49 Days E11:Live

Everyone who guessed H was the first tear got it right. How cool is it that he knows everything now?  I really thought this episode would end with IJ discovering M together with Y/J. I never counted on THAT happening. How are they going to resolve that? Just pop her back in? THIS IS THE BEST DRAMA EVER!!!!!!!!
49 Days E11
 Y/J stands in there in the middle of a crowd and and makes that plea to live
after the tear shows up in the pendant, she holds it and asks -is this a tear? who was it?
she cries a lot and looks up at the sky
H is at J’s bedside
he says it is good to see you again J
H tries the seal and it does say J’s name on it
chef asks why J left her seal in this room
H says J never came to my room – not even once
chef asks who put that here then
H says it was J-then runs out
in the car he remembers all the things that made him think J and Y were the same person
their same habits and mannerisms
he says to myself- what i felt/sensed was correct
he goes to J’s bedside
H: it was you
J- you were by my side
he cries
her blood pressure went up slightly for a second
he holds her hand
H: it is good to see you
i dont know how this happened
but it’s good to see you
nurse comes in
he asks where J’s parents are
did anyone drop by?
she says some girl came by
he asks when and where did she say she was going
Y/J walks along and says
there was someone who loved me
i didnt think there would be a single one
but thank you
S shows up and sings congratulations to her
congratulations on your first tear
he says something about 27 yrs
she hugs him-exclaiming
I got one – I got a teardrop
he pushes her off saying: why are you doing this?
you are not my type ….I think
we cant act like this
he remarks that there is a penalty for this
she says-sorry-it was cuz she was so happy to see him
he retorts for her to “lick her lips and lie” (must be a korean expression)
does a human who is glad to see me leave a farewell message like this?
he shows her the message she had left him on his phone
Y/J: scheduler
I am leaving
my dad wont get surgery cuz of me
you already know but I have no confidence to get 3 tears
so that is why i am leaving
my heart is too conflicted/confused 
so I cant meet you to say goodbye
thank you for everything
Y/J: it is cuz i knew I would meet you again when I rode that elevator
S; that is right – changing minds is common for women in this neighborhood
Y/J: who does this tear belong to? who cried?
S: do you still want to ask me stuff like that?
did you forget about my “week delay” penalty?
she ignores him and asks : it is P  huh? it has to be her
S: humans in this neighborhood believe what they want
Y/J: it has to be for sure – it could only have been P
S: if it was – are you going to go and thank her
Y/J: of course i have to – she gave me a teardrop
cuz she is the only one who truly loved me
H goes to J’s home
he asks the maid if J is home
she says dont you know J is in the hospital
he says her parents werent at the hospital
the maid says they just left to go back to the hospital
H asks if anyone dropped by the house
maid mentions how a girl came by – J’s friend
he asks what she looked like and what her name was
maid says she doesnt know her name but
she describes her as being tall, skinny, and pretty and came by before too
he asks if she met J’s parents
Y/J goes to P
she calls out P’s name
P asks if she came to buy bread but Y/J says she came to see P
cuz I wanted to thank you
P:for what?
Y/J says for the bread P let her eat for free last time
P says that wasnt a big deal and Y didnt need to come by just to thank her for that
Y/J: like a rock you throw for fun and hit a frog and kill it
one piece of bread can save someone who was dying of hunger
P: you were hungry then?
Y/J: my heart hungered
from loneliness cuz i dont have any friends
P:you did
Y/J: the friend you have in the hospital is a very lucky person
 to have P as a friend
P: J is my friend so I am lucky
Y/J says to herself that is was P (who gave her the tear)
P asks why Y/J doesnt have a friend
IJ shows up and watches P and Y talking
she remembers how Y/J promised not to tell anyone that IJ was dating M
then how P asked who IJ’s bf was
Y/J sees IJ and thinks about what IJ said to M about hurring up and ending it
and M taking haemido
IJ asks Y/J if she is here to buy bread
Y/J makes a snarky remark to IJ about how great it is to be a secretary cuz she can go anywhere at anytime during work hours
she must have a big hearted boss
omo – your boss’s daughter is J- M’s fiance…
IJ is scared P will hear and calls out Y/J’s name
Y/J says makes a comment that IJ is going too far (dating her friend’s fiance)
she gives IJ a dirty look and walks off
P comes over and asks why IJ came
IJ asks what Y said – is P close to her
