Dream High E8 & E9

No matter whose side you are on-you have to feel for SD more cuz he has been devoted to HM from minute one. Yes I realize JG met her first when they were kids, but based on actions alone, SD wins hands down for being there for HM when she needed someone to rely on. It kind of bothers me at this point cuz HM already chose and poor SD is going to be heart broken next week. Can’t believe I have to watch SD losing his love to JG for the next few episodes or the rest of the drama-oh what did I get myself into? I like when second leads have a prayer of a chance and not continuously have his heart stomped on. Poor SD is going to be reeling from the pain of that ferris wheel scene next week. Bet losing his hearing isn’t even gonna come close to that anguish. Why am I having flashbacks to MJS and his unrequited love all over again- there better be a happy moment for SD somewhere down the line.
Dream High E9
SD and HM practice in the basement
clips from previous episode
kang passes out their grades/points
kang tells them they all did really well
so PS asks if they can go back up to normal rooms now
kang says they are short a few points
the trio – PS45 -HM -30 SD -40
so HM says: then we are in this class even next year?
SD says they dont have enough points so why is he in such a good mood?
kang says dont worry cuz there is a path to move up
mr park meets with the manager for K
the mananger is sweeting talking mr park to allow more absences for K
claiming they are busy-saying even 24 hrs is not enough for all they have to do
park stands firm saying they need to show up to school more
so the manager says are you saying my kids cant graduate?
park tells him there is a path – if they go out for the dance of the year
kang says just participating will give them 50 pt
SD says how could they enter something like that
kang says not to worry -they have someone on their side
they show JYP with crazy hair dancing to billie jean wearing bright pink silky outfit -or is it red-
 (dont want to look too closely-might go blind-kinda makes me miss oska dancing all of a sudden)
kang narrates about JYP and SD says that sounds impressive
kang: more than that- i trust the talent/skills you’ve shown me up to now
for the dance of the year-HM signs up for herself, SD and PS
and BH comes up to her
BH says it’s been a while
HM: it has
BH: I saw your points – you improved a lot
HM says it is all cuz of BH that she has been doing so well
she says thanks to the K pendant
they ask each other if they are going out for this dance contest
BH says: makes me look forward to it-wonder who will win
HM says it is not important who wins-it is more important that we try our best
and says she will do well and go up to the art classroom
BH says we’ll see
and BH rubs it in that JG asked her to sign him up too
PS practices dancing and turns and sees Jason
she stumbles in surprise and he catches her
romantic awkward moment
they ask each other if they are going out for the dance
jason explains how if he goes out for this- their absences will be taken care of
she asks why he is looking at her
she asks if he has anything to say to her
he asks the same thing
she says she doesnt
Ria comes up and asks jason if he already signed up
he says yes and she says you should have signed me up too while you were there
PS says see you later and leaves
Ris asks who PS is – cuz she isnt someone she has seen
jason tells her it is PS-the one Ria said she could never debut unless she lost 30kg
ria says she put in some effort but just cuz she loses weight doesnt make her a singer
jason says why not when Ria sang something once and she is a singer
Ris gives him a dirty look as he walks off
HM gets a call to buy cake for JG cuz he came home
she complains she is almost home and it is cold
SD offers to go and she offers to go with him
he tells her he can run and it is too cold so she should go home
she stops him and says there has to be something written on the cake
he says he got it and will have them write :welcome home
JG gives out presents to the family
kang’s sister complains how JG didnt call and is trying to get them
to overlook it with these presents and she squeals with delight at her present-a bag
(and I almost went deaf cuz I have headphones on)
JG makes an excuse that they were restricted from using their cell phones or internet
through that whole time  
when she complains that the presents are too expensive
JG says he has a long way to go before he can repay them back
HM’s sister asks JG to help her button her hat
when he leans in she kisses his cheek
kang’s sister yells at Hm’s sister for doing that and tries the same thing and asks JG to tie her scarf and Kang tells her to think of her age
he asks when HM and SD will be home
he asks if they are always late
he looks at his gift for HM
there are fans of JG outside who prevent HM from going in
HM says she lives here
the mean girl says they all want to live here too
they attack HM
SD saves her
when the mean girl asks what he is
SD replies -get lost while I am saying it nicely
JG tries to ask if she is ok but SD stops him
saying it would be better if JG left
SD takes HM inside
the cake has fallen on the ground
when she goes in she sees the wallet JG got her
Jg goes to see SD at the basement practice place
Sd asks what he is doing here
JG says this place is the same
he asks if the other kids are coming
SD:other kids who? HM?
