Mr Princess E4: Live “Transcap”

Good news – this drama is going to have a lot of daebak moments. I highlighted some important lines.
It always happens while I am translating -never while I am watching it live. Maybe cuz I was too busy typing and focusing – but now I see how sweet they are together. Listening more carefully to how they talk to each other – I can sense the growing affection these two are developing for each other. That is why I love this part – this time I spend translating word for word what they are saying. recaps do not even come close to how cute these two are – seriously – read the lines for yourself and tell me if those scenes arent adorable. Crap – I think I am falling for this drama.
To prove it, this episode is my best work yet for this drama – more thorough than E7 of MSOAN
by the way, the korean word for minister was used so I didnt think the mom was in a Catholic church. for one thing I was Catholic for the better part of my life so I should know. the other thing is in korea, women cover their heads with lace in a Catholic church. plus there was no crucifix in that church.
and priests do not dress like that – the raiments are different and there were no altar boys or holy water at the entrance and LS did not genuflect before she sat in the pew-those are like the basics
I wonder if this show will be enough to help us when SG ends this weekend. If tonight’s episode is the best out of the four, then there is hope. Judging from the preview, LS is already playing around with HY’s eyelashes – who knew she would be the first to fall for him. I was betting it was going to be the other way around. It has to get really good soon – I miss daebak scenes.
chairman-grandpa: C
song seung heon=park hae young:HY
kim-tae hee = Lee Seol=LS
nam jeong woo-professor=J
(didnt want to use JW cuz it is bad enough the lead is Seol- I am so going to mix up these names in the future with SG’s Seul)
Lee Seol sister:  lee dan =LD
oh yun ju= museum curator=Y
oh gi taek=father of Y-secretary to chairman=G
the bad politician is So Soo Won= SW
the young waiter is Kwon E so can I call him = K?
My Princess E4

After LS is prohibited from leaving the country.
HY introduces himself and says he is a diplomat and asks again about her ban
but the guy says she has to find out on her own why she cant leave
HY asks if she hasnt paid any bills
she asks if utility bill counts – like gas bill
HY calls someone on the phone
after his call he is frustrated and upset so LS begs for him to
explain to her too cuz she is really scared right now
he says his grandpa is behind this
she asks if his grandpa is close with the minister of justice (MOJ)
turns out the chairman paid for MOJ’s college tuition
and stood by him when MOJ got married ( I guess next to the parents when you greet guests or as his best man)
LS says that’s quite impressive and says something
about how people high up “help each other out” like this

so she says basically the two of them teamed up and turned her into a criminal
HY: how could a person who is giving away his whole fortune to make you a princess do that?
LS: why couldnt he – if he was mad enough
she said with her own eyes like this she said she wouldnt forgive the chairman
HY says she isnt the target this time around and he is going to show what he is capable of now
and she puts him down saying how he couldnt even take down news on the internet
he says it wasnt cuz he couldnt he just didnt want to abuse his authority
not even caring about his response, she says she has to go to the pension
he asks why
LS: if my mom knows I came here with you she will kill me
she says since they dont know when LS will be able to leave Korea
she has to handle this now
HY finds out she left her mom a letter saying LS was going to egypt
LS: I bet as soon as she reads the letter she will look for my bf
if you dont want to die with me – should we hurry and go

they go to the pension to look for the letter
she put it in the bible in the drawer
but it’s gone
so HY figures out her mom is at church
she yells at him to hurry and start the engine

they sit behind her mom at church
the mom is sleeping
HY figures she hasnt read the letter yet
LS tells him: what are you doing? hurry and get it before we get caught by my mom
HY: me?
they argue about who should get the letter out
LS says his arms are long so he should reach for it-he tries but
her mom wakes up and sees them
they pretend not to have known she was sitting in front of them
LS lies and says HY (oppa) came to help LS clean the pension cuz it is his day off
HY lies and says I heard you were at church so I borught the car to take you back
and LS adds and to sit thru service while they are here
and asks to borrow the bible but the mom says the service
is over and wont let her touch the bible
the mom asks HY to go heat up the car since it is cold
he offers to take her bag since it is heavy and put it in the car
the mom tells LS to pray

