49 Days E4: Live

Sorry there are no screen caps or main pics for this drama – this is the second time I inserted a pic after the DH finale and it still takes me forever. Plus – I just post pics I like so they might not correspond with the episode -Softy
pics for E3-E6  were made by phetbeo
Highlights from YAI (Yoo Ah In) special and KSH (Kim Soo Hyun) interview
In the preview, H’s voice says “can only live 40 something days but her behavior is unusually similar to J’s” as he watches her pick out the basil like J does from her pasta- does that mean he figured it out on his own that Y/J has limited time cuz I think it would be breaking the rules for Y/J to tell him. If you watch that scene carefully- Y/J isnt smiling and looks sad so she looks like regular Y. And then when S took J shopping to cheer her up -who saw that coming? That poor girl had to walk around Korea filming in that flimsy dress in this cold weather for the past few weeks. She deserves a shopping spree if you ask me.

I still dont get what that doctor wants from Y – does he want to treat her some more and get her back to normal or date her? What purpose does his character serve other than he saved her life on E1? There seems to be a lot of questions and speculations in the air right now so I am hoping we get more answers next week – but not too soon cuz not knowing and guessing is part of the fun.
Right after this aired, there was an interview with KSH at the same time a special with YAI aired. I watched both cuz one ended when the other one started- during the KSH interview- he said that he was from Seoul and in order to get that accent down for DH -he went and learned a lot of different dialects and ended up with that one he used on the drama. His dad was in a rock band and KSH said he had always loved music – singing and listening- liked going to singing rooms. During his time filming DH, BYJ would text him once in a while and say what he liked about KSH’s acting and what BYJ thought could have been even better. and after a few weeks of filming, BYJ texted KSH that KSH’s skin/complexion was starting to get bad (LOL)
The YAI reality special was filmed for a long time – think they said over 90 days from when he went to London to Las Vegas to California and tonight’s was part one. part two will cover his photoshoot for Jack and Jill in the mountains. I have no idea how to get a download for this at all cuz it is from Mnet and OnStyle. It was over an hour so I don’t know how to translate or summarize everything that went on.It aired at 11pm and then again at midnight. This show really showed the real YAI and how he interacts with ppl. on day 20 something – YAI was so sick of the camera following him around and said so to the camera operator and the narrator said hearing that made her want to quit her job.  There were so many shocking parts where YAI didnt get along with the short haired girl he had to do photoshoots with -on their first meet – she insulted him and he said she had a bad attitude-then the part where he went clubbing with her in Las Vegas and she said he was only acting friendly (resting his head on her shoulder in the limo) cuz he was a little drunk cuz when he is sober- he ignores her -then they got out of the limo to get married cuz she suggested it, but the chapel was closed thank goodness. She thought he was going to marry her but he said he wasnt so her feelings were hurt. Pretty sure they would not have let him go thru with the marriage but YAI asked if it was legal if he got married in Las Vegas. The photoshoot with the tall long haired girl didnt go well cuz she didnt know how to take directions well so YAI had to do more work cuz they had to keep reshooting-it was hard for him cuz he had to do more action shots. the girl said she saw SKKS so she is his fan and this was the first time she had done a shoot with a star. for some reason, YAI never even spoke to her I think. The way he made his choices and selections for his photoshoots made him seem picky and attentive to details – down to the socks and shoes even. The narrator even said that YAI had sides of him that was boyish (in behavior and laughter) and then like an old soul when he spoke and made remarks that were deep. The short haired girl went shopping for herself and bought lots of designer stuff while YAI did his photoshoot with the tall girl. Later- the short haired girl went shopping for YAI and looked for a toy cuz he is younger than her.