JG: is HM well?
SD: she is fine- you dont have to worry
JG: thank you for yesterday- if it wasnt for you something bad could have happened
SD goes up to his face
SD: i dont think that is something I need to hear you say thank you for
do you remember what I said before?
whenI asked you if you liked HM
if i ask you again now- is the answer the same?
JG says “no”
SD: you know i like HM a lot
JG: yes
SD: I can never give her up
when I saw you- I wanted to make sure to tell you this
it’s late to say but glad you are back
then he smiles
the groups of kids need to be in 4 so they are short one SD says
PS tells HM to make sure to choose PS as HM goes up
each team captain goes up and they are suppose to pick teams
HM and BH go up
HM chooses jason (while both JG and SD look eager)
PS says she chose well cuz jason dances well
BH has to choose and she chooses JG
HM chooses SD then PS
HM’s team is number 12 and they are bird
BH’s team is number #7 the snake
SD says bird
JG says snake
jason says it will be fun
they have one week to prepare and come back
after, HM apologizes to SD saying she wanted to choose him first but
SD says she did well cuz jason is good and it would have been big trouble
 if they lost jason to another team
Hm thanks him for understanding
jason comes up and calls SD country boy
he says they are on the same team for real this time
SD shakes hi hand and says let’s do well
jason mimics SD’s southern dialect
SD says you know how to speak southern dialect and jason says he learned it from SD
SD asks HM is she wants to use it too and she says no so they all laugh
JG comes out and watches them
BH asks JG if she made a mistake
he asks what she is talking about
she says cuz you look like you want to be on HM’s team
he says no he didnt- BH did well
he asks her to make sure they win
when they get to the basement site
jason says he came before
PS says when
jason says he followed her after the singing room
HM hints that something is going on between them
PS denies it
they find out the basement place is restricted-looks like it has been torn down
Kang hands a envelope full of money to pres Ma
pres Ma says he is better than a bank cuz he isnt charging much interest
kang says he knows and thanks him
pres Ma scolds mr kang saying if he is thankful he should have paid on time
and why he is calling a busy man and making him come out here
kang apologizes
kang gets a call from SD that the basement place is not available
the owner sold it
so SD suggest if they should go to a park or subway
and jason says you wanna die from cold?
kang tells them to go to school and he will figure it out
he worries where they will rehears
pres Ma lends his club saying if they dont have a place
pres Ma sort of strikes a pose on stage
he asks kang isnt this ok
kang says it is but he worries cuz it’s not a place for kids to come
pres Ma says not to worry- as long as the kids are out before business it’s ok
then kids try it out
they like it cuz it is spacious
kang asks how much but pres Ma says not to worry about it
and kang bats his eyelashes at pres Ma
Ma yells at him not to make that face
teacher Shin shows videos of snakes
saying it is sexy, attractive, and can show a dynamic wave
JG agrees it is sexy
the kids worry cuz jason is not here cuz he was their ace
without jason – there is no wing in their fan
there is no rubber band in their underwear
but the teacher says it is better jason isnt here
cuz teamwork is important
and jason likes to stand out by himself
so working without him is easier
and jason’s team is probably suffering right about now
JYP tells the kids to watch how the bird flaps its wings
jason asks PS if JYP knows how to dance well
jason keeps contradicting what JYP says to PS 
JYP stands and says he can hear everything jason is saying
JYP asks if jason wants to have a dance showdown
kang says JYP is not a kid so why is he behaving this way
jason takes JYP up on his offer
jason let’s fight it out and JYP says he doesnt want to- not with a student
and JYP tells jason to focus on being a bird
JYP insults jason saying he looks like a bird himself
kang looks at jason then at SD
two teachers talk about how impressive kang is for bringing up the lower class student
so that they might quailfy to move up to normal classes
how BYJ was right to choose kang to be in charge of them
while mr park listens in
at school-when kang comes and sits with the kids jason asks if rehearsal was at 4
kang reminds jason he has class then but jason says this is more fun
JYP sits behind kang and the kids
he is talking to them but pretends not to be part of the group
he tells them that he came up with some ideas
kang tells him to sit with them but JYP says he is afraid mr park is watching
kang calls him a minnow and stuff
JYP ignores it and says it is embarrassing to say it with his own lips but he came
up with some choreography and it turned out to be a work of art-in the middle-
there is a solo part for a guy-where he jumps out like a real bird 
jason already talks like he is going to do the solo
HM suggests an idea and SD and everyone likes it
JG and BH practice dance with other kids with no problems
JYP tries to get the kids to act out the bird in their heads
SD and jason sort of do chicken imitations
HM does sageuk dance
JYP calls out jason
pretend you are flying from the side
they imitate him
SD is practicing at school secretly in the dark but HM startles him
she asks what he is doing here and he says cant you see i am practicing
she says what if you get caught by others
SD says it is past midnight so who would come
and isnt she here to practice  too
she stretches and says yes and that it looked like he was practicing the solo part
SD says who knows if he pratices maybe he could be better than jason and do that part
Hm says you? doing that?
