes to Y’s home and prepares kimpap. M shows up and scares her for a second but she stands her ground. he accuses her of running to H’s home and staying there cuz she was afraid to be caught by M but now she came back on her own. she says that is his fallacy/negative point-for thinking he is someone great. M: you are J so why are you not J when you meet me?
Y/J: you already know that answer. landlady comes in with the new contract for Y that M made for her.
S is training a new scheduler
S: dont get involved with human affairs
memorize that rule in your head
and makes a comment about the man’s clothes and tells him to dress like a scheduler
the older man calls S “sunbaenim”
S’s phone sounds like a siren
S tells the man that this sound means that a scheduler’s list is being downloaded
it comes once every 10 days
it has the time and date and name of ppl he needs to escort to the elevator
S complains how the schedule is packed to the last day he has to be a scheduler
he scrolls down: who is the last person who is going to ride the elevator with me
Y/J comes back and asks the chef where H went cuz his phone is off too. chef tells her H went to america cuz his dad called suddenly. she finds out H will be back the day after tm. she runs out calling out for him and says I wont be here then and cries
J cries and worries cuz H told her not to go without saying goodby and leaving like his mom.
 Y says H will be back in 2 days so J can meet him then
J says she wont be here when he does so she cant meet him.
Y: in two days – J is leaving too
Y asks if J needs her body today and steps out to meet Noh.
Y tells him the truth
noh: you are living for the sake of that spirit?
Y: i know you wont be able to understand
noh: how can you do that?
Y: you said before
if you dont experience it
there is an agonizing pain you cant know about
it’s the same right now
you cant know why I am doing this
noh guesses she couldnt trust him cuz he told her to leave.
Y: from your point of view, of course I had to leave
he says he thought she had become his friend but it must not have been true
she says she came to say goodbye. he asks where she is going. she says she is going somewhere
S shows up and addresses her formally as traveler J
but she says he doesnt need to cheer her up
S acts formal and says he isnt here to cheer her up
he tells her to listen carefully cuz these are her instructions
that she has 16 hours and 55 mins left- tm at 4:55 pm-at the time of her accident
her 49  days is up. she cant leave any belongings -not even a letter.
J: i cant even leave a letter?
S: if you leave a letter as J it will be destroyed
he will come for her 5 mins before she has to leave. end
he pats her back and says he hopes for a miracle for her.
P goes to see IJ. P says she told J’s mom about IJ and M  cuz J’s mom asked
IJ: she couldnt kill me
P asks if IJ ended with M judging from what IJ looks like -you lost your bf and your friends
IJ says she hasnt ended with M yet.
P says how H still treats J as live.
when I found out H liked J
I thought about about why I was upset
I already thought J was gone after hearing what the doctor said.
dying doesnt mean you connections are gone
P wonders why the 3 of them ended up like this
Y/J goes shoppping for underwear and facial products. she goes for a walk.packs her stuff. watches the shop staff and cries thanking them. she goes to see P cuz today is J’s parents anniversary and Y is here for their cake. P says Y is a better friend for remembering and gets a cake packed and buys it for Y. P says she is J’s friend too-I’m a closer friend (than you).  J and I are best friends. Y/J: i know. J said after her parents, you were the friend she liked. she said you were like a shade from a huge tree
you might not think like that but J liked you a lot. P:hearing that I miss J
Y/J takes J’s parents the cake. they say J would sing for them so she got them this CD and plays the song. J goes out of Y’s body to sing to her parents and Y walks over to J’s body lying in the bed and starts to cry. J’s parents are crying too.
Y and J go back to H’s home. Y says some parents are like J’s and others throw their kid away. J says instead of abandoning – they might have lost the kid. Y:ever since my younger brother was born, I still remember how my parents were annoyed and mad
so instead of parents, (god) sent her yi soo
young Y is crying cuz other kids think yi soo and Y are siblings and tease her for dating. he tells her to just say they are dating.she blames him for giving her this name so he promises when he grows up and makes money he find her real name.  she gives him ribbons cuz said he was her mom, dad, brother, and friend
J says so that is why you are living like this cuz you lost someone like that.
 Y: J i am really sorry
leaving behind parents like that
and having to go cuz of me- I’m sorry
(cuz of Y causing that accident).
Y : even tho I knew I wouldnt die- I wanted to die so much
after Yi soo left- for 5 yrs- i tried to cut my wrists, took pills, hung myself..
J:it wasnt all your fault
Y: but I couldnt die-when i cut my wrists – the landlady found me
when I took the pills (something something)
when I hung myself-the rope fell
so that night – cuz it was the day yi soo died-I’m really sorry
J: if you are sorry -live properly
when you are having a hard time
think of that day
and gather the strength to live
next morning, Y wakes up and J is gone. there is a pink box for Y and a meal prepared
J goes down to meet S.
S: for the last day, a special service from your scheduler
you have 7 hrs and 55 mins left
what do you want to do
I will take you where ever you want
J: i dont have anything I want to do
call the elevator now for me
J: I dont want to spend my time  feeling anxious till the last minute
I’ll go now
S reluctantly agrees
J: scheduler – thank you for everything you did till now
and he says let’s say goodbye in front of the elevator
doctor tells J’s mom to give up on J and P is there too to hear that.
Y opens the box and the note is the one J wrote a while back when she left and got that first tear
it told Y not to be surprised and that J cleaned up to make up for inconviencing her
dont be scared cuz I wont come back again
who I was  was a poor spirit who felt close to you without your knowledge
i’m asking you as a favor but dont just eat ramen and eat some rice (real food)
Y cries looking at the gifts J prepared for her
S and J are there at that place (from the first time he told her about her 49 days), he wants to shake hands but she wants him to hurry and call the elevator. as he waves his arm to make the elevator appear, it passes over her pendant. suddenly, she gets a tear. and then another one.
J’s mom is crying with P
and real J starts to wake up
 she opens her eyes
wow talk about cutting it close
no preview
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  1. feverdrama says:


    Finally she got d 2tears…it ws so fast dat i ws juz wondering who wud shed pour tears here.I guess it wil b Y bt dun kn abt d other snc d writer alwz make us tnk in other way,mayb nxt week ep wil show us who d 2 person were.

    I tnk d last 2eps wil belong 2 Y n S snc S ws got 1week penalty so it wil b how he is gona show up…can’t wait 4 wed-thur again


    • feverdrama says:

      After watching d raw i am tnking dat is it possible dat d other tear came 4m her MOM lyk JH ws adopted n ws not her real mom…im going insane tnking abt wat is going to happen..

      Moreover whn JH ws singing 4 her parents on there anniversary n whn Y stare/luk at comatose JH something seems she knows abt her..wil it b dat she rem’ber her 4m there High school magic trick???


  2. kris says:

    thank you so much :>


  3. Shila says:

    Softy thank you, i think you have good writing skills, it is always simple but captivating, it goes along with the actual story. why don’t you start writing a story your self? 🙂
    Cai ..yoo..


    • Softy says:

      thank you for the compliment, but I can’t take any credit cuz everything is from the writer – I just type what I hear and see. Man I wish I could write as well as these drama writers, but I lack the imagination and creativity I’m afraid. 🙂 You sure did make me feel better though cuz I was feeling kinda low. Not that many ppl seemed to like the best love recaps as much cuz hardly any comments there and it was killing me cuz I was trying so hard to do it justice. I haven’t been this desperate to get down the lines of a drama so accurately since SG. I forgo sleep even. It might be cuz it’s still new to me tho cuz I used to feel that way about CYHMH and 49 days and now they are easier to translate. 🙂


      • Shila says:

        Girl, u’r humble, trust yourself n enjoy what u’r doing right now. I wish i could transfer some of my energy to you. Cai yo! Softy, we love u.


      • Softy wish I can be like you…. but I can’t understand Korean and you don’t know how much favor you are doing us with your great recaps. Soon 49 days will be shown in our country (Philippines) and will be dubbed in tagalog, but you see I love watching Korean soap opera in their original language and just read the english dub.. I don’t know I just developed liking for the way Koreans speak their language… and of course orig is still the best. I love 49 days, I see so much love and respect.


  4. LeeYo Won made me cry again… and also Nam Gyu ri…. I wonder what the ending will be.. I can’t wait for Kang to arrive now theat Jihyun is back… can’t wait for Yi kyung and Yi soo to meet… hay will one of the casts died… really can’t wait for next week


  5. by the way softy you are great….. wish I can be liked you who can translate Korean to English… you just don’t know how difficult it is to watch with language that you don’t understand and yet you know something exciting is happening… would like to be like you really


    • softy says:

      hahaha I keep saying I wish I was blue -bet she could whip these out in under an hour but it takes me forever – how funny – I’m the only one who doesn’t want to be me in this situation 🙂
      just gotta add tho – this ability is a little bit like a curse now cuz all I do is translate in my head everywhere I go in Korea 24/7 -what my friends say, what the cab driver says, what the baker said, what the salesclerk said, etc. this translating habit gets in your head and the problem is there is no “off” button *sigh*


  6. softy just appreciate you gift though I know doing it over and over again makes you tired..I wish I can tell you to rest for a while but make sure someone’s going to do the translation while you’re away or else we don’t have a good recap to read hahaha


  7. yvujelle says:

    i love you softy!!! from philippines but im hir in ghana(west africa) now watching and reading ur amazing recap….mwahhhh..sending you alot of energy>>>(if i only can)


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