(She said that if YAI had been older than her- she would have bought him something name brand) I think she finally settled for a kid’s chair for him to sit on when they go shoot in the desert/mountains and she also bought an ice box and drinks for his sake. in the preview for their photoshoot, they finally seem to be getting along. YAI said that their first meeting was like that cuz she wasnt his type/style. While he was selecting the jack and jill outfits, the stylist kept using fashion terms like bohemian and stuff and YAI didnt like to hear it for some odd reason – he doesnt seem to like those terms. When he repeated her word “chic” – he laughed cuz he couldnt believe he said it cuz his fans call him that “shik”. While he was in London – he kept craving chicken feet and that is what he went to eat after he selected his outfits and waited for the model the staff was choosing to go with him to LA. after he met that short haired girl and they clashed personality wise- he asked her if she wanted to go to LA and she said she did. he then asked what is she couldnt and she didnt say anything. his staff deliberated for hours on whether or not to take her with them cuz they knew YAI didnt like her, but the departure date was right around the corner. She was kinda rude to him when they first met- she spoke english saying she felt more comfortable speaking it and when she did speak korean, she was even ruder cuz she spoke to him using informal language just cuz he was younger. I dont blame him one bit for not liking her right off. Their conversation in english was hilarious cuz it was mixed in with Korean -here are some questions and answers
 what do you do for a living?  are you famous?
i am an actor  – a cheap actor
what have you filmed?
if you look me up on the internet all my past work pops up
YAI: so you are normally this rude 
The worst part was when she was bluntly rude to him – the way he composed himself was amazing – he knew the camera was on him so that may have played a part, but he handled it well. he asked his manager how he can get out of this situation cuz by that point he wasnt even speaking to her so he decided the best way was just to walk out. Pretty soon after that, they were on their way to LA-whoever chose her was crazy cuz she is not even pretty.
I guess I should have tried to jot down more notes while I was watching but I was too busy looking at YAI cuz it has been a while since I saw him this much.
for those who want download links or video for this – check yoohaven cuz they have a great group of translators and uploaders over there.
49 Days E4
Y/J hangs out the window to avoid being seen by M. she falls and sprains her ankle-outside she worries that M will find it. however M cant find it either. the mom comes in and tells him to take something else for J-the pink bouquet cuz J will like it
IJ goes to see some woman who doesnt know who IJ is. IJ said she heard the woman wasnt eating so IJ says she brought some rice cake for her. the woman acts erratic and yells at IJ.
(this woman is M’s mom who is not mentally stable)
Y/J wonders if he found it or not – she sees him taking her stuffed animal and after he gets in the car he looks frustrated and Y/J says-thank goodness he didnt find it – when I couldnt find it either-SJH you trusted someone like that- you thought a person like that loved you -then she looks towards the house and says sorry to her parents and says she misses them
as she walks back she wonders where the seal is – in a bag or pocket – what if she cant find it -she hits her head and S yells from across the street-why are you hitting Y?
she goes up to him
S:who gave you permission to hit that head?
she is glad to see him and asks how he came
he scolds her for injuring Y’s ankle
S:it wasnt enough you sprained her ankle -you have to hit her head?
told you not to harm Y
Y/J: ok – i will buy some heat pack later
S:whether you buy *heat pack or *underwear do as you want- I warned you-go
(*the korean word for those two rhyme so it sounds funnier in korean)
she suddenly sits and grabs his hand
Y/J: at least I have you…
S pulls his hand away alarmed -asking why she is talking while holding his hands
he explains that between them – they are not close enough to do that
she dumps her worries about how she cant remember where she put the seal -i dont know what the two of them are planning- i dont know if i should be concerned about  finding the seal first or worry about myself first- i dont know how long i should spend looking for the seal
what if i cant find it at all-i’m scared to death but there is no one I can tell that to
S puts out his hand and says: stop! look here – i am not a person either
also i didnt come here cuz i was worried about you
he came cuz the phone paged that J was injuring Y’s vody
she says :that is why you came?
S:i am spending precious time like you
with the time i have left -should i waste it chasing you around?
Y/J: the other day you have me a hint tho
S:when did I?
Y/J: you said if I knew my home housecode and gave me a hint
S gets up and says:this girl is making things up about a scheduler
I’m going
Y/J mutters that he had given her that hint
he turns and looks back at her and says: doesnt have any sense – that is why she gets tricked
M goes to the hospital and his dad says M is better than him for thinkging of bringing J’s stuff.
the dad mentions work and the office.
her dad tells J that M brought her precious belongings. dad says he will wait for her.