outside the church
HY goes thru her mom’s bible and keeps finding envelopes of money
one is for her older sister -the other is for church offering
when he finds the letter – he says it’s not important what someone offered
but that they offered their heart and that’s important
*the mom gave the wrong envelope during offering
the minister reads a letter aloud -LS’s letter
he says it is unusal but he is willing to read it anyway
cuz the letter started “mom” instead of “Father -as in God” (LOL)
the rest of the letter is what I translated yesterday
HY says the letter isnt in there and asks her what happened
while the minister is reading and LS is dying
the mom looks at LS and LS  feigns innocence
the minister says it sounds like the kid is leaving home
he recognizes the name LS as her mom and he calls her out by name
and asks if she came today
so she has to stand and say she is here
he asks what happened cuz it seems her child left home
she starts to explain but when HY and LS run off she yells at them to stop
and she chases them down

outside the church again
the mom yells and tries to hit LS
LS hides behind HY and HY tries to stop her mom
the mom warns if he doesnt want to get hit with LS to not stop her from hitting LS
HY says: please stop mother – it is all cuz of me
so please hit me instead
mom: what are you saying?
what do you mean it is all cuz of you
so you two were going to run off together?
she asks if LS is with child

HY with eyes wide starts waving his hands saying that is not it at all
the minister starts clapping and saying congratulations
and how these days it’s not a big deal
people start to congratulate them
minister asks if HY is daehan groups grandson cuz he looks familiar
HY begs the minister to tell his congregation to keep it a secret
and the minister asks everyone to remain silent in God’s name
the mom finds who he really is – she is shocked and pleased

at the pension
the mom watches their footage on the internet
HY says to LS that her mom must be moved by it cuz she keeps watching it
LS: that’s why you should have gotten it down from the internet earlier
mom: be quiet
so this is really you two?
you caused all this trouble at school?
and it came out on the news?
you two are really…
HY and LS bow their heads in shame
the mom acts mad for a split second
then her voice softens and she says: …..romantic
they both look up at her like “what???”
mom: when I was young and single, doing this was my wish
to LS: I bet you loved it lucky girl
mom: how was it?
were you shaking/trembling?
LS asks werent you angry?
mom: if I had known the situation better I wouldnt have gotten angry
I thought you were running away and didnt know you were going on your honeymoon
LS says how could we if we are not married
but the mom says running away with someone you love that’s a honeymoon
mom: they say children take after parents
how could you choose that to take after me
LS: mom-you ran off with dad?
mom says something about how love that is prohibited something
and how the mom knows about love
LS: but mom it’s not really like that -it’s too complicated to explain…it’s like a lottery….
HY interrupts saying : we fell in love
mom: i like the phrasing it’s accurate
if it’s (the level of)  PHY – then it is the lottery right (LOL)
LS to HY: are you crazy?
HY to LS: we have to explain to mom about us anyway
oppa will handle this
LS: oppa?
[he had his left hand on her knee and she didnt even notice- omo]
HY: mother I’m sorry to say this but the truth is – my family really doesnt like me meeting LS
when my grandfather first met LS, he kneeled on the ground and cried
mom: it was to that extent?
HY: that’s why I had no choice but to get her on a flight to egypt
but now that mother knows -we want to leave for egypt together
[the whole time LS’s mouth is gaping open]

HY asks her mom for permission and kneels in front of her
mom: you two love each other so what is there for me to allow or not allow-that’s not important
he thanks her
LS: mom that’s not it…
HY: thank you mother
they struggle with each other – him to put her on the couch and her to get close to her mom
HY says to LS: why didnt you tell me your mom is this cool
if you had we could have gotten permission sooner
he thanks the mom again and she says I do have that cool side
mom: but before you two leave, you are going to register for marriage right?
they both stare at her with blank stares
HY: register for marriage? that we havent considered yet…
some guard comes to escort HY without even knocking
guard: young master we came to take you
HY gets off the floor and sits back on the couch and says :what’s happened
[the guy bears a striking resemblance to MC Mong -he could be his little bro]