P asks if that is why IJ came-to ask that
IJ says she came to make up with P
thru the window
Y/J gives IJ a dirty look and says something and  goes
IJ wonders what kind of woman Y/J is
 M cant focus on his meeting- all i heard is the word spa a lot
he keeps thinking about how Y/J heard everything -after that she disappeared
when IJ came to his place
M gets a call
he goes to his office and the guy reports that he cant get Y’s address
cuz her cell phone isnt registered under any name
M asks if that makes sense since she has a number
did he look carefully?
the guy says he has done this before (so if he cant find it no one can)
H walks in and asks if J came by
 (missed some cuz my TV screen froze-it did that on the torrent too so it happened everywhere in korea)
M asks H why he doesnt know Y’s home address – didnt he get a resume from her?
H asks M to contact H if he hears from Y
H leaves in a hurry and M wonders why H is like that
H is at the elevators
IJ watches them talk when the doors open
M goes out and asks him what H meant by “did you meet J”
H says he made a mistake 
M:then what about Y?
why are you looking for her? what is going on
H says he will explain later
IJ asks M what is going on
M says it isnt a big deal
IJ wonders why they are talking about both Y and J
as he walks out he says to himself: J – where did you go?
you are not at home
the hospital and not at M’s
H remembers how Y/J said she was leaving
H thinks to himself: didnt leaving mean that you were going back to who you were?
he wonders what she meant by leaving
H goes to Y’s home and knocks a lot
and asks where she is
then he sees her coming home
he calls her J
she backs up a few steps
he follows her up
Y/J: why are you like this?
he grabs her arm
H: J
Y/J: why are you doing this again?
told you I was Y
H: no – you are J
how did this happen?
what happened to you?
her pendant glows and burns her
H:what is wrong?
Y/J: I am not – I am not J
I  am Y
she runs down but he holds her arm again
he calls her name again – J
she yells she isnt
and shakes off his grasp
Y/J: i am not – I am Y
she keeps repeating it in a trembling voice
he thinks to himself :  you can’t say that it is you?
Y/J: look here boss -I am not J
and also not your part time worker
I have nothing to do with you
H thinks to himself: J – you have some kind of problem huh?
Y/J: so dont ever show up here again
cuz i dont want to hear that nonsense
she turns to leave
H: I got it
I made a mistake
she turns and gives him a glare then leaves
she runs off and goes in and locks the door
she wonders how he knew and why he is acting like that suddenly
he stands outside and watches
H: from the very first
she never told anyone that she was J
what is the reason why she couldnt say?
and who is Y?
Y/J thinks H left
she is about to sleep and looks around
she says to herself – what do i do- i came home early just for this but cuz of H…..
i shouldnt have cleaned
what do i do if this onyi suspects?
since the place is too clean
she tries to make it dirty again
while trying to make the place dirty
she drops the contents of a box
she finds a card written by yi soo:
 Y-congrats on becoming a middle school student
she reads another one – congrats on turning 20 yrs old
and something about how he will congratulate her when she is really old too
and Y/J realizes he isnt Y’s brother
cuz S had said that Y was an orphan
she realizes yi soo might be the guy who is dead
Y/J lies down to sleep
and says she is sorry to inconvience her again
J pops out
she explains her situation and how she has lots to do
but she promises to find out what happened to yi soo
Y wakes up and sees her clean bathroom
and remembers how Noh said she might not rememeber anything she does
while she was sleepwalking
cuz her body moves while she sleeps
Y leaves with J tagging along
and H watches Y go
Y meets with Noh
she says she is less scared – knowing that she is sleepwalking
but she thinks there is someone she doesnt know who is like her
Noh suggest she get the treatment he mentioned before-hypnotherapy
the day after the hospital is closed so she can be more comfortable
without the staff around
J cries and tells her dad to get surgery
dad -why are you so adamant
what do you want me to do?
all i got was just one teardrop till now
if something happens to you before the 49 days are up
what am I supposed to do?
his wife tells him not to get the surgery
J asks how she could say that
wife continues – you said M would watch over J and me in your place
i dont need him
unless you are watching over us
I dont want a guardian
I will be J’s guardian
if you die – I will take care of your funeral
somehow i will live longer than J
so dont worry and die
J’s dad asks his wife why she is acting like this
is it cuz you cant trust M?
J: dad you cant trust M -you cant
