Can You Hear My Heart E5 (last episode with kids)

Today was the final episode with the kids. Really curious how the grown actors will play their roles. Both lead guys are total new faces to me so I am eager to see who is better at their portrayals.
That little kid who plays D was amazing tonight – he played frustrated and miserable so well – he had me thoroughly convinced. I almost cried in his last scene when he looked at that hackysack and tears fell- like he knew his life was going to change from here on. Then his grownup counterpart took over – and he is still just as likeable. Best transition ever. Going to miss the kid actors so much – they pulled us in and we just have to see if the permanent cast can keep us here.
*Beautiful screencaps and a cute gif have been added – makes me wish I could keep going with this drama.
DYHMH E5 highlights
Choi comes out of the elevator and reporters are asking how he thinks he did as the president for the past year. then they ask about D and his wife. choi says his son is healthy and well. then he says he doesnt want to blame anyone and say it was anyone’s fault (for grandpa’s death)
S tries to get his attention but he looks at her and walks by
B has to fill out forms and give info about her parents cuz she is in school now
so they start with her dad -his education
Y says he never went to school so B starts to write that but the grandma tells her to put that Y went to preschool like rich kids do- she thinks it is better to put that he went somewhere than no school at all
next is Y’s job. grandma says B knows that already but B says there are too many cuz Y sells vegetables, chicken, does landscaping, etc. Y says since B knows all the letters she should write all that down but the grandma tells B to write only that he works with vegetables in a fancier way so that it looks like Y has some money and ppl wont be able to look down on him
B says the grandma is right cuz the aunt said that they need to look like they have some money so ppl would find M for them
grandma tells B to ask the grandma for all the rest of the info
B says the next one is hard cuz it asks for her mom’s occupation
since her mom moved to heaven can she do hair there
Y says : that’s not hard -of course she can -cuz MS is really good at doing hair
B mentions how her mom also wanted to grow flowers ( florist)
Y and B both ask the grandma for answers so she makes a joke and tells them to ask the way they do in their song and they say the grandma sang that well and they all sing it
choi goes home and S stands in the middle of the road and makes him brake hard. she asks where he has been without a driver and accuses him of having fun cuz T isnt around. choi asks what she wants.
she asks if he isnt going to find M. how can a president like him not be able to find a kid for over a year. he says she lost M so why should he find him. she says if choi hadnt make M so afraid M wouldnt have left home that day. she asks for money so she can look for him if choi doesnt want to look for M. he says he wont cuz he didnt get to confirm that M is his son. she says she knows choi well- he is pretending not to care in front of her and is already looking for M behind her back. choi: if you know me so well than dont appear in front of me till you find the kid. this happened cuz you were greedy.
if you had brought him to me from the start this wouldnt have happened
she backhugs him and says if she cant see choi too – she might die. then she says she never heard her son call her mom and choi wants to hear his son say dad. she thinks maybe they are getting punished for standing around and letting the grandpa die. she says she is scared and begs choi to let her stay by his side and promises to do anything he wants
T is trying to train D to say words and stuff  on the computer. he is frustrated so he knocks over the mike every time she tells him to talk. he struggles against her and she says she knows he is having a hard time but she is too. he runs off and he raids the fridge and makes a mess pulling food out of it. when he eats ice cream with his hands, she tells him to say “give me ice cream” – if he doesnt talk he will forget how. he pushes her away and she falls. he goes looking for M . the mom says he isnt home cuz he went to school – she asks D to hurry and learn and talk so they can go home and he can continue school too. he keeps yelling and hitting his head. she asks: do you want to die – if you want to die then say it- from now on you are not my son. she drags him out to the cliff. she tells him to die – if you dont want to die alone then die with mom
M comes home from school and calls out for mom and D
he sees the mess in the kitchen and goes out to look for them
he runs to the cliff
she is still dragging D and he is trying to get away
M watches them from afar and calls out for them
saying: mom – dont do it
T stands at the edge of the cliff
she looks down at the water below
