49 Days E13

Wish they had shown more from S’s reaction when he learned he is Yi Soo. J has 16 days left and this drama has 7 more eps to go-her time is running out, but the drama has extra-maybe we will get to see her life after she wakes up for an ep or two.
As for the YAI event, I got to see him for 2 hrs, but it wasnt quite what I expected
It was held in a movie theater and it was packed. I sat right across from him 5th row so I could see his face pretty clearly – to tell you the truth I have no idea what that was for – they showed 15 mins of his dramas and movie clips and then some boring female reporter asked him questions and he answered. (that reporter had a soft dull voice that makes you want to fall asleep the second you hear her talk and she asked the most drawn out questions that practically answered the question too and he called her out on it saying she didnt leave him much to answer. They seem to go back a while cuz she interviewed him before so he knows her well. Almost died from boredom during their Q &A, but staring at his face kept me awake.  The whole thing lasted 2 hours and towards the last half they took questions from the audience – I didnt raise my hand cuz for the life of me I had nothing to ask. Poor guy was so tired, but he was a trouper and signed autographs and took pics with 3 fans that were randomly selected by him at the end. In real life, he is just like any other celebrity except he doesnt guard his words that much. He spontaneously laughs a lot, shakes his right hand like he has a nervous tic , and tugs on his right earlope so much the reporter said it would fall off so he finally stopped. He is just as good looking in person as LMH, but YAI didnt dress up. He just wore a casual black tee with a white vest over it (which he later removed cuz the place was warm) with weird “Aladdin” black pants. Not as skinny as I pictured him and his face isnt gaunt anymore like when SKKS ended. Guess he has been eating regularly.Maybe it was too surreal for me, but nothing is sinking in yet.
I just keep remembering how he made the oddest facial expressions and yelled out (to vent his frustration maybe? to wake himself up?) a few times cuz he was incredibly bored out of his mind. At one point an eyelash got into his contact so he was like winking and making some hilarious faces. His manager sat two seats away from me and hung on YAI’s every word like he thought it was the most interesting thing to listen to YAI talk. Plus next to the manager, some girl sat with him and another buff guy who might be the bodyguard. YAI did mention he had a friend in the audience so i think it was that girl. He also commented in a sort of half complaining half amused way that there wasnt a single guy in attendance here in the audience. He totally missed one or two cuz there werent many – but there were some. When it was the audience’s turn to ask questions, YAI let the other female reporter choose so they took turns picking ppl. He always chose the most oddest looking women to call on-not once did he call on anyone attractive or young. In the end, he promised to have a fan meeting soon and took off so fast that no one had any time to bug him for pics or an autograph.
After this experience, I realized I am not a legit YAI fan. All of these women were die hard fans who brought gifts, carried around his photos, made his pic their background on their cells, made posters, talked about YAI the whole time they were waiting, and some even came as early as 11am and by 2pm there was a huge crowd already. (we got there almost at 5)
This thing started at 8pm-seating tickets were passed out at 7pm and you had to jump thru a lot of hoops and questionaires online to get your name on the list (my friend just knew someone so she got us on it). Seeing all his crazed fans who looked at him so adoringly, I felt bad cuz I could never do what they do- I can’t make my life revolve around some celebrity. That is why I didnt raise my hand to ask any questions. Compared to them, I didnt think I had the right to take up their chance to ask a question. The fact that I couldnt think of one was beside the point. Would I ever go to one of these things again? Not a chance. I understood like 20% of what he said – everything else went right over my head. The guy has being abstruse down to an art form.  But he sure is a cutie.
49 Days E13
After she lets him hug her – Y/J pulls back and says
what are you doing now
no what did you just do
H:what? did I just do something?
Y/J: you hugged me
H: did I? i dont remember cuz I was sleepwalking
no need to be surprised – you just looked so down so I gave you a hug to boost your spirit
a hug to cheer you up- dont you know about it? i lived in the states for 10 yrs
hugging there is normal
ah you never lived there so you didnt know
Y/J: it didnt seem like that kind of hug
H: song – you said you were an orphan
you said you had no one to talk to or no one to turn to
as you were walking – you looked so lonely and like you were having a hard time
Y/J thinks to herself: do you want to be the one person who loves Y?
