Can You Hear My Heart E11

I was literally dying from the cute then bawling the next minute when the grandma saw M. this drama is driving me crazy it is so good. There are more and more scenes with D and Y together and there is no denying they have a bond now-one that goes beyond just the ability to hear or process information quickly. They readily accept each other’s uniqueness and have a way of embracing life that is both humbling and touching to behold. 
D- ya- why are you like this? are you unwell?
he blinks and looks up at her
she keeps shaking him
W: wake up D
cant you hear what I am saying?
cant you hear my voice?
cant you hear?
he pulls her down to him in a hug and closes his eyes
young W: what sound is it?
young D’s voice echoes present day D as he says: your voice
D cries as he says
I hear it – your voice
I hear it – your voice
I hear it- your voice
With her cheek on his chest
she asks :D-where are you hurt?
if you are hurt like this
i cant tell you that I was going to hate you
where are you hurt? Huh? D
D says in his head: W look at me while you talk to me
(he couldn’t read her lips while she spoke)
his hand falls to his side
she gets alarmed and looks at him and says
are you ok D?
D: talk
W: you are bad-you say things you shouldn’t have
After all that if you are like this – how can I say anything?
You bad ant poop
His phone rings in his pocket and she doesn’t know if she should get it
(It is M calling)
She tries to tell D a call came in and tries to wake him
she puts her hand on his chest to shake him awake
suddenly he puts his hand over hers
and holds on tight
Y comes into the house
she tells him D is sick
he tells D to get up cuz he cant sleep on the floor – he will catch cold
Y pulls D up saying: if you catch a cold, it will hurt
You have to sleep with the covers over you
W tells her dad a call keeps ringing so he pulls the phone out of D’s pocket for her and hands W D’s phone
Y drags D to his bed
W says J is calling 
Y shushes her saying 😀 is sick
she answers it
M asks into the phone thinking he is talking to D: are you ok?
She tells him: it’s W
M repeats her name surprised she answered
W:Where are you? D has fainted
M:where are you now?
W: at D’s home
What is wrong with D? he was sick earlier too
And now he has fainted
Is D hurt somewhere?
M says he is coming now and tells her not to make D talk and let him rest
W: huh?
M: don’t make him talk and leave him alone
W says ok and tells him to hurry and come
T says she will go now too when M calls her
M tells her not to come cuz he is going to D now
T: if D didn’t feel well he should have just come home
Why did he go there?
If he can’t endure that much
What work can he do?
M says: even I was tired too.
During the preparation for D’s launch show and
today he would have had a harder time
just act like you don’t know
T: call me when you get there
You know right? You can’t take him to a hospital
Check on D’s condition and if you need anything
Call me –I will get it and go there
Choi walks in
T: ok let’s hang up now
T tells choi that J called to say he was going to sleep over at D’s
Choi asks why she didn’t come today
T says she fell asleep after taking some medicine
And after she woke up, her body felt heavy
She asks if the launch show ended well
Choi: D grew up better than I thought
More than I expected
All that time-you did a great job (raising D)
T says she is honored to hear that from choi
He says he is honored to
Cuz D started his dead father’s business again
T says business talk gives her a headache
As she walks away she says: You need to help him a lot since you are the dad
Choi glares at her when she is gone
W spies on Y and D from the door
Y is massaging D’s legs
Y asks D: did you wait for me?
I did that too- when I waited for M- I waited out on the front porch
I brought toys for the fish
sorry i came late
D says the fish will like it
Y offers to show D what he brought
but D says later cuz he is sleepy now
Y takes his hand and says
I  will stay with you
If I stay with you
Even though it is dark you  won’t be scared
My MS did that too- she always slept with the lights on
When I held her hand
She wasn’t scared even if it was dark
Since I am with you, you’re not scared are you? right?
D nods his head and smiles
Y:you’re not scared at all are you?
D nods and smiles again and says “yes”
D puts Y’s hand closer to his heart
W watches all that
Y studies what D looks like and puts his hand hovering over D’s face
“One who isn’t M” D (face) looks like this
My M (face) isn’t like this
D is holding on too tight to Y’s hand so Y has to use his right hand to
cover D more with the blanket
and he pats his chest lightly so D will sleep better
W watches her dad do that
M shows up and W is waiting outside
M:how is D?
W: he is sleeping
M starts to walk towards the door
