My Princess E8: Live “Transcap”

As everyone has stated, that was one powerful scene when LS confronted HY for what he did. I loved when he said you can come back to me in almost a whisper…during the show I almost stopped typing from shock. LS tears stopped  for a second and I forgot to exhale- I wish there were more scenes like that. Hey no second kiss- wonder why Y turned him down-not that I am complaining but I guess even evil doesnt want to marry someone who doesnt love her.
My Princess E8 Transcriptions
they wasted almost 7 or 8 mins showing us clips of E7 – we couldve gotten more screen time
for the end – like a chance for Y to explain why she is turning HY down-argghggh

it starts with clips from previous episode then finally leads up to the kiss

after the kiss, he lays her down in a room and covers her so she can sleep

he comes out and stands on the steps where they kissed and flashes back to him
as a kid walking past a young LS

next morning LS wakes up alone and she looks for him
HY is driving looking upset
LS goes outside looking for HY
mong jr says he is sorry and takes her to the car
she tries to get out but she cant
LS asks if they are doing this cuz of Y
she gets a call but he says she isnt allowed to answer it
she makes a threat and mong jr gives her the phone to answer
HY calls her

she tells him to hurry and come get her
he tells her he threw her away/left her behind
even if she somehow makes it-she wont be allowed in

the palace sets up for the press conference
Y talks to SW and gets news from OC saying’ something big has happened”
G tells chairman not to be surprised but the princess is gone
she left last night and hasnt returned
chairman asks where HY is
YC goes and asks HY :yesterday you took the princess and went outside
you guys left together in good spirits so I had enough sense so I kept my mouth shut
she stammers on about how the conference is starting and she wants to know what happened to the princess but Hy tells her not to worry and to go out
someone comes in to tell HY to come out-he is already ten minutes late so
if he is later then it will be a problem

the court ladies get together wondering where the princess is
OC comes up and makes them quiet down cuz there are reporters around
the reporters are impatient
HY goes up in front of the reporters and first announces that the princess couldnt attend
then he talks about her adoptive dad and the rumors

J tries to call LS
LS asks for her cell phone
mong jr wont give it to her
LS convinces him by saying she cant make it anyway to the conference
J asks where LS is -if she is at the palace
he tells her how HY has started
she says she is on her way and asks him to delay the conference
but J says it’s been going on for some time
HY clears up the misunderstanding about her real dad
then he ends the conference

J goes up to HY
J: what are you? what did you do?
HY: you just saw it all
J: I just spoke to LS
she asked to delay the conference
J: did you stop her from coming-is that it?
HY: it’s none of your business so stay out of it
[totally lost me here with all the hard words-did not catch one word of it]
J asks HY if he knows what he is causing to happen
J says : to seol – it’s her real/precious family and she could lose that family
J: at the school, hospital, whenever I ran into you
even though you did things your way
I saw how you worried over seol
I thought -he isnt a totally bad person
he wont hurt her
I trusted that a little so how could you do this?
HY: you saw me wrong
Hy makes a remark that J should just earn his keep as royal something and not go over that
J says LS means more to him than a royal artifact (guessed this word)
HY: more than an artifact?
J: to me, LS is an artifact that is alive
and a dream that I have chased for a lifetime
to someone who would do this for money- this must be hard to understand
HY: must be nice for you-to take sides so freely
J: I plan to continue taking sides all the way

watching the conference on her phone
LS figures out HY took her all the way there to leave her there for this reason
she orders the car to be turned around

HY meets with Y
he tells her the princess will be here soon-I’ll take care of it so you dont have to bother
she asks were you with the princess last night
he says: yes-I wanted to
I wont make any other excuses/explanations
this is as far as we are going to talk about that
she says she doesnt care cuz of she trusts him
but about settling the news article- that shouldnt have happened
why did you get involved and help LS
Y says something about how he made it easier for her to get chosen
so why did he help LS
HY: because she lost her family-you know better than anyone how cruel that is
Y says no she cant – LS might cry a few days but does he think she will give up being the princess?
Y says all he ended up doing was protecting LS

chairman asks to be alone with HY and tells Y to leave
Hy tells chairman that he did what LS would rather die than do herself
clear her real dad’s name by using her other dad
HY:[?dont get the first reason] and the princess hates my guts and wants me dead – isnt this the picture what you wanted?
chairman says HY is right-he didnt like leaving the rumors alone either
chairman asks what Hy did  and where the princess is
HY: where ever she is she must be crying
LD watches the news
she tells her mom that LS has betrayed them
LS runs home
but they dont open the door
LS: mom it’s me -i’m here
she says she knows they are in there
she asks for her mom to hear her out
to open the door
mom tries to go to the door
but LD says LS is no longer their family
LS cries outside the door
she says it wasnt it-she never meant to let people know about dad
she cries on the ground
J walks up to the house
from inside right next to the door, the mom says to LS:
it’s ok
it was going to be found out anyway
mom will be fine if you live well and happy-I’m satisfied with that
but mom is a person too- I know in my head-
but it hurts inside
it hurts so I cant bring myself to see your face-the mom cries
LS cries outside saying she was wrong

