49 Days E16:Live

There was a declaration of love I missed during the live recap. It was when Y/J told S that she loves H. That got me thinking. Since this drama has a surprising lack of kiss scenes (forehead kisses don’t count), if S won’t even let Y/J hit Y’s head, will he allow Y/J to kiss H? Will there be another penalty for that I wonder. I can’t help it, but I rather see a kiss scene between S and Y or Y/J and H. It seems weird for J and H to have one when they barely had any scenes together except for flashbacks. Everyone else is keeping track of tears and where the next two will come from, but all I care about is -when is there going to be a kiss scene? 
Never dreamed it was possible, but I like 3 very different dramas right now. I love 49 days cuz I am eager to see what unfolds every episode. With CYHMH, I find peace and comfort from it -never fails to move me. BL gives me humor mixed with a dash of heart and it has enraptured me just from the first two episodes.
*Update on new May drama lineup for RB- who knows it may change again next week…
Just to give you a heads up, but I am dropping Ripley from my list. By the time it starts, I will already be set to continue Lie to me unless it turns out to be another MFL which is highly unlikely. So Mon/Tues will be Lie to me then Best Love on Wed/Thurs after 49 days ends, then if City Hunter is any good, maybe I will combine both episodes and post on Fri. At this point, LMH has to look REALLY good and act well for me to keep this one cuz I’m not sure I will have the energy to do 4 dramas.
Then CYHMH on the weekends.
First we heard why M wanted to take over J’s dad’s company and now we know IJ’s reasons and I have to say I don’t buy either story as a plausible excuse. I think J should come back to life and go get P and finish what P started and beat the crap out of IJ till she gets just how wrong she is-that would be sooooo satisfying. I really hope she isn’t one of the tears cuz it won’t make me as emotional as when it came from H.
49 Days E16
After S says: SYK it’s not- why dont you believe what I am saying, he pulls her face closer and asks “why did you end up like this? why is your face like this (meaning she used to look healthier and happier).
Y/J pulls away saying she is J and not SYK. he leans back so she says: you know- I am J. do you remember Y now. he asks what the pics of him and the girl are
Y/J: you dont know these pics- they were in storage with Y’s stuff
didnt you break up over these?
S says it was the first time he saw those pics. he remembers Y’s words “just cuz you say it isnt what it looks like doesnt make it so” 
he realizes the pics are the reason why Y acted (misunderstood him) that way to him and cries more calling out Y’s name.
Y: i said I understood you needing to do music
yi soo: you didnt understand – it’s cuz you couldnt do anything about it when I moved out
Y: cuz you promised to go to college together and work some place together-everything together….that we would do work where we could stay together
until we make that yeewhur (pension) that was our dream
YS: you are still talking about that?
just to make you feel at ease I have to stop what I want to do-is that love?
Y: then what about you? do you really want to do music?
not cuz you want to play with other girls.
YS: i knew you were going to bring that up
how many times do i  have to tell you that the girls who come and go here are nothing (to me)
Y: you are saying it doesnt mean anything?
she is clenching the pic of him with that girl
YS: the girls who hang around us (the members) are noonas, juniors, and friends
how many times do I have to tell you
Y:just cuz you say it isnt what it looks like doesnt make it so 
YS: what does that mean? dont talk in circles and just say it (get to the point)
Y: i want to hear it from your lips- what you honestly feel- who I am to you now
YS:let’s please stop doing this – I’m sick of it
I’m sick and tired of a girl like you
when I think of marrying you- i cant breathe
like i did for the past 18 yrs-looking at only you for 30 or 40 yrs-i cant stand the thought
Y: yi soo
YS: why dont you change?
how can you be the same as when you were 5, 10, 19, and 23.
hurt by his words, she runs out.
as she walks out of the place she works,
yi soo was outside and his band member tells him that Y came out
YS remarks: just look at how she looks (meaning she doesnt look well and looks miserable)
his band member tells him to go make up with her since YS wont be able to see her for two weeks  while they are away
YS: it isnt a situation that can easily be settled
let’s leave.
before he rides off he says over his shoulder-try spending the next 2 wks without me. (she never heard that)
his voice narrates: for two weeks- at night I performed and during the day I worked at a nearby construction site.
he worked too hard and got nosebleeds. he gets a ring engraved with the intials S love K.