LS asks if HY: so right now – are you running off alone
she is holding onto his arm
he asks if she wants to come along since grandpa would love it
HY tells her mom not to worry and asks her to take care of LS well for him
the mom pats him and says dont worry park son in law
and the MC Mong looking bodyguard does a double take
and repeats the words “park son in law”
mom: you think I cant take care of my own daughter
LS asks HY : when will you be back
HY: um? dont worry it wont take long
LS: that’s why-how long is that?
he pinches her cheeks saying: you’re going to miss your oppa that much?
LS complains he keeps saying oppa
the mom complains LS says oppa as soon as she opens her mouth
you shouldnt do that so much in front of your mother
you think I didnt have an oppa?
LS beats her chest in frustration
HY pinches her cheeks again and says with aego: my princess -you cant go anywhere and have to stay put here-ok? I will hurry and come back
LS acts like she is going to puke
hey says goodbye to the mom and she says come back safely
* omg KTH’s cheeks must have hurt-wonder how many takes that scene took
G reports that the princess went home safely and HY is coming up to seoul right now
C: he doesnt have the ability so how does he think he can stop the monarchy
G: he is still young
C: how far along is the contruction?
G and C talk about a resort that is being built for the princess
C hopes the princess will be grateful/thankful
the president shows up
C explains like the british monarchy’s residence (buckingham palace)
this resort is for people to use
president says C will be loved for doing this and says he is envious
and there is a place for the president too
C keeps says the president is the most loved president by the public
but the president says the korean public seems more interested in PHY’s dating life than him
the president asks C : there is no way those two are dating right?
C assures him they are not and the president says he will take his word on that
and talks about how SW plans to demonstrate with a hunger strike from today
some men -actually SW and his aid -demonstrate with a hunger strike against the monarchy
the aid tells SW that Y came here
he tells the aid to hide him while he takes the call
she asks if he is going to continue this
she said the chairman sent her and she cant say why over the phone
SW tells his aid to catch him

SW  fakes a heart attack
Y sort of laughs
SW is in the hospital pigging out on good food and Y goes to talk to him
he says this is when they should leave it to the people
he wants to let loose the news to the press
about how the girl (the princess) has no wealth and status and is very poor
he says then the people of korea will take care of it
* did anyone notice that the aid is played by the guy who spoke terrible english to R during the SG xmas party kiss scene?

HY goes home and gets yelled at by his grandpa
how dare you kidnap the princess
hy mutters about how he could just sit back and let this happen to him
HY asks why he is giving away the whole fortune for someone he hardly knows –
does that make sense?
C says he is returning what is rightfully theirs (to the rightful owners)
since daehan group started from them
HY says then you can just pay back what you owe so (she) doesnt feel cheated
-how could you give all the fortune
C says:  did you earn the money ? is it yours?
[?????] so why are you caring?
HY asks G if it makes  sense to throw away your son. grandson, friends and everything to protect the monarchy
G says this is something chairman decided a long time ago and there is nothing you can do about it
HY says:  no – it is very easy to get rid of that woman
C: what does that mean
HY: i’m going to play hard ball-even if I have to kidnap. bound her hands and feet- I will do whatever it takes to stop her from becoming the princess
C yells that HY is saying the same thing as his father and calls HY a name
Y listens from outside
HY: what do you mean the same?
there is no way you are saying that what I am going thru
my father had to go thru it too?
C doesnt look well so G asks HY to meet with G outside but HY ignores him
HY asks if C kicked out his dad over the monarchy
the grandpa starts to cry
HY: the reason you wont let my father step foot in this country was all cuz of the monarchy?
G tries to pull HY out asking him to go out and talk with him
HY says: I was curious for a long time – why did my father get punished by you
what crime did he commit?
[missed this line-my guess was he asked if his father tried to take over the chairman’s place]
Grandpa- full of emotion tells HY to shut up
HY: with my father { i imagined a lot of terrible things he must have done} but it was just over this?
[totally didnt get this line-something about destroying his own family to revive the royalty]
C tells HY to get out then orders G to take HY out and he cries (omg he actually cried)
HY says: I’ll leave
I’ll leave and make sure you never see the princess again
grandpa is really ill after HY leaves

Y tells HY not to drive like this when he is mad cuz he might get in an accident
she asks him to calm down and have a cup of tea and go
he says: if the [ monarchy is reinstated (my guess)]
if all the inheritance is gone and I end up with nothing (empty handed)
I wont marry you (omo)
so right now I want to get angrier and be more hurt
I want to go crazy and not know what is what
go in
he leaves
and she stands there crying
he goes home and paces
then stares at his dad’s pic
and he has a shower scene-kinda long
he gets dressed and goes to meet SW
Hy asks SW for a favor
to lift a ban on leaving the country
SW: is the person you want to leave the country the princess?
HY: you sure are fast
SW: I’m like that
i get what you mean but how about doing the work more simply/the easy way?
SW suggests
if you release it all at once
so you wont have to deal with it again

* I dont know why but I feel sorry for male actors who always have to do these shirtless scenes
Rain doesnt seem to have a problem with it cuz he does it so often
LMH had to do it on BOF and it made him a star
YAI sort of did it on SKKS so that’s why this blog exists
Gong Yoo tried to get out of it on coffee prince but he lost-thank goodness-he must not have put up a good fight cuz the guy in Cinderells’a sister begged the director not to make him and he won-
no obligatory shower scene for him-not sure if that was a good thing for us or if we lost out
maybe we will find out in “duo” next month- but it is a sageuk – dont think there are shower scenes in those

