49 Days E15: semi live

Wow this drama just gets better and better. Just when you think you can relax, emotional S shows up. OMG JIW was amazing tonight.
49 days E15
 After M says: SYK
she says :why KMH
M: what are you doing here
She doesn’t say anything
M: who are you?
She tells him to go
and turns around
M: look at me Y
do you know me? Who are you?
Noh comes in and asks M: what is going on?
Noh: Y – what is wrong?
M asks Noh : do you know Y
Noh asks M: who are you? what is going on?
M: i have something to say to Y
Noh looks over at Y who is shaking
so he tells M: she doesnt seem like she wants to
what’s going on
M says it;s nothing and goes outside and wonders
who is that girl – J or Y?
Noh asks Y: what happened? who is that person?
is he someone you know?
She doesn’t answer and shakes her head
Noh: are you saying you know him or dont know him?
Y: he is someone I dont know
but when he called me
without realizing it I said his name
Noh: how can you know his name if you don’t know him
he seemed to know you
Dont you remember where you met him?
Y says she saw him in her (dazed state/sleepwalk) but she didnt like how he made her feel
Noh: do you remember seeing me yesterday?
Y: did i see you yesterday?
Noh: yesterday in front of your house I saw you
but you didnt recognize me
the way you were dressed too- it wasnt the Y I knew
He thinks she has another personality (split personality)
cuz of her shock, she made another person inside of her
Y: you are saying that I have a split personality?
Noh: it is certain that you have another personality inside of you
She says that isn’t it
Noh: more than we thought, the shock of that person’s death was big
when someone close to you dies, a part of you does too
Y: that isnt it-I have someone who lives in me
customers try to come in but the doors are locked
Y: i’m ok so why are you saying that…
Noh says what she said makes her in a more serious state
you are saying you are possessed by a ghost
arent you scared
you said you felt it going inside of you
Y: a ghost doesnt feel like this
i dont know what it is but it feels sincere and earnest
i felt (her) worrying about me
after yi soo this is the first time
this feeling
this feeling that someone genuinely cares about me
noh: are you saying that you are being comforted by a ghost?
Y: all you know is that someone I loved died suddenly from an accident
noh: cuz five years ago
all you did was sit there and leave
She opens up about how when she was 5, her mom abandoned her
she said let’s go on a train and go have fun
and packed all my favorite belongings
she said she was going to change my younger sibling’s diaper
and never came back
noh: you were five but you didnt know your own name?
she says how no one called her and no one looked for her
on the first day after i got to the orphanage, I was crying in a corner
some kid came over and gave me chocolate
Yi soo: from now on your name is SYK and my name is yi soo
Y says that yi soo was abandoned as a baby and was used to orphan life
he made me forget the pain of being abdondoned by my mom
for the sole reason that we spent our years together
i became his YK
Like siblings, like an older brother, like a friend
We spent 18 yrs like that
that yi soo 
abandoned  me
S was standing there listening
Y:Then he died in the spring
When I wasnt ready to let go
when I had things to tell him
and things to ask him
yi soo left
S: I abandoned you?
Y: that my mom abandoned me
cuz of yi soo I forgot about it
after I got abandoned my yi soo
I couldn’t trust anyone after that
Cuz I am someone no one wants
S cries
and wonders why am i like this
and wipes his tears
S: i’m crying
Noh: that isn’t true
It doesn’t matter
How can you be comforted by a ghost-does that make sense?
Y: but I did
noh; didnt you think about leaving your home?
Y: even tho I was scared and fearful
I felt that that girl was kind and caring
Noh leaves and M waits in his car and M follows Noh
J remembers how Noh said hi to her
She worries he might suspect- it wont be good if he told onyi
She wonders why Y is getting hypnotherapy –is it cuz of her?
she is nervous
J: why don’t I have any energy
IJ is waiting for M
cuz he changed his housecode
IJ: what happened? she isnt Y is she? is she J?
He says Y isn’t J
M: of course not – how could that happen-it cant
She wants to know how he made sure
the way she eats, her habit with her fingers, did you go to Y’s house?
M yells that she isnt and tells IJ to go
M: it’s not possible for Y to be J
from the beginning it didnt make sense
IJ: tell me how you made sure
He  says he has very little time to sleep before J’s dad’s surgery
He goes in alone
And thinks about how Y asked him to take down the pic of J and him
He wonders how she can be J
and he smashes the photo
13 days 4 hrs 29 mins left
Y comes home 
and looks around
J says it looks like you didnt get any therapy today-that’s good
(she wonders why Y is like that – did that guy tell her)
J: today is my dad’s surgery
Could you please sleep early?
