49 Days E17: Live

As I was translating, I realized how crazy all this sounds- needing tears to come back alive, spirit/ghost borrowing a living person’s body, etc. All this time, I didnt stop to dwell on it cuz I was too caught up in the storyline. But today, I had a more disturbing thought: it doesnt sound that crazy anymore. I want more of the impossible. I want J to get her two more tears and live happily after with H. I want M and IJ to be miserable together. But the craziest of them all, I want S to be reunited with Y without her having to die. Yes, I realize that is an insane wish, but this drama made me hope and believe that could happen. If not, at least let her finally know the truth about how he was going to propose and make her stop being so cynical about love and maybe move on. 
Today’s episode is crazy cuz Y and J are talking to each other and relaying info and Y is pretending to be J and omg – my head hurts. now they are all living together too. no wonder they call that place Heaven.
49 Days E17
 Starts from Y going to the train station and H calling out for J everywhere.
he asks: where are you?
he remembers how Y got in a cab and calls the cab company to find out where her cab went
S picks up J and asks: did you run knowing where Y went?
J says :seoul station
H lies to the cab company that his wife went to die
that’s why she left behind her cell phone
if she knows I am following her and she jumps out of the cab
are you going to take responsisbility?
it’s a life and death situation – please help me
S takes J on his bike to the station
S: this is all I can do
after getting permission from sunbae
J:thank you
S: make sure you bring back Y
H gets to the station and boards the same train as Y after he spots her thru the window
J sees H too and gets on the same train
train leaves
H goes to Y
H: SYK -sorry for startling you
I’m in too much of a hurry
I came cuz I had to ask you something
my name is H
I saw you get in the cab in front of your house
I have someone I need to find
you need to be there….
dont know how to explain this but
it’s someone I can only find if you are there
I: i know
Y: i know what you are saying
I know who you are looking for
H: you know? how?
Y: that person isnt here
she didnt come with me
H:then where is she?
Y: i dont know
I left cuz of that person
J shows up
H: no you cant
if J doesnt have you
she cant come back to life
I cant find her
and she cant come find me
you know that
Y: you are a really strange person
why do I have to live lending my body to a ghost
 J sits and cries and says sorry to Y
J:sorry I got mad at you
I did it cuz I wanted to live so much
Y can see J crying
please help me for 10 more days
if you dont help me
i cant do anything
I have to just die
J keeps crying
Y can see J
H asks if J came
J: after 10 days, i might die -but just for 10 days -just in case I can live
if you dont like 10 days -then just one day
just let me see my mom and dad one more time
just let me say one thing I wanted to say to this friend (H) and go
Y starts to cry
M looks at Y’s home
landlady says after Y left
some guy came and made a fuss
M tells her to leave and he will clean up
all 3 are in H’s car
H asks Y if Y can see J and hear her
Y says today she can
but she couldnt before
H says Y must have been shocked by that
Y says she wasnt
that H’s friend’s memory stayed with Y
H asks if that means she retained J’s memory
Y says not all but some
H says if M finds out Y didnt go to pusan M might look for her
are you sure it’s ok to go back to your home
also you told the landlady you would leave
Y tells him to listen to the details from J later
H asks if J is ok now
J tells Y to tell H that she is fine
so Y relays that
S appears and congratulates J for reuniting
J tells S
that H found out all about J and Y
what should I do from now on
S: like you’ve been doing up to now
it looks like this friend (H) will do well from knowing
J: but this onyi sees me and hears me
S says that happens -between ppl who communicate well
S says J cant roam around during the day cuz not many days are left
he says let’s talk later
he looks at Y
S: i’m trembling so I cant stay here
 and goes
back at Y’s home
Y and J talk to each other
J tells Y she doesnt have to address her as Ji hyun shin (to drop the “shi”)
Y says sorry for causing your accident
