49 Days E5:Live

This show keeps leaving me wanting more… kinda feel like someone picked me up and put me down on my head right now-omg M is going to fall for Y/J? she has H wrapped around her finger and S doing things uncharacteristic of him and now M too?- I am soooo dizzy with all the new info- I paid attention to the story too much and forgot to type as I was watching for some parts. Read the preview translations at the bottom of the page- some good stuff coming up tm.
*what I dont get is – of all the outfits she could have changed into – she picks almost an identical one in a similar color and style?
Ever since I first heard about this drama, I knew it would do well. There was something about the plot that just appealed to me – maybe that whole idea of second chances and all. I am really curious about how and when Y will learn the truth about J borrowing her body. Every time I watch her touch her hair and be surprised that it is clean, I worry about what she is thinking. People are saying that there should be more back story info about Y and I have to agree – even tho collecting the tears is the important part of the story, I wouldnt mind having some of the dots connected. More than likely those little bread crumbs will be dropped at the last minute on thurs night episodes so that we get a whole week to digest them. 
49 Days E5
After Y/J rings the bell and J’s mom asks “who is it,” Y/J replies that she is J’s friend-she gave a new name Park Jung and that she lent a CD about magic to J and came to get it back cuz she needed it suddenly. the mom asked how Y met J. Y/J says she met J on the internet cafe. the mom says she knows all of J’s friends  but she never heard of Y/J.  Y/J gives proof giving facts about how J performed magic on their anniversary last year in april or may by pulling out tissue and taking out a necklace for the mom and cuff links for the dad.
Y/J reminds herself not to let on that she is J.
she says to the mom that J practiced that a lot with her.  Y/J says that she is sorry for coming like this when J is in that condition. the mom is surprised to hear that Y/J knows about J being in the hospital. Y/J says she heard thru J’s college friend about J’s condition. she looks at the kangaroo and says this must be the gift from M
J’s mom: J told you that too
Y/J: yes of course – it was the first bday gift after they started dating
the mom wonders why J never mentioned Y/J since J seemed to be so open with her and tell her all these things
Y/J says that is cuz she is just a friend from the internet and J has so many other friends
Y/J asks if it is ok if she looks for the CD since there are so many to look thru if it is ok with the mom since she looks unwell.
 she offers to take the kangaroo up while she goes to J’s room to look for the CD.
M remembers how IJ had called him – asking why he didnt pick up – and that the seal was in the pocket of the kangaroo
Y/J goes to her room and gets the seal (accidentally taking out the necklace that M gave J- but Y/J doesnt notice that it fell out)
on her way out- while looking towards heaven -she says that she is just borrowing and not stealing her camera. she comes down and comforts J’s mom saying that J said she wanted to become a mom like J’s mom. her mom says she thought J liked her dad more. she asks for more info about what J said. Y/J asks what is this smell and asks “werent you unable to eat (whatever was cooking)” and the mom calls the maid over. right then IJ shows up and rings the bell. Y/J quickly asks J’s mom if she can come visit again and the mom agrees and tells her to come again.  Y/J leaves and barely avoids IJ.
 IJ tells the mom she left her cell phone here while she was cleaning. IJ runs up and looks for the seal and cant believe it isnt here. she finds the necklace and wonders if the maid looked inside the kangaroo or J’s mom knew and took it out cuz IJ noticed that the stuffed animals were lined up exactly the way it is supposed to be 
Y/J remembers S saying that Y/J should be getting smarter so Y/J takes that as another hint.
she realizes that she isnt J to other ppl. she says M and IJ will never find the seal.
when IJ comes down the mom asks if she found her cell phone and IJ says she did. she asks if the mom put all the stuffed animals back and the maid comes over and asks why IJ made her go on an errand and why did IJ leave the house unattended-what would she have done if robbers came. IJ points out the house has security. the maid says there had been a strange box before.
the mom asks why IJ didnt know that the mom doesnt it that thing when IJ had lived with them for so long. IJ says she forgot cuz she just wanted the mom to eat something.
  J’s mom mentions to IJ that J’s friend had been here and that the mom regrets not feeding her before she left.  IJ asks who that friend is.
the landlady knocks on the door so Y/J hides. the landlady says she knows Y keeps the money in the house and Y/J begs her to come back tm for the rent money cuz Y/J isnt allowed to take Y’s money. after the lady leaves Y/J says Y might as well make an announcement that she doesnt use banks and keeps money at home (if even the landlady knows)
