Can You Hear My Heart E6

I give up – white flag waving in the air. First I say I won’t continue after E1 and E2, then I say after the kids are no longer on, then I go and translate another one. I feel like I am fighting a losing battle. Just look at that face – who in their right mind is going to walk away from that? No more promises, but when new dramas start in May, this will have to get just briefly summarized. Since I am about to embark on a 30 ep drama-decided to use the soompi thread title. I changed the name and inserted it in a category to make it official.
For these two eps, crazynyt was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to make screencaps and gif so be sure to check them out – they are gorgeous. 🙂 
All this time I thought B would end up falling in love with D, but now I get the feeling M will complicate matters and fall in love with her too. Hope it doesnt go that way. What really baffles me about this drama is no one takes immediate action. When T found out about choi and S – she didnt confront him. When D remembered the accident, they waited 15 yrs and he still hasnt spoken about it. T already sort of took her revenge by raising M as her own son, but what about D? when will he avenge what happened to his grandpa?
outside in the front yard
D acts like he is about to lose balance
choi: D – what are you doing?
D: this really is high
even now it is scary
why did i do that back then?
choi walks in
inside the house
choi: dong joo -you…
D says hello I came back
D asks choi -how old was I when fell from that place? 13 or 14?
when i bring up the accident, mom just gets mad-13?
choi cautiously asks if D doesnt remember anything that happened that night
D shrugs like he doesnt know
choi:you dont remember anything at all before the accident?
D nods that he doesnt-but i know that you are my step father
that’s what I was informed -but i dont like talk like that
choi:that’s true-it’s better not to mention stuff like that
choi tries to do a fist bump but D doesnt do it
choi:it’s good that you are back
D is sitting outside and looks over to the balcony
he cries remembering what happened to his grandpa and what choi did
* i love his vulnerability in this scene
his body position and the look on his face is just like young D’s
when choi goes into their bedroom
T tells him not to turn the light on cuz she took sleeping pills to sleep
he leaves the room and she sees the necklace case he left by the bedside
*They have separate beds!!! never saw that in a korean drama
(I dont blame her for not wanting to sleep next to the man who killed her dad
-wonder if D told her about the whole accident)
B comes down to show her family the outfit she is going to wear
long pink dress with high waist
(the headband alone makes her look like a kid but the pink dress is overkill-and she wore red sneakers with that outfit – words cannot begin to describe how beyond tacky she looked with that haircut to boot)
everyone comments on her outfit
grandma calls her crazy
B says she wore it so M will see it and recognize her right off
B asks Y if she looks weird
Y says she looks pretty – and she looks just like little MS (LOL)
grandma says if B goes out looking like that M wont come back even if he wanted to
since M probably left cuz he was embarrassed of his family
neighbor’s wife offers her one good dress she wore to SC’s graduation
SC speaks up and says the mom is joking cuz that dress and the one B has on are one in the same and
SC says he was embarrassed and wanted to leave home that day (when his mom wore her outfit)
B insists on wearing that cuz he doesnt even know that she changed her name to bong woo ri
she asks Y to draw that map of their house after he eats so she can take it with her
Y says he will do it now and eat after he draws it
Y is drawing in the room -upset
B goes in
Y says he really is a fool
B agrees
he is a fool and her mom said fools are kind ppl
I want to be a fool too but it doesnt work out that way
not just anyone can do it- it is a good thing
Y says he forgot that M is ashamed of him and told him not to act like he knows M
he says M is embarrassed of him so Y wont go on the show
B says M misses Y the most
Y inists M is ashamed of him- if M sees him – M wont come back
Y tells B to bring M back
at home if i dont talk to him and dont bother him he doesnt get mad
so if you see M make sure you bring him home
B remembers how SC told her to go on the show with her aunt
she goes to S’s house
S thinks B is here to ask for money and tells B not to ask for it
B asks her to go with her on the show to find M
