My Princess E7: “Transcap”

Like many of you, I was stunned by the kiss cuz I didn’t quite know where it was coming from-was HY finally taking baby steps towards admitting his feelings for her? Or was it a momentary thing cuz she finally answered him about which of the two he wasnt and he was moved by her response cuz that is the one he was hoping to hear? It doesn’t really matter to me what the reason was cuz now I am intrigued. Can’t wait to see where the story takes us tm night. crazynyt is going to go nuts with the gifs of the kiss and hopefully the car scene. done with preview so read it-interesting stuff I missed during the broadcast
Finally done with the overall transcap but now I have to fill in lines
Not sure how much I can do before I call it a night -will try to fill in as much as
I can before tm night’s broadcast. At least E8 will be done Live so no worries there.
after seeing the pics on soompi posted by our own crazynyt I think it’s time for SG gif to say “bye” to make way for more MP gifs. Judging from what I read from the spoilers, I believe this week’s episodes are about to launch this couple to a whole new realm of fandom – cuz if people can get that worked up over a photo of a scene that hasn’t even aired yet, then you know the power this couple already wields over its viewers.
speaking of which- can I just say to those readers who saw my post about paradise ranch- dont let any blogger’s words deter you from watching a drama you may come to love. Just cuz one person doesnt like it doesnt mean you wont love it. seriously with that kind of pressure, I dont know how I am going to be honest about anything. Even thru MSOAN I tiptoed around what I really felt to shield people so they can make their own verdicts about each episode -and every time I failed and let my emotion get the best of me, I felt awful. there is a reason why my nic is softy you know. I feel bad about stuff like this. to be quite frank- I didnt watch the first two episodes of SG when it first aired so that goes to show you how dumb I was – so see how you should make up your own mind? give PR a try and maybe you can post a comment and convince me to give it another go-except I have to agree with someone else who said that a drama about ranches and  farm animals isnt for her- ditto for me.
Plus I am going to be busy catching up on all the Jdrama suggestions I got.
just my opinion but HY was not taking advantage of her while she was drunk
the way she spoke to him and stuff – she knew what was going on
if she pretends tm it didnt happen and acts like she was in a drunken stupor –
I am not going to like that cuz then she is lying to herself and him
and those are the self built walls I cant stand in dramas
I keep saying royal artifact but it could be the korean word for satchet
I really cant tell the difference between them very well- longer syllables I go with royal artifacts shorter one with satchet- I know I know I suck at translating but hey at least I get the easy ones right
My Princess E7: Transcriptions
after the threat scene, LS tries on a few outfits
the designer says with this image let’s have a concept meeting
they look at LS in different outfits and Y makes negative comments
like avoid images that bring to mind an orphan
she also shoots down the idea of audrey hepburn
the other girls are in on this with Y cuz their snide comments
are direct attacks on LS’s character based on her past jobs and stuff
Y stands and says it would have been easier to find an image for a prince
but their reality is they have to work with a princess
and to make her better than what she is
even HY thought the whole thing was harsh from the look on his face
HY and LS walk back in to the palace
when he calls her princess she says she wont be late for class tm and keeps walking
but he stops her by calling her lee seol
as her teacher he is teaching her something ahead of time
what she endured today from now on she might get hurt even more and often
in or out of the palace there is no one who is watching out for her so she has to be alert
she says she is used to not having anyone watching over her-cuz she is an orphan
HY alone in his room remembers what Y said about avoiding LS’s image as an orphan
YC comes in and says LS has disappeared
she says the princess was in her room and couldnt sleep so YC got her warm milk
but the princess was gone while she was getting it
and that the princess only had on light layer of clothing
HY orders her not to tell anyone and wait
and he goes looking for her
Daebak scene cuz of playful HY
he finds her in the display car
she is watching that daemul president woman’s drama on her cell phone
LS is in the car replaying a line from queen seodok
“it’s because of you” -LS repeats that line over and over
then she adds with pointing fingers
it’s because of you HY
it’s because of you Y
it’s because of both of you (but she used informal language here so it comes out sounding rude)
HY listens to all this from outside the car
HY gets in the car and she is startled
HY: wanna die?
