49 Days E14:Live

This drama is crazy – just when you think you know what is going to happen – they do something so shocking. How can I wait another week????? argghhhh
49 days  E14
After Y/J shows him his pic, S says “what is this-this is me”
Y/J: it is you isnt it?
you are yi soo
the person Y loved was you
you and Y loved each other
S: what nonsense is this 
running over here so early in the morning
Y/J: this is you right?
S: it does look like me
Y/J: that is why you are yi soo
she shows him the note he wrote Y on her bday with the heart 
she says- you two did love each other right?
the reason you became a scheduler was to do something (?)-for that sake
maybe that was for Y
S: you’re saying I loved this girl?
he laughs it off
there is no way-it isnt – there is no way it is
look at Y’s situation – for a girl like this- you think I endured being a scheduler for 5 yrs
Y/J: I watched her say “yi soo” and cry
she might have ended up like that cuz of you
think about it carefully
you cant remember anything at all?
S: of course I dont
before I became a scheduler
there was a program so I wouldnt remember what happened in this neighborhood -also so I wouldnt be linked to anything here
but how is it that you found out about me?
something is wrong
he gets an idea and touches his face
maybe this face was borrowed
Y/J:  faces can be borrowed?
S: i am saying it is strange to that extent
Y/J: then show up in front of Y
you can show yourself to ppl
S accuses her of not giving enough credit to his neighborhood
he says how a scheduler – in front of ppl he knew when he was alive-
automatically his face changes to someone else’s so no one will know him
or else if I go back to ppl who knew me
it will get too complicated in this neighborhood to do my work
also there is no way I would be involved in a hot melo with a girl like this
she reminds him he came to complete some work
S: it could be something else – like about parents, or to get revenge like you
she reminds him he is an orphan
dont keep saying it isnt and confirm it by showing up in front of Y
then we will know if you are involved with Y or not
he yells for her to stop pushing him and that he needs to think and tells her to go
she goes out complaining
you cant remember? bad guy
when Y is living like this cuz of you
how can he not remember when I showed him the card
S thinks back to all the times he saw Y
he keeps asking what is this
he calls his sunbae
by any chance can I know ahead of time what I wished to do after my time as scheduler is up
the other person yells at him
he pulls the phone away from his ear
S: this onyi’s temper is something else
he explains into the phone
I know that but it is cuz someone recognized me
Y/J walks home thinking
poor Y onyi
cuz she couldnt forget yi soo
she lived like that
when I die- no one will remember me like that
besides mom and dad
i spent 3 days at M’s home
I miss H (I want to see H)
he must have been worried
she checks her phone
“for 3 days no one called”
H isnt worried – he must be mad
she wonders what happened to M
the secretary guy informs M about Y
the address Y had on her ID – she moved away 3 yrs ago
M asks where she moved to
the guy says cuz she didnt update (cancel?) ID info so the new address doesnt pop up
M wonders how she can live without an ID
guy says that she dated someone but he died
after that she didnt go into work and stayed home
and left behind her deposit and moved away
M: the guy died?
the secretary says he thinks she suspected he was on her tail
in the neighborhood he lost her
for two days she didnt even go to work at heaven
M: she didnt go to work at H’s place
the guy says he is going there today but it would be faster if M went and checked to see if she quit
M tells him he worked hard and sends him out
M thinks to himself
her bf died and she lived like that
he remembers how Y said she met J on the internet
he realizes J took care of Y cuz of that (Y’s sad background)
and H took Y in to help her
M gets a call from IJ
M and IJ meet
she thinks giving him 3 days to think about things is plenty-did you think a lot?
then what are you going to do now
H knows all about us
we dont know when he might tell J’s parents
M: dont worry about H – he isnt the type who doesnt think things thru
IJ: what about Y
that woman knows about our plans
M: Y too – she wont tell J’s parents
IJ: you knew? that she knew our plans – how did you find that out
M: why is it imp how I found out
she wont ever tell so dont worry
IJ: are you saying she wont talk cuz she likes you
M doesnt answer
IJ: it isnt that Y likes you
the reason why that woman showed up around us
it is cuz she had a motive
M:if she was going to talk – she already would have
whether it was to H or J’s parents
IJ: you trust that woman?