she is dangerously close to the edge
rocks fall below where her feet are
D suddenly remembers the accident and how he fell
and pulls away and falls back
he says
save me
she looks at D and crawls over to him
he repeats
save me -mom
she hugs him while he keeps repeating -mom
B is still practicing the piano up in the tree-she got really good
Y calls out to her -woo ri ah- daughter
he asks if she still cant see M -he didnt come again today?
she says if M didnt come today then he might come tm
Y; you said yesterday tm
if we sleep one night that M would come
B explains: since we slept one day it became today
for tm we have to sleep one more night
Y;that’s right for tm we have to sleep one more night
then will M come tm?
B says yes and asks where grandma is
Y says he has to go alone today cuz grandma’s legs hurt
B says : why are you alone? we have to go together
Y: together?
B: together cuz bong woo ri is dad’s daughter
so I go with you dad
Y repeats exactly what she said
(they signed the whole time cuz she is teaching him how)
she says he is getting better at signing
he wants to practice till he sees her mom
cuz he has a lot to tell her mom
B says after they go to the market she will teach him some more
she asks what he wants to say to her mom when he meets her
Y says it is a secret
he asks if he should sing for her
she says loud enough for the sky (heaven) to hear
they sing and he takes them on the bike
at night T is standing by the window
she goes over to the safe and opens it
she takes out a black envelope that is sealed
M comes in so she doesnt break the seal and hides it
she asks if D is asleep and he says yes
she says she knows M was surprised earlier
from now on everything will be better
let’s try harder (for D)
M asks her to take him next time
you said let’s go to the end together -the 3 of us
if i dont have you and D – I dont have anyone
so even if it is death – I want to go together
D is leaning against his bed throwing his hackysack at the wall and watching it bounce and land on the ground in front of him
he leans over to pick it up to do it again
he repeats the sound the hackysack makes : thook
and then he stops for a second and stares at the hackysack
and tears start to flow
he continues throwing it at the wall
his reflection is on the window
when he bends to pick it up and straightens up
he is grown
(no more kids)
15 yrs later
their home has changed
Y is running out with grown B chasing him
he says sorry and runs
she says that wont work on her anymore and tells him to stop
he keeps running (bowing at ppl and greeting them along the way)
she chases after him saying she cant live cuz of him
he yells back that she needs to live
she asks- where is the money
he says he gave it away cuz someone said they would find M
after he earns 50 cents he will pay her back
she corrects him saying it isnt 50 cents but $5,000 – their house down payment
she tells who did you give it to?
Y points to some guy (neighbor’s son)
he takes off running and she goes after him
so does Y and the guy’s dad (the neighbor- his son is named SC
B: you know our situation and you tricked my dad?
SC says he told her dad he would find M so the dad fell for it
she chases him down and tackles him –
she asks for the money back but
he keeps saying he doesnt have the money
and tells her to go ahead and kill him cuz he doesnt want to live in this dirty world
they are by the water and she says ‘let’s die together’
she threatens to pull him into the water
he says -wait a second
B: why you said you didnt want to live
he says since we are young  -isnt it a waste?
B: that’s right – to go (die) like this – there is so much I havent done
she suddenly kisses him
Y and the neighbor watch that
after the kiss B says: we should at least do this and die-let’s go
she pulls him in and falls with him into the water
she remembers back to her mom and her
if you want to see someone and close your eyes you can see them?
she pictures her mom and her having this conversation
then her mom signing for them to stay together right before she dies
and Y calling her name
suddenly SC is trying to struggle with B to rise to the surface
she drags him up
Y keeps calling her name and is about to go into the water
but the neighbor says his son (SC) will save them
B comes up first and she is clearly dragging SC up
so the neighbor seems embarrassed his son didnt do the rescuing
B is standing in shallow water and she pulls SC out of the water
SC spits water into his dad’s face
she tells her dad that she almost died cuz of SC
she checks her watch to make sure it is still working (the one her mom died for)
Y begs B not to die cuz he was wrong
she says she has to live and get that $5000 back
SC was about to get up but hears that and pretends to be passed out again
his dad  does CPR and mouth to mouth on his son
Y looks over at them and says SC and his dad are kissing
SC pushes his dad off of him and spits a lot