she says no -why are you here?
HY: are you asking like you dont know? it’s because of you
he starts poking her forehead and takes her cell phone away
he says the palace is upside down cuz you but you are here watching dramas?
LS: i’m in the middle of studying so dont interrupt
he asks what she is studying
and she replies her role model and how she has to learn from her (the drama character) cuz everyone is an enemy
HY says out of all the enemies-the best looking one must be me
and out of all the enemies the one she hates the most is him
and also the enemy that makes it the hardest for her must be him too
but she says he was wrong about one of them
he asks which one but she says she is sleepy and will go
but the door wont open on her side
he says not to use force cuz if she breaks it she cant be responsible for it (it’s an old expensive car)
her side is broken so she asks if his door opens and it does
she asks him to get out so she can get out that side but he says he doesnt want to
she orders him around like a princess but he laughs and asks again
good looking-hateful-making it difficult- out of the three which one isnt him
he guesses the good looking part HAS to be him
she says he is making her irritated
he says if you dont want to stay up all night here answer me
he continues so you are saying between making it the hardest for you or hating -one of them is wrong
she changes her answer and says all three is correct so let her out
he says then they have to sleep there and pretends to sleep
LS: why do you want to know so much? when all of them are the same enemy
HY: if i dont hear the answer I dont think i can sleep
because of you I can forget sleep today
YC and OC come in and asks what they are doing there
HY and LS pretend that he is giving her driving lessons
once she goes back to her room she remembers how he said he couldnt sleep
so she goes to his room to give him warm milk but she speaks like a sageuk character from the drama and tells him to down the whole milk in one gulp
he tells her to stop watching sageuk
he asks what she put in the milk
not sure but he may have asked for a taste taster
she tries to take it back but he takes the milk and smiles at the happy face made on the foam
and takes a sip
HY meets with the president
the president asks how is palace life
HY says it is tolerable
the president says he was asking in regard to the princess not HY
Hy says she is doing well
the president says : as a fake teacher -isnt HY working too hard?*
what is he going to do if he loses all his fortune by doing that
HY says until the press conference – he just needs to watch over her
the president says can i count on that (or maybe it was :can i look forward to it)
then he asks if the architecure is baroque
* (OMG-this must have been their plan-remember when the president met with HY in an earlier episode where HY asked the president why the president was backing the chairman’s wish? and the president implied then that is was too late for him to back out of supporting the monarchy and the president directly asked HY what HY plans to do about stopping  her from being the princess- it was implied then that they would team up-therefore HY ended up as her tutor assigned by of course the president)
Y introduces herself to the staff
and asks for their best since there isnt much time left before
the ceremony -when the princess is shown to the public
later on alone she gets a text from OC that HY
and the princess practiced driving after hours
Y tells the aid to prepare the princess to go outside
Y takes LS to get a massage? but it looks like torture-
where the therapist  yanks and pulls on LS’s torso
so that LS yells out in pain
Y calmly sits there enjoying LS’s pain and hearing her scream
Y claims she was worried about LS’s skin for the press conference so she brought her here
Y takes LS to get her hair done and a new outfit
LS complains why Y keeps playing with her like a doll
and doing her hair and dressing her
Y tells the stylist and assistant to leave for a minute
Y speaks down to LS using informal language again
Y tells her that LS has to look good at least and say “please look at me favorably”
LS says Y is scary – just cuz there is no one to hear- she changes completely
Y threatens to talk down to LS in front of people too if LS keeps acting up
LS says she knows Y doesnt like her so why did Y take on the job?
Y says she is doing this without wanting to cuz the chairman wants this
so if the chairman dies tm then all of this will be like it never happened
(meaning Y will take advantage of her post and undo everything that has been done
to put LS as princess-like it never happened)
Y says why are do you have the look on your face that you never imagined that would happen-are you that mild mannered? are you that stupid? or acting pretending like you are shocked- you thought that would be useful to you?
LS: do you think it will be ok to say these things to me?
Y says something like are you going to tell on me? if you do then do you think the chairman will live a long time? (meaning the truth could kill him)
