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I don’t know about you guys, but I have always been Binnie’s fan even before SG. He seemed so grounded and sincere all the time and it doesn’t seem like an act he is putting on for the cameras. Just watch how often he grabs Young’s hands. He is so thoughtful and considerate towards her and his manners are ridiculously good. The impression I got from watching both interviews so far was that his parents did a wonderful job raising him. I bet his father is beaming with pride knowing his son the entertainer is going to the Marines. Seeing HB now like this makes me sad knowing he will be gone for over two years.
Torrent link for this is posted on MP E8 comments.
I thought watching this would ease some of the SG withdrawal but all the great clips are making me realize again how divine SG was. There was a show tonight where the actor that played Kim Tak Gu said JW’s lines during a sit up scene and as the camera went to his face as he sat up to be face to face with the girl-it was shot in slow motion like SG’s sit up scene and I realized that scene works with pretty much anyone with a good looking face. Of course it was not as good as HB’s version, but it wasn’t too bad either.
I just found out the guy’s name is Gong so in part three I will finally stop calling him “the guy”
Almost the first 4 mins or so is highlights from previous episode. His stylist comes over and straightens his jacket and stuff and Young asks HB if she is the woman who made the tracksuit and HB says she isn’t here today. When Young sees the stylist putting her hand inside his clothes, Young slaps her hand and says you should ask me to do that. The makeup artist comes over to powder his nose and Young offers to do it for her which makes HB grin.
All of a sudden you can hear the phone ring so Young says “call came in” the way JW would say “text came in” like in the drama. Both guys confirm that in the drama “call came in” never came out and the guy asks Young if you are such a fan why don’t you know that and she says sheepishly that she heard it like that on a comedy show which cracks up HB a lot. In the show, she explains they copied the SG line but changed it to “call came in” and both HB and the guy laugh again. Young gives HB an extra spoonful of soup to HB saying thank you for making us so happy (with his work on SG). She says women who wanted to dress their husbands well saw what HB wore and dressed their husbands like that. These days cuz of the recession business is down but because of HB, they are selling knockoffs of the tracksuit and they are selling well so he is saving the economy.
To give HB a chance to eat his soup, the guy says to ask him questions so Young asks-as a fellow actor-what are you most envious about HB? They guy says he is most envious of (body and height) and looks. HB isn’t eating so they both says they are talking so HB can eat but HB says he can’t so Young offers to feed it to him. HB grabs her hand again to stop her (so cute). The guy continues saying: If you say HB everyone knows who he is and he is a top star and he earns a lot of money but he always makes himself suffer. For example, I work out a bit and cry out cuz it hurts but (HB) after working out-to the point where he is holding his arm in pain- he does it again at the same place. She asks HB “really (you do that)?” HB: instead of working out cuz I have to –it’s better if I can feel some enjoyment from it. A while back, I filmed a drama called “friends”. The character I played was a boxer….so I changed to boxing for the six months I was filming in Pusan..after doing that I naturally (became accustomed to it) and it became fun so whenever I found the time- I worked out. Young interrupts and says how “friends” was so loved by fans cuz Jang Dong Gun did such a great job so actors of HB’s level wouldn’t have chosen to do that so there was a lot of talk (about why HB chose to do that project) like “did he need money suddenly?” HB laughs. She says since the talk about “friends” came out-she wants to ask about it. HB says a lot of people were opposed to me doing it –the people who supported this I can count with (less than) five fingers-which included people around me and everyone else- all those people combined- they all told me not to do it. Young: What was the reason?-cuz JDG portrayed the character so well HB: it was such a well received project (or was it “it was a perfectly executed project”) – it was a project JDG did so well on so whatever you do- you will be compared to JDG. Don’t do it- why are you doing it at this time? But I didn’t listen to all of that – I feel sorry for saying this and feel bad to those people who were thinking of me but when I saw “friends” in the movie theater- I really wanted to do it. That movie-the director that shot that-and that portrayal that JDG showed –if I chance for me to do that came around- how great that would be – that’s what I thought.  And that chance came to me- it was right in front of me-so there was no reason to let it slip away so I said “ ok I will do it” – I decided right away. Even if I play that character and people criticize it- how much criticism will there be. Young interrupt and says “ you received a lot” and she laughs and leans on HB but HB doesn’t laugh and continues “ I did receive a lot of criticism- I did but – if I am going to be criticized I rather receive it quickly –that’s what I always think-  when I get criticized for acting-instead of taking it as a minus –I thought it would return as a positive all the time –that is why I had less fear. Young asks the guy as HB’s friend- what did he say about it and the guy says I didn’t oppose it so Young says the guy was one of the five (who didn’t oppose).Young: so was there a time when you asked JDG? HB: there was-he was with me when I decided. He told me to do it. “Bin-ah- you should do it”. Young: oh he did?
