Dream High won and Duo lost out

Sorry for anyone who was curious about Duo-was going to post here, but since the torrents are late tonight – there is no way I can do both shows in one night. DH won the poll anyway.
posted 2/8
I started watching the first part of Duo-correction- I fast forwarded all of it.
Can I just ask-why do they always make the birth switch so predictable? it is always at night- during a storm- with eerie shadows and screams- portraying the birth as some kind of medieval torture-oh and one mom always dies-usually it is the poor one, but in this case they went against the grain and the rich one died giving birth. Then the inevitable switch-which begs the question- did the father just glance at his son-how could he not know his baby’s face the next day when it is different-do all babies look identical or something during those days?  
As if that “convenient baby swapping cuz they were both boys” wasnt enough- something else made this first episode unbearable- too many ppl looking like the unattractive version of the chuno cast when everyone needed a bath really bad. oh and the music at the end, worst OST song ever. I even hung in there for tm’s preview and for the first time, the younger cast did not impress me. They should have used the Dong Yi kids cuz then I would have tuned in.
Thank goodness I did not keep up any hope that this drama was going to be the next great one. Looking forward to 49days and Midas now even more.
posted 2/7
Could I get some input please? How many of you are eagerly anticipating Duo?
Just found out Duo was Mon/Tues drama last night. I thought I had a few more weeks to prepare but it starts today.
I am a little curious now to see how many people are still looking forward to Duo cuz my interest dipped down weeks ago as soon as I saw the trailer. Baby swap again on the first episode-they seem to be following that formula. Also, that hairstyle and overall look for the lead just isn’t doing anything for me- I know-I am that shallow so shoot me. But I have to like something about this drama cuz it is gonna be hard to sit through cuz I have to learn new names and since it is sageuk, if there are no YAI lookalikes-it makes it that much harder for me to want to translate cuz sageuk talk hurts my brain. Even when LS does it briefly on MP, it makes me groan “not again” and I echo HY telling her to “quit speaking sageuk talk”
To be completely honest, I am now into DH too much to switch over to Duo. I was planning on covering Duo after DH airs tonight. So the post for Duo would be up around 1am I guess. I already know it will be short cuz I won’t be able to do any line by line translations. I had plenty of help for SKKS recaps,but this time I will be going solo for Duo. That means we will be lucky if I get to type anything past “Duo E1”. You guys might just be staring at an empty page for all I know so please lower your expectations and not look for a thorough transcap.
Sorry for those looking forward to Duo – I really was going to help you guys out but for some odd reason, torrents on Mon are posted really late so it is out of my hands.
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47 comments on “Dream High won and Duo lost out

  1. cypress says:

    no to sageuk…. YES TO DREAM HIGH!!!!


  2. alliyah says:

    Dream High over Duo


  3. rampadora says:

    i wanna dream high 😀


  4. em-em says:

    lovingly devoted to DREAM HIGH of course!


  5. elly says:

    dream high…dream high…dream high


  6. abdullah says:

    i would really appreciate it so much if you would continue transcapping Dream High. i komawo! *bows*


  7. lucertola says:

    I don’t know how Duo will be, but I know how Dream High is. So I vote for the last. & Sleep is an important factor for humans. Just keep that in mind ^^


  8. BRoze2001 says:

    Please continue with Dream High..I’m addicted!


  9. Kelly says:

    dream high!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Trina says:

    Hi, it is too bad as I was really looking forward for your recaps and your thoughts on The Duo. In another note, will you recap/your thoughts on Midas???? Regardless, I will still go here for your recaps on MP.. I hope you have a great Monday… ^^


  11. Cammi says:

    Dream High pls. Would also like to thank you for your speedy transcribs. No words can express my gratitute.


  12. nandia_bebi says:

    hi dream high sak


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