when she said she was J’s friend
no – you dont know if she is pretending to be J’s friend
there is no way but are you saying you are going to keep meeting Y
M: now that I talked to you like this – the answer came out
that’s right – the way I am right now is the answer
IJ gets it now
M says he is sorry
IJ: you cant oppa-this isnt right
you know who you are to me (what you mean to me)
you know better than anyone
more than that – now if I dont have you too
that I wont be able to stand it
you know that
why are you doing this
she begs him not to do this
how can someone like you….
if you make up your mind
there is nothing you cant do
you’re the kind of person who follows what is planned
when you first met me – cuz you were about to go study abroad in 6 weeks
you didnt want to grow attached to me so you wouldnt meet me
that is the kind of person you are
you’re the person who kept his promise for 2 yrs for me not to worry about J
M: the way I used to be back then
i cant control now
IJ: you loved me
M: it’s not cuz I didnt love you
but what I feel now is different
I cant turn around right now
it doesnt work that way
M asks her to just let time go by (give it some time)
IJ: i cant
you said you conducted business with me for 2 yrs
then from now on I will conduct business
so listen well
dont meet Y
or else I will tell J’s dad everything
M: dont do this IJ
if you do this – what can you gain
IJ: if I just sit still
what can I gain from that?
M says what she did-betray her friendship-etc are all feelings
not having things go your way is feelings
can you (?) my feeling
this feeling that I cant control?
IJ: then I can just do more
to you it’s just one month
but the time I loved you is 4 and a half years
she gets up and leaves
IJ does research on PJ
she goes to the internet cafe site (about magic)
and recognizes J’s online name
and IJ discovers that PJ died a year ago
then who is Y?
H thinks Y is J’s friend
was he lied to also?
H thinks about how Y sent him a text that she cant come to work for a few days cuz she has something imp to take care of
he wonders where she went for 4 days
chef comes down to talk to him about something H asked him to look into but the chef couldnt get it
and he apologizes (chef went somewhere far to look into it)
H says he doesnt need to say sorry and tells him to sit cuz his legs must hurt
chef asks : heard she didnt come in today – did you try going to her house?
H: i went there
J wasnt there and only Y seemed to be living there
I went over there and watched every morning
J didnt come out
I think she went somewhere else
where do you think she went?
H tells the chef about what he found out about the haemido and the land
something about a paper company
and how he got a friend to look into it more
waitress and chef’s wife are still thinking about how to show sincerity
waitress thinks it is just money and presents
what is so imp about the heart when you cant even see it
waitress wonders why this is so imp for the chef to go all that way
chef’s wife says she doesnt know either
waitress says how could that be when the two of them have such a tight relationship
Y/J shows up
chef’s wife: did you have a nice trip?
Y/J: what?
waitress: the boss said that you went on a trip
where did you go?
she goes down to H’s office
Y/J: sorry for not getting permission in advance and just…(taking time off)
H: the important thing you needed to do – did it go well?
Y/J: what?
H: just from looking at you
it doesnt seem like it did
Y/J:how did you know?
H: it is written on your face
did you eat?
she gets a call and says she will be back after taking the call 
she drops something as she runs out
H picks it up
IJ asks Y/J
why cant you answer me?do you really like M?
Y/J: why do I have to answer that to you?
IJ: if you really like M, then I will step aside but i dont need to do that do i
cuz you dont like M
what is your reason for stringing him along when you dont like him
what is your intention?
Y/J: i dont need to answer that either
IJ: I know you arent J’s friend
when did you start to know J?
why did you interview J’s friends?
after you did – why didnt you show it to J
why didnt you contact P?
why didnt you ask me to do the interview
Y/J: cuz you arent J’s friend
IJ: until her accident J didnt know a thing
Y/J: why do you think she didnt know?
