My Princess E9:Live “Transcap”

OMG this episode is daebak…even more than the kiss episode- I like this one the best. So much cuteness…wait till you read all the great scenes. translating now….
I love how they both remember the kiss and their progress in this episode is sweeping me off my feet.
More please MP director…:)
will try to translate more tm but this is it for now
My Princess E9 Transcriptions
after Y says she wont marry HY-everyone looks shocked
LS gets the hiccups right after
J gives her something to drink
she says she doesnt care whether they marry or not
she got hiccups cuz she was breathing wrong
J says he was surprised
chairman asks Y why she wont marry HY
Y says their family has always followed the chairman’s orders
so she wanted to also but she says she wanted to get married
with a proposal like other women-instead of an order
the chairman apologizes for not thinking about that
when it is just the two of them
HY asks her why she did that in front of grandfather
does she really plan to marry him
Y: you started it first – so why did you do that?
why did you say you would marry me a while ago?
you said if you are penniless you wouldnt marry me
so why did you change your mind all of a sudden?
HY: i didnt change my mind- a while ago – i just had to do that
Y: why? did you want to show that girl- “for your sake I am going to marry”*
HY: that wasnt it – it was cuz Y’s boyfriend was looking
I thought I should get dumped if someone had to be
in front of J who knows all about us
I didnt want him to see you being rejected
Y asks if he knew all along about J and didnt tell her
HY: because I understood you
you couldnt let me go
that you were lonely because of me
I understood all that
but after I started to fall for LS a bit I knew how much I mistreated you
and apolgizes to Y
she calls him a scary person
you knew the woman you were going to marry was meeting another man
but you are sorry-that you understand?
HY: because I mean it
I dont dislike you
but you cant come back to me now Y
not cuz you have another man
not cuz you dont love me
not cuz you are trying to be a part of daehan group (as his wife)
now none of that is important to me
the reason why you cant come back to me now is cuz I am going to protect that girl
* Y meant that line as HY’s way of protecting the princess
so to protect LS he is doing this
while pouring chocolate on her hot choco
she remembers the kiss when he told her “forget this”
LS: bad jerk-I’m forgetting about it cuz (dont know this expression)
not cuz you told me to forget it -but cuz I want to forget on my own
HY comes over and startles her
she asks why he came without making any footstep sounds
LS: did you hear what I said
HY: what
LS: bad jerk
it’s fine if you didnt hear
you heard – you heard
she asks why he isnt getting mad
he says it is a bother and he has no energy to get mad at her today
she accuses him of being mad cuz Y didnt want to marry him
under breath she says again “bad jerk”
he turns and looks at her
LS: did you hear that again? sorry- from now on I will say it to myself
she says if she got rejected like him she would drink something more strong than alcohol too
he comes back and faces her
LS: you heard again? this time I said it to myself
why are you frowning?
when you live there will be time
when you dump someone or get dumped
she asks if what he is drinking is tasty and to give her a sip
HY: arent you leaving? are you going to stay here all night?
LS: you wanna switch and drink some milk?
he asks why everywhere he goes in the spacious palace
he keeps running into her
she says since we both live in the same house and feel the same that is why
she says she got rejected too in front of ppl
(meaning when he said he would marry Y-he was rejecting LS)
LS: if you dont like the alcohol- milk is good too
since we both got rejected let’s drink and forget
and be more comfortable from tm on
HY says she wasnt dumped
she asks what he means by that
he repeats she wasnt dumped
so dont use excuses to drink alcohol cuz starting from tm
going to find out everything about you one by one
starting from how much you are worth (how much money she has)
she asks reveal what?
he says it is the best way to show who she is by revealing that
she wants to know why they are going to find that out-what-is she some kind of civil servant?
next morning she sees the list of stuff they want to know about her
and she demands to know why they need to know all that and calls him a pervert
HY asks havent you seen reports about government officials?
LS says she isnt one yet and wants to do that after she becomes a princess
HY says ppl need to know who she is to decide whether to vote for her or not
she says she understood but asks for time to get her finances in order
Hy wonders if she has anything to organize
she says she will speak to the person who is handling her finances first
she goes to the bank wearing sunglasses
she tells the teller to take out all the money and then delete all her info