She says: This talk is getting very honest-since this is “taxi” and people should laugh so we should continue after making HB laugh really hard. HB looks nervous as she sips her soup and both guys think she is going to imitate the cappuccino foam on the upper lip. After she puts down the mug, there is no foam and both guys said they thought she was going to do the foam but she explains “this will only drip” and both guys laugh really hard.  The guy spits up his soup and gets some on his upper lip and she points and says “cappuccino”. She assures them “don’t worry I will it a little later – is there anything with foam around here”.
They go down the list of top five lines to re-enact. The guy says #5 “is this your best? are you sure”.  The guy stands and poses as the secretary and HB gives his line as JW(using informal Korean). The guy says he almost cried.
The next one is #4 “GRI-since what age have you been pretty? From last year?” Young asks HB to say that to her (but he changes it) “Lee Young- since when did you eat this much? From last year?” HB holds her arms again and both of them laugh. The other guy says “it wasn’t from last year-it’s been a lot longer” HB explains she had been eating so that’s why he said that. She says it’s ok-it’s ok-since you did that your popularity will drop and all fat kids will hate you” HB laughs a lot.
#3 was what AY said to JW to compliment JW so he would hire her back when she called him sexy and stuff.  They guy asks HB “you don’t act like that normally? talk like that? HB denies it and says “I don’t do it”. The guy says you know you are (good looking) and HB says “why are you like that” and the guy says “you did that in front of me” and HB is about to deny it but Young shoves a plate in his face so HB can see his own reflection but he says to her “ I can’t see anything” which makes everyone laugh. The guy asks if HB did anything special to get that line out like that but HB says he didn’t have to cuz there was no need to put himself in that situation so HB just said the lines.
#2 To me this person is KTH and JDH. Young says she will play GRI and the guy should play the director. The guy complains –you always make me play the bad guy roles. The guy says some mean stuff and Young acts like GRI and keeps apologizing but she adds “there is no one as fat as me” and she looks at HB sitting there and extends her hand and says “hurry and take me away” but HB still sits there and says “hurry and finish filming”. They all laugh and HB takes her hand AGAIN. The guy asks HB “weren’t you embarrassed?” HB says he really was cuz at the film site, the scene wasn’t a one on one with the other actor where it is just the two of them but there were a lot of people there as the department store extras so saying those words was humilating cuz it wasn’t words he normally used but cuz the manner in which  JW spoke and behaved was always focused on what he wants and getting his own way so I thought if I don’t stop bringing that more to life he will come off seeming like a cad so I put a lot of effort to make him cute and {likeable}.
 #1 was “text came in”. HB was surprised that was number one. Young asks if it was scripted and he says it was and to get it write that it was recorded and they played it to him ….but his answer gets interrupted by food. The guy tells HB to eat this time (cuz HB barely touched his salad and didn’t eat his soup). Meanwhile Young already has steak in her mouth and as she chews, she says “I’m sorry but no matter how popular HB is- a person has to eat”. She feeds him steak off her fork and he eats it. She says so “text came in” was recorded and you followed it.” She gives him two choices: do you want to say “text came in” or do the foam kiss with me and before she finishes her sentence HB -still chewing his steak – quickly says “text came in””text came in” and the other guy laughs.  
