49 Days E7:Live

49 Days has a way of making you redefine how you watch dramas – slow scenes are still exciting – then before you can blink something surprising happens and keeps you on your toes-seriously week after week – this drama is daebak.  
49 Days E7
Starts from where M offers to pay Y/J to work for him and she accepts it. she asks for payment in advance and he asks if that means she will work for him and she steps up and agrees to do it.
Y/J: i can work from 11am-how many hours do you need me?
he asks why she agreed to work for him since she doesnt like him – without a reason
she retorts saying: you must not have suffered without money.  ppl who need money look at the money and work – not look at the person and work. did you ask thinking i would turn you down?
he writes down his address and tells her to meet him tm at 11 am. she asks if he doesnt go to work at that time and he says since it is her first day, he cant leave a stranger his house key
before he can say anything else- she walks off and he calls after her so she calls out his address (he wrote it down for her but she didnt look at it and crumpled it up and threw it behind her).
as she walks away she says to herself – dont worry – i will make sure to go
she flashes back to his conversation with someone when she was in the car with him
and thinks – something is up for sure
she remings herself that it doesnt matter if she is his maid cuz the money and stuff is good
 as he drives off – he says let’s see how much longer you stare at me like that. she remembers how sensitive he was about how she stared at him and she thinks
he was the kind of person who cant put up with being looked down
chef brings H coffee and says it really looks like Y wont be coming back-she really left
H admits he sent her away
chef asks H if H wont regret that.
H asks why he should regret and asks why he is asking like that-what’s his reason?
chef confirms – that means you are not affected at all right?
H says of course
chef says that’s good then
H asks what he means by that
chef reminds H of that man who saw this building and asked H to design for him
that guy had asked if H is busy these days so the chef told him H wasnt busy
H: why am i not busy?
chef reminds H that he declined to work on the haemido resort
after kicking away that big project-are you going to live selling wine and pasta?
is that why you took over your mom’s business?
H backs down and says – did anyone say I would
chef: so why are you getting mad
you are an architect so you should live like one
he is going to call you in a second
H’s phone rings
Y/J wonders if she is late to meet her friend-did she already leave? only 15mins has passed
Y/J calls that friend
 the friend says sorry but her professor made her do some work so she cant meet Y/J
Y/J offers to go to her school but the girl says she cant today cuz she is busy
Y/J says it will only take a few mins and it is for the sake of her friend
the girl says -that is not urgent -when i have time – i will go to see J and then hangs up
 Y/J says aloud – it’s not urgent? it is urgent. you are going to come see me when you have time?
then when? after i die? at the wake?
she yelled that last part really loudly so other ppl in cafe look up at her
she almost faints from hunger-why does my stomach hurt and is hungry at the same time
she eats a bowl of porridge and mutters the portion is too little and looks over the menu and thinks when she worked for H, she didnt have to spend money on food. she takes Y’s medicine for her and worries what to do if Y eats noodles again cuz the doc said not to eat noodles so she orders another porridge with lots of pork in it
she tells herself to eat and gain strength
she crosses out the name of the girl who just stood her up
she goes home and says Y needs to rest so that J can go to work tm
she thinks Y will be tired and lays down
H meets with that guy and looks over someone’s designs and the guy says those designs are not good. H doesnt like the location cuz it doesnt match the business and the guy says land here in this neighborhood is a lot cheaper so he just went ahead and bought it
the guy shares his plans to build this and that -up to the 5 th floor and H argues that if the guy builds a five story complex -the homes behind it will have their sun blocked
 the guy mutters that those homes will be torn down in a few years anyway and offers to give them a few hundred dollars 
H tells him to just follow the designs but the guy wants H to use his talents as an architect -the one he got the award for and offfers to pay H double-cuz H is resisting the guy goes up to paying H triple but H tells him to do well in his business and not call H anymore-and not to think of building a 5 story complex here
* love love love H – an architect with ethics and a conscience
there is a storm brewing
Y gets up so J asks why Y woke already when there is a lot of time left till 12
J apologizes to Y saying she is sorry cuz Y was really sick – J says it is strange cuz she normally eats 2-3 bowls but she couldnt so she wonders if she had a stomachache.
 Y wonders how long she slept and looks at the time and suddenly runs out. H is in her neighborhood and sees Y running by. he takes a step to go see her but changes his mind.