H: why are you looking at me like that? (why are you looking at me so seriously?)
let’s go
Y/J: in korea, if you have a gf- you are not supposed to go around hugging just anyone
H: I never said I had a gf
Y/J: you said you had a girl you liked
H: just cuz I like her – does that make her my gf?
Y/J: you gave away such a huge bouquet of flowers-what were you doing all this time and not getting a gf
H: I didnt give away the bouquet of flowers to make a gf
Y/J: then why did you give away the flowers?
H: to cheer her up
Y/J: just now you said you hugged me to cheer me up
H:what-is that something wrong?
Y/J: this girl that girl
is it your hobby to go around cheering girls up
H: it’s not this girl and that girl
he gets in the car
Y/J: what does that mean
investigator who is tailing Y watches all that and took a pic of them hugging
 H tells the chef to hurry and prepare some food. chef asks who is coming and H lies that he is going to eat it. the chef looks over at Y/J and says he gets it (he knows it was for Y) 
H whispers for him to take the bay leaf out.
Y/J takes him the last dish. H calls her a name that refers to how well she eats and asks her to “clean” the plates
 H says he has to do taste tests once in a while and it would be a waste to have leftovers
she asks if that means he is asking her to eat it
 H: i’m asking you to “put away” the leftover food.
Y/J: the way you say that…since it is a waste to have leftovers, i guess I dont have a choice but to eat it
H: a person needs to know what is important
Song YK- why are you eating that right now?
Y/J: you asked me to clear the plates
H: you are eating to survive
people eat to survive
people dont eat to die- to live
living is more important than anything
do you get that
Y/J: i understood what you said, but i dont know what it means
H: eating something this good, also getting angry, revenge, and love too
if you’re dead -none of that matters
Y/J thinks to herself: why is he like this? does he by any chance know it is me?
H: you said you had limited time -that you only had 48 days to live before
H: i dont know what disease it is but cheer up after you eat a lot
Y/J thinks to herself: is he suspecting
H says in his head: i dont know what you are going around doing-but living is first
M hears about H and Y and says it is ridiculous
guy says he is only reporting what he saw
 M says the guy saw it wrong
 guy shows the pic of the hug
H tells the chef that the day J hid her seal was the day they were cleaning the place
chef points out it was the day of J’s wedding so H had gone to the hospital that day
H says on her wedding day she hid her seal
chef gets mad at M and IJ and asks H-arent you going to do anything about them
H says he got someone to look into the haemido project
chef says the company isnt imp – it is more imp to save J
H says J knows that better than anyone
 and that she is clinging to M for a reason
chef says H could tell J’s dad about the problem with the company
H says what could he say when her dad trust M and left him the company
without any proof would her dad believe
chef agrees that is true
and also they cant just come out and tell J
H says alarmed that if they do something wrong J could be in danger
H insists that the chef found out on his own and H didnt tell him
chef says he knows that
H wonders how this could happen and that it seems like he is in a dream
chef hits H – it isnt a dream so focus
dont do anything you will regret
 H: the most urgent thing is to get J’s dad to have surgery
 chef goes over and puts his arm around H and tells him “let’s cheer up/let’s have strength”
chef’s wife comes down looking for him and asks why the two of them are like that
chef says she should have knocked
she says she thinks she figured something out and show him her chart
to show a person’s sincerity- there is only the heart
to show the heart – as proof – the way you look at someone
chef says she already said that
chef’s wife: they say the eyes are the mirror to the heart
H looks at her chart and says it is good and says to himself he needs to write it down like this too
S is relaxing listening to a great song and enjoying the sun on his face
suddenly Y/J runs over and asks if he found out yet-whether H suspects or not
S: why should I find out about that?
Y/J whines that she is scared and afraid
S: think about it realistically
does it make sense that a spirit went inside someone’s body
Y/J: it is cuz H is behaving strangely – before he kept not trusting me and now he is nice to me
S: he must like Y
that’s too bad
they say you have (to die? become a soul? ) to know what real love tastes like
Y/J asks if that means she doesnt have to worry
S: as long as you didnt do anything to be caught
humans know that they will one day die
but no one knows what happens to them after they die
Y/J: but I know
S: that’s funny
Y/J: does that mean even if I end up living – I wont remember?