LS: how can you say that about the person you are going to marry – his grandfather?
Y: he cant hear me unless you relay this
it’s no fun playing will dolls- go out
Y starts to walk off and LS calls her and when Y turns around
LS says: since I am scared I’ll make it brief
Y tells her to try (saying) it
LS says from now on- at the palace she is going to eat, sleep, and live well there
to be honest I was really sorry to Park HY during this time
since you guys are a set – to you too
when I lost $100 from a part time job-the sky turned yellow
because of me the whole fortune is lost so he must really hate me
if it was me- i would want to send me to study abroad and get rid of me…
Y interrupts and says: thought you said you would be brief
LS:I’m going to be the princess and not feel sorry at all
LS comes home and her mom and sis are there
LS and her mom hug
the mom says her “puppy” really looks like a princess now
LS gives her mom and sis the stuff she bought them
dresses, sunglasses, essence, etc
first time LD looks happy
her mom gets quiet and says if LS’s (adoptive) dad saw her become the princess
he wouldve have liked it a lot
LS says even in heaven he must be happy
that her two dads probably met in heaven and had drinks together
LS asks her mom how she came to visit suddenly
her mom says HY called and said he needed to meet her before the press conference
HY shows the mom the newspaper article with LS’s adoptive dad
Hy asks her if it is true that her dad sold something fake
before she answers the mom asks why HY is asking that
LS tries to get her mom to stand up and leave
but HY tells LS that the press conf is coming up soon
so it’s better to tell her family ahead of time what is going to happen
LD asks him to tell them why HY is doing this
LS looks at HY and shakes her head like to say”dont say it’
but her mom says it is true-that their dad did this
she apologizes
HY says he needs to tell them ahead of time but they are going to reveal this
at the press conference
LD looks at LS like she hates her guts
LS runs after her sister
LD accuses LS of planning all this -giving them presents as bribes for doing this and telling the world about what their father did
what LS’s adoptive father did -revealing that secret will ruin her family-mom wont get customers to rent out the rooms and  it will esp hurt LD’s chances of getting chosen -cuz who will choose a daughter of a criminal- so her studies and everything will go down the drain
LS runs up to HY
she yells how can you do this? without telling me one word-how could you do this to my family?
are you playing with me? if you were going to do this-why were you nice to me?
Hy says he is being nice to her even now-he is helping her with the reporters to help her become the princess
and her real dad will come out clean (what she has wanted all along)
LS says she doesnt want it to happen this way
that she cant hurt family to do it
HY says she is being too greedy
he is about to lose everything because of her
and she doesnt want to lose even one thing
LS yells that she doesnt like it-hurting her family – she cant stand it
she is going to protect her family so whatever she tells the press HY should not bother
next morning LS is staring at cherry tomatoes (did not know they grew like that-how cute)
K comes over and asks what she is doing there
she says she felt suffocated and he guesses she is here cuz she wanted to eat cherry tomatoes
and tells her to tell him next time to get some for her
he plucks one, wipes it on his clothes, and gives it to her to eat
he says it is safe to eat as is and says it is really good for her skin
so he will bring it to her every morning
he says its cuz of those tomatoes that he looks so good and she guesses he has
that disease where you think highly of yourself
he offers his shoulder and tells her he is available whenever she needs to unburden herself
and tell him all her troubles
she gets the idea to unburden and calls J
she explains to J : as long as it is not my real dad- anyone is fine
she knows her dad would not to anything bad but to tell the whole world she needs evidence
so the only person she could think of who could help her is J
J promises to find out about it
he asks if she had read the books he gave her
then he asks if she owns any {going to guess royal artifacts}
and she says she doesnt have any and if she did she wouldve told him already
she says she remembers having one at a young age but she cant remember at all
if she lost it or what happened to it
J says the artifacts -her memory -the truth about her father
J will find them all so she shouldnt worry
she thanks him and asks for one more favor
she says the palace food is really good but she is tired of eating alone and
and invites him to lunch with her
HY isnt eating much so Y asks if she should order something else for him
but he says he is fine
she mentions how she called him last night but he didnt pick up
Hy lies saying he must have fallen into a deep sleep cuz he was so tired
LS and J walk in