she goes to the store to use their phone and calls about her job – saying sorry for not going to work yesterday without any warning but she was sick and promises not to be late today (she gets fired )
J worries where Y went off to cuz J needs to go out and meet her dad
Y comes back and J tells Y not to eat noodles and promises to only eat porridge for Y’s sake until Y feels better and take her medicine. but Y lays down and J says – you are sleeping again? you must be having a hard time.
H tosses in bed remembering what Y/J said about not to worry about her even tho she doesnt take his money and stuff. he mutters (that he cant sleep cuz) she had said some needless things
38 days 3 hrs and 29 mins left
J is worried yells out “what do i do” and says to Y – just cuz you slept at night -what do i do if you dont sleep now – what do i do – i should get going to M’s house
S shows up and J learns that Y got fired from the convenience store cuz of J
S yells that is what happened
she wonders how Y could get fired for missing just a day
she asks what to do now cuz she is already late
S: Y got fired cuz of you
J points out that S told her she could use Y’s body for 14hrs hrs each day
S:this is why i hate humans
they dont know their boundaries
he points out how Y has her own life and J is living off of Y’s body – so she has to follow Y’s body schedule
the priority is with Y’s life cuz she is lending her body -not with the 49 er
J says she knows that
then she realizes the truth
J:if she doesnt sleep – then I cant move an inch?
S: bingo
J:how can that happen
S:who do you think you are yelling at?
I told you not to harm this girl
who is the one who acted out of line and got her fired?
is it me?
J bows her head and says she was wrong
S tells J she needs to wait till Y goes back to her senses and leaves. J keeps repeating -what do i do?
so S pops back in and warns
cuz Y isnt in her normal sleep pattern she could wake up any minute from her sleep so it would be best if J didnt go around anywhere far with Y’s body
M is waiting and remembers how she threw away the paper he wrote his address on and decides to go to work.
M goes to work and IJ joins him in the elevator. he stands in front of her and she stands behind him. she asks if he is just now coming into work and says how she has been to the hospital. IJ asks him to eat lunch together after she drops off some paperwork and he reminds her this is the company. she looks up at the CCTV. she points out they are the only ones in the elevator and the CCTV doesnt have audio so do they need to worry about who is watching. he says that is what they always did.  
flashback to IJ getting kidnapped and M going to her rescue. the kidnappers get beat up by M and drive off and he pulls IJ out of the car. she thinks he is one of them at first but he explains that he isnt and takes care of her in the park
she asks if he lives in this area and he says he goes hiking here twice a week and gives her something warm to drink. she has a bloody lip from when the other guys beat her up so M gives her his hanky to wipe her face
he walks her home and she asks for his info cuz he helped her and she wants to pay him back -she gives him her name and he puts his number into her phone. she asks what name she should put with his number and he says his name
end flashback
she is holding his handkerchief
he comes out of the office and she calls him oppa
he says he knew she would behave like this so that is why he acted that way earlier
she made a mistake and spoke to him informally so she switches to formal
he tells her not to look at him with her upset eyes cuz it hurts him
he lists what he is doing today – finishing up the contracts
and haemido will be done in 4 months or so
he asks if she knows what that means
she cries and says she does
he says let’s finish that up and meet comfortably
she asks if he came to say that
he tells her to be patient with him until they go overcome the most important part
he holds her hand
*based on what she said to her mom on the phone before she got grabbed – she tells her mom that she didnt use their money to get her education and to tell her bro to do what he wants – then she gets dragged into that car
J’s dad is talking to his doc friend. the doc asks -are you really not going to have the surgery?
her dad says :it’s not that i wont – i cant.
doc: dont you know the more tired you get the more dangerous it is?
her dad says that the doc cant say for sure that he will get better if he has the surgery
doc threatens to talk with J’s mom cuz J’s dad wont have surgery.
J”s dad says -who are you to meet with my wife? dont say anything
she is trying to endure what J is going thru
doc tells J’s dad that J doesnt have much of a chance to make it so J’s dad at least needs to live and watch over his wife
J’s dad gets mad and says -who are you? some psychic? how can you tell me to give up on my daughter?
doc yells back that he has the right to talk like this cuz he is J’s dad’s friend
J’s dad has another episode so the doc urges him to have surgery again
J’s dad goes to see his wife
he asks why she is still massaging J’s legs
she explains that since J has been lying down for a long time when she wakes it will be hard for her to move around so the mom is doing this
J’s mom asks what the doc said but the dad tries to deflect the question and says his wife is overdoing it cuz she heard a compliment from her daughter