IJ: that is why you cant be J’s friend
for J to be 100% duped by me- she was transparent
if she was good enough to hide a friend like you so I wouldnt know
then she wouldnt have been tricked by me
heard you know all of M and my plans and wont tell anyone then that means you love M but what I feel is different if you are J’s friend of course you should hate me
holding onto M it doesnt make sense to go against me
Y/J: there are too mang things in this world that doesnt make sense
why did you do it? to a friend who trusted you and showed 100% of herself to you
to a girl that transparent
why did you do such a thing?
IJ: J didnt show me
she was already like that
Y/J: what does that mean?
IJ: didnt J talk about me?
Y/J says something about how IJ grew up poor
so whatever J gave IJ
J didnt think it was a waste
J wanted to give everything to IJ
IJ: that is why i did it
even if she wanted to give me something
she had nothing to give
and saying she wanted to give me everything
I wanted her not to be able to say that
to make her end up like me
Y/J: what does that mean?
IJ says Y doesnt understand just likeJ
so they are similar that way even tho Y and J are not friends
IJ asks Y -should I listen to why you wanted to act like J’s friend
Y/J gets a call
Y tells IJ to pay more attention to M
rather than spend time with Y like this
H reads J’s letter to her dad about what M is up to and for her dad to cancel his will (leaving M in charge) urging him to get surgery the one she wrote on her last day
H realizes she knew about her dad’s condition
how did she find out about her dad’s illness?
he remembers the letter she gave him when she told him she was leaving for somewhere 
he takes out the farewell letter J wrote him and reads it
in a desert with no end in sight when I was confused and alone
to the person I met who seemed like an oasis H boss -I was grateful
you were a valuable friend during my final path
H says aloud: she was on her way to reveal everything to her dad
H goes up to change
Ij comes to see H
she goes to his office and sees the farewell letter from Y
she says the handwriting is J’s
she copies the letter
 H comes down after changing
IJ said she wanted to talk to him
but H says he doesnt have time and goes
IJ goes home and compares handwritten cards from J
to the letter by Y
she cant believe they are the same
J’s dad grumbles that H is persistent and asks why H came today again
H: i came today to ask something
dad: what?
H : do you think J is dead
dad gets mad
H: J isnt dead of course she didnt die but if J is over there like that where do you think her heart and spirit are?
dad asks his wife why H is like this
H: it isnt time for J’s spirit to come back to her body so she cant come back but she could be somewhere hovering
dad: what are you trying to say?
H: if she isnt dead then that could happen in this hospital room she could be watching over you
the mom agrees J might really do that
H: if i was in J’s situation if it was me – I would rather die
dad: what?
H:cant tell father waiting and not getting surgery she will think “if I just die-my dad will get surgery’ dad: it wasnt enough you threatened now you are trying to make me feel fear?
H: I’m really worried that you will get surgery and something will go wrong but you cant just leave things the way it is you really cant just die like this (without trying for the surgery)
dad: did you have feelings for J?
H : J wasnt my type
dad: if she isnt then why are you interfering this much
H: that I will tell you after you come out of surgery well
J’s mom smiles at H
M goes to see his mom
but hides when she comes out calling for him
he cries listening to her call his name
Y walks over to M and thinks
he knows that J is my friend but he still wants to meet me
M says she seems (?)
Y/J: cuz i dont know if I am here to get punished or awarded
M: you were J’s friend
you got introduced by J and got a job at H’s
seems like you told H your situation
is that all
is there anything else you hid?
Y/J: if I say “there isnt any more” – will you believe me?
are you the kind of person who believes what comes out of a person’s mouth?
when you are a person who knows how to steal a woman’s heart
M smiles: when I am with you
i realized I feel comfortable
you read me really well
you are similar to me
she retorts something
he wants her to start by quitting H’s place
Y/J: you want me to quit heaven?
M:then while you were meeting me
you were planning to continue working there?