LS tells J to eat at her room cuz if she eats here she is going to have heartburn
HY says it doesnt look good to have men go in and out of the princess’s room
J says let’s just eat here
LS spots the steak and tells J “let’s eat steak too”
Y stares at J who is watching LS and grinning
HY stares at LS
he makes a comment about how she is eating her steak
J says his steak is fine but hers must be chewy/tough so he takes her plate and
cuts up her meat for her
Y makes a comment about J saying even between dating couples -guys are embarrassed to cut meat for someone
J says that is why he is popular (LOL)
HY hands over his plate and says “then mine too” saying how J has know how about cutting steak
LS gives Hy his plate back and says to J “this is why I wanted us to eat in the room”
then HY says “that’s right-when the princess eats meat-she has to be near the bathroom” (LOL)
LS to HY: how could you talk about bathroom while eating-what kind of “crap” manner….she stops herself
Hy says “then should I say it in more detail-I wasnt going to say this but that day my toliet got clogged”
LS tells J” professor he is lying-I was afraid that would happen so I checked twice
then she says to Y-you were there too with us – you heard the toilet flush and the water going down right?”
Y says the princess needs to learn table manners again
J says that Y’s comment was worse than what LS said
HY makes a remark about J
and LS says before i became a princess and after- he is someone who I can count on and that he came
cuz she had a favor to ask him so HY should mind his manners around J
HY apologizes and asks what it is that she would offer J steak
LS explains that J is here to find about her dad’s (something) and that J has experience finding these things
J tells her again to not worry and he isnt sure if he can find out before the press conference but for her to wait
HY says the paper couldnt even find out so how could a professor find out
and continues that LS could have asked over the phone so why did she call J all the way here
J says he didnt come cuz LS called him
he says he needs to leave first cuz he had an appt time to keep
he is here to meet the chairman
chairman asks J what did the princess say
J reports that she said she remembers seeing the satchet
but she doesnt remember where
J says that is all she seems to know
Jasks the chairman why the chairman isnt asking her himself and asking J to find out
chairman: because I cant trust her answers
he cant tell if she is considerate of his feelings
or something about her dad and she doesnt trust the chairman
or if she doesnt remember
or if she really lost it
but he needs to know who has it
J says he wants to be the one to find it
chairman asks him to come in and find it
cuz if word gets out that she doesnt have it
there might be problem/trouble
the chairman’s final words to J is that everything they discussed today has to remain confidential
(a secret)
J asks the same favor to the chairman – to keep it a secret from others why J met the chairman and the talk about the satchet-and especially not to tell Y
chairman agrees
LS waits for J
she asks what they talked about
J says the chairman doesnt like J dropping by so often
LS apologizes cuz J got in a difficult bind cuz of her
J says it really became difficult for him cuz now he has to see
her every day
J tells her he has to come here every day for work cuz he is charge of [?]
LS is happy to see him all the time-and on the day of the press conference you’ll come
in to work that day too huh?
HY walks by and says to J: you still havent left? they are making a fuss for you
to move your car
J looks at HY and says “car?”
LS says to HY the palace is not a dept store parking lot so why are you talking about moving cars
HY tells her to follow him since they have to have lessons
J tells LS to go with HY
Y steps up and J walks by her
she asks to talk to him
he says he has nothing to say to her- he is comfortable these days so he hopes she is too
he walks away
LS call her mom from the display car to see how she is doing but has to hang up quickly cuz her mom has a customer
just as LS was about to get out, HY and Y walk in so LS ducks down in the car
HY to Y: when your mom passed away it was just you and me but she is all alone
Y twists what LS said earlier to her and Y tells HY that LS told her that
she will live well here at this palace and not feel sorry to HY anymore
HY says that’s good cuz then I can feel less sorry to her
HY offers to take Y home
walking by, HY watches LS burn the articles about her adoptive dad
HY paces in the library and struggles with his conscience
LS’s mom says LS texted her and said she would not tell the reporters about their father
LD says of course she has to do that
the mom sends LD to take some rice cakes to LS that LS likes but LD leaves it behind at the bus stop on purpose and goes to the palace emptyhanded
LD is sitting in the parlor -waiting
Y comes in and asks why LD why LD didnt call Y after she gave LD her card
Y says you must not have needed my help