S says she already tried looking for 16 yrs and used money too so that show wont help find him
she has to go -an appt at a hair salon
she throws B $100 and tells B not to do stupid stuff like go on the show and just clean her place and go
B looks at the necklace and red dress
the whole family is watching the show wondering why B isnt coming out
some girl comes in and is looking for B
the girl is fascinated with SC’s eyelashes for a second
Y says B is coming out
B looks pretty in a red dress with a fancy necklace on
Y says that isnt B-she looks strange
grandma wonders where she picked up that dress
neighbor says she looks like a talent
girl asks SC if B is bong woori
but SC is totally smitten staring at B
B introduces herself with her name bong woori but that M will remember her as little MS
that M was first place at school
then she holds up a map of their neighborhood and explains where their home was and the big tree
(she remembers how SC said they need to act like they arent poor and tacky)
she starts to lie and makes it sound like they are rich-owning property and stuff
how they saved money and bought land and became rich cuz the land value went up
dad said that if M comes back -dad promises to do everything for M that her dad never got to do for M
Y asks the grandma if they are rich
grandma thinks B drank alcohol
Y says B is acting strange
neighbor says B is doing well cuz that is how to get M to come back home
narrator asks her to say what she wants to M
B cries and says she is little MS and they miss M a lot
dad and grandma have been waiting a long time for you
brother – dad is…….
and she remembers how she isnt suppose to talk about Y so she stops at the word “dad” and cries more
but the announcer think she is overcome with emotion and wont let her finish her speech to M
they skip over to the next guest
everyone at the store is upset and cries and drinks alcohol
B is still crying outside the recording studio
she gets a call
S asks where B is
B says she will go right now
B goes to a hotel to meet the aunt
she sees choi and T getting out of the car
she remembers choi as the man who ordered the door closed to the factory and made her mom trapped
inside T and choi make an appearance at choi’s party
in the bathroom B changes clothes with S waiting for her clothes
S is mad that B took her clothes
she says the clothes are new and necklace is expensive
S wont give B her own clothes so B keeps asking for it
S throws it at her and tells her not to appear in front of her again
and not to call her aunt cuz S isnt B’s aunt
some women come into the bathroom
they say hi to S  as S leaves
one asks the other who S is
the other woman says rumor has it that S is choi’s gf
even tho she is supposed to be friends with T
B hears all that from inside the stall
S says hello to T
S sees the really nice necklace T got from choi (way better than the one he gave S)
T says choi did something he doesnt normally do
and that T doesnt like this design
if S likes it then should T give it to her
S says that would upset choi and the necklace looks good on T
right after choi’s speech when he says he will make W the best
suddenly D starts to play the piano
B wants to go in but she cant go in she doesnt have an invitation
as security drag her away
she says she is looking for her aunt
S took B’s wallet and cell phone so B is trying to get it back
D finishes playing and congratulates his dad
reporters guess it is D and start asking him questions
D doesnt answer them
T says to choi that she doesnt know when D prepared for this – even this morning he didnt want to come tonight
D tells choi to come stand next to him since choi is the main guest
choi makes a speech about D
something about vision and future but that D doesnt have all his plans laid out
D says he will promise one thing-that he wont forget what his grandpa said about keeping WK alive
then he turns to choi and says choi worked hard for the past 16 yrs
choi laughs cuz he feels awkward cuz of D’s speech
SC is going out cuz B doesnt have car fare home
Y piggybacks his mom
he says B looked pretty on tv
grandma says B talks well at home so why did she just cry on tv
T says he didnt see her cry before so it hurt him to see B cry
* B always tried to hide her tears from Y all this time
Y sings to his mom
B waits outside singing the same song as Y
she says she should have sung that song
so M would know right off it was her
she calls herself stupid for crying on the show
M shows up
a lot of ppl are saying things to D
that he grew up a lot since he was a kid so they couldnt recognize him
where did he get his MBA?
that they were worried when he got hurt