the mom asks again what the doc said and the dad lies that the doc was nagging for J’s dad to go to work and not stay at the hospital so much
the mom asks about M – shouldnt they say something since J is like this and they dont know what will happen to her
M meets and does more paperwork for haemido land deal – wow the amounts on the contracts were like millions -5,000,000,000 and 8,000,000,000 won
M goes to see H
H is lying down on his sofa listening to depressing music
M comes in and says H takes after his parents and asks why H is listening to that kind of music
H asks what M is doing here at this time
M:heard you fired Y
H; yes
M:does that mean she wont come back here?
H: told you I fired her
does it bother you that I fired her?
M says H did well to fire her cuz now M wont be misunderstood by H
H starts to apologize for misunderstanding but M cuts him off
M says he came to talk about work – he wants H to continue working on haemido project and tells him to join the meeting next week and leaves
H tells him to sit but M turns to go
chef asks if M is going already
M says he is busy and leaves
chef says M’s mood doesnt seem good as time goes on
H agrees and says in the states – he was able to endure cuz of M
and wonders if he was too sensitive to M
M gets in his car and asks himself what he came here to confirm
J stares at Y
she remembers what S said-warning her about how if J borrows Y’s body and Y wakes up outside-what does J think will happen
J: she just fell asleep so could she possibly wake up?
so she takes over Y’s body and runs out but turns back remembering what S said
if you are not aware- do you think you would let someone use your body?
Y/J goes back in
she looks in the mirror and says – sister -why are you living like this? arent you wasting this pretty face
she remembers the doc saying that Y lived like this for 5 yrs
she wonders what happened to Y
and goes thru Y’s box looking for an album or something and suddenlyY wakes up and J pops out as Y/J says -why am i like this?
J is scared cuz Y is wearing her better clothes
Y looks around – at her clothes – the room and at the opened box and is shocked
the doc comes to Y’s house with a rose
Y sits there and remembers all the weird things lately
how her hair is clean – how the landlady claimed to have seen her – how she threw up- how she has a bruise on her knee
J asks -what’s wrong “onyi” / sister?
and Y wonders- what happened to me
J is worried Y is suspicious
J keeps saying what should i do and picks up the phone to call S
Y looks thru her box and says she is sick of everything -she repeats it as J asks what she said
Y takes out a rope and makes a noose
J wonders what Y is doing – what is she thinking of doing
Y is going to hang herself
J says – you cant! you cant die
she calls S and says to hurry and come cuz Y is going to commit suicide
she begs him to stop Y
S: again? leave her alone – whether she commits suicide or not – it is her choice
no one has the right to interfere
J begs him to come
he cant go even if he wants cuz he has to escort someone about to die where he is
after he yells at J to hang up – he wonders why Y is acting like that
J keeps begging Y not to – I was wrong – so  please
but there is a knock at the door just as Y puts her head thru the noose
it is the doc guy
he calls her name and keeps knocking-it is you right? open the door –
J says someone came – someone is here for you
Y ignores the knocking but he is getting more frantic and keeps trying to open it
he warns he is going to knock down the door is she doesnt open it
finally she gets down and goes to open the door
he looks relieved to see her
Y asks why he is here
he says he couldnt check if she was ok cuz she doesnt come out to the convenience store
he said he came to return her dried rose saying it seemed imp to her
Y asks why he is doing this to her
he says he has to see that she is ok
then asks if she is ok
he says – thankfully she still seems ok
she takes the rose he extended to her
he gives her his business card asking her to call anytime if she needs anything -whether to talk or whatever
she turns to go back in but he asks her to just take it
cant she do that at least?
she goes back in and looks at the dried rose and puts it down
she has his business card in her hand
she stares at the noose
Y sits down
J thanks her for not dying
she doesnt know why Y wants to die so much
but J envys her
you dont know how precious it is to have a body do you?
that you can touch for real
when you touch – how warm it is
have someone to listen to your voice
that there are ppl who listen to my voice
be able to look at each other and laugh together
she begs Y to gain some energy
so that J has a chance to come back to life -so that she can do something to try to come back to life
J was crying but now Y is too
37 days 3 hrs 29 mins left
Y is still sitting there and J is too across from her  but she stands to stretch
H is at the hospital and puts a vase of flowers down and J’s mom is there too
he stares at J
36 days 3 hrs and 29 mins left
Y and J are still in the room together -side by side
Y is eating noodles again while J paces
35 days 3 hrs and 29 mins left
M gave J’s dad some paperwork with red stamps all over it
34 days 3 hrs and 29 mins left
S is there with J
J screams and asks S to do something with Y cuz J has been stuck in here for 4 days
I only have 34 days left