while on the bike, he was looking at the ring and almost dropped it. after he caught it, he didnt see the truck that hit him till the last minute and he swerved to miss but it was too late. his last thoughts were of Y and the ring lay a few inches away from him.
end flashback
S and Y/J are both crying. she says he shouldnt have taken pics like that.
S: even when I played I didnt behave so freely like this
he says the girl must have taken the pic when he was asleep without him knowing
S tells J: hurry and go back and give Y her body back. I have to tell Y
then he realizes something and says
this isnt right -it’s weird-this doesnt happen
Y/J:what’s wrong
S: why did i get my memory back (cuz he isnt supposed to)
this doesnt happen.
he calls and yells at the sunbae
S: sunbae- can you really do this?
how can you let this kid live like this for 5 yrs-for 5 yrs!
lous bell sound and he grimaces from pain
Y/J asks what is wrong with him
he says it is his page. he tells her to go and take care of Y’s body. he disappears
Y/J goes home and wonders: is there a truth where you do not misunderstand and are not misunderstood
and thinks over what IJ said. is sincerity something i should consider first from my position or the other person’s. for me it was love, but IJ says it wasnt. yi soo said it was love, but Y believed he was changed. how do you figure out love you cant see?
IJ goes to see some weird woman who seems like a fortuneteller. she says the ghost will stay with IJ
the woman. IJ: does that mean (she) wont go back to her body cuz she has something against me?
the woman says the spirit would have shown signs of its existence here and there. IJ remembers the incident with the seal and pic frame.IJ wonders if J really did that. woman asks IJ: what did you do that was so wrong. IJ asks what to do. the woman says get J out of Y’s body. IJ asks how.
she finds the envelope J had mailed her dad the newspaper clipping in and asks for the address
(this is how she discovers where Y works) 
* blue says this woman is a mudang (a Korean shaman/fortuneteller). 
chef’s wife is leaving cuz her husband wont tell her why. he asks why she doesnt trust his love for her. he cries and begs her not to go cuz  even if she leaves, he cant tell her. does she know how he feels not being able to tell her.  suddenly chef cries and they make up cuz she never saw him cry before. H asks what is wrong with them and she says the chef must really love her to cry like this. H watches them and gets an idea.
H remembers the pendant was tear shaped so he thinks that is how to prove sincerity: tears.
H goes out and chef’s wife runs over to H and they say the same thing- that it’s tears. she realized after seeing her husband’s tears. H hugs her calling her the best. she comments: so this is what it feels like to hug a tall man with broad shoulders. waitress comes over and says tears seem correct cuz when her 3rd bf (who she loved the most) died in an accident, she cried endless tears. H gives her vacation a day  this month as reward.
Y/J shows up with the box so H walks over and notices the drop in the pendant and asks what she is holding. she asks to leave the box here. H tells her to follow him
H stares at the pendant. he sees the tear inside and thinks : what is that? it wasnt there before
she asks where he keeps staring at her. H compliments the necklace saying it is pretty and asks where she bought it. Y/J: i didnt buy it – I just got it from somewhere.  he says there wasnt a drop in there before and that it was empty. it looks like a tear.he asks when she switched out/changed the necklace. she asks why he keeps asking. H: cant i even ask when you switched the necklace? cuz it is different from the empty one before.this is something anyone can ask. when did you switch it? she says on the day she quit. he recalls that day and thinks maybe that is his tear. he tells her he was so upset when Y quit and he went to his friend J’s hospital room and cried. Y/J: you cried? she thinks to herself-H it was you. he thinks: it was tears.
she cries and he asks why she is crying and she says cuz she is grateful.he tells her to stop crying and sends her out to work cuz the chef isnt in and it’s too busy.
P comes in and Y and P exchange greetings. Y says she was on her way out anyway when P says she came to speak to H
P asks if H knows about M and IJ and what is going on between them. Y/J hears that on her way out
 Y/J goes outside and looks at the tear and says: it was H
M meets with the guy about business and wants to hurry things along
 waiter spies on M and the guy he met and reports to H
