49 Days E6:Live

What is M thinking asking Y to work for him – how does he think IJ is going to take that piece of news? She just may end up backtracking and telling J’s dad the truth and ruining M’s plans if M ever cheats on IJ. It really is true about karma coming back to bite you. Now IJ will get a taste of her own medicine and know what J feels now. I’m not even questioning Y/J’s motive for taking the job cuz this way she can spy on him and his plan more and take him down quicker. Plus – she probably wants IJ to suffer.
Now that Y isnt working nights anymore – she doesnt need to be sleeping during the day so forget borrowing that body. We got the background story for S tonight. More pieces of the puzzle seems to be filling up now – but I still don’t see the whole picture yet. The preview is killing me cuz I want to know what option #3 is cuz I think it may have something to do with letting Y know what is going on in her life maybe -judging from the shocked look on her face.
*Part two of YAI special is on after the drama so I had to watch that first -but this time I watched and translated at the same time…. posted before E6. Not sure why they are calling this a show about YAI cuz Maxine seems to be the focus more -if she wasnt on it to ruin everything we would get more info about YAI. It is like he is the second lead on a show about him.
What is up with the ratings – this drama does not deserve to be third. I have not watched the other two, but I am betting it can’t be better than this one. 49 Days seems to have a life of its own. Ever since the premise came out months ago, ppl jumped onboard. Just look at its soompi thread – it is moving fast and there were about 150 ppl on it last night. Bet the other two dramas do not have that many. I wonder why the ratings for this isnt climbing up the charts like crazy – maybe E6 will change all that. Tonight we might finally get some backstory on S and we get to hear him sing as well. Heard his song on blue’s blog and I have to say – it was not bad at all. I had to brace myself for the inevitable letdown cuz not all actors can pull off great acting and singing- but JIW managed to pull it off. He was always my favorite character from the first highkick series and though I wanted to watch return of Iljimae – some other drama at the time got my full attention.
On a crazy side note, though I shouldn’t be trying to figure out how J is going to collect those tears – I gave it some serious thought and wondered what if all her friends on her list already cried true tears over her right after the accident. Then she sort of missed her chance to collect them. The only other time a room full of ppl will be gathered to cry over her would be her funeral – which is too late. Wonder if that pendant comes with some sort of built in radar that lets her know someone is crying over her so she can rush over there to collect it. Also, I assume she cant be in Y’s body at the time cuz I doubt her friends would cry so openly in front of a stranger who is leaning over to collect their tears. It would have to be just J in her spiritual form. There are still some good chances to gather those tears and I am thinking it has to be for sure H and P. P cuz she is a true friend and H cuz whether he is falling for Y/J right now – originally he loved J. I don’t think M will cry cuz he is beyond redemption for what he is doing and if he cried any tears at all – it would be self pity or remorse when his plans fall apart. Same thing for IJ-hers will mostly be filled with regret and guilt. I really cant stand this character – if she is going to betray her friend like that from day one – have the backbone to finish it and not be a wimp along the way. Her constant whiny attitude and sudden stabs of conscience is wearing on M’s nerves and you can see that. No wonder he is looking towards Y/J cuz at least she seems to have spunk cuz she stands up to him.
YAI has a new commercial for olive young – he is wearing eyeliner and looks adorable
YAI special part two
the short haired girl’s name is maxine koo -she is NOT the main model
YAI calls her “koo”
on the photoshoot in the desert
her irritating nasal voice and rude behavior got on everyone’s nerves-it is cuz she speaks korean in an annoying way and speaks  informally to ppl who are older than her
she held an umbrella over YAI every chance she got to protect him from the sun
she gave him water, kimbap, vitamins, and his kid chair to sit on between takes
He tells her to pass out the vitamins to other staff
and she said to his stylists “please take care of my YAI well” as she gave them vitamins
and the stylists ask when he became that 
Maxine asked if he likes the female model – he says yes- she is pretty
then maxine asks -prettier than me?
and he doesnt answer directly but circumvents
he tells her to sit on his chair and she says she doesnt want to cuz it hurts her butt
and he says -you gave me a chair like that
and she says it hurts her butt cuz she doesnt have enough fat on her butt and he says he doesnt either
YAI accuses her of acting cute
she gave him a toy and made him laugh
YAI’s stylist walked by and said the toy was ugly and she retorted that the toy looks better than the guy and the guy gets pissed cuz she spoke informal language
YAI tries to calm him down -saying she is like a child and she tends to mix informal and formal korean language
other guy says not to make a big deal out of nothing but the stylist stays pissed
the mood on the set goes down cuz of her rude remark
she threatens to send gangsters to korea to beat up that stylist guy
and the PD says how can you kid around like that
and YAI worried she was feeling all alone in the car sulking
he has her called over and lets her give him a drink
she says she likes YAI so she is putting up with everything
he asks why do you like me? cuz ppl told you to like me?
and she says it is cuz he is comfortable
she says that YAI helped her forget how upset she was