Y/J: i didnt think about that cuz I didnt know if I would keep seeing you or not
M says he will get her another job so quit tm
Y/J stands up and suggests talking while they are eating cuz she is hungry
M: you really want to eat soojaebee (it is like bits of flour dough in a soup base)
she asks if he doesnt remember how she couldnt eat that properly that day
( she wants to eat at that restaurant M took his mom)
Y/J asks who else M brought here
his mom, IJ, me, J?
ah you said you didnt come with J
he remarks that she isnt acting like herself talking about stuff like that
she asks if it is ok to talk about his mom – the most imp person to M 
she asks how old his mom is
M: 60
Y/J: she is young then I guess next year is her (dont know this word)
when is her bday?
he asks why she is so interested in his mom
Y/J: cuz she made the person you are now
she asks what kind of person his mom is
M gets serious and says something complicated – jist is
she had a rough time raising him
M thinks Y should have asked his age first
Y/J: did you forget that I heard a lot of things from J
M;when is your bday?
Y/J: you dont answer what I ask – i asked you when your mom’s bday was
is it your style not to open up to women you meet for a short time
if that is the case I wont ask anymore
M: jan-11
Y/J: it’s when it is cold – Y’s is 84-12-8 (not sure about the month – might be 11)
M: who did you spend your bday with
Y/J: that is a question that isnt like you to ask
she throws what he said earlier about her back to him
she memorizes his mom’s bday in her head
Y/J walks out thinking about M’s mom bday- if she is 60 then she was born in 52
she gets on the bus
the secretary guy asks the cab driver to follow her bus
when she gets home she notices Y’s bag is torn so she plans to mend it tm
she puts back the yearbook in the box
J asks Y if Y was comfortable for a few days while J was away
J tells Y
yi soo is dead
you couldnt forget about that person and lived 5 yrs like that?
something happened between you two huh
that is why he is the scheduler
just wait a little while
I will make sure he comes back to you
Y seems like she heard some of that and gets up
J: I wish I could meet you again when I come back to life
then I can help you not feel lonely
Y turns and I think she heard that
some strange guy watches Y from outside
it is S using another face
Y wonders why he keeps staring at her
S says to himself that he is doing silly things to mess up his image as a scheduler
he goes inside and orders coffee from Y
she only sees the same weird guy from outside
she tells him he has to pay first $5.30
he says he knows and pays
she tells him to wait a minute
S shakes his head thinking
it’s not it’s not
some girls walk by
S: shouldnt she be at least that level
if she is going to match this level (pointing to himself)
he looks at the girls and says
they are not my type either
he sees another girl walk by
S: oh – that girl …dont think she is it either
he looks back at Y
I loved that girl? I dont believe this (it doesnt seem real)
he looks over at her and she stares at him
she tells him his coffee is ready
he takes his coffee and goes out
he says
she doesnt recognize me- it’s true she is connected to me
* like S said before- to ppl who might recognize him from his previous life- they can only see him as another face automatically-he isnt controlling this- so by doing this – he verified that they DO know each other cuz otherwise she would have seen his own face
my question: so how did Y see his real face when she fainted??????
15 days 4 hrs and 29 mins left
 Y/J fixes Y’s bag
she looks for the letter and cant find it
she wonders where she lost it
she worries if someone sent it to her dad
if I reveal who I am – wont I die right away?
J’s mom brings a letter saying someone picked it up and left it at the nurse’s station
J’s dad gets the letter from J
Y’s pendant glows red and breaks
J pops out of Y’s body
S shows up in a suit
I told you you couldnt let it be known who you are J
J: is it over for me now? am I going to die?