W: he is with dad
M stops walking
W explains: with my dad – he came to give the fish food
M sees Y with D thru the window and doesnt go in
she tells him to hurry and go in
he seems a little better but he still seems sick –hurry
but M says : if he is asleep, it would be better for me to go to the hospital and bring him medicine
I came in a hurry and forgot
M turns to leave
She blocks him
W: but you should still see him before you go – to check where he is hurt
M: I know
I will be right back so take your dad and go
You did well
W:where is he hurt?
Where is he hurt? Cuz he was sick before too and it was strange
M:when D was little-he injured his head in an accident
W asks concerned: when he was young when? Why? Why did he get hurt?
M looks at her funny for asking so urgently so she explains
That..that’s cuz …I know D a little bit…he says he doesn’t know me …
when I was 9, we met briefly. .but he said he didn’t know me so…
M:he won’t remember (you)
M explains that D doesnt have any memory before the accident
She is shocked to hear that
M:before he wakes up, I have to go and come back
Take your dad and go now
M walks away
She stammers…his memory…
when D wakes up Y’s hat with the light is aimed at D
so D wont be alone in the dark
Y keeps looking back at D’s house
Y:since he is sick, I need to stay with him
W explains to Y that D’s brother is a doctor and he will be bringing medicine soon
Y: oh – his brother is a doctor- even if his brother is a doctor, he can still get hurt-that’s so unsual
She is lost in thought and doesn’t answer so Y keeps asking and she agrees
She tells him to be careful cuz it is dark
But Y brags he can walk all the way home from here with his eyes closed
And does it telling her to look
She tells him not to do that cuz he could fall and to open his eyes
But he keeps saying he wont fall
M steps out of the shadows and watches them walk away
When M looks over at the house
the lights in D’s house comes on
M goes in and D is lying there with the helmet on
D aims the light on M’s face
So M asks him to move the light away
D:when did you come?
M hits D’s head lightly
D: hyung
M:should I not come here?
I waited outside a lot as punishment
is fish food more imp than your brother?
D: yes
M turns to leave: then play with your fish
D says: since the launching show is over
You will be going back to america
Then I won’t have anyone
M asks should I not go
D tells him to go saying he wants M and his mom to stay out of his work
M says D’s name
But D lies back down (so he can read what M says anymore)
Y is putting rice in a bowl and the neighbor does it with him
and sets aside M’s like usual
and then Y scoops another one for W
neighbor takes it and sets it down saying: my friend’s daughter’s
Y says it’s fun to do this with him
the neighbors seems pleased and says : see – i’m the best so ….
then Y scoops another one and says it is for D
the neighbor gets mad
do you have to get food for him now?
what’s so great about D?
Y: he has to eat alot so he wont get sick
D is sick
he plays with me every day
but since D is sick it pains me
neighbor promises to play with Y every day
what did you two play with?
neighbor offers to do more fun things with Y
and does stuff to make Y laugh
by imitating people – optometrist, crazy person, etc
neighbors tells Y to ask anything of him
he asks:  what can I do that D cant
Y says D’s eyes are similar to MS
neighbor says: that MS that you said you would stay together even in death?
he says he lost and tells Y to go
Y says: thank you – i will hurry and come back friend
neighbor: dont call me your friend
his wife hits her husband for clinging to Y and tells him not to call her his wife
he wonders if he should crush D
 W stalks D’s home
she wonders why it is so quiet in there
did he faint again
Y comes running over with a bowl of rice for D
W hides from her dad
but he cant get in
and he sees a red pail
under it is the helmet with a post it note on it
he calls W on the phone and tells her to hurry over to D’s
W comes down from where she had been hiding
T is surprised she came so fast
he cant read
so he asks her to read the note
D asked Y to do him a favor and bring his fish food every day
(D wrote it like this: Y-it’s D
Today too –I’m asking you to do me a favor and bring fish food –
deliciously deliciously- tm too- every single day)
and said the helmet was for Y (in a code kind of way) so that
only Y understood that last part about the helmet
he goes to put it on saying it is his hat
D, M, T, S, and his staff are at the new office for the makeup company
S makes a negative comment-how can people who are running a cosmetic not have this much sense?
she changes her tone when D walks in with M. she says to D: congraulations president cha
she asks what she is doing
T steps out with MS and says : J came too