Y lies down to sleep (as if she heard and is being obedient)
J:thank goodness
onyi thank you
H is waiting for her when Y/J comes out
She says she isn’t going to the store today
H: I’m not going to the store too
today is J’s dad surgery
I didnt want to go alone so let’s go together
Y/J: to go to the  hospital
H: there isnt much time left so let’s go to the hospital first  
to have time to meet before the others show up
cuz you have a habit of crying and not caring where you are
when other ppl see that it looks bad cuz they think “who is she when she isnt even the daughter-why is she crying so much” it is exactly what makes ppl talk about you
also if IJ gets mad-what are you going to do if she reveals “this girl is dating J’s fiance”
so while no one is around – meet with J’s dad first
Y/J: i’m not dating M
H: just pretending that you are dating – it would be nice if you hurry and quit that
J’s parents thank Y/J for coming
she tells her dad to have a good surgery
he comments that J has a lot of loyal friends
mom: she takes after you she likes ppl and trusts them
dad: when J wakes up – come over often to visit
She promises to come visit him
He tells her to visit J’s mom (check up on the mom)
Y/J asks if she can hug him once
And gets up and gives him a hug and pats him on the back
Y/J: see you later
She cries and runs out
Outside the room Y/J is crying
H: stop – he will be fine
Why are you crying
are you crying cuz you are afraid your dad will pass away?
why are you crying like J’s dad is going to pass away
M shows up
H gives her a handkerchief
Telling her she cant cry here and to cry outside
I will stay for the surgery so go wait at the store
surgery will take 6 or 7 hrs so i will call when the surgery is over
M watches all that
M to H: this doesnt make me feel good
why are you taking my girl around
M to Y/J: if you were going to come here you should have called me
H: she probably didnt think you would come here
M: if i cant come then Y cant come
M tells Y that he wil take her
H: on a day like today do you have to act like that?
M: on a day like today why did you bring Y?
Y/J tells M to take her to the store
and grabs M’s arm and H notices that
after they leave
H makes a fist and says aloud : I’m going crazy – what does she want to find out from him to do that
how much longer is she going to do that
M: what did you do yesterday after work?
She asks why he is asking that
M: havent you dated? arent we dating?
Y/J: i was tired so i slept early
M: you forgot about the surgery and slept well
so why come to the hospital and cry-what’s that
Y/J: like saying the last farewell
M: didnt you feel bad looking at J
Y/J: feeling bad is one thing and doing what I need to do is another
isnt that what ppl like us are good at
Chef tells his wife he will tell her later
She is whining cuz he doesn’t tell her about the reason for asking how to show sincerity thing
she cant wait any more (to find out)
chef: dont you trust me
wife: you are making me not trust you
she complains about all the things he does with H and doesnt tell her why
Chef yells at her to stop
he says other days he cant forgive her but her doing this on H’s mom’s memorial day the chef cant forgive that
and that H’s mom was special to them
wife mumbles she is grateful to H’s mom
he says he has to prepare for the memorial
wife wants to go with him
but the waitress says the wife has to stay
chef tells her to stay and work
Y/J comes up and heard all  that
Y/J: it’s your mom’s memorial 
but you are watching over my dad
J’s dad says final words to M and H
he tells M that he trusts M
M says he will wait
to IJ -J’s dad says : cuz of you I was more comfortable
he starts to say something to P
but she tells him not to say anything to her
to come out of surgery and tell her
J’s dad says to his wife: i have nothing to say to you
she says dont- you did it all night yesterday so i am sick of it
J’s dad thanks H
H: I will wait for you to come out
Her dad says to J: I am doing what you wanted
P, IJ, M, and H walk along next to the gurney as J’s dad is taken into surgery
H and M bow to him as he goes thru the doors
Then H and M exchange glares
P worries and hopes the surgery goes well
H and M leave saying they have work
IJ say she does too and leaves P alone
H meets with some guy who says the haemido deal is 90% done
M meets with H’s waiter
M: you must be busy running errands for H
you’re on a break from school cuz you couldnt pay tuition and working at H’s place
did H say he would pay your tuition
waiter asks what M is trying to say
 M offers him a job after graduation in exchange for his help
IJ is waiting at the hospital when H shows up
H makes a comment about IJ and M
H: you do team play well
IJ: what does that mean
H: you two are a perfect couple
whether someone sees or not
as J’s best friend or as her fiance
between the two one is (?)
She asks why he didn’t tell J’s parents after finding out about her and M
He says cuz they are barely hanging on and I couldn’t tell them about M and you too