cuz while he filmed her he made her talk about other stuff
YAI doesnt like the necklact they put on him so he chooses to shoot without it
narrator says the look in YAI’s eyes change to cool in front of a camera
previous night -YAI says to his stylist that he couldnt say even one word to the female model
he asks how tall she is cuz she is really tall -178 cm
the police drove by and said not to shoot on the road cuz it isnt safe so they wrapped up
after the shoot at night when everyone is saying bye
she gets scolded by that famous photographer for using informal language to older ppl so maxine cries-maxine had called that famous photographer “ya” earlier
and YAI notices her crying and tries to make maxine feel better
she said she tried all day to do well and put up with everything just for him
instead of putting his arm around her – he just kept poking her lightly on the arm telling her “not to cry” and tried to take her side saying filming like this is hard for her
next day
they rented a sports car to show YAI around and do more shots
as soon as one of the stylists  sees maxine – the first thing she says is “she is here again?”
and maxine loses it again and cries and says more rude stuff while they are setting up cameras in the car
YAI looks over and asks “are you crying again?”
maxine asks how much more should she put up with this – she keeps complaining to YAI in the car
that poor guy
she says stuff like ppl like that woman should die and she wants to hit someone
she calls someone – think her dad and says she doesnt want to film anymore
and wants to go back-she calls someone trash for making her feel this way
the PDs ask to speak to her alone in the van
they point out – was she asked to shoot with that woman who made that remark or with YAI
they ask how she can act like this – just quit in the middle of a shoot
she says this is how she is – she has hit someone on the street before and called a lawyer to take care of it – guess that story means she has always been a brat
she leaves it up to YAI to decide whether she stays or goes
she asks him if he doesnt want to work with her – she will go and if she is ok with her staying – she will stay
he tells her to get in the car and with his words- she continues filming
she acts as his translator for the next part  as they walk around with some american
she talks abruptly again to YAI so he asks why she has to talk to ppl like that
and she explains she met rude ppl so she learned that
so he tells her she needs to meet nice friends
she asks him if he could be a good friend to her
he says he is a good friend but he doesnt know if he can be a good friend to her
(wow maxine’s chanel bag is huge)
they are on the set of CSI miami – in california
YAI is wearing a bose headphone
there was a part where there was a huge step and she wanted YAI to help her down
she wanted him to hold her chanel bag first then help her down but he just set the bag down on the ground then helped  her so she called him rude for that – omg i hate this girl
later she says sorry to YAI for making things hard for him
over dinner they talk about her background and  friendship
she says she cant meet friends easily (what a shocker)
YAI says something about meeting up with friends- and ends his statement by saying meeting this friend and that friend can make it more lonely
she said she wanted to be on this show cuz she wanted to go to california and cuz there is a chance for them to become friends
next day
YAI is waiting at the farmer’s market
maxin pulls up in the while convertible again
the PDs want them to ride this cuz they can shoot them easily and they look good in it
and YAI wants to ride a normal car cuz of the sun -but he gets in again
he has to hold onto his hat cuz of the wind and the car was so small so he couldnt stretch his legs
he didnt like that they kept choosing this car cuz just cuz it makes them look good
he has to teach maxin to close her own door cuz she is used to ppl closing doors for her all the time
there was a huge step from the parking lot to the beach and YAI just jumped down but she wanted to find a different way to get down so he offers to help her
she asks him to hold her chanel bag and was expecting him to help her down with his other hand but he put the bag down and just helped her down and then gave the bag back to her -she called him “rude” for doing that
he doesnt like how she calls his name so he tells her to try it without sounding so nasal and
she says she had a bad surgery on her nose so she cant
she wants to buy him clothes so she makes him try on outfits at A & F but they left without getting anything
when they asked where YAI wanted to go in LA on their last night – he chose disneyland
he bought toys and rode rollercoasters
on the ride back -they didnt talk and they sat and talked on the couch at the hotel lounge
he says he felt a little like he needed to take care of her cuz she seemed lonely
she says she likes him as a friend now than when she first met them
he jokes that she fell for him and she keeps saying she thinks of him as a friend
he took her to her door and said goodbye
* why was this girl chosen????? she is so awful and made it harder for YAI cuz he has to constantly cheer her up
49 Days E6
after he holds onto Y/J’s arm – M says she is acting funny – she acts like she knows something about him – acts surprised by him -acts like she is scared of him  and now she is blatantly ignoring him too
Y/J tries to pull away saying he seems to be in a bad mood cuz something bad happened
he holds his grip on her arm saying:
you succeeded in making me care but that is as far as you are going to do
then he warns her not to look at him like that – he gets a call from H but M still doesnt let her pull away
H comes out and only when IJ speaks does M let go