she says she brought a few clothing items for D to change into
D says her hair style is better- now it looks more like a mom
he steps over to talk to a staff member
M comforts T saying it looks good on her
S scowls
MS mentions since this is their first day-shouldnt they all have a meal together
T offers to buy the meal for everyone since she couldnt attend the launching
D ignores all that and asks ppl to come up with ideas for promotion
he also mentioned W’s design
D tells T to go cuz he needs to work
and asks M to stay and help D
T says let’s go to S cuz they cant get in the way when D is working
choi arrives
S asks if choi isnt showing special preference by showing up
he ignores her and and asks if D likes the office
D says he does
choi tells him if D needs help about running the company to ask anytime
T: your dad is proud that you are running the company like your grandpa did
T tells D not to disappoint
kim comes in and says someone canceled their order-the intuition is that he heard a rumor from someone else and doesnt trust this new line of makeup
kim asks what to do
choi asks if D didnt anticipate this
D says he did but didnt know they would do this so quickly
choi looks smug
* i dont get this but there is something to do with not having enough production factories
M asks if D can work with just one factory
D says this is better and gives a reason
M asks what is D going to do cuz it looks like the product will be sold out soon
D likes the idea
this season’s marketing point will be “sold out marketing”
a new line of product that gets sold out right after launching
people will make a big deal out of it
M: what about after that
D: then we will only take reserved orders/requests
dad said he would push me and he sure is doing a good job of it
(sarcasm for choi “pushing” means choi is forcing D to react by putting D in a predicament)
M says he will only do it for a few months
D says some more stuff about how determined choi is and will keep trying to block D
  D says he doesnt want to waste time thinking about it  – first is saving his brand image
T comes in and offers to help do something about a factory
so D tells her to run energy cell then
she takes the hint and says she will stay out
M tries to go after her
but D stops him
M explains she is doing that for D’s sake
and asks D to consider how she feels
choi gets briefing about some factory that only makes energy cell line
but the guy cant get in touch with who is in charge
choi asks who the owner is
the guy says an investor from overseas
choi tells him to find out who he is and that choi wants to meet him in person
after the guy leaves
choi says how dare he do a makeup business
W comes home and wonders how D ended up like that -losing his memory
she thinks over how he said he could hear her voice
she tries to shake it off
she looks at the toy piano
and says
how can he forget about something this important
W surprises the grandma and complains the grandma took too long a nap
grandma says it is cuz she is old-sleep just keeps coming
she hears she might keep doing this and die
W says she will do it and prepares her grandma’s meal
grandma asks where Y went
W says to the botanical garden
grandma: i thought he got fired
grandma hears how Y is taking fish food as a job
cuz there is a home there and the owner gave this job to Y
grandma thinks that is good cuz Y needs to do stuff like that and stay near the garden
W tells her to eat a lot since she is going to get tested tm
grandma wonders how she can go there again tm
W tells her she has to go cuz they already paid for it all
grandma is about to hit W for doing something she wasnt told to do
SC comes in dirty looking and blocks grandma
grandma asks why his face looks like that -he explains how he is working at his parent’s place
SC tells W to remember this well- he had to ruin his beautiful looks to protect her
(he has flour on him from the batter for the chicken)
SC tries to shake off the flour so grandma yells at him for doing that over the food
W tells grandma not to pay attention to SC
cuz after she got him hired he quit his job after not being able to work for even a month so there is no need to talk to him
SC starts to defend himself and changes his mind
he tells W to treat him better from now on
he yells back that he is going to make sure that wont let W get tricked again and watch her cry
over the $1,500 hospital bill
grandma isnt suppose to know that so she says : tricked?
W tries to cover it up and asks SC if he drank alcohol cuz he is talking nonsense
grandma asks if the design money was used on her bill
but W assures her that they got paid a lot and had more than enough leftover after paying the bill
grandma gets indigestion