SD: why – does it not sound like I am not making sense?
she says yes a little
SD retorts at times like this -she should go along with it
she does and he says forget it and turns
she asks if he is sulking
then he gets serious
SD : even if there is no hope- if I dont give up-isnt there a chance for me
he goes up to her face
SD: i will never give up-on anything
HM says something about how he is talking better these days and tells him to match their dance
the kids are at the club practicing
so cute how pres Ma and his sec try to copy their dance moves
it is after hours when the club should be open but pres Ma says it’s ok
let them practice- there arent that many customers on mondays
but the police come
kids that age are not allowed in clubs at the hour in korea
the police shut pres Ma ‘s club down for a month for punishment
the police called mr park cuz he is in charge of these kirin kids
kang explains to mr park how they didnt have a place to rehearse
but mr park asked to see kang about another matter
park knows that pres Ma was at the police station and that pres Ma posed
as someone during the showcase and park asks kang to explain all this
HM and SD wait for kang outside
they cant hear what is going on inside
when he comes out he starts lying saying mr park changed his mind after
kang displayed his charisma and HM mutters:  there is no way
she asks if there is no trouble for them to go out  for the competition
kang says of course
SD asks where they can practice
kang takes them to a sauna
he knows the owner
he will play their music too and
there are not many customers at this time
jason isnt there and PS explains he has an urgent appt
so kang suggest SD do it in jason’s place
kang asks for music cue and it begins
the kids practice at the sauna with onlookers
BH and JG practice at  school
JG and them perform
HM’s team watches and says BH’s team does look like snakes
they wonder if they can do well
kang tells them to prepare
JYP asks jason why he missed the last rehearsal
kang suggest instead of jason doing the last solo dance
HM agrees that SD should do the solo
so kang and HM choose SD and PS backs them up
JYP doesnt like it
the teachers think kang is wrong cuz SD does ok in rehearsal
and hasnt done it on stage alone
the kids perform
JG and BH watch from the seats
jason goes up to PS who is wiping her makeup off
Jason: if I had done the *finale it would have made us look funny
she gets up and walks toward the locker
he says not to misunderstand- it wasnt cuz he didnt want to do the solo
PS: if you had gotten the solo- our Sd wouldnt have been able to do it
if you had gotten the solo you should have done it earnestly
and when it was taken away -you should have gotten angry
even on the night of the showcase- you threw away your stage
and shouldnt have come to me
you have no greed and no dreams or ambitions right?
he asks if she is trying to teach him
PS: no – I am saying this sincerely cuz it is a waste
if i made you mad I am sorry
he says it was embarrassing and it hurt his pride so he didnt want to say
but why isnt she keeping her promise
PS: promise? ah- 200 day confession
she says how hard it was to lose weight
couldnt eat or drink what she wanted and almost died and came back
but when I thought I did all that for you- it seemed like a waste a little
cuz of a kid who doesnt have dreams or ambitions-I thought- did I have
to suffer that much
so I gave up
but despite that I am still your fan
that is also why I am saying things like this
jason:fan? making a person feel foolish-is this what a fan does?
PS: yes – a real (or loyal?), sincere fan
jason: no – it is a fan who stepped over the line
 jason is upset and walks off
she holds onto a red cap
* not sure what the last finale part was that SD did so I kept referring to it as the finale
HM holds the trophy for the dance competiotion-she got 3rd place
BH comes and sits down next to her with her first place trophy
HM says congratulations and their performance was really great
BH : what are you so happy about?
HM: cant I be happy?
BH says I won and you lost
HM: i know -so what
BH asks if she isnt upset about it-arent you mad?
Hm says she isnt mad cuz her objective was to go up to art class
but she got third place and now can go up to that class too
so why should she be mad
someone said that if a person can’t congratulate their friend when that friend succeeds
 and cant smile cuz of that friend’s happiness
that person’s heart is in hell already
I dont want to live in hell so today I want to congratulate you with all my heart BH
SD follows her out saying he heard her use his words
HM: did you hear it all?