the person who wanted to die was me
so I was too (selfish/reckless????dont know this word)
J: it wasnt just your fault
trying to pick up my phone, I took off my seatbelt
if I hadnt done that it wouldnt have been this bad
Y: is that is you came to me?
J: that’s not it at all
I cant tell you the details but I was sent to you
Y: you said it was 10 days didnt you
the time you have left
J: yes
Y: to pay you back what I owe
for your sake
I will let you use (my body) for 10 days
(cant tell is J said”for my sake” or “for the sake of the time left”)
H is outside and wonders what Y and K are talking about for so long
Y/J comes running out
they stare at each other
Y/J: you waited long didnt you?
H tells her it’s really good to see her
she says: me too
he reminds her how they decided to speak informally
H wants to shake hands
she thanks him
he asks what they decided to
she says she is going to stay home today cuz she has something to do and will be at the store tm
H:you decided to stay here?
Y/J: yes
H says she must be tired and to get some rest
he will talk to the landlady and settle things
she says she can get it settled and tells him to go
he asks how but she tells him to go
he tells her to go in first
she says she wants to see him go
he tells her to call tm morning cuz he will come to pick her up
she says thank you in her head
Y/J shops for groceries
S shows up
and keeps throwing things in the basket
Y/J: you came
onyi …
but he says he knows what Y said
Y/J: then I can do as she said?
he mutters something about how it’s up to Y to decided since she is the host
and says at his phone – why dont they look out for the host
Y/J says something about how he only cares about the host
she takes out what he put in
Y/J: you keep throwing in whatever you feel like
S: that’s not it
you have to finish up your 49 days safely without causing trouble
for me to finish up my 5 yrs and earn my wish
so you think i will just worry about Y?
when I am so grateful to you for bringing Y back
Y/J: that’s right – you probably dont care if I live or die after 10 days
S: I cant control it is all- it’s not cuz I dont care
J: then that means I can do what Y wants to do right 
S: since you are grateful you can buy (some expensive beef)
she says she cant afford pver $50 worth of groceries
there is no seasoning at her place so I bought all this
she takes out what he put in
but he says he doesnt want to
S puts his arm around and uses aego
S: let’s just eat it today
she pushes him away
Y/J: what’s wrong with you I am J
S blames his sunbae for pairing him with J
that reminds him
S tells her she is getting close with H
S: you are forbidden to do any skinship with Y’s body
not even hold hands
(he wipes invisible cooties from her hand for the handshake earlier)
she gives him a look
S: what is that look? does it mean you want to?
Y/J: cant I do it if i get permission from Y?
he cant believe she said that “permission?!”
Y/J makes food for Y
J wrote a note saying she wanted to feed Y
the most while she lived with her
she thanks Y for today
J comes closer after Y read her note and Y stares at J
Y starts to eat
J tells her to try to the  spinach
J: the soup is a little salty isnt it
Y says it’s ok
J: it’s ok to eat up
she mentions how all this time she built up Y’s appetite eating healthy
J:  yi soo told me which side dishes to make
dont get startled
Y: you talked about Yi soo before too didnt you?
how do you know Yi soo?
J: he waited for 5 yrs for the sake of meeting you
Y asks what that means cuz YS died 5 yrs ago
J: since you are living
you might not know this
there are a lot of things I cant explain (about what is going on)
 like me the one in front of you
J: you pretended to like spinach
but made it for Yi soo to eat
you like the sausage but cuz it’s expensive you wouldnt eat it
so he said that he acted like he liked it
Y cries
to yi soo and Y working and studying
Y narrates: we went to school while earning money
yi soo hardly got to sleep cuz he was earning to pay for my tuition too
but he always made lunch
Y lectures YS cuz she told him she would make lunch
he says he cant think of seeing her cooking while she is living in a “go-she-wan” (a small one room place where you live and study) where young men come and go
she wants him to sleep a little more instead of spending it making lunch