J is in the car with LS as she cries
she says what do I do with my mom and sis
J says: instead of your mom and sister
you have to decide what you are going to do
LS: me?
J tells her to stop crying first
J: decide now
after you get out of the car- you can either go back to your family
or go back to the palace
what are you going to do?
it is really simple but
you can even decide that huh?
if you saw the news report
I thought you might go to the pension
that is why i came
but when i arrived
i hoped you wouldnt be here
that’s right the LS i know would have come running straight
to her family and cried and been torn up -that’s who she is
but princess LS -even though it was late-shouldnt she have appeared before the reporters?
Right now you are  (falling for) being affected by park Hy
and being turned around by Y
but you arent doing anything
cuz you still dont think you are the princess yet
am I wrong?
before you became your parents daughter-you were korea’s royal history
the royalty to catch right away
and a very useful royalty
to me and to korea
G comes in and tells HY
that G is grateful and sorry
Hy asks what for
G explains that what Hy chose to do was the right one and that the chairman is probably reaching that same conclusion so G says that HY was right to think of it
(cuz I think maybe the chairman even thought LS might mess it up-just my impression)
Hy warns that G still doesnt know what choice HYmade yet
G: what does that mean?
HY: it’s not going to be hard to make that one girl
wander around  for the rest of her life  like her dad
so dont forget that I am my father’s son
* I dont like when he gets this mean
it makes me forget the other sweet side of him
Y looks at a pic of LD and says: the satchet you are hiding
is it the real royal satchet or not?
OC comes and tells Y that the princess just returned

chairman hears that HY and the princess shared one room
mong jr tries to defend them saying first of all there was only one room left
chairman says HY lost his mind and is crazy
mong jr continues: there is no law that just cuz a man and woman
share a room something happens
chairman orders them to go call G
*so adorable

LS comes back and Yc says where have you been? we’ve looked everywhere
J explains she is really tired so she should eat first so prepare that
but LS  insists on meeting HY first
LS asks YC where HYis
YC says he is in his office
LS says bye to J
as LS walks over
Y opens the door and says: you are late- a lot
LS retorts:  so you must like it-a lot
Y: a little
Y tells J that Y wasnt worried about the princess cuz  (couldnt hear it clearly but it was another snide remark for sure based on everyone’s expressions)
Y tells LS to go on her way
LS’s staff tries to follow LS but Y tells them to go back to their places
Y makes a comment that LS is too naive
and how no one ever knows where LS might run off to
J: that is why she is *loveable/adorable
dont  knows where she will run off to but where ever she goes she brightens it
there was a time when you did that too
though it’s been so long it is hard to remember since you’ve become so dark
[he said “pretty” but it doesnt mean looks here]

LS pounds on HY’s door
“come out- come out you awful jerk”
“open the door”
“come out-are you avoiding me?”
when he opens it
she hits him on the chest with both her fists
calling him a bad guy over and over again
‘how could you throw me away”
how could you do this to me?
he grabs her wrists to stop her from hitting him
she says “let go”

he tells her to lower her voice
she says are you scared people will know how bad you are?
then you shouldnt have done that
what about my mom?
what about my sis?
because of you my mom wont see me-she wont see me
he says you said you are used to being an orphan
you said you are used to not having anyone in the world and being alone
so why are you changing your words now?
if you decided to live as a princess you should have expected this much
did you think people would say “this isnt something we should do -let’s not reveal this”
LS: I knew people wouldnt do that but I thought Park HY would
reason? i dont know-there was no such thing-but I just thought-Park HY would protect me
so how could you do this -how could you do this to me?
HY: what are you?  (or maybe it was “who do you think you are?”)
what are you to me?
why did you think i would protect you
without knowing the reason-[just cuz you felt like it -why did you put me next to you and count on me ]
you think I was the one who threw away your family
no- you chose this
when you became a princess and dropped their registry then you are no longer their family-isnt that right?
[more bad things will happen so if you react like this each time]-what kind of princess will you be?
do you want to go back to the way it was?
do you want to be forgiven
do you want your family back

then give up being the princess
if you give it all up
you can go back
even to your family
and to me (OMG)
he goes back in and closes the door