Y/J goes to see P and says she is lonely and scared but she has no one to talk to – do you love me? P comes out and recognizes Y/J from the store. P asks if she is here to buy bread.she says she should have come sooner to buy bread and get to talk to P
chef asks if the waitress cleaned the bathroom and the girl says Y/J hasnt come yet cuz she is suppposed to do it. she wonders why H is so lenient with Y/J
the chef’s wife mentions how she works here for free
and the chef tries to get her to leave but she wants to go together when the chef gets off work
H comes up
H asks the chef’s wife why she hasnt left yet
the waitress says gleefully cuz Y didnt come out
 H: she hasnt come yet? she really hasnt come?
chef’s wife: instead of not coming – she might not be able to
the waitress is mad at her for trying to make excuse for Y
H says he is stepping out for a bit
outside H runs into Y/J who walks/limps over eating bread. she stops eating when she sees him. he looks at his watch and she hurries over
H: how can you eat bread like that? you should eat it slowly with a drink
Y/J: sorry for being late
he takes out another wrapper from her pocket
H: you ate two pieces of bread on the way over
what do i look like to you?
do I look stupid?
she shakes her head
H: ahhh- I look like a fool-the more I am lax – the more I look like you can walk all over
you see me as a fool huh?
then what are you? you go when you want -come when you want-are you a freelancer?
did you make a deal with me to be a free lancer?
she finally finishes chewing and swallows and says
that’s not it….(and starts to choke)
H: if you promised to leave for 3 hrs -you have to keep it – at least once
she has trouble breathing
H: what is wrong? is it blocked? it is blocked?
he calls for the chef and water
the chef’s wife tells Y to drink slowly or she could choke again. 
Y/J  finally gets her breath back.
she looks around at all the concerned faces looking at her
chef tells her to go throw up or else the bread might get caught again.
after she does she cries in the bathroom
when she comes out H tells her to follow him. she asks why
H: i have something to give you and tell you
she sits there and fidgets with her fingers cuz she is afraid he might fire her.
he gives her ice water to soak her foot
H puts the bucket of ice in front of her
you do it – looks like you sprained your ankle somewhere
a while I ago- I am sorry for that – you shouldnt even bother a dog when it is  eating
Y/J thinks to herself: he knows how to apologize
H: why arent you doing it? the ice will all melt
Y/J: i bought a heat pack for it
she sticks her hand in the water and says it is cold
H: they say sprains should be treated with cold water
Y/J: i know that
inwardly she says: i taught you that
she puts the cold towel on her foot
he walks over and puts her bag down in front of her
Y/J: what is this?
H: you dont know your own bag?
Y/J: ah – i must have left it here – I thought i lost it
he also puts a spray next to her bag to treat her foot instructing her to spray it often on her foot
inwardly she says : are you really H?
H;why are you looking at me like that?
Y/J: cuz you keep giving me something
do you have anything else to give me?
H: did you leave something here for safe keeping?
and you are not a kid but why are you carrying around a whistle like a kid?
Y/J: whistle?
he explains how she ran off so how could they not go thru her bag
she says she didnt say anything about that
she pulls out the whistle and holds it up: this?
to use it for emergency – someone must have bought it for me
she blows the whistle
flashback to J asking H to help her pull her bike up the hill
they are pushing her bike up and they almost make it and she tells him to be careful
and he tells her to be careful and not slip again. then he tells her to let go and not hold on and somehow they lose their grip and she rolls down the hill first and he follows and both roll and end up stopping with J in his arms on top of him. (Now I get why her character was wearing pants-it was cuz of this scene I bet)
when he opens his eyes she is smiling down at him – she says : we didnt die. he looks uncomfortable so she asks what is wrong with him. he tells her to move and makes her get off of him. he is hurt so she says he should have been careful. he tells her to move away from him.  he goes for the bike and she tells him to give it to her and she will do it but he tells her to let go. she blows on her whistle saying her dad bought it for her to use it in an emergency.
end flashback
he watches her ice down her swollen ankle. she finishes up and gets up saying she is done and thanks him.
he tells her to sit but she says she has to go work and that her ankle feels better.
H: i have something to say so sit
Y/J: what do you need to say?
H: i have a bad temper so I cant put up with tiresome, complicated, and worrisome things.
Y/J: I know
H: you know?
Y/J: who likes anything tiresome, complicated, and worrisome things
H: so that is why….
