49 Days E3:Live

After translating their scenes – one more hint came out that the scheduler is Y’s former bf. S said tonight to J not to call him to Y’s home cuz every time he is there- he feels uneasy.
Not sure if anyone noticed this, but S and J have always spoken informal language to each other from day one. It makes them more like friends – but i am pretty sure J is supposed to be older than S in this drama (not sure about real their ages). Sure is taking J a long time to collect those tears -didnt expect her to shut down like that. Aside from J and S scenes- I am starting to enjoy H and Y/J’s scenes too – they are really sweet together. He is so nice to her – putting up with all her crap – you can totally see how he is starting to fall for her. Wonder why he is firing her tm – hope that doesnt happen. Gotta say that the girl playing Y is amazing. when she plays Y- you cant help but feel sorry for her and when she plays Y/J- she is too cute and loveable. No wonder S and H continuously give in to her – she has that kind of personality of someone you would miss if she were to disappear from your life. Can’t say the same for J cuz she is a bit slow and ditzy-but she has heart at least.
ajjahh- my soompi id is – softy
49 Days E3
starts with highlights from previous scenes and ends with S’s voiceover saying that in his neighborhood-nothing just happens out of the blue – everything is connected.
in the room, M suggests they start by eating something
IJ says how can you eat when J is like that
M says they didnt eat for a few days
IJrepeats: this wasnt suppose to happen
he suggests since they havent slept that they rest while they wait for room service
IJ says -what do we do
outside Y/J says:that is how I got into the accident
a bellhop comes over and asks if Y/J is not feeling well (since she is sitting on the ground)
he asks if this is her room and she says it isnt
then he asks why she is here like this -what is she doing here outside someone else’s room
 his voice carries so M and IJ can hear someone is talking outside
M asks IJ if she saw anyone she knows while she was coming here
she says she didnt
the bellhop tells M some strange woman was sitting outside their room
and she ran off so M goes after her and Y/J barely makes it into the elevator
by the time M catches up to her
outside their room- M picks up a little thing that fell off of Y/J’s shoes
she runs all the way
IJ asks how M can talk like that at a time like this
how could he look for J’s ID seal/stamp
M says J’s dad cant focus on J’s land
so M needs to find J’s land before J’s dad realizes what is going on
(when he said “find” in korean – it means “claim” here)
IJ: you think that is something I can do?
when J is like that?
M: because it is what you have to do
IJ says she feels like her heart will tear
M says coldly:but it wont split
M says they didnt make J end up like that
she says it might have been cuz of them
M and J’s dad leave
M waits for IJ who arrives in a cab
they drive together
he asks if she is having a hard time
she asks if he isnt nervous
she is afraid
she asks for them to stop
she is sorry to M but she never meant for this to go this far
she asks for M and her to just run away
he says this isnt something to regret
IJ gets a call from J
M tells her to take the call
J asks if IJ is busy
while IJ is talking M holds her hand
IJ tells M that J is bored alone
J sees M and IJ in the car together
M says let’s be patient for a few days
end flashback
IJ says J’s accident was near where they were- she might have followed them
M says :on her way alone – she called you
she was going to go to you but changed her mind
and she called me and was on her way to see me
I told her “let’s go together” and I told you when we were going to meet
he says he knows how hard this is on IJ -he knows it too well
but if they stop here
what will he become
just cuz J ended up like that
I’m not the type to stop
whether you continue or not- I have to do it-I’m going to do it
IJ: i cant – i cant do it
M: think about why we started this
why we ended up like this
if we run away now
can we be happy?
will it bring J back?
Y/J keeps running then stops
she keeps pushing the emergency call button for S
he shows up and says something sarcastic – how she is abusing the emergency button
she asks -you knew- why – how i got into that accident-you knew!
why didnt you tell me i got into an accident cuz of M and IJ
S starts to stammer -that -that…
 and then he says he couldnt tell her cuz – “it is a secret of nature” (got it fromDB)
she repeats it like she never heard of it
S: there is no way you dont know that word right?
she has a blank face
you dont know it?
S spells it out for her on his hand – “chun”means “heaven” “Ghee” means…
she looks at him crying
S: why?why are you… he was going to say “making that face”
he makes a remark that girls cry a lot and he is indifferent to their melodramas
and that he wouldnt get involved
she repeats – so you knew and didnt tell me
he said he had a reason not to – to follow rules i think
she cries and yells at him : I saw them together at the hotel
S: enough- i dont care about your situation
he says he is not interested in knowing at all about what is going on with all of them
S walks off so Y/J runs after him asking: when do you think they started meeting
I didnt know anything at all
how could the two of them have an affair
and why would he try to marry me if he was with her