SD: what I said was right huh? cuz I didnt give up -a chance came around for me.
HM says he was right
SD raises his hand for a high five
SD kisses her on the cheek and runs off
she chases after him saying “you wanna die?”
SD says even if he died today he has nothing to complain about
JG watches that
teacher shin asks why BH looks like she didnt won
BH says she was going to climb up but the person holding the rope just left
that is how she feels now
at the house
they see an article about JG and his dad
kang’s sister asks why kang doenst look surprised
she is upset
HM overhears and asks what they said about JG
JG sees the article
before they go on the air JG’s dad asks JG if he got what to say on the show
JG says he did
his dad comes out on TV show with JG
the tv host mentions the news about them
his dad says he heard ppl say that JG was a son he had out of marriage
and says it is not true
his dad says JG is his adopted son
it had been ten yrs or so when he met JG at the orphange
he liked him from first sight
and the host asks if JG’s dad adopted JG that day
and his dad says he did
his dad says in his heart, JG is the son he had
but he didnt want to hurt him by telling JG that he is adopted
but he was afraid misunderstanding from the news would hurt JG more so he came out today 
another host mentions how JG is a member of K and says JG must have suffered over this
JG says he didnt – even if what they said on the news was actually true
JG said he would have kept loving his dad like he does now
they hold hands on camera
kang’s sister watches and cries
kang wonders if they made up – JG and his dad
his sister says of course they did or else how would they go on tv like that
JG says to his dad-I really lost a dad now huh?
his dad gets in the car
their is a gift
the sec  says JG gave it to him cuz tm is JG’s dad’s bday
the dad looks sad
someone is following HM so she opens her umbrella
it is JG
 he chases after her to talk
he asks her to go ride something
she says she doesnt want to misunderstand 
he back hugs her
he cries
she asks if he is crying
he says no it is cold
he goes off alone
BH drives up
she heard where he went and asks if he is ok
HM sees them get in the car together
the kids see something-it is news about a trip to japan- kind of like a field trip i think
but it costs$ 900for each kid
kang comes up and SD and HM cover up the ad
kang starts doing the math for how much $900 for each kid would come up to
they dont want kang spending any more money on them
so they both tell him to forget about it
SD and HM overhear other kids saying that BH and JG will probably fly
business class and stuff
kang asks pres Ma to lend him money to send the kids on the trip
he says he wants to do that for them- as the last thing he can do for them
Pres Ma asks what he means by that and Kang covers and makes up a lie using
the word last (so pres ma doesnt know what is really going on)
pres Ma says instead of lending money the kids can
perform at a wedding of someone pres Ma knows
then all the cost can be considered pay for performing
kind of like a part time job
kang tells the kids and they are excited
PS offers to sing the congratulation song
PS sees jason listening to something
so she goes listen after he leaves
there is a lolipop taped to his locker
he takes it
SD asks what is riding a plane like
she says he has to close his eyes or it will pop
kang remembers what mr park said to him
Mr park: for doing a fake showcase and practicing at club
that is enough to expel them
mr park wants to fire kang but the way BYJ wrote out his instructions
it is impossible for mr park  to fire kang
kang offers to give his resignation after the trip if mr park leaves the kids alone
mr park says he will get another teacher to take over the kids so kang
doesnt have to worry about the kids
SD tells kang to hurry and get in the car
JYP dances in between scenes from next week-very distracting and it hurts my eyes
BH and JG  dance on the street
HM’s group performs on stage
SD watches as JG leans into HM to kiss her while riding on an elevator-
omg I could feel his heart break right at that moment
Yes I am fickle-when it comes to this drama I wavered a lot, but the last 3 episodes convinced me to give this drama another go. Good news for the five (looks like it may be more) people who were hoping I would pick this back up-let’s have fun for the remaining 9 eps.
for tm night- E9 will be added on to this post
it is too short to post by itself- right now my translation for taxi is longer than this one episode
the good news is I picked this drama back up – but the bad news is there wont be screen caps or anything – cuz out of the 3 of us at RB- I am the only one who likes this- so sorry ppl -no visuals
Dream High E8
Hm gets the text from JG to meet at 6 at that basement with the car
she says aloud that she is going to
when she sees him she is going to beat him up a lot
she says “jg – you are dead today”
she puts on lip gloss and straightens her outfit and smiles
the guy who kidnapped him says JG’s dad is doing this to protect JG
JG: he is not watching over me
this is to hide me
I’m really smart arent I?