S: if you remember so something terrible could happen?
if  49er remembers those 49 days
they will close the doors on schedulers
he makes a comment that it will be less trouble for him
Y/J  yells for him to stop kidding around
if you remember- everything will collapse
so do you think they would allow you to remember?
when humans talk so easily ( spread the word around)
Y/J: i wont remember? all 49 days?
then I guess I cant leave M alone (cant leave him to keep doing what he is doing)
when i come back to life- i wont know anything and just marry him
S: you might then again you might not
Y/J looks worried
 IJ asks P about PJ-if she ever got a call from her
P says she didnt know J had a friend like that
and that she never got a call from PJ
 IJ remembers how the other girl said she got a call from PJ
and how J’s mom said she got the food for the dad from PJ
IJ wonders why PJ went to jinan on the same day as her
then she remembers the necklace that fell out of the kangaroo
IJ calls one of the friends and asks for PJ’s phone number
Y/J is cleaning and remembers how M said he doesnt want to know her anymore
she wonders if she acted like she used to in the past
and that is why he lost interest
she asks herself if M and IJ’s relationship was that strong
she decides to find out the secret code to the safe even if she has to keep going back there to M’s place
 waiter asks her to move over so he can get some water
she finds out that all the potted plants soil was replaced
waiter remembers how he was told not to let her clean the bathroom
she runs out alarmed about the plant where she hid her seal 
 H is in his room
Y/J knocks and he thinks she is the chef and says the door is open
she stickes her head in and says she isnt the chef
she needs to get off work cuz she has something to do
he tells her to come in
she had the door open so he explains it is cold cuz the air is coming in so she should come in and talk
she goes in
he tells her to sit
she stands and says she came to tell him she is getting off work
he tells her to sit cuz he isnt going to “catch her and eat her”
(korean phrase- meaning  he isnt going to scold or punish her)
he pours some tea
saying he was about to have a cup
she peers into the plant and wonders if it wasnt resoiled
H notices and asks if she likes that plant
she says the pot is big
Y/J: I heard you resoiled the plants-did you take this huge plant downstairs?
H: are you crazy
if I carried that and hurt my back
that is the end of being a man
that plant will remain in the spot for the next 100 years
Y/J: what did you just say-if you hurt your back…
H: I’m a man too -song YK shi
she remembers the hug
he walks over to her
H: even if I am a man- I’m not a wolf so come and sit
Y/J: that’s not it…I have to go…
she turns to leave but he holds onto her
H: I said have some tea and go
he sits her down on the sofa
she mentions the music
he says it was the one his mom liked the most
Y/J says to herself: that is why he remembered (this is the song she hummed on the piano I think)
she looks at him and he catches her
she asks what that container is (the one where he keeps her charm bracelet and seal)
before she can open it he grabs her hand
he gets up still holding her hand
H: let’s go
Y/J: where?
H: you said you were getting off work
Y/J: I am but…
H looks down at the hand he was holding
then he grabs it with both hands and says
H: hand…. for you to cheer up
in the car M recalls the last things they (Y and M) said to each other
M thinks to himself: she came first to see me – not many hrs have passed (meaning she seeked him out and now she is hugging H when not that much time had passed so he is jealous)
Y/J comes down with H
she says- i said it was ok so why are you coming down?
H: i’m going for a walk with you to the bus stop
Y/J: I dont have time to walk slowly to the bus stop
I have to go somewhere so I will go first
she turns to leave
H holds her back suddenly from going
so she ends up in his arms with her arms wrapped around his waist
H was saying “what is the hurry?” when she ended up in his arms
she pulls away from the hug
H tells her not to overreact
I said I would go with you to the bus stop cuz I felt like going for a walk
I wasnt doing it to escort you there
M gets out of the car and calls out her name
H asks what M is doing here
M doesnt look at him and says he needs to meet with Y
H starts to say something but Y/J holds him back
she tells H that M isnt here to meet H but to meet her
she tells him to go in
 M says it looks like she changed her mind about H
(and went over to H’s side) he agrees that H is a better/easier choice
 Y/J agrees that women who know how to judge/gauge a man would of course wait in line for H
and not M
Y/J: stupid me who didnt know how to correctly judge a man got caught by you
M: what are you? were you playing around with me?
what is going on between you and H? why did you meet H in jinan?
you should have told me in advance that you contacted him
Y/J: M – you dont have the right to ask me that here
you should pay more attention to the location
you should have asked me earlier when we met
if you had, I would have given you an answer
despite that I knew you would come
 I knew you would regret
 M: you knew I would come?