so no one will know (like leave no traces to follow)
she hardly has any money-as she counts
HY leans in and sneaks a look over her shoulder saying “is that all of your money/net worth?
she hides it from him
HY: i said no way but there is (as in he didnt think it was possible to have so little but it is)
he also adds that he should be grateful she didnt borrow money from loan sharks
LS: I thought about it for a long time and decided – I will give all my money
and hands it to him
HY: $157?
she points out that it is a good thing -at least she has that much
and says she is an angel and goes on using hard words
he stares at her in disbelief
she asks do I have something on my face?
HY says he will pretend he didnt see anything
since it is embarrassing for her-to hurry and go
as they leave the bank
LS runs into a oppa she knows
he says he didnt know she was a princess
before she can get near him HY pulls her away
LS says HY is her bodyguard
HY says to the guy he is responsible for her for almost anything
she says that makes it sound strange
he takes her away
LS asks what this is -is he planning to put up posters (on the street)
HY says the problem wasnt just online -they have to organize offline
HY: what kind of woman has such a complicated past
LS asks what is so complicating about it
she explains that oppa was just a good memory from when they were young
HY: so write it all down- all that warm and nostalgic memories
HY asks when her first love was
she says:what?
he repeats his question and adds
why -are there too many men so you cant remember
LS: my nickname is a woman who just looks at one man
HY: then who is initial N?
you cant use initials
LS: why not
HY asks if initial N was referring to J
LS: if it is what are you going to do?
Hy mutters she has low standards
he moves on to the next question
when was your last kiss
arent you going to say?
LS: let’s see – it’s been about 3 years
HY: you should know the distinguish between a peck and a kiss- it’s been within 3 yrs
LS calls him childish and demands to know why he is asking stuff like this
I’ going to ask too
HY says he is straightforward and lived for 31 years in a more distinguished/upper class level
LS: you really have confidence?
HY: of course- while living- there has never been a time where I wasnt confident
except for that one night
she asks what that night is
he asks why she is asking
YC comes and says they are called to a meeting room
Y and J are there
Y tells LS all she needs to do is attend
Y reads what LS wrote aloud and the ladies in waiting snicker
HY looks it over saying the vocab isnt great but it is ok
J says he thinks the same
LS smiles at J
and HY doesnt like it
LD came to see LS
LS is so happy and leaves the meeting since it is over anyway
Y tells the staff how to prepare for the introduction
LS runs and hugs LD
LD tells her not to touch her
LD says she thought she was smart in a rude way
but LD needs to learn from LS cuz she became the main attraction
through crying and pretending to be pitiful
how LS gets to eat good food, wear nice clothes,
she says LS is not afraid of anything cuz ppl call her the princess
LS says  honestly- she is scared every day and wants to run away
LD tells her she says that but wont run away
that she is a princess who sold her family out
she goes nuts and destroys LS’s clothes and stuff
just as LD is about to hit LS
HY steps in and blocks her
he asks if this is what having siblings is like
our princess was bored cuz she couldnt do this (with LD)
come often as you want cuz we have plenty of clothes
(he meant the opposite-this was sarcasm)
HY asks LD why she came
she says to see her younger sister
HY tells LD not to come back if she is going to do this
HY says he is going to the pension cuz he has something to say
HY goes and tells her mom there is a misunderstanding
he explains how it was all his doing-about revealing the info about her dad
so he kept her from going to the press conference
her mom gets upset about his explanation saying he made her into a bad mom
who didnt believe her daughter
he says sorry – please stop misunderstanding
and  for the time being not to show up in front of LS
cuz if she has someone to lean on she will become weaker
LS goes to the pension
she knocks on the door saying she is here
you are listening right?
she says she will keep coming till her mom opens the door
that she will keep coming and talk about whatever
since that is what she always did with her mom
also I am not going to cry
i said I wouldnt
cuz there is someone who would like that
mom – you know what is funny?
there are people who enjoy watching me suffering
out of them- there is one I’ve  come to like
inst it funny? i must be stupid
he makes a person very confused
he complains about everything I do behind my back
and threw me away and went
and other times he is gentle like her dad
so when I am in front of him
my heart beats fast – even tho  I didnt run- i cant breathe
but he says he will marry someone else
so I really cant stand him but i cant stop liking him
