49 Days E8:Live

There is just something about these characters that gets to you – H and his steadfast devotion to what he believes in, S and his determination to complete his task to go back to his unfinished business, J and her hope to collect those tears to send her back to her parents’ open arms, and Y – someone without a purpose who desperately needs one.
Part three of YAI’s “Launch my life” series-just  how many are there? this one does not paint YAI in a positive light (but I feel like I am learning more about him as a person so it is interesting)Translated snippets posted after the preview
Waiting another week for the next episode is bearable now that “Do you hear my heart” is around the corner to help make the time go faster.
49 Days E8
Starts from where IJ comes in and Y/J comes around the corner to see who walked in.
 Y/J notices the groceries IJ is holding.
 IJ asks why Y/J is here.
Y/J replies she came cuz M asked her to help out with housework
IJ: housework? are you saying you are his maid?
Y/J asks why IJ is here and IJ lies that she was asked to give this to M by J’s mom.
Y/J asks what that is
IJ says groceries
Y/J makes a remark – do secretaries run errands and deliver stuff like this these days. she promises to give it to M
IJ hands it over
Y/J asks if IJ plans to come in but IJ says no
she asks how IJ knew the house code and says it isnt her business to know but IJ lies that J’s mom told her.
Y/J tells her M said he was coming around 11 and  and walks away.
IJ says she will be leaving then
As IJ gets on the elevator, M steps out of  the other elevator.
Y/J calls IJ a bad girl for lying that her mom sent her on this errand and says now she isnt surprised by IJ’s lies. she thanks IJ for bringing the groceries so she can feed this to M since Y/J didnt want to cook for him anyway.
M comes home and asks where she got the food cuz it wasnt in his home before and she replies that IJ dropped it off.
 Y/J: IJ she just left didnt you see her?
M: she came here?
Y/J: she even knew the housecode.
M gets a call from IJ and lets it ring
Y/J: arent you going to answer that?
he takes the call in his room
she sees the envelope in his hand wonders what paperwork it is for him to bring it home
he answers and asks what is going on
IJ asks what happened to him -why did you ..at home..
he says it was good that she called
he just finished his meeting
IJ: you are done?
he opens his safe door
M: you are at home huh? hurry and come out
I’m leaving right now so let’s eat dinner at that place
Y/J thinks to herself she needs to see what the paperwork is
M comes out and tells her to go home cuz he has to leave again.
she asks what she should do with all the food preparations laid out
he says to leave it and talk tm
she tells him to leave first and offers to stay and clean and then go
he says she make him repeat the same thing over and over
he repeats she doesnt need to bother cleaning up
he makes her leave so she waits outside to sneak back in.
she doesnt know that he locked it up in his closet safe. she looks everywhere for it and wonders where he hid it
M goes to meet IJ. he sits and says she must have gotten really angry at him
IJ:what happened to you – why is Y at your house?
she said you told her to be the housekeeper
M:you went to my home? why?
i told you you shouldnt drop by just any time cuz it is risky
she explains she thought he wouldnt be able to eat dinner properly cuz of the meeting…
is that important now?
M: how did you get into the house?
did Y open the door for you?
did you open it and walk in?
are you in your right mind now?
she used to work at H’s place
what if he finds out – what are you going to do?
IJ: that is why – why did you hire that girl to work in your home?
heard she was rude to you
what were you thinking when you hired her?
M: what are you thinking of right now?
IJ: are you interested in Y?
M: is she someone I would be interested in (sounds like he meant Y isnt worthy of his attention)
so that was it? what do you take me for?
IJ: it is cuz i dont understand
M: she is just a housekeeper
i needed one and it happened that H fired her
so i brought her over
instead of a new person – it was more comfortable to hire someone i knew
IJ: then why didnt you tell me
M: did i ever tell you when i hired help
IJ; she is different
M:what is different?
IJ: like you said – hiring her after H fired her – it is unlike you
M: for the past two years I spent with J – did i ever fall for J? answer me? did I?
IJ: you didnt
M:then let;s stop talking about it
having to hear these things from you over that girl is humiliating
IJ:then make her quit tm
M: i should at least give her a few days warning
i am too busy preparing for haemido
it is nothing at all so dont think about it in such a  sensitive way
Y/J says being a housekeeper is good cuz it gives her free time so she goes jogging. she hears steps and heavy breathing and runs off but it is S. he scared her so she would run faster. he appears and says she needs to run that quickly.