The guy says if the 5 lines were the best lines than there are 3 best scene that we can’t ever forget and we shouldn’t forget.
#3 the sit up scene. The guy asks HB what HB thought as he was reading the script-did he feel squeamish about it or did he like it. HB says: honestly I was (hopeful?) that many people would like it but during the shoot I was having a hard time-I had to keep doing sit ups for real constantly-it was hard. The guy asks how many and HB says “too many-Young asks how many NGs and HB replies : hundreds (I read somewhere it was over 200). Young tells the guy let’s do it since it is one of the top scenes and the guy asks where do you want to do it and they do it next to where they are sitting. Young plays JW cuz she is wearing the tracksuit and the guy plays GRI. HB gives Young instructions on how to do a sit up like cross her hands like an “x” over her chest. AT first she barely gets off the floor but once she comes all the way up, the guy says “it would really make someone nervous” . when they sit back down, the guy says to HB : when you were filming that, I bet you felt something” HB agrees saying it was a little indescribable. The guy tells his audience if you are dating -try doing sit ups like this once. HB add that if JW had just kissed RI at that moment, it wouldnt have been fun, but cuz he kept going up to stare at her …..the guy interrupts and says the look in HB’s eyes was amazing. HB seems embarrassed by the compliment. this whole time Young was cutting up HB’s steak for him into smaller pieces. HB feeds the guy a piece of steak. Then he feeds her a piece.
#2 is the claustrophobia scene in the elevator
the guy says in a real situation one could lose consciousness…did you have some basic similar fears to add to that? HB: depends on the situation but (people who suffer from that) can lose oxygen  in severe cases (it may have been another symptom -guessed it)  and heart attacks when it gets severe but the way I acted it in the elevator – I did the oppposite and inhaled really quickly so I got rid of half of it (oxygen) so it sounded like I was having a hard time breathing and that’s how I acted out that- so since I was breathing quickly- when you heard it – it didnt sound good-so to help act out that scene I did the opposite (meaning in real case one should try to breathe in slowly). young adds that in that scene people said “HB acted so well”
#1 foam kiss
Young asks : you did it for real huh? HB: yes of course it did it all for real. the guy laughs and says “then do people fake it?” Young: so kisses these days are all done for real? the guy: of course
Young: they dont just touch (lips lightly) and she asked is it possible to have a demonstration (have a kiss with her)  HB laughed
Young asks HB to choose the scene himself where he thought as he was acting “I’m doing this really well”. HB: I like that scene where – before I go into the rain- I write RI a letter.when I was shooting that scene it was really hard-it was a scene that had to be shot all the way through once so after we started the shoot-so even after it ended I was still feeling all that – it was that kind of scene. at that time, I got a hold of all the natural emotions I was suppose to feel well-was able to focus/concentrate well and do that scene. Young: like other actors-for example they take a situation from their lives where something similar happened where they were going through the hardest time and bring that to life to feel it -so how did you do it-when you were shooting that part-did you bring something out-think of something and do it? HB: long time ago I did that- for real- I killed off people in my head who were still alive. Young adds: this person is someone I really love but that person died…HB:depending on the situation on that day when I cant focus, I tried that method but thankfully during this drama- while shooting the drama, I only thought of the situations in the script-in the elevator- I only thought of the situation that occurred in the elevator-when I was writing the letter – I was only thinking of the words in the letter and cried in that scene so I think that’s why it turned out well.