B says she knew he would do this
she chases him again and calls him ant poop
she says without the money they have no where to go so they should just marry
he runs off
she chases him back to the house
she says if he marries her – her dad and grandma come along too so he needs to be responsible for all of them
Y has the guy cornered but he lies and says he has to go find M
so Y lets him go and he hides in his room
B follows him into his room by kicking his door open
he says he is going to change his clothes and tells her to get out
and threatens he is going to take his pants off -he is going to lower it so she better leave
but she doesnt leave
he reminds her not to do this cuz all the adults are in the home right now
but she locks the door
he looks scared
Y calls out for his mom
neighbor’s wife says she is not at the market cuz the grandma injured her arm -isnt she home
Y says she isnt
in the room SC says he and B should not cross boundaries
I am a guy
we are friends
B: are you a guy? are you a friend? are you a person?
is it fun tricking my dad?
did you need $5,000 that much?
while you were spending that money
did you even think once about my dad who trusted you and waited for you to find M?
how could you lie about finding M?
my dad still thinks you are going to do it for real and find M
he tells her not to cry
she hears her dad calling out for her
she tells the guy not to tell her dad she cried
Y keeps saying his mom is gone
his mom isnt at the market or at home
the wife’s husband yells cuz the grandma is sleeping their room
grandma says she just fell asleep so why are they yelling
she drank alcohol again so Y says she shouldnt have cuz she injured her arm
(it is in a cast)
grandma says she drank cuz her arm hurt
she thinks she slept in her room
so they tell her she is in the neighbor’s room
Y says their home is on the second floor
neighbors live on the first floor
the grandma mentions MS- did she still not come back from the factory?
she thinks MS is still alive (grandma’s memory is fading esp when she drinks)
the neighbor’s wife wants them to move out
cuz last time the grandma almost burned the house down cuz she left something cooking on the stove
and today she is looking for B’s dead mom
she says there is no need to wait till next month -she wants them out
SC runs in and mouths to B not to tell his mom what he did
B asks her to push back their move out date
she explains she saved enough for their deposit but gave it to someone to look for M
the woman says B needs to think that M is dead and live – it has been 16 yrs
B says her brother isnt dead
and not to say that where her dad can hear
she says until they see M’s dead body -they wont accept it as truth
and will never give up on M
neighbor tries to teach the grandma what to say when she takes her memory test
Y tells her not to drink again
cuz it made the woman mad
grandma asks if Y isnt going to work
Y comes and says sorry for being late and making the flowers hungry
Y gets fired for not showing up at work on time but Y doesnt understand that word and keeps working
T comes up and asks what is going on
the manager says a worker isnt listening to him
she asks if she should hire someone else if he cant handle it on his own
he says she doesnt need to and promises to finish by next week
she tells him to do not rush and do a better job cuz an imp visitor is coming
and rakes the leaves more and she wants more flowers planted
it is spring but this place still looks like fall
T talks to choi and he asks about D
she said D was supposed to come back with choi
choi says D turned his cell phone off and isnt at the apt
she must have said D might have gone on a trip
choi says D traveled enough while other kids are taking tests and becoming his rivals
she agrees saying the sole successor shouldnt go around like that
 if D does whatever he wants choi says he wont give him the president position
she says D must have his own thoughts (plans) too
even while we were apart
he knows what you did to keep your position
she asks if he is going home but he says he has work to do at his office
when the driver asks where choi is going he tells him to go to hannam dong (not his office)
* no more wigs for choi – thank goodness
Y is raking leaves and makes another worker walk around the wild flower patch
he tells the flower it grew a lot since yesterday
it didnt rain so how did you eat….
Y worries if his M has eaten cus he needs to eat to grow
B ate a lot so she got tall
T walks by
she tells someone on the phone “where are you and to not lose him and follow close”
D is riding his bike and headed somewhere
girls check him out cuz he looks cool and cute
right after he passes by on his bike
B walks by with SC
she is in the phone saying she is on her way to get another contract
she tells her team manager this is her second
and that she doesnt have money to spend
she promises to buy food if she signs the 10th one