S:why are you asking me that?
all you had to do was knock and find out since they were inside
Y/J: you said I couldnt let on that I was SJH
S: ah-that’s right
then you did well (not confronting them)
the rest is your problem – so you solve it on your own
he walks away worrying cuz now she knows everything
alone, she cries and says: what do i do now
suddenly he is back and says : look here
is this time for you to cry about what you should do now
you have to worry about now
for 49 days – no- now for 46 days -you have to worry about how you will survive 
49 days is not that long
she looks down at the seoul hotel proof of employment
H looks at a map where M told H that this was where they were going to build their pension – his and J’s (this is why M calls it J’s land)
the waiters said they made a bet that Y wouldnt come back
and gets hit by H for doing that
the chef’s wife comes to visit the chef
she says the mood is weird
is it cuz of the girl outside
H goes out -the entire staff hides and watches them
Y/J is crouched outside
H asks what Y/J is doing there
he calls out for someone to bring Y/J’s bag
she says she brought proof of employment
and stands up
H: you brought it?
she hands it over-he notices her hands are shaking
H: I told you very clearly to bring it within an hour
gave you cab fare
and now it is 2:27
so take your bag and go
Y/J: i met a friend at the hotel
H: are you using that as an excuse?
Y/J: and my fiance
so that is why…cuz they were together…
she says she saw her friend and her fiance
after seeing them together…this….(her voice shakes from crying)
H sighs deeply and says :ok ok just leave for now and come in for work tm
he takes the envelope from her and Y/J faints
everyone runs over
H asks the chef what he should do
the chef says piggyback her
the chef was going to piggy back Y
but the wife tells her husband not to do it – that Y/J isnt someone he should piggyback
but someone a young man should piggyback
she looks at H and he points to himself
he ends up taking Y/J to his sofa
after he deposits her on the sofa
he says to an unconscious Y/J :fiance? you have a fiance and hit on M?
you have a fiance and you he lets you walk around looking like this
he leans in to stare at her face-she is crying
he watches her and wonders : did she really see her fiance with her friend
the male waiter is happy to have proof that Y/J worked at seoul hotel
the waitress says they didnt see an ID yet
and the chef asks her why she doesnt believe Y/J
H asks the chef’s wife what soup is for today
she says -but you dont like soup
her husband nudges her cuz he knows it is for Y/J
so the wife says she will make the one H likes the most
H asks her to take a bowl to Y/J along with rice
he turns around and asks her to give Y a lot of rice
Y/J wakes up and looks around
she sees the blanket on her lap and wonders if H covered her
she says it is good that she didnt get fired
she remembers M taking IJ into the room
Y/J i was in an accident and am lying in a hospital
and they meet at a hotel room
all this time -without my knowledge they were meeting at hotel rooms
she runs off
the chef’s wife was about to bring food for Y/J
the chef says -she really is gone huh?
he says she left her purse behing
the waitress goes thru Y’s purse and dumps the contents out
H tells her not to
she points out that Y doesnt have any money
H sees the whistle that J used as a kid
before she goes to sleep -Y/J leaves the door partially open
and lies down so Y can have her body back
IJ remembers how M said he would do this whether IJ goes along with it or not
J goes to IJ’s workplace and wonders why she isnt coming out when everyone is off from work
IJ is searching the J’s dad’s desk for something
J follows IJ
on the bus- she yells at IJ : ya! how could you cheat with M
did you like M first?
it’s ridiculous
then did M try to flirt with you first?
that doesnt make sense either
how did the two of you end up like that?
outside J’s house
J: why are you going to my house?
for what?
J is still in denial and asks: it isnt it is it IJ?
it’s not cuz you and M are like that
it is just cuz you had something to say to him
that is why you met at a hotel
maid asks who is at the door and IJ answers
J continues her delusion: you just had a meeting with M at the hotel right?
that could happen…
then she remembers how M kissed IJ’s hand
J gets mad again: ya you awful girl – then what did you do?
IJ seems to be staring at J so J backs off startled
IJ goes into J’s home
IJ closed the gate so J cant go in
she calls S again
he stands on the roof and says – I knew she would do this
IJ asks the maid how the mom is
the maid says she took meds and finally fell asleep now
IJ tells the maid not to worry about her and go do her work
IJ goes into J’s room and opens a drawer
the mom comes in and asks what IJ is doing in J’s room
IJ says she just thought of J and came
the mom says : then you should have gone to the hospital to see her
she is in the hospital
IJ: cuz of J’s condition
J’s mom: is my daughter dead?
why are you in here without her permission
come out of here
i dont like you treating my daughter like she is dead
J’s dad asks his friend the doctor- how long will it take for J to wake up
one month? one year? 10yrs? just tell him to wait
cant a doctor even tell him that?
the doc apologizes and her dad says :so all we can do it wait?
M goes to the hospital
the doc asks what the dad is thinking
he is in J’s room