S says that he cant control or make a human being do something
J says S’s neighborhood is too cruel
you said I wasnt designated to dieevery day that passes seems to be shrinking her heart
she asks him to help her live
S tells her to wait and he will find out something and reaches for his phone
he calls someone older than him and says how Y hasnt moved for 4 days
he whispers in this situation – can he can use #3
S stand outside and texts something and red skeleton spots pop up on a map
he chooses one and looks at some guy working at a cafe
S goes there to meet the guy and S has the strangest hairstyle yet (OMG what is up with that hairdo? it is like they are testing how he can remain good looking no matter what – and he may have just lost)
S orders large coffee – with lots of whipped cream and choco syrup
after paying for his coffee
S pretends to have fits and asks why this place is like this – making him feel uneasywith negative energy
he asks the guy if the guy runs this place alone – doesnt he use a part time worker at night?
the guy thinks to himself -why is this punk speaking informally to me
S replies like he read the guy’s thoughts and says -instead of saying “why is this punk speaking informally”-you should use a part time worker
S counts off all the things that happened to the guy so far
by pretending to have visions of what the guy encountered
4 months ago another incident with a nail (not sure if he said nail-i guessed)
a month ago an accident with the guy’s dog and next – it will be the guy
and and it starts to scare the guy cuz he wonders how S knows all that 
S pretends to have snapped out of his psychic spell and the guy asks what will happen next to the guy but S just asks for his coffee and turns to leave
but S turns back and tells the guy to make sure to hire a woman -cant be over 30- cant be fat-cant hire a woman who smiles too much-as long as the guy does this he will have a long life
Y is out of noodles so she puts her shoes on
she gets a flier thru her door – think it was for that job
she pulls it thru the slot and tosses it behind her
everywhere she walks that ad is there and disappears as she passes
(only she can see this and is invisible to everyone else)
Y goes to buy more ramen
the lady asks how Y survives eating just that
Y finally sees the flier for that job
she goes to the place
she extends the flier but the guy cant see anything in her hand
she asks if he is looking for a part timer here and he finishes her sentence saying he is looking for one and  asks if she can work starting from today – right now-she can do that right?
while S and J watch Y being trained
J thanks S outside for getting Y that job
he tells J her new hours that she can use Y’s body- from 1am at night to 8am next day
J promises to be careful
S comments that while she was trapped for 4 days – she thought had time to think things over
J: cuz thinking was the only think i could do
then J asks for another favor
S retorts: what else do you want me to do? women want more when a guy treats them well
J asks him to find out about Y’s background cuz J wants to know why Y lives like that
S says a scheduler only works for ppl who left this neighborhood
J: if she has family – i want to find them for her
he points out she will be busy enough with her job
but she says she knows and will work harder
J: after being with her for a few days – Y seems lonely
looking at Y inside, he says to Y – why do you live so pathetically
Y/J runs out
33 days-4 hrs and 59 mins  left
she goes to M’s home as he is about to leave
he opens the door and she says
good thing you didnt leave for work yet- I’m a  little late huh? 
 he points out she is more than late – is she playing around after promising to come
she explains that something came up so she couldnt move for a few days and there was no way to contact him
Y/J: if you found another maid – then I will leave
he says cuz she got fired cuz of him – he lets her in
he points out where the bedroom is and the bathroom
she says it is cozy and she doesnt need to come everyday since it isnt that big and there wont be much to do
M says that is up to him to decide
Y/J: cleaning -laundry – preparing dinner-that wont take all day
M: let’s talk about that after you give me your ID
Y/J: ID?
M: either your ID or driver’s license
she says she doesnt carry that stuff
he says he cant trust his whole home to someone he only knows her name
when he doesnt even know if that name is real or fake
she asks if there is a lot to steal in his home
he says to someone who earns daily pay it is a lot
she asks if she should go back and bring her ID
M asks for her cell phone
Y/J: you want me to entrust you with my cell phone?
he pulls it out of her hand and puts his number on it and makes it ring so he has her number on his phone
then he gives it back
she asks if she can talk about what she wants – didnt he ask her to think about it
M says he is busy now so he wants to talk about it later when he gets home
she asks when he will be home
he says he will try coming home around 11
Y/J: you want me to wait till 11 at night?
he says he might come home before then
she blocks his path
Y/J: cant i just close the door and leave?
M: I have to see how you work today to decide if I should give you more work tm
did you forget you came here to work as a maid/housekeeper?
she thinks to herself that he is trapping her here all day