SC asks when it started – when she liked him enough to die with him
he asks if he is her first kiss
she tells him to watch and learn- if she sells 10 cars he wont be able to say anything
 he wants to get some ice coffee but she wants him to save and pay her back
but he takes off again
D rides by and looks at the back of B drinking a sample drink
B gets a call
she is speaking loudly so SC tells her to lower her voice so she walks away from him
into the phone – she asks what time and where she needs to go
nearby D is checking out perfumes and smelling them
B hears D saying something smells like ant poop
salesgirl says the scent is lilac
B looks at D
she has a flashback to M saying the flowers smell like dog poop and how he used to wear earphones
to keep ppl from talking to him 
B watches D put earbuds on and ride off
she thinks he was M and chases after him
she tells the guy that D said ant poop and wore ear phones just like M
the guy says plenty of ppl wear earphones
she insists M is the only person who talks like that
she keeps saying it was M
D gets in trouble cuz he made the cab driver stop suddenly
the cab driver said D popped up suddenly
D gets off his bike and bows to the driver and starts to go
but the driver walks over and yanks out D’s earphones and keeps yelling at him and cursing at him
driver blames D for wearing those and causing accidents
he doesnt like how D stared at him
D sighs and takes back his earphones and continues to go
but the driver asks :do you want to die?
how can you just go when a person called you
you wanna die by me today?
D is reading lips and answers only what he understands
D replies : you die
driver punches D
the guy following D doesnt know if he should interfere or not
driver pulls him up and D wipes the blood off his lips and smiles
so the driver warns for D to smile again
and tries to throw another punch but D grabs his arm this time
D calls over the guy trailing D: what are you doing? (meaning what are you doing not helping me settle this situation0
so the bodyguard takes over and restrains the driver
at the police station
the guard tells the police that D isnt going to press charges or ask for compensation
driver gets mad saying i barely touched him so what compensation
guard hands back D’s license to him
driver accuses the two of them of putting on a show to get more money
police tells the driver that D is W’s president’s son so
why would someone like him need to get money from you?
when the driver hears that he chases after D and apologizes to D
saying he didnt know who D was
if D is mad he can hit the driver
and that he has 5 family members and begs for mercy
guard holds the driver back
outside T is waiting in her car
D asks how much longer she is going to do this (having him followed)
he called her by her name
she tells him to hurry and get in the car and why did he turn his phone off?
D shows her his phone and it is on
he warns if she follows him again-he might disappear for real
he winks at her and tells her to drive safely
and leaves
B meets with a guy and is happy cuz i think she just made some commission
think she is selling cars
he gives her his friend’s card saying his friend is going to change cars
so she is thrilled to have more business
the man asks why her voice is so loud
she whispers something i cant hear
she bowed so much i got dizzy
outside she brags to that guy that she got another customer
he makes a comment about her job and she says if she sold it every day
she could have bought his home
Y wants to keep up a handwritten map on the side of the building but the manager wants it down
he fires Y again
but Y says it has to be left up cuz this is the only way his son will know their new home
B comes up and asks to speak to the manager alone
she begs him to overlook this just once
he said he told B not to put up that map too so she is just like her dad
he tells her to take her dad and go
she pulls out her ace card and makes a threat that she knows what he did that night
and the guy cant walk away straight cuz he is scared she will tell on him
Y and B go home
saying what the manager did was bad -drinking and sleeping at some place (nursery) – it could have made the flowers cold-if Y had not gone early in the morning all the flowers would have died
cuz that night was really cold
so the real person who should be fired is the manager and not Y
Y says that cant happen cuz the manager is the only one letting him keep working
since her dad doesnt want it she promises not to get the manager fired
they see a kid riding by
Y looks at the kid and thinks of M
she reminds him that M is not a high school student now
Y: M is not a student he is 30 and grew this much
B says since she grew this much them M is even taller
Y: his legs and arms got longer
eye are bigger and nose is big
she is impressed Y remembers everything she said
Y: i didnt forget
when i eat, when i water the flowers, when i clean out the (?), when i sleep,