J’s mom: it isnt cuz I cant trust M
i am just saying I dont need him
cuz i can do it
I am J’s mom
since he took care of them
this time she will take care of him and J
J cries listening to their conversation
24 days 4hrs and 59 mins left
Y comes home and H is still there
he watches Y go in
Y/J comes out and leaves
he thinks to himself
that is what happened
she borrowed Y’s body and lived (OMG )
Y/J is looking in the want ads for a job
H comes up
he says she said she was leaving for far away somehwere nice-but you didnt go
she asks why he came again
H: i came to scout you
Y/J: what?
H: if you cant find a place to work
let’ go to my store
Y/J turns him down and starts to walk away
but he blocks her with his body
saying :wait a second
yesterday when I made that mistake
after drinking during the day and falling asleep
I dreamt it so that is why I behaved that way
in my dream you showed up
and said you were J and asked me to save you
to be honest I sleepwalk
Y/J: are you saying that makes sense?
H: if what I said doesnt make sense
then are you really J?
it is ridiculous
what did i do that was so wrong?
the dream is the bad guy
or I am crazy
Y/J thinks to herself: has he gone crazy?
H: you arent really thinking i am crazy right?
she asks if he really does sleepwalk
H tells her to go ask the chef
cuz after H told him, H got scolded all night and came today to take her back
Y/J: why did you get in trouble by the chef?
H explains how the chef is buddist
he had a prophetic dream
that H’s place would go bankrupt
if he didnt bring Y back
Y/J: what does that mean?
H: in the dream when you asked me to save you
chef said that meant that I needed you or something
Y/J thinks to herself that H’s condition is that bad
H offers 50% more pay as a free lancer
she can start and leave when she wants
why did she have to hand him her resgination and humiliate him like this
he tells her to follow him
she runs over to him
in the car they exchange quick glances at each other
she wonders if he really doesnt know?
he tells her not to tell ppl about his sleepwalking condition
she promises not to tell till she dies
H tells the staff that Y is a total free lancer
she can come and go as she pleases
chef and his wife welcome her back
waitress is the only one who has a problem
she asks if Y gave her a cactus as a farewell present cuz Y thought the waitress seemed to have a cactus like personality- pirckly and mean
and accuses Y of giving it to her to feel insulted since Y was quitting
Y/J says that wasnt why she gave that to her
on the ouside you seem like you have a lot of prickles
but inside you seem empathetic and full of tears
so that is why i gave it to you
chef’s wife asks Y if the waitress is filled with tears
Y/J explains she heard it from a drama but the waitress seems like ” a person who is ready to cry”
Y/J gets a message to answer an incoming call (in S’s voice)
she runs off to take the call
waitress remarks that Y is weird – how could she know that
chef’s wife says she never told Y that the waitress failed at marriage
waiter asks the waitress if she got a divorce
chef promises H that he will keep the lie -that he dreamt that
H asks if the chef was living at jinan when he was a (dont know this job)
chef says he hasnt been out of seoul since he followed H’s mom up here
H then asks for details about what the chef mentioned before – about the 49 days and what happens when you find something
chef asks why H is asking suddenly
H says he is going to jinan tm and got curious suddenly
chef asks why
H explains that he wanted to do some work on his mom’s home cuz her memorial is coming up and he wants to get some fresh air
Y comes down and asks if she can leave for a while
H asks if she is coming back and wants to know she will come back
she says of couse she will come back
he makes her promise before she goes
if she is going to go straight home while she is outside
she has to call him to tell him that
she thinks it is odd but promises to do so
chef looks surprised at H’s behavior too
Y/J goes to meet M
M says she is a hard person to reach-why did you turn your phone off?
Y/J: do i have to explain/report to you why i turned it off
he mentions how she saw him in that silly situation (with IJ at his place)
and wanted to clarify and that she already knows how much he called her
she says he called 27 times in 2 days
he asks to hear the reason why he had to call 27 times in two days
Y/J: i didnt come here to tell you that reason
i came to return this
she returns his house key
she says that it wasnt enough that he did that to his fiance
but that he was scary enough to keep that fiance’s friend as his gf
she knew he was that kind of guy but she doesnt want to go in that guy’s home anymore
I am not saying i wont meet you again