Y/J is walking along and she meets another homeless guy who has a tear pendant
He asks how she got her tear
Y/J asks if he is a 49 er cuz she thought she was the only one in seoul
the guy is from out of town-taejun
He says he came to meet a friend at this hopsital to get that tear but that friend died today an hour ago
if he was going to die he should have cried a tear and die
she finds out tm is his last day and he didn’t get a single tear
he used to be the president and went to his construction site and looked up all this friends
but no one knew him
He tells her not to trust humans-they are all trash
she asked if he got hurt and that’s why his face is bruised
but he beat himself cuz he doesnt like this face for making him into this
she stops him from hurting himself
He says cuz she has a tear – she has hope
He asks how many days she has left
She says 13
He says when she gets out of Y’s body- it will get harder towards the end (she will grow weaker as her end nears)
later she wont be able to use any energy when she gets to a certain state
if he had 13 days, he wanted to say something to his wife-to thank her and give her a bouquet
Write letters to his kids
to look at his mom’s face
She says he can still do that now
But he says when he catches his train he will only have 2 hrs left
he has to leave so he doesnt miss his train
She gives him money to take a bath before he goes back
he thanks her -she is probably having a hard time going around in someone else’s body
and says this 49er thing is too cruel
IJ heard some of that
IJ goes up to the man and asks why he spoke to Y-does he know Y? how does he know her?
he asks why IJ is asking
IJ promises him a lot of money
If he will tell IJ everything about what Y said
He asks IJ to save him first
then he will give her the building he has
And walks on
Doctor says after J’s dad regains consciousness they will know his condition
and whether or not to worry anymore
H runs off to tell Y/J
He offers to take her to dinner and go check on her dad
She tells him to go cuz today is his mom’s memorial but he says he can do that later at night
He pours a glass of wine for his mom
telling her to enjoy the wine she liked
H stands and sips
Y/J is sitting by the piano
H: do you know how strong willed my mom was
She didn’t even leave me a pic – just this piano
H: this piano my always played when she was drunk
when I was younger
my dad went back and forth to America cuz of business
one day my mom set up this wine bar
drank with men
from a child’s view- my mom seemed like a woman who sells alcohol (bar owner)
I couldnt understand why she had to do that when my dad made a lot of money
didnt know she did that cuz she was lonely
I didnt know what loneliness was back then
then she asked for a the divorce
Of course I thought it was cuz of her (her fault)
I thought she was having an affair with someone she met here
after the divorce there was no contact with my dad
that too I thought it was her doing
Then this awful woman dragged me to jinan and said she wanted to rest
she said she needed me – her son
it was funny
who was she to say she had to be with me
he lists all the bad things he did in jinan- not going home
there was not a time when I even looked at my mom
never once said anything nice to her
When her skin got darker, I thought it was a tan
(but it was her illness)
i didnt know she was getting sicker and getting darker
till the very end she didnt say one word (about her illness)
 she sent me to the states and died alone
When I went to the states I found out
that my dad had my younger sibling who was older than 10 yrs (means the dad is the cheater)
wasnt she a cruel mother
why did she have to make me the bad guy
Y/J takes his hand
Y/J: You know that’s not true
H: what my mom remembered of me
my last impression
was a rude, mean kid
who she probably regretted having
Y/J says inwardly: that isnt true H
aloud she says: when she left you the piano she might have been leaving you something that means everything to her)
cuz when your mom was lonely and having a hard time 
as she played this gave her comfort
H:then why didn’t she leave me a pic
Y/J: cuz she might have been afraid you would do this – cuz her son might feel more guilty over time looking at his mom’s pic
H: that might be true
Y/J: it’s not might be- it is
H says Y/J comforted her
they look at each other
Her stomach grumbles
So H smiles
M watches thru the window
M had a conversation with Noh
M: Y herself said that it was a spirit?
Noh tells M: she said she thought she saw some girl go into her body
M: some girl?
IJ watches M watching H and Y/J
H and Y/J are eating
He asks her to talk while they eat (cuz she was too intent on eating)
Y/J: then I’ll asks a question
H: ask
Y/J: before you said you owed J a lot -what is that?
He: you said you were really close to J – didnt J say?
Y/J: she didnt
she thinks you don’t owe her
H explains how he stole his mom’s money without her knowing to go to his dad