he pulls out an envelope and puts it on the table
H: from the first night you came – from my recollection – you said at least a week or 48 days were all you needed to work for right? I calculated 5o days at $4 an hour 12 hrs each day (that is how much is in that envelope)
Y/J: what does that mean….are you firing me now?
H: i am not firing you
I didnt hire you cuz I needed you
I just considered your situation and was being kind
and while I was being kind – i decided to do it right
Y/J: that means you want me to take this money and quit
H; that is true…
Y/J: that is why you did it- to do this
gave me ice compress -gave me that money
to be honest – even if I got fired – i had nothing to say about it
but if you were going to kick me out
you should have done it a while ago
why did you have to be nice to me and make me feel safe and stab me in the back
H: stab you in the back- why should I have to listen to that
after you showed up – was there even one day I was comfortable?
why should I have to be angry cuz of you every day?
Y/J: that’s true – but I am not a beggar
H:what about me? do I have money leftover?
even though i dont have this – I wont die of starvation that is why i am giving it to you
Y/J: for me – cuz I might get fired -now I cant even ask you to give me another chance
i really have to earn my own money and use it
inwardly she says : H – if you kick me out too – then I am really alone
H: no – i cant
she gets up
H: if you have to go home by 12 – it seems like someone is sick
cuz of what happened with your fiance – it seems like you cant focus
you say your situation is almost starvation
but you want me to let you go empty handed?
Y/J: it is ok if you do – cuz during this time – you helped me
she takes only her bag and spray
H:really – why are you like that? what is it that you want from me?
Y/J: I just wanted you to let me work here –
her stomach rumbles so he tells her to go up and eat
H: i am going to pay you strictly by the number of hours you work
so check in at the counter since the other staff will notice
she cries more loudly as he walks off
he comes back and asks why she is crying and she says she crying – it is tears
he asks why her tears are flowing cuz he said he wasnt going to fire her
says she is criying cuz she is so thankful
J’s dad tells IJ to call everyone to let them know that J’s wedding had been called off
and asks her t go take care of J tonight cuz he has to go take care of J’s mom
IJ goes to the shop where J had chosen IJ’s bridesmaid dress. she went to ask if the girl had fround a seal there. the girl promises to look for it while she cleans and Ij gives her card to call her.  she recognizes IJ’s name as the one J cared a lot about and was adamant about picking out the best dress for IJ cuz J had picked out someone out of M’s friends to pair off with IJ. and that J wore the bridesmaid dress out to show IJ.
M meets with a guy about the land deal
the guy wants to go thru without the land but M asks him to wait
he wonders why M cant find that seal and M says since J is in that condition
why cant the guy wait a day or two
M goes to H’s store and Y/J sees him. she asks the waitress to take care of him but the woman doenst want to so Y/J goes to take his order. he says she needs to give him a menu first. he tells her to stop hanging around him and tells her to call H and give him alcohol. she says H isnt here.
M gets a call from IJ
he takes it outside
he tells her to stop crying and reminds her this has been building for two yrs. he tells her to go to the hospital and he will meet her there to talk.  Y/J does the math about how long she met him and figures out he has been dating IJ for longer than her
M sees her behind him and says he isnt interested in her so she should stop liking him.
he knows her type and doesnt like  women like her. that she learned from dramas to show interest and then be cold to get the guy interested. so he tells her to stop wasting her time.
Y/J: you think i am interested in you?
he says that is the next step and knew how she would react – pretending enough to be angry to make him pay attention.
Y/J: you dont just remember names well but you are good at being mistaken
no matter how good at acting i am  -you think i can be as good as you?
M: i am acting?
Y/J: your face isnt the real one. you show manners but you dont have any sincerity
you said you know ppl’s personality well but you are so good at duping ppl…
her pendant burns red and she says :it is hot
S appears saying in a serious tone that she isnt taking his warning seriously
I told you – even with your heart – you cant let on that it is you
remember- if the necklace breaks-it is also the end of the 49days
. M asks what she is doing and she covers up saying
you are the owner’s friend’s fiance
misunderstanding that I would hit on you
I was totally upset and said that
H listens from a distance
Y notices her hair being clean and looks in a mirror. the guy shows up and asks what she is doing- he says this is the first time he saw her look into a mirror. she tells him to stop showing interest in her.