Young says that many people are excited about his upcoming two movies and are torn which one to see- she asks which one should we watch and Hb says “you can watch both of them”. Young jokes :do they have double premiers? The guy asks when Man Chu (late autumn) starts HB says 2-17 and “love me love not” is one week later at 2-24 (but the TV screen said 3-3) Young asks HB to tell them how MC has this kind of feel to it and LMLN has this kind of feel to it and why we should watch both of them. HB: first of all, both movies tell different stories-then he goes on to name his costars name. when he says the Chinese actress name Young makes a joke I don’t get about colored chickens. Young points out that up to now HB get working with actresses that are older than him starting with MNIKSS- Tang wei is older –she was born in 79 and HB is 82 and Im soo jung was born in 80 and HJW was born 78 and Lee bo young is 79. Every time they named an actress Hb replied “she was older” After they went thru all the names the guy says to HB: what are you? Hb says there was only one actress who was younger from his movie “millionaire’s first love” (the lead girl from Paradise Ranch lee yeon hee). HB says he didn’t plan it , but it happened that way. Young asks “just by accident?”Young: after you had conversations with older noonas and then you had to talk to that girl- didn’t it feel different? HB: when we did a kiss scene- there was some pressure/burden cuz at the time Lee Yeon hee was a high school student. Somehow I heard her parents opposed it so I thought “ah there is stuff like this”
Young asks him to talk about Tang so HB explains: for 3 days –it is about love and what happens when two strangers meet. The guy asks about “love me love me not” HB: that is more funny- that is what happens in one day –Young “for 24hrs” –HB: it is what happened in one day  -location is everywhere in one house –basement studio, kitchen, bedroom-it’s about what happens in a house so I think it will be a different kind of fun.
Young: 10yrs old HB- what did you think of yourself? The guy says : out of two siblings – you are the youngest right? HB: yes I have one older brother. I think I was the same- nothing really stood out. I swam since I was 6yrs old until  (joong hackdae –maybe it is middle school?) –like I said a while ago – my dream was to go to the police academy so my parents were thinking I would and in high school I went into a drama class cuz of some older classmate-after I tried acting –I felt the attraction (or maybe it was “I felt how appealing it was”) and also it wasn’t cuz someone told me to do it that I did it- I went on my own to rehearsal –I knew later on that “what I need to do is this” so I started acting from then. Young asked him if he still remembered which play he did and he named the title (I don’t know it-all I understood was “our”) and Hb goes on and tells them that he went and performed on the stage in plays at certain venues and at Dong guk university. Young: you are talking easily about this but when you switched to acting – it seems like there would have been some opposition. HB: I fought a lot-to my father- it was something he never even thought about. Young: what your father wanted was you being a policeman. HB: my father thought that going to the police academy was the right choice-and in my household there are a lot of relatives who came out of good schools and have good careers (HB lists an older cousin and others as examples and where they graduated from and their jobs  but I don’t know it). From my father’s point of view- it wasn’t something he could accept –to the extent that he said he would go to school and get rid of the drama class, he really hated it so he wouldn’t let me step foot outside of the house. So after school ended, he wouldn’t even let me go to the library cuz he thought it was a lie. The guy asks: how does it feel about it now? HB says now there is no problem at all. HB also points out: when it is time for me to go home, even if it is really early in the morning –he’ll be awake and won’t be sleeping. The guy explains what HB’s father is like (how much he loves HB and that his father is like one of those men on SKKS like sun joon’s dad) and that he is precise “when something is allowed- it is”. Young asks even though his father likes it now- how did HB change the mind of a father like that. HB: he came up with a deal. Even though he strictly opposed it, I lied that I was going to hakwon (teaching institute) and went to rehearsal and I got caught. I really got beat thoroughly –Young interrupts and asks: when you said you got beat-how do men hit? HB: at that time, my dad hit me with a baseball bat and I was only allowed to wear underwear. He locked the door and hit me with the baseball bat – but I got hit the wrong way on the knee while my father was beating me so my father felt bad about that so he put some medicine on it and while we were eating he looked over at me concerned- I understand why (my father did that)–my father wanted to raise me without feeling embarrassed like anyone would with his kid-with the thought “I wish my kids would do that too” so he must have been upset-that is why now thankfully –after I chose this job and he used to oppose-anyway I succeeded to an extent so the apologetic feelings I used to have disappeared a bit.