she worries about her seal not being safe here
IJ meets with M and says that friend that came by bothers her cuz Ij knows all of J’s friends. and that girl took the kangaroo up to J’s room and M says that unless someone knew about their plans – even that girl would not have a reason to take that seal
J didnt even know so why would that friend take that seal? it doesnt make sense.
Ij still inists that there wouldnt be a case where she didnt know a friend who would come all the way to J’s house
M says : everyone has a secret they keep in their heart
she looks at him funny
he tells her to go home and rest cuz she must be tired from staying at the hospital yesterday
Ij points out all the loose end they have and says how could she sleep now at a time like this
she says she is worried and he tells her he will take care of everything
she asks how and he says if she gives him time he will be able to give her an answer
he will call her a cab-he is going to stay and think some more
the chef asks H:you met Y at the hospital?
H: it must have been true what she said about how she can only live for 40 something days..she really must be terminally ill- why do only ppl like this show up around me?
H asks the chef why the chef didnt stop H from keeping Y/J on – he should have just given her enough money and sent her on her way on the first night he met her.
chef asks if she is getting to H and H claims she isnt – it is just that she makes him concerned.  
chef claims H should just follow his heart and H denies it and says it isnt about his heart
but the chef says -just cuz you hide it doesnt mean it can be hidden
H mutters how frustrating it is that Yis similar to J.
chef advises H to keep putting up with Y -just do what you can and dont do anything that you know you will regret
Y/J tries to hide the seal in a potted plant at H’s place but cant dig deep enough so she sneaks in looking for a small shovel. the chef is hanging around so Y/J runs up to H’s room to hide from the chef. H is singing in the shower and Y/J mutters: i thought you came to the hospital cuz you thought of me as a friend – do you have to dance along to the song i like? to you it doesnt matter if someone like me lives or dies huh?
she hides her seal in the plant in his room.
in the shower he thinks about J in her hospital bed and Y/J
he hears a sound and peeks out but she is gone.
after his shower, H sees Y/J helping out and asks what she is doing here
she says to clean
H: how did you know we were cleaning? you didnt even know we were closed for today
Y/J: i came to pick on the fact that you didnt tell me we were closed today
but since you were cleaning ….( I decided to help out)
and all this time – there were some things I did that was out of line so….and there were some time I inconvienced you so…
H: that’s ok so just go
Y/J: no it is ok
she pulls down chairs
H: i told you to go
Y/J: it is ok
H takes the chair out of her hand and drags her out.
the chef’s wife says H is so cool for grabbing Y by the wrist and taking her out. the chef says there is big trouble cuz dramas these days are ruining women
then he does the same thing with his wife
H: i told you i dont need you (to work)- you dont have to do it
Y/J: it is cuz I really want to do it so I want to
and I wont take any pay for today
H: did anyone say he would give it-your health isnt good but you are very stubborn
Y/J repeats his words about her health
H tells her not to keep arguing and faint again and just go home and rest
she points out how he is acting like he feels bad about how he didnt trust that she had worked in hotel management
he says :what?
Y/J asks him to put up with her a little more since he has put up with her so far
cuz  there arent that many days left where he has to see her argue
H asks if it is true – how she has limited days left-what she had said before about 40something days-it isnt true right?
Y/J: from today it is 42 days
H: how can that be? even if there was such a thing – does it make sense that there is a set number of days you can live?
Y/J says there is a disease like that -she can promise for sure – if he can just put up with her for42 days – after that he wont need to see her face anymore.
she points to her face: i can promise that you dont have to see this face after that –
and she sticks out her pinky for a pinky swear
H: you are awful – how can you say that about the end of your life …to me….
doesnt matter to me if you clean and go or not
he leaves in a huff
 she wonders why he opens his heart to Y but acts so mean to J.
while she is moving a plant she hurts her finger so he helps her carry it and when she is about to fall off a chair he holds the chair to steady it
the chef says H needs to get the piano tuned and asks for permission and H gives it.he stares at the piano sadly and Y/J notices that.
 M remembers what the doc said about J’s condition – something about how the family needs to accept J’s condition cuz J has minimal brain activity and is almost brain dead
at the hospital J’s dad has an argument with his doc friend.