my friends will really be shocked if i disappear like this
the guy says he will call the school tm to let them know
the guy says he is going with JG till JG settles in
he gets them to let go saying people are staring
JG runs off
HM waits for a long time and calls him a bad jerk
standing outside of the airport
JG says to himself”please dont make me hate you”
SG’s mom looks around the house
she sees the bathroom and mr kang
says how SD loves it – that once he goes in he doesnt come out for a long time
she says at home SD doesnt even wash when flies fly around him (ew)
she asks where HM is and SD starts to lie but
Hm comes in asking if JG came home
but acts all sweet to SD’s mom
mr kang’s sister prepares food for SD’s mom
sd’s mom calls her the housekeeper and his sister doesnt correct the mom
his mom is already talking about marriage
something about how marriage after graduation
and how SD wanted to take responsibility for Hm
her little sister says are you going to marry SD oppa?
Hm with a fake smile in her face says
“no – we havent talked about that yet
and HM kicks SD under the table
SD agrees that they havent
JG comes in looking for HM
SD’s mom says to JG that she heard a lot about him
and that he is trying to be like SD so if he is then he is like her son too
she keeps touching his face
she asks what he eats to be this good looking and tears some fish
and puts it on his bowl of rice
he says he likes fish so she taps SD and says “see if you eat fish- you’ll grow like him”
SD says he is already tall too
SD’s mom acting so nice to him makes JG cry
cuz she keeps treating him like a son
she explains she washed her hands really well cuz she heard seoul kids
dont like when food is torn with hands and put on bowls 
JG cries and he lies and says it is cuz the fish is really good
the mom is really nice to JG and says he must be thirsty and to eat slowly
JG and Hm walk out SD’s mom
she promises to visit again
Sd’s mom touches JG’s face again and says next time she sees him
she will make him more fish
he doesnt let her hand go for a moment and keeps it on his cheek
then he says “thank you mother”
SD is taking his mom to the terminal and he tells them to not lock the door
JG apologizes to HM that he is sorry
for making her wait long -it was cuz he lost his cell phone
HM says she was going to beat him but she is going
to overlook it for today cuz he looks like he had a hard day
and to go in and rest
JG grabs her and leans on her shoulder
and she pets his hair
and they hold hands
(good lord why are acting like this-did I miss something last week-when did they get this close???? )
at the bus terminal SD’s mom tells him to take care of his health and to eat well
SD’s mom says she likes HM a lot
she tells him to bring her down during the break and to take good care of HM
and while she talks SD cant hear again
he tells her to call when she gets home
after her bus leaves
he puts his hands on his ears
the debt collector secretary
tells pres Ma the cost for fake showcase came out to $7430
he asks if he can subtract something and add the rest to mr kang’s bill
in a sneaky way he asks if he should add on more
but pres Ma says just to charge mr kang just for (something) and they have to eat the rest of the cost
the sec asks why
pres ma says cuz they enjoyed the show so think of it as ticket cost
and the sec complains what kind of tickets cost $6000
pres ma: they showed me my dream so paying that much is cheap (awwww)
the head school guy (mr park from SG)
and the staff have a meeting
JYP and mr kang worries that teacher will tell and mr kang keeps staring at her
jyp texts to kang “what are we going to do if she tells mr park?”