guy: I want to but i cant
cuz we already matter to each other
try to remember me
we were close enough to have spoken to each other a lot
and I know why you went to the accident site that day
and why you have that scar on your wrist
when it comes to you – i know a lot about you
she remembers seeing him in his office with glasses and a lab coat on- I think he was her therapist/doctor or something
doctor: do you remember now? it’s been a while
Y: dont bother with me cuz I dont want to remember
M finds out that Ij went to visit his mom =the crazy woman was his mom. 
IJ says his mom stands around all day waiting for him but he says it isnt time yet.
she says if he keeps doing that – it might be too late for him cuz his mom is getting worse.
M: that wont happen – it is cuz you dont know my mom. until i go to her- she isnt someone who will ever leave.
 IJ says he has enough money-they should take the money and take his mom overseas and the 3 of them live together.
M: you wanted to say that and brought up talk about my mom
IJ: it is cuz of mom too – but also I am bothered by J’s dad
after J ended up like that and then doing that to J’s dad’s company -it is too upsetting – this isnt what she wanted.
M: it was this
to get to this point – what you and I had to do-have you forgotten?
the day J got separated from IJ – it was planned. M is there too.she had taken J’s cell phone and walked away from J so J would get lost. Ij had thrown J’s cell phone away
IJ tells him she can remember it all without him reminding her so stop talking but he says he has to for her sake.
another flashback – when IJ didnt show up to meet J and lied that IJ had to go to a blind date. that was all planned too. M being there sitting next to her.
J listens to all this
M:that is how we came this far -also tm would have been our weddingday. this means that if that didnt happen to J- our  plan would have already ended and J’s dad and I would have been strangers to each other. 
her dad knows that work isnt going well
that kind of person – do you think he will just stay and watch over his daughter?
he is thinking of how to handle his busines and thinking what to do with me already
J had snuck outside when the nurse had come in for a second. M asks the nurse to come back later.
M continues about J’s dad: if he doesnt have a daughter – you think he will entrust his company to me
Ij says that is why they should leave
M asks if it hurts her that J was going to make IJ her bridesmaid and found some guy for IJ
because J was that kind of person – that is why you started this
didnt it bother you that she was so thoughtless
did you really just want only that?
for J to live normally…..(something about how -didnt IJ want to see how J didnt know anything and remained clueless)
but J ended up like that
so now it doesnt matter to you anymore
so now you want me to take the money i stole and run
Ij yells at him to stop
M apologizes for not being able to pull this off till the end
Ij says she is more sorry
J is outside crying and then she stops and goes back inside to say to IJ: you planned it all – to pretend to save my life-to make me meet M- all of that was a plan. IJ says to J’s body – sorry – believe it or not. it’s my fault you ended up like this and it’s your fault too. IJ says it is a good thing J doesnt know anything and J says i know it all.
J had hidden her seal in the pocket of the stuffed kangaroo doll but J cant get to it cuz she cant touch things. she remembers she hid it there. she is about to call S but remembers what he said how he doesnt get involved.
J counts down till she can use Y’s body
she has 42 days left
Y/J gets up quickly and grabs her jacket and leaves
S is swimming but gets the shock of the alarm again cuz of Y/J
she called him as she came out of Y’s house
he is flirting with some girl and ignores her call
then he finally picks up
Y/J asks: where are you right now? i wont ask you to come to here
so just hurry and tell me  -where?
she ends up going to the pool to him
he is teaching some girl to swim and she wonders if he can do that with ppl
Y/J:where is this place?
S: this is still your neighborhood
Y/J: then how can you be with that girl…..
she whispers- is that girl a scheduler too?
he leans in and says who would make him a scheduler if he didnt have at least this much pull – then he gets to the point and asks what she came here to say
she tells him no matter what she has to do – she is going to get that seal from the hospital
and tell her dad about M and IJ
S: out of the 3 rules I gave you not to break – you are going to ignore the first and third one all at once
she nods: then what will happen?
will the elevator come right away?
he leans in and says it will come instantly
 the minute you break the rule- before you have time to turn around-game over
you wont be in this world – then he says “goodbye” in different languages
Y/J: i wont run away so push it back one hour for me