and bought a plane ticket to the states that left in a week
but his mom suddenly dragged him to jinan
Y/J: plane ticket? america?
H: and within 4 days of getting there
cuz of J,  I sprained my leg (the bike incident on the hill)
since I missed my flight cuz of that girl who interfered
I dont know how much I couldnt stand her
so whenever I got the chance I tormented her
but she was so bright and sweet
everything she did was funny
teasing her was really fun
Y/J says to herself: so that is why you tormented me so much
H: after that I slowly started forgetting about wanting to leave jinan
but one day she tricked me with magic and made me eat seaweed soup
Y/J thinks to herself: at that time you threw an angry tantrum
H: i dont know how grateful I was
to be honest i felt really bad after I sent my mom away 
cuz my mom made it for her son’s bday and brought it all the way to school
if it wasnt for J
before my mom died – I wouldve ended up a son who didnt eat his mother’s last bday seaweed soup
Y/J: that is what you owed her? if J knew she would laugh
H: the biggest one is not being able to say sorry and parting ways
during the cherry blossom day, over nothing at all I got angry
cuz of what I was going thru cuz of my mom
and not being able to open up so during that time I was acting out
He gives her back the bracelet and tells her to give it to J
since you are J’s friend
you keep it and give it back to her later
she takes it and
Y/J remembers back to the bday
J watches as H’s mom tells him how she made his soup with mussels that he likes
and how his mom begged him to eat it and H refused and threw it down
J watched his mom chase after him coughing
J tells his mom to give the lunch to her so she can feed it to H
she bows and introduces herself as H’s friend
later they meet again and J returns the empty containers
H’s mom: did H really the seaweed
J: he ate every bit of it
I sort of tricked him – nothing bad tho
The mom praises J and gave her the bracelet
J: what is this?
H’s mom: i got this for my college graduation from my dad
since I dont have a daughter
I was going to give it to H’s first gf
J explains she isn’t H’s gf
mom says: you are a friend but a girl
so arent you a friend?
J: we’re not even friends yet
mom: you said you were H’s friend a while ago
J: H doesnt like me
mom: my H is not that bad of a kid
he is so mad at me so he is acting out
J: no matter what; acting like that to his mom was too much
mom: you said your name is J
dont you want something to snack on
do you like toast
J: i like everything when it comes to eating
End flashback
H knocks to get her attention
why are you staring at someone else’s bracelet so much
Y/J thinks: this bracelet was give to me by your mom
H: it’s almost 11- you will be late
IJ: what is the reason you went to H’s and stood there?
you said she wasnt J – that she was Y
then why did you watch her hang out with H
it’s cuz you suspect too
if she really is J
she knows our relationship and our plans
we have to know why she didnt tell anyone
IJ accuses him : are you hoping she isnt J?
is that why you are not making sure
because you dont want her to be J
because if J is in Y’s body forever
then it means you ended up liking J
M: she isnt someone I can act like I love J
IJ: that’s whyshe isnt J?
then does it mean Y loved you?
M says he will find out more and tells IJ to go
IJ: Y doesn’t like you and J didnt love you either
you trusted  she loved you
cuz you are a man and thought she loved you
the girl back then who didnt love you
you think she can love you now?
M insists Y isn’t J
that is why she cant be J
she isnt the J I know
so how could she be J
Y and J walk out together
J says to Y: see you later onyi
H watches Y walk away
He follows Y to the coffee shop
and says to himself
seems like nothing much happened
does she not suspect yet?
J is at the hospital staring at her dad
She sneaks in when a nurse comes out
Her dad has stepped into a white room
He hears J’s voice
She asks why her dad isn’t coming back
Suddenly he sees her
And he opens his eyes
And he sort of sees a blurry vision of her
She yells to the nurse her dad woke up
She thanks her dad for waking up and tells him she loves him
He cries
J is walking and S pulls up on his bike
He asks what she is doing
Walking cuz the buses stopped running
She tells him her dad is alive
S: i told you living and dying doesnt happen cuz of human effort
J: Did you know my dad wouldn’t die during surgery
S: how would i know that?
Y/J: you are really awful
I was so worried my dad would not get his surgery cuz of me and die
you know how much time and effort I spent over that
You should have given me a hint earlier
S: I had to know something to give a hint
S says he found out yesterday when her dad’s name didn’t come up on when he downloaded his schedule that her dad wouldnt die today
that he follows a schedule handed down to him every ten days
He tells her to get on and hands her a helmet
since the buses stopped he came to give her a ride