M asks J’s dad to eat with him. M tells him that he wasnt able to finish the contract that night. that J didnt give him her seal and gave this lipstick. he tells her dad that the seal is missing. her dad asks why M didnt tell him but M says he couldnt cuz of J’s dad’s state. the other men on the land deal are still waiting for the contract and in J’s condition – the only way is if J is declared incapacitated or incompetent. he says he just wants to stay by J’s side and hands over his resignation
Y/J asks if today is the chef and his wife’s anniversary. the wife points out that her husband would not make her clean on their anniversary. H says once a month they do this. turns out the wife likes pasta and bread, but thinking of her husband’s health – they eat korean food so once a month on the day they clean the place, he makes her a pasta dish
Y/J asks if it is ok for H and her to be included and eat with them. the chef says no- that is why he wants them to go eat over there and he left their meal in the kitchen (so they need to serve themselves)
as he sits down, he tells Kang to dim the lights so everyone is eating in candlelight with romantic music.
Y/J picks out her bay leaf and H remembers J saying she doesnt like it. they watch how romantic the chef and his wife are and
Y/J says-they must really love each other
H: can love be faked
Y/J: i’m envious – I wanted to live like that
H stares at her and she looks up and notices
H: to make his wife clean – he (the chef) was just nice to her for that-girls fall for that easily
Y/J: you call that cheering someone up?men are stupid
just now – you said that to cheer me up
H: why would I?
she threatens to get up and ask the chef if H isnt and he stops her and asks why she is acting like this
Y/J: i didnt know this (about you) but you are easily scared/intimidated
H cant believe how she is acting and asks : you are teasing me?
they smile over it
after dinner-Y/J is running home when H stops her and tells her to take her pay (he paid up to yesterday)
Y/J happily takes the money and says: it is money- good thing to cuz I used up all of mine-now i can live
H: i included cab fare so take the cab home
since you cleaned when I didnt even tell you to
Y/J: in the future – if I keep doing things you didnt tell me to do – will you give me money?
Y/J: thank you HK -see you tm
she runs off and i think he muttered how he cant figure her out
she walks home saying to herself
no one is crying for me
i’m the only one crying for me
it would be nice to have just one person in front of her tonight
nearby on a swing – S is texting and saying aloud how
is this dialogue from 2011? it isnt enough that it is old hangul
it has to be childish an silly?
it is just like a character from the 80s …
is this the time to be looking for one person right now
Y/J calls out “ya” and he acts startled
she goes up to him and asks if he was saying that to her.
he calls her “noona” and says he was on tweeter
he asks what she is doing here and she says this is the way to her home
he asks why she is going home when she claimed she was going to go after her seal
 she brags that she found her seal.
he says she must have used her head a lot
she points out how she remembers a lot better as Y/J cuz as J -she couldnt remember very well
she sits to talk but he says he has some place to go and disappears
he reappears and says it is too late now cuz of her so now he  is going to a club in hongdae and starts to walk off but stops when
she says -today is my wedding day but I punished the person I was going to marry and jumped up and down with joy-isnt that funny? 
S: life is like a comedy usually – in this neighborhood that happens a lot
J: you said i was the third person huh?
S:what are you talking about?
Y/J: the ppl you were in charge of – the 49ers-one person chose to die -what happened to the other one?
he asks why she is asking that
she assumes the other person failed
S:when did i say that person failed?
Y/J:then did that person come back alive? did they collect 3 tears?
did that person have 3 ppl who truly loved them?
he comments that is is classified
she starts to cry and asks him to tell her
S: if i say that person failed- are you going to give up?
and if i say they succeeded are you going to -(dont know this word)?
Y/J: who said i was going to give up?
S: instead of being curious if someone else lived -worry about collecting your own tears
he looks at his watch and says it is 35 mins till Y wakes up so he tells her to hurry and go home.
J’s dad says she is still breathing and her hand is still warm but they say they have to declare her incapacitated/ incompetent
J fills in Y info about what is going on while Y is eating: how J hid her seal so M cant sell her land
if he cant sell her land he wont have money to do something I dont know the term of
then dad will interfere and those two will realize what situation they are in
J: now i have to find a way to come alive
Y had stopped eating cuz her tummy hurts
J gets a text from S
it is cool cuz his face pops up with fireworks in the background
Y leaves for work and J follows her out to meet S