S: traveler J
I’m letting you know you have been kicked out from the 49 days
let’s go ride the elevator J
he takes her arm
Y/J shakes her head and snaps out of her reverie
she imagined all that and says it cant happen
J’s dad goes to his office
thinking about what H said that J might be watching him
he looks at her pic and recalls the seal being knocked away and her frame falling
he wonders: J – is it possible that you did that?
he takes out the newspaper article about the woman waking up from her coma after 20 yrs
IJ questions J’s maid and asks if PJ left when IJ came in
Ij asks what PJ talked to J’s mom about
maid said she doesnt know that
but she seemed really close with J
cuz she even knew that J’s mom didnt eat something
IJ thinks that PJ avoided her and hid
and put all the dolls back in their place
and she acts like J
J’s mom looks at baby pics of J
her dad asks why the mom is looking at pics when her daughter is lying there
J’s mom: to be honest- I’m happy that J is breathing even like this 
even like this – I wish she could always be with us
J’s dad: let her do that
i dont know about me but I will make it that you can stay by her side for a long time
but you have to keep your promise
mom: what does that mean?
dad: whether she lies there for a long time – 5 yrs or 10yrs
even if you have to do it alone
you have to watch over her till the end
I dont want to hear J scold me
so I am having the surgery
H gets a call from J’s mom
H: that is a relief – thank you for telling me mother
(that J’s dad is getting his surgery)
chef tells him to hurry and let J know
H takes out the letter and asks what he should do
if she finds out it is gone she will be in a panic
chef tells him to first tell her to hurry and come
Y/J runs to J’s mom and asks if she received any letter
Y/J asks where the dad went
the mom says he went to meet dr cho cuz he decided to get the surgery
Y/J: really? he really said he would get the surgery?
that is so good – what a relief
how did he suddenly decide to have the surgery?
mom: J’s friend
your store (where you work) – the owner
Y/J: our boss H?
mom: he came by a few times and convinced J’s dad – he speaks so well
Y/J: H boss convinced J’s dad?
mom: i think he likes J
all this time
look at those roses -those pink ones
he switches them out before they start to wither
Y/J looks over at the flowers: those roses…..
S’s voice says hurry and answer the phone
H tellls her to hurry and come cuz there is an emergency at the store
Y/J comes out of the room crying
bowing and thanking no one in particular
IJ shows up and sees her but Y doesnt see IJ cuz she was crying and ran past her
IJ asks the mom if PJ just left after hearing J’s dad was having surgery
the mom said PJ was so happy when she heard the mom was grateful
the mom goes to the bathroom to wash the cloth
IJ asks J
what is happening
you are here so why do I feel like Y is you
she tries to touch J’s hand but is too scared and runs off
Y/J runs to H
she asks what is going on
he tells her to hurry into the changing room and go get ready and come out
Y/J says she shouldnt be doing this now
she worries she needs to stay at the hospital
to make sure no one delivers that letter
she goes out with her apron on
H sneaks in and goes to her locker
she forgot her phone and goes back
H is there putting the letter back in her purse
she sees him
he goes out
and she goes in and checks her purse to see why he was holding it
she finds the letter
Y/J: H must have read this
H :what do you mean she didnt come out- I saw her 
the chef said she didnt come out
she comes running out and H calls out her name
Y/J runs outside to S
he is acting more serious than usual
Y/J: what do I do- i think i got caught
I think H saw the letter I wrote
no he saw it he saw
what that was …I wrote to my dad..in case I die in the process…
even if I complete the 49 days and I dont come back to life….
told him not to trust M…
I carried that letter around..that is what I think H read
S: your necklace is intact
she looks down at it
y/J: why is this intact? why didnt it break
if I let on that I am J -you said it would break
S: before he read the letter you wrote- H must have already suspected/figured it out
Y/J: what?
S: that is why your necklace didnt break
before you let on – if humans find out (on their own)
we dont count it as your fault
Y/J: that can happen? that could happen?
S says something about 49 ers and this situation
she is relieved she wont be dragged away by S
S warns that just cuz H knows -she cant ever talk about this with H
until 49 days are over
you cant ever let on that it is you
Y/J: I understand
but why did H know and not let on that he does
S: if you are done talking- go
she asks S if he remembers Y
S: i told you until my term is over
I wont be able to remember
he yells and calls her a troublemaker
why did you have to do something you didnt need to
and make a scheduler feel (conflicted?)