Y/J: it was you – ya you scared me half to death
he says in your state – you are afraid of being scared?
she jogs in place and asks what he is doing here cuz she didnt call him.
 he asks what she is up to?
Y/J: me? exercising Y cuz every day she eats a package of noodles so her health is awful
S: you are improving her health?
J: it seems like there is no one taking care of her
and i am inconveiencing her a lot and there is no way to pay her back
so i should at least eat well for her and keep her healthy
S makes a sarcastic remark about how busy J is saving her own life but she is doing this nice thing
J: just cuz I go around all busy doesnt mean i can get those tears
S rubs it in that all of J’s friends are busy this week so there is no one to collect tears from anyway
Y/J: they dont know how much of an emergency situtation i am in
and they dont know that I am J-if they knew you think they would do that
S: so with the free time you have – you asked yourself “what should I do” and decided to go into M’s home and earn money while investigating
then he raps -I just understood the last parts-
 broom up the floor-give money-eat pears- brush teeth
they sit on the grass
she asks if he ever thought for 4 days straight
S:why would i do that? i am not a person who thinks
she says while she was trapped she realized how long a day is
how much she can do in one day
and realized how precious these days that are left are
she says she is going to use the remaining days really well
he conrgratulates her for thinking like that but warns not to cause accidents while she is using those days so well
she puts her arm around his shoulders and thanks him for worrying about her
he puts his arm around her shoulders and retorts
I am worried about me
for the remaining 34 days left to me
you are the last troublemaker
he disappears
she waves and yells goodbye -see you again – will call you
and he comments that she dares to think of him- the scheduler- as a friend
* so S clearly said that she is the last person he is in charge of and then he gets to go back and do what he wants to finish up
M goes home and looks over at his messy kitchen
and remembers how IJ said that it is unlike him to hire Y after she had been fired by H
and to make Y quit tm
IJ goes to H’s place for takeout
she asks if Y/J already left work
the waitress says Y/J has left work for good cuz she has been fired
IJ says H liked Y so why did he fire her
the waitress says cuz Y was hanging around J’s fiance-she got caught by H
IJ walks off thinking and says that H didnt like J so why is he thinking of J now to that extent
H remembers that Y is working at a bar
chef goes over and looks at what H is staring at and tells him to go there (where Y works) if H is worried
H:what? go where?
chef hands him their revenue for this month
chef asks isnt H actling like that cuz Y is working at a bar
H explains – she is not healthy and working at a bar…
chef:that is why go meet her – the adress is there
H says how could he -what would he say
chef says it’s the right thing to do or something
like the way H’s mom gave the chef a chance -even tho he wasnt related by blood to her
if it wasnt for H’s mom – the chef and his wife wouldnt have been able to survive (he used the words “take a step in this world” so i guessed that to mean “survive”)
H claims he doesnt take after his mom
chef points out H is her son
he says he is leaving for the day
to himself – H mutters – what mom do i take after?
Y/J lies down to sleep and J pops out
she thanks Y for today
she tells Y that Y will feel a little sore today but she will feel better after 2 or 3 days passes
Y goes to work at the cafe
the doc comes there (his last name is Noh so that is what i will call him)
he orders coffee and says
I seem like a stalker huh?
i’m not a stalker but it is obvious I seem like one so i was going to just watch you and go
but I was so glad to see you work again
Y says the coffee is $4 
he pays and hands him his receipt
she tells him that he did all he could as a doctor back then
so he isnt to blame so he should stop coming now
noh: i know – as a doctor I always did the best I could
when you came to see
at the time I was a relative newlywed who had been married 3 months
when i was the happiest – i met a person who was the most scared
after 3 yrs of marriage
I fell asleep at the wheel and got into an accident
in front of my eyes my wife died and i was perfectly fine (unharmed)
she listens and looks up and burns herself with a spray of steaming hot water
that’s when i knew the kind of pain you cant know if you dont experience it yourself
if you cant forget – just miss that person
that’s what i did
my wife probably hated me
but i really missed that person
 her burned hand shakes as she pours the coffee
32 days 4 hrs 59 mins left
Y stares at the photo of two kids one boy and one girl
a voice that sounds like S yelling says : i am sick of you
she drops the photo so J looks at the name and asks if the boy is Y’s younger sibling
J goes inside Y
