Lie To Me E2

Imagine a train track that has been perfectly laid out and everything is set to go and there is smooth sailing ahead. But unbeknownst to the passengers, some of those tracks have imperfections so the first part of the ride is a bit bumpy. Not too much that you want to complain or switch trains, but enough to feel less secure about that smooth ride you thought you were in for.  That is how I feel about this drama in a nutshell.  
Lie To Me E2
Starts from K arriving and his staff spreading the rumor that K is secretly married – one girl faints and another girl cries over the news (guess she had a crush on her boss). they think he married secretly cuz his aunt opposed the marriage.
 K asks H :are there any rumors aboutme? H: you mean that you are married
K: you heard that too -who started this gossip?
H asks K:did you really not do it? cuz you could have without me knowing.
K denies it saying he didnt
H:i would be upset too if I had a wife I didnt know
K asks who he is supposed to be married to.
H promises to handle the matter but K stops him
AJ is walking along like she is drunk saying she doesnt want to work
and K gets out of his car and asks if she is his wife.
they sit and talk about it and she laughs
she asks why he is acting so serious when it was a childish prank-she wonders who did it
he glares at her
AJ asks if he is looking at her like that cuz he thinks she spread the rumor.
K:cuz it’s not me
AJ: it’s not me either
he asks if she planned this from the start
K: i thought it was strange since the day you came to pay back the money
was the alcohol poisoning a pretense too?
AJ: K – i dont want to say this with my own lips cuz it’s childish but I’m successful too so why would I spread a rumor about you
he threatens to sue for defamation of character  if she doesnt settle it right away
AJ: why is marrying me a defamation of character
K: that’s not what is important
AJ:it’s important to me
she asks for proof that she did it
she accuses him of spreading the rumor and blaming it on her
her coworkers come and watch them
K says let’s meet at court and she tells him to do whatever he wants
but not to forget to bring the proof
co workers ask who K is and she says her stalker
K tells H that AJ accused him of spreading the rumor
H says K should have left it up to him
K tells H to find the best lawyer
at JB’s law office -some lady is mad cuz the lawyer didnt get the results he promised and she hits him. H is standing with the crowd watching the crazy lady. JB asks if H needs a lawyer. H meets with JB. H confides with JB that his friend is going thru this but some crazy woman is spreading rumors that she married his friend. JB asks why the friend isnt talking to JB but H says his friend is busy. JB gives some legal advice and tells H to pay for extra 18 mins of consultation fee.
SR gets mad about JB not showing up to pick her up. he says he was busy and she asks what his meeting was about and he says there are things he cant tell her and they have to have some secrets. SR says there are no secrets between spouses. He insists he cant talk but she says his name in a scary threatening way and he spills about how someone spread a rumor about marrying some guy she didnt
K sees his whole staff looking at him so K talks loudly to H : i dont know how that false rumor could have spread -but I am going to take her to court
H says it will take some time to do it
K: then find out if anyone around that woman heard anything
she will certainly have told ppl here and there the false rumor that she married me
H asks quietly if K is thinking of going to where she works-the ministry of culture
K says of course
H says K cant do that – he cant fight with that woman
H says you cant handle matters with women loudly and forcefully
he has to do it more gently and quietly to be more effective
K says AJ is a woman who doesnt listen to words
H: if she keeps persisting she is married and you say you arent
who do you think ppl will believe
K says :of course me
but the staff shakes their heads
K: are you saying right now that you believe that woman over me?
staff nods their heads yes
H says ppl will think there is some truth to what she is saying
K orders him to listen to him and make an appt with AJ right now
K’s friend shows up and reminds K about a gathering on the weekend and not to make excuses and avoid it- and also to bring his wife. friend says he heard rumors that K got married. K starts to say it is a false rumor and is about to explain how it happened but the friend says he knows that K’s aunt was against the marriage so that is why K had to keep it quiet. the friend says K doesnt need to hide it from them and says they are on K’s side. he yells “love is forever”. K denies it again
K doesnt want H to talk at all in the elevator
AJ is going thru slides and K busts thru the door and slams her against the corner and says :this is all cuz of you.
she asks what he is doing.
K: you told everyone “HKJ is my husband”
why cant you say anything?
she says to let go and talk
K: tell the truth – you started the rumor didnt you?
she says she didnt -why do you keep doing this?
K: lie lie – I will destroy you
she asks for proof and he points to the screen
which shows the lie at the hair salon with SR and JB
AJ’s voice says : proof-i know you did it all
AJ dreamt it all and wakes up yelling and wonders if that is how the rumor spread
she says she only said she got married – not who she married.
she gets a call from K to meet
she doesnt reply
she asks herself-why did the rumor spread that i married K
K mutters to himself: how can I settle this nicely if she doesnt pick up
K calls again and again
she is in the bathroom and she keeps wondering: why did it have to be K
she wants some time to think
she worries K will come to where she works
she tries to run out and sees K coming in
she hides behind a poster/banner thing
she wonders why she is hiding-did I do something wrong