Y/J: a while ago when you said you werent interested in me – you were lying to yourself
she lists all his secrets about IJ, deal he is working on, etc
if I tell anyone that secret -there would be a huge problem since I know all that
to make me forget all that – you are trying to hang in there
I didnt tell anyone what you and IJ are up to
that is your answer
M grabs her hand and drags her to the car and puts her in
H watches from the top of the steps and makes a fist
H goes in and wonders aloud
what does she want to find out from M to act like that
I have to know what is going on to help out
this is so frustrating
he takes out the bracelet and seal
I have to make sure I return these things to you
 M and Y/J are drinking
M: what happened at jinan?
you suddenly fainted and didnt know who I was
Y/J: I suffer from narcolepsy
M: narcolepsy?
 it is when you suddenly faint and fall asleep
when you wake you are confused and disoriented
 M: i heard about narcolepsy before
is that why you didnt recognize me?
if you had such a serious condition you should have told me sooner
Y/J: what is the point of telling that to a man who left behind someone who had that serious condition and went to IJ
 M: why did you have to send that text to IJ
Y/J: it is like what I said to IJ
cuz I wanted to clear the air (feel better about it)
she asks how it went with IJ
M: I dont know – I dont know what I am doing
Y/J says she wants to go back to that restaurant cuz their food was good
but she didnt get to eat it properly
you said you ate out with your mom there when you were poor
then now that you have succeeded (in life) where do you eat out with your mom
M: the last time we went out to eat was that restaurant right before I went abroad to study
Y/J: before you went to study abroad?
M says his mom is at (dont know this word but I think it might be a mental hospital)
she is shocked cuz there was a woman at her engagement posing at M’s mom
 Y/J: So the woman I met was a fake mother?
she asks which hospital his mom is at
M says the aolcohol must be going to his head too quickly cuz when he is sober he doesnt talk about his mom
she thinks back to when he opened his safe and says to herself it was 6 digits
then she remembers how M had told her to use numbers related to ppl close to her to not forget the secret code
she thinks the pass code could be his real mom’s bday
she was staring at him so when he looks over at her
she puts her hand in his
Y/J: you poor thing
the things you dont want to say is just as much as mine
they go outside
M: then when are you going to tell me where you live
Y/J:when it is time to let you know
M: cuz you are the kind of person – even if I keep asking you wont listen to me
she says she will be going and leaves
M’s investigator friend is waiting in his car to follow Y home
Y/J is thinking about how she made H go up the steps
S shows up suddenly next to her
S: miss – if love doesnt go the way you want – then want to have a cup of soju with me?
Y/J: ya
S says J is his biggest troublemaker for sure
Y/J: did I do something wrong again?
S: you sure are living in a dynamic way for a travelor who only has 20 days left
are you filming a Bourne series?
he points to the back of the bus
she turns and sees that guy tailing her
Y/J: that is my dad’s car
S: you really think your dad put that tail on you to investigate his daughter?
she remembers how that investigator/secretary is friends with M since childhood
M must have told him to -what do I do?
S puts on his glasses and says they have to be like matt damon and franke potente
They wait till the last minute after some ppl got out and run off the bus holding hands
the other guy has to chase on foot
he cant find them
S walks over to the bench
Y/J thanks him
S: I didnt do it for your sake
I was just watching over Y
Y/J: that’s true
 because of me – this onyi is suffering body and heart, and I cant surprise her more
 he asks then why is she doing stupid things
Y/J: to open M’s secret safe
S: if you open that safe-will everything be resolved?
Y/J:i can find out his whole plan
I can get my dad to have surgery
and stop what is going to happen to the company
and protect haemido too
also- if by any chance I come back to life
I wont be duped by M again
S: what about the J before all that
arent you going to look for tears that are shed for you
Y/J: it will be somewhere
not sure if it will be 3 tears or one
S: what does that mean?
