Lie To Me E1

I can’t say this show ran away with my heart, but it got my attention. More than anything, I am thanking the drama gods this is so easy to recap. For me right now, that gives this drama extra brownie points. After the second episode, I will be able to better assess how I feel about LTM.
There was no way I was going to miss transcapping this drama from day one-no matter how many others started. Judging from the trailer, I think this will be a solid choice. I’m not sure it will be as exciting as 49 days, hilarious as Best Love, or touching as CYHMH, but I trust these two actors to bring on their A games and find a spot they can call their own. There is a lot of competition they have to make up ground for, but I think they are more than capable of sustaining our devotion. Fingers crossed.  
This was on my list from the very beginning cuz I love KJH from coffee house and YEH from coffe prince. What really cinched the deal was when YEH’s character AJ lied about being married in that scene at the hair salon -which happens to be the one I go to. When she made coffee prince, the hair salon she went to and even filmed the makeover scene was the same one I went to at the time as well. Also, KJH’s hotel is my favorite one in Korea-the W hotel. Those coincidences are fate my friend.
There is no way this drama is going to be done live anytime in the near future-maybe later when it gets really good, I might consider it. But I want to take my time and not have to rush home every Mon and Tues for now.
Still trying to learn all the character names and not screw them up again. Too many names – I fear I will never get them straight. Will post what I have as soon as it finishes airing.
Sung Joon K’s brother: SH
Jo yoon Hee – girl both brother’s love: YJ
AJ’s high school rival : SR
AJ’s first crush now linked with SR: JB
AJ’s dad: JH
AJ’s dad’s friend : AK
works at AJ’s cafe: SB
mother figure for K: MJ
K’s secretary: H
K’s high school friend and manager of his hotel: P
Lie to Me E1
Starts from K walking thru his hotel checking for dust or imperfections and making his staff all nervous and stressed. P tells K about tm’s wedding reception.
 Some crying woman comes in with her friends cuz tm is her wedding day and she heard her fiance was here with her best friend. her friends ask the front desk to give out the room number of the guy and woman who just came in.  the guy says he isnt allowed to give out private info of guests.
But K tells the front desk guy to let the woman know. his staff  goes with her. she is too nervous to confirm it cuz her wedding is tm and wont ring the doorbell. she worries that if she confirms her suspicions now her wedding will be called off, she will have to cancel her honeymoon, reception, and about her dress that was made and not borrowed. K makes a remark in his head that women are marrying the stuff that has to do with the wedding and not to guy.
she asks K:what should I do? she says it might be better not to see, but he rings the bell. her fiance opens the door. K says he is here to see if the guy is happy with the service and the guy starts to complain about late room service and that K’s timing is bad. the girl attacks the guy with cake saying “this is room service”. K tells P to handle matters here after 10 mins (to give the girl time to beat up her fiance) and take the woman home after she beats up her fiance.
On his way out,K notices a staff guy who missed a button and the guy starts to sweat as K buttons it for him
there is some kind of festival and AJ is dancing and stuff. her coworkers tell her the event is a hit. she is hungry cuz she hadnt eaten.
A bee flies past. nearby there is a huge hive.
some old guy (the Minister of something) asks whose idea it was to have this event. her boss was going to take credit but AJ speaks up and says it was her idea.
she gets praised my the old guy.
she gives a speech on tv.
a branch falls on the hive and the angry bees are unleashed and headed for the festival. there is a panic as ppl try to avoid the bees.
AJ gets stung by a bee
at the airport, SH arrives from somewhere and gets in a cab and tells the driver to head to the city
the whole office staff got stung and they are in shock from it. AJ’s boss gets mad cuz that old guy is still hospitalized along with 30 others to the emergency room and her boss wants to know how she is going to take responsibilty for this. AJ gets scolded for this whole thing. he says all she did was come up with the idea but not do the work properly. she complains cuz the bees werent her fault and she asks :are you glad that things turned out this way? and the boss tells her to quit if she doesnt like it.
As she leaves, someone tells her to put medicine on her bite but she doesnt listen and leaves
SH goes straight to a club and a girl who used to know him asks why he didnt contact her all that time and tells him she got engaged. he congratulates her and says:but didnt you say you would wait for me. she says he didnt even call but she still wants a kiss from him but he reminds her she is engaged.
AJ is there and she is drunk and tells them to go away cuz this isnt their front porch or motel.
AJ wonders why it’s so loud in here and yells out for everyone to be quiet. SH likes her right off saying this place is fun and he says he did well to come back
K gets a call and leaves his home to get his brother
AJ writes “i cant do it anymore” . she asks why SH he is looking at her. he asks what she is doing and she says writing her resignation. she guesses from his clothes and looks that he is jobless.