Young: what was the deal? HB: to go into Choong Ang University theater department HB: it’s kind of bad to pick on schools (like which one is good and bad), but to older people like my dad –there was something like that –“a certain school –this major” so to my father- he must have thought CAU theater department (was good). Young: so your father said “can you get into CAU theater dept – then you can continue acting” HB: that was the deal so I had to study all of a sudden really hard Young: were your grades good somewhat HB: it was just average– it wasn’t better than other or worse than others. So first, I studied really hard for subjects that were difficult, reduced play time, and practiced (?) and the result was that I got in. After that he didn’t talk about it. Young: so he kept his promise. HB: yes
Young: then what about your mom-when your father opposed- did she oppose with him? HB: my mom didn’t like it –but the way I remember it, even though she inwardly didn’t like it she didn’t really speak out. Young: I heard your mom pushed you to swim HB: what my mom made me do was swim, piano, calligraphy young says his mom made him into GRI and they all laughed. Young: why did she do that? To a guy? HB:I don’t know why. I think she made a lot of time for me to focus-now that I think about it-normally at that age a lot of friends were doing taekwondo or something. Young: that’s right so what happened? HB: at that time I had to play piano 50times so when I was really young-when I heard music- I played it right away Young: how about now? HB: I can’t play it Young: you forgot how? HB: I forgot it all Young: I read some interview that you made a fuss cuz you didn’t want to swim HB: I made a huge fuss- now that I think about it –it was such a stupid thing to do. HB asks the guy to tell her- the guy says Hb did a lot – basketball, swim, art, music-but he cant last longer than 3months so it is frustrating –it would be nice to see him stick with something so there could be some results but all of a sudden without any warning he would say he wanted to do something else (and I don’t get the joke that was written on the screen that made them laugh) Young: so how much did you know want to …HB: what I still remember is that I didn’t like the smell of chlorine in the pool-so when I was young- it was time to go to the swimming pool-to learn –after playing soccer at the school field-on my way home-I stopped where there was a faucet and wet the front of my face and went inside “mom I am back from swimming” and she said “uh- you did well” and the minute I turned around, she hit the back of my head Young: why?HB: cuz I only wet the front of my face – cuz my whole head should have been wet but only the front of my face was. The guy says: then you should have said “mom I only did the frog kick” HB: I didn’t think of that and just wet the front of my face and got caught by my mom and got in trouble right away. Young: after that- it’s not like you tried your best HB: I didn’t think of doing that again (lying)-this way is not getting across Young: “so I guess I should just swim” HB: when I was younger than that – (and this bus story is confusing me so I have to ask someone why it is so funny cuz I don’t get it-turns out he didnt realize that a bus could reverse) Later on HB continues: when I was young, cuz I really did not want to- I put my finger in my mouth and forced myself to throw up at the swimming pool- I did it (put his finger in his mouth) where the teacher could not see and went right in front of him where he could see and threw up so while other kids swam I went up to the bleachers and sat there. the guy asks why HB hated it so much. HB: when I was young I just hated it- cuz I wanted to play but I had to keep swimming-and I remember when I was young- (he describes how you throw something and have kids retrieve it) –to train kids and I didn’t like stuff like that-now that I think about it- it all helped me Young: now that you’ve acted – whether it was swimming or playing the piano..HB: swimming- the thing I hated the most- when I have kids- I am going to make them do it young: why? HB: I want to make them do it cuz I think it helped me a lot Young: what did you learn from swimming? HB: physique (physical stamina?) and a lot of other things (didn’t catch it)
Young: you like plays that much? HB: I liked it-maybe cuz it was something I haven’t experienced so that is why- I loved the sound of applause. I didn’t know what plays were and did it. During curtain call –after the curtains would close-the lights would come on (where the audience sits) and the lights would go off on stage but I could still hear the applause-that feeling was very (strange in a good way) I thought “what is this”? [he goes on and talks about the hyungs “older brothers” who would do stand ins- move the  set around-come out as extras for a second] that was what was so much fun.