M: even if there was something you needed to hear to meet me? (not sure of this line)
Y/J: i already knew you were a bad guy
she lists everything he is doing that is bad-bankrupting fiance’s family – and add’s his fiance’s friend
he owns up to everything
that IJ was his long term gf
that he loved her before he even went abroad to study
how she waited 2 yrs for him to come back
Y/J says it isnt fun to reveal everything at once
tell me when I ask you
i have no interest in what you two have planned or are doing
he thinks to himself : does that mean she knew everything and still wants to meet me
he gets a call
so she says she will leave
but he holds her hand and makes her sit down again
she hears the conversation
the name is someone who helped her dad when he first started out
M yells into the phone that it cant happen and says he will talk when he goes down there tm
M tells his staff that he is going on a business trip
IJ wonders what is going on
she calls M and says : you said you had nothing imp to do tm didnt you?
H tells her he is going on a business trip tm
she asks why suddenly and wants to go with him
but he says he is going with other ppl and it wont be a day trip
she asks if that means he will be back the day after tm
 he says yes cuz he is going to see some more places
he hangs up before she can tell him to have a safe trip
H is waiting outside by his car
wondering where Y/J went-he thinks he needs to hurry and asks where she is taking off to all the time and what she is doing
chef watches him
she shows up so he pretends to have been stretching
she asks what he is doing at the parking lot
he tells her to mind her own business in an odd way
IJ shows up
IJ and H go to his office to talk
IJ says Y is back when IJ thought she had been gone
she asks if he is dating Y
H:what are you talking about?
IJ: then why are you looking for her like that and why were you asking M where she was
H asks how she knew all that
she says she was there by the elevator-didnt he see her
H: you were there?
IJ asks what is going on
he changes the subject and asks what she came to say
she wanted to know if he had time tm
he says he is going to Jinahn
she asks why
he says just cuz
so IJ lies and says that is good cuz she was here to ask him to go to jinan
 she was going with P too -to see the flowers blooming
she says let’s go together
he says he has to leave early cuz in the day he has to do a lot of things
she asks him to make time to eat dinner at least
IJ comes out and sees Y/J
she asks what Y/J is doing
Y/J asks if IJ has something to say
IJ goes and sits saying
I dont have anything in particular to say
but cant i sit here?
she said she thought about it and wasnt able to say hello properly to Y/ J that day
Y/J mentions about keeping IJ’s secret
IJ: you might not be able to understand but we have a situation
Y/J: i thought that would be the case
that is why i said i wouldnt tell anyone
IJ: is that true?
Y/J: it bothered you didnt it when you saw me at Ps store
I have a way of speaking that might seem rude
IJ says she thought Y was kinda brusque to her cuz Y/J misunderstood IJ
Y/J: without knowing the situation
it is hard to look at your relationship favorably
IJ says let’s meet and talk sometime or see a movie together
Y/J asks how about tm?
Y/J hears  tm wont work cuz  IJ is going to Jinahn
IJ says to P that there are spring flowers there at jinhan
she asks P to go together
P says she doesnt want to go
but IJ says H is going to jinan tm too
she asks P to go and offers to set up a meet with H
Noh is using hypnosis/hypnotherapy (that was the treatment i didnt know the name of in korean)
Y is lying down with her eyes closed
Noh tells Y :
right in front of you
you see a door – dont you?
start by opening that door
she says she cant open it
he tells her to use her strength
she says she opened it
 she remembers how she tried to hang herself  and J told her to stop
Y screams so he tells her she is ok and then makes her wake up by snapping his fingers
he asks what she saw
she asks – doctor – what did I see? (she saw J)
he asks what she saw
Y/J is counting money on her way out
S shows up when Y/J is about to leave
S: you are just doing whatever you feel like
Y/J asks what he is doing here cuz she didnt call him
S: that is why – now you are just causing trouble and not asking questions first
Y/J: i didnt cause any trouble
S: you are on your way to causing it now
with someone else’s body – you plan to go on a 1night 2day trip with a man?
what kind of behavior is this?
is this your body?
Y/J: it isnt a 1 night 2 day trip
she pulls out her cell phone
see – i made reservations for an 8:30pm bus
I’ll be home before midnight
S: M thinks it is a 1night two day trip
dont you know anything about guys?
they come up with excuses to turn it into a 1 night two day trip-that is what men do