H is meeting with the chef. they discuss telling J’s dad since he woke up, but they decide against it cuz he is still recovering. H figures out since M’s deal involves a company in america, he is going to ask hin dad to look into it. chef seems surprised to hear H wants to contact his dad and H says this isnt a time for his pride. chef asks what he needs to do. are you going to look into what M is doing and find tears too on your own. H: you and your wife found out the most imp thing for me- how to find a way for J to live.  chef praises his wife for her great effort and offers to find out with his wife how to receive sincere tears. H: do you think you can do that without saying anything to your wife about J? chef tells H not to worry cuz now she trusts him. : you met a good woman. chef: you met a good woman too. chef wonders why M did that to someone as nice as J. H says he understands when he consider’s M’s poor background and how hard it must have been for him. while I was listening, my heart was aching. chef points out but this isnt right (of M to do this) cuz the chef and his wife had their struggles too. H says M didnt go this when he lived in the states. he worked hard thinking of his mom who sent him to get his MBA-that is why H liked M so much. chef asks where M’s mom is now.H says he doesnt know cuz he only heard she wasnt well but M wont say when H asked.
H gets up to take Y/J home. chef asks about Y- is she ok. H says when he saw her outside she seemed ok. chef worries that Y might suspect. H says but he cant tell Y what is going on first. chef tells H to prepare to tell Y the truth when the time comes.
when H comes out, Y/J gets a call from a drunk M. M: where are you right now? you’re at H’s place arent you? she asks what is going on. M orders her to come down right now. H asks where she is going and she says to meet M for a second cuz he is at the parking lot.
H holds into her arm: stop now- i dont know why you are doing that-what can you do? what can you do from meeting M? when you are SYK.
Y/J: because I am SYK- i think i can do something
H: even tho- stop . I cant stand to watch it anymore. just trust me. I am not just sitting back and relaxing. she says she will send M away and come back.
Y/J: what is going on?
 M asks why she didnt quit H’s place. I told you to quit
Y/J: didnt i tell you I wasnt thinking of quitting
M: why wont you quit?
Y/J: cuz I have someone I like here.
 she tells him not to contact her anymore. cuz I do not want to meet you again
M: you like H?
she tells him to go but he grabs her arm
H watches from above
M: what was I to you?
 didnt you like me? you said you liked me
Y/J: no i didnt – not even for a moment
there might have been a second when I was mistaken and thought I liked you
like you are mistaken now
 M keeps pulling her arm and not wanting to let go and asks: why did you appear?
so H goes down and saves her and tells M to stop it.
H: dont even think about meeting this girl again
also dont ever come back here again
H holds her hand and leads her to his car
M asks H- was it J?you said in the states that if you go back to korea there was a girl you wanted to find -was that J?
H said there was a time he would have talked to M about that (meaning but not anymore)
in the car she looks over at H
Y/J: are you angry?
H: a person should understand what was told
Y/J says she was really trying to send him away and come back
that she went to tell him she wouldnt meet him
H: really?
Y/J: a person should understand what was told
I told him not to call me anymore
 H praises her and says she did well and she should have done that sooner.
from now on dont go around alone at night
I will drive you home
Y/J: it’s ok (you dont have to)
H warns she isnt listening again
Y/J: ok then do that
to be honest if you take me home it’s good for me
since there arent many days left and I am busy during the day.
she thinks to herself: why do I know about you now?
Y wakes up and
J says : S got his memory back. he remembered you
she hesitates and wonders if she should tell Y.
J: is it ok if I say this
i heard from yi soo why you are living like this
Y looks at her so J wonders if Y can hear her.
J: i cant tell you details now but you are someone who was truly loved by yi soo
to him you were a very precious person
Y thinks: how does she know about yi soo.
when Y leaves home, S follows her all the way to the cafe.(and lights the path she walks on)
S remembers how she said she cant trust anymore after Yi soo abandoned her. cuz no one wanted her
staring at her, S says “i’m sorry”. suddenly she is in pain so S tries to go to her but there is a invisible boundary he cant cross.
H shows up and asks if Y is hurt. she says she is ok.
he orders coffee from her like he doesnt know her while IJ watches all that. H thanks Y for the drink and turns and thinks : she doesnt remember me at all.
Y looks over at IJ
J is in the dark and S shows up there.
J: what happened? what did sunbae say? what was the unfinished business you dad
S: to meet Y as myself (to meet Y as yi soo)
J: so it was that – now all you have to do is meet onyi?
S: no I cant even act like I know her
until the designated time when (my duties) are done
i’m not allowed to let Y know that it’s me
and I am not allowed to interfere in her business
J: if they were going to do that – why did they let your memory return?
S: they said it was cuz of you
cuz I kept meeing you when you looked like Y so that is why it happened they said