he says he follows this neighborhood’s style (using that as an excuse to give her a ride)
J:who decides what happens in the afterlife
S: your confidence does
the life you lived here is decided by your previous life
the next life is determined by this one
that is what i was taught
J: that’s how it is? then what about you?
S: I must have lived a bad life
J: sorry for bringing up a sore spot. In your next life. I hope you live a long life
S: I dont think I’ll be able to
S: I think I was a bad guy
J:what are you saying-did someone say that
S: Someone said that
J goes home and tells Y that her dad is alive
from now on I am not going to force myself to meet M
since H read my letter
when I dad is back on his feet H will tell my dad
even if I wake up- he wont stand still and let me marry M
I only have 12 days left
I don’t know if I can get two more tears but for your sake I want to try
if I leave without paying you back for inconviencing you
after 12 days I might regret like that guy
J’s mom and P tells J that her dad’s surgery went well and not to worry
The mom tells P to go home and rest
IJ is sleeping when P comes home
IJ gets a call from M
IJ tries to take the phone into the room to answer
but P demands IJ to answer it here
P puts two and two together
And pulls on IJ’s hair and yells at IJ
She says IJ owes J so much
She couldn’t have even gone to college without J
P:cuz you backstabbed J
is that why you saw her as a ghost
if I was J I wouldn’t be able to close my eyes and die
H gets good news about J’s dad
thank goodness – I knew it would happen like that
after he hangs up, he says
I should tell J
Y/J shows up with a tray
he says he was going to call her about his friend’s dad
She says she already knows about J’s dad
Y/J: when someone tells you to sit you should sit right away
H calls her song YK
Y/J: how can you call a noona SYK
ya H- didnt I tell you before?
SYK is a year older than you
when you come to a country you have to follow that country’s rules
H: you really know that J’s dad woke up?
Y/J: I knew so that is why noona brought the breakfast you like to thank you
H: what is this?
Y/J: food with memories
toast with sugar on it
strawberry milk
there is a guy who likes getting this as an award
H: that’s what kids…
he thinks to himself: that is what I liked
did J ever mention that she met my mom
Y/J: i think she said she did
H: she sure did a lot of things
Y/J: if it tastes good – tell her to make it again
noona is busy so I am leaving first
and runs off to work
H: must be really happy cuz your dad is alive
she turns and says: he is J’s dad
He is happy eating and wonders why she corrected him saying “he is J’s dad”
The investigator tells M that Y hardly has time to sleep
M tells the investigator not to follow Y around anymore
M calls Jang and says it is time to start (about the business thing)
Y/J goes to meet a former employee at Y’s work (seoul hotel)
Y/J explains that she had a terrible shock and lost her memory (amnesia)
woman says : so that is why you didnt recognize me
Y/J asks the woman to tell her about Y (herself)
were we close?
woman says Y got along with everyone but there wasnt a person she was really close with
after you finished work
you hung out with yi soo a lot
Y/J: you know yi soo?
The woman says everyone in the hotel knew about Y and yi soo
Y/J learns that yi soo worked here too
Yi soo and Y started working here together but yi soo quit 6 wks later
saying that he was going to be a singer
after you broke up with him you were heartbroken
 after yi soo died
you fainted
after that you didnt come back to work
woman says she still has Y’s belongings in storage somewhere so Y/J asks for that back
on the bus ride
Y/J thinks
how bad was her shock that she quits living like that
S’s voice says IJ called
(his normal voice is peppy but these days he sounds like he is feeling down)
IJ explains the bruise on her eye
IJ: P hit me
I got caught about my relationship with M
Y/J thinks to herself :that is like P
IJ: since I got caught by all the ppl close to me
I’m glad I have no more reason to fear being caught so it feels good now
Y/J: you like it? to me it seems like you dont look good
too bad you got hit when it is all over with M
IJ says: we wont break up
as long as you dont marry M
are you going to marry him?
Y/J doesnt answer
IJ: last time you were curious why I did this to J werent you?
I came to tell you that today
Y/J: why all of a sudden…
IJ:during college I was living at J’s (living off of J)
and how IJ couldnt afford to go to college in seoul after her dad’s accident
IJ was so upset so she went over to J’s
but without even asking me J
during dinner
J had asked her parents to let IJ live with them
at that time I was so grateful to her
you heard this from J didnt you?
Y/J says she heard from J about how IJ couldnt afford to go to college cuz of her family’s situation when she was such a top student
IJ says J was really nice
IJ lists other things J did for IJ that IJ never asked for
how IJ was working part time at P’s bakery during college