K calls up and finds out AJ stepped out. he wants to wait and asks if there is only one exit.
her coworkers call out for AJ who is still hiding but she makes them go away.
she decides to leave and takes the bannner she is hiding behind and moves it around
she imagines other options to escape but decides against all of them.
like running past him but rules it out cuz he will be faster
then the minister asks what AJ is doing here (hiding behind the banner) so she has to come out of hiding
she explains she is doing some work and how she has another idea. she asks to talk while she is walking with the minister since he is busy and passes by K
K follows her outside and watches her get in the car with the minister
K thinks she is feeling guilty
minister drops her off and she thanks him for the ride.
minister approves that idea she made up
she gets mad at herself for the made up idea
she goes to her dad’s friend’s cafe-AK’s
AK sits to ask what’s wrong but when Aj starts to talk, the woman leaves saying it sound complicated and AJ mutters “she didnt even hear me out”.
when SB asks who AJ is, AK says “that rude girl”
AJ talks to herself
wondering why she is linked with K
even though I’m ok – why do I have to be involved with that rude jerk
SH sees her and she sees him
at the same time they point to each other and yell out –
he calls her “resignation” and she calls him “thief”
she says he is caught
he thinks it is fate
AJ: if this is fate your life isnt that great
AK asks if AJ and SH know each other
AJ says no and he says yes
AJ leaves cuz she wanted to think quietly here and now she cant
AJ wonders why her day is going so bad
SH chases her outside
he keeps saying it is fate
he tells her she needs to be grateful to him for taking that resignation or she would be jobless
she says she wasnt going to turn it in anyway
he says she would have turned it in
she says even if she did she wouldnt have gotten fired
but he wants to think he saved someone
she walks away and he says to himself
if she just leaves like this it’s coincidence
but if i catch her it’s fate
he calls out her name and asks what he should do with her resignation
SB tells AK how SH doesnt have a place to stay
she asks why he doesnt have a home
he says he has been kicked out
she asks why and he says it’s a secret
SH and AJ are eating together
AJ says the soup tastes the same and hasnt changed. he used to come here with his friend often.
AJ tells him to bring her resignation since she paid for his meal
He says he didnt know she would buy a meal just for that napkin.
she says she doesnt like her belonging being with someone she doesnt know
he says she isnt asking for his name even now
AJ: you didnt tell me already?
SH: does it mean you arent interested?
she says they are not close to call each other’s name
he tells her his name and for her to remember it even if she isnt interested
he leaves
K is having a staff meeting
K meets with his aunt
they talk business first
something about an investor
she tells him they dont know when the investor will back out
so K is inviting him to seoul
she tells him to hold onto that investor
she tells him not to fail this project
the future of the hotel hangs on K
he asks if she is trying to make him sacred
she asks about SH
he says SH is staying with a friend
 K says he hasnt met up with his brother yet
cuz his brother will still feel uncomfortable meeting K
she says SH should still feel bad cuz he is the reason his brother’s (K’s) engagement got called off
she cant believe the two of them fought over a girl
K goes back to his office
he looks at a photo of him with his brother and YJ-the girl they both loved
he gets a call from AJ
she asks for them to talk quietly
he asks where she is
he goes to meet her by the river
she is hiding under a hoodie with sunglasses
he asks why she called him all the way out here
she asks for them to talk while on the boat
she tells him to be quiet and get on the boat first
cuz a couple nearby are taking their wedding photo
and a bunch of other ppl are there
she is peddling alone and he is busy cleaning the boat
getting rid of trash and pulling gum off
she wonders why the boat isnt moving
she asks him to help pedal so they can get away from ppl and talk
they go further out
she says she wanted to meet here cuz she doesnt want more rumors spread
he cant believe that’s why she made him come here
AJ: even tho it’s bothersome
there is nothing wrong in being cautious
no one i know would come to ride this
you too right?
this is the safest
K: why- you should have asked to meet in the mountains
she says she cant trust that place either cuz hiking is popular
he wants to hear her explanation/defense
but she says she didnt say she married him
he starts to get mad and remembers H warning him not to lose his temper
she says she is at some fault cuz she told a friend she was married
when that friend sort of put her in a position to want to lie
but there is no proof-it’s just her saying that is how it happened
so he asks: you said you were married but not to me
she says he is smart
another couple fight in another boat-the guy cheated
the woman falls in and AJ dives in to save her
but AJ needs help so K dives in to get her
ambulance comes and K and AJ are heroes
K asks why AJ had to jump in
AJ: then should I have pretended to not know
K: right in front there were boat keepers
and her guy who wore a life vest
AJ says she just did what she had to do
K reminds her she is the one who said
there is nothing wrong with being cautious
is this being cautious?
he checks his pocket
she realizes her mistake
he doesnt have his car keys,phone, or wallet
but she has her key
so she offers him a ride
but he tells her to disappear
AJ: you wont regret? then i’ll be going
but he sees the crowd coming so he reluctantly gets in
the car is too small so he keeps squirming around
she drives him home
she says she wont take money for driving him home
she sneezes
he tells her to get out so they can continue talking