Y/J: the truth is – it is already destined
the reason for giving 49 days- isnt it a last present for ppl who werent supposed to die that died
there was no need to look for tears
i cant reveal that I am J
i cant ask anyone to love me
she holds up the pendant
and this too- it filled by itself automatically
S guesses she is going to say this to him “what I said was right huh? tell me the truth”
and tells her not to dream he will answer that
she retorts for him to stop saying “tears tears” to her
tears are something that was already decided when everyone dies
S: ok – just up to here
if we talk more – we are crossing a line
ah- I have something to ask- in the beginning when you told me about Y
you said she lived (longing for? missing?)  someone didnt you
S: did I? he checks his phone and says it was correct so why
Y/J: cuz you are not finding Yi soo
 so I am going to find him
S: dont just think about finding Yi soo
and be careful that you dont get followed by M
dont shake up Y’s life so much
she promises to be careful
 M comes home and IJ is waiting
IJ: it must be hard for you to forget about Y for you to use alcohol
he tells her it is a problem for her to come and go as she pleases
 she tells him to change his house code so she wont know what it is then
 M: you didnt come here to say that
IJ: before when you couldnt find the seal
 do you remember the name PJ – the one who said she was J’s friend
 that girl came back and is doing strange things
IJ: it is certain that she took the seal
it is strange she is going around looking for Js friends too
it also bothers me that the day we went to jinan she was there too
she is following the two of us
he says she is being paranoid or jumping to conclusions (I think)
she asks him to look into it
he tells her to get ready to study abroad if she is that nervous
until their plan is concluded or she can even consider going for a longer stay
she thinks he is sending her to study abroad to get rid of her
IJ: you told me you werent thinking of doing anything with Y and told me to wait
so what do you plan to do after you send me far away
M: that isnt what I mean
IJ: how can you do this to me?
you didnt fall for J at all for 2 yrs
so why are you doing this with that girl
M: ok I like Y
but it isnt just cuz of Y
M: think about our past
you and me for 2 yrs
no – to be precise-
what you said 10-5-2009
it was my bday
from that day till the day J got into her accident
when he sat across from each other
we only talked about our plans
IJ: what does that mean
M: you told me about what kind of person J was
starting from her personality
what food she liked, color, clothes style, music, movies she watched and cried over
also her parents-their personality
we were busy briefing
when we made our plans so that J’s dad wouldnt suspect
he lists some other stuff
IJ: so what about that
it was for both our sakes
M: for two years we conducted business – not love
our conversations and memories
those two years meant nothing
we werent sharing anything with each other
isnt it only natural that a heart grows cold
IJ: your heart grew cold?
M: i thought you felt that way too
M: my heart doesnt do what I want it to IJ
she cries
 J doesnt pop out as easily as she used to out of Y’s body
J: why is it so hard to come out ever since we went to jinan
 she tells a sleeping Y to wait a little cuz J will find yi soo soon
Noh meets with Y at her work
he asks if she really took a day off the other day
did anything happen
Y doesnt know what he is talking about
Y:what day off?
Noh: you didnt come into work saying you were taking a day off
Y; I did?
Noh: i came by and a young guy said you took the day off
Y; the day before yesterday?
i thought that was a dream
she says to herself _ it wasnt a dream
S pops up
S: this is trouble – trouble
he hits himself on the head
why did I make that mistake?
I forgot what I was doing
is this a case where I might get another penalty
he checks his phone
 Noh is conducting another session
Y is lying down with her eyes closed
noh: Y where are you headed right now?
 Y: i am on my way to meet Yi soo
S: how can a person not change?
changing is what makes a person
 Y: even tho (that is true)- you are yi soo
 S: all you have to do is try to understand me
Y’s voiceover: I am crying
while crying – i came back to the hotel (where she worked)
 M is walking by
Y’s voiceover: it is oppa
I saw some man and I was happy to see him
but that man and a woman went into a hotel room
I was hiding and watching but I was too shocked
Noh: is that man yi soo?
Y: no it was a man I didnt know
noh: what about the person watching – is that you?
Y nods her head: it looks like me
but it isnt me
she remembers S’s face looking down at her
and H telling her not to be surprised
and then M
then J
Noh thinks while she was trying to pull out her thoughts – she is mixing up her memories with her previous/prior life
Y says it isnt her prior life
something strange is happening to me
noh: what does that mean? that something is strange
she doesnt answer
so he tells her to say what is going on
she doesnt reply
Noh: why? what’s going on?