M says the dad should have told him if he was stepping away
if he was going to leave J alone like this
dad says he went to see the doctor
the dad asks M what happened with the contract regarding J’s land
M says he took care of it well
the dad mentions something else that needs to be done
but M says the dad has to take care of that
the dad says he needs to stay with J
even tho J’s condition is hard on M
can it compare to what a parent is going thru
M gets a call from IJ
IJ comes out of J’s house and is talking to M
she tells him how she couldnt find it and how J’s mom wont let her go back into J’s room
IJ gets into a cab
J overheard IJ say -oppa
and mutters to herself wondering if IJ is talking with her real brother who lives in the outskirts of seoul
M tells J’s dad to go and sleep – to think of J’s mom
 M reassures him saying he is going to stay here with J
her dad agrees and says J probably wants to be with M for a day too
M sees her dad off and M leaves too
he goes home
she meets him in the parking area and follows him
J says it is a good thing she didnt go to the hospital cuz M just arrived
she follows him and says: no matter how much I think about it
i dont understand
you texted me more than 10 times a day
you told me all your email, messenger, secret passcodes and passwords too
you did – didnt you?
no matter how much I couldnt sense this
you loved me
as he punches in his housecode
she says it aloud cuz it is her bday
she steps in ahead of him
J: you told me to come anytime and told me what the code was
did IJ like you? is that why you fell for her?
M says :what happened? tell me in detail
J thinks he is talking to her and asks :can you see me?
but IJ is lying on the sofa behind J
IJ says to M:  there is nothing to tell you in detail
what i told you a while ago is all of it
J:you two were this close to go in and out of your home
M: did you sense anything else?
IJ:J’s mom doesnt suspect
M says that IJ should have done a better job like lie and say she left something in J’s room
or that IJ went there to get something she lent J
IJ: when J’s mom acted like that
my mind went blank and i couldnt think of anything
J:what are you two talking about?
M: are you sure J’s name seal/stamp is for sure in her drawer?
IJ: she keeps stuff like seal/stamp and bank checkbooks in her left drawer all the time
J: my ID stamp/seal?
she has a flashback to when she gave it to M
 J: i gave it to him that day so why is he looking for it?
M:i should have made sure that day
flashback to Mmeeting with the two guys on the day of J’s accident
in the packet for the deed to the land that J gave to M
J’s seal was supposed to be in the packet with the documents
but cuz she is scatterbrained – J had put lipstick in it
M had called J and a guy answered and that is how he found out J was in an accident
end flashback
M says to IJ
no matter how ditzy she was- i never imagined she would bring her seal without making sure first
J: that is how you came directly to the emergency room?
IJ: i cant go there anymore when J’s mom is there
M: i told J’s dad that the contract went thru well that day
IJ: you did? then what do we do?
M:before he notices- we have to find that stamp
if he knows that J’s land is left
then our plan will fail
the things i went thru to include that land
J is shocked to hear all this
IJ: how are you going to do it
M: dont worry – i will find a way
go home and rest
i have to go back to the hospital
when you leave make sure you are not seen by other ppl
J: what are you two doing?
what are you doing to my father?
* the reason why M and IJ are looking for J’s name stamp is cuz it is like an identity seal you stamp for legal documents
J’s dad come in and asks J’s mom what she is doing
she says she is packing to stay at the hospital
the dad says the mom had not been sleeping even with sleeping pills so how can she go to the hospital
she says she will go there and sleep
she asks the maid for towels, toothpaste, toothbrush,conditioner, and shampoo
he tries to stop her from going
she tells him she is ok
he says she isnt and J isnt
he says that J still doesnt look like herself
her mom says does she still look like that
he tells her to get him a change of clothes and run his bath
the mom cries and says she wants to die before J does
the dad says what about me
J watches IJ get in the cab
she remembers S ordering her to find 3 ppl to cry real tears for her within 49 days
J is worried holding the pendant
she says -what do i do now?
she goes back into Y’s body
gets up and locks the door
but gets kicked out again cuz it is nighttime
Y goes to the kitchen and grabs some cash
Y asks the guy how much she owes him
guy: you remember my face now
she asks for the receipt
he says he couldnt get a medical discount cuz she didnt have insurance
she asks how much the cab fare was
he says the cab fare came out a lot cuz the cab was from a different town
he asks: arent you curious who i am
she hands over the money and says “no”
guy: arent you even curious why i was at your accident site?
Y:it doesnt matter
guy:what if I said I knew why you went there
Y looks at him
guy: if you are curious – ask me
she just says bye
and he says he will see her tm
Y comes home
45days  -3hrs-29 mins left
J just sits there and Y does too
they sit across from each other
neither moving
Y gets dressed to go to work
J asks Y:did you go thru this too-is this why you live like this?
Y leaves for work
then comes back