and mutters how imp a day is to her
M: if you cant wait -just go
saying how he doesnt want to be on time for some housekeeper
she finally agrees to wait till he comes
he leaves
she goes thru his files and doesnt find anything suspicious
she figures he wouldnt leave stuff like that at home
she looks elsewhere
IJ asks why P is home and not working
P asks IJ to go with her to see J
IJ says she has an appt
P asks if IJ has a bf
P notices how IJ sighs a lot and thought it was cuz of J
so she asks who the guy is
IJ says she will tell her later
P says  J might wake up if she knows IJ has a guy
IJ tells her to stop talking about J
if J stays like that – is P going to keep going to see J twice a week
is she never going to get married and stuff
P yells that J hasnt been that way that long so how could IJ talk like that
Y/J goes thru M’s album and sees the dates on the pics of M and Ij and figures out M and IJ have been dating since 2006
there are pics of M and IJ at the airport together in 2007
it was before M left for studies overseas
she says they are something else
she checks and M is still using her bday as his house code
and she leaves
H gets dragged outside by the chef
H points out he isnt a kid but the chef orders him to stretch
the chef doesnt like how H is cooped up inside all the time
che’s wife and waiters were watching and runs off when H catches them looking
Y/J goes up to H and asks H what he is doing
she greets the chef and says it feels like she came back to her hometown
H asks why she came again
she said she came for the pay on her last day
he asks if she worked that last day
Y/J: oh yeah i didnt work that day – i am not here to cling to you and ask for work
H:then what did you come to do?
she steps up and leans in and says
look here han kang shi
what do I look like to you? a part time worker?
H:han kang shi?
Y/J says that since he isnt her boss she doesnt need to address him like that
she says she is as a customer here to pay and eat pasta
chef says H needs to say “i’m sorry patron”
Y/J says to the chef that it is ok cuz it is not like H didnt know his personality was rude
H is listening in from the side
Y/J eats her pasta and tells the chef’s wife that she got a new job
the wife says to tell her if Y/J didnt get a new job cuz she will look into it
Y/J says again that she got a job for real
she looks over at H and says loudly
she is getting paid more, has flexible hours,
and has to take care of only one person so it is not tiring at all
the woman says it looks like it is hard for Y/J
Y/J says it really is not hard work
the wife says it looks like it’s hard for Y’s heart 
Y admits she liked working here better cuz it was comfortable
H tells the chef not to accept her money and goes
later asY leaves
H is sitting outside
the wife asks if Y is coming back again
and Y/J says of course -she might come once every 3 days to eat pasta
she leans over and says she paid to H as she walks by
and he yells back at someone that he told them not to take her money
she goes back and says to H
am i a beggar? why dont you take my money?
H: how can i take your money?
she mutters that it hasnt been long since he fired her and now he is being considerate of her
she also points out to him that she has no interest in M at all
he ignores that comment and asks
H: are you well? is the place you work really ok?
she softens and nods yes
H: then that is that
she says she will be leaving and bows to the chef’s wife and goes
waitress comes running out cuz she guessed where Y works
at a bar (drinking place) -gets paid a lot – has flexible hours-can go around during the day
chef’s wife says that sounds right and gets worried about Y
H repeats “bar” and runs after Y
he looks everywhere calling out her name
Y/J is hiding from H
she says to herself
kang ah -even tho you are worrying over Y and not me -thank you anyway
it’s a good thing i have someone like you next to me
he wonders aloud where she went
Y/J: dont do that cuz it makes me want to go to you
even tho the person you are worrying about isnt me
she cries and runs off
he says she is crazy for working at a bar and keeps calling out her name
*just have to say – he must be blind as a bat cuz she is wearing a colorful sweater and hiding behind a sapling – literally twigs for branches- she aint that skinny
 M gets a call from IJ
she reminds him he promised to eat with her
he remembers how Y/J said she would wait
he makes up a lie about work to IJ saying meeting her today will be difficult
he promises to make reservations for tm
Y/J is back at his place and cleaning
she looks at what he has to cook with
oh no IJ is going to M’s place with groceries
she sees Y’s shoes
Y/J goes to greet who came in
they stare at each other
omg I love this drama
Y/J looks for some imp envelope
Y tells the doc that it isnt the doc’s fault so she tells him to stop coming by
J finds out the name of some guy when she sees a pic of two kids – one boy and one girl
she asks S to find that person- thinking maybe it is Y’s younger brother
S replies : J- if (he left out pronoun) dies at 23 – how do you think it feels?
H says he doesnt know why he feels like this – if it is cuz Y or J
H finds out Y/J is working at M’s
why are you here? are you crazy?
he tells her to quit right now
she replies she wants to stay here
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  12. WeWe says:

    “S has the strangest hairstyle yet (OMG what is up with that hairdo? it is like they are testing how he can remain good looking no matter what – and he may have just lost)”

    that hairstyle looks exactly like my messy hair everytime i look in the mirror before taking a bath…LOL
    can’t wait for thursday, thanks again softy 🙂


  13. kiki says:

    tks…tks…tks…you made my day…^^


  14. deedrama says:

    Thanks a lot. You are my saviour for understanding this drama.
    Slowly, the background of Yi Kyung is revealed. Maybe the 8th episode will show us a little about Scheduler and Yi Kyung’s rumoured relationship?


  15. Tari says:

    I like all the three male characters, even Bae Soo-bin’s character, I hope somehow he has some solid reason for doing what he has been doing, still wrong but you know what I mean. And now Yi-kyung works for him, wonder will she remains him of Ji-hyun. Poor Ji-hyun, seeing all the guys in her live ‘fall’ for Yi-kyung. I hope Kang and Yi-kyung somehow end up in Ji-hyun’s hospital room together, maybe one last attempt from him to deny his feeling to Yi-kyung by dragging her to Ji-hyun’s hospital room, to make sure that they’re two different person, like going all hulk and say: “This is the woman that I love not you damn it” 🙂 or maybe just one perfect tear running down his cheek will do. And Softy, thank you.


  16. rainyrain says:

    LOOOOL at ” just have to say – he must be blind as a bat cuz she is wearing a colorful sweater and hiding behind a sapling – literally twigs for branches- she aint that skinny” , I was thinking the same when I was rwatching the epi ( I watched the epi first then read ur transcrap but today will do the way round 🙂 )
    thanks for ur hard working 🙂


  17. mrmz says:

    Just a thought but the scene where Min Ho “saves” In-Jung, I think its also been staged like what they did to Ji-hyun. In-Jung is dumb to not realize it.
    And also no matter how Min Ho is evil and influential over In Jung, I still see her WAY WORST!!! I mean she’s the one that betrayed her lifetime friend… be it for money or a guy or wtv but thats just beyond LOW.


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