Y: i dont know- I want to tell you
but if I do – it feels like I shouldnt be telling you
J paces waiting for Y
when she comes in
J says
you are having more and more days when you come home  late
but that is good cuz it seems like you are getting around more
when Y hung up her jacket
her arm touched J’s sleeve
and Y seemed to be looking at J so J ducks down and hides
Y touches her hand
M goes to the office and finds H there
he asks what H is doing here at this time of day
H says he wants to design that place again
if M didnt find a new person to give that job to – H wants to do it
M asks why H changed his mind suddenly
H says back then he felt uneasy after what happened to J
so he didnt want to do it
H explains he felt uneasy about working for someone who had something bad happen to them
M points out the situation hasnt changed
H says that is true but now that he knows about IJ and M
now H feels bad for J and wants to do that for her
H gives M a choice – let him do it or dont
M says it would be good for him if H did it
H says then he is going to leave knowing he is doing that job
and to call him for the meeting
IJ gets PJ’s number and it is the same as Y/J’s
 IJ goes to the hospital and tells the mom that she wanted to take her to eat J’s favorite food -pasta for lunch- cuz IJ had been craving it
the mom tells her to go eat alone
 IJ: J said that she wanted to eat that with you
 dad overhears and says jealously: she said she only wanted to feed that to her mom
IJ says it would be nice to take him too
and offers to call the nurse to watch over J
but the dad says he doesnt eat western food
and tells his wife to go
IJ takes J’s mom to H’s place
he comes up and asks what J’s mom was doing here
she seemed surprised to see him
so IJ explains he owns this place
IJ tells him she brought J’s mom to eat J’s favorite pasta
H pulls out J’s mom chair and tells her to take her time looking over the menu
but she just wants her daughter’s fav pasta
IJ said she wants the same thing
H says he will prepare J’s fav salad too
IJ asks if Y didnt come into work yet
H doesnt give her an answer
he walks over to the chef and the chef says he alreayd put the order through
H asks where Y is
chef says she hasnt come in yet
H thinks to himself: why isnt she coming when she can get to see her mom
Y/J is talking about yi soo but the person on the other line doesnt know what he is doing now or where he is-nothing at all
H calls and asks where she is and why she isnt coming
she says she is going thru the park (almost there)
he tellls her to run over within 5 mins
she asks what is going on
H: you will know when you come
J’s mom almost cries taking her first bite of pasta
Y/J runs in and is out of breath
Y/J: what is going on
H: just cuz I told you to run over – do you have to run in like you are running the 100 yard dash?
IJ waves her empty water cup in the air for H to see
H tells Y to take the water to them
J’s mom calls out PJ
and asks if she works here
H and IJ both look up in surprise
Y/J bows to J’s mom saying “yes”
IJ asks if Y was PJ
J’s mom: who? she is PJ
Y/J hands shake and H sees that
he goes and takes the water pitcher from her
and Y/J runs out
IJ goes out to talk to Y/J and calls her PJ
she asks what is going on
 why did Y pretend to be PJ
or did PJ pretend to be Y
what is your real name?
Y/J: PJ is my cafe nickname
IJ asks if there is a nickname where you use another name
she says she will let that slide
but was Y J’s friend?
why didnt you say that?
no why did you hide that?
 are you really J’s friend?
 you are not are you?
Y/J: J’s friend….
H interrupts- she is J’s friend
J asked me and I hired her (Y)
H: what is the problem
PJ is her nickname
he tells Y to go in and take care of J’s mom
IJ calls out H’s name
and H yells at Y/J to hurry and go
Y/J turns to look at him and he waves his head at her to go in
IJ asks why he is acting like this cuz she was in the middle of talking with Y
he asks why IJ is acting like this
she says she has something suspicious/odd to clear up about that girl
H: what is so suspicious- I think you are more strange
is there a reason why she cant be J’s friend?
why is it imp to you that Y is PJ
IJ asks if he really hired Y cuz he knew she was J’s friend
H: what was so important for you to use J’s mom
IJ: what does that mean?
that I used J’s mom
H: I know about what is going on between you and M
but you doing this – it is too much
no – it is too impudent
just go back in and dont make J’s mom worried
IJ wonders how he found out
why didnt i think that (not sure if she meant Y or M cuz she didnt use pronouns) would tell H
 J’s mom founds out from Y that she is working here cuz J introduced her to H
 the mom wonders where IJ went in the middle of her meal.