 yii soo says he can sleep for the rest of his life after he dies 
she tells him to quit his nightclub job cuz she will get paid soon starting from next semester
he says until he earns enough to get a place for them he wont quit cuz he gets tips and the location is good and he gets to learn guitar from the band members
she worries he will faint from lack of sleep
he says he wont cuz he is yi soo
end flashback
Y asks if J really saw yi soo
J: the pictures you saw
he said it was taken without his knowledge
because of music (cant hear this part) 
Y cries
J says she can only tell this much
the rest she has to hear from yi soo when Y meets him
Y: can I really see him?
J: I dont know the exact date but it’s not too far off
till then he cant show up in front of you
so just wait a little while
Y cries more
S stands outside
H is in his car
Y comes out and IJ  is there and sees H’s car and hides
IJ calls and tells M that Y didnt leave
M says he confirmed that she did so that cant happen
IJ says she saw H in front of Y’s place
Noh: so you went and came back?
Y: didnt know (that person) would follow me there
so I got off the train halfway there
Noh: are you sure that spirit didnt follow you
Y: i made sure (the spirits) couldnt follow me off the train
Noh: i was sad that you left so far away
but I was glad we had a chance to do what we had started
M shows up
M asks if he can speak with Y to Noh
Noh tells Y to drop by his hospital after her work
M asks what happened
Y says she left J behind and came back
cuz J followed her onto the train
M: to the train?
can she do that without using your body?
 you could see spirits?
Y: i cant see (spirit) but I can sense it
M: then how can I believe that you left J behind?
Y: starting from tm I am going to work during the day
so come at night and confirm
M:where are you going to work during the day?
Y: at Heaven
M: at H’s store?
did H tell you to work there?
Y: he will think J is still working there
since I worked at night and slept during the day
she was able to use my body
now I am too scared so I cant work at night
M: so you are saying you will act like you are J
Y: you said his name was H-her boss
he cant be 100% certain that J is in my body
cuz she cant let ppl know it is her
M calls her J
you must think I am a fool
you think i will just believe you cuz you say that
Y: you see me as J right now?
she says she remembers stuff cuz J borrowed her body
M: no matter what you say
it doenst make sense
cuz you have no place to work during the day
you work at heaven?
you want me to believe that
Y: why do I have to make you believe that
that woman used my body without permission
cuz of that I went thru so much
I need a place to work right away
so what’s wrong with acting like I am J?
M: you can just go to the pension I recommended
Y: who are you to me to tell me where to go or not
i didnt leave cuz I was scared of you
I left cuz I was scared cuz of J
M : cuz you were afraid of J?
Y: she found out I caused her car accident
I was already scared but you came and threatened me too
so I left
but J followed me
she saw the memo with the address of the pension
so I left her and came back
if you dont believe me
you confirm it
if you want to find J
you find her
give me back my home
and also dont threaten me to leave
M: J acted like she was you
Y: what are you saying?
M says Y’s stare resembles J
S is upset listening
S: i’m going to die
J: i didnt ask her to do this-onyi suggested it
S: that obvious would that kind of idea come from your head?
J thinks M was duped
chef says it’s a good thing the real Y agreed to help out
H says if M finds out H doesnt know what M will do (so it’s not that great for Y)
chef says J’s dad has to hurry and get out of the hospital so he can be told about M
H gets a call and his dad found out about that consulting company
and tells H to check his email
his dad says the company isnt legal (or not a proper one)
H gets a call from J’s mom
J’s mom hears there is problem with the company-they need money
she asks what M is doing
the guy says M is raising money but he hasnt called yet
H comes and hears this
H goes home and looks at J’s seal
9 days left
Y/J wakes up and H comes
she sprays the room so it smells better
and fixes her hair
he says dont get startled
he shows her the seal