Y/J: you said since you are not human -you dont know much about how humans feel
S: I am getting closer and closer to feeling what humans do
why? cuz my days of being a scheduler is dwindling down
Y/J: then try to remember even a day earlier
the reason why you feel uneasy about coming to where Y is
it is certain it is cuz your heart aches
S yells: I dont know
then disappears
Y/J walks back remembering all the times H acted like he knew and took care of her
she thinks
H – you knew and did all those things for me
then she remembers how he said he liked someone
instead of Y onyi – he liked me?
H liked me?
what do i do
H is pacing and worried about Y/J
i’m going crazy – not being able to talk- this is what it feels like
i cant tell her straight out that I know and ask
i cant say that I know
he turns and yells :where did you go
she came up behind him so he kinda yelled that at her
Y/J: what is wrong
did something happen?
He starts to sort of scold in an irritated tone
from now on…”going to leave for a short while
when I go out- I will go home after”
inform me when you come and go
cuz you ran off like a crazy person
she agrees she did that
H: that is not what I am saying…
he goes back to normal voice
nothing much happened right?
are you ok?
that’s good then
let’s go in
she reminds him he texted her saying there was an emergency
H: oh that – my friend J
her dad said he was going to have the surgery
Y/J: i know
H: how?
Y/J: i stopped by the hospital
thank you
H: thanks for what?
Y/J: for making J’s dad have surgery
I’m thanking you on J’s behalf
H: J is my friend
Y/J: J sure has a lot of luck
there are two ppl who say they are her friends
waiter comes up and tells H that he went there
H hits him on the head
are you dumb-how many times do I have to tell you for you to understand
H pulls him close and whispers: i told you to watch what you say
H tells her to follow him
she wonders what is going on
M and his secretary talk
M tells the guy someone was looking into haemido
the guy gives M Y’s address
M gets a call from H
M: what are you saying
you know all about and what are you asking me to quit
H: i know what you are trying to do to J’s dad company so stop everything you are doing the reason why I am saying to stop everything is even if J’s dad’s surgery fails you have to (decline?) the content of the will and you’ll have to give up on all your plans with (haemido and stuff)
M: H – you give up cuz you cant stop me I dont even need to find out how much you know and how you figured it out (he says that H is )
H: you dont know me
M says even if her dad recovers from surgery he cant run the company
H: even so it isnt your company he reveals who M is in cahoots with
M: so it was you (he was on the phone trying to figure out who is looking into him) when did you start checking up on me…
H says he cant believe M is this kind of person why did you do this? did her parents do something bad to you? did you like money that much?
M: J and her parents didnt do anything bad to me and it wasnt cuz of money
H: then what was it for?
to ppl who did nothing wrong to you
why do things like this
why are you trying to steal what belongs to them
M: my (future? destiny?) I am changing with my own hands
M: J and her dad – they were unfortunate (had bad luck?)
like I was born so unfortunate
H: are you using your poor background as an excuse to do this to J’s family
M says H wouldnt know cuz he grew up well
what would you know when you had good/rich parents
H: dont use that as an excuse
no one can be born the way they want
it’s up to god and not for us to choose/decide
M: someone like you can talk that way
you live in comfort
your parents
esp the scar your mother left
the one you cant escape from
even with that great talent
you can waste your days at your wine bar
cuz you grew up without worries
M: when you first started learning how the world looks
have you started off each day (?)
even at 4 yrs old- instead of rice
no matter how fast you tried to suckle
( nothing would come out) so you could have chewed it off
have you ever been that hungry?
then he asks if H would know what it feels like to be born the son
of a father who would ( something about what his dad stole from his wife
and how he drank soju like food and some other bad things his dad did)
when I was 13 my father passed away from (alcoholism?)
that was the happiest day since I was born
my mom and I couldnt (have a proper burial? not sure about this)
I cried from happiness
at least I wont get hit
instead of not getting hit
do you know what awaited me?
worst starvation, etc
then something about what terrible things his mom had to go thru to feed and raise her 13 yr old son
in the winter hands and feet were frozen
in the summer dripping perspiration
the two of us lived in a room (?) and she educated and fed her son
M: I asked countless times over and over -why did my mom and I have to live like this
what did we do wrong
who did we wrong
no one gave me an answer
(even tho H was visibly moved by what M said)
H points out J’s family didnt make that happen to M
M: I told you
like we were unlucky
they are unlucky
H asks why M needs to take out his bitterness on J’s family who didnt do anything wrong
on top of that-you stole J’s heart too
didnt you feel sorry to J?