J: if you had a reason to see me you should have come in and taken me out
do you have to make me wait till that sister goes out
S: i told you i didnt want to go into that room
S: i dont know – it is just uncomfortable
get on
J:where are we going?
he takes J to a store -they stand in darkness
J:why did we come here?
he snaps his fingers and the lights come on in certain areas (brand name Mogg)
S: choose
S: choose clothes you like
dont girls like shopping to cheer them up
J starts to walk off saying she isnt in the mood to do that
he spins her around and she is wearing a short miniskirt so she is trying to pull the skirt down
J:ya – what is this?
S: present to congratulate you
you said today was your wedding
he makes a play on the word congratulate
J:you want to die?
– she tries to hit him and he is gone (he moved behind her) and she has changed clothes again- and next outfit shows cleavage so she is covering it.
he covers his eyes too but peeks between his fingers
she calls him a pervert and tells him to hurry and take this off of her 
S looks surprised by her request and points: really? top and bottom – all? 
J: if you take it all off I will kill you
S: onyi (older sister) – I am already in a dead body
you really dont have that much confidence?
you didnt take care of your body huh?
J covers herself with another outfit and says he is going too far – how can he do this to her on a day like today
S: what is wrong with today?
S tells her it was a good thing for her that she didnt marry M
is it something to bemoan or celebrate with shopping?
J: that is true
S:that is what I said
so choose – choose
shall we start?
J nods: fine
she tries on a lot of dresses and his outfits keep changing too.
she even gets a haircut.  
when she is checking out her new hairdo
S makes a comment that even tho they are dead-women get cheered up when they buy new clothes and get their hair done
J: that wasnt why
S disappears and he says -what do you mean that wasnt why
he shows her “before” – when she was sad
and now “after” -when she is beaming
J remarks it is cuz she is happy to have two ppl on her side
S: two?
J: you and H
H isnt really on my side but Y’s side – but still…
S: i’m not on your side either
he motions that he is a scheduler for god
J ignores him and goes on: it is strange – who i thought was the most nicest in the world is the most scariest (M)
and then she says how she thought H was mean but turns out he is warm and kindred
how can ppl be so different from when you know them
S asks why she didnt know humans are like that -what was she doing all this time while she was living
J: that is true -what was I doing all this time when i was alive
S: stop – just up to there – you think I am your friend
since we are done here
let’s go our separate ways
J:ya – what about me? the buses dont run yet
S; just for today I am giving you a ride home
J: i dont want to go home – i dont want to wait for onyi (sister) on the corner
S turns asks if that means she wants them to get a  room together and she calls him crazy
P says eggs was J’s favorite side dish and puts some on IJ’s plate and tells her to eat in place of J
P tells IJ that today J would have called about her honeymoon – first night. P gets mad wondering why J had to be driving on that road just to show that bridesmaid dress  to M when they (P and IJ) are the ones who are suppose to wear it- Ij tells her to stop talking about it and P says she is also J’s friend-not just IJ>
Y is sleepy at work and the owner comes and wakes her asking what is wrong with her these days -isnt she sleeping during the day? Y apologizes to him
 J worries that Y is tired cuz of J. the doc guy comes right as Y leaves
doc looking at his watch: I almost didnt get to see you
J to Y: onyi you had a boyfriend?
he asks her to go eat (?) with him cuz there is a place nearby that makes it well
Y walks off
he follows and says : since I went thru all that trouble – shouldnt you buy me a bowl of (that dish)
Y stops and hands him some cash
doc: you know i am not doing this to ask you to buy me a meal
she puts the money back in her pocket and walks away
he follows and says
it was 1oo% my fault that that person died –
I quit working at the hospital and hid in this neighborhood quietly
for two yrs I lived like a person who was dead
after two yrs passed I came to my senses
just as I was about to leave here
I saw you at the convenience store – 6 months ago
so i wasnt able to leave
for you it has been 5 yrs
it is not right for you to live 5 yrs like this
Y:so what do you want me to do?
doc: whatever you repressed – bring it out
i will help you
now i can listen to you properly
she turns to face him
Y: i dont like a doctor who can remember those days
i dont like talk like that too
i dont need it
she walks away and he follows again
doc: dont do that – you need to let it out
I will become your friend
she stops walking and says:be what? friend?
there is no way to settle what has happened and she doesnt need anyone – a therapist- a friend -she doesnt need anyone so she tells him to go on his way
J is shocked to hear all that