W stickes her head in saying she will be back and will bring yummy snacks and tells the grandma not to sleep and wait up for her
grandma tells her to hurry and go
grandma worries cuz her bill was so much
Y tells the fish
eat some food -you have to eat so you’ll grow big
fish come out of there
D asks Y: you didnt leave yet?
Y points to a fish saying that fish wont eat
D yells at the fish using its name
ha – you -why arent you eating and upsetting ahjussi
Y: ha?
D: to be honest I gave them names
D tells Y all the fish names
each one is called ga, na, ha, cha, ta, ka, etc
then D says it backwards
(this has something to do with that chant young W sang to young M to make him laugh and she bragged she could sing it backward just as fast)
Y says the names faster
braggin his W can say it faster
D tells him not to wait around when the fish do not listen
he tells Y to stick the names of the fish of the ones that dont listen to Y on the tank
and D will scold them when he comes home
cuz in school when kids misbehave that is what teachers do-write the names of the kids on the board
Y says he never went to school so he doesnt know letters-how to read or write
D teaches him with post it notes
he write the name of the fish and puts it where the fish is currently located
but cuz the fish swim around
Y keeps moving the post it to follow where the fish went and yells at the fish to stand still
this is sooo cute
Y has the name and fish memorized really fast
D notices W hanging around outside looking thru the window stalking him
W looks thru the window at Y and D by the fish thank
she wonders what D is doing
why he is so healthy when he was almost dying yesterday
for someone who hurt his head-he is too healthy
D looks over at her and she ducks down to hide
She peeks in but now there is only Y by the fish tank
D startles her by putting his hand over her eyes from the other side of the window
She tries to hide and run away but D opens the door and she falls down
She puts her hoodie over her head
D calls out: red bag
Bong woo ri shi
If you don’t want me to recognize you
From now on don’t cover your face
And cover up your bag
W gets defensive and asks what he is doing with her dad
it hasn’t been long since you fired him
so why do you keep calling him over
D: that’s….
W: that’s what? What?
he says it is a secret
a secret only Y and I-the two of us know
if you hang around my house again…
W:what? that you will report me? Go ahead
I was watching  my dad
I wasn’t watching you
I have something to say too
(she called him “you” informally)
D: cha dong joo “you”?
so he asks if they are close for her to address him like that
she looks embarrassed
then he looks at her up and down and shakes his head and goes back inside
she gets ticked off at that
she chases after him yelling out “ya” and holding the door so he cant close it
he gives her a look
W:what is that look you are giving me
If you have something to say-say it with words
He smiles
W: this guy-when you were younger you didn’t do this
But you learned only bad things from somewhere
D crosses his arms and asks: when I was younger?
W: yes when you were younger-what (of it)
He just stares at her
W: anyway if you remember only you will be embarrassed
Chasing me around annoyingly telling me you liked me
D: you’re saying I used to like YOU?
W: did you just like me?
I don’t know how much you whined/begged asking me to teach you piano
And wouldn’t even let me go to school
I was so embarrassed cuz all the neighbors knew
Don’t you remember that even?
D: you are saying I asked you to teach you piano-that I did that?
W: if it was just that I wouldn’t bring it up
But you made a big fuss wanting to know where I lived 
W: Oh yeah proof
You have my hackysack
Give it back
Was wondering where it went
But you had to go and steal that?
You said you were disgusted with it cuz dirt from my hand was on it
But even though 16yrs has passed
You still have it
Wonder why
Wonder why you couldn’t throw that away for 16 yrs
D says with a straight face: it burst so I threw it away
W: threw it away? Ya – how could you throw that away?
When I gave you something that was so precious to me
D: give me? And not stolen?
 W: no…it’s cuz…what happened to the hackysack…
Y keeps calling for D
She hears that and goes “uh?”
D asks “what do you mean ‘uh’-what happened with the hackysack”
She looks around tells him her dad is calling him
he gets abrupt suddenly and tells her not to peek in anymore
* D was abrupt cuz he didnt hear Y calling him and he is afraid W will pick up on the fact that he is deaf-he has to be careful around her.
after he shuts the door
she hits her head calling herself stupid
why did you have to make a mistake there
she worries he will suspect that she lied
of course not- since he doesn’t have any memory
she puts the hoodie back on and peeks in again
but backs away saying: no I must be crazy