Y/J: are you worried about me right now or Y?
S:what are you saying?
Y/J: arent you in charge of me? then why are you acting like you are Y’s brother?
if i am late past 12 – I lose a day
you think I would spend a night with M?
do I want to be dragged by you to get on that elevator?
S: that is why I am saying not to do it
cuz it is dangerous
Y/J says that M and Ij are both going to jinahn
S: so you are going there to interfere? spy on them?
why are you going there?
Y/J: i am going to do what i can
my dad is not getting his surgery cuz he has M to count on
even if I remain in a coma for the rest of my life
cuz my dad trusts that my mom will be my guardian in his place
I have to break that trust
so that dad will get surgery
S tells her to get two more tears then
Y/J: that is not something i can do
S makes a comment about how she reacted over the first tear
Y/J: that was cuz I was moved about getting a tear from one person
cuz of that – I got the strength to hang in there
but ppl loving me or not
that is something that could have been decided when I was alive
I realize that now
no matter what (???) you cant make someone love you
S: what happens in this neighborhood after you leave
just leave it alone
it is something that already started in your life
Y/J: my dad’s life is on the line
S tells her to just go
and if she causes trouble he doesnt know anything
it isnt his responsibility
she says she isnt the old naive J
I died cuz of one accident
after i died – i escaped death two more times
i am not afraid of me dying
I am scared my dad will die cuz of me
S: living and then dying
it doesnt work out cuz a human tried (cant be decided by effort)
chef’s wife prepared food and fruit for H to eat on his way
and he gives H a name of the monk at the temple
H asks how the chef knew to give him this info when H didnt ask for it
why does the chef act like he knows everything
chef says he doesnt know anything
H says he is afraid a little cuz he cant say
chef says that he knows that H has a reason why he cant say it
H thanks him
Y/J is waiting and asks M for a ride to that place
cuz she needs to go there too
M:why are you going to jinan
Y/J: cuz you are going there
H is on his way 
P and IJ leave too
Y/J gets M to talk about J
what kind of woman is J?
M: I dont think the woman you should be concerned about is J
Y/J: what kind of woman gets duped by her best friend and her bf
he says she wasnt fun-too sweet and innocent
Y/J: you’re not a fun guy either
isnt that what no fun means?
when you can see right thru them (what they are thinking and feeling)
M: does that mean you can see inside of me (that I am transparent)?
Y/J says M is transparent
but there is one thing I cant see
why he has to stoop so low-going after bankruptcy
does he have something against his fiance’s family?
M says he doesnt have anything like that
and that he told her in the past that J is kind and so are her parents
Y/J: then why are you stooping so low without a reason
M gives her a vague reason-that it is a matter of bad luck- like with me
she presses for details
so he says if she shows too much interest in such details it will be less fun
Y/J: i am asking so I can have fun
I didnt plan to make it fun for you
M: you said it wouldnt be fun to solve it all at once
H is still driving
M talks about the town cuz she had said this was her first time going there
how it has a lot of water and the air is clean
inwardly she says she knows that better than him
he points out the mountain ahead of them
she says inwardly -that was my playground
Y/J aloud says : it looks like fun
 H goes and seeks a monk (the one the chef told him about)
H says he heard the monk lived here 50 yrs
monk asks if H doesnt think much of him cuz the monk looks so poor
H says he doesnt think that
H keeps begging the monk to tell him
and promises not to tell anyone else
I already know that I cant tell anyone
monk: if you know you cant tell anyone then why are you asking me say it
i plan on living 30 more years
H: so for 49 days – cant let anyone find out who you are
monk: i dont know
that is what other ppl say (the monk repeated the same lines twice-maybe an editing error)
H:then after 49 days-what does someone need to do to live
 M tells Y/J that he has to go meet with a factory worker and look around a spa 
and will take a while so what is she going to do to kill time
when she had asked to go to the factory with him
he says when did I say i was going there
she says she heard him talking with someone saying that
he says he isnt going to the factory
when he is done he will call her
so she should kill time on her own
she runs out to get a cab but some other girl takes it
Y/J was planning to trail him in the cab
M argues with that guy – forgot his name jang? jung?