he says something about how she used to be towards her fiance but now she is doing this
she says out of the 3 ppl she trusted – two of them were IJ and M
but she has to stop her parents from getting hurt
i cant let them lose me and the company
S: you cant let that happen I guess
then he sees his time on the phone and gets alarmed – it is 5 mins till -ya – wait
he throws his towel on her face and by the time she gets it off
he has changed into a suit in that second
Y/J: when did he change his clothes?
he walks over to a couple getting out of the pool
they slip and fall – but only the woman dies from hitting her head on the ground
the guy calls her “honey” and tells her to wake up
a crowd  gathers
the woman’s spirit gets up
the elevator appears
S is there in his suit to escort her and calls out her name
S tells the woman he is here to tell her that she is dead and that she died in the place of the bf she loved so much who was married
the bf tells the crowd he doesnt know her and that he just met her a while ago
the woman cant believe her bf would say that
saying to him that he made her fall for him promising to get divorced
and now he kills her and pretends not to know her
S tells her : then why did you date a guy with no loyalty
he opens the elevator door and tells her to get in
she yells:are you crazy? why should i go? i wont go and  runs away
but two spirits in black clothes block her and escort/drag  her into the elevator
Y/J  asks why the woman is being taken away like that
last time with that man – this didnt happen
S says the woman is getting what she deserves for the way she lived in this neighborhood
isnt that obvious?
he walks off and Y/J looks scared
guess the woman is not going to heaven
S asks if they should finish their conversation over a cup of coffee
Y/J: i dont have time – just promise me- exactly one hour- I wont run away at all
S: I know you wont run away and follow peacefully
Y/J makes a gesture up to heaven: make sure you get permission from above
I can trust you right?
S gets offended: Lies are what ppl do
Y/J: ok – thank you for everything till now
but when i go to your neighborhood- will we be able to meet again
S; why do we have to meet again?
Y/J: cuz it is sad – since I’ve grown close to you
S: why are you like this? why arent you crying like crazy and acting so cool
it doesnt suit you
Y/J: i am not going to cry like crazy cuz it is humiliating
after getting duped – should I cry like crazy
after getting duped – I should get angry
he says something about how she made the choice and he is just going to carry it out
Y/J: i wont be taken away like that woman right?
S: you know when it comes to that time
Y/J: when i get on that elevator- you will be there right?
S yells what is she doing with her brain
saying how her IQ should have gone up in her condition
Y/J : i thought about it as much as I could
she looks at her watch and runs off to do what she has to do
he wonders why she isnt asking for a ride and says girls in this neighborhood are strong
IJ says to the maid that she is here to clean J’s room
she goes through it all but cant find the seal
Y/J goes to H’s store but it is closed and she wonders why he didnt tell her and she leaves again
J’s parents and everyone -M-P and H- are gathered by J’s bedside
they are here cuz today is J’s wedding day
her mom asks J if J knows that
Y/J runs into the hospital and meets up with H
she yells at him like she was J using informal language
ya HK – you should have told me that today the store is closed
do you know how busy i am right now?
H: what are you doing here?
Y/J: i came cuz I had something to do here -why else would i come to the hospital
he recalls how on the first day he met her she had said she was being tested for some illness so he thinks she is sick (now I get the preview)
Y/J inwardly thinks: is it possible you came to see me?
H: you go to this hospital?
she says she is in a hurry and goes
he wonders if she really is sick
she sees them leaving and they took the stuffed animal-M was carrying it
M asks P where H is and P goes in to look
M calls IJ and she says she looked everywhere but it isnt here
he says they left for home so she needs to get out of there
M is upset and H and Y/J both see that
in the cab IJ remembers how J used to hide stuff in the pocket of the kangaroo
she asks the cab driver to go back to the hospital
she asks the nurse where J’s stuff is and the nurse says they took it back home
she keeps calling M but he doesnt answer
Y/J comes out just after IJ leaves
they are in separate cabs racing to J’s home
Y/J gets there first and rings the bell
when the mom asks “who is it”
Y/J leans in and says – “I am….”
H says Y/J acts just like J
S takes J shopping
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    I am on…was practising my Korean.Sigh……did I tell you I am learning Korean now since MP ended.I can actually read Hangul …yay.I don’t know what I am reading sometimes :-)but I can read.Hahaha…