that teacher raises her hand when mr park asks if there is anything else to discuss
JYP and kang forget to breathe
but she mentions something that she is going to put on the internet for them to check
after the meeting- they follow her
the teacher who caught them pretends she was never here yesterday
and pretends to be dumb about the whole thing
JYP asks kang what that means
kang says it looks like she is going to keep our secret
JYP asks why she is on their side
and he says he knows why and remembers how she fell on top of him
JG’s dad’s sec kim comes looking for mr kang
mr kang meets with JG and says he heard JG was going to study abroad
mr kang sort of knows about JG and his wealth
JG says do I look different now that you I’m the son of a chaebol
mr kang says he would have charged JG for rent and deposit and everything
and to repay him for all the food and hospital bill
mr kang asks one thing- if JG is going to follow JG’s dad’s orders
JG says he wont leave to study abroad ever
so mr kang tears up the paperwork
but says it looks like they would keep coming back
JG says not to worry cuz he will tell his father
JG remembers the guy who gave him the business card
the guy says for JG to make his debut
JG says he doesnt think he is ready to debut
the guys says to debut with his company cuz his management is the best
kids gather
SD and HM look at the list of name of kids who are going to debut and
SD reads JG’s name on that list
he asks another kid how JG’s name got on there
the girls says JG did the opening with BH at the showcase
JG’s friend says JG pretended not to care about debut and stuff but did really well during the performance
Hm overhears this
there is an interview for the kids who are going to debut and the kids go running over
SD says to HM: instead of our showcase he went to the real one-so he could debut by himself
HM remembers JG asking HM to stand on stage together when he debuts
SD says to HM: let’s go and see- let’s hear why he is doing this
on stage there is jason, ria, BH, JG and some other kids
the six of them have been scouted
JG looks over at HM
the woman asks BH to start off the interview
BH says to her parents she had not been a good daughter but now it seems like she has
so she says she is the happiest about that
during the interview the person asks BH who she thanks
BH says she is thankful to two pple
first she gives credit to JG for helping her to stand on stage
if it wasnt for him she wouldnt have been able to debut so she is really grateful
JG looks surprised
and the other person is that short haired teacher cuz that teacher told her that the more precious thing was competition than a friend-and those words helped to bring her here
the interviewer asks who her competition is and shouldnt BH be thankful to her too
BH looks at HM
BH says she is thankful for that friend for putting her down, considering her as competition -hearing those words from the friend she liked the most -it made her come to her senses right away-
the interviewer asks who that friend is and if she attends this school
BH says it isnt important who she is – she just wants to think it was cuz of that
friend that BH came all the way here
HM runs off
HM goes out and remembers from the start about how she treated BH
SD comes along and asks if she is ok
Hm cries and says she isnt
he asks why
she says she thought she was -(comic character)- but she was -(other comic character)
she says things he doesnt understand (and me too)
he tells her to say it simply so he can understand but she doesnt
their new manager tells them their schedule and that they are going into the dorms next week
BH says she meant what she said a while ago and thanks JG
JG: if you are really grateful
dont say it again
what you said about me or HM
he says something about how she will change or something
when she becomes famous
and asks if she is counting on hearing that she is rude or something- (I dont get this line)
on his way out he runs into his dad’s sec who had been waiting for him
JG says if you came to get me stop doing that
and to tell his dad too
JG points out that he just had a debut interview and ppl would wonder
where he went if he quits suddenly and ppl would talk
and his dad hates a mess so he wouldnt want that
while folding laundry
SD asks who she was talking about earlier “who is hanri and nahari”
she says they are characters in a comic book (no wonder I didnt know)
JG comes home
SD asks what happened -how did he end up debuting
JG says it just happened that way
JG asks HM to talk with him
Hm says to say it here
JG asks SD to leave so he can talk to HM
SD says he doesnt want to
JG grabs her hand and says meet me for a second
SD pulls JG hand away : let go – if you are going to talk do it here
so JG carries him outside and locks him out
JG apologizes for going back on his word
standing on stage together – he meant it
and that debuting wasnt cuz he wanted to do it – it just happened that way
she says she is envious- that debut does just happen by itself
HM says she isnt mad at him-that she doesnt have the right to be mad at him- who is she to do that
she congratulates him for the debut but she cant smile while congratulating him
SD comes in and throws down JG
he tells JG not to do stuff like that again
nick from 2am is lying on the floor
as romeo and ria sings really bad in the recording booth
as she comes near him singing into the phone
he sort of rolls his eyes at how bad she is
the PD yells “stop and to quit” after he hears enough
she come out and says she can do better  if they keep doing it a bit more
PD says have you heard your voice?
he says if they use her real voice
ppl will ask for refunds on their cell phones
ria asks can they use another singer and sub her
he points out she is debuting as a singer soon so does it
make sense that she use another singer in her CF?
he says it will be too obvious if they use another singer
so he asks if there is a student at her school
who can sing well but could never debut
next scene-
PS sings about smart phones in the recording booth
* I dont get why Ria is considered a star if she cant even sing
and didnt she already debut? how is it that she is doing it again?
so if some sings, dances, and acts – they debut 3 times?
do they even know what debut means??
oh what am I saying- I am picking on the wrong thing
there is a romeo on the ground who is suppose to be dead but suddenly he picks up
his cell phone when it was on VIBRATE- whoever thought of this concept needs to be shot 🙂
PS calls her mom and tells her it is for real
her voice will come out on the CF right after music bank
starting from this week and they are even adding her name at the end credit
and she tells her mom to make sure to see it
PS calls jason (his ring tone song is by 2pm)
PS tells him about the CF she shot cuz her voice comes  out
he comes down the stairs towards her and says quietly-congratulations
PS continues -and her name will come out in the credit too
jason: so kim PS – your name will come out on tv too? ok I will make sure to watch it
jason sneaks up to her as they say bye to each other on their phones
PS says :what is this- you were watching me?