M shows up and tells her not to hit her head cuz she will get dumber
W chases after him asking if he really took her home (that night she got drunk)
M:you were heavier than I thought
W:then does that mean you carried me? like this? she scoops her arm
M says he piggy backed her
she starts to explain
that’s cuz my bag was heavy
she suddenly acts like her bag is too heavy to walk striaght
do you want to try to carry it
he doesnt reply to that and says let’s go over there and sit
they sit at a bench
she complains her shoulders hurt
M says he thought he wouldnt see her again after she did that at WK (when she threw that hissy fit)
W: me too – I wasnt ever going to meet again
she mutters cuz of that bad ant poop
M looks at her so she says she was shocked that M and D were on the same side
she says to herself so he cant hear -how can two brothers both do that?
W warns him to be careful- if you lie you are a bad person
police take bad people away
 M remembers that’s the same thing his dad used to say
she opens up and says M is a little better than D
W: i told you
cuz my brother was going to be a doctor too
I saw that the first day at the hospital
that night you took me home
and listened to what I had to say in my brother’s place and said sorry
you were wearing a white doctor’s coat and explaining (that doctor’s conference)
when i saw that
it made me think of my brother and my mom
she cries remembering her mom
my mom wore a white coat too and worked
as a hair stylist – she was so good at cutting hair
she looks down at her feet as she cried
M: but dont hate me
it’s the same as lying
W:when did I?
M: you lied that you missed your brother
she says she didnt lie about missing her brother
you dont know how much I miss him
M repeats her words back to her from that night and startles her
M: “ya -are you the only one who doesnt want to be my older brother
i dont want to be your younger sister too
are you a brother
what kind of brother does that
cow poop, horse poop, dog poop, ant poop”
you said that
M looks at his watch and says let’s go
but she says : did I do that cuz I hated him?
he says then did you do that cuz you liked him
she says: when you dont know anything
and says bye and goes
and he repeats: when you dont know anything
D is looking over some paperwork and working on his computer
while tossing a baseball back and forth with his hands
M takes it and asks where D got the ball
M tosses it in the air and catches it
D: give it back
M reads the title of the report about WK
D: i told you to give it back
M: just one more time
D: since it has been a while since you performed surgery
you must be eager to do it
M: that’s obvious
D opens a drawer and hands M the empty hackysack
D: perform surgery on this
M: it burst again?
D says how it is really destroyed this time
and says this time it is serious surgery
D gets on his knees and says
please save it doctor jang
M: ya-you think i became a doctor to perform surgery on your hacksack?
D grabs his arm and begs :please please I beg you
M: ya – why are you doing this?
D: please if I dont have this hackysack- please-if i dont have it…
M: dont do this
D begs : please doctor
M tells him to let go and go over there and tries to kick D away
M: if you keep doing this
your hackysack can die
D gets on his knees and hands him the hackysack bowing and says
I will trust you doctor
M gets on his knees and bows and says : ok and accepts the hackysack
D pounces on M
they act all cute and playful
* this is the most fun I had translating between these two guys so far-so adorable
Y studies the letters for the fish names
W comes over and sees 
but SC leads her away
Y smells something
SC leads her outside
where SC made her chicken (set in a romantic way with flowers)
she asks what he wants and gets happy when she smells the food
saying she was hungry
SC shows her the chicken saying it’s the first he friend
she tries to dig in but
he holds her hand and she cant eat
SC explains that when he was frying that
his heart was beating
what if it burns?
what if it’s not cooked enough
she says her heart is beating too from going around all day without eating so she was hungry
she tries to grab the chicken again but he continues
SC: should I say it felt like I was being born again
when I thought of you as I fried it i was able to focus better
she asks if he is going to give it to her or not
SC:i am going to give you everything
you made me be born again
and raised me so I could live as one guy (for you)
thank you W
she yells the chicken is getting cold
he says even if the chicken gets cold
his heart wont-forever
he has to go away for a while so they have to  live apart cuz he has to get lessons
she whines she cant survive without him –
 cuz she needs him when her grandma has to go to the hospital