what should I do mom?
mom are you not going to see me
cant you stop being mad
I really miss you mom
I have to go for today
cuz if the palace finds out i am gone-there will be a fuss
will come again mom
HY stops her mom from going out and says sorry
her mom asks if he is the one who is making her daughter laugh and making her suffer
HY heard everything from inside
LS is in the car on her way back to the palace
mong jr looks at the side mirror and asks if that is HY’s car
the driver says when the princess arrived, his car was already parked there
LS  panics
what did you say?
is that for real?
is that car park HY’s car for sure?
she cant believe it and fears HY heard all she said
she asks mong jr: do you think he heard?
mong jr: what are you talking about
LS: he must have heard-what should I do?
she gets the guards to stop the car
mong asks why-what does she plan to do
she says to “hitch” a ride
mong wonders what “hitch” means (the word she used is not a real korean word)
she gets out of the car to hitch a ride with HY-she tells them to hurry and leave
but HY drives past
she yells after HY’s car: ya-you must be crazy –
how can you just go? don’t you watch any movies?
are you kidding? ah-what should I do?
she gets a ride with a passing car
the guy says does this look like a taxi miss?
when she tells him to follow that car
LS begs: please sir- you are going to lose him
guy: why should I follow that car
LS: you are work for the country-I am the princess
guy laughs: if you are the princess I am your dad
she  takes a more commanding tone saying he isnt showing respect to someone high up
so he shouldnt behave like this
then she begs him as the princess
he starts to follow HY’s car
she tells him to drive faster
the guy says is she by any chance crazy
she agrees she is and pretends she took a gun out-her finger
she threatens him with her finger to his head
saying if he doesnt go fast she will shoot him
the driver says she looks normal but ….
she asks him to turn on the speakers so she can call out to HY’s car on the blowhorn
if he doesnt turn it on she will shoot
she yells out his license plate-that if he stops the car she will forgive him (for leaving her behind)
HY is surprised what she is doing-what is she riding?
she says dont misunderstand -whatever you heard at the pension-you heard wrong
it isnt that at all-hey- are you listening? stop the car at once
she asks the driver to stop the car-as she gets out she thanks him and says he will have lots of happiness
HY: what are you doing? I’m going to go crazy cuz of you being this embarrassing
she says dont misunderstand
LS: even if I had to do stuff like this- I have to clear up the misunderstanding
you heard everything from inside the pension
you cant misunderstand that
HY: of course – how could I misunderstand that?
whoever heard it – it sounds just like me
LS: I knew this would happen- that wasnt you
it was just the initial P
makes your heart beat and is going to marry another girl- you know another guy like that?
LS: i knew you would misunderstand like this so I rode in that car and chased after you
HY: ok let’s just say the initial started with a P
let’s go (and takes her hand)
LS keeps  asking why he thinks the initial P was him
and accuses him of thinking too highly of himself
she asks if he has that much confidence in himself
HY: it’s not confidence – it is assurance
LS keeps saying it isnt
so he says i get it so let’s go
he akss why her ears are so red
when it is not that cold
is she embarrassed
she accuses him of trying to take her somewhere and throw her away since tm is the introduction
HY says just to think he is deceiving her but trust him and follow him
LS practices speaking
her mom sent her roses
the mom says
better than flowers-princess
better than flowers-Lee seol
better than flowers-my daughter
she is happy
when she goes there is hardly any one there
the chairman arrives and asks Y what this is
Y says some mistake must have happened
HY finds out from mong jr that Y made it hard for reporters to come in
LS starts her speech
he gives mong jr a note to give the princess
the note told her : how about having the rest of her press conference at the parking lot
so she tells the ones inside that she will finish it outside
she takes her shoes off and goes out to them
she stands on a chair
and starts her speech
she apologizes for having it out here
the chairman asks Y what they are doing it here
Y says something must have gone wrong
LS says she forgot to bring her speech
so she is going to speak frankly
she apologizes for not being the princess they wanted
it is a sincere speech
she asks them to teach her
what she should do
even tho she isnt smart
she will confer with smarter ppl
the reporters ask how they can tell her
she gives them a website
she says she will listen to them earnestly
the weather is cold but they listended to her all the way
so she thanks them
they promise to contact her
and clap
she is a hit
HY watches her from afar