jason says yes and that it turned out well (her getting the CF gig)
BH offers to give HM the K pendant
cuz HM needs it more than BH now
BH: i really hated you but now that i think about it I wonder why
BH says she feels bad cuz HM looks like she has no energy
and it isnt fun
that BH doesnt dislike HM anymore
and doesnt consider her competition
so she hopes HM will think that way too
she leaves the pendant in HM’s hand
HM has her head on her desk and PS does the same
PS: HM – i have something to discuss with you
HM turns her head the other way but PS just moves to that side
HM lifts her head and asks what is it?
PS says she thinks jason likes her for real
she insists she has real proof this time
HM: say what it is
PS says that jason took her  to a  singing room cuz he wanted to sing with me
HM says PS has 20%  chance
PS: the reason why jason came to their showcase was cuz he wanted  to sing with her 
HM if it is to that extent than 60%
PS says how she sang a CF song and jason sincerly congratulated her
HM: 70%
PS says :really? then aside from big things- if you add up all the tiny things I think it will go up to 100%- he gave me back by skirt once… (as she lists she notices HM)
Hm stares at PS and PS asks why are you looking at me like that
HM says PS is pretty
Hm wonders why she didnt notice all this time-that PS looks like a lead actress
that PS is getting prettier
PS thinks HM is sick maybe and feels her forehead
Hm says she is fine
SD is looking at comic books and the characters HM mentioned (that I didnt know either)
JG comes in and asks if SD is reading comic books now
JG asks if SD is not going to speak to him too
he asks if SD wore his underwear again
HM runs into JG
she doesnt say anything
JD says this week he is going to the dorms
PS leaves heart post its for jason
like a trail of post its
like lyrics to a song
if you feel the same way as me come up the stairs
she prays please come up
jason comes up and sits next to her
he asks if she wrote it
that he didnt know she liked him that way
he says sorry- i like you-but not the way you do
she asks why he came then-instead of just leaving
he says it didnt seem right not to come when he received her confession
PS says cuz it didnt seem like manners?
she says she gets scolded by HM for misunderstanding all the time
so she must have misunderstood again (in this case)
she offers to throw all of those away
jason keeps one post it
PS parents get ready for PS’s CF to take pics
but her face doesnt come out-and not her name either
PS and HM are laying their heads down again facing each other
PS says to HM: it looks like I wasnt the lead actress
they hold hands
HM and PS both cry
SD sketches HM (as comic lead book characters for her and him)
jason has a photoshoot
while he is resting ria comes in
the manager who tried to sign JG goes up to her
and asks about who sang the song cuz it sounded like an angel
he asks if the girl is ready to debut
she says if she loses 30 kg
jason asks why her name came out when PS sang it
she says she didnt know
jason says you call that an excuse
they get together to sing happy debut to JG
mr kang mentions how JG is leaving
the little girl says you arent going to live here anymore?
JG promises to come visit when he gets the chance
kang’s sister asks if they should have some wine but SD talks her down
they wonder where HM is
HM’s sister said HM went out a long time ago and said she would be home late
HM comes home and stands there outside
JG sees her but walks off
she goes in and looks at the helmet JG gave her
and the earphones and remembers what he said
she cries
HM is standing outside with the helmet on
SD asks what she is doing there
he taks her helmet off
heasks why she is crying -what happened for her to be like this
she says -can I tell you-why i am crying
SD says no
she says I think you have to know
he says quietly “dont”
HM- i am crying cuz of JG
he yells dont do it
he says it is right to cry over a friend
cuz  he debuted by himself so fast so HM is jealous
(he said Hm couldnt win over/beat something here but I couldnt hear
what he is referring to cuz he used southern dialect talk)
so that is why HM is crying
SD says I know you better than yourself- so that is right
there isnt another reason right?