when she says she can go home and dry off
she has sunglasses and is hiding her face
she is being careful in case someone sees
but he says there is no one
she asks not even workers/housekeepers
she washes up and walks around in a robe
he is already clean and changed
she asks how much this is (his home)
and he says it’s over her price range for a government official
AJ: did I say I was going to buy it
I will just catch a guy who lives in a place like this
he looks at her so she says she was kidding
he says let’s finish our talk
she says she will handle it
she says gather all the ppl who think they are married
and she will say they are not
all at once
K: is everything that simple for you
AJ:does it get settled if it’s complicated
since I started I have to end it
K :why? if it’s what you said
you didnt really do anything wrong
 so there is no reason for you to interfere and settle it like that
she says cuz she is a victim too
she says she doesnt like ppl saying she is married to him
dry cleaning brings her clothes
she goes in to change
he thinks “victim?” and smiles
she changes and leaves
AJ: see you then (at the gathering)
K tells her to take off that mask cuz ppl will be startled
but she says something about caution
she drives off
 and he repeats “victim?”
AJ goes to meet her dad
her dad says he is really miserable today
he is upset cuz a friend went to jail
he says if anything happens to her he will be her lawyer
she says she isnt like his friend
they drink alcohol together
K goes to work
H says he was worried and asks what happened when K met AJ
K says he lost his cell phone
K says he didnt fight
he admits he might have misunderstood her/the situation
Park gets in the elevator with K and asks what she should do
about shooting a drama at the hotel-should she turn it down
he says go ahead and confirm it (cant hear the word clearly)
she sort of looks at him
so he says:why are you doing this too
she asks what he mean
K: I am saying this clearly
I didnt get married
P smiles and says :what does that have to do with me
he accuses her of not being his friend
but she keeps it professional and tells him not to think of her as a friend at work and tells him not to speak inforally to her
she goes back to talking about work
SR and her friends are still talking about AJ’s wedding
SR learns AJ’s husband is K and she is in shock
one woman says that friend who saw AJ at the hotel said it was K
that woman says they confirmed it while SR was gone to Canada
SR asks if AJ said it was K
they didnt get to talk to AJ cuz they dont know her number
but one of their other friends said she went to AJ’s wedding
one thinks AJ is funny for inviting that girl but not them
that the girl went to the wedding cuz she knew someone there
SR smiles and says they are believing a girl who lies alot
who even said she went to Brad and Angelina’s wedding
so SR doesnt believe it
they say would that girl lie like that
SR tells them to think about it
would a chaebol be crazy enough to marry AJ
the friends says SR looks at AJ in a negative way-ever since school
SR says she is seeing AJ that way cuz AJ is
did they think AJ was that impressive?
friend says AJ graduated from a better college than SR
SR says AJ was lucky her grades were bad
the girl says AJ passed her exams too
but SR says that wasnt ability but good timing
one accuses SR of being jealous
cuz if a friend did well they should congratulate her
SR gets mad and crushes a flower
SR says:chaebol marrying a  cinderella
dont just watch dramas
and live looking at reality
SR gets a tummy ache from being jealous that AJ is with K and that AJ is cinderella
SH is getting her resignation napkin and takes it out of his jacket and puts it on the table
SB runs to the bathroom
SH steps away to answer the door
SB ran out of toilet paper and comes out looking for tissue and grabs her resignation and uses it
SH is looking for it and then finds out what SB did with it
AJ finds out her resignation was used as toilet paper and gets mad cuz it offends her pride
she walks out and he follows apologizing and wanting to buy her a meal to make up for it but she tells SH to get lost
he finally just hugs her in front of a lot of ppl
she says let go at first but stops struggling
he lets go and asks if she feels better
she pokes him and says be is breaking the law doing this
he says it used to work a long time ago
he tells her to leave it up to him for the day –
the full course treatment (to make up for it)
but she says sorry not interested
she notices girls looking at him and then she checks him out and gets an idea
so she asks if he has time tonight
he thinks he got to her but she says dont be mistaken
just giving you a chance to make it up to me
she picks him up and he says she is 20 mins late
she tells him to hurry and get in
she says she was going to call she was late
how he could not carry a cell phone even tho he is jobless
he doesnt like what she has on
SH: you didnt lower my expectations
you cant help but look like a civil servant
she asks if it looks that strange
SH: since it is a party-we cant go with you looking like that
he takes her shopping for a new outfit
he doesnt like her choices
since she is going to break up with a guy that she doest care about him
he thinks she should look good
and picks out a dress that makes her look like a seductress
he picks out $2220 worth of dress and shoes
she takes out her credit card to pay for it
but she is reluctant to spend so much
he asks what’s wrong since she earns a lot
but she says “is there a government official who earns a lot
she cant walk straight cuz of the staggering cost
he says the price again and she tells him not to mention it cuz she might throw up
he says he was going to pay for it but he thought of her pride
he promises to do his part and stick to her side
and make sure ppl think she has no interest in K (only SH)
he asks where they are going
she says World hotel
he is surprised