she notices her hand is burned
Y/J asks why is Y so absentminded (to get injured I guess)
softy’s point of clarification
* noticed on soompi that ppl think S is really Y’s sibling but neither Y or S has said that – only J thinks that cuz she jumped to conclusions from seeing a childhood photo
Y and S could have been friends since childhood and then dated later on
I think the story would be weird if he ended up as Y’s brother and he goes back to give Y closure
( i love my sister but there is no way I am coming back from the dead just to say sorry if the last words I said to her were hurtful- she would probably be more shocked than me if I did that) 
Makes way more sense that they were in love and something happened where he hurt her feelings and he felt bad for that all these years
My guess is that the fact that he doesnt want to go to Y’s home or be around Y stems from some residual guilt deep down inside – why else would he want to avoid her? totally love all these guessing games
Y/J discusses her  work schedule with M
she will work from 11am to 3 and get paid the same as heaven $4.32 an hour
M says she has to work normally from 1oam to 6pm
and when he needs her – to work overtime and same pay as (some other job i dont know)
Y/J points out that he told her to think of the hours she can work
M: i told you to think about it – never said I would follow it
Y/: you are the one who asked me to work for you first
M: and you said you would do it
she says doesnt plan to stay her all day cuz she needs time to do other stuff
in the afternoon
M  says he needs someone who will work properly at his home
she says she can do all the work in 4 hrs
he lists all the detailed work she has to do which takes longer than 4 hrs
such as boil bathroom towels
Y/J: why boil towels?
M:boiling towels and underwear is a given
what about kitchen towels? rags for floor
dust under the bed-did you clean all that? also ironing
grocery shopping for dinner preparation
at least hand washing laundry
Y/J looks over at the hamper full of clothes
you want me to wash all that by hand?
M: i know how to use a washing machine and vacuum
Y/J: i did iron yesterday
after looking thru the fridge i was going to make a side dish of eggs but….
M: you are a funny person- I gave you a job cuz I felt sorry for you for getting fired by H
I dont need a maid who is a slacker so what should i do?
Y/J: then fire me
M: that i cant do cuz i feel bad for you
I am the one who told you to come
she thinks to herself: you want me to say I am going to quit with my own lips?
she thinks about the paperwork she needs to see
M is worried she will reply like this
Y/J: forget it – i wont do your work
 and turns to leave
so M gets up and asks for her ID before she can say anything
she gives him her ID but flinches in pain as her burned hand rubs against the pocket
he notices her burned hand and thinks that is why she didnt do the laundry properly
she gets to work cleaning up the kitchen
Ij goes to hospital to give the dad paperwork to sign
he asks if the paperwork didnt come for the land deal
she says it hasnt come yet
as IJ leaves,  the mom tells her that P manicured J’s hands yesterday
but IJ says “yes” and bows and goes without looking in her direction
mom points out that IJ didnt even look at J’s face as she left
dad wonders if something is going on with IJ cuz she looks tired
dad says the mom is making too big a deal over not looking at J and leaving
mom says IJ knew J since childhood and didnt do that-but the older IJ gets – she kept her feelings hidden and is different from P
at the office, M thinks about Y/J”s burned hand and the laundry undone
IJ gets out of the cab and sees M driving off
IJ calls M and  asks where he is but he lies and says he is in a meeting and promises to call later
IJ goes to the office and asks if M went out to lunch
the secretary says he said he didnt feel well and canceled all his afternoon apts
and went home
IJ goes to see H
he asks what she is doing here
she says she had just come from the hospital after getting some things signed and dropped by
H asks if J is ok
she ignores that question and asks if he is doing well
she asks if he is prepared for the project meeting
he tells again that he isnt going to do it
she says M is counting on it
she says if H really didnt plan to do the work he should have said it clearly
saying that everytime M came by here when H said he wouldnt do it
M never took that seriously
has H even once gone to the office or M’s home and said formally and definitively that H wouldnt do it?
H says he will do it when he sees M
she says if H really isnt going to do it then he needs to hurry and give his files to M
H asks if M is at home now
she replies he must be cuz he went home to rest
Y/J is looking all over – behind pic frames looking for a secret safe
she looked behind the pic cuz in movies that is where they hide the safe
she finds it and hears the house code being pressed
just then M comes home
he looks for her and finds her in his bedroom