M: why should I feel sorry?
then who do I take my anger out on
guess I should be angry at a higher being
to a god-buddhist-etc
from a higher being like that
I had to endure this (injustice?)
what is wrong with doing that to other human beings like me
M said he wanted to change his terrible fate with his own hands
H: that is not right
no matter how much you suffered
M says something back like how H cant talk like that unless he grew up like M
H: does that mean you wont stop?
M : i dont have a reason to stop
H : what are you going to do
cuz I have to stop you
M: try it
H: ok I will
your past really pains me but I cant let innocent ppl suffer like that in your hands
* i messed up this dialogue so hope no one quotes me on it-hardest paragraph EVER
IJ shows P the letter
P verifies that J wrote it
before she can read it-IJ takes it away
IJ asks P if there is a ghost
or spirit who can go in another persons’ body
IJ waits for M at his place
she says she has a favor to ask
but he told her not to go in on her own
he asks why she is trembling and guesses something happened
she shows him all the things J wrote and Y’s letter
he thinks IJ is crazy-why are you like this
IJ:i think i am crazy too
so I want you to find out if I am crazy or not
M: you think Y is J
you think that make sense
IJ : that is why I am asking for you to make sure
I am not doing this cuz i am jealous
no matter how much you say you changed
dont you know me?
she asks him to think of Y as J
and see how many similarities there are by remembering what she said
she begs him to look into it
Y/J goes home and Noh goes up to her
she is surprised but pretends to be Y
Noh says he dropped by on his way to daejun 
he asks why she isnt coming for hypnotherapy
she is surprised to hear that but lies and says she doesnt feel well
he tells her since she started it with some difficulties
she cant give up in the middle
also since these days weird things…
she says she has to go in and runs home
she goes in and hides
Y/J goes to M’s home
he changed his house code
M calls her wanting to have lunch
he remembers how IJ asked him to think of Y as J
he mutters to himself -what am I doing?
Y/J is waiting on the street
so he pulls up and tells her to get in
he looks at her shoes and recognizes them
he takes her shopping for shoes
she thinks to herself: he said let’s go eat pasta so why is he suddenly buying me shoes
she chooses a pair
she wonders how to find out his new house code
M tells the salesclerk there is no need to wrap it up cuz Y is going to wear it out of the store
he wants her to wear the new pair out and throw away the old ones
she says she likes the old ones (plus it doesnt belong to hers she says to herself)
he says he doesnt like her old ones
M goes home and remembers the bell that fell off of Y’s shoes outside the hotel room
he takes it out of his pocket
then the secretary guy drops off Y’s old shoes
M compares the bell to her shoes and it is the missing one
he realizes Y was sitting outside their hotel room
he remembers how IJ said that Y seemed like J
the secretary told M that he saw Y go inside her home just now
M goes to Y’s home
Y comes out
she looks at M and keeps going like she doesnt know him
he follows her to work and goes up to her
he says her name
and she says “why kang min ho shi”
(OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
no preview
*how did Y know M? from that one time?
there is no way this is Y/J pretending to be Y
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39 comments on “49 Days E14:Live

  1. yes he suffered but it’s wrong to do that others………. what minho is lack of is a heart……
    and JH inside YK body ……… is like making him have one.

    funny how he doesn’t learn to love her for two years but meeting her for weeks…..
    he is already falling for Y/J.

    interesting story. and i can’t wait


  2. maii85 says:

    tks Softy


  3. houstontwin says:

    You are doing a great job with your recaps. They just get better and better!


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