K has gathereed all the ppl who believe the rumor
he keeps telling them that he didnt get married
but they keep cheering for his marriage and congratulating him
and make toasts for his secret wedding
AJ gets to the hotel with SH
he wont get out of the car
so she has to drag him out
he covers his face
she thinks this is his first time in a hotel
he lies and says he has other plans
and ditches her
but he decides to go in anyway
he promises to do his job well
he hides his face so she asks if he is umcomfortable being with her
he says of course cuz ppl will think he got seduced by her
H is waiting by the elevator and introduces himself as K’s secretary but
SH hides and runs out the door leading to the stairs
so she tries to chase after him
JB and SR come to the hotel
he asks why they came
she is here to confirm something
she asks the front desk if K is married
P says they are not allowed to give that info
SR says she just wants to know if K has not not
JB tries to stop her
staff says lots of ppl these days ask that
P tells them to ignore it
JB meets H by the elevator
JB says he is here to eat and H says he is here to do that too
 JB asks about the friend in front of SR
and H says it will get settled soon
H wonders where AJ went
K calls H
H tells him she arrived but isnt here
K calls AJ to hurry and come in
she explains she lost her friend
her hair is a mess from running after SH
so AJ goes in the bathroom to fix it
she runs into SR
they both say they are here with their husbands
SR asks how old AJ’s husband is and what does he do
AJ asks why she needs to know that
SR says she is happy to here AJ is married
AJ:why are you happy that I am married
SR says she was worried AJ wouldnt look at a guy for the rest of her life after losing her first love or unrequited love
so thank goodness you got married
AJ asks: doesnt it bother you
you saying that with your own lips
SR: what does
was there anything between you and JB?
oh that you liked him
AJ: if you were my friend
at least you should feel sorry
SR: that you and JB would have ended well if you had confessed to JB after that second exam?
AJ: thats right
SR: since you are my friend
I wasnt going to tell you this
but you have no intuition
SR says JB really didnt like AJ
that JB begged SR to get AJ off his back
AJ: you must have had fun talking about me -the two of you
SR: you think I betrayed you and his my relationship from you
but she says she did AJ  a favor
cuz if SR told AJ about SR and JB
 AJ wouldnt have focused on her studies
and overreacted and gave up on studying
cuz I kept it a secret you passed that civil service exam
think about how you were able to pass
and do a good job doing the work you have now
someday you will find someone good
AJ: you
SR : how did I know you didnt marry?
I’m sorry but I knew from the start
you were so embarrassed so you pretended
SR: I will just say one thing
I am SR and you are AJ
just to beat me dont spread weird rumors
AJ: what did I do?
SR: what did you do for everyone to think you married K
does that make sense? how can you marry someone better than me
you have skills for making ppl believe something that doesnt make sense
AJ: so you dont like that I met someone more successful than you
I have to meet someone less successful for you to be satisfied
SR says of course-it defies the laws of the universe if you marry better than me
AJ fumes and repeats those last words after SR leaves
JB says hi to AJ
but SR takes him away
K comes out of the room
AJ thinks to herself:
quite often i think with my heart instead of my head
when I do that, an accident occurs
K smiles and waves at AJ
AJ says
honey I am here
JB and SR turn and stare
K puts his hand down and glares at AJ
somone asks if AJ is ok and she replies: I’m not crazy yet
K assures his aunt that he and AJ are not like that
K asks if JB and AJ were really close
AJ goes to see SR who has been hospitalized and rubs it in so SR throws a fit
SB tells SH to stop it
SB asks SH :have you given up on YJ?
SH goes to YJ’s home and says outside her balcony
it’s been a while since I’ve been here
are you living well?
flashback scene where SH says if he cant love YJ then K shouldnt either
how can YJ be his sister in law?
K breaks up with YJ
AJ begs K to give her one more chance to settle things
AJ tells K he can do whatever he wants – sue her or whatever
but just”marry me”