44days 3hrs 29 mins are left
J kicks the phone away but it comes back to her
then she pushes it away and it comes back again
J throws her cell phone in frustration
S catches it
he asks if she has the confidence to pay him back (if it gets broken)
J says glumly that she didnt call him
S: i am not the kind of scheduler that shows up only when he is called
J: you dont come when I call you
you are bothersome so go
he asks why she is like this
J: you know why
he says cuz of what is going on in your neighborhood
J sadly says: I wont be able to come back alive
S: that is why i should call for the elevator
J: elevator?
S looks at his watch: when should I call for it?
it is 10:35 right now so should I call for it at 11am?
i should give you time to clean up matters in this neighborhood
J:what does that mean? you’re saying you are going to call for that elevator
S: for two days you were playing and not using that woman’s body
werent you thinking of leaving this neighborhood?
J:when did I? when did i say i was leaving this neighborhood?
isnt it that you dont have 3 ppl who truly love you?
she gets up
J:wait a minute – even tho- how could you do this?
when i still have 45 days left
S:it is 44 days
J:i only have 44 days left?
he puts his arm around her
S: let’s go
let’s not see what other bad things happens in this neighborhood and go onto the next life
I am going to call for it at 11
she pulls away and runs off saying: i dont want to
S: i didnt give you a chance for 49 days so you can waste it
J raises her arms in the air for punishment
J: I just wont do that anymore then
S gives her this look like -you better not do this again
Y/J goes back and apologizes to H for missing work
Y/J: without even letting you know -sorry for missing work  yesterday
stuff like that I did too often -didnt i?
I must be crazy
H: didnt you quit that day?
Y/J: no – no – that wasnt it at all
i had a personal problem i couldnt say
a very difficult problem came up that was why
H:what about food
H: did you eat?
Y/J says with the most pathetic tone and expression
 on her face: no i didnt – for two days I didnt get to eat even a grain of rice
the waitress says then what is this when she finds a strand of noodle on Y/J’s sweater
Y/J : that wasnt what I ate… that is a noodle
H calls out to the chef to prepare food
Y/J says to herself: H – thank you-really really thank you so much
H and the chef cant believe how well Y/J is serving and pouring water and doing a great job
H to chef: can that happen?
chef: that could happen
H: how can that happen? when someone was so inexperienced before two days ago and now two days later -she became a pro
chef: there are ppl like me
H says something about how she is a girl he cant figure out i think- total guess cuz i dont know the adjective he used
Y/J wonders what she has to do from here on-where should she start
H watches her and pretends not to
J’s friend P comes -Y/J is happy to see her
but then IJ comes too and Y/J’s smile disappears
they walk over to H
Y/J offers to take the trash out
she runs into M
M says thank you for the other day
you said you were a new employee- SYG right?
she walks off so he asks:dont you remember me?
she replies coldly- should I remember
she walks away crying
M-H- and her friends talk about J
Y/J listens in
P offers to watch over J with IJ at nights
P:when i went to the hospital earlier during the day
J’s dad’s condition was not good
IJ:what are you saying
M: he needs to take care of the business but he wont let anyone else watch over J
H: the problem isnt the company
H worries that J’s dad will collapse if he keeps that up
the waiter is taking a pitcher of water but Y/J offfers to take it
P says she asked everyone to meet to ask M to convince J’s dad
to get some rest
Y/J pours some water for M
M: I will tell J’s father
IJ: he can trust us to take care of J
as Y/J turns to leave she hears
H: is J’s mom in the same condition?
P: yes – she cant leave the home even one step
she cant eat or sleep
Y/J drops the pitcher
H gets up and says she should have been careful
she apologizes and picks up glass with her bare hand
H pulls her hand away saying she will get cut
H tells the chef that Y/J must have been surprised
he tells the chef to get the waiter to clean up the glass
chef takes her away
IJ asks who Y/J is cuz she hasnt seen this employee
H: a part time employee
M gets up and says since H is already up – to go to his office and talk
M says he will see IJ and P later
Y/J cries over her mom outside saying: i’m sorry mom
S’s voice on her phone warns her about the time-it is 10:50
turns out Y/J forgot that she volunteered to work till midnight
from the very first day
the waitress points this out to Y/J and mutters how all this time Y/J never worked her shift properly so that is why she didnt know –
she says Y/J needs to get permission to leave
Y/J walks away saying” i’m going to get in trouble again
H is talking to M when she goes in to see H
H asks M if he can work alone when he doesnt have experience
M: J’s dad asked me to do this work
H: J’s dad?
Y/J knocks and runs down to H
Y/J: i am sorry again …
she doesnt continue cuz she gives a sidelong dirty look to M
H:what is it?
Y/J: i have something to tell you so can you step outside for a minute
M: she didnt know I would be here- should I leave?
H: just say it-what is it?
she tells H she can only work till 11
H tells her she said she would work till 12