J: i’m sorry – i am a problem again
S: i had something I really wanted to say when I met her
so for the rest of the time you have left
be careful with your body, what you do, and dont cause trouble
if you do anything to hurt my Y -you’ll die
(he said this as a threat but J took it as her usual warning from day one)
 J promises : I wont. I am always trying not to (cause trouble)
he disappears and the lights go out again
J says in the dark: that onyi needs to clear up her misunderstanding even a day earlier
IJ goes to M’s house.she brought him food thinking he might have drank. he has been drinking so she sprays the air explaing his home doesnt smell like who he usually is. she tells him to shower and come out while she heats up the food. he asks why she is doing this. she says cuz he doesnt have anyone to work for him.IJ: even tho you are bothered her-  knowing she is J but she doesnt feel like J- I wont leave you. even if she wasnt J and Y, you wouldnt have gone to her cuz of me. but dont think she isnt J cuz I looked further into it. J came to us as Y and knew everything and was around us – that is what is imp. she also tells him that H knows about J being in Y’s body
P kicks out IJ
P says she doesnt want to live with IJ
P tells her to go live with M. P accuses IJ of wanting to come out of J’s home and convinced P to come up to seoul to live
IJ says she will explain why she did it
P says she knew IJ and M met from 5 yrs ago
how could you do that?
after J’s accident when I saw you cry, I thought something was wrong with me
i was sad and hurt, but I didnt act like the world was falling around you
I was afraid to cry thinking there is no way J would leave us
but watching you cry so much I thought IJ was J’s true friend-I’m a fake
but it was all a show.
IJ says it wasnt like that
P says dont act like you feel bad cuz it’s funny
can I person who has a conscience decieve a friend for 10 yrs
 IJ says she knows P is mad but there is only the two of them now.
she begs P to listent to her even tho P is mad
P says even tho it was hard for IJ to live with J’s family, it wasnt easy for J’s family to take care of IJ
IJ owns up and says she was jealous of J. even in death, J gets everything
P: what does that mean?
IJ tells P that H likes J. he came all the way from america cuz he likes J. he is taking care of Y now cuz she is friends with J.that in place of J, H is watching over Y. do you still like J now?
 P tells IJ to stop lying.
Y/J thinks about what the other 49 er said about all the things he wanted to do but didnt get to. she realizes that P hasnt cried yet if this tear belongs to H.
Y/J goes to see P and asks if she had been well
P: heard you were friends with J
why didnt you say anything and hide it from me so that it feels bad
P walks away from Y/J
 Y/J wonders who told P and guesses IJ told P.
she doesnt even trust her, so why did she tell?
doc says J’s dad can get out of the hospital after a week. J’s mom says to her husband “it’s good to see you again” H says the same thing and thanks her dad
the dad  says he saw J and the mom says J came to save her dad
mom goes to tell J how well her dad is doing. H comments that J’s skin looks better from all the sleep she got. he explains when he sees J, he automatically goes into tease mode. the mom says J’s dad does that too.
H asks her mom how to make seaweed soup. she asks why and he lies he wants to suddenly eat it but he never made it before. she says she made it cuz it is J’s bday so he borrows two servings.
Y/J sticks her head in just for news from the hospital but he says he will tell her when she comes in or wont if she doesnt.
 Y/J comes in and H lies he made too much seaweed soup so she should start with clearing the plates. she asks why he made seaweed soup suddenly and he lies cuz today is children’s day. in america they make seaweed soup on children’s day.you never lived there so you didnt know that. she says:  isnt it cuz it is J’s bday that you made it and not cuz it is children’s day. she tastes it and says it tastes just like the one J’s mom makes. he thinks to himself -happy bday J. in her mind she thanks him.
Y/J: if J knew she would be really grateful
H suggests they speak down to each other in informal language since she is only a year older
it’s not enough of a gap to call her noona so he wants to do it american style and talk freely without formalities
she agrees and says she will overlook it since it is just a year gap. she asks how J’s dad is.
he tells her how well J’s dad is doing. she wants to go see him later but H says he cant take her then cuz he has to sleep at night.she says later when J wakes up, she is going to tell J to be really good to H.
i hope J wakes up
M meets the landlay. she complains how can she just kick out a room when someone is living in it. M says he really needs this room and points out the renter is living without a lease