that his grandpa saved D while he was dying
one guy says now he cant speak informally to D cuz he has to get in D’s good graces
D doesnt answer but just smiles at them
choi watches D
he smiles at his mom
suddenly something is wrong with D
vision is blurred
he hears a hollow sound and he isnt well
he runs out and bumps into B and knocks the watch out of her hand
he goes to throw up
she is mad cuz he knocked her watch out of her hand
she goes up behind him
she asks if he is ok
is he unwell?
she yells louder
but he still doesnt answer
she asks if he cant hear
she signs
are you hurt?
can you not hear?
he pushes her and asks
what she is doing and not to bother him
he gets up and sees M
they smile at each other
M motions to meet inside
B remembers D from earlier-on the street
she pulls on his arm and twirls him around making him more dizzy
she asks him to wait for a second
she asks if he went to apku during the day
wore earphones
arent you that person?
you rode a bike
dont you know me?
she says who she is – little MS
but he runs into the bathroom and throw up again
he is having one of his weird moments where his head hurts
and he makes that kooong koong sound
S goes up to choi and T asking if D left
she was going to say hi
S leans close to choi saying that D should have stayed around on a night like this
he must not have interest in business
someone says “mom”
M comes over
T calls him junha and he calls her mom
she says he should have told her he was coming so she could send a car
he says he wanted to surprise her
T tells choi to say hi to M
T: dear -say hi- this is my son – the one i hid from you
choi and S look surprised
T explains : Dr. Jang’s third son – the one who helped treat D
when D was going through some hard times
so she made M her son
S said she was surprised for a second by the way T introduced M
M introduces himself and shakes choi’s hand
as T walks away with M (to feed him)- she looks over at choi
T says to herself
choi this is your son – he grew up well didnt he
B was waiting outside for D to come out of the bathroom
when he does, she follows him
she asks D are you hurt
just listent to me for a second
he looks over at her
you seem like my brother
even when i saw you at apju
i thought you were my brother
you had earphones on and said ant poop
D is walking looking ahead so he didnt hear any of it
 this dress- it was my mom’s-even if you see it – dont you know me
she holds up the watch
do you not recognize this watch you gave me?
he keeps walking but she blocks him
are you really not my brother
(this time he reads her lips)
D says how could I be your brother
do I look like i could be a brother to someone like you?
he pushes her aside and goes
she remembers how M used to say that
T and M are getting food
S is watching them from a distance
T says to M
that his aunt didnt recognize him
M says the only family he has is T and D
M says he never spoke to her (S) face to face before
so of course she didnt recognize him
S tells choi that T and M seem strange
she wonders if M is T’s younger bf
choi tells her not to talk nonsense
B causes a stir trying to get into the party and S hides her face
D doesnt see her behind him
B is asking the guards to let go of her and she keeps calling out to D as brother
D just goes up to M and smiles
B gets loose and says D is her brother
B crying asks D
you really dont know me?
you are pretending not to know me on purpose huh?
I am little MS
you are my brother
M oppa
M heard all that
T pulls her away
T sees choi getting closer
she whispers to B to shut up before she kills her
she gets B taken away
choi comes over and asks what is going on
T lies to choi saying she had no choice cuz B was saying terrible things that her mom died at WK factory’s fire
and to bring her mom back to life
t says she thinks she will faint so
choi comforts T and leads her away
M asks D if D is ok
S goes out and stops B
SC shows up and sees them
S drags B to a corner
S asks why B is doing this to her
B asks if S saw D
is he M? he is right?
B: the guy i was holding onto
he is M oppa for sure…
S hits B on the head and calls B a bad girl
SC asks S what she is doing
S says B is determined to kill her
how could B hold onto that man and look for M
S says ppl cant know that M is her son
is B going to take responisbility for S and feed and take care of her
SC yells why B has to take care of S
when B has to take care of her dad and grandma
S asks who SC is
B asks if S knows that guy in the party-he really isnt M?
S says she would know her own son
she is disgusted cuz B has nothing to do with M and keeps looking for him