H: I told you very clearly to work till midnight
she said on that first day she was so hungry so she didnt hear it correctly
H: so since you didnt hear it – you are saying you will only work till 11?
is that it?
Y/J: that isnt it
no matter what happens- i have to be home by 12
cuz there is someone waiting
I have to go or else the other person cant move without me
H: ok – go
Y/J: i can really go? when you say “go” – you are not asking me to “go” away forever right?
H spells it out for her: leave work at 11 start work at 11
Y/J: thank you
she runs off but sticks around and listens from the doorway
M asks why H is so lax with that girl
H asks what M means by that
M says that H is strict when it comes to work
and cant stand ppl who dont do their job properly
with that kind of attitude/personality -isnt H being too lenient with Y/J
H: i hired her so I could be lenient with her
M: lenient about what?
is your style someone like her?
M: you’ve never really been seriously interested in girls
i was really curious about what kind of girl it was that you had been looking for
was she that woman’s style
H: it is not like that I said
he makes a comment about M and how he is managing to retain his humor depsite the terrible situation
M says :that is why i am trying – cuz it is what Jwould  want
Y/J voiceover: me?
M:if it was J- wouldnt she?
she would want me to endure like before
Y/J voiceover:i dont
H:that is true
Y/J voiceover: it’s not – never ever- it isnt
outside she says about M: you were that kind of person
she remembers what he said to IJ about the land
Y/J guesses she needs to take away the land that M wants
she looks at the time and says she will be late
she looks at her phone and S’s pic pops up
his voice sings “wait”
while Y is eating noodles
J and S sit across from each other between Y
J asks: allow me to touch objects
so that I can go inside my room
and get a human stamp/seal
and I will come right out
S replies that sheis saying crazy things again
J:just for one day – no – just for an hour
I cant go in my home with Y’s body
S:what you really need is a recorder
he pretends to press something
beep-a scheduler doesnt get involved with humans
then he gives her a dirty look and gets up to leave
J gets up to and says
those ppl are trying to do something with my land
no – it is more than just the land
i dont know exactly
but i think they are messing with my dad’s company too
S: that is none of my business
J:then you go in and get my stamp
S: repeat- scheduler doesnt get involved with humans
J:then what do i do?
tell me what i can do then….
S: anyway – dont call me to this room
whenever i come here
i feel uneasy
J asks if he doesnt have any compassion
S: i dont have any
going now
he turns and hesitates and says in formal language
something you know
knock and it will open
these days – everyone uses secret housecodes
he makes pressing motions
and disappears
J: why does he never help and just rub it in and leave
then it dawns on her why he said that last part
Y/J tries to get H to give her some time off
from 3 to 5 -there is not many ppl in the store
and not much work to do …
H: so?
Y/J: also -even tho you didnt have one before – I was a good part time worker  wasnt I?
H: cuz you are here – you became a more clumsy part time worker i think
what is it that you want to say?
Y/J: just cuz i say this- you cant fire me -because….
she takes money out of her pocket and lays it on the table
this is the money you gave me for the part time work that night -out of  $52
for cab fare and transportation – $36 is leftover
this is everything i own
if you fire someone like me
until the next job i get – i will starve
after being upfront about all that
i really have to go somewhere today
H: are you threatening me right now?
Y/J: I’ll go out for just 3 hrs 
H lists all the favors she asked up to now
Y/J: i wont have to be paid for those 3 hrs
H: did I say I would?
J: does that mean I can go and come back?
you will have good luck
she runs off and he says she runs well like someone he knows
Y/J goes to her house
she watches the maid leave
she goes over the gate
she presses her house code and goes in
she takes her shoes off and puts them in her pocket
she goes to her room and puts the pic of M face down
she lies down on her bed
looks at the wedding dress and throws it on the ground
but knows she cant be caught
so she hangs it back up
M pulls up to the house
Y/J sees lots of checks and wants to use it cuz it is her money but
she imagines S ordering her to earn her own money
and puts the money back into the drawer
she cant find the stamp
the door bell rings
she hides in her room
M comes in and asks why the mom opened the door
she says the maid went grocery shopping
he asks the mom for permission to get some of J’s stuff
so she might remember better having her own stuff at the hospital
he asks for permission to pick out some of her stuff
the mom says he would know best what J likes the most
Y/J keeps looking for the stamp
M goes up the steps
(OMG i am having a heart attack-she is going to be caught)
he opens the door
Y/J doesnt get caught cuz it shows her literally hanging out the window
S says that if she breaks the pendant- the 49days is over
H fires Y/J
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    I don’t quite know what to make of IJ yet… she seems to be genuinely upset over J’s accident =/ but on the other hand … she’s a total bitch for playing around with M behing J’s back.