he tells her to endure
to those ppl who looked down at her for not having money
and how they looked down at her father
to not get treated that way again
he has to handle it
W- while I am gone you can do well right?
 a mosquito buzzes
she keeps saying there is a mosquito and as she blows at it
cuz her lips were puckered
SC leans in to kiss but
Y shows up and sniffs the air and says it is chicken that hasnt been seasoned
Y leans in and asks :
W – SC
are you going to kiss first and eat chicken
or eat chicken and then kiss
Y asks what the chicken is and
SC says the first chicken he fried in his life
grandma looks at S’s number
next day
grandma is at the hospital
she says into the phone to W that she arrived safely and to tell her dad not to worry
S takes the phone and says _ if you were that worried you should have brought her
S tells the grandma to do it alone- change and get tested
cuz S has to go
grandma asks her to stay cuz she is afraid something bad will come out of the test pics
S tells her to wait after the tests and S will come back for her later
grandma asks where the bathroom is
S tells her to ask around
choi calls and S says she is leaving now
grandma is alone and she gets called to go in and change to run her tests
Y is on his way to D’s home and sees a sign down
he waves the manager over to him
manager tells Y to hurry and go cuz imp guests are coming
and if the manager see Y here the manager will get fired too
Y argues that the board needs to be back up to block the shrub so it wont get cold
Y insists it needs to be taken care of now and he cant do it cuz he has been fired
so he urges the manager to do it instead
M sees Y from a distance
D is watching Y too
T shows up with S
T sees Y
S says she wil go inside first
and hides before Y can see her
T tries to take D inside
MS asks M-what is wrong with D cuz D looks mad
D walks over to Y
Y calls him by name
manager scolds Y for talking to D so informally
manager explains tp D that Y is a little slow
D takes the manager’s hand and checks for cuts like Y used to get
and remarks that the manager doesnt take care of the plants and stuff
manager says he only oversees everything and is responsible for the care
D asks Y to put the sign back up to block the wind
Y says he cant cuz he was fired
D tells the manager that Y isnt listeing to what D instructed
cuz Y has to be the one to block the wind for the shrubs
manager gets the hint and orders Y to hurry and do it
Y thanks the manager and runs off to do it
D asks the manager who fired Y
manager says T did it
D says from now on D will decide and the manager has to follow D’s orders
D says from what he can see there was no reason for Y to get fired
he rehires Y
and gives his mom a look
everyone is inside looking at some weird flower art
D stands there alone glaring at T and M
MS notices that
T asks the women how they like the collection
one lady says she remembers seeing M at the party
M introduces himself and says his name
T asks if he thought the lady asked cuz she was curious about his name
T explains : this friend grew up with D like his real older brother
and to me he is like a son
he is a doctor and i’ve invested some money into his company
a lady says it is hard to find someone to trust with money
another asks if he can treat her (like a doctor cuz I guess she has something wrong with her)
T tells M that these women are her friends and to treat them well
M promises to do that
T tells the women if they like some artwork to tell her secretary
S listens to all that with a scowl
MS frames D’s face
she says she likes this pic the most-how much is it
D: if you are bored let’s go
MS says this gathering is for the business and J is working hard all by himself
D: then you go help him
he leaves
after the women leave
M explains to T if he didnt have to meet the director at the hospital
he could have stayed till the end
T: what D has to do – you are doing all of it
mom is grateful and feels sorry
D comes over and asks M to move
M asks: are you going to leave already too?
D makes a remark to his mom: since I made my appearance as choi’s son
is that enough?
D leaves
choi finds out something about the factory that angers him
he crumples the paper and says : jang jun ha this punk
M is driving
T calls him and asks where he is
he says he is almost at the hospital and asks if everything ended well (at that gathering_
she says choi will call M
choi already found out she turned a factory over to M
M asks if D knows that too
she says she said she only trusted M
that D cant control/handle choi
so choi will contact M about it she warns
so M needs to be prepared
M almost makes a call but changes his mind
T thinks to herself
I cant let my son get blood on his hands
you and your son fight it out choi
* evidently she has been planning this all along