she pretends to be hanging something up
she acts startled and he says he didnt know she would be in here
she replies if she isnt in the kitchen then of course she would be in here
did you leave something behind?
he gives her med to treat her burned hand
she asks if he came home just to give her this
he says would I do that
she says it isnt that bad to put med on it and walks off
but he holds her arm
H is on his way to M’s
Y/J tries to pull her arm free and tells him she is ok and doesnt need the med
but he insists he isnt ok with it
cuz the skin looks like it will come off
and he cant make someone with that kind of injury clean and do dishes 
she agrees and says let go of her arm and give her the med
she burned something and the place is smoky
M goes to open the front door to let the smoke out
H is about to ring the bell when M opens the door
H: did you know i was coming?
Y/J comes around the corner and asks M if the ventilation is broken
 H sees her and she sees him and both their faces freeze in shock
M smiles and asks what H is doing here
H says to M
what are you doing now..what is this….
H goes in and drops the files and asks what she is doing here
why are you here in M’s home?
Y/J: i’m in the middle of work here- is something wrong?
M to H: you fired her
because she got fired cuz of me i gave her a job
H to Y/J: your new job was working here? are you crazy
M: calm down H
H:what are you doing?
H grabs her arm and tells her to come out right now
she looks at the safe and pulls her arm away
Y/J: why are you angry?
you are the one who fired me
H: dont you know why i fired you?
this is my friend’s fiance’s home
Y/J:what does that have to do with me?
Y/J: that this is your friend’s fiance’s home – what doe it have to do with me?
H:then i will take back firing you
quit working here right now
M calls out his name
and she retorts she wants to stay here
inwardly she says sorry to him and that she cant go cuz she has work to do here
H asks what she just said
she repeats she wants to stay here
H: was it this all along? you pretended you didnt but-was it this?
Y/J turns to pretend to work but cries
H leaves angry. outside he crumples up that paper where he wrote her address down cuz he was worried enough to check on her
Y/J goes to the bathroom and cries some more 
H goes back to his place
the two waiters are sitting and watching something on their cell phone
H doesnt yell at them and just stares at them then goes in without a word
chef yells out their names
waiter says it is scarier that H isnt yelling at them
suddenly they hear a crashing sound
H is knocking things around in anger
H remembers how Y said she wasnt interested in his friends fiance at all
he throws another chair
Y/J wonders why M isnt leaving
M is remembering how she told M that she didnt like M
then how she told H she wasnt going to leave and wanted to stay here-and he smiles
Y/J goes over and asks what she should make for dinner and asks for money to go grocery shopping
he asks her to go out and eat cuz she shouldnt touch water with her injured hand
she tells him to go eat and come back and she will just finish up here and leave
M:didnt we say you would work till 6 and if I needed for you to do extra?
she wonders to herself why he wants to take her out to eat
he takes her to a place she hasnt been before
the owner greets M by name and asks why M hasnt been by in a long time
M says he was busy with work
he orders two bowls
Y/J looks around and thinks to herself that she hasnt been here even once before
she asks if he was a regular here
he mentions it was his mom’s fav place and his as well
he used to come here to eat often with his mom
Y/J: you must have come with your fiance so is it ok to come here with another girl
M says something backward about how just cuz someone is a girl doesnt mean she is like all girls 
Y/J retorts that she doesnt want to be treated like a girl by him
M:then why didnt you go back with H?
he said he would give you your job back
Y/J – it wasnt cuz I was interested in you that i didnt go with him
M: i dont trust poor girls’ poor ppl’s pride
I heard you begged him to give you a job
so it looks like a lie the way you are acting to me
she tells herself to put up with everything-cant get fired
M says -does she think the way she is treating him is (keeping her) pride – it is just not showing him any manners
she says she understands
after they eat-he gives her a key and tells her to open the door and come in from tm on
then he pays her for working today -he added pay for the extra time
she said she will be leaving
he offers to give her a ride
but she declines
she walks away wondering why he treats her like a maid-then why did he give me a ride – why go out to eat with his maid-more importantly -why take his maid to a place he used to go with his mom
suddenly she thinks to herself – he didnt take me even once but he took Y to a place that is full of memories with his mom?
after remembering all the nice things he did for Y-giving her a ride when she didnt feel well- the meds for her hand