Y sits in her room not sleeping
J asks : you lived 5 yrs like this?
who died?
did all of your family die all at once?
Y lies down to sleep
J wonders what to do if her parents end up like Y
if something bad happens to J this is how her parents will live and she cries
she checks to see how many days are left and there is 41 days 3 hrs and 29 mins left.
on the bus Y/J looks at her family pics on her camera and says: being able to see them at least like this – i think i can live
“wait for me mom and dad – I will do whatever to go back to you for sure”
she sees the names of ppl on her list (to get tears from) and P and H are on the list
she doesnt have a number she needs cuz it was on her original cell phone.
H is having coffee on his terrace when he spots Y/J running up the stairs
she waves to him
he looks at his watch
Y/J: i’m not late huh? i ran all the way
could I use your computer?
H: you came 5 mins early but you want to use the computer
Y/J: how about after I eat lunch -during my break time then?
H: just use it
he mutters to himself that she is acting like she is close to him
Y/J writes down numbers-even if she met each person each day – how many days will it take
she wonders when she can meet those ppl cuz she works from 11 to 11
M gets a call from the security guy
the guy tells M that J’s dad got on the elevator and should be there soon
so M starts his act saying into the phone -that M is just an employee – and J’s dad is still holding his position in the company- why is that person bringing up the president’s daughter’s accident?
he says sorry and that he will call back later again
M turns his attention to J’s dad. her dad asks who was on the phone with M
M asks what the dad is doing here suddenly and the dad scolds M for not being able to declare J incompetent cuz the dad cant do it either. M says sorry and that they need the land cuz without it they cant go forward. her dad tells him to find another way
J’s dad gives M his resignation back. M acts offended saying he didnt make the decision to quit so easily-he just doesnt have the confidence to keep doing the work at the company.
J’s dad: dont you care what happens to the company?  without the company-what are you going to do?
M: this is your company. i will watch over J so you can manage the company
J’s dad: you are going to quit and sit by J’s side? how can a man….if you do this and my daughter wakes up – you think i will give her to you? when you quit the company and just sat around?
the dad says he was the one who scouted M- did M come work here cuz of J?
M says he did – he came on board to her dad’s company cuz of J – not cuz of all the extra stuff her dad offered or greed to become part of the family. if it wasnt for J -he would not have worked here. he says he knows J might stay that way forever and her dad says the only person he can trust is M-that one day M will be able to understand him
M asks why her dad is like this
M texts IJ saying it was all settled well and that he would call later after he meets the land deal guy
that whole thing with quitting and all was just an act to get J’s dad to trust M more
to make the dad think M is a good guy who only cares about his daughter
M meets with the land deal guy -the guy compliments M for handling J’s dad so well. the guy and J’s dad will cover the cost for the deal with the provision if they dont pay it back within a certain time frame – they have to relinquish their investment.but if they find J’s seal, they go back to the original terms of the contract.and if the guy has any other questions or stipulations, he needs to contact M cuz M needs permission from J’s dad.
H calls and asks to meet with M
M asks what it is about and H says if he could say over the phone – he wouldnt be asking to meet M in person
during his call H noticed Y/J sticking her head in and out
so he asks why she is acting like that since a while ago
IJ is talking to M while he is driving
she says she was curious cuz he hadnt called
M tells her he is just going to listen to what H has to say
he says he will see her later at home
he makes it clear to her that she needs to go to her home and not his cuz they need to be careful
Y/J runs down to H’s office cuz he had called for her
Y/J says H called her when she is busy upstairs
H remarks if the store is busy why did she make him call her
like a mouse -she was peeking in and out earlier so he wants to know why
she says sheepishly – you saw?
H: you made me see and now you are asking if I saw
you made me curious what your request would be this time
what is it this time?
 so she starts her speech saying she knows she has no boundaries
like he said before
on the day she almost choked to death
how he said – why is she coming and going as she wants – did she sign up as a part time freelancer
cant you let me do that?
H: part time freelancer?
Y/J: i dont have much time to live in this body
so there are a lot of things i need to get settled
but since i come here every day i dont have time
in return- i will just take $3 an hr
Y/J: to be honest – $4 an hr wasnt that much
when I looked up average pay for this line or work it was $4.32