she warns B not to hang around her again
(B and M are not blood related)
S asks if T and choi are leaving already
S wants to speak to D saying they didnt get to say hi properly
but D asks do you know me
SC goes and asks S for B’s purse and cell phone
cuz the show might call about M
SC is trying to catch a cab but B wants to take the bus
M and D drive by and both watch B with SC on the street
choi is upset cuz reporters were there and everything was ruined
T asks if he is mad at her – is it her fault a crazy girl freaked out
choi is not just mad about the crazy girl
he is mad cuz D is almost 30 and still irresponsible
how dare he show up and do whatever he wants
T asks if choi thinks the reporters are the problem
a son who came back alive from death
performed to congratulate his dad
she was moved by D
after the accident – D lost all his memory
like a new baby – D had to start from beginning learning to crawl
it took a year for me to hear him say “mom”
she tells choi not to expect too much all at once and wait (be patient)
choi yells that it is enough he waited 16 yrs -what else does he have to wait for
that D causes trouble so how much more is choi supposed to put up with that
he blames her methods
choi says D is fine now so she shouldnt treat D like a child
she admits it is all her fault
she promises not to do it again and for choi not to get mad
D brings M home-telling him to come in
M is going to stay there
D takes M’s bag up to his room
T tells choi to put up with it even if he is uncomfortable
she calls M some doctor’s son
M looks at a pic of D with his grandpa
M says D looks like his grandpa (his back was to D so D didnt hear that)
D aks M for medicine
M tells him to endure it cuz medicine becomes a habit so it isnt good for D
D complains his eyes hurt
M says again that D looks like his grandpa (this time so D can read his lips)
D asks if M didnt meet his grandpa-that day M went to pick up his award
M says he got kicked out that day of the party by choi
M asks why D is bringing up bad memories
D tells him to forget like he does
D closes his eyes and pretends the bad memories went away
M tells him to sleep
cuz he told D not to overdo it but D drank alcohol
D closes his eyes again
saying that it is quiet and good cuz he doesnt have to hear M nagging
he opens his eyes and asks why M is staring at him like that
does M love him?
M grabs D’s pillows away
D complains he is dizzy
they goof around
Y says to his mom
he wonders if M saw the show
M must have grown a lot
he gets a call from B
she asks if grandma is sleeping
Y asks why B cried
when he saw her cry he cried
he tells her not to cry anymore
she says she has to meet someone and will be home
he thinks she met M
she says she met some woman
B says she will be home soon so dont worry
the girl from earlier is drunk
she wants B to sell her some pic
and offers a lot of money and agrees to make a deal/negotiate price
but B keeps saying no
she says she likes B and was moved by B on that show
she asks B to name her price cuz WK is rich
B thanks her again
but she wont ever sell the pic if  it is for WK
the girl asks why B wont sell it
B says she doesnt want to say the reason
the girl is drunk so they (b and SC) bring her home
Y thinks the girl is a ghost cuz of her long hair
B explains the girl is drunk so they have to let her sleep here for tonight
girl keeps saying find M
Y says the ghost said M
the girl takes off her jacket in her drunken state so B pushes the men out
T is taking sleeping pills
M takes it away saying she doesnt listen well
she tries to get it back cuz she cant sleep
he says should i help you fall asleep
they have wine together and clink glasses
M says she can only have one glass
she says D is sleeping well cuz M came
last night he was up all night
M says D was nervous today so he will be more tired
T says that isnt it
D is more comfortable with M
M says it is cuz they are both guys
but he was gross and asked me if I loved him
T: D did? he knows how to say stuff like that?
M: he needs to get a gf cuz he plays around with me
T asks if B was his younger sibling
M says his younger sibling is D
remember that
without you and D – I dont have anyone
enough to want to die with them
and also D thinks my past is dead
so please dont talk about that stuff anymore
T says he is her son so he cant go anywhere else
M says where would he go when this is my home and you and D are here
she wants more wine
so he wont let her
he offers to piggyback her to get her to sleep
she asks if he is really going to do that
he says he was kidding
when he gets a gf later he only wants to piggyback her