she says aloud: M-is it possible you like Y? no – you like me?
J goes home and says toY as Y eats
does this make sense? that M likes me? no – is he liking you?
Y gets up and grabs her jacket and J says “let’s go together”
and J calls S
At Y’s work
J is waiting for S cuz she called him and wonders why he is taking so long to come
he appears and taps her on her back
she asks what kind of scheduler takes so long to show up
he remarks she should be grateful he is meeting her so why is she complaining he is late
he asks what is the reason she asked him to come here
J: cuz you told me not to call you to Y’s home
S:here or there (it is all the same) hurry and tell me what you want
today I go to the hongdae club
J asks him to find -that name on the pic
at first he thinks she made up a word so she explains it is a person’s name
she thinks he is Y’s sibling
S:that girl’s sibling?
J wants to know if the guy is alive or dead and where and what is he doing now
he says he is a scheduler not someone who works at a center where you make ppl go on errands
(basically that he isnt her errand boy)
J says she wants to help Y
he says if J wants to help then she should and not make him do it
why should he use up his precious remaining time (as a scheduler)
he has lots to do with the 33 days he has left
his personal life schedule is packed
J: does that mean you cant do it?
S: it is not that i cant – i wont
J says he is cold – you were a person once
back then when you were alive – you must have liked or loved someone
S replies that he might not have gotten to love
cuz I died too early – at 23
J- have you died at 23?
if you die at 23- how do you think that feels?
J:why wouldnt i know that?
it would be totally upsetting
S: no – it would feel unfinished (like it was a waste that he couldnt finish out his life)
to the point of feeling crazed that he couldnt finish
J: i would be really upset
she points out he doesnt remember back then when he was alive
he says he cant remember but he still feels things from then
dont you know why I am living so fully as a scheduler
since i died too early
i am living the life I didnt get to live
J says it is a pity what happened to him
S tells her if she knows that -dont make him use his precious time on that girl
be backs up till he faces Y
S:from now on dont call me when this girl is around
he walks out
IJ remembers how H went to M’s house
she is curious what happened
IJ asks if P is going to H’s cuz today is H’s bday
IJ knows that P bought his present
P says J always went with her
IJ offers to go with P
P says she feels bad celebrating a bday cuz J is like that
IJ scares her and says what are you going to do if H gets a gf
P is alarmed and asks if H has a gf
Y/J tries everything to get that safe open but it wont work
M gets a call that J’s dad is on his way
M is surprised cuz the dad didnt mention he was coming in to work
IJ is surprised too
M goes to greet the dad
dad asks why M is here
M says he came cuz he heard the dad came
dad says (to IJ) since when do you inform someone when the president comes and goes
IJ apologizes for telling M
M says he was on his way to see J and offers to take her dad back
at the hospital in J’s room
J’s dad throws up
his wife wonders what is wrong -did he eat something bad
M remembers how the dad threw up before
he also remembers how her dad argued with the doc friend
saying it is his life and then holding his head in pain
M goes to see the doc and finds out about her dad’s condition
M asks for details
from the description it sounds like a tumor pressing on his brain
the place that the tumor is pressing on is dangerous
the tumor is big and one cant know when something bad will happen
it will be difficult to have surgery and it is dangerous
 M asks if that means even surgery wont work
doc says surgery is J’s dad’s only chance even tho chances of survival is slim
but J’s dad doesnt listen to the doc
the doc says originally the dad was going to get surgery day after the wedding
but now that J is like that
the dad pushed the surgery back and is stubborn about not having the surgery till J wakes up
even tho J doesnt have much of a chance to wake up
M learns that her dad wont live long if he doesnt have the surgery
Y/J writes down numbers and tries to figure how many
guesses she has since the combination is 6 digits
it is over a hundred thousand combinations
she says that is impossible and needs to find another way
she looks at the calendar and worries cuz she only has 31 days left
she notices that it is H’s bday
chef’s wife is asked to make seaweed soup cuz it is H’s bday
chef says this is H’s first bday after he came back from america so they should make him seaweed soup (it is a tradition- koreans eat this on their bdays)
tho she can make other things well – this is the only thing she cant cook well
so the chef offers to make it and tells her to make side dishes
chef’s wife is on her way out and runs into Y/J on her way in
chef goes up and sees H sleeping –