 IJ asks M what is going on. Y/J lies and says she made a mistake and apologizes and walks off to take the trash out. M asks IJ what she is doing here and she says to drop by and eat before she goes home. she calls out H’s name. he comes up and asks why M is leaving when they havent finished talking. M said he came out to make a call. he tells IJ to go in.
 Y/J cant believe M and IJ would come here together. she says theymust be upset cuz they couldnt sell her land. she remembers S’s warning to not let others know she is J. she tells herself to be more careful
H tells M that he doesnt want to design for M anymore. he is willing to give the sketches he made so far and the file. M and IJ try to stop him from walking away but H says M should know this is the kind of person he is. H gets up and runs into Y/J coming in. he tells her to follow him.
IJ asks why M acted like that to Y/J. M says it is like Y said – Y acted out of line. IJ wonders what Y did that was so wrong for someone like M to do that. IJ says it looked serious and M sees the waitress watching them so he switches to formal language and  says it was no big deal.
Y/J gets scolded by H.
H says didnt you learn how to behave while you worked and studied  hotel management
why is she acting so rude to a customer?
Y/J: you told me he was your friend’s fiance and not to be friendly so I was trying to be careful and did that
H: when did i tell you not to be unfriendly- I said to not be overly solicitous around him.
she gets offended and asks when she did that
H: you made it look like you were when you first met him
she remembers how she tried to help get M in the car when M was drunk
H asks why she behaved that way that time
Y/J says she didnt know anything then
she thought of someone and did that
but from now on she wont do that
H: make sure nothing like this happens again
M is my customer and my friend’s fiance
Y/J looks at him and thinks to herself: you really hate me but you sure do take care of my fiance
H asks why she is staring at him like that again
Y/J: were you close with that friend?
H:why are you asking that? go and work
M asks why she couldnt be more patient
IJ said she was too curious and wanted to see M’s face at least and he tells her to be careful
he says he is going to go out first
he sees H and Y coming up
H asks why M got up
M says he is busy today and for them to talk tm
H says there is no need for him to come back tm and hands him his sketches and tells M to take them
M says they are not done talking and tells IJ he is leaving first
but IJ asks for a ride-she says she doesnt feel well and isnt up to walking even for 5 mins.
M tells H again that H has to be the one to design that place.
Y/J bows to M as he leaves
in the car, M asks IJ why she is doing things she hasnt done- she says no one will suspect if she gets a ride. he says she never did this before but she says again that she doesnt feel well. she asks him to tell her what happened with J’s dad
Ij hears about how J’s dad has to declare J incompetent. she worries that have to wait another month or two. M says they waited 2 yrs so cant she wait a few more months.
IJ says how hard those 2 yrs were – if it wasnt places like this ( parked by the river at night) it had to be hotel rooms and she doesnt like that
M:what is so important about the location? it is more important that we had a place where we could talk freely together without prying eyes
she says she cant remember how long it has been since she was able to feel comfortable at his place
M: even tho we are going to be together for the rest of our lives?
he says J’s dad will need time to give up on J
she says if everything had gone as planned she would have quit by now.he tells her to go ahead and quit soon after the deal. he says all she has to do is what they originally planned and he’ll take care of the rest.  she tries to hold his hand but he puts his seatbelt back on and drives off
Y/J is deleting pics of her and M. she looks at a pic of her with P and IJ. she thinks to herself that they were happy then and wonders if IJ was faking it then too.she asks aloud to IJ -when did you start to pull away from me as a friend cuz there wasnt a moment when I wasnt a friend to you. she cries and tear drops fall and she gets an idea. she wonders why she didnt think of this sooner. while she was alive if her IQ had been like this ….
she calls S and interrupts his practice session.
S:i’m busy so why?
she asks if she can use this phone to call ppl other than him.
S: you didnt use it all this time – oh so frustrating -hang up
Y/J says aloud – this wasnt just for contacting the scheduler
on the way home she calls one of her friends she wants to collect tears from
she explains she is J’s friend and asks if that person heard about J’s accident
she says she wants to meet the girl cuz of that and makes an appt to go to the gallery to meet her tm
 the landlady spots her on the street and Y/J runs off to go back home. Y/J quickly goes in and changes and lies down. the landlady comes when Y is sleeping.
Y asks the landlady what is going on. the lady says Y told her to come back today for the rent so why did Y avoid her?
Y: i did?
lady: just now you saw me and ran off
Y: i was sleeping
landlady wonders if she saw wrong
anyway you told me to come today so pay me
Y:when did I tell you to come today?
lady: yesterday when I came to see you
Y: you came here yesterday?
landlady wonders since Y is living in reverse (sleeping during the day) – maybe her thoughts are too
the lady asks for the rent. Y goes back in and gets some cash and pays her.
Y starts to boil some water and touches her hair and notices that it is in a side ponytail. J is worried that Y suspects. she calls S and he tells her this isnt an emergency situation and wont come. j talks back at the phone saying if this isnt an emergency then what is
J is relieved cuz Y doesnt seem to suspect cuz she is back to her usual routine.
M thinks over what H accused him of and he thinks it is ridiculous that he likes Y
Y/J runs up to H saying good morning and the waitress says “is 11am morning?”