she says that is true but…M offers to pay for the whole place or put down any down payment she wants. to buy out the place whatever she wants and for lease- 3 times what it is now
M add if she kicks out the renter right away he will give her an extra fee for doing that
M calls Y/J. she tells him she told him to stop calling her .
M: you dont want to come meet me? then should I go into your home?
Y/J: what do you mean my home
M: i am in front of your home now at malidong
H meets with P
she asks why he came suddenly
he says he came cuz of J’s bday.
 she asks how he knows J’s bday
he says M brought his gf to have a party to my place and that is how I met all of you again.
P: you remembered that date?
he says cuz it isnt that far apart from his mom’s memorial
P: why did you come look for me on J’s bday?
H: since she is like that – I thought we should do something to commemorate her bday
 after hearing about Ij and M – you will be the one who is hurt the most
P: since when did take care of J so much?
Y/J runs and meets M.
M: you came quickly
Y/J: how did you know about this place?
M: did you think I wouldnt find out where the woman I like lives-what a disappointment
Y/J: did you stalk me? (had me followed)
he tells her to get in so he can take her to eat.
Y/J: i said I wouldnt meet you anymore
M threatens he will do what she did
dont you remember when you used returning the key as an excuse and went inside my home
since I dont have your house key
you think i cant go in?
she says let’s go eat and talk
she goes with him to that same place. they are served and he tells her to eat. she worries he might show up at her home every day. he asks why she isnt eating and why she has that look on her face. she says she didnt know they would come here again
M: you know this place has meaning for me
i dont bring just anyone here-just two -you and IJ
from the women i brought here
but originally didnt you not like this dish J
she coughs
M:now you eat it so well
Y/J: what are you saying
he congratulates her for coming back. but what happened to you? why are you going around looking like this? you should hurry and find a way to come back in your body.
she calls him M
but he corrects her and says you should call me oppa J
Y/J: why are you doing this I am Y
M: you are J who is borrowing Y’s shell
she holds her pendant
M: did you meet (date) me as J or Y?
Y/J: since I am Y- I met you as Y
she stands to leave
he pulls her back down
M: there is a reason why you have to live as Y isnt there?
she keeps saying she is Y.
M then you should have just sat there and pretended acting like Ycuz running away like that makes it more noticeable that you are J.
she says she just wanted to leave cuz she cant stand sitting there looking at him
M: of course you do cuz now you know what kind of guy I am
she says she isnt so why is he saying strange things
M: you have a reason why you cant tell anyone you are J dont you
he demands to know what he wants from her.
she runs out and wants to call H but S’s words come back to her
that she cant conspire/confide with H
until her 49 days are over she cant let anyone know who she is
she calls S
S sits on a bench and doesnt even look at her
Y/J: M found out that I am J
S says it is the same as what happened with H-act like you arent
y/J: H and M are different – different ppl and circumstances
S yells at her for getting found out
i told you not to pay attention to stuff that happened after you died
Y/J: i am scared to death so why are you getting mad at me too
S: why? cuz I am somone who doesnt want to see you if he can help it
now in my eyes I see you as Y
but you arent Y
when you look at me like that
what am I supposed to do?
what do you want me to do?
Y/J: why are you getting mad at me?
I feel indignant too- did I want to borrow this onyi’s body?
it wasnt my time to die but because of that person who wanted to commit suicide I ended up like this
S starts to realize
Y/J: every day that dwindles  I am so nervous
who is it?
S: who?
Y/J: the person who tried to kill herself that made me like this
S says very technically that as the driver, J had her share of blame for not looking at the road ahead of her
Y/J: if the accident didnt occur in front, the motocycle wouldnt have skidded
if it wasnt for the bike, I wouldnt have ended up dying
who is it?
S: what are you going to do if you know
Y/J: after making someone else’s life end up like this- what punishment did that person get.
S says that person was probably punished.
Y/J: probably?
S:(that person) must have
Y/J: you are strange
why say it like that
she remembers how the other 49er was bruised cuz he beat up the guy who made him that way
Y/J guesses that Y was the cause of her accident. (was it this onyi? and points to her face)
S tries to calm her but she keeps going
Y/J: it was this onyi? you made me live in the body of the woman who killed me.
she screams and pulls on Y’s hair
he stops her from hurting herself cuz it is Y’s body (someone he cares about).
S: dont do that- dont hit Y
is this your head? it’s my gf’s head