Baby pics of him and his bro are shown- they look similar.
the guy says to HB: You have to be grateful to your parents for receiving good looks-were you popular in high school-you were good looking huh? Since when were you good looking?
HB: I was the same- I think I was always the same.
The guy: were you good looking from a young age?
HB: I never said I was good looking.
The guy: you didn’t say it but I felt like….
HB interrupts: what are the qualifications to be good looking?
Young and the guy lists: tall, great body, nice face
Young: then I’ll ask this way-including high school and college-have you ever gone out on “meetings” (a set up usually in groups)?
HB: none
Young: blind date?
HB: none
Young: then when you are walking along the street “oppa- I like you” and they give you their numbers- has that ever happened?
HB: there was- I received some
Young: then you are good looking
Young asks the guy if he has and he says “yes” too and she says then he is good looking. She continues “I haven’t received any-cuz I am fat“.
Young to HB: so you have received them
HB: I have received some but not a lot but I didn’t think it was cuz of that. I thought it was just …Young: cuz you are a guy with charm/appeal
HB: I don’t know- also my high school was all boys and (he points to the guy) subaenim knows this too but I like hanging out with guys more.
Young: I want to hear from you (the guy)- since you went to CAU too- when HB entered were you there? both of them talk at the same time. HB: he wasn’t there- he had graduated a long time ago before me. The guy says I am a lot older than him-even tho we play together- I am a lot older ) he graduated in ’89 and HB ‘2001. Young says she is that guy’s sunbae. The guys says it is true that he got closer to HB cuz HB was his college junior. She asks how the guy was introduced to HB. The guy says: I was introduced to HB by Park (that Korean actor with the chubby cheeks that is old and is in every movie ever made) park said: there is a guy who is a lot younger than you-I’m going to introduce you to him so show some interest and treat him well. Young: so you guys didn’t know each other while in school- it was after you graduated. The guy continues: after I was introduced to him, I sat back and watched over him. He just naturally came into our group. Young accuses the guy of thinking of HB like a son but the guy says it was more like the youngest brother. The guy: the youngest brother is -in this hard place/occupation- he became an actor with talent and a star with a lot of popularity -90% of me is REALLY happy -10% I am REALLY jealous and envious
Young: guys feel like that but girls want to feed him something (so she feeds HB grapes)the guys says to HB: you know how it feels now and he explains that HB plays around like this with them-he pretends to give it and takes it away the last second. Young says it is true HB does act like the youngest around his hyungs (older brothers). When we see him- we see the impressive HB and JW and in front of his hyungs he shows a new side. HB explains that he knows he shouldn’t behave like this (teasing them) and that it is wrong, but this is the way he can get over the wall or else it is too hard (to get close) so quite often after he does stuff like this – he gets scolded by them
Part three coming up next week
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    Hi Softy! Will you be translating Part 3 of the interview, please? I’ve been holding out for the transcaps before watching the vids, but if you’re not planning to, then I’ll give in to watching them raw. Thanks a million!


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    hi softy…any possibility for continuing recapping taxi part 3… I really love to know what Hyun Bin have to reveal in the last part


  26. Claire says:

    Thank you for the translations. I found them really helpful because I can’t find any english subs of the entire interview. I hope you can still translate PART THREE of the Taxi interview. I would love to understand what they were saying. Thank you once again! Fighting!


  27. shoon says:

    Thank u so much for translating this! although i would like to watch them, i don’t know the link for part two and three. So if you can, will u please share the link for hyun bin taxi part two and three?
    Once again, thank you very much @_@


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