H: i think J entrusted you with this-didnt she?
she nods her head
H says he needs her help to use it
her pendant gets red
H: if you help we can stop it (the company problem)
Y/J:what can I do?
 H goes with Y/J to explain to her mom
that J left the seal with Y
and they need to use it
H tellls the mom she cant tell anyone in the office including M
they do a lot of paperwork
the mom gets involved and tells the lawyers not to talk about it
Y and J confer
H has a meeting with everyone including the waiter
the waiter acts like he is reporting to M
M’s secretary reports about Y’s activities for the past 2 nights 3 days-how she work from monring to day at heaven and stays in during the night
so M believes what Y said
secretary going to help IJ move out
M hears about what happened
IJ finds out J’s mom raised the money and stopped (something)
H hears good news from J’s mom and she thanks him
H  tells Y/J that they were able to stop something
they are about to hug but Y/J remembers how S said not to do skinship with Y’s body
so they dont hug
she thanks him
H asks what she is going to do for him
and calls her noona
Y/J: do you think I want to be your noona?
to someone who is more like an older brother than an other brother
I could you something but  I cant
I can see you,  but i cant say that I saw you
that’s Y
so what can I do
I’m sorry
H says he gets it so she can stop now
* she says wants to say stuff
but she cant cuz she is in Y’s body
IJ is waiting at Y’s home
Y/J : you came to the coffee shop before didnt you
she invites IJ in
she tells IJ to look for J-isnt that why you came?
IJ: what do you want from us?
Y says IJ shouldnt speak informally when they dont know each other
IJ says she  came cuz she knows Y got a loan for J’s land
you had the seal
Y/J: why does everyone say “it’s cuz you are J ‘ or “it’s cuz you are Y ‘
did you do a lot of bad things?
IJ: you know what kind of person M is
you think he will end it cuz of you were able to stop (something)
what is it that you want?
Y/J: what are you going to do if I am J? what are you going to do if I am Y?
IJ: why are you not saying anything when you know everything
are you trying to avenge us?
IJ tells her to tell IJ
Y/J: if I am J
 i will follow you around for life
why do you think she will only use Y’s body
she can in someone else’s body
and if she doesnt have a body
she can roam around forever
also if J comes back to life
it will be cuz of IJ
J’s dad finds out what H did
how H stopped that (something)
J’s mom says they stopped it so he doesnt need to worry now
H asks him about the consulting company-how her dad is connected
dad asks why H is asking cuz someone recommended that company
H asks for that person’s name
her dad asks why H is asking that
M tells IJ that he had Y followed and it was only Y coming and going
IJ tells M that Y was J-she sensed it was J for certain
M says you think i wouldnt know the difference between J and Y
she says he couldnt know before
that is why he liked Y not knowing she was J
he says the person he liked wasnt J
IJ says she isnt trying to lecture M – she is just scared
we cant see J but she is watching us
J found the seal before we could and stopped the (something)
it’s certain that she has more plans that we dont know about
IJ tells him about the loan J’s mom got for the land
M asks why she is telling him that now
IJ asks what is going on cuz their stuff is outside
P says it’s P’s stuff – she moved her things out
P: I’m not even taking a toothpick we bought with your money
IJ: what are you saying
P says she is too scared to live with IJ so P is running away
you did that to J’s dad’s company
P says she is no longer speaking to IJ from this moment on
P tries to leave
IJ says she was wrong
and is regretting
IJ admits she couldnt stop M
cuz she duped M first
when she was having a hard time in seoul-she met M
from first sight she liked him
she didnt want to seem like nothing in his eye’s
so IJ lied about her dad
IJ goes on about how her lies plus how she felt about J made her do more bad things
IJ: since you like H
you should know how i feel
P:no matter how much I like a  guy
to get the guy I wouldnt backstab a friend
IJ says there is only P and IJ left
even if IJ cant stop M right now
she promises not to leave J’s parents pitiful
P tells her to go live with M
J tells Y that IJ is right