Y/J goes to H and tells him to sign her notebook next to where it says she started work at 11am
H:what is this?
Y/J: time when I start work- time when i leave work -time when I come back and time when I get off work. I have to write it all down to accurately calculate how much my part time pay is
H laughs and agrees and signs
waitress listens in
Y/J says “thank you boss” (didnt know how to translate the korean word for business owners cuz president or owner sounds weird)
H tells her to leave out the word “boss”
she argues then what should she call him? hang jang shi? or hang kang?
H repeats that
she says-cant she just call him like that cuz if they lived in america-they all call each other by their names -jenny john brad -hey kang
and waves at him
he looks at her in disbelief so she says the nice weather made her a little crazy for a second. she bows and says she will go work
the other waitress aasks what is going on so Y/J explains how she is a freelancer cuz she has to come and go often
the waitress stares over at H who is still smiling over what Y/J just did
J’s mom is in J’s room and remembers what Y/J had said-  that J loved her mom a lot saying her mom was the cutest and had the most warmth/affection in the world and wanted to be a mom like her
the chef’s wife carries in a heavy pot of ox bone soup
the chef is upset she carried something that heavy on her own
the waiter doesnt like that they are having that for lunch
the wife says they need to eat this once in a while
Y/J comes in and guesses what the smell is
the chef’s wife assumes Y/J doesnt like it too but Y/J says she could eat this every day for a month
the chef’s wife is happy cuz Y/J has the same food taste as her
J’s mom takes food to J’s dad
she brought the same soup the chef’s mom brought cuz it is J and her dad’s favorite
she tells her husband about J’s friend who came who told her that J wanted to become a mom like her. the dad asks if the mom came to brag about that
she cries saying this was the first time she heard anyone say they wanted to become someone like her. her dad said he never heard that so she must be happy. the mom regrets giving up on J. she says she is going to pray and if there is a god – would he take their only remaining child away from them
Y/J is eating a lot and everyone watches her. the wife asks if Y/J wants more and Y/J holds out her bowl for more soup and another bowl of rice but they only have enough rice for the two waiters so H gives the rest of his rice to her telling her that he didnt eat directly from it
she says “you arent going to eat more” and he says he is finished and asks the waiter for coffee
Y/J pours the rest of his rice into her soup bowl and says to the chef’s wife
that she feels bad for eating all of it when the wife made it for her husband
chef replies-whoever it eats it well means I ate it well
the wife says Y/J’s insides must be roomy
Y/J replies to the wife that in her previous life she must have been a beggar cuz she eats so well
the waitress is upset and complains cuz a customer brought a kid and the mother should have either not brought him along or at least control him better
the waitress asks Y/J is she is still eating and Y/J says she is all done and quickly finishes eating
they hear a crashing sound and the waitress says – see i knew he would cause an accident
Y/J volunteers to go take care of it and clean it up
the mom yells at the boy saing i told you not to run around
the kid is crying so the mom asks Y/J for tissue
Y/J gives it to the mom to wipe the kid’s tears but the brat knocks it to the ground
the mom stands and tells him to just cry then
Y/J picks it up and says to the kid ” the tissue got hurt when it fell down – watch this”
H watches as she tears up the tissue and presses the pieces down together to perform a magic
trick for the kid
after she rolls it into a ball she tells the kid to hold it in his hand
she pretends to sprinkle magic on it
then takes it back from him and unrolls the ball and it is in one piece
the kid blinks in surprise and has stopped crying
she says since he is a pretty kid he needs to wipe his tears with a pretty tissue
and he lets her wipe away his tears
then she holds out both of her hands and asks him to choose and the one he does has candy in it for him
H watches and has a flashback
 to when J performs the same magic trick for H. she tells him to try doing it but he asks her to do it again. J says she already did it a lot of times so it is his turn to try it
he asks why should he
J asks if he didnt want to learn this why did he come here
she explains how their class performs this at their festival and it is the most important
he retorts you want me to do that – why should I
and she gets mad and throws the ball of tissue at him and tells him to forget it then
and walks off
end flashback
H stares at the way Y/J smiles at the kid and it is the same smile as J
he asks her: you know how to perform magic tricks? saw you showing the kid a magic trick
she says she learned from a friend.
H goes over to have coffee with the chef
he asks the chef :when you see Y – is there a woman she reminds you of?
chef gets offended and says who else would there be for him except his wife
H: when I see that girl – why do i keep thinking of J?
chef says their personalities are similar – she is happy and carefree and eats well
H finishes the list adding the way she says things three times – habit of playing with her fingers- eats pasta with chopsticks- doesnt like bay leaves- and even does magic-and also the way she talks- also he just feels she is like J
Y/J meets a friend of J’s-she explains that she is gathering interviews from J’s friends cuz it is supposed to be helpful to show J what she normally liked
Y/J says she heard the friend got close after coming to Seoul and they were old classmate friends
they start the interview
Y/J asks the friend to think of a time when the friend was the most grateful to J and felt touched