  he wonders why she is writing a resignation on a napkin cuz it wont be taken seriously. she says it’s all they have here and it’s better than writing it on a coaster.  she is drunk and talks about how the bees suddenly attacked. how it was not her fault(am I a god-do bees obey me) and telling her to quit is overreacting. she thinks the reason she got drunk so fast was cuz she is mad. (but it’s the bee sting) 
SH reads what she wrote and learns her name.she wrote: I’m better than you, but I’m quitting. dont live like that. AJ”. SH asks if she is really going to give her boss this the way it is but she says she is going to blow her nose on it and throw it at her boss. he says that’s a dirty way to end it.
she finds that funny
K goes to the club to look for his brother and gets hit on by women as soon as he goes in. SH spots K and mutters that he is really fast (for discovering his whereabouts) and SH disappears. AJ wishes mon would come quicker so she can throw her resignation note. she looks for it but it is gone.
SH leaves to go play with some other girls. as they drive off K comes out and yells out his brother’s name.
AJ comes out cuz SH took her resignation napkin and calls out “hey thief-how can you steal my resignation-if I catch you you are dead”  so K asks if she knows SH.
she collapses cuz of the bee sting and alcohol  and ends up clinging to K.
he backs away and hears other ppl say AJ is famous-was on tv so K pokes her and tells her not to sleep here but she has passed out so K goes with her to the hospital. doc asks K about AJ’s allergies and stuff but he tells them he doesnt know cuz it was the first time he saw her.  nurse tells him to fill in AJ’s info as her guardian. he says he isnt but changes his mind and goes in to sit by her bed side all night (he is that desperate to locate his brother). 
her blouse button was open so he was going to button it but decides to cover her with a blanket.
she wakes up and thinks K is good looking and wonders who he is and smiles. K goes running for the nurse.
doctor comes over and asks AJ for her name and ID number. doc tells her she had alcohol poisoning. then he asks if she took drugs. she swears she never took any.he notices her bee sting. he tells her that she could have died mixing the bee sting and alcohol.he tells her she is ok now and to leave when she calms down. 
AJ thinks he is crazy for telling her to be calm when she almost died. she is still worried and thinks she is too feverish
a woman next to her gives AJ a tangerine. AJ says she doesnt know if she can eat this yet. the woman says to give it to AJ’s husband then. the woman tells her how AJ’s husband stayed by her side all night so the woman was sure he was AJ’s husband. AJ says he is someone she doesnt know.AJ asks if he stayed all night to watch over her and the woman demonstrates how he sat up straight and watched over AJ.  the woman’s husband guessed K was AJ’s bf. when K shows up, the man says “good thing your gf woke up” and K says she isnt but the man doest believe him. AJ asks who K is. he says he wasnt expecting too much but just in case he waited.before he asks about his brother.
K tells her to button her blouse.
she does and  scratches her bee sting and her hair and wipes her nose. K looks at her (dirty habits) and thinks there is no way his brother would go for her and leaves
AJ goes looking for K. but he gets in a cab. K tells the driver to go even tho AJ is knocking on the window, but the driver says “you shouldnt do that.when a girl is clinging like that – you should make up. losing is winning” and K gets out. he asks what she wants and she says how can you just go.
K tells her he already paid for her medical bills and it wasnt much so she doesnt need to feel obligated. she explains she doesnt have her bag or money. he asks if she doesnt have family. she says she does but cant tell her family she came to the emergency room cuz of alcohol poisoning. he asks what she wants then and offers to give her cab fare but she says she isnt poor. she asks for a ride to the club to get her bag and pay him back. he says she doesnt need to.
But she holds his hand and says it’s cuz she is grateful cuz he saved her life. he pulls away and goes .
she asks for his number so she can deposit the money she owes but he doesnt want to give it to her -sort of hinting that she is doing this cuz she is hitting on him and he leaves. she gets mad about that
he goes into work without a suit on and his staff look shocked. H guesses K didnt meet SH. K orders his clothes to be brought.
MJ- K’s aunt came to remind K of his blind date. she asks if SH is still in Spain. K says that SH came back to korea yesterday. she warns K not to look for SH till he comes back on his own and says sorry.
H says “really” and she kicks him. he asks why she kicked him. MJ: cuz he is your younger brother. my younger brother didnt make cause so much trouble.what is wrong with your brother
K: SH took didnt take after dad and took after you
she almost hits K again
K says his dad used to say that and for her to take it up with his (dead) dad
she says if she knew K and his brother were going to make her go thru so much anguish…but K interrupts and says :what’s the point of regretting what already happened over 20yrs
 she tells K about his date and that if K likes her ok to marry her
K agrees to do that
warns if he doesnt marry this year she will take away his position
 K says she already said that last year
she says she means it this time
K goes to change and asks if she is going to stay
she asks if he didnt go home yesterday-does he have a girl? who is it?
AJ cant believe her bill came out to $270 a the bar. she blames SH for drinking a lot with her. she runs home to her dad cuz she hadnt been home all night and her phone battery died