H drank too much so he is passed out
he slaps H on his butt to wake him
H asks why the chef did that
chef says he has to eat and H says he doesnt want to
but the chef makes H get up saying that H has to eat
H sees the whole table and asks whose bday it is
chef tells him it is his bday
H:it’s my bday?
chef: how can a young guy not remember his own bday?
you should be grateful you were born
how do you think i knew it was your bday? (implying H’s mom told)
H: did she tell you stuff like this too
pointing to the mussels
did mom tell you to put mussels in the seaweed soup?
chef: no
H: then how did you know to put it in?
chef: Y brought this
H: Y? how did she know my bday?
chef: she said she made too much so she brought some over
H’s mom is waiting at H’s school
H goes to her and asks why she came
she holds out the bag full of food
his mom: this is seaweed soup and your lunch
H replies irritated
I told you not to so why did you come all the way to school
she hands it to him saying it is his bday so he needs to eat seaweed soup
H;when did i  eat seaweed soup on my bdays
i dont need it
she explains back then she was busy
i added mussels – the way you like it- and made it
please eat it son
she tries to give it to him again but he says he doesnt want to
she gives it to him and tells him to go in cuz she is leaving
he lets it fall to the ground
and runs off
she picks it up calling his name and chases after him
J goes to the head of the class
and announces to the class that she is going to make this bottle cap disappear
whoever guesses where the cap goes she will buy that person thuk bok ki 
everyone wants to try to guess but H doesnt
he doesnt want to take part cuz it is childish
J baits him saying he should just say he doesnt have confidence to guess right
if he doesnt have the confidence
H: you think i wont know that you are duping us
J gets offened and says for the rest of the class to not join in
and makes H go against her
she wants to make a bet
whoever wins gets to make the other person do one thing -whatever they want
why do you not have confidence?
if you dont never mind
H takes the bet -that he can figure out how she did the trick
who said i didnt have confidence – go ahead and do it
J;then i am starting – look carefully
she makes the bottle cap disappear
rest of class is impressed
J tells him to guess
H tells her to lower her arms cuz it is hidden in her sleeeves
she shakes out her arms and rolls up her sleeves to show she didnt hide anything
J walks over and says he lost and orders him to follow her
there is a lot of food
so he asks what she is doing
she says she wants him to eat with her
she pours the seaweed into a bowl and tells him to eat
he looks at the seafood thing and guesses
and looks at her
she tells him to eat
he asks if she saw
she tastes his soup and says it is really yummy
he yells again and asks if she saw
J scolds him for acting that way toward his mom
he pushes the soup away so she hits him on the head with her spoon
J warns: you better not spill that soup
at school or every corner he passes
she is going to make sure he can never take (naps?? I think that is the word she used)
H: you think i will eat this if you threaten me?
who do you think you are to interfere?
J: it isnt a threat – it is a promise- you dummy
are you going to eat this or keep your promise? (the punishment)
he makes her turn around till he eats
she happily agrees and eats rice with her back to him
he starts to eat
J: dont leave even a drop and eat all of it
he watches the back of her eating and smiles
J: H – why cant i hear you eating
he mutters she has good hearing
he drinks it all down and puts down the bowl
she turns and  checks to see if he ate it all -let’s see
he walks off
end flashback
chef asks H why he is like that
H asks again if Y really brought this
chef: i said she did – why?
H remembers how she said she wanted to stay at M’s and H was the one who fired her
H yells -I’m going crazy. why is she doing this again
chef asks if H doesnt like it cuz Y made it at M’s house
H:that’s not it
chef : she thought you would act like this so she told us not to tell you
H: she told you not to tell me?
chef: but you know i cant lie
so why?
H says this is his mom’s seaweed soup
H confesses he doesnt why he feels this way
if it is cuz of Y or J-he doesnt know
H runs out to his car
P and IJ show up with cake and presents
but H ignores them
P asks IJ where H is going
IJ goes up to his window but he waves and drives off
Y/J is doing laundry and H shows up at M’s
he keeps ringing the doorbell
he bangs on the door and yells out Y’s name
she finally lets him in
he goes in and walks right up to her
so she backs up a little