she starts to record
the girl thought she just had to tell J to hang in there
Y/J says it is better to let J know how much her friend loves her and will want to live more or have the urge to want to live more – it would be better if it was a moment that makes one cry and be moved
inwardly – Y/J tells the girl to think of the time in their senior year in high school when J carried the girl on her back and ran
and the girl does
she says in their senior year she fainted/collapsed and her parents were at the countryside at a wake and wasnt there
Y/J inwardly encourages her to keep talking cuz that was the time she was thinking too
the girl says J stayed overnight at the hospital with her
Y/J says aloud: think of how grateful you were at that moment and say something to J
the girl thanks J for helping her that time
I should be nursing you right now and take care of you but i am sorry for not being able to do that
Y/J inwardly begs her to cry
girl: instead when you get well again – i will buy you yummy food for life
Y/J inwardly says: you dont need to buy me anything to eat – just cry girl
camera zooms in on the girl’s eyes as she says : hurry and get better
she tells Y/J that she is done
Y/J: already?
girl:do i need to do more?
Y/J says she doesnt and remarks the girl doesnt seem to tear up
and the girl says she isnt the type to cry- plus it isnt like J died.
Y/J says to herself: i have to die for you to cry?
Y/J remarks it must not have been easy for J to take care of her friend during her senior year
(cuz it is a time when most students are studying for college exams)
but the girl says it wasnt too hard for J cuz she wasnt that great a student anyway so it didnt affect her studies much
 the girl asks what happened to J’s fiance
if J is in that state – shouldnt they have called off the marriage?
they probably will and mentions how J had bragged that she had met her soulmate
does M visit at the hospital?
Y/J just quietly listened to all this
Y/J wonders to herself why that girl is curious if M called off the wedding or not when J is like that
she holds the pendant and wonders: is it cuz I’m not dead? 
the mom puts lotion on J and massages her legs for circulation.the dad tells her to leave now. she promises J to come back tm. her dad tells her not to and the mom says he needs to go to work-just leaving everything to M and sticking by J doesnt seem like a good idea and he says he will do what is right.
H comes in. they leave him to be with J alone. he walks over to her bed and looks at her. 
H: have you been well? I brought you these – he holds up the flowers
these are the roses you like so much
he sees how her feet are uncovered and pulls the blanket over them
that’s right – you are here -you are here but i dont know why i keep seeing you
i must be crazy
you are here like this going thru a hard time
so does it make sense that I mistook someone else for you
you are suppose to say “of course that isnt possible you dummy”
Y/J goes to see P
P looks sad and Y asks in her thoughts -I came- why are you like that-did something happen?
Y picks out the same bread as J’s fav and P asks if Y/J likes that bread cuz Y/J chose that last time too. Y/J says she likes it cuz it tastes really good. P mentions how J really like that bread-how she bought a bag a week and passed it out to maids that cleaned the office, security guy, and ate some herself. P says J liked bread a lot – esp that bread
Y/J: she did? was she a close friend?
P nods and says she was just thinking of that friend just now
Y/J says – what kind of friend was she that you would think about her so longingly-when she isnt even a guy
P gets offended and says they werent that kind of friend
Y/J clarifies that she didnt mean that either
she was just thinking – how much P must have liked her friend to think of her and that Y/J was just envious
P nods and tells her to have fun shopping for bread
H is driving and sees Y/J walking along
he follows her and takes off when she spots him
she calls out his name “han kang” then tries “boss” but he keeps going
she catches up to him and asks why he kept going after she called after him
H: why did you call me
Y/J; it looked like you saw me but you just kept going
so that is why i called after you
she follows him and asks if he didnt see her and he says he didnt
she asks where he went but he doesnt answer and just goes
she wonders why he is like that – did she come too late?
she checks her watch but she didnt
he comes out from changing and she is there waiting
H;what are you doing here?
Y/J: i bought some of this bread
and hands it to him but he doesnt even look at it and says he doesnt want it
she leaves it on the desk and tells him to eat it later when he gets the munchies
he tells her he doesnt want it and to take it with her
she tells him she already bought it for the rest of the staff and lists their names
H suddenly yells she is talking too much and that he doesnt want it
she looks startled so he brings down his voice and tells her to leave if she is finished
she holds out her notebook and asks if he is mad cuz she didnt get permission as she was leaving
H: since you are a freelancer – whether you come to work or not -whenever you go out or come back in – it doesnt matter
and also this – get it signed by (name) from here on
he tells her to leave but she asks why he is like this suddenly
did she make a mistake she doesnt know about?
if she did all he has to do is tell her what it is
H: am I your friend? you are an employee and I am the employer
I told you to go out so why are you talking so much
and from now on – dont come here whenever you please-do you understand?
she bows
he asks if she doesnt have a mouth or can she not talk?
why isnt she answering when the employer is talking
because she acts so rude like that – that is why customers’ feelings are hurt
Y/J finally replies: i understand
outside she wonders why H is like that cuz he was normal a while ago