she sits outside crying
he finally calls someone to go take her away
he almost goes out to go to her but he doesnt
*totally guessed on brackets
staff says the princess is crazy-how could she skip the conference
she walked out on her own two feet
heard she stayed out all night- no matter what- what kind of princess does that
she grew up in an orphanage
it shows how she wasnt raised properly
YC gets mad at them
did you forget who you pledged to take care of when you got hired
you dont even know the situation
how could you talk about the princess behind her back
saying who is feeding you
the other girls accuse YC of thinking she is a princess and talk back at her
OC comes in and says be quiet
Y is here
Y asks who saw the princess leave
be honest
isnt there anyone?
or are you pretending there isnt anyone
in this palace not a single person must know about pride
is it cuz you all are like the princess
fine I’ll let this pass this time but
from now on-everything to do with the princess-
even if it is something big or small- one step or a single cough
i have to know all of it
they will all be responsible and be fired if they dont report the next time
the princess leaves without Y’s knowledge

LS keeps trying to call her mom
but LD doesnt pick up her mom’s phone
LD sends LS a text with the mom’s phone
she texts “dont call from now on”
LS tries to leave
she says she is in a hurry
YC says LS has to get permission from Y
or else YC will get fired
LS says sorry and tries to leave anyway
and YC begs her
so LS stays

YC calls LS
LS says i wanted to be alone
Y comes in and says (people are saying) you are dead
LS; what are you saying?
are you making a person who is alive – dead now?
Y: you think I made that up
you did all that
someone’s daughter posted that you didnt show up and the
conference so now it is all over the internet
his other daughter said “the princess and I are not  family”
and something about LS being hospitalized and how she supposedly died there
LS tells Y to tell them that LS is alive and that it is not true
Y: that’s the problem right there
except for you being alive-what proof is there
someone like you who ruined the press conference
Y goes on and says more mean things
LS: so what do you want me to do
Y: out of all the rumors one should be true
so get dressed and go to the hospital and act sick
LS orders Y to get out
LS calls and asks YC to get her some clothes
and tells Y to gather her staff

LS comes out and meets the staff with Y and HY and J there
LS cant see the people in the back
so she gets on the sofa

she says sorry to make you gather suddenly
sorry for missing the conference
there is unfavorable gossip about me cuz of that
so from this moment on I am going to [get control]
all this time I didnt know who I was or what i had to do
cuz this situation came so suddenly so I was daunted/scared
i came in here cuz i wanted to clear my father’s name
now i realize
my father was not just my father alone
he was this country’s royal history
so I will hold a ceremony to introduce the royal foundation

Y says something about how [the introduction was to start off letting people know about the palace]
and it doesnt have anything to do with the princess
and LS saysif it doesnt have anything to do with me then why am I here
she continues please hurry and prepare for it
that will be all

Y asks HY what happened that night for LS to act like this
HY: we had to have that ceremony anyway so what is the problem
Y: it wasnt an event for the princess
for your sake for my sake it wasnt a place for her to be
he tells her to help out the way she wants
she asks what HY is his real intention
is he really going to let her be the princess
Ysays werent we on the same path?
HY: what same path is it?
Y: you are asking cuz you dont know?
are you going to marry me
HY: i told you if I end up poor I wont marry you
cuz that is the best respect I can show you
Y:how is that respect? it’s a way out for you to run away
[she says something difficult]
why do you think what I want is just money?
can i be more honest?
you wanted me to be that kind of woman
HY: that is a misunderstanding
maybe I wasnt passionate towards you
but I wanted to make you happy
[something about how he saw G suffer all his life] so HY wanted to make it up to Y
Y: then do it -right now
I’m okay with you being poor so do it (marry her) now
you cant answer me huh?
if you answer- you wont have a hole to go out of
and also cuz you are falling for her
isnt that right?
HY: i know what you are thinking now
I wont do anything with her – I won’t
Y: you must not know-but you already have

J says LS was impressive back there- it was the best
LS: really? it was cuz i couldnt lose everything
even if another situation like the press conference came around
I wouldve gone to the pension first
to me still – the most precious thing to me is not [?her royal duty] but  family
but this is how things turned out so I couldnt let both things get destroyed
J: you can do both well
before he gives her the album
J says: dont forget- to koreans they are royalty
to you they are precious family members
LS: it is about my grandfather’s story
because of the news, I just wanted to find out about my father
and didnt even think about my grandfather
she asks questions about her grandfather
and he answers (i have no clue)
she asks if J is giving this to her