I’m sorry – you know how I feel right now
Y/J : do you know how I feel right now?
IJ says it is my fault she bretrayed me
I’m scared cuz M found out about me
I only have 11 days left and I dont know if I will live or die- every day I feel like I am going crazy
she complains that the only friend she could freely talk to about this was S but now S doesnt want to see her anymore cuz she looks like the person he loves
but this onyi is the woman who caused my death
i didnt even know that I got close to her
S: it’s cuz you dont how it feels to put the person you love like crazy in front of you and you cant talk to her
Y/J: why dont i know that? you think you are the only one who loves?
I love someone too
I cant tell H anything
cause my feelings are J’s
cuz if I let it be known how J feels
I might die
she cries
S: ya- are you crying?
he hugs her  and tells her not to cry
but she pulls away reminding him she is J
from now on
unless I call you
dont come to this onyi’s room
no matter what I do to Y
you better not come
after she leaves
S says: I want to go but I wont
why did she have to borrow Y’s body of all ppl
J looks at Y and says
why did it have to be you of all ppl-why you
that wasnt your first suicide attempt
i thought how lonely and difficult it must have been for you
to want to die like that (her attempt to hang herself)
if you do what do I do?
I was  so scared and felt bad for you
to the persone who made me this way I pleaded
to please live- I begged?
she gets up and yells and Y looks at her
to the person who made me die
J: cuz of you I got into an accident
cuz of you -you made me this way
in anger, J knocks the chopsticks out of her hand and scares Y.
J: i wanted to live like this-do you know how scared I was every day
Y sees J and gets up
J: why did you do that? what is yi soo? (meaning why does me mean so much to want to die)
Y asks J: why are you like this?
the land lady comes and says she rented out the room
they dont have a lease and forgot all about the deposit
Y asks how she can do this suddenly
but the lady wants Y to move out within a week
 J apologizes to Y: onyi – what do we do- I’m sorry
 Y runs out
M is at Y’s work and he asks if Y remembers him. he got permission from her boss to talk so he asks that they talk for a short time. he apologizes for startling her the other day. he introduces himself. she asks what he wants. he says he knows she used to work at a hotel. he has a job for her at a pension in pusan.I made a position for you so you should go there
Y:why should I?
M:otherwise it will get dangerous for you
Y: i’m someone who has nothing to fear
M: i;m someone who has a lot of fears
if you keep lending out your body
i will become uncomfortable and dangerous
then cuz I will be scared
I will have no choice to put you in danger
he gives the pension address and contact person.
she says whether she goes or not she will decide.
he tells her to hurry and decide
cuz if she doesnt decide to go
he has to prepare to do something about that
(to prevent her from doing things that will harm his plans)
J wonders why Y isnt coming. she knows I got mad at her. she spoke to me. is she scared of me and not coming?
Noh hears out what Y told him about M’s offer.
Noh: if those are the stipulations then of course going is good
Y: it’s not “of course”
like you said, if you dont need any more therapy then that is another reason why you should leave.
Y: what does that mean?
Noh: at first I didnt believe
but other ppl are seeking you out
no matter how much you feel that other spirit
the two of you cant live together forever in one body
what if that other spirit wants to live in you forever
what are you going to do
. she thinks about all the ppl who came to find her lately. she goes home and opens the door. she tells J to leave. J says she is sorry but Y tells J: I am asking you as a favor. J walks out. Y closes the door.
J is outside Y’s home and she is weak.
Y packs her stuff. the landlady comes and asks about the stuff here. Y tells her to get rid of it on her own.
J tells S that Y is leaving – what should she do.
S:it cant be helped
I cant help you. if something goes even a little wrong here
I wont be able to meet Y and clear up her misunderstanding
I wont be able to show up in from of her just once and have to take the elevator straight away
J: dont do that and help me
S: I cant make a mistake here and risk what I did for 5 yrs
Y runs off and J calls out – onyi -where are you going. Y gets in a cab. H pulls up and sees the cab leaving and wonders where she is going.
H asks the landlay where Y left. she said she left and doesnt know where she went to.
H calls out J and runs out and keeps calling out her name. J is running but really weak. Y goes to the station. H is running around and yelling – where are you?
J collapses by the bus stop and falls to the ground.
Y gets on the train. the train pulls out of the station
no preview
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36 comments on “49 Days E16:Live