she asks herself if he is like that cuz of M
she looks at the bread that he likes and she eats it
and cries and wonders why he is like that suddenly
IJ texts M asking what he is doing and if he ate
he replies-in the middle of work and tells her to have a nice meal
she gets a call from J’s mom’s driver
he drops off something for IJ from J’s mom
she asks where M is now and the driver says at M is at home
Ij calls P to have dinner together
 IJ and P come to eat at H’s place
Y/J sees them come in and greets them
the chef says Y looks tired and tells her to go home since there arents many customers she should go home and rest cuz she doesnt look well
Y/J says- can i do that? and goes home
P sounds disappointed that H wont be here
and IJ says he in his office and tells P to go and get him
P says it’s ok cuz he is probably working and asks what IJ wants to eat
IJ tells her to ask H to eat with them since he hasnt eaten yet
P looks happy and says “should I” and gets up to go get him
guess she has a crush on H
IJ asks the waitress about Y-IJ says that part time employee must work hard cuz the chef seems to be looking out for her
the waitress says that it is cuz of H
H likes Y cuz and lets Y do anything and puts up with it all- now even as a freelancer-he told her she can come into work when she wants
IJ says H doesnt have that kind of personality
waitress says that Y is rude to M too
Y/J goes home – she is on the phone with S saying she doesnt feel well
so you drop by and take it and go
S: what do you want me to go and get
Y/J: money – the $49 you lent me
you told me to pay it back before the 49 days was up
just come and take this
S: you bring it
person who borrowed it should come and give it back
should the person who lent it go to get it?
I am on a row right now and am about to finish this today
so you come here
Y/J: if I return Y’s body – i wont be able to touch money
S: if it is money you are giving to me – you can hold it
J follows Y out and leaves first
Y runs back in and throws up
when J gets to where S is – he is singing that song
J claps at his performance
she says:you sure a scheduler who can do a lot of things
club-coffee shop-motorcycle-guitar
S says the guitar is not it – the song is more important
I am a singer song writer
J: i know that much
she plays something on the piano
her dream once was to be a singer
he laughs at her for that saying that and says just cuz you say it doesnt mean you become one
she points out where he sang the song wrong
and sings it for him correctly
he is impressed and says she wasnt making it up- he asks why she didnt become a singer
her dad didnt want her to -he wanted her to marry some nice guy
he asks was that person M and said she chose wrong
she tells him not to be like that to her cuz today she tried to get tears but failed to and felt pathetic
S tells her that she needs to get used to it cuz she is a 49 er
and says again how ppl are complicated
he makes a comment about ppl who died that didnt go to their own wake
J says he is scaring her
S gets serious and says: instead of being a just a scheduler like me -you are a 100 times better off
cuz you have the hope to live again
J:how did you end up as a scheduler
S says he volunteered
she asks if that could happen and asks why
he says he doesnt know how it happened that way
he says he had unfinished business when he died so that is why he volunteered  and if he can fulfill his scheduler duties well for an allotted time -5yrs- he can go back and finish it so that is the reason why he is living as a scheduler
she asks what that unfinished matter was
and he yells back if he knew that – would he be a dutiful scheduler
he would forget about scheduler duties and take care of the matter first
she says she feels bad for him – at his young age (he has to go thru this)
he makes a crack like “you should talk” and tells her to just hurry and pay him back
the doc goes to the convience store as the owner is putting up chairs
he asks whyY didnt come in to work
the man says he doesnt know why – Y didnt even call and didnt show up for work
J worries and wonders why Y isnt coming home
J presses the button for S cuz this is an emergency
he shows up
S: why are you paging me for an emergency again when we parted just a while ago
she says Y still hasnt come home
S looks alarmed and says:what?
they go in and see that Y is feverish
J: she must be sick
he tells J to hurry and take Y to the hospital
J: you should take her -how can i take her?
S: did I say move her – all you have to do is go in
J: me?
he puts J in Y’s body
S: hurry and go out
Y/J: i dont feel good
i’m dizzy and nauseous
she tries to lie back down but S makes her sit back up
S: since you made her sick you should take responsibility
Y/J: i didnt make her sick
S: let’s see if you say that after you go to the hospital
Y/J: you want me to go to the hospital alone?
he says he is her scheduler not her guardian
he tells her to take a cab
H looks out and wonders if he was too hard on Y
cuz Y hasnt come in to work
the chef asks if H has her cell number
cuz she doesnt seem like the kind of person to quit just like that without notice
chef wonders if something happened to her
a doc asks what Y ate and she lists everything
the doc asks if Y threw up and Y/J doesnt answer
asking herself if she threw up
M and J’s dad talk about the contract
for lending something – in place of that – the other person wants 20%
M says the other person knows that M and J’s dad need this in a hurry
and M says it is better than using (dont know this word)
M asks what he should do as J’s dad looks over at J
her dad suddenly gets up to go vomit while they are talking
* his wife had warned that the soup she brought spoils quickly so maybe he is throwing up cuz of what he ate and so is Y cuz she ate the same kind of soup- a lot of it. even tho the chef’s wife made it – maybe the fact that it spoils easily applies still
Y/J is at the hospital picking up her prescription form and wonders if her dad is in her room