i think about it all the time so i didnt forget a single thing
B pretends to be jealous cuz her dad thinks about M only and not her
Y: no – mom, MS, M and us
i think about all our family
B: i dont think so – then what did you think today about me
Y;when you and SC fought
when you and SC kissed
B says that wasnt a kiss and Y saw it wrong – she just bumped into him
Y reminds her lies are bad and police will take her away
B says the tv producers called -the show they always watch
they want us to come out on their show
that they will be on tv (to look for M)
they are going on that show to look for lost people
at home – neighbors and Y, grandma, and B rehearse what to say on TV
Y has to practice what to say
where, when, and how did you lose your child? 
grandma says it confuses Y so ask one thing at a time
neighbor insists this is how the show asks questions
he asks the question to B
and she replies 1995 on 4-21 in front of the police station
my brother said he would come right back and didnt
neighbor says then she didnt lose her brother her brother ran away
grandma says that is right so they dont need to find him
calling him a bad kid- if he comes home I will  beat his legs till they are bruised
Y: mom then M wont come home
if you say you are going to bruise his legs then why would he come back
B tells the grandma not to say such things when she is on the show
she will do the talking so the grandma needs to just stand still
grandma hits her saying she is bossing the grandma around
neighbor tells B that if they want to find M
only B and Y should go on the show
neighbor: think that your son is watching this show
and say a few words
B encourages Y to say what he wants to M since he had so much to tell M
Y tries to practices what to say
but he just says M’s name and says “I was wrong” and cries
grandma says M was wrong for running away not Y
Y cries and says how he was wrong
B tells him to say what he wants to tell M
but Y just says M’s name and asks if M ate
I scooped your rice every day
B cries too
grandma says she waited every day and cries
Y asks an invisible M if M has been eating.
neighbor and his son meet with B outside
he says that only she can go out on the show (and not Y cuz he might mess it up)
she thinks her dad and grandma should go out too
SC says all the crying will ruin their only chance
neighbor: imp thing is not who goes out on the tv
but that M comes back
SC tells B to do what he tells her to do
first talk like you are going to do anything for M if he comes home
since his dream is to be a doctor offer to build him a hospital
B  says she doesnt have money
SC continues
even if he left home there might be a reason why he cant come back even if he wants to
cuz he is humiliated so
dont say :why did you leave?
and just say
I understand
back then you had no other choice to leave- it was that bad
last one – the third one
if you can do this you dont need the first two
go out with your aunt
a mom he thought was dead is alive
so where is someone who wouldnt be moved by that?
you dont need words for this
as soon as he sees
he will burst into tears
neighbor hits SC cuz how would that make Y look
when Y still believes M is his son
Y wakes up in the middle of the night and looks at the family photo and says to MS’s pic
I miss you MS
then he says to his son- M hurry and come back
B sees him crying
choi is meeting with S
she asks if the dress goes well with her necklace
she says she didnt know he would really buy these things for her
she got everything she wanted
she doesnt have to worry about getting kicked out
and can buy whatever she wants cuz of choi
he tells her to stop crying
she says she often misses M like crazy
she questions why since she never raised him
choi gets a call from T
T asks if choi is going to be late coming home – D came home and is waiting for choi
choi asks where D had been til now-  let’s talk when i get home
S stops choi and asks -who came home?
choi says he will call
but S doesnt like that choi is leaving yelling what is so great about D
guess choi has been cheating with S all this time
T is waiting at home
choi is about to walk in but he  hears a voice say “dad”
D comes into view on the balcony
D asks- is this where I fell from ?
D goes over the railing and stands at the edge- pretends to lose his balance
choi calls out in alarm : dong joo yah!
D smiles down at choi
B asks D; are you really not my brother
D: do i look like I could be your brother?
T tells B: shut up before i kill you
T tells choi – your son M grew up well huh
 T: dad – please watch over D- the person you loved the most
and they show D crying
Maybe I am biased cuz the kids did such a fantastic job, but the only adult character I like so far is the guy playing D. He seems to act just like young D used to – like he is continuing exactly where young D left off. Their character transition was smooth and he fits into the role really well. Hope everyone continues to enjoy this drama. 🙂