and IJ had asked J to tell her boss she couldnt go in to work cuz of body ache
since J was so nice she went in to work for me
and missed her piano lesson that was $250 an hour
Y/J: didnt she do that cuz she was afraid you would get fired?
IJ:from J’s parents point of view it was unbelievable
to earn $30 she forgot about 2 hours of $250 each 
when her mom yelled at her it would have been nice if J just said” I was wrong” but for her precious friend, J stood up to her mom and said she was right to do that cuz IJ would have been fired
so without J knowing, her mom would talk to me separately
J was too nice so she wouldnt have even dreamed that would happen
when we went out on a group blind date
J always told guys that I was her closest friend who lived with her
when my bf came by the house
J would follow us saying she was bored
without asking me
And when the guy broke up with me and starting calling J
J didn’t know why
cuz she doesnt mistrust ppl
Y/J: what is the reason for saying those things now
IJ ignores her and keeps going
When J bought new clothes
she would come to my room and ask: what do you think of this?
IJ would say: it is pretty
J would say : then do you want to wear it?
I can buy a new one IJ
even if i give it to you
it’s not a waste at all
i’m not selfish
Y/J: she really meant that but that hurt your feelings?
IJ says it made her pitiful
even when I said it was ok
How J never once thought of  me and what I wanted
and ignored what I wanted
it was so annoying
one day I got curious
IJ asked J:
if you were like me working at part time jobs
would you be like this
If you didn’t have a wealthy father
Could you have gotten into college with those grades
if you were born the daughter of my father
could rice cakes taste good
and continue being so sweet and nice
if she could be that way if she didnt have anything
if her skilled father ended up like mine who isnt
 I wanted to see
“you guys wear my wedding dress cuz you guys are going to end up borrowing it “
according to her I already reached my level (status in life)
after doing that
 it was funny to hear her say it wasnt like that 
So I asked M first
to bring J down to my level
Y/J: that’s nonsense…IJ…
she looks down at her pendant in alarm and stays quiet
IJ: you said J said “whatever I give it’s not a waste”
then she can give me her dad’s company and her fiance
IJ to Y: when you see J later
make sure you tell her all this
Y/J says J’s love for IJ was sincere
IJ says she loved J sincerely too
Y/J cries
IJ watches from outside
Y/J sits on a bench:
this isnt right – no matter what I did – it’s not a good enough reason to step on me like this
Y/J opens a box and finds pics of Yi soo with another girl
Y/J: what is this? he is a total cheater
She calls S
S says he is a depressed scheduler (in the middle of doing something with music) call back later
She goes to see him
Y/J:Ya, yi soo- how could you do that?
she puts the box down and crosses her arms
Y/J: it seems you cheated on her and broke up with her
how could a human do that
is betrayal your speciality – your hobby?
How could you betray someone who trusts you
S: what are you talking about?
She show him pics of him with some girl
Y/J: look at this
he takes them and looks thru them
S: who are these pppl? is this me?
Y/J: what you said was correct
your unfinished business (the reason why you wanted to go back) wasnt cuz of Y
it must have been for that girl
S: what?
he throws down the pics
S: this really isnt it
Y/J:what isnt? that is clearly you and another girl
you broke up with Y cuz of this girl
looking at how Y lived like this all this time
it might have been because you were with that girl when you died
S: it isnt!
Y/J: what do you mean it isnt
when there is proof like this
also you said you didnt remember
S: even tho i cant remember
it’s not (over) this girl
I said it isnt
Y/J: why do you keep saying it isnt
look at this
even now you are saying it isnt?
S: what nonsense ..that I… with this girl
this girl isnt anything
Y/J: just cuz you say it isn’t
Doesn’t make it so
(Y and Y/J switch here – back and forth so when S calls her Y-it is her)
S: it isnt YK
it’s not
SYK – it isnt
why don’t you believe me?
He cries and Y and Y/J keep switching back and forth
S: YK ah
He reaches out to touch her face
* Y/J pulled away from him surprised but Y just stood her ground and cried too
the lyrics said : tears keep coming cuz my heart is aching cuz of you I am hurt
S (as yi soo) wants to write intials S loves K
M says he needs Y’s place and offers money in compensation to kick out Y
H holds onto Y/J from leaving
H: stop meeting him now
what can you do from meeting M?
when you are Y
Y/J: because I am Y, I think I can do something
H: I cant watch it anymore-just trust me (just leave it up to me)
J is worried: I think this onyi is going to leave somewhere
what do I do?
J yells out: onyi where are you going?
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30 comments on “49 Days E15: semi live