H; then you can report me to (whoever is in charge of median wage)
Y/J: no – I wasnt thinking of that at all – i know my limits
H: does a person who know her limits borrow my computer to check the median wage?
Y/J: that isnt why i borrowed your computer
H: then how did you know about $4.32?
Y/J: that was when I was looking into avergage pay for freelancers
H: then you did use this computer to investigate that
she tries to state again that she only used it to check about freelancers
H crosses his arm and asks if she thinks he will let her work as a freelancer even if she had found out that it was $3 an hr
and she lowers it even more ($2.50 an hr) cuz he isnt going for it
H tells her to use her head a little more
she stands there trying to do math and he chokes back a laugh
she sees that and tries a new tactic
in a serious tone she bows and says: thank you for everything up to now
 i will look for another freelance job somewhere else and pretends to leave
H stands up: wait- i was kidding
she turns around: you know my situation and you were kidding?
H starts to explain himself but just agrees to let her be a part time freelancer
she asks for how much – $3? $4? $5? $10?
H: just as before – no – let’s make it $4.50 cuz if the median pay is …..
she starts to laugh
H:what is this? are you playing around with me?
Y/J: no I was kidding too – I surprised you huh? you thought i was really mad?
they laugh cuz she had pretended to be mad
M comes in and sees them laughing
Y/J sees M and thinks to herself- did you come to drink cuz you couldnt find my seal?
she glares at M
he has her called over
he says if she doesnt want to be misunderstood she shouldnt do things to be misunderstood
– like right now – why is she doing things that will be misunderstood
Y/J calls him a patron and says all she did was just stand there
M: when a customer is talking – acting like you didnt hear and not replying
H comes in and hears M scolding her
and when you saw me – acting like you didnt and ignoring me
in the beginning you were overly friendly and now cold and unfriendly
Y/J bows and says she understands
M: and not apologizing after she heard what she did wrong
arent you going to apologize?
she remembers S’s warning that if the necklace breaks it is the end of 49days
so Y/J  says sorry
he asks where she heard he had a fiance
she asks dont you have one
he says he does but…
she interrupts and says she is an employee and has no interest in his personal life
H steps up and asks M why he didnt come to his office and they go down there to drink
M asks H what kind of girl is Y-is there anything between H and Y
H says she is just a part time employee
M tells H to fire her
she is rude to customers
H says he will retrain her
M says he heard H is just putting up with Y’s situation – what is her situation?
H says that is something private to her
M: you are acting strange-is that woman your friend? gf?
if she is just an employee why cant you say?
H: even if she is a part timer – she has her own private life and pride
why are you acting like this?
why are you acting so strange – so unlike you
M:what did I do? 
H asks why M is so mean to Y when M is friendly to everyone else
H: i know how you feel about J
so i am sorry to you and J for even thinking this but
but if I leave J out of this and think about it
the way you are acting right now
it means you are attracted to that girl
M: what?
H: you are interested
but you cant say “i like you” so it is bothering you
you know right? like a childish reaction boys have when they like someone
M: say something that makes sense
H: that is why I am asking why you are acting like this
why cant you just overlook the small things and why are you reacting overly sensitive
i’m not saying you really are…
M acts offended: did you call me here to say this?
H: that’s not it
M: then do it later -i dont feel like (hearing) it now
he gets up and leaves
asY/J comes out to take the trash out
M remembers what H just said
he wonders if he does like Y
he steps in her path and asks why she glares at him that way cuz no one has ever give him that look of contempt
she says something about if he sees the way she looks at him in that way- maybe he is doing something to deserve that glare
M: what?
Y/J: if it isnt true then that’s good
and he holds her arm and says she is behaving in an amusing way
they are really close staring down each other
IJ comes up the steps and sees them together like that
OMG – S’s back story might come out cuz J asks him about it:what happened to you that you ended up as a scheduler?
S to J:instead of just being a scheduler like me – you are a hundred times better off
J is afraid Y might know what is going on when the landlady says she was here yesterday to Y (when Y was suppose to be sleeping and not talking to the landlady)
H wonders why he keeps thinking of J when he watches Y
M keeps asking Y/J why she doesnt like him 
H fires Y/J and he looks like he means it this time cuz he tells her not to ever come back again
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18 comments on “49 Days E5:Live