  1. ewez says:

    I know! I was pretty surprised that P beat up IJ. She’s been so mellow and slow throughout the drama.


    • Mari says:

      I love seeing IJ’s black eye! She deserves it.
      I was wishing that P also pulled her hair out. But on second thought, IJ’s hair is simply too lovely to be pulled out. Hehehe.


  2. tiff says:

    I love your blog, so good, so fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks


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    thanks for your quick!


  4. Mari says:

    ou ou…it is starting!!
    I gotta sit tight and hold on to something. So excited.


  5. ewez says:

    I wonder why no one found the rings at the accident scene and gave it to YK. Then the whole misunderstanding would have been cleared up.


    • Usi says:

      I think YK suffers abandon trauma. It wouldn’t help to get the rings. It even would make it worse since she lost more then. Or would you get easier over some playboy (we know he isn’t :)) or someone who wanted to give you couple/engagement rings?


  6. yvujelle says:

    All i can say is thank you so much for ur big big effort…isn’t it softy ur name r8?? correct me if im wrong…


  7. Rawr-Ah says:

    GO softy!! thanks for your hard work!!


  8. karmic says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Aaaah, intelligent HK now knows even about the tears!!


  9. ewez says:

    Yes, thank you!

    And come on… S knew that JH was being tailed by MH’s guy… he has to know that IJ was lurking around the coffee shop. (??!)


  10. Shila says:

    i love you, you’re fast, my cursor is on refresh button and i can’t let go. thank you so much. 🙂 teary eyes… truly sincere.


  11. tari says:

    So you’re going to transcap lie to me, best love and the last episodes of 49 Days. You once said that we don’t have to thank you every week, but this blog really make my days, so for the love of kdrama gods, I thanks Yoo Ah-in for being such a hottie since you are the reason why Softy makes this blog and thank you to a certain Softy’s friend who gave her the idea to do a live transcap. You guys are heavenly!


  12. jee-ann says:

    Thank you so much for being the fastest drama recap translator, I visit your blog every week whenever I know 49 days is up! Thank you! I am loving this drama too full of surprises!!!


  13. Mari says:

    OMG OMG. Does Y really get on the train?
    I dont think she does…. but but but has to wait another week to find out. What a cliffhanger!
    J hang in there!!!
    This show really rocks. So unpredictable.


  14. blue says:

    Softy, check your soompi pm!


  15. ck1Oz says:


    Argh….my poor heart.Your last 2 recaps has made me all choked up.
    Thank you again.Miss you.I am back to dog you now that you’re recapping all 3 dramas I am watching.

    I know you have a lot of hours now doing the transcap but just to let you know…the written preview for ep 11 CYHMH…aigoo.I think my tear ducts are going to get a work out this week.


  16. corina says:

    Thank you so much Softy…
    Thank you…thank you….thank you!!!! I love your blog 🙂


  17. cinta says:

    hey softy. Thx for your hard work. Thank you ver much! This blog is help me alot to update about 49 days.


  18. AnitaLotti says:

    How can I survive another week with an ending like this? My fingernails are not a pretty sight now another week of nibbling them off will not make them any prettier.

    Softy, thanks a bunch for the transcap. Should we recommend the best energy drinks to you as you will need them considering your plans for the next couple of months?


  19. czak says:

    why do i have a feeling that one of the tears would definitely come from MinHo..?


    • Jewels says:

      It would be a surprise and a good twist to the story if it is him. It’s ridiculous how tormented he is, and how fast and hard he fell for her. IJ is not remorseful at all. Hopefully she will thaw out in the next coming weeks, but I am saying that for her sake because if she doesn’t she most likely be seeing the two men dressed in black dragging her off to brimstone and fire!