  1. Minsun says:

    Can’t wait!:)


  2. ck1Oz says:

    Whew I thought what happened there softy 🙂
    May is here I am back to live streaming time now.Yippee except I am live streaming Best Love.
    The parts have all been booked up tonight.Thanks for the recaps for ep 15.I’ve been waiting for it.

    Oh someone came for CYHMH and did 99% so didn’t use your subs but I still need your ep 7 ones.Thanks for being so generous.


  3. Sonia says:

    Thank you! we know you always do you’re best ^__^


  4. tari says:

    phew! I’m I glad you’re here ^^


  5. ck1Oz says:

    Oh God softy this episode is a weeper.I felt upset just reading it.In fact I am very upset.


  6. until now i’m still confuse of who’s who will end up with.

    really nice drama.


  7. ewez says:

    oh wow.


  8. Jewels says:

    Thanks so much Softly for your recap, and I am very glad to know that it is saved on a word document! I was a little worried at first because I thought something happened to you since I did not see your usual introduction, but I am relieved and glad that you are alright.

    SBS on TVU was off the air, and it’s the only channel I can see on my Mac. I eventually had turn on my desktop PC and log onto another site recommended on Soompi, and it worked, although I miss the first 30 mins.

    Thank you again Softly for your hard work, if you weren’t so dedicated to bringing the recaps to us – non korean speakers, I would have ripped out my hair by now.



  9. karmic says:

    My heart is breaking for YK and YS and I am just relying on your transcaps. Thank you so much, softy.


  10. Minsun says:

    Thank u softy! What a great ep!!


  11. dls says:

    oh this episode is running for climax…
    M n IJ suspicion of J in Y increase
    S now gets more depressed because he starts to know his past with Y
    Y gets to know J presence, it’s good she feels comfortable w J…


  12. ninimi says:

    you write it “ONYI” not “ONNIE” like it used to be? hahahha.,, so cute Softy!!

    yess yess, actually NGR said “ONYI” rather than “Onnie”, it so Cute!!

    Onyi…. Onyi!!! ^^


  13. Jewels says:

    Softly, since I believe you reside in S. Korea, I am hoping you can answer this question. Is there such a thing call “Patient Confidentiality or HIPPA” in which your medical condition cannot be discussed by any medical personnel with anyone including patient’s family and friends except those who the patient gives permission to? Because the kdramas always show that the MD can discuss the condition with any Joe Flow regardless.