    Will wait for your recap for tonight.I am wondering about J now.Logistically….if the Scheduler is the ex but they fall for each other.Then Kang likes her while she is in …I forget her name’s body….he becomes the 2nd lead right?

    Which leaves Y nowhere..hmmmm……


    • ck1Oz says:

      Softy you know my habit I entertain myself while waiting for the transcap 🙂


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      yes I remember you mentioning that you were taking lessons during your break – glad to know you learned so now maybe you can help me out during scenes where there is something written. As for the lovelines- it is for sure H loving Y/J or H and J when she comes back to life. Maybe Y/J and S or J and S. I dont know – I am confused now


  2. ck1Oz says:

    Huh?There is a revenge plot suddenly surfacing?
    H has a Dr looking out for her…er…where did the story go to?


  3. Sakki says:

    Ahh… Iwant Y with Mr.Scheduler!!
    I kept refreshing the page every second to read the recap…. Thank you!! I love your transcap so much, you dont have idea!! S2


  4. ewez says:

    Thank you!


  5. tsaryn says:

    hi softy..sori i was not able to catch wat u mean…are u referring to Kim Soo Hyun?wer cud i watch dat?and wat is YAI?tnx in advance… 😀


  6. Bluecat13 says:

    Hi softy!
    First of all, I should say that I feel a bit shameful towards you because I’m really thankful what u’ve been doing since SG.
    thanks to you, I can be relieved till I watch the dramas I like. Ur aweome.
    Lastly, I totally agree with you about midas. How could such good actors be wasted by such a drama.
    Anyway, thanx million times for ur generous help


  7. Anon says:

    Thank you for the highlights from the YAI and KSH interviews!
    I am really enjoying 49 days, can’t wait for next week.


  8. Ray says:

    [i]”hits her head and S yells from across the street-why are you hitting Y?
    she goes up to him
    S:who gave you permission to hit that head?
    she is glad to see him and asks how he came
    he scolds her for injuring Y’s ankle
    S:it wasnt enough you sprained her ankle -you have hit her head?
    told you not to harm Y”[/i]

    Ehhh… I get protective and romantic vibe from S to Y in that sentences. Wonder if he says that unconsciously… [smile] Wah he getting closer to his past.


  9. toohearts says:

    Who is going to get the kangaroo? Hope Y will get it in time. It is so interesting! The first peel/revelation is about M and IJ’s reasons for doing it. S is taking J to shopping! – it is going to be an amazing episode!! Why does it seem so long until next week’s episode?!

    Thank you, Softy, your live transcap is always so amazing!! ^^


  10. Vwen says:

    Haha, Ji Hyun shopping with Scheduler?
    Well, he is a pretty well-dressed reaper himself. 😀
    Thank you for the live transcap! Excited to watch Ep 3 and 4~


  11. seems that y/j cares more to s than m now……….

    quite confusing who will end up with and who is the lead……

    nice drama………. hope subs to soon…

    thank you for this……


  12. sunshine says:

    I like YAI’s acting and charisma, but he sounds inconsiderate. Why tell the camera person that it’s annoying for them to follow you? They’re just doing their job, and it’s not as if he didn’t know it when he agreed for this to be recorded.


    • Softy says:

      They edit the show so they probably cut it that way to make it entertaining – he certainly didn’t act like he hated it other times so we shouldn’t jump to that conclusion – if anything I thought the camera person was odd for reacting that way- who would want to quit over one comment that could have been said as a joke.


  13. IstayedoutallNight says:

    So… doesn’t J have to be able to move objects in order to shop? We have been seeing her in the same clothes because she can’t touch anything, so does the scheduler give her new powers? In that case it’s going to be interesting!


  14. angelika says:

    wow, im glad i came back to visit this blog… something’s going to keep me up in the wee hours again…
    i have a niggly feeling that the Scheduler is actually SYK’s dead boyfriend.. i mean, he rides a bike….. i dont know, i just have this feeling…


    • YuMi says:

      I agree with you on the Scheduler being connected to Yi-Kyung. I think her grief might be the thing keeping him tied to the human plane. Or he is in a coma like GOD’S POSTMAN.

      I wish we would see more of Yi-Kyung story.

      I think Yi-Kyung will end up with Non Kyung-bin (the doctor) and Ji-Hyun will end up with Han Kang. Of course that’s my logic, which doesn’t necessarily translate into K-drama logic.


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