Y/J says she is coming. IJ lies and says sorry to the mom and that she had to answer an urgent call. H says he will drive the mom back to the hospital and tells IJ to go take care of work at the office.
 H tells the mom to go with him cuz he has a client to meet near there. the mom agrees.
he asks Y to bring coffee without syrup down to his office
she takes the coffee to him
he asks if she was really friends with J
she says yes
 H: really? why didnt you tell me?
a while ago i heard you were her internet cafe friend
Y/J says it was a cafe to learn magic
H: so that is why you had so many similarities with J
Y/J: why did you say that you knew that (to IJ)
H: you dont know how I feel but you looked like you were in a bind (so he helped her get out of it)
Y/J: what does that mean
H: i told you before that I owed J a lot ( I inconvenienced/ burdened her a lot)
out of all of them…you must know a lot about J…
when someone torments someone weaker
she jumps in their defense without thinking
Y/J wonders is if that is what he considers inconveniencing her/something he owes her
H: also I dont like IJ very much
H: dont you know too? what is going on between M and IJ
she wonders how he knew
H: you didnt know?
Y/J: i knew
he says that is why he helped her out and tells her she can go
waiter comes down to say the customers are leaving
H tells her he will go and come back
she worries that IJ will tell M right away
she goes outside to watch them leave
and calls M
Y/J: i have something to say- can we meet right now?
M says he is on his way out for a meeting and asks if anything happened
she asks when he will be done and he says around 5
Y/J: then i will wait in front of your home
he gets another call from IJ but doesnt answer
J’s dad is taking some pills when H and her mom come in
H bows and says : i came again – did you have lunch?
dad: i told you not to come but now you are coming regularly (like going to work)
mom explains the place IJ took her was to H’s place
dad doesnt care and asks why H came again today
she says H had something to say to the dad
and she leaves them alone
dad: do we have the kind of relationship where you have something to say to me
H: i know I dont have the right to say this but please think I am saying this in J’s place (on her behalf)
and listen
dad: who are you to talk in J’s place
H: cuz I seem like J
H: i didnt know when my mother passed away
i found out a year later
my mom passed away a year ago
that was all my mom’s doing – her way of looking out for me
the dad wonders what H is trying to say
H: my mother didnt tell me
why she divorced
what disease she had
when she would die
while she was dying – till the very end she didnt tell me
and sent me off to the states
dad says he gets what H is saying and tells him to stop
H: my mom thought it was for my sake
but even now I cant understand my mom
if it was for my sake- she should have told me
dad:how is that the same as J
H: J will do it more
when J wakes up – if you are not there
what do you think she will do
on top of that
cuz of her – if you dont get the surgery and pass away
when she finds that out
dad: who are you  to threaten?
what do you know?
what right do you have to …
the dad’s face starts twitching
 Y/J sits outside waiting for M
her eyes are closed
Y/J: the wind feels nice
she opens her eyes and looks up
the sky is really pretty
 for the next 19 days- will i be able to see you?
I dont think I will be able to
M walks over to her
Y/J shakes her head and tells herself she will be able to see it
i will be able to see it
she sees M
he asks what she is doing
Y/J: the wind and sky is really nice
M suggests they go for a drive since the weather is nice
Y/J: what I want to say I dont want to say in a car
she heads inside
she looks a pic of J and M on their engagement day
M comes over with drinks and says she is going to bore a hole into that pic (for staring at it so much)
Y/J: I had a friend
I never met her separately (face to face)
i knew her face and everything about her inside out
M: you said you had something to say so come over here
 Y/J: I am telling
 she was a friend i met on the internet cafe
that girl is J
M looks shocked
 Y/J: J is my friend
when I first learned you were her M
at first I was happy to meet you cuz you were J’s fiance
after I found out about you and IJ’s relationship
I didnt like you
that is how this happened
M: wait a moment
you are J’s friend
Y/J: my cafe nickname is PJ
M: PJ?
Y/J: didnt you hear about me from IJ?