there is more to M’s plans
Y says J wants to live but she keeps worrying about her dad’s company
Y thinks that is what having family is like
making me think of them first
Y says H seems nice
and H and J like each other
Y says if it was her
she would be nicer to the person she likes and look at him more
J says it hurts her cuz H ‘s heart will hurt more cuz she doesnt have hope to live
P tells H how she moved out
P says she couldnt stand living with IJ and seeing her face
H says it is a good thing that J has a friend like P
she needs to hurry and wake up for you
P: you must have liked J a lot
if by any chance J cant wake up again like the doctor says
 how long will it take for you to see some other girl (date/like some other girl)
H:what are you talking about?
P: if there is another girl who likes you
how long does she have to wait
H is speechless
Y/J goes to M’s home and uses Y’s bday to get in
H tries to call Y but her phone is off
he is about to go to her home but chef makes a suggestion to try to track it-
the location of her phone
H wonders if tracking will work when it’s turned off
but  S’s voice says she is at M’s home and gives the address
*S’s voice was used for all the voice for the phone so it isnt a real person giving out this info
Y/J looks uses M’s mom bday to open the safe
the paperwork she wanted isnt in there
she goes outsideand M is standing there
she reacts in shock like J would
he accuses her of being J and tricking him
Y/J: do I still look like J to you?
M: then how could Y come into my home and come out of my room
Y/J: I told you that I still had J’s memory (J’s memories remained)
she says she keeps thinking of this home
M: should I tell you the reason why you are J?
Y/J: I am Y
M: J would never like M
but she seemed interested
not just that
she worked as my housekeeper
and used her key to come in without me knowing
what could the reason be?
that I wouldnt figure that out and came back to my home
he steps in closer
M: that is the proof that you are J
she backs up
J pops out
M says it’s like J to only think of her situation and be gullible
Y: but you love that J
M: I didnt love J
Y: then is it me?
M: dont kid around
Y: if you loved her when she was in Y’s body then it means you loved J
but you cant tell the difference between the woman you love and the one you dont
M:  going crazy cuz I dont know who I love- I’m going crazy
she walks off but he grabs her arm
J yells out onyi
M says whatever she does  haemido will end up being his
in return for her driving him crazy he is going to get haemido at least
Y: you still love her
M calls tells the men outside to come in
one guy is trying to do an exorcism
but J is already gone out of Y’s body
he reports that there is no other spirit inside her
M says that isnt possible
and tells him to do it again
the guy checks the rest of the house
J is on the ground and he finds her
the bell rings
it is H
S is dressed as police and says into the camera that he is going to open the door
H says he knows M is inside and to open the door
J runs out
Y says she left something here and came
she leaves with H
M’s secretary says he cant see the policeman
H yells at Y for going there and not being afraid
S yells at H
this guy-why are you getting mad at my Y?
H asks Y: why did you go to M’s home?
Y says she is Y
H: do I not know you are Y?
Y says his friend is next to her
J feels guilty cuz H just yelled at the wrong person
H looks at the backseat and notices Y doesnt have the pendant on
H to Y: it’s during the day so how could you be Y
he wonders how Y and J can go around together during the day
Y: I told her to do this
H: then you should have told me ahead of time
S says to H: did she have a chance to tell you that?
H asks why Y went to M’s home
Y: in that home, there were paperwork in the secret safe
H: secret safe?
J says she feels good now cuz Y said it all
H says to the seat next to her
so this was it-that was why you met M all this time
J: sorry I couldnt tell you
H: so she went in without M knowing and got caught by him?
M is throwing a hissy fit when IJ comes in
IJ says she heard J wasnt in Y’s body -is that true?
he says Y/J is playing with him
M: Y and J are the same
so who did I love?
J’s dad meets with M
he says he heard a lot of things were going on at the company
M: you heard?