she asks why her dad isnt upset his daughter didnt come home and didnt call. he says that isnt anything to worry about. he is more worried that she will come home on time every day when she is almost 30. AJ says”what kind of father is like this- most average fathers would report to the police and stuff. he says she isnt average tho.he tells her she was on the news. (he recorded it) she is upset that there is only footage of the bee attack and not the interview she filmed. she leaves again
ppl recognize her on the street cuz of that footage. some kid calls AJ and ahjumma and she says he should be calling her noona.
AJ goes to get her hair done. she tells the stylist (make me over so no one can recognize me-something totally different from what I look like now) and the stylist says then AJ should get plastic surgery. AJ asks for a change, but cheaply. She gets a perm and some woman nearby is sweeting talking with her husband and talking about setting the bed on fire and makes AJ squirm.
she spots a pic of K in the magazine. she reads the interview. she thinks his pic was photoshopped a lot.
K’s blind date says he looks better in person (she saw the interiew in the magazine). she asks if he went on a lot of blind dates.K says it’s his first. she asks what kind of woman he wants. he says he has a lot of things and ppl he is responsible for so he wants a wife who will support him quietly. she replies: your sense of responsibility is something else. K answers: also my fear.
she says she heard he broke off his engagement before and asks why.
AJ is reading that K is more “hot in Korea than Hyun Bin”.
SR spots AJ at the hair salon.
they figure it’s been 3 yrs since they have seen each other-since that happened. 
AJ keeps saying bad things about her in her head (cuz that incident is when SR stole AJ’s first love).
SR rubs it in by saying they overreacted then cuz they used to be close.
 (AJ thinks: what did she just say “over did it”? unbelievable)  
AJ says aloud that is was sort of awkward to keep in touch
SR asks how AJ had been all these years cuz she hadnt heard anything about AJ
AJ: as you can see I’ve been doing ok
SR calls over her husband JB-AH’s first love.
AJ begs her not to call him over but SR says it’s been a long time since AJ saw him too
SR tells her husband she met AJ
AJ narrates: everyone dreams of meeting their first love,but why does it have to be now
( when she looks like this with curlers in her hair.)
JB says he wouldnt have recognized her cuz she is like this
AJ touches her curlers
SR : why are you like that -being embarrassed- it’s not like you
when you walked around ok without washing your hair for a week
AJ thinks to herself it would have been better if she died than (something something)
SR says she looks like an ahjumma but AJ  is the same as back then
AJ thinks to herself: acting like a sly fox – same as before
JB laughs and says “no comment”
JB asks if AJ is married .
SR says to her husband: what do you mean married- when it’s AJ
he tries to make AJ feel better and says AJ will when she meets someone good
and getting married early isnt that good
SR says  – you have to have skills to get married early
not just anyone can get married.
AJ thinks: anyone? this …really…(she was about to call SR a bad name).
AJ gets a promo call and she lies into the phone like she is talking to her husband.
(she uses the similar sweet talk she heard earlier but she overdoes it with more aego).
(loving term for husband) I miss you too -set the bed on fire? ….it’s not that I dont like it…ok then see you in a little you need anything? eels? you must be having a hard time..see you in a bit…
AJ says to SR: didnt you know? I’m married
SR: liar
JB congratulates AJ
AJ: thank you sunbae
JB: it hasnt been long since you got married huh?
just looking at you – you seem like a newlywed
SR looks suspicious: did you really get married?
then why didnt I know
AJ: were you going to come to my wedding?
 if I had known – i should have sent you an invitation
you were really going to come?
SR says they have to go cuz the have a gathering with other married couples
she says it was nice to meet again
and leaves
AJ mutters thru clenched teeth- yeah it’s nice to meet again
AJ cant sleep cuz she is mad about the stuff SR said
AJ sits up and says :that’s right I didnt get married..if I wanted to..I could have…
 SR and AJ are sitting on swings
AJ scratches her hair so SR asks when AJ washed it
AJ thinks it’s been about a week
SR is shocked
AJ explains everyone does that here –
dont brush teeth for a day
dont wash face for 4 days
dont wash hair for a week
dont take a bath for over a month -that’s all normal
SR says men do that how could a girl
SR asks if AJ is going to take the next exam
AJ says how she passed the first exam/level after studying only 3 months
SR says: dummy -everyone passes the first it’s the second that is the problem
you think you can pass-if you do it will be a miracle
first one you got lucky but no way you can pass the second
AJ: but if someone tries really hard wouldnt that happen?
SR: you cant
AJ says : it’s not cuz you dont want it to happen
SR gets defensive and accuses AJ of making her into a bad friend
AJ tells her to quit acting like she is afraid AJ will make it and cheer her on
SR says this is the first time she heard of a girl studying in a (home just for studying) over a guy
AJ says she wants to improve her chances of being a good match for the sunbae
SR says she is curious and wants to see who AJ likes so much
JB walks by and AJ runs over to him
he asks if AJ ate and she says her friend came to visit
JB checks out SR. AJ asks him to lend her study material and he agrees to for the price of coffee
 AJ runs back to SR and says isnt JB cool. SR says he isnt that impressive
AJ says she is going to pass the second exam and confess to JB that she likes him