      • czak says:

        Agree with you with IJ. But you kinda have to sympathize with her. she is tormented by the fact that she lived in poverty and here is her best friend living the best life there is. I mean I for one think that though she sincerely loved J when they were younger, she eventually hated the fact that J had everything she will never have.

        as for MINHO, after watching this episode, my spidey sense was tingling all over the radar. I really do think that he is soing to be the 2nd tear. I personally think that he did fall for J but since the whole sinister plan was in action he put a reign on his feelings. AS far as I remembered he mentioned that with IJ all they did for 2 months was do business but with J they actually dated…

        But wouldnt it be so more twisted to have INJUNG be her 3rd TEAR at the very last moment when she is being fetched to go to the elevator..?

        DO hope that she will turn out to be the 3rd tear, cause that would surely make-up for her being a SUPER BITCH…


        • mrmz says:

          No I hate her!!! I don’t want her to be one one of the tears!!! But that aside I think K is going to be the 3rd tear.


  20. Jewels says:

    Softly, thanks so much for the transcap! OMG, what a cliffhanger, I don’t know if I can wait for next week. This episode was chock full of stuff. It’s unbelievable how this drama gets better and better; I am just amazed.


  21. share with me says:

    oh gosh this drama killing mee and thanks for recap you really do great job ^__^


  22. ewez says:

    Your writeup is brilliant. Thank you! 🙂


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  24. nikesma says:

    The landlady=the weird fortune teller lady?


    • nikesma says:

      Anyway, thank you so much, softy for these transcaps! Seeing May line ups I was worried that you might be thinking of doing them, I came here and check and you did think of doing them. I hope you won’t overwork yourself. *hugs

      I’m glad you choose to be doing Lie to Me instead of Ripley (the thought of Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye!!) .>; But I hope she’ll do well in Ripley and erase her Chuno image out of my mind. Lol.

      Just by thinking how can I watch these dramas with limited time, and how you have to transcaps for us like every day. T^T I really hope you do take care of yourself.

      As for 49days, god, my eyes widened in each episode. WIth all the information they keep revealing. It’s just keeps getting better. You can never guessed what will happen. What’s with the rules of the soul living in their killer’s body? This is such a well-written and well done drama, I didn’t feel they rushed it at all. Just like how drama these days running out of shooting time and became sloppy in the end. (BOF is nightmare)

      Anyway, kudos softy and all 49ers!


      • Softy says:

        Had no idea you were watching this- so did you just start recently?
        You know me so well – if lie to me is just as good as the others, I am in big trouble. At least most of these dramas are 16 eps each so it shouldn’t be a huge deal. I have a feeling lie to me will be easier to translate than best love anyway. What’s really killing me are all these new character names. During the first transcap of best love, I kept scrolling back up repeatedly cuz I forgot what their names were. Sad thing is I don’t know any of the actors real names either. the only name I know by heart is YKS on that drama. So happy for him that he is going to be on a hit drama for a change.


        • nikesma says:

          I did start awhile back. I had to stayed up all night to catch up all 10 episodes though. I’m so busy these days, I only have time to watch the drama only(not going to soompi check out spoilers sharing kyaa kyaa swooning and everything with everyone) I always come here though the day it airs. XD I’m determined to watch CYHMH when I have more time, because you said it’s good. I like Kim Jae Won from his old drama, can’t wait to see him now. XD

          (I noticed my few lines of previous comment was accidentally deleted by me. Nothing important, just commenting how I don’t like Lee Da Hee in Chuno. XD)

          Urgh. Names. They’re really confusing, aren’t they? Wish they’d just use English name like Anna, Jason, Michael, Bob would be easy to remember? Nah, with three drama plus one coming, you’d get more and more dizzy. *hands softy a bottle of memory enhancer vitamins

          I just watched Lie to Me long preview!! Arrghh! I can’t wait next week! Looks good! The first few seconds of the preview reminded me A LOT of SG. People line up as the main actor walking, then bam they meet up at the hospital with the girl lying on the hospital bed.

          Sigh. I never get enough of chaebol son. Chaebol son FTW! XDDD


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