Y says you are no longer related to LS cuz of the registry so why are you here
so unless you have a special reason to see the princess Y coldly tells LD to leave
LD says what if there is a special reason? you said you worked at the museum
do you know something about the satchet?
LS is getting fitted for a dress
the woman says LS lost some weight
and says she will photograph well
YC says she is happy cuz the princess is the princess
cuz she looks so good in the dress
LD listens in from outside and peeks in but LS doesnt see her
HY gets a call : knows lee han (LS’s real dad)? tried calling a lot?
HY goes and confronts G
someone who said he knew the princess’s real father really well
tried calling a lot so why did you hide that?
G: i didnt want you to know
G says if you find that person you will know about your dad and what he did
HY asks what G is talking about
G says to HY, his father was good to HY
but someone -because of your dad-had to live in fear
HY’s dad and LS as a kid
she is holding onto the strawberry hairtie
HY’s dad gives LS some steak
he asks her is she likes it -he guesses she likes strawberries
she nods her head
he asks why she isnt eating -does she not like meat?
but she isnt eating until her dad comes so she can eat with him
she plays with the strawberry hair tie HY’s dad got her
she asks are you really friends with my dad
HY’s dad says since we are about the same age I guess that is so
LS’s dad runs in and hugs LS to him
she shows him what his friend had bought her
HY says to her dad: it’s been a long time
and then he adds how he told her dad never to meet again
her dad says to HY’s dad :I told you not to mess with my kid
HY’s dad says if you were so worried about your pretty daughter
you should have stayed hidden-why did you have to come out into the open?
HY’s dad says she grew up well
then with a menacing look he says to LS’s dad
if you show up in front of me one more time-* (you’re) dead
her dad covers her ears so she wont hear
HY’s dad continues: if you show up one more time where
my father can see you-then your kid will die too
young HY comes in and calls out for his dad
HY’s dad tells her dad to leave
as LS is being led away by her dad,
young HY gets a brief glimps of them
young Hy asks who was that and his dad says “the princess”
his dad asks who HY came here with
young HY says G is waiting outside and he told me you were in here and to come to you
and HY’s dad says G is using his brain now
end flashback
HY says to G you expect me to believe that?
G says he told HY so that HY would follow what his grandpa wants
HY repeats you expect me to believe that?
G says to avoid HY’s dad- her dad lived his short life like that
HYcries: dont lie- to make that girl into a princess!
you are turning my father into that? (meaning you are saying all these things to make him look bad)
G asks if maybe HY remembers something
but HY denies it -crying and upset-I dont remember!!!
he screams for G to leave the room
and HY is torn up even more as he spots a pic of his dad
(wow his dad was a bad person)
* i couldnt hear the pronoun but Hy’s dad must have
said “you’re dead” cuz why would he say “i’m dead”
LS comes up and asks HY is it real? did you find someone who knows my dad?
where is that person? can I meet that person right away
HY says: right now?  he is far away but do you still want to go?
and she says she wants to meet that person right away
HY takes her to a waterfront  and asks if she remembers anything
she shakes her head no so he says let’s go for now
they walk over to a house and there is a man washing his face-her dad
flashback to LS as a kid running up to him
her dad warms her hands saying they are frozen
he  says let’s wash up and he makes her blow her nose
not just making the sound but actually blowing-she does it right
he says it all came out and she is clean now
LS cries remembering that
he says it is cold and takes her in
the real man who was washing his face is still drying his face when his wife
comes up and asks who HY and LS are
HY tells him where he is from and asks if the man is park chan mahn
the old man says that’s him and then looks closely and asks if LS is seol
inside she asks him what her dad did here
the man said her dad went fishing with him
her dad was weak but worked diligently hard
the man was flipping thru an album and found a pic of her with her dad
the man says her dad suffered thru a lot
the man and his wife talk about how her dad  walked around the snowman with his daughter
talking to her despite the cold weather -went back and forth till dawn
so since it was cold they asked him to come in and that turned out to be fate
they liked how well he spoke and how he was such a good person
LS is walking about
HY says I said let’s go eat so why are you turning in circles?
she says she thinks she remembers
the spot where her dad made the snowman was here
and how he piggybacked her all night here
and on the way here there was a school and next to it the corner store
she thinks she remembers all of that
HY points out that in korea -90% of the time a corner store is next to a school