she asks why he  came
he wants to ask one thing
why is she here
Y/J: i told you that yesterday…
H cuts her off and says
if she is here cuz she is interested in M then just say that and he wont interfere again
but if that is not the case
dont do this
and he grabs her purse and drags her out
she drops the laundry as she is being led away
outside – H asks: do you really want to stay here? are you going to stay here?
as Y leaves the store she sees something on the newspaper that catches her interest
(think that packet she is holding might be photocopies of those documents she wanted to get her hands on)
what happened to the rest of the preview?
there are only past clips
guess it means they ran out of filmed scenes
wonder if that means no more previews from here on
YAI Launch my life
I missed some of the opening scenes
YAI was saying that his fans are even sick of this -filming him
in london
while YAI was meeting various young artists in london and visiting their studios- he had a translator but YAI didnt like how the translator couldnt even understand what he said in korean to translate into english
she claims she would need more time to translate uc what he says is hard to translate into english-  what he said is hard even in korean- others agreed
the same thing happened everywhere he went -with each artist – he would have to asks questions
and you could tell there were some lapses in translation
YAI got caught when the cameraman opened the car door when YAI was putting his pants on with long johns underneath
the guy filming asked how YAI the fashionista could wear long johns and YAI said not being cold comes first before fashionista
YAI takes the crew to his fav place
everyone sits in a circle and person in the middle has to answer what is asked 
did you get mad yesterday cuz i got mad? she says she wasnt
were you embarrassed then- translator nods
YAI asks his own manager: how many times a day do you want to quit being YAI’s manager
manager hold up his fingers- 10 times
Q: how many times do you want to hit YAI
manager holds up two fingers
then it is YAI’s turn to be in the circle
someone asked him why he speaks informal korean (everyone wanted to ask that)
instead of replying he apologizes
explaining how he doesnt like being average
(guess that is his habit cuz he did it often with ppl older than him)
narrator: for a second – we thought there might be a reason we dont know as to why he is so prickly/brusque
YAI goes clubbing in london with some trendy college students in their early twenties
(earlier YAI mentioned mark as the one he remembers the most and wished he had friends like him)
when YAI walked into their place – the guys had wonder girls on
so YAI asked if they put it on for his sake and the guys said it was a coincidence
yAI and one of the guys try on each other’s jacket
the spikes coming out of the jacket YAI tried on was attached by that guy himself
YAI remarks to mark that he is really skinny (in english)
the blonde guy says YAI has to dance with them so YAI kicks almost everyone out
YAI ends up dancing in their room with them and gets pumped up
in the van, YAI sits with the guys
he tells them he is the craziest actor in korea
they ask why and he replies cuz he was born that way
manager worries about his actor’s image
narrator says YAI cant be natural in front of the camera
they go to a club that is kinda quiet and not many ppl
then go to another club where it is better but one of the guys-mark- who had already drank at home gets really drunk by the time they are in the second club
so they end up not filming and manager wants to take YAI out cuz the manager worried about YAI
they worried cuz it is mark’s life and they didnt think it would be right to air this show when he is drunk
YAI asked to go back in when mark sobers up but no one is going for that idea
YAI says he would have had more fun without the cameras
when he confided in a kid that he was uncomfortable with the cameras around – the kid said “this is your job”
* note from softy
On thurs nights-right after 49 days airs, I take the time to try and translate as much as i can of Launch my life, but they speak really quickly (and sometimes speech is muffled) cuz it is NOT a drama – there are no pauses which makes it hard to get everything down. So when i translate a line here – there might have been more said that clarified his point.
Do NOT take everything at face value – I am not trying to portray YAI as a good or bad guy – all I am focused on is trying to hear and translate. If you want a more thorough translation, go to the blog link on the right called YAI haven.
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  1. müge says:

    live-recap is about to start and I’m really excited.
    have strength softy^^


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    yahoo, I managed to catch up. I thought i’ll miss it tonight since internet didn’t work. thanks for this live transcap.


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    Thanks for the recap.Like you being used to multiple dramas I am used to coming to read your transcap.

    Did you hear about the new drama with Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan?
    What are you going to do?There are so many dramas starting May and June.


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      Contrary to what ppl may think – I don’t easily get hooked to just anything cuz of the lead actors. Just look at do you hear my heart – not a single cute guy but I’m watching and loving it. Lost interest in hong sisters drama even with the addition of yoon kye sang, zero interest in maids, can’t stand lee dae hee so may have to miss out on watching Micky back on the small screen – so the only contenders are yoon eun hye’s drama and city hunter cuz it is fun watching him try to pull off another BOF hit. Will probably watch the first eps of all the new dramas but I can already sense only one or two might be a keeper 🙂


      • mrmz says:

        Don’t know if you heard about it but you should try ‘crime squad’ its what i’m watching right now with 49 days and I like it even more than 49 days


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        Sorry for butting it, Softy and ck10z sissies, but I too will be boycotting that Ripley drama. As much as I love Yucheon, I can not stand LDH. Looking forward for City Hunter too, though if it were not for Park Minyeong, I would prolly skip it.


      • Omo says:

        Softy, have you watched City Hall??? Cha Seung-won is…CHA SEUNG-WON period


    • rystal says:

      Actually i just read on Daum that the scheduler and Song Yi Kyung are orphans (not related by blood whatsoever) who were really close and then became boyfriend/girlfriend but they broke up one day and then the scheduler got into an accident so Yi Kyung lost her lover and in a way, her only family.

      i hope its true because the stares and tension between the two can’t be just ‘sibling love’ and i want more than that! Btw this isn’t a rumor or spoiler, the directors said this would be the storyline between the two in the beginning before the drama aired, they might have changed it later on though, who knows, but this was what they said at first.


  9. momo says:

    ok…seriously scheduler is YI kyoung’s brother! (or so.. i think)remember the accident on the highway?yi kyoung sits where the mark on the street was? and in front of her on the other side of the road there was the scheduler standing in front of his motorbike? im thinking that the scheduler’s unfinished business was her sister… what do you guys think?


  10. momo says:

    and maybe that explains why scheduler picked yi kyoung out of all people… and how he cant resist her… but if shes not his sister then they could be childhood sweethearts…
    but im betting that they are siblings…


    • liz says:

      They grew up in the orphanage so they are both lovers and kind of ‘siblings’

      that is the leaked history which I read about their past… they were going to live together, but then he died… and also it seems he died not too long after broke up with Yi Kying……..


  11. sophie says:

    Softy – just wanted to say thank you for all the live transcaps for 49Days, but also for all other past series. Your hardwork and dedication are always very much appreciated.

    Now… for 49Days, I can’t wait for the next episode!


  12. Anonymous says:

    I think invisible spirit J should go to Ms house and watch him enter the code and then go back as Y and get whatever papers she needs. And I want H and M to meet Y without J inside.


    • blue says:

      Seriously! J really should start using her head. She has this advantage of choosing to be spirit or body at her disposal, and she never seems to take advantage of it.


  13. toohearts says:

    Love love this episode!! I was so busy today that didn’t get the chance to read it until (Pacific time zone). I am heading to download this episode; and be back later to re-read your live transcap!! ^^

    Thank you for the transcap and YAI’s launch my life translation!! You’re the best, Softy!! Muwahahahah~~!! 🙂


  14. Emma says:

    When J is in the spirit form, she can’t touch things…She can’t get in or out of M house…or enter Y house!!


    • blue says:

      No, she can just follow MH into the apartment and stalk him as he opens the safe to learn the code for the lock. Then she can come back in YK’s body to actually open the safe herself.


  15. ewez says:

    Thank you! 🙂 Looking forward to watching this.


  16. lei2010 says:

    wondering why Han is acting like that with his mother? Is he in a rebellious stage? does he hates his mother or just he doesn’t like to be treated like a child anymore… really like to know more of their past… (i still rem that Han mentions that J did something in the past too, wonder what is it) love this drama to pieces.. can’t wait for more… thanks for the transcap


  17. elsieds says:

    OMG! the scheduler is Song Yi Soo!


    • liz says:

      lol sorry, but since episode 1 I know it…….

      The back and hair is the same.. how come a lot of people don’t guess it… is a kdrama after all… xD


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