12 comments on “Can You Hear My Heart E5 (last episode with kids)

  1. Liz says:

    Awwww.. what a pity, really will miss your recaps 😦
    Misssing the childs already. They are so c.u.t.e

    And hehehe I see that DJ will take revenge at the dad. He rememberd, right?
    I still don’t get what the mom will do with MR. What kind of revenge she is planning?
    Control him like she wants, and put father and son against each other? Is it?

    Btw… the hair of the main girl, is so so weird, in a kid it is ok, but on her…. T_T

    Argh I hate that the preview shows what some parts that aren’t going to happens so soon. I hope they at least pass parts that will appear on the episodes of the week.

    Thank you so much for recapping until the kid’s story!! ^^

    Kisses 😀


  2. Anon says:

    Thank you, gonna watch it raw right after I’ve downloaded it. I’m sad the kids couldn’t be on longer, but I have faith in the adult actors, after having watched the new ep 5 preview that was released yesterday.
    Your recaps will definitely be missed, I also love reading your thoughts, maybe at the end of this drama, if you still like it, you could write what you thought of it?


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      I would love to do that – who knows – if the story continues to get even better, maybe I’ll do the last few eps when it gets really exciting. I am so bummed the children arent on anymore – they brought such innocence and raw talent to this story – they made these characters seem so real to me- sad to say goodbye to that.


  3. Mia says:

    I am not familiar with this acronym. What is this drama?


  4. kcomments says:

    Thanks softy for recapping this drama up till now, I really love this drama. The PD has done a well thorough job, it’s a promising show, 30 episodes are quite right for the story to unfold and complete in the end, my experiences with longer drama -the characters seemed to be developed better and the endings were quite complete (not necessary happy ending though).

    However, I’m with you that recapping every episode on weekend (meaning run home to watch it live) is quite troublesome. So let’s freely enjoy the show and smile away ^^


  5. Liz says:

    Love your new gif!!! I get distracted a lot though…. lol xD


  6. dls says:

    I start to watch this drama because of your translation.
    Thank you so much for translating so far.
    They guy who plays the adult D, I’ve seen his drama before he went to army.
    He was quite good.
    Hopefully the drama will not flop.
    Hopefully if it gets interesting you’ll translate again.


    • Softy says:

      I already did – tonight I sat back to watch it like a regular viewer but I found myself memorizing what was said and next thing you know – I reached for my computer and started typing away. I figured if I was going to enjoy the episode cuz I understood it – others should too. It is so hard to walk away from this drama – but I have to cuz in may there are two dramas I might pick up and I can’t do 3 or 4 dramas a week – that is insane.


  7. Keera says:

    Thankssss! I´m loving this show too! Can´t wait until next episode :D!


  8. REBEL SOULS says:

    did anyone else notice that the actor who plays the neighbor guy played the President of Korea in my princess? no wonder he looked familiar to me everytime he came out -that voice is pretty distinctive but i couldnt place him till now.


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