LS says the details are different
she is sure she remembers cuz this neighborhood was where she lived
if she lives here a week she might remember more of her childhood
she asks to push back the press conference
he says is the press conference a lunch appt?
she says if she remembers more about her father she might do better during the press conference
he says follow him
they go and order food
he orders the largest size
she asks who is going to eat all that
he points out she is going to take all the meat
the waitress asks if they arents going to order alcohol
LS orders soju but HY says no but LS insists on just one bottle
she brags that it wont have the slightest affect on her
and that it will relax her throat so that she wont be nervous and talk freely tm at the press conference
she drinks a lot and starts to get tipsy
he tells her to just drink her limit cuz she drank the whole bottle herself
she finishes it off saying she feels good
HY asks:when you get drunk you are going to want me to piggyback you huh?
LS: why would I? I have a high tolerance for alcohol
she says out of her class she is at the top (for drinking)
HY makes a snide remark how she must be happy about that
and that there are other things to be top at
LS: it’s better than not having anything
HY: for real- if you become the princess- how can I live with this embarrassment?
and something about how he is going to quit being a diplomat[???couldnt hear]
she is drunk and asks do you really hate me being the princess
imagine just for a second-[not considering you losing your fortune]- me becoming a princess
are you that embarrassed and hate it that much?
HY says then dancing in the street, asking for receipt from a man she just met, [???] a girl like that is saying she is going to be the princess so is that something to like?
lacking charisma and other things how can I put you out there as the princess?
she says he doesnt know
he takes the bottle away saying he told her to stop drinking it
she asks what authority/right he has to take  it away
he is the teacher and she is the princess so they cant-they cant ever be
he agrees and says she cant ever be
he tells her to focus and get up
she keeps lying down or falling down
outside she cant walk straight
she falls hard so he says I told you not to drink
she is really drunk so he puts her bag around his neck and piggybacks her
he makes a face cuz she is heavy
from on top she asks what situation is this that he is piggybacking her
he threatens to throw her in the water if she vomits on his back
LS says: my Park HY really likes throwing
she cites a time when he threw something
he says he will throw her for real so she says then I better stick closer to you
she says he is really warm
she calls him my park Hy and covers his eyes with her hands
HY says he cant see and shakes her hands off
she says: I like my park HY ‘s eye lashes the best
Hy says dont talk about lashes- I hate that the most
she asks for his lashes
he says hers is pretty too
she says “really? why are you so nice today? you should have done that sooner”
he says it is hard for him so stop moving
she orders him like a princess would
her bootlace is untied so she asks him to tie it
he asks what kind of kid has no fear? who are you trusting and  drinking that much alcohol?
and why did you get drunk?
she says what is there to fear when her protector/guardian
(someone who is responsible for her) is here
HY looks into her eyes and says this: i’m going crazy cuz of you
what should I do with you
[he said something like she has to do something bad so he would have a reason to dislike her
=meaning he cant find one]
she finally gives him the answer to his early question in the car
“you’re not the enemy I hate the most”
and kisses him on the cheek
HY tells her “this right now- forget it”
and kisses her
they show it in slow motion in silence without music
while her eyes open in surprise then close and she doesnt pull away from the kiss
HY lays LS down in a room so she can sleep
mong jr goes up to her and says “I’m sorry princess”  takes her bag and gets the men to take LS away
HY: I threw you away (meaning “left you behind”)-you cant attend the press conference
even if you find a way to attend late -you wont be allowed in
LS cries a lot hearing this
HY releases to the press what LS’s adoptive father did
LD looks pissed and her mom is shocked
chairman yells at mong jr for I guess restraining the princess
Y tells the staff she needs to know everything the princess does-every step she takes-every cough
Y asks HY if he was with the princess last night
and HY says this is as far as you are going to talk about that
J says to LS that she was impressive a while ago
LS’s mom tries to go but LD says “dont go -she is no longer our family”
LS’s  mom cries and says it hurts too much so she cant look at LS’s  face
in front of LS and J, the chairman tells HY to marry Y and HY agrees
Y comes to LS’s room and says “they say you are dead”
LS orders the staff to gather so she can tell them something