dad lists all the things that have been going wrong
and he is thinking M is up to it
M says what the dad is thinking is right
M meets with that jang guy
jang is mad
he threatens M
M tells jang not to and makes a threat against her dad
Y is packing and H helps her
he carries stuff for her
she is moving her stuff to H’s home
chef’s wife says she made up the bed and changed the bedding and it’s ready for her to sleep comfortably
chef tells them to put away her belongings and come down to eat dinner
Y bows to them and looks around
H takes her stuff  in
H asks if J is here
S shows up carrying J announcing
delivering her now (LOL)
S puts her on the sofa
J tells Y that she came
Y tells H that J came and is on the sofa
H  sits by J and asks if she is ok
J to H: sorry for causing trouble
Y to H: she says she is sorry for making you worry today
H to J: if you were going to do that
you should have told me thru Y
Y to H: she didnt tell me she was going to go do something either
H apologizes to her for making Y come here cuz of J
and tells her to eat dinner first
but Y says she is ok
H tells her to come down and he will wait for her
after H leaves
Y asks J: are you ok?
how did you come up here?
I didnt see you
J says she has a guardian angel (doesnt say yi soo)
S says he is a scheduler
J tells Y to eat cuz pasta and pizza are good here – eat a lot for me
S tries to touch Y’s head
but she senses it
H tells Y: sorry that you had to come here cuz M found out
try to be comfortable here
he thanks her for giving J a chance
Y says she saw J’s (? sincerity/determination?)
I wanted to die so much
but the life I wanted to throw away
there is someone who values and wants it
H: but doing all this
I know how hard it is for you
Y: it’s nothing compared to what I owe
H starts to ask what debt but says she doesnt have to tell him anything
she looks at him
J and S talk
J thanks him for saving her from M’s home
S: i didnt save you
J: i know you saved Y
but cuz of that I lived too
so thank you
S: if you are grateful
let her know I want to see her again
J worries he might have gotten a penalty for helping her
but S cites a rule where he can do that to save a 49er in the situation
how he follows rules like a good scheduler
he mutters: why did I have to regain my memory cuz every day seems like a thousand years
so how could I allow myself to get another penalty?
J asks if she is going to lose strength more and more
it’s not just during the day
he says it will get worse cuz her 49 days is ending
H is sleeping on his sofa
but cant sleep cuz he is nervous
Y is sleeping on H’s bed
J worries Y cant sleep cuz Y’s place changed
Y says she wants to get some fresh air
and asks J to join her
but J doesnt have strength and tells her not to go far
Y goes out
H is up too
he mutters that only 6 days are left
Y comes down
she says J told H to hurry and sleep
that she feels safe here being with H in his home
H says it is cuz of M
H asks if J can sleep
Y: I’m jealous of J
but dont like her too much
J doesnt have much time left
H:what does that mean?
Y: i’ve experienced it so I know
if you love and trust a lot
when that person leaves
it’s hard to endure
H: Y – why are you talking like J will die
Y: J doesnt think she will come back to life
H says that isnt true -why is she throwing away hope
Y: the more you do that it will be harder on J
just think this lifetime wasnt meant /destined to be
and throw away your hope
H tells her to stop talking like that cuz he is about to get angry
and tells her to go in
Y: I just said that for both of your sake….
but he cuts her off and says “it’s enough”
he says he wont give up on J until she leaves-no – I cant give up
H starts to walk away- without turning around he says
I’m asking you as a favor – please dont talk like that to J
she backhugs him
Y/J asks S: was your wish to take Y with you?
S: Y is thinking that?
IJ tells H that she cant stop M
H reminds IJ that she was J’s friend
IJ says she couldnt help but do that
it’s too late
 IJ goes to pull J’s plugs
J stands behind her: IJ what are you about to do now?
S to J:what do you want to do
where ever you want to go I will take you there really fast
J: call for the elevator now. S- thank you for everything up to now
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      What’s your drama schedule this May?Busy?