    • REBEL SOULS says:

      I’ve been to lots of hospitals here and believe me they take that seriously- this is a drama so they made Noh stupid so the plot would move along and have M find out this way about Y and J. It was better than what the previews said where M suddenly out of the blue guesses on his own. Guess the writer thought this way made more sense and made Noh the scapegoat. Bet ppl are going to go up to him (the actor) on the streets and chew him out for spilling about Y’s confidential info for months to come. 🙂


      • toohearts says:

        I totally agree! I was so upset that he would reveal the information to anyone!! Hello~!! I am so upset at what he (Noh) did!


  14. Mikee says:

    Thank you !

    I thought there was a second tear already, coz someone posted it in soompi.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.


  15. toohearts says:

    I was wondering what is M thinking?! Is he trying to maker Y/J’s life harder (to where she doesn’t have a place to stay)?? It is so good that finally the writer revealed us the story of YS and YK. I am going to download this episode and re-read your live transcap, Softy! Thank you! 😀


  16. prissymom says:

    first time to post here. thanks for hardwork!


    • Softy says:

      Thank you for your hardwork on the soompi thread for this drama- you are so sweet to go around thanking ppl for their contributions there. 🙂 I think your love and attention made that thread so popular (other dramas barely have 10 pages before airtime but 49 days was unprecedented)


  17. masuhe says:

    I was wondering when Y was in the orphanage, she said that her mother told her when she put on the train that she had to change the baby’s diaper, and never came back. Could Y and J be sisters? Because J is younger than Y. Just a thought.


    • somplaka says:

      good thinking. Now thinking back of when J’s mom said “only child left”, there is really big possibility that J and K are sisters? So the question is, is J’s dad now really J’s dad? What happened back then?

      But the thing is there is only 5 more epis to go. I don’t think there is enough time to tackle that part as well, or is there? I would really like them to be sisters or at least close friends. There is a special bond between them.

      This is really getting so good.Can’t wait for tonight.


      • duncha says:

        I don’t think it’s an issue whether they are sisters or not because if Jihyun comes back to life, she will definitely bring Yikyung into her house and provide her with the warmth she never has after Yisoo’s death. Even if she cannot come back to life, she will find some means to let her family know to take care of her.


    • mrmz says:

      well it kinda wouldn’t make sense to me. why would she leave one daughter and take the other? and if JiHyun’s father wasn’t her real father, well in real life, no matter how good of a person he is, he would at least be more in control (which would’ve been better actually instead of leaving everything to minho) then again you never know what they can come up with k-dramas 😛 I’m just thinking the relationship is beautiful as is so they don’t need to make them sisters, it won’t really add anything to the characters!!


      • Softy says:

        I agree – J’s parents do not strike me as ppl who would abandon their child. Plus Y said younger sibling- she didn’t specify which gender so her sibling could have been a boy and not a girl. And with 5 eps left, what would be the point? Like duncha said, J will take care of Y no matter what.


  18. momo says:

    i was about to smack NOH when he said all the thing he shouldnt have to MINHO.
    even the stupidest person knows that no doctor spills out anything related to a person he’s treating to another person unless theres a proof that hes a relative and clearly NOH knows that she doesnt have any…
    but oh well… that is why this thing is called DRAMA… anything can happen… 🙂
    anyways.. cant wait for tonight’s EP! omg! he finally remembered SYK!! i knew this was going to be a tearjearker…. i just hope that i wont get another headache cuz of too much crying like i did on SG! coz i have a feeling i will…


  19. dityani says:

    I think YK is MH unni.


  20. duncha says:

    Why do I feel that Minho is developing a soft spot for Jikyung? I thought it’s pretty obvious that she is Jihyun and his private investigator concurs that. Why is he still in denial? Does he really like Jikyung that much?


  21. mrmz says:

    something I thought of long b4 and i think its been confirmed this episode. One of the tears for Ji Hyun will be from Ki Kyung. The other from P or else surprisingly from Min Ho who’s falling in love with her 😛 well anyways we’ll have to wait and see. But one thing I like about this drama is the relationship developing between JiHyun & KiKyung
    Scheduler is still my favorite!!! I liked his carefree way b4 but his character’s only getting more interesting

    Thank you for the transcap 😀


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