the guy makes some kind of threat
it is an argument about the land cuz M is stalling
guy threatens to tell J’s dad everything i think
M says he didnt put the guy here for him to do that
M orders him not to cause trouble till M gives the orders
P and IJ go to their old school
P says if she didnt have that skin allergy and moved to jinan
she wouldnt have met IJ and J
P points out some of their memories
and IJ says there are only good memories for P
(guess IJ’s wasnt)
P wants to go to all their old places where they lived and went to school
IJ says she has to make a call first
she calls and finds out where M is staying-his room number
Y/J wanders around and H sees her from a distance
he thinks:
J – you must have been lonely all this time
no one recognized you
you couldnt tell anyone
how lonely you must have been
 flashback to J making kids choose cards to pick teams (in pairs)
same cards make a team
everyone chooses except for H
so J gets stuck with him and doesnt want to be partnered with him
she tries to get someone to switch with her
Y/J remembers how H hit her head and said he doesnt want to work with her too
she looks over and sees H
he calls out her name
she turns and asks herself _what should i do?
he asks what she is doing here
she stalls for answer
so he mentions how she must have found out this school was famous
cuz he graduated from here
she says to herself that her school isnt famous
H : I asked the wrong question
I should have asked what you are doing in jinan
she says she came with M
H:with M?
Y/J: i came with him but it was just to come with him
H thinks : guess you still like M
Y/J: i dont like a guy who has a fiance
she says she has nothing going on with M
H says that she could like someone with a fiance
cuz who she likes is up to her
hiding what you feel is more painful than ignoring them
she wonders why he is like this suddenly and isnt getting mad
(cuz H is acting understanding)
they both get calls
M calls Y/J and asks where she is and what she is doing
IJ calls H
they agreed to meet at 6 at the restaurant by the end of the spring flowers
M gets a text from IJ
she wants to talk to him when he is done and asks when he is done with work
but he lies and says he is going drinking with some ppl
M scouts around a spa with a bunch of guys
P and IJ are at a spa
P is happy cuz her skin is better
IJ tells P to tell H that IJ stopped by at home
and for them to have dinner together
P asks when IJ will come
IJ says she isnt going
after 30 mins call me wondering why i am not coming
then I will say that I cant make it cuz something happened at home
P is happy-you really arent coming?
Ij says of course
she tells P to give her car to IJ
and go back with H in his car
P is happy
IJ tells her not to talk too much about J
P asks if IJ is going to go to her parents home
IJ says yes
IJ gets a text -he knows you came to jinan
M said for you to come to the entrance of the spring flowers by 7
IJ thinks the text if from M’s secretary but Y/J sent it
H asks what she is going to do with the time she has left cuz she doesnt have to meet M till 7
Y/J says she will just manage by herself
 he remarks how cuz she doesnt even know the area here
H offers to show her around and tells her to get in
he watches her differently
he keeps watching her eat and stuff
Y/J thanks H for showing her around
he tells her to have fun with M
P calls and asks why H isnt coming
Y/J tells him she is going and walks away
she thinks to herself that P is waiting alone
H says to P that he is on his way
Y/J meets with M
he asks where and what she did
Y/J: i had a fun time
M: doing what alone?
Y/J: it is pretty here so let’s walk
M: arent you hungry
after we eat -it’s nice here at night too
Y/J: it is cuz I feel like walking now
she starts to walk ahead and he grins and seems happy like he is on a date
IJ gets out of the cab
Y looks at her watch (knowing IJ is coming)
suddenly Y/J is dizzy
M asks what is wrong
she says she is dizzy
everything starts to spin around her
and J pops out
M keeps calling Y’s name
he asks if she is ok
she looks at him
she asks
who are you?
OMG i freaking love this drama
H asks Y/J: do you like M that much to follow him to jinahn?
Y/J tells H that she had a reason to follow him and that is why she did it
H punches out M calling him a “bas*&**”
M asks H:why are you doing this? cuz of Y?
IJ to Y/J: you know we are in a relationship  so what are you trying to do?
Y/J: are your afraid I might steal M away from you?
H comes out in a suit with flowers
so Y/J asks him where he is going dressed so nice
H: on a date
Y/J:  so you were a playboy
M to Y/J: what do you want from me?
Y/J: you can never know me
M: now you are not someone I want to know
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  1. BRIGID says:

    Yay! So excited! Morning tea in hand.


    • Softy says:

      Morning tea? Just how early did you wake up for this? 🙂 you should really sleep in and read this later when it is more thorough. If you wait a few hrs, it is a much better read – trust me.


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    So happy to be here – I can hardly wait for this episode. 😀


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    eagerly waiting…and studying for my test tomorrow.


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    Buahahahahaha, first tear, beat the black house, I won! My guessing was right! Blue, drinks on me tonight! McDonald drive thru! Puahahahaha.


    • kcomments says:

      Good grief! I mean black ‘horse’ not ‘house’ ^^


    • blue says:

      Haha, OMG, it really was HK?! Darn it, I really thought it would be P. Kekeke.

      Ah, this drama is so great! Yay for McDonald’s!

      And cheering you on, softy! Go, go, go!


      • kcomments says:

        McFish for three to go(for softy too!) and 7-ups! (I know, kind of cheap, but it’s the thought that counts ^^)
        Omooooo the preview Kang-ah in suit *swoon*
        He’s so cute tonight the way he spoke to Y/J, and I thought he couldn’t be any cuter!!!


  5. Iviih says:

    Can’t wait, but have to. Just tomorrow will be able to watch raw and read your recap – well maybe late at night. Have a exam tonight. Iiirk ><

    Btw, since I saw the spoilers, I have to say the episode of today will be awesome.
    For you Softy who didn't see any spoiler will be more awesome!^^

    Kisses and thanks in advance. 🙂


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    after that waiting someone upload the raw and watch it while re-read your more complete live transcap….LOL

    *going to the bus shelter*


  7. Val says:

    OMG….HanKang is figuring out…. thanks so much for the quick recap!! now i can’t wait for tmrw’s episode …. i hope HanKang will follow his guts and supports J/Y… until tmrs softy! many many xxoxoxo to. you!


  8. ewez says:

    Wow, thank you. So the monk didn’t say anything in reply?