M: that was you? how
Y/J: next time i come to this house
that pic – the one you took with J on your engagement day
please dont make me see it (meaning put it away)
IJ comes in
Y/J tells her to come in cuz she is done talking
IJ: what did you finish talking about
Y/J: what you were going to say
she tries to go but IJ stops her
IJ: look here
Y/J: you can verify with M whether I lied or not
she pulls her arm away and leaves
IJ asks M why he is just standing there
what did that girl say?
M closes his eyes and sits
I heard it all and I need to think
IJ: that girl is PJ
and PJ is Y
so Y was J’s friend
M: i told you i heard
IJ: dont you think that is strange
M: i’m going to think about it so leave
IJ: oppa
M yells: let me think alone
she leaves
outside Y/J says to herself
it is all over-there is no way M is going to just let this slide
if it ends with M right now then there is no way I can find out anything more
dad what do i do?
IJ comes out of the elevator
Y/J hides and wonders why IJ came out so soon
then M comes out and goes
Y/J wonders where M is going
she runs off too
she goes home
and leaves the door ajar and lies down to sleep
she gets up and worries that Y will be surprised again (when she sees the door ajar)
I have to to wait in front of his home before M goes in
I’m sorry onyi
if I follow you out today
then I wont be able to go into M’s house
she lies down again
then gets up saying it wont work
at night J sits up and watches Y wake up
she thinks it is good that she didnt leave
when Y looks around
chef;s wife asks her husband to look over her notes
he says he is grateful to her
she asks why he isnt telling her more-she is about to feel hurt
chef sees M go in and says a typhoon is coming
 M goes to see H
M: did you really already know?
H: oh that Y was J’s friend? I knew
a while back J said she was going to introduce me to her friend
M: then why didnt you tell me?
whenever you saw me clash with Y
you kept going on about me being J’s fiance and gave me a hard time
H: that is why I tried to stop you
M: it would have been easy if you had told me from the start she was J’s friend
H: i trusted you
I trusted that you loved J
did I really have to stoop so low and tell you that she was your fiance’s friend
M: then why did you leave Y alone
instead of just firing her and settling it
H: you are asking cuz you dont know?
you knew I liked her too
M: what?
H: i like that girl
M: you like Y
I knew that you did
H says in his head: it’s not Y but J
J walks out with Y
she says she is going the other way
and to take care while J is gone a few days
J walks away but turns and wonders where Y is going-did something happen-I’m going to be late
she turns to go again but stops and goes after Y
she follows Y to a church
J: dont you have anywhere to go at all?
dont you have anyone to meet?
even if I wanted to meet someone
I cant meet them as J
so I am lonely
but you have no one to meet so you are lonely?
at the (?) they said they dont know where Yi soo is
and at your school, your best friend said she didnt know too
it is so frustrating
I have to go …
she leans close to Y and says
dont stay here too long
it’s dangerous cuz (I think she said – cuz you are here late alone)
J almost touches Y’s hair and her fingers touched a strand
Y feels uneasy
J follows M home
 she wants him to open the safe but he doesnt (this was blue’s idea!!!)
she ends up crouched in his room waiting for him to wake up
18 days 4 hrs 29 mins left
 another day passes without him opening that safe
 17 days 4 hrs and 29mins left
16 days 4 hrs and 29 mins left
Y is walking home
J runs up calling out onyi
Y seems to have heard and looks around
Y quickly goes in and J follows her inside
they sit side by side
Y remembers S holding her
she cries and says
 no dont do it-yi soo-if you come now…
J cries with her worrying
what do i do about this onyi-what do i do
they both cry
Y/J wakes up and takes down the album with Yi soo and Y’s graduation for hotel and tourism
why didnt i think about this sooner?
in a graduating album there is contact info about the graduates
she looks for Y
back then she was so cheerful
then she sees the guy next to Y
this must be yi soo
she went to the same school as yi soo
she looks more closer
this person looks too similar to S
she runs out telling S that it is imp and urgent
he says he cant go now cuz he is producing so say it over the phone
she guesses he is there at the music place
S yells into the phone
Ya – dont you come here
Y/J: hang up
she runs over there
S is playing something when she runs in
S: i told you not to come – you dont listen do you
Y/J: i have something to show you
she pulls out the album
I found yi soo
S: so you want me to find out where and what he is doing
no chance of that happening
Y/J: that isnt it so just look
she turns to the page
he looks down at his pic
S:what is this
this is me
they look up at each other
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