SR tells her to do that
AJ tries to get SR to say aja with her
 SR tells AJ to get away cuz she smells bad.
AJ is nosebleeding from studying so much and JB comes over to tell her to rest while she is studying. AJ is happy about her name on the list-for the government official exam
while running she spots SR and JB together.
SR congratulates AJ for making the list and says she knew AJ could do it
AJ asks how SR and JB ended up together
SR links arms with JB and says it’s been a while (since they became a couple) and
asks AJ to congratulate them
end flashback
AJ strangles her stuffed bear and calls it names she wants to call SR
are you a friend?
didnt you know I liked SB?
did you not know?
she hits her head and falls off the bed and cries
you knew ( i liked him)
her dad wakes up and wonders why AJ is doing that again
next day, AJ tells her dad she is going to pay back her debt. she goes to K’s hotel. she asks the front desk to give the money to K. the front desk wont accept cash and tells her to give it to K in person. the guy tells AJ to go over to the lounge where K is but AJ doesnt want to (she just wanted to leave it and go).
then she spots K sitting alone. he gets up and smiles at her she thought and wonders “was he waiting for me”. but he was actually smiling at his blind date who was coming up behind AJ. his blind date had gone to take a call. AJ sits down and spies on K.his date asks about his hobbies and he says he likes to swim.
AJ sits nearby and listens. she orders green tea but changes it to tomato juice. she has to pee and asks where the bathroom is but worries that K will be gone by the time she gets back. she tells herself to hold it in. she thinks about just giving the money and going but he is with that girl.
she wonders why they are talking so long and leans in to listen and topples over. she is too embarrassed to open her eyes. K recognizes her and excuses himself from the date to go over to AJ. staff asks if AJ is ok.  K comes over and lifts her up and she wonders “what is this-why is this guy doing this”. his whole staff watches this.
AJ’s friend spots AJ being carried by K and asks a waiter what happened-was she hurt. he says the guest got tomato juice on her so she wonders “then why is AJ being carried”.
P opens a room and K takes AJ into it. AJ wonders where he is going. K drops her on the bed. she rushes over to pee.  P puts AJ’s bag on the bed.
AJ tries to get the juice off and wonders what she should say to him. K knocks and tells her to come out. AJ lies to K that her leg fell asleep from sitting so long. K tells her to go to the hospital to get x-rayed. she says she is fine and her head is tough. but he wants her to go to the hospital  so she cant say anything later (like sue him).
she asks if she looks like someone who would threaten.K: arent you? you’re fine but you act like you fainted.she says she did that cuz she was embarrassed.  AJ retorts: how about you? why did you carry me without permission-are you a pervert? K: I thought if I didnt you would stay like that all day. K says he wants to know the reason why she is here. she says she came to pay him back and gives him the money ($73.20 ) . he asks how she knew who he was . she says she saw him in the magazine and it was hard to realize it was him cuz he was photoshopped so much.K says he clearly said it was ok not to return the money. she says she isnt ok with it cuz she is a government official.
she leaves the money on the bed and says she will be going cuz she did what she came to do. since she has juice on her clothes he asks are you going to leave like that? she asks if he is afraid she will ruin the hotel image is she leaves like this. K says he will give her a change of clothes but she leaves and pretends she was injured saying “this isnt a place a person should stay-how can there be a hotel  like this ” and scares other guests who think the tomato juice is blood
K notices she gave exact change and smiles. P asks if something is funny and he says it’s cuz he cant believe this. she asks if he knows AJ and he says “know what”
SH is riding with some guy in a truck and singing with him. he goes to a poor neighborhood and goes to SB’s art studio. SH asks SB to let him stay here. SB tells SH to go home. SH takes out the napkin with AJ’s resignation on it.
AJ tells her boss that she wrote a resignation but someone stole it. her coworkers laugh over that
SR tells other AJ friends that AJ got married. the girl who saw AJ being carried by K tells the group she saw AJ’s husband. he is really good  looking. she says of course he is AJ’s husband cuz he carried her in front of all the ppl just cuz she spilled jucie on herself. SR thinks that AJ’s husband is no big deal since AJ didnt invite anyone to her wedding. the girl says that K looked like money. they go out and call other girls and rumors spread AJ married a chaebol of a resort, dept store but SR doesnt believe. at the hair salon rumors spread that K got married. K’s blind date hears that too
K is playing golf. his blind date wont even say hi. he apologizes for not contacting her when he was going to. she tells him off and tells him not to worry cuz she wont tell her parents his aunt. K wonders what that means. his friend comes up to K and asks how K could get married without telling them.
K says: married? who? me? what nonsense is that
then he thinks of AJ
K tries to track down the rumor source
who spread this rumor?
is there a girl?
a girl that married me?
K wants to sue AJ
she tells him to do whatever he wants
she explains she only said she got married
not with who
SH thinks it is fate that he met AJ again
 AJ tells K: I will figure this out
since I started it I should finish it