to pit father and son to go against each other
she is more diabolical than I thought
Y is putting names where the fish are asking: sa – ja- why arent you eating?
sa – ja – eat some food
you are worried about my mom too arent you
i’m worried too
and i cant call S cuz she will get angry
what do i do about my mom – (being at) the hospital will hurt
suddenly D looks thru the tank from the other side
D jokes that he thought another big fish showed up but it’s just Y
Y says he isnt a fish-i’m Y
ah you looked thru this and thought I was a fish
but I’m not-I’m Y
D smiles and asks:who didnt listen well the most today?
Y: me
my mom went to the hospital
she told me not to worry
but I kept worrying and didnt listen to her
but i didnt know how to write my name so I couldnt put it on the tank
suddenly T’s voice asks: what are you doing here?
Y gets scared and hides behind D
T asks D
to do this you left that important gathering
you think I built this house for you to bring someone like him into it?
Y tells her not to do that to D and protects D
D says very gently to Y
I am ok
just go back to your home for today and come back tm
she grabs D’s arm :tm?
Y tells T: dont do it dont do it
T yells: kick him out right now
D smiles at Y and tells Y to leave
it’s ok- dont worry and go
you understand right?
Y reluctantly leaves
M sees his grandma at the hospital
she just heard her test results
the doc told her not to drink alcohol at all cuz she caused damage by drinking so much
and he discovered something (size isnt that big) but he doesnt know when it will burst
cuz of her age
surgery is dangerous -they just have to examine it and watch what happens
she mutters that she is old so of course she will get sick here and there
that bad guy is trying to say stuff to make me afraid and get money
she gets in the way of others
she tries to ask where the pharmacy is
M just watches from a distance
she sees that her number has been posted
and grabs a packet of medicine from the pile asking if this is the right one
the woman at the pharmacy doesnt even look at grandma
and says she picked up the right one
as the grandma walks away with it
M picks up the right one
M calls out grandma- you took the wrong medicine
arent you hwang soon geum?
she says she is and he gives her the right one
she thanks him and starts to walk away wondering how he knew her name
she turns to look back at him and he stands there looking at her
and she knows!!!!!
M walks away
she tries to call his name but she is in pain
and cant walk fast enough
so she crawls along and cries
trying to call out his name
Y called W saying there is a scary person yelling at T
he is worried D will get sick again
what do we do- poor D-poor D
she offers to go see D and what is going on
he wants to go with her but she says she will just check on D and come back
instead of ringing the bell
she listens by the door then peeks thru the window
T packed his bag cuz she is determined to take him back home
D: why are you doing this?
T: leave this place-go home
i cant leave you here alone
D: you think i will listen to you if i go back home
I dont know what I did wrong for you to behave this way
what’s wrong with me meeting that person
is it something to get this angry about?
T: I hate seeing those people
D: do you think you hate the most?
I think those people would hate seeing us more
J cant even go to his famly when they are right next to him
so do you have to be so severe to him
cuz of you mom-he cant even talk to them
how do you think he feels watching his family get mistreated
have you even thought about that?
 if you are going to do this
it would be better if you send J back to his family
W stares at them thru the window
D:if you cant
I will send him back
she yells: what do you know?
and slaps him hard
W is shocked to witness that
D glares at his mom
Y: D is really really nice
W: he isnt a bad ant poop-he seems like a dummy
D asks W: (in korean he didnt use any pronouns) – did (pronoun) like (pronoun) a lot?
W: why would I have liked you? you must be crazy
D: no – did I (like you)
M walks in and calls out D’s name
D was teaching W how to play the piano and was standing over her
with his arms around her to play the keys but when she suddenly stands up 
D hits his chin on her head
S tells someone to look for M again saying she is WK groups owner’s wife
cant hear this well but T says something about willing to trade J for something to choi
M tells the grandma that M is dead 
she says Y is waiting for M
Y tells W that grandma saw M
W and D are speaking informally like they used to when they were kids 
W tells D he should have been careful (cuz D hurt his lips)
D retorts: you should be the one who is careful…a long time ago too you …
but M stops D from talking
W asks D: did you remember something?