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    This is getting exciting and it is only ep 3!!! Thanks for the recap, which I have been waiting with bated breath.


  5. rozy says:

    u can download torrent now from soompi Ep 3 available now ^-^


  6. ziren87 says:

    thanks so much softy..i do love this series…


  7. toohearts says:

    You are a lifesaver, Softy!! Thanks for doing live transcap!! My heart almost dropped towards the end (like a cliffhanger)…thanks to your preview, I am able to cool down a bit! Hahahah~!! It is like a roller coaster ride, and I cannot wait until tomorrow’s episode! Muaah!! 😀


  8. floralnori says:

    Thanks for the transcap! Only three episodes in and I’m already addicted to this show.


  9. molina says:

    thank you so much 🙂

    but i can’t understand this sentence “. No wonder S and H continuously give in to her – she has that kind of personality of someone you would miss if she were to disappear from your life. Can’t say the same for J cuz she is a bit slow and ditzy-but she has heart at least.”

    How could she not be lovable everytime since she’s the same character, it’s just her body wo switch , so both girls are Ji Hyun and have the same personality or did I miss smth?


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      I dont know their names so I call them by their character names. When I wrote that, I was referring to the taller actress and her portrayal of her version of J. when J is just J portrayed by that long haired actress- she is ok and plays being naive convincingly but when the taller actress that plays Y is portraying J inside of Y’s body- she does a much better job. She is so much more likeable than the actress playing J. hope that clears that up.


      • molina says:

        Ah thank you, I was kind of lost !
        And I think both girls give a different tone to the character and that makes it very charming!
        LYW is so good playing bright and I love NGR portrayal of the naive girl, they are both doing well and I really appreciate Ji Hyun character!

        As for today episode , I really loved it more with your recap Thank you 🙂

        The scheduler and Ji Hyun interactions are WIN because she annoys the hell of him, but at the end he kinda give in, maybe later he will fall for her!

        But I really think HK and JH are meant to be! He really loves her because we can see he is swayed by YKyung personality albeit Ji Hyun! This is really romantic! I don’t really know who I ship 🙂


      • oxigent says:

        Ohh, the taller girl you refer to , she is LEE YO WON, amazing actress right? Yeah… Indeed.. 🙂

        and the long hair is Nam Gyu Ri, still so-so, but understandable coz she’s just newbe 😀


  10. AnitaLotti says:

    Possible theory on the three tears
    a) the obvious: H
    b) S
    c) Y (she might become aware of her “other” half)


  11. ewez says:

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  12. Reideen says:

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    S said “I have to safely get through my five-year term to get a chance to live again”!!!!!!!!
    Is there a possibility for a S/J-couple????? ^^


  13. Reideen says:

    OR is S the boyfriend of Y who died in the accident????
    I’m getting GRAZY!!!! LOVE this drama…
    You know what is also sweet. H liking the same girl twice (even though J is in Y’s body).
    This is getting so addicting ^^… Love Love Love this!

    Thanks for your translations!


  14. meek says:

    omo! scheduler looks like yonghwa of CNblue! he’s nomo nomo handsome!!!


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