T says if he does T is going to get jealous
(what a strange relationship)
D watches them sitting on the steps
the girl stirs in her sleep
B looks at her watch
she rememebers how D said he wasnt her brother
Y is making rice
if M comes home he has to make the rice taste well
B says let’s wait for M again today
girl yells
her makeup is all smeared
grandma comes out
the girl asks B for some cleanser
she wants to use the rice water so Y takes it away
grandma forgot again and says they have to go on tv
Y says they already went on tv
neighbor advises B to take the grandma to a hospital
girl tells B to take the grandma to someone she knows
she calls junha (M) !!!
she tells him to make time today
in the car, D is sitting up front next to the driver
D pretends to look at himself in the rearview mirror but he turns it to choi
so that D can read choi’s lips
choi said that he had thinks to say to D and wanted D to sit in the back
D says just say it cuz he gets carsick/motion sickness and cant sit in the back
choi tells D to watch his actions outside of the home
and not ruin WK’s image
when D goe to the office he will see that the employees are putting their lives on the line to keep their positions and working hard
while you are working you can see for yourself
what you need to do to survive till the end
D says he already knows that
i can just do it like you to survive
D gives choi a look after he says that
D says he has something to tell choi too and will choi at the office
he puts his earphones on
D tells choi that he wants to do what he wants
choi tells him to do as he is told
D says again that he will do what he wants
choi  asks if D isnt going to listen to choi and be stubborn to get his way
D says he isnt being stubborn
he just doesnt want to switch
since choi is healthy he is going to do this for another 30 yrs
choi asks what it is that D wants to do then
D says when he is prepared more then he will tell choi
today he only came to see the office to avoid his mom
he says the office is nice
S shows up and we hear her voice asking if the president is in
she comes in and calls out D’s name
she asks if he really cant remember her
she says she saw him a lot when he was a kid
D leaves
choi gets mad at S for showing up at the office whenever she feels like it
 S asks if choi needs to be careful of what D thinks
S gives back the necklace
saying if he loved her he would spend more money on her
is this all she means to him
is this all he can do for the woman who had his son?
choi throws it in the trashcan
he says if she has time to do this- control her family
she asks why choi is directing her anger at her
is he afraid that choi will lose his company to D after working so hard to keep it
that is why she told choi to divorce T
if choi divorces T does S think T and D will obediently leave
he yells at her to get out
she asks why he is like this to her
she says she thought of M when she saw D
choi yells at her to stop talking about M
he is dead
so dont try to hang onto him with that excuse anymore
cause it wont work
he warns her to be careful
if she shows up like this again
that is it
T gave M a new car
she asks if he likes it
if he doesnt she will change it for another car
M says the car is perfect like T
she makes a comment about D and M
M asks if she doesnt like that about them
she says it doesnt matter cuz both of them are her sons
he tells her not to worry about D cuz he will do well
she says she doesnt worry
D keeps acting up in a way she doesnt like
so she is losing her “closeness” with him
she says M is going to be late and gets out of the car
she asks if he is just going to say high to someone high up at the hospital and come home
he says he will see her at home
she straightens his tie
and gets in her car (her driver followed them here)
as T leaves she blows M a kiss
(I find her behavior disturbing)
Y gets a call
B tells him she arrived safely with the grandma at the hospital
grandma wants to speak to Y
grandma tells him she doesnt need to come her cuz she is fine
Y gets sad wondering why M isnt calling
SC goes to check and comes back and says there is no one by the name junha
B says the girl made the appt
grandma tells Y that the ghost woman tricked them
M walks in and sees grandma with B
he stops and watches them
he gets a call from the girl
she says the patient’s name is (whatever grandma’s name is)
M realizes the grandma is his patient
B gets off the phone with the girl who confirms that the doctor came and will meet them
B sees M
their eyes lock
neighbor screams M came back
Y cries and goes running calling out for M
he begs MS to help him
 old clips are shown