15 comments on “Can You Hear My Heart E11

  1. Nomi says:

    i wasn”t planning on watching this drama untill school ends since there are so many good dramas right now,but i got addicted just by reading your recaps.. 😉 and now i love the drama so much and i remembered again how much i liked kim jaewon since 100 days with mr.arrogant ;D thanks for the recap,i know its hard listening to everything they say while writing ^^


  2. Sophie says:

    Thannnks a lot for your great recap!! I can calm down my addiction to concentrate on my test thanks to you!! 🙂


  3. kcomments says:

    Thanks Softy for the recap. Weeeeeeeeee! *doing tap dances, da da da*
    Love this episode sooooo cute, smiling all the way, DJ, WR,JH, YG and his friend and SC, all were so cute tonight. I cracked up when DJ teased WR about her back, buahaha. Oh, didn’t you notice? WR’s hair was kind of diff and better tonight. The bromace awww, DJ asked JH to operate on the sack so cute. I just loved WR tonight too, she was so cute, hiding here and there worrying for DJ.

    So sad when grandma just crawled calling for Ma Ru, how could she know? such a sweet moment, the writer revealed this very early, loved it. This drama has so much heart and so beautiful. YG and his friend really made me laugh, tried to win over DJ ^^. DJ’s mom was so mean, slapping him, how I wish WR would hear everything.

    *Squeals* omo omo the preview, DJ puts his arms around WR teaching her piano, garhhhhhhhh! Sorry, so happy with tonight episode ^_^. Thanks again Softy.


  4. ck1Oz says:

    I am saying thanks then going up to read.
    ck having a mini panic attack.viki video uploading is down.I’ve got me freaking and the rest…well,you can imagine.We can’t upload any of the Sat dramas….AIGOO.That’s the polite word here.

    So I am off to read the cute…are you going to make me cry softy?Then sleeping it’s past 2am here.


  5. Anon says:

    Thank you, Softy! This episode sounds so cute, gonna watch it raw right now. How weird that there are no torrents yet, it’s a good thing that you get to sleep early though, considering how many recaps you do per week now. If there are still none tomorrow, then maybe you could try to download from MU or FS links found at AM Addiction or something?


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      i waited till 2:30 am then finally gave up. but I couldnt sleep so I read till 6am cuz now I am used to sleeping at that time 🙂 I got the raw now so I am working on it.


  6. Jewels says:

    Thanks Softly for all your time and effort!. This episode was cute with all the D and W and D and Y interactions. The saddest part was when grandma recognized J (MR).
    I just love this drama; the writer is amazing. I love the elements that entail the handicaps (the deafness, the slowness, and dementia). Every week this drama has me crying – this week was grandma’s recognition of J (MR) = so dramatic, and oh so sad!

    Thanks again Softly, I absolutely love everything you are doing to bring CYHMH and 49 Days to us. I have yet to get to Best Love because I am watching so many dramas, but thankfully Midas ended so that opens up a space for Best Love.

    May you be truly blessed!!!


  7. janna says:

    Many many thanks for the recap! I wonder how many times D has broken the hackeysack (and through wearing it out or rage throws?) His mom deserves all the glares she’s been getting lately.

    Ma-roo says he’s dead. What is he, his best friend look-a-like now? Is that what he’s going to say to grandma? Or is he just telling her to back off and leave him alone? (Which would be pretty heartless)


  8. Mia says:

    Omggg, I LOVEEEE this drama!!!! I love the brother dynamic between M and D, and I can’t wait to see the next episode!! It’s tomorrow, right??


  9. Ann says:

    Softy, Does M. and T. Know that D. Remembers everthing, I get the impression he hasen’t told them. I understand why she wants revenge on her husband, but is she going to take Energy Cell from her son and let M. Take it over ? I don’t fully understand, and I don’t understand why she allows M’s mom around her knowing that she is her husband’s mistress. Does she know that her husband killed her father ?


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      i just got the raw and will start translating as soon as crazynyt is done with screencaps but just to answer your questions – up to what I know and what the show implied so far: D never told them he remembered – not to M or to his mom. wanting to do energy cell was D’s own revenge strategy to take down choi. As for why T let’s choi and S continue their affair, it is all part of her plan to act like she doesnt know so she can strike at the appropriate time.Also, I am pretty sure T planned to put M’s name on that factory from the start to anger choi – she knows M will get blamed-it is all part of her plan. so all this talk of her trusting M and wanting M by her side to help with D was all a lie to hurt choi by making him turn against his own son. when M finds this out, he is going to feel betrayed in the worst sense possible and D is going to end up hating his mom even more when he learns what she did to M. So to sum up, T isnt going to give energy cell to M and I forgot the conversation between choi and S that T heard from the stairwell back in the earlier episodes- but didnt they mention how choi killed T’s dad? So I dont think T heard it from D.


  10. ck1Oz says:

    LOL….I finally saw the raw softy…the words DJY was chanting that Young Gyu/D was something one is taught when you’re a kid I think.
    It’s called 단자음 where you use the same vowel sound. ᅡin this case.
    I just got my school report yesterday which I wasn’t expecting…I killed myself laughing.I haven’t had a high school report for years.


  11. kcomments says:

    Aigoo! The Ratings for episode11: ^__^
    Nationwide 13.1(4th)
    Seoul 16.0(4th)
    Source: TNS Media Korea


  12. kcomments says:

    Here the new ost from last week episode, found it on YT.
    Credits: YT uploader ^^


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