J says no- he is just showing it off and bragging about how much he knows
she laughs like her old self then gets a hold of herself and acts more regal
J says she seems more like a princess now cuz she did that
LS says he looked at her like she was cute
he says he did -his heart is trembling
she accuses him of lying
J says something about how should he feel when [?] is laughing so brightly in front of him
it feels like my heart will burst
and it is a real honor
LS thanks him and asks if she can really do well
J says of course you can
j advises her saying every day she might remember more (?i think)
so dont write farewell letters on a whim
dont go around saying to anyone “it feels like I am in [?]
LS says he must have come to give her pressure
J: is it that obvious
LS says before she forgets stuff- she needs to do urgent things first

LS is in the car and making a list of web sites and fan clubs she used to belong to
[I only understood a few]
she writes “title”
something “dark”
“morning where you can lift your chin”
“everyone together” dance institute
then she goes online
she calls some site and says she doesnt want to be a member anymore on the site
and not to ask why or anything and just take her name out
but Hy comes down so she goes back in the car to tear out the page with the list
HY asks what she is doing and pulls her out of the car

she rolled the list into a ball and put it in her mouth
she tries to get it back saying “give it” and that he shouldnt try to see other people’s stuff
he reads some titles and asks:do you watch porn?
she acts insulted and says “I only saw the trailers “
she adds “you think I am you? give it back”
he says how are you going to erase all that? and he mutters a title (of something racy I think)

HY calls someone and says he will send over a list and gets her memberships deleted by today
in the middle of his call he asks her “do you by any chance watch porn on a foreign site?”
she looks irritated
after his call-he turns around to go but she says
“why are you being nice to me- what are you going to do behind my back again? is there anything left for you to do? you’re not planning to send [?an assasin while I am sleeping”
he tells her to cut off (quit watching)  seondeok (or was it sageuk?) along with porn
LS: i told you it wasnt porn
HY laughs
she asks why are you laughing in front of the person who is taking away all your fortune
HY: you think you can do it with your skills?
LS: wanna see if I can or not?
HY: if you think you can then start with [?]
LS: you saw what I can do so why are you saying that? even in my part time jobs- I was a princess
Hy says something about because of her everyone will think korea’s princesses are all pretty
LS starts to get upset but realizes what he said
LS: what? what did you just say?
HY: that you are pretty
LS: after saying I’m pretty- you’re going to throw me away again?

HY: are you fluttering-(falling for me) right now?
LS: *are you testing me right now?
HY: I’m testing myself
YC says chairman wants to have dinner
* in korean they said”poke” but it has many meanings but i went with testing out cuz he is trying to get a feel for what she is feeling

LS, J, Y, HY, and the chairman are having dinner
chairman says he heard what she said and he was happy
LS: i know you are always worried about me but I think you can rest a little easy now
I dont know what kind of work I will be doing in the future
but whatever I become I will work hard
chairman says if she took after her relatives she will do well
he asks J and Y to help the princess
J says : when LS was a student-I had a lot to learn from her cuz she has the skill to make people around her happy
chairman says he wants to take care of the scandal  following the princess
that daehan group and the princess are linked
so he called all of them here
he says you know that I dont have much time left
so there is something you can do
he asks Y and HY to marry
hurry and pick a date and let the public know
and all the rumors about you and the princess will all disappear
and it will reveal that there is no connection between daehan group and the princess
he asks HY what arent you replying
HY says he will
but not for the sake of royalty- not cuz his grandpa wants it
but for his own sake*
but Y says she wont marry HY

ahhhhhhhhhhh crappppppppp- no preview
* not sure if he said for myself or on my own terms but there was def the pronoun for self

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  19. ija1871 says:

    My 2 cent on why Y reject HY proposal.
    She want to push Grandpa a bit cos HY said that he will not marry Y if he is poor. In this situation where LS is the Princess Hy is a poor man.. in Grandpa opinion the solution for the rumour relationship between HY and LS to stop is for HY to marry Y. But if Grandpa want that to happen he have to give HY his inheritance….


  20. missJ says:

    Softy , just want to add , your transcap looked much better with all the screencaps !! what a nice read !!!thank you so much !! BTW, SSH’s eyelashes are so long and beautiful , haha !! and I also love the “porn” scene , hehe … that was the only funny scene in this ep. I think …LS’ crying scenes so heartbreaking ..i love KTH’s acting !
    Softy , fighting !
    From japan with love


  21. Kery says:

    thank you ^^


  22. Isabelina says:

    I love your transcaps…thanks for all! =)


  23. kiki says:




  24. Minsun says:

    The confrontation hallway scene was so, so gd. Even when reading the transcap my heart stopped at the part HY said “and [come back] to me…” *squeal*

    Thanks Softy! always enjoy your transcaps:)


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