LS asks YC how she did
YC says she was moving
she asks mong jr who gave that memo to her
she asks if HY gave it to her
mong jr: no it wasnt him
LS: he really didnt? by any chance did he say not to tell me?
HY: he didnt say that – he said dont ever say no matter what
he realizes his mistake
and gets caught in his lie denying it was HY
sooooo cute
LS feet are filthy from walking barefoot
she wipes it off saying it is dirty
HY comes up asking what she is doing
she quickly puts her shoes back on and says she was justin the midst of pondering
he asks what is wrong with her feet cuz she was looking at them
she lies and says they sort of hurt so she looked at them for a second
HY”it hurts? why?
and grabs her foot to look
she asks why he is looking at other’s feet
she steps into the fountain
he asks what she is doing
she says her feet are feverish-maybe they caught a cold
HY says they have to change out the water cuz of her dirt
he calls her duck feet
she says she heard her feet were similar to frog legs but not duck
HY says since she did well during the press conference- this is her gift from her teacher
and picks her up and carries her to her room (swoon)
he tells her to soak her feet in warm water when she gets in
she says ppll will see so let her down
he says of course they will see -when there are so many eyes
LS: is it ok for them to see
HY: how can it be ok- they will kick up a fuss
why are you so heavy? are you big boned?
Y sees all that
YC reports about the website
LS also finds out that there are anti fans
YC says not to worry cuz they know their IDs and they will stomp them out
and say fighting to each other
K texts that because LS became a princess
she is way beyond his reach now
so he cries over it
SW’s sec kim asks for the princess’s signature
but SW says her popularity is fleeting
HY and president meet
the president says he considered HY’s situation and sent him to the palace
but he isnt a good spy (HY isnt doing his job well)
and the princess popularity is growing
Hy apologizes
president says that HY not doing his job well this might be good for them
so they can use the princess
and how he is good at balancing good things with bad things
and that he will show how skilled he is at twisting words around
he says how one word from the princess gets everyone to listen more than what he says
and that he is going to use this
he tells HY to do a good job training her
cuz he is going to use her as his parrot to get the ppl to listen to him
so turn her into a good speaker
* the president is more evil than I thought
HY watches tapes of her introduction
over and over again
LS is in the car- and says in sageuk talk
now it is the time of LS
HY gets in the car with her
she says he is here again
HY: dont you need a little bit of what heaven means (omg that is so what i heard)
he stares at her
she asks why his expression is like that-did something happen
he says he has to go out for a while
she asks: who asked
he says she might look for him if he is gone and hang around the kitchen
she says who looks for who- you are the one who is always chasing me around
i’m gonna use this from 10-11 so the rest of the time
you can come or go as you please
so unless we need to meet let’s not
and he says he doesnt want to-i want to be right here between 10-11
LS: why?
HY: that’s what I want
LS: then instead of 10-i’ll be here from 9-10
HY: are you telling me so I’ll come
LS: that is really not it
HY: bet it’s not
he says he is leaving
and she asks where
he says she doesnt need to know
HY goes to her dad’s gravesite with flowers
he apologizes
J and LS meet
she wants to start with the orphange
she thinks she might remember
she asks him to go with her
he says he cant – cuz he wants to find it first
he was kidding
they agree to go together
Y is already there
she hears from the nun about LS’s past when she came to the orphange
LS couldnt remember anything about how she had
been separted from her family and stuff
Y shows a pic of the satchet and asks if LS came with this
the nun says she remembers it
J and LS show up
LS tells the nun
how LS doesnt remember anything and asks
if the nun if she saw this
and shows the same pic of the satchet
the nun says the satchet wasnt LS’s but LD’s
J asks if the nun is sure
the nun says that is how she remembers it
how LS and LD fought over it
LD bragged saying it belonged to LD’s mother and her mom gave it to LD
LS asks about her dad’s bag-if she had her dad’s bag with her
the nun says she kept holding it close to her for days
so they couldnt feed her or wash her
and the person who took care of you when you were like that was LD
the nun asks LS if LS hasnt mistaken what happened cuz she wanted to make her memories better
LS keeps saying that didnt happen
J says they need to meet her sis
LS asks :what if that was my sister’s-what do I do? what if I really did remember it wrong? what will happen?
J: then it will be fake
or it might be a simple problem
that either her sis didnt remember right
or her sis lied
LS: that my sister lied?
Y comes up and asked if she finished what she came to do- then she will take her
LS agrees to go with Y
that since she ran into her like this- she has some things to say to Y
J tells Y something like a threat it sounded
Y says they should have some tea
but LS says they should drink alcohol
they have a drinking showdown
Y speaks formal language so LS asks why
Y says cuz we are not alone (other customers)
if you drink what you poured the person in front of you wont get a bf for 3 yrs
Y does it twice
and says it looks like 6 yrs
LS asks between HY and J who does Y like
Y says her first love is HY
LS is surprised
Y says she liked both
but the person she wants to see right now is J
cuz she received more love from him
LS says she thinks of herself too much
Y says she knows
LS says did I ask you who loved you more
I asked who you loved more
Y: why? cuz if I answer now- so you can like HY?
I wont let them both go
should I show you clearly/prove it to you?
J and YC are talking about LS going out and not coming back yet
HY says he heard she went out with J
it is 11am so where she is now
J says she is with your fiance
J gets a text and so does HY
the text is the same
to come get her cuz she cant drive right now
HY asks J if his text is from Y
HY says let’s go together
J asks why they should go together
Hy says cuz there is someone who is worrying if I come or not
LS says let’s go
cuz it doesnt look like they will come
Y: they will come
LS: if they were going to come they would have already
Y says: you are afraid HY will show up-arent you
do you wish HY wont come get me?
LS says: yes- I wish he wouldnt come
Y: but he did
and HY comes over
and Y runs over and hugs him
HY lets her but just stares at LS
J comes up behind him
no preview

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  1. ck1Oz says:

    Dear softy,I really don’t like Yoon Jo.I’ve seen delusional and arrogant 2nd leads before.However my dislike for her is growing by leaps and bounds every minute.

    On the other hand,the couple are the cutest thing ever.Thanks for the transcap.


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    Thank you.. I will make a recap in Indonesian based on your transcap and ockoala’s. Is it okay? Thanks before.


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    I like the transcap and very happy that you are doing MP as well….
    more power…


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    I will depend on you word by word tonight.


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