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  2. just a fan says:

    Thanks u… 🙂 🙂


  3. ziren87 says:

    thanks softy…i also got ino that part…


  4. missJ says:

    omo , omo ! there’s a kiss !!!!! so excited to watch that scene later !!!
    and what ? the preview says , HY is going to marry Y ??? noooooo !!!!
    Softy , thanks in advance for the complete transcap !!!!! fighting !!
    From Japan with love


  5. dalaushu says:

    wow Softy, you are so fast…
    thank you


  6. ssen68 says:

    cool !
    love your transcap
    after watching live

    btw, i thought during flashback hy ask his dad who is the little girl,
    his dad said princess ?


  7. reverie says:

    thank you softie!!!! but what? He agree to marry the witch? this is getting more interesting, the angst is commiiiiiinggg…….


  8. kendytine says:

    wondering what will LS will do in order to stop the wedding of HY and Y?????????? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm go princess u can do it.. hahahaha


  9. somuchsoju says:

    Thanks so much, Softy. I am so helpless without your transcaps! Komawoyo!

    Crazynyt, waiting for the featured GIFs tomorrow! Fighting!


  10. ck1Oz says:

    I don’t care to be PC.That YJ is a nasty piece of work.Nasty nasty I hope she doesn’t even end up with the 2nd lead.

    There.I said my piece.Yes I know it’s acting notice I used her character’s names.Grrr….


  11. Jane says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for your hard work 😀 I love this show, and it is so nice to be able to watch it with your “transcaps.” Usually my Korean is good enough to at least get the gist of things, but when it fails me you’re there!

    God Y is such an uber-bitch, I actually fast forwarded through her scenes and just read your caps, because I can’t stand watching her be soooo mean to LS. I hope LS finds her spine and stands up to her soon, otherwise that will be the failure of this great drama in my eyes.


  12. Erika says:

    Thank you.ah hate Y even more!what?he said yes to marry Y after he kiss LS?That HY really hate his guts


  13. crys says:

    Thank you for all your hard work. just wanted to take a sec and show my appreciation for all your hard work on MP and SG!! keep it up, it is greatly appreciated!!!!


  14. Anonymous says:

    i really don’t understand what the korean President means or want from HY?