19 comments on “Lie To Me E2

  1. ssen68 says:

    wow so fast
    ths softy
    love u very much :p


  2. jae says:

    thank you softy! you’re fast! souls rebel jjang! (^^)p


  3. boutheina says:

    thank you very match


  4. hanhdungnguyen says:

    yeahhh,really fasstttttt
    thanks a lot


  5. gabby says:

    Thank you so much! You’re super fast!


  6. thundie says:

    Fighting, softy!!


  7. julieng says:

    Thanks so much..fastest recaps!!


  8. ck1Oz says:

    Thank you…I am really happy reading this episode.I can’t wait for your full transcaps.


  9. J says:

    This was awesomely fast! Thank you! My favorite scene is the one where they are on the boat together…her whole camouflage outfit was hilarious! Apparently, it was Eun Hye’s idea to wear that <333


  10. Alexus says:

    I wasn’t going to start this drama until 49 days finished but since you are recapping it I will just dive in with you. I haven’t made up my mind either. I think I will have to watch more episodes. I like YEH so I really want to give it a good go. I didn’t like her last drama was it Take care of Agassi?? Something like that, so I hope this one will be a winner. I loved her in Goong so we shall see.
    Thanks for the recaps as always!!


  11. teresa n says:

    yeah,i’m not too sure abt this. “taking care of the young lady” i started watching and dropped it and then picked it up again. have you noticed that she has sex scene in ever drama she stars in? weird,huh?


    • sansukini says:

      In all fairness, I prefer her acting in dramas cos she never acted coy nor too naively innocent like a simple kiss in the cheek should be scandalous, then overreacts. I’ve seen to much of that in kdramas, it’s kinda annoying and hypocritical.

      I still haven’t watched this yet and based on softy’s and koala’s comments, the plot’s a bit convoluted, but I really don’t agree. I enjoy reading the recaps and I’m so excited to watch it, and the story seemed slow at the moment but it’s the first episodes and it usually is slow to organize the setup of the story. But i’m positive the drama will gear up on the next episodes, even if the plot is not that strong because of the actors playing the leads.

      They’re two of my favorite actors so, hell, I’ll watch any crappy drama anytime if the two of them are on it.


  12. ck1Oz says:

    I think this drama has the cute.It is a bit jerky in execution.However the plot is tried and tested,the main leads can act and kiss.The younger bro..meh.I can’t imagine him as a rich chaebol 2nd son or 2nd lead.I think I am used to the manly 6pack looks 🙂

    I watched both episodes raw and I am enjoying it.I like AJ already.I didn’t like Taking care of the young lady even from the word go.I liked Coffee House and Goong though.
    The only things that bugs me…they need to work on making more believable 2nd leads.I am so not shipping them at the present.

    I am kinda distracted by the thick foundation though.Or was SSH and KTH that good looking in My Princess that they didn’t need so much foundation?It’s driving me slightly nuts seeing the shining shining shiny faces 🙂


  13. pinkheaven says:

    Thank you so much for the transcap!

    I’m actually liking this drama and looking forward to the next ep!

    I totally agree…their faces are way too shiny, especially Yoon Eun-hye and Kang Ji-hwan’s. Along the same lines, the light pink lipstick on YEH did not match her at all and was not flattering. She looked great in the blue leopard print dress, but the make-up was all wrong. I thought she looked better in her every day make-up. LOL…SSH & KTH are really good-looking though…so maybe, yes?…haha
    I want a My Princess, Season 2!


  14. jang says:

    plot is shallow


  15. na3ngcut says:

    excuse me,

    May I translate your synopsis ‘lie to me’ to the Indonesian language and take in my blog??


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