  9. Iviih says:

    So the picture I saw with Yi Kyung, Min Ho and Ji Hyun was this spoiler at the end OMG! Can’t wait!!!

    Thanks Softy!^^


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    Softy you are the BEST!!!!! isn’t the ending just… AWESOME~!!!!???!!!


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    Oh man, I can’t wait for this episode to come out on stream, and def can’t wait for tomorrow. The next one comes out tomorrow, right?? @_@;;

    And I need to get on top of the whole nickname thing. T_T;; For some odd reason, the initials you’re using for this drama aren’t sticking as well as they did for MSOAN or DH. X_X;; Hope I get it all straight soon so I can read your transcaps without constantly referencing the key you made in your first post. XDDD


  13. Jewels says:

    Thanks so much for the recap. I agree with you… IT”S THE BEST DRAMA EVER!!! Love it so much. Regarding the tear… I was on the same wavelength as J. She thought the first tear would be from her friend the baker. I am glad that the seal was the glue that put all the pieces together for H. Once the seal was revealed the pieces came together in lightening speed. It was amazing to see H spend the whole night watching Y/J house and actually knows who is who (the dress/pants, the hair out/hair back, dragging slow movements/running and bouncy movement). I love the way he is secretly keeping an eye on her, and pretends not to know the truth. I also am proud that he is not acting jealous regarding M. He knows there is something she has to do. I would like to know more of what the monk told him.

    There was a lot of IJ today, hopefully tomorrow we see more of the girls (IJ, P & J) story/childhood since both IJ and P are at the school, etc.


  14. mayio says:

    omg! i cant wait for tomorrow!


  15. reaper says:

    now that kang knows jikyung’s real identity, there is no chance for yikyung to be with kang. and with scheduler dead, maybe yikyung might just give up her life in the end, for jihyun so that she can be with kang.


  16. ck1Oz says:

    The ending.
    Thank you softy.Oh my…isn’t this 20 episode?Does the show want to kill me….er,after all this can I ask ‘who is the OTP for the series?’ I am totally lost now.


  17. reaper says:

    much as i like kang and jihyun’s development in the drama, i really want more of yikyung’s story and not fragments of it.


    • Iviih says:

      I know!
      They said all scheduler’s story would be out until episode 11, but they are dragging it a bit much. I hope next episode show us more or all about their past.


  18. mq says:

    thanks for the transcript!!

    I wonder if HK will ever make the connection of Y/J hating Minho with J finding out that Minho is doing something bad while she was in Y/J form or why Y/J seems cold towards IJ.


    • Jomo says:

      I am waiting for Kang-ah to figure out MH is cheating on JH with IJ. Then he would understand why JH/YK is sticking close to evil MH.
      Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.


  19. Linaze says:

    Thanks for the recaps!!! Such a cliffhanger!!! This drama is definitely worth watching!!! can’t wait for tomorrow epi!!


  20. toohearts says:

    A-amazing episode!! Thank you, Softy! I was reading the part where S was trying to stop Y/J…. hahaha… it crossed my mind for a second there that S was a jealous “boyfriend” – he doesn’t want Y’s body to spend the night out!!!!!!!! Hahahah… 😀

    I am excited for the first tear and the cheer by S!!! I am glad that K knows it; and I just want the “real” Y to know it…. Will we have something similar to “Ghost” (movie) where Y is able to “see” S through J’s? That would be awesome if it were… and thus the last tear!! ^^


  21. mayio says:

    i’m still hoping for yi kyung and kang ah
    scheduler and ji hyun so …
    kang ah save yi kyung from the devil >>>min ho


  22. wanzhaf says:

    So being a scheduler, S cant remember his past? I know he helps J a lot, he knows alot of thing, but he cant really recognise Y at all? emmm…

    Much I hope J will end up with Kang, M and IJ got whatever they deserve, I also want happy ending for Y, she suffered so much


  23. mayio says:

    Y/J: my heart hungered
    from loneliness cuz i dont have any friends….


  24. love it ………….love it this drama
    thanks for this post


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