  15. missJ says:

    hehe…Softy ! yes , I kept wanting to add my comment for this transcap , but there was no comment box ^^ Love love the kiss scene !!! and the “no-tae-muni da ” scene was too funny and cute !!
    no worries , we all love your transcaps !!!! esp. me ! so thank you once again for the hardwork !!!! ep. 8 fighting !!!
    From Japan with love


    • Softy says:

      Hey miss J-thank you for replying – it seems everyone has moved on to e8 already but I was so curious what everyone thought about this ep and I guess I won’t know now. I still have no clue how I managed to click on two boxes without my knowledge – see how hard I must have been working? I usually save the comments to read around noon so I was so surprised no one had added any comments at all during the entire day when i checked again around 9 pm. It is so silly but I really live for these comments – it is the only way I know my effort matters. When I came home after watching the first half in the cab- I was already prepared to type cuz I memorized certain scenes in the cab. I felt so awful missing the live broadcast. Somehow it throws my whole internal schedule off balance cuz I am suppose to start translating at 11pm not starting the transcap. I also noticed no one else added translations on soompi wed night so I bet a lot of readers were left in the dark. Well I am going to try my best not to miss it again. 🙂


      • missJ says:

        Softy , I really appreciate you answering back on some of the comments made by your readers… really felt your sincerity and kindness … I think few bloggers do this , because doing the transcaps and translations alone take so much time and effort … do you know that I felt disheartened for you because of this “accidental ” clicking on your part that made the comment section unavailable ? …I felt somehow sorry for your effort , and I thought it was just my computer who was playing tricks on me .. I kept checking this transcap and was disappointed that there was a steady 15 comments , and finally noticing that we all can’t add comments , not just me , hehe… I know you feel happy reading everybody’s comments , that’s why I keep on commenting as much as possible ..just know you have a big fan on me ! love you !
        fighting !
        From Japan with love


        • REBEL SOULS says:

          hey missJ,
          maybe if we keep chatting on this post the numbers will go up 🙂 except I never count mine so I have to subtract two now. I have no idea why, but I keep wondering how many there would have been if that didnt happen cuz this was such a great episode.
          I was planning on translating taxi tonight but i got home later than expected so I have to post tm night instead. so surprised they are stretching out his interview to 3 nights -not that I am complaining cuz I want HB to keep talking forever cuz his dimples come out so much – so adorable. I miss SG so much 🙂


          • missJ says:

            yes , this ep . was really good and it’s a pity others didn’t go back to comment anymore …they made it on ep. 8 transcap …oh well , don’t take it to heart …. you know what the reason is ^^….just be careful next time so that it won’t happen again … and rest well , your workload isn’t too much now as compared before (bec. of SG ) eventhough others didn’t get the chance to comment on this ep. , I’m sure they also loved it esp. the kissing scene !
            on the other hand , I’M excited to read your taxi part 2 translations … can’t get enough of Binnie these days …I marathoned his other dramas as well like MNIKSS , world’s within , and rewatch his movie ,Millionaire’s first love …
            these days , I’m also watching other dramas of SSH and KTH …just finished love story in Harvard , and SSH’s Summer Scent … you see , my days revolve around dramas , haha !! if you are wondering why , I’m a stay-at-home mom , and when the kids are at school , Jdramas and Kdramas keep me company …
            Ok , see you later ….
            Fighting !
            From japan with love


            • nikesma says:

              hahaha! just like me! I’m a stay-home mom.. but my only son is only 1yr and half. only get have midnight to watch these dramas! sigh.


            • missJ says:

              hehehe! high five ! but little kids need more attention , and yeah , you get so little free time …wait till your son starts schooling , you’ll be left with so much time in your hands … my kids are already 11 and 7 , so that makes me actually an ahjumma , awww !!! but won’t deter me from drooling over these hot Kactors like SSH and HB and YAI, haha !


  16. cantika says:

    Thankkks^^ Love it more n more, hate yoonju more n more^^


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