      • blue says:

        Hi ck1Oz!
        My drama schedule for May is as busy as everyone else. :-) I’ll be watching all the new dramas premiering this month as long as they’re good, and then dropping them like a hot cake as soon as any of them bore me. Hehe, I’m really fickle and difficult to please…

        • ck1Oz says:

          Oh let me know which is good.I am only going to watch Lie to me and Greatest Love and CYHMH.I really want to know whether to watch Romance Town or not.

          Blue…..SQUEAL!! Eugene getting married to Ki Tae Young! Woot.I watched that drama like 10 times I swear.I am going to have to watch it now again…gah!

          • questions987 says:

            You’re such a dork.

            You’re going to laugh at my work story though, so I was walking out of my office this morning to go for a meeting with the bosses and as I walk out, I run smack dab into Dr. Noh didn’t see his face at first just saw lab coat with the words “Dr. Noh ” I almost stopped and asked if he jumped out of my phone to stalk me or something, then I realized I was at work and rushed off.

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    hope everyone will ended happily except for M and IJ ^^
    thank you so much softy… as always! (^^)p

  19. Kathy says:

    It’s J hugging H. We just can’t see her pendant. She was just acting like Y, but then got carried away.

    Here’s what’s in ep’s 18 preview:
    “The Ji Hyun who is using Yi Kyung’s body can no longer hide her feelings for Han Kang, whom has been treating her sincerely all this time. She suddenly embraces him from the back”

  20. Jewels says:

    This drama is far beyond anything I could imagine a drama could be. It’s over the top madness, brilliant, a home run, out of the box, and pure genius all wrapped up in one. I cannot believe how good this drama is.

    Regarding the back hug, I bet she will be relaying something that J cannot do herself, and tells H that this is from J. I don’t thing Y would do that especially when she still has to settle the past between her and S, and she knows that J is in contact with him.

    The only question I have was how she still got to go back to the apartment. Did H find out exactly what M did and reversed it so that Y/J could go back there?

    • karmic says:

      Totally agree. This drama is quickly shooting up to the top of my all time fave kdrama list. It’s mind-bending, the casting is just spot on (and yes, yummy) and thrilling episode in and out. And it gets better and better.

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      nahhahha…. I am LOLing at the same point too blue.
      yeah, i would like to be happy to read longer comments.
      actually i prefer reading comments than the recaps, visit the blogs (eq : This Blog, koala n DB) just for reading the bloggers and visitors comments. i skip the recaps to prevent spoiler, better wacht raw then wait for sub. wehehehe

  24. blue says:

    Btw, I do think the person doing the back hugging at the end was JK. I bet they’ll start episode 18 showing that JH came downstairs, heard everything between YK and HK, and repossessed YK’s body just to run and hug HK.

  25. jenny says:

    seriously, why would she give up like that? what about HK? her parents?

    oh please YS, dont call the elevator… I dont want to have a ssad ending… :(

  26. dcdramafan says:

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  28. yvujelle says:

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  29. [...] 49 Days E17: Live As I am translating, I realized how crazy all this sounds- talking about a spirit/ghost borrowing a living person’s [...] [...]

  30. ELFE says:

    Oops sorry but I don’t understand what Ji Hyun meant here :
    J: I acted like you liked spinach
    but I made it for Yi soo to eat
    you like the sausage but cuz it’s expensive you couldnt eat it
    so he said that he acted like he liked it

    • REBEL SOULS says:

      i made it clearer on the post, but I rushed thru this episode on the night it aired so I didnt put any explanations. what it means is Yi Soo and Y were poor and on a budget so they made sacrifices for one another. Yi Soo liked spinach and Y liked sausages but each felt bad for the additional cost so Y pretended she liked spinach (so he would get to it eat) and Yi soo pretended he liked sausages so Y would get to eat it. during this conversation when J told Y this fact, it was the first time Y realized what Yi soo did for her (pretending to like sausages for her sake) so it made her cry.

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