she realizes she missed work- it is almost 1
she remembers how H had told her he doesnt care when she comes or goes
she worries that he might be angry
her stomach hurts so she decides to eat medicine first
M spots her crossing the street
she falls and he almost gets out to help her
but she gets up on her own
he watches her at the bus stop taking medicine
she is leaning against the glass so he gets out of the car and tells her to get in his car cuz she looks like she is unwell and he will take her
she says no and he says he is on his way to H’s anyway-isnt that where she is going
she says no again
he asks why she doesnt want to get in his car
Y/J : cuz i dont want to
M: you dont want to? why? cuz i was angry a few times? cuz you are misunderstanding? or
cuz you got scolded by H?
Y/J: no – cuz i dont like you
she says since this isnt H’s place she will speak freely
 she doesnt like him
M: why do you dislike me?
Y/J: cant i dislike someone without a reason?
without a reason one can like someone
without a reason dislike someone
you dont know that huh?
for a reason you like someone
for a reason you dislike someone
isnt that what happens
M gets angry and pulls her up
 saying they feel the same way about each other so get in the car 
Y/J: didnt you hear me? i said I dont like you
M: even if it wasnt you – I dont leave someone who is sick behind
you are not that special to me for me to leave you behind just cuz you say you dont like me
so dont overreact
he grabs her medicine and drags her into his car
in the car
she stares at a pic of J and M
he says that is his fiance
she says his fiance looks kinda dumb
Y/J: I mean she looks like she likes ppl and trusts them too easily
he says she has a way of talking that incites ppl
he defends J saying she is a sweet and nice girl
Y/J says to herself: sweet and nice? – that is why she was duped cuz she was easy
he gets a call about work
he says he will call later when he goes to the office
H is looking out and sees M and Y pulling up
M asks if she isnt going to thank him
she says why should i when you forced me to get a ride
and she goes in
he repeats her words “forced me to ride” and sees H
H goes in
M goes in to see H
H is upset and asks -what happened? why did Y get out of your car
M: why are you acting like it is a big deal – cant Y ride in my car?
H:where did you meet up? why are you meeting that girl?
M: why do i have to tell you stuff like that?
H: cuz you are J’s fiance
J is sick and in a coma -what are you doing now?
M:then what are you? are you even J’s brother?
arent you acting like this to me cuz of Y?
H: why are you talking nonsense
M: if not then why are you like this?
you didnt even like J – you disliked her
H: even tho I did – you used to love J
M: dont use J as an excuse
you are the one who was bothered to design J’s place and quit
H:that was…
M finishes H’s sentence: …cuz of that girl
H: i am talking about you – why do you keep asking me about how I feel
did you really give up on J already?
M: you are the one who keeps bringing up Y and me
why would I like a girl like that…I dont like that girl
I’m not interested ok?
As M walks out – H follows and has Y called down
M hears that and leaves
waitress listens in
Y/J says sorry for not calling and being late
H: we keep saying the same thing over and over – let’s end this
you are fired
waitress is happy and leaves
H: i let you be a part time free lancer and you go around meeting M?
when I told you he was my friend’s fiance?
Y/J:that wasnt it – we met unexpectedly
H:whether that is true or not
I cant leave M around you
M is my friend’s fiance and I have a reason to protect that friend
Y/J thinks to herself: friend? you are doing this for my sake?
H: i cant overlook what you do anymore – I wont
Y/J: i really dont have any interest in M – for real
H throws down an envelope of money
H: it doesnt matter if you take it or not
dont ever come back here again
he turns away
Y/J: you know i wont take this money-dont you?
H yells: how dare you threaten me
Y/J: even tho I dont take this money-dont let it bother you
dont ever let it get to you
cuz I am really ok
H: you should stop
she says she thinks she recieved all his feelings for that friend
and bows and leaves
M didnt leave and he hears the waitress telling the other waiter that Y got fired
Y says farewell to the chef and other waiters-thanking them for everything this whole time and leaves
she turns around to look back
she walks off and M is there waiting by the side of the road
he says I heard you got fired
seems like it was over me
he asks what she is going to do now-doesnt she need to find a new job?
she tells him to stop caring
M:how about my home
you need money – work at my house and i will pay you
you probably know how to clean – do you know how to cook?
Y/J: first of all – how much are you going to pay me?
M: does that mean you will work at my home?
Y/J: you told me to
she steps closer
I will do it
she smiles at him as they face each other
J wonders why Y is living like this
then J worries cuz Y slept at night and isnt sleeping during the day – she cant borrow her body
someone trails behind IJ as she walks along at night and suddenly someone grabs IJ from behind
J asks S to do something with Y cuz J has been trapped in this room with Y for 4 days
S reminds her that she is borrowing “life”
J complains that she only has 34 days left
omg S calls an older senior to ask permission to use  #3 for this situation
-what the heck is option number 3? cuz Y looks shocked all of a sudden
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      psst.. the special of YAH, i think the model have an attitude problem, it was good for YAH to be nice & patient with her… ( im also wondering why let that model do the job, even though she have the face and body match with it.. ) Maxine needs to grow up and be professional, if she wants to stay with the biz, one can’t be put with her attitude for so long…