they are both crying
this is the scene that brought me back to DH -omg that anguish on his face-those tears-
 I love KSH’s acting so much even if he was on a drama with 3% ratings I would still watch him
mr kang takes the trash out
he finds sketches of characters
mr kang shows it to her
he asks if she drew it
she says SD drew them after listening to what she said
they are comic book characters she mentioned to him
mr kang says he made her into lead comic book character
he points out which one is who-
Hm says one is BH
she points out this one is SD
kang says does it make sense that the eyes are half the size of the face
and that he (SD) covered his complex
she flips thru all the sketches
she asks kang if he thinks of her as nahari instead of hani
he tells her straight out from watching her from beginning to start- she is like nahari
she says he cant say that it wasnt what he really meant
he says he is honest – she knows that
Hm says she is not in the mood to kid and he says he isnt kidding
if you’re drama ends here – it is right that you are nahari
cuz you are putting down your friend and acting badly and watched that friend debut
but if your drama didnt end here but had this much left-it would be a different story
(he is holding up his hands to measure the distance he is talking about and I cant do that on this)
if you wake up to your problems-fix them-and something – then she could be the lead actress in this drama
he says her drama has a way to go before it finishes
so dont complain you are not going fast
-if you go slowly- instead of ppl who go fast-  you can see everything more clearly
between the two if you wonder who will succeed
I think it is ppl who go slowly and see a lot of things
he offers to take her by car to school later and she agrees
she called him kang teacher
he asks again if she did and she denies it
he says then he must have heard wrong
she smiles after he leaves (this was the first time she treated him like a teacher to his face by not calling him ahjussi)
HM goes to school
SD looks away
she says guess PS has not come yet
she takes out the drawing
saying she saw it
he asks for it back
she tries to keep it away from him holding it up
while SD was struggling for it
her hair catches on his jacket button
while he is trying to get her hair loose
from under his arm she looks at the drawings
she asks what happens after (in the comics)
he says it is a long way off
she says she knows what is next
it is their turn to win
PS hurts herself trying to avoid jason
she runs smack into a locker door that had just been opened
jason comes up and wants to look at her injury
PS stops him and tells him it is ok and to stop showing her manners
he says it is cuz she keeps making him worried/caring so if she doesnt like it then she shouldnt do things to make him care
she says: you care? didnt you dislike me?
jason says “where is a fool who would go to a singing room with someone he didnt like?’
she says you dont dislike me but you dont like me
 jason says if you want to nitpick then he does like her
she says you like me but just as friends and no more huh?
he nods his head
she asks if she loses weight maybe – could his answer change
PS: exactly after 200 days I will lose weight and come back pretty
so could you give me another answer then
jason remembers what ria said about how PS doesnt have a chance to debut unless she loses 30kg
so he agrees -after 200 days

* at first he bothered me for making her lose weight but now that I saw it again
after hearing what Ria said -jason realizes PS can only succeed after she loses weight cuz she has
so much talent and if he has to use her crush on him to motivate her to lose the weight
then as her friend – this is the right choice
she runs off to find that teacher
PS asks the teacher if it is possible for her to lose 30kgs within 200 days
the teacher says if she puts in effort she can change-that is she is motivated/determined
and PS assures her that PS is
the teacher: do you know why ppl say looks is also talent
it is cuz if you put in effort – you can change it
there isnt ugly women in this world but lazy women
(it is like she is talking to me- I NEVER exercise- I go to gyms to observe and rest)
she tells PS to work diligently from today onshe says PS needs to eat like royalty in the morning- like a kid for lunch-eat like a beggar for dinner
if she jumps rope all the time -it is the best exercise
PS can lose 200 calories for every 30 mins she jump ropes
PS loses weight
(wow that was fast took like 2 mins on the screen)
during the scenes where PS is losing weight there
were scenes of JG and BH on various tv programs and news
they are climbing the music charts
BH and JG come back to school – with lots of fanfare
ria, jason, and others are there too
they are called “K” or something
both jason and JG go to the outcast classroom
they run into each other and asks what he is doing here
JGsays to see friends he hasnt seen in a while
and JG says he is too and wonders where everyone is
jason finds a lolipop taped to his locker with the word “welcome” written on a note
PS walks by jason
he doesnt recognize her
she says long time no see
and mentions 200 days
he asks if she is PS
JG and BH watch a rehearsal with the crowd of kids
they cant see faces
but it is HM and SD -wow they are good together
mr kang’s words again: there is a long time left till your drama ends
so dont complain you are not going fast
-if you go slowly- instead of ppl who go fast-  you can see everything more clearly
between the two if you wonder who will succeed
I think it is ppl who go slowly and see a lot of things
there is some kind of dance contest
the basment place with the car is torn down so no place to practice
Pres Ma offers his place -the club- for them instead
JYP orders the kids to pretend to be a bird that can fly
jason asks PS if JYP can dance well and JYP closes his eyes in frustration
SD asks if JG remembers what SD told JG – that SD would never give up HM

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