  1. Parky says:

    “People are saying that there should be more back story info about Y and I …”

    I have to say I do agree but isn’t it part of the drama journey? that we get to know them and delve into their pasts as the drama progresses? … I think if we knew everything abut their back story, there’d be no ‘thrill’.
    Not knowing the past of reaper-boy and YiKyung makes it all the more intreguing. are they sibling? past lovers?
    is he just 100’s years old?

    Dude, all I want to know is… the physciatrist doctor…. nugu? … why is he important?

    p.s Hyun Bin just came up on my live stream something about SmartTV advert with womans hair o.0 … lol none of his adverts make sense.


  2. deedrama says:

    “Every time I watch her touch her hair and be surprised that it is clean, I worry about what she is thinking.”

    Yes, I hope she won’t think that she has multiple personality disorder.


    • Softy says:

      I was thinking the same thing or that she may think she is totally losing it if she cant even remember shampooing her hair 🙂
      I worry about Y’s diet cuz all she eats are noodles – good thing J is borrowing her body cuz at least she is eating well and looking good – even if Y doesn’t get any rest


  3. kcomments says:

    I want to know sad story of reaper-boy, and when he has tears in his eyes we will all TT_TT


  4. Anon says:

    LOL Kang singing in the shower.


  5. mAddict says:

    Softy, you are a life saver! Thanks so much.


  6. Anon says:

    So I guess Minho might fall for Jikyung, can’t wait until he gets what he deserves.
    Favorite scene this ep has to be the shopping scene, I just can’t help but ship these two.


    • Vwen says:

      Same here, those two are adorable together. I love how J/Y is making all the guys around her exasperated. xD

      Thank you, Softy! ^^


  7. toohearts says:

    I am also falling more and more for this drama!! IT is getting more interesting as the story progresses… and yes, I also wanna know about S’ story, what had happened and his connection to Y!!

    H is falling for J (again, maybe?) in Y’s body, and the same goes for M, who is also falling to J. To him (M), he got closer to Y because of “other reasons” not love, but he is really mistaken on that! Now the table has turned, it is J who is not interested at all. Hahaha~! 😉 I’d wish that the pace of the story can pick up a little bit more (I am still liking the way it is), and Y’s coming to realization that something seems off (“herself”) to recent changes in the appearance/body.

    Thank you, Softy, for another great live transcap!!! ^^


  8. Parky says:

    So I rewatched it and my god I just want H to meet YiKyung without J inside of her. Would he still find her attractive without J’s personality? because it’s obvious that he’s only falling for because she reminds him of J.

    Urg and MinHo, go jump off a cliff or throw yourself infront of a bus. Just don’t hurt Bae SooBin’s body in the process. Seriosuly WAYLT?

    and at the ending LOL @ InJung for getting her just-deserts. seeing ‘her man’ touching another woman. … what goes around comes around. … once a liar/cheat always a liar/cheat.
    but then again I don’t think M like Y in that way. I think he’s just pissed that there’s somebody in the world who hasn’t fallen for his ‘perfect man’ facade.

    Oh and JiHyun’s/NamGyuri’s hair looks so much better cropped. gives her more of a mature look. she doesn’t look so barbie-ish.


  9. kmk says:

    I think reaper boy was YK’s past lover! 😛 Because if you go back to the scene that shows YK sitting at the scene of the accident and she “sees” the body laying there, it looks like reaper boy. 😛 This is my guess. That he is trying to change YK to be a person again too. Maybe. 😛


  10. Sakki says:

    Thanks thanks… while I´m downloading the episode, i´m here reading the review…. awsome as always!! 49 days fighting!!


  11. jane says:

    Thank you. And like you & many others I am also waiting for Yi Kyung’s back story to be revealed & hope we will get that. I am really falling for this drama.

    BTW, nice recap, loved it. Please keep it coming. Thanks!


  12. ikoiaioia says:

    ahhh the preview… it looks like it’s Y that M saw in the bus stop…. ’cause J never wears those unclean clothes whenever she’s in the body and her actions were of Y’s and not of J’s O_O and maybe M somehow brought Y to H’s place because she was still wearing the same garb O____O or maybe H talking to Y/J happened first before the bus stop scene?(I don’t know though I’m not so sure ~~but if it is Y.. then Y is catching up~~ HOHNOH 0___0) ahh can’t wait… thanks for the trans… this site is like Barney Stinson! ===== AWESOME!


  13. asianromance says:

    thank you for the translation!! Thank you for waking up so early and for working so hard while watching it in order to get something like this done for fellow fans!


  14. lei2010 says:

    im supposed to study but i couldn’t wait to know what happens next… the writer of this drama is AWESOME.. just like Prosecutor Princess and Shining Inheritance… men! i wish time will fly fast so i would know everything in this story… but im pretty sure that i will be sad when the ending will come soon…


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