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    First time watched this drama live, six episodes in and I still didn’t see how Y will fit in the story and the writer sure taking her time. Don’t you think H fired Y over her being with his friend’s fiance (J) was a little ridiculous? May be it’s just me. I think Han Kang starting to creep into me (Well, reaper boy -his profession doesn’t suit me hehe).

    All in all, I still find this drama a little too slow (and lacking in something, couldn’t put my finger on it), but if it’s been confirmed at 20 episodes anything can change from now.

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  14. blue says:

    Interestingly, the mom said if there was god, he wouldn’t take her only “remaining” child. Hmm, I wonder if that means they had another child before, and if so, it could be either the Scheduler or YK. Perhaps the child got lost and was raised at an orphanage.


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      good thing you are fluent and have a keen sense of hearing – totally didnt hear the “remaining” word till I played it back after downloading – I had no idea she meant remaining in that sense – wow you just added more mystery to this plotline. didnt S say that Y grew up in an orphanage? maybe she is their other daughter. Kinda wonder how that factors into the story- so many more questions now. 🙂


    • mojaslatka says:

      I had been wandering what was the connection(between JH and YK) reaper boy was talking about in the beginning. YK could very well be JH’s sister. Or Reaper Boy is JH’s brother and YK’s was Reaper boy’s GF/fiancee.

      And please Drama writer, give us more story of YK. I’m getting more curious by every epi.


    • Noma1234 says:

      ohhhhhh if the mom said that, then i think if they really did have a child that got lost or something then maybe thats how J has the connection with Y. cause at the beginning i remember S said that J was connected with Y, but then i just thought the connection might be that one of her family members had something to do with Y’s lover, friend or whatever’s death.

      It would be great if they were sisters, that way when this is all over they at least have each other to lean on and if they are not then i hope they end up as good friends cause they both really need friends.


    • kcomments says:

      Oh another may-be-long-lost-child? Really drama. I think it’s possible that one of them may die at the end, may be Y will die (look at how she tortured herself) and finish her business with S and they all go to heaven while J wakes up and returns Kang’s love, not that I like it that way though.


  15. Jomo says:

    Thank you so much for spending your sleeping hours doing these. They are how I stay sane!

    I just want to let you know the leaf that she keeps pulling out is a bay leaf, not basil.


    Basil leaves would disintegrate through all the cooking, where bay leaves remain intact.


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    Does anyone think YiKyung will eventually get caught with JiHyun’s camera?


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    The preview is killing me. What is option number 3??? Oh, the next Wednesday is still too far away….

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    I still can’t get used to the names. Lol. I just finished 5 and starting 6 now, but you know what. While I was watching 5, the fiancee guy (still can’t digest the name) looks even more attractive playing the villain, confused, complex character. So much better than Great Inheritance!!! *cough*


    • Parky says:

      Oh you like Bae Soo Bin (MinHo) playing the complex torture villian type? … You should watch Temptation of an Angel (천사의 유혹) … honestly he was so Effing hot in that drama.


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    I have a feeling that the reaper boy/ scheduler may be the dead BF of YK since he once said that he felt really uncomfortable in that house…can’t wait for ep 7!


  20. Anonymous says:

    YK and S are definitely connected. S said that he only had to finish the five years on his “scheduler term” and the doctor said that YK has been living the way she has for 5 years now… just saying…


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