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  11. kcomments says:

    OMG OMGEEEEE…, I didn’t think I would stop by but I did, sooooo happy you recapped this episode ^__^

    When finished watching it live, I had to refresh my memory of who knew who in the past, and who lied to who O_O!! Hands down to the writer, seems now everybody was lying to somebody, only JG that’s innocent in this show! I believe Choi didn’t know that DJ couldn’t hear, not sure whether DJ remembered Shin Ae (he told his mom when he’s a kid that he doesn’t like her), Jun Ha pretended to meet Choi for the first time, Woo Ri lied to JG to keep his mind at peace etc. My guessing, DJ might pretend to be JH for WR’s sake, if that happens will complicate the story even further. Not sure whether 30eps can untie all these. And aww…when ever DJ put on his earphones, it was sad, he couldn’t hear a thing yet pretend blissfully. His world must really be a quiet one, it’s a nice set up that Woo Ri somehow noticed his deafness and signed to him in this episode. I didn’t expect all these reunions so fast.

    When I saw DJ threw up, I thought, DJ you’d better not die on me after 30eps!
    This is the only show I really follow at the moment, and damnit I will finish it whether it’s 30 or 50eps. Cheer you on to continue recap this one, it’s a promising show ^^


    • kcomments says:

      Sharing the episode ratings here;
      Climbing up nicely ^^ Now, I still think it’s a 30eps tho.


    • Iviih says:

      WR also said they were rich in the tv program. But I consider her lies all white lies so it’s ok.

      Btw… I don’t think DJ will pretend to be MR/JH.. the preview of next episode we see the dad saying ”MR came back” I think maybe is a con man interested on the money (that WR said they had) so he came met them after watching the program. Poor father will be so sad his heart will be broket T_T

      Also I’m loving this drama! I can’t wait to see JH/MR in the next episode.
      Will he check his grandma, or will he run away and say to the girl he was too busy to go see the patient, or will he call another doctor to help? Hmmm so curious! And DJ… can’t wait to see more DJ and WR scenes^^ heheheh

      I hope don’t have too much disturbing mom-JH scenes… is weird their relationship (not from his side, but from hers is kinda of creepy and scary)


  12. Iviih says:

    Btw, I’m the one who thinks Woo Ri reaction was a bit too much?

    I mean how can she think he is her brother just because he ears phones and said ant poop? I mean, a lot of person use phones, and also, just because he said ”I’m not you oppa” she thinks is MR, because he said that to her in the past, but can’t she think that maybe he said that because he really wasn’t her brother?

    I read she has a IQ of 180 buy pretends to be dumb because of her father, but I wonder, how can someone smart can come to that conclusion like she did?

    I’ll consider this as her being utter desesperate to find her brother, so she didn’t think right and just gone crazy for a moment…


    • kcomments says:

      First I thought that too, but the ‘smells like ant poop’ is not common for ppl to say isn’t it? and earphone thing, his oppa answers, also added. So I can live with that. Also, they’ve been looking for him like fifteen years and her dad(JG) practically asks for him everyday. Desperate much? Yep, I would think so, even with really tiny tiny string of hope^^


  13. lizzyd says:

    softy- Woo Kyoung is the name of the company that Choi currently runs and Dong Joo is set to inherit. It’s the company that owns the factory where Woo Ri’s mom died, that’s why she won’t sell the picture to that girl.


  14. toohearts says:

    I have started this drama due to your recaps, Softy! And I have been enjoying it ever since. 😀 The screencaps and the gifs are indeed gorgeous!! Thank you, Crazynyt!


  15. Anon says:

    I’m so glad to hear that you will at least continue to briefly summarize it, thank you. So far I only love Kim Jae Won as DJ, not sure about the other two leads yet, but I do see why you’re not a fan of HJE now.
    And love the gifs, especially the one of him smiling at the end of ep 5.


    • Softy says:

      I know right- just goes to show you how great this drama is for me to ignore the fact that she is the lead. Just wish they didn’t give her this hairstyle – i could bear her annoying voice and acting so much better without it. Judging from the preview – they are jumping right in. Can’t wait to see DJ’s reaction when he realizes who she is – his childhood friend. 🙂


  16. kcomments says:

    Ahem.., it’s Friday, sneak in here to share you with preview of episode 7.


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