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  1. nikesma says:

    1st! OMG! I can’t wait for tonight! Can’t watch it live~ But I’ll be refreshing my mobile to read your updates! ^^


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    So excited! Can’t wait!


  5. Koh says:

    Hello! I’m going to Korea this June and I’m thinking of getting my hair permed there. You mentioned in your post abt how you’ve been to the hair salon shown in the show, may I know where is te hair at and if their service is good? Thank you! 😀


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      sure it just opened not to long ago. I don’t know about other stylists but mine is -she has done my hair for over 6 yrs and I follow her every time she moves. this is her third salon-the first one was where coffee prince was filmed. she has a lot of famous clients but my fav one is Gong yoo 🙂 just to warn you tho the price is a bit steep- if you have long hair and depending on the type of perm it could run between $250-$500 and perm time ranges from 3 to 4 hours. PM me on soompi and I will give you their number and directions how to get there. 🙂


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    Thanks for the recap.I will go and read now.I’ve been so excited for it.


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    Softy, I won’t be able to see the drama until a few hours later. But how did you like the first episode so far?


  9. Keera says:

    Thankssss! I think is going to be a really funny drama :D!


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    Thank you so much for the recap! You are amazing!!!!


  11. ck1Oz says:

    kekekeke…I just finished the raw.Softy maybe it didn’t grab you as such because you’re translating it.I am enjoying this purely as a viewer and I don’t have to care what’s the correct spelling of the names,whether it is translated properly,when the softsubs are coming,if we are late.This drama is fun okay episode 1 is fun.I was chuckling at the gossiping women,the whole carry my woman,the misunderstaning …fun,fun,fun.

    SS you were shipping YAI do desperately,SG you were typing till your hands hurt or gasping with surprise/intense emotions,M3 you were almost cursing,49 days you loved it then felt agony over it,My Princess- was a fairytale you wanted to apply logic,Dream High you shipped the students,CYHMH got your heart…..Lie to me….softy…just have it as candy/fun and a good old fashion rom com.

    See how many dramas I’ve followed you to?FUN.We haven’t had a just enjoy-great acting-good chemistry romantic comedy fun.Of course it could all go to pieces but so far I am giggling and it’s kinda cute,kinda sweet,kinda funny and you can just see the trouble she is going make him Mr OCD uptight sure of himself chaebol go through.Suffer K-suffer!


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