LS’s mom is making side dishes for HY and LS to take on the plane with them to egypt
LS; what is all this mom?
mom: when you go abroad you worry over food
you have to pack as much as you can and take it with you
what does Park like?
LS: how can we carry all this and get on the plane?
mom; this is how you always make it obvious you grew up without (knowing these things)
you dont know cuz you havent studied abroad but most people
pack a year’s worth of side dishes and take it with them
the mom says she should go say a proper good bye to the professor before you leave
how could you just write one little letter and go?
LS: ok ok i will say goodbye-letter….
and that reminds  LS that she sent him a letter too
she sprayed it with perfume and everything (lol)
she runs to her room and calls him
LS: hello- professor it’s me S
J: I was about to call you cuz I was worried
did you go home ok that day?
LS: that day? oh the day you drove me home
of course I went home ok
but that’s not the problem
did you by any chance receive a strange letter
he drops his mail and picks up her pink letter
he smells it and says :
dear nam J professor (with a)  heart – this one?
LS: yes that’s right
did you by any chance read that letter yet professor?
J: I just got it – it’s been a while since I got a hand written letter
LS: oh thank goodness
professor – dont open that
J: why? didnt you send it for me to read?
LS: i did send it but to be honest it contains a different letter
I’ll send you another one right away
I’m leaving right now
please I’m begging dont open it
professor I am leaving right now- right now
the mom wants her to taste something she made that is really yummy
mom: park told you to stay put at home and not move
LS lies that she has to go handle some paperwork
the mom yells after her that park only thinks of her so how could she…
but LS is already gone

as LS is running towards J’s office she gets stopped by a reporter
the reporter asks : student can I interview you?
the professor comes and rescues LS
J: ya what are you doing there?
LS: professor
J: after skipping the lecture
are you acting like you dont have anything to do and doing an interview here?
you are going to be in big trouble
follow me
LS: omo-professor
she runs after him
inside the lounge area
LS: professor you sure do act well
J beams at the compliment
then he says there are more and more reporters
and says you were surprised a while ago huh?
LS says I didnt know you were so  tough
he says people think he is a dandy
but actually he has this side to him
she asks if he is full of himself
and he says: does it show?
I try to keep it under control but female students keep giving me stuff like this
he had pulled out her pink letter
she reaches for it
saying that’s it give it back please
but he takes it out of her reach saying
why do you give it and try to take it back?
you gave it to me to read so cant I just read it?
LS gets up and does a little dance trying to reach for it: no you cant you cant
if you really want to see me die then you can read it
J playfully says no and puts it in his pocket again
LS tries another tactic
she sits back down and says
that letter-to be honest – is a chain letter(those you are suppose to circulate)
J: what?
LS: if you read it you will have a hard time
if you are that curious about the content
I’ll recite it for you
this letter starts from england
it goes around in a year
the person who receives it gets a wish…
J laughs really hard saying : you memorized that? wah…
LS: I want to continue taking your classes in the future
but that farewell letter I wrote at night…
she stops herself realizing what she just said
she changes it to a [dramatic] letter
saying how sentimental it is
if you read it I will be too embarrassed
and wont be able to look you in the face
from here on
J: you are that worried that you wont see me
how were you going to go to egypt?
LS:that’s cuz i thought you would go to egypt…
you read the letter?
he not only read it but he memorized it
J: professor – while I am in egypt-
i hope you will be without a gf on every red day
and spend it all alone  and boil ramen and eat it
I felt your sincerity in that
LS: you did read it
J: what is that talk about the princess going to egypt
LS: after reading the letter that was what made you the most curious?
J: not letting anyone around you know and going to egypt for 3 yrs
of course that worries me
I dont know if I should worry for your health or
dont know the other two-maybe mental or emotional state
he said he didnt know which one to worry about-what should I do?
LS: just keep not knowing- that’s what I want
he asks why she wont be the princess
she says she likes things the way it is now
i have a lot of secrets I want to keep hidden
but more than that she doesnt want any more antis
if I become a princess I will be really famous and many antis will appear
I bet my sister will be the president of my anti fan club
her friend calls
she wants to know where LS is now
the office is getting flooded with calls about LS and they lie saying they dont know a student like that
LS takes the call outside
the reporter Yoo is there saying LS is the secret princess whose grandfather was the illegitimate son of the last Emperor
she goes back to J and says she has been found out

HY sees the news
Yoo said that it has been revealed that daehan’s chairman’s grandson is LS’s fiance
HY hears that and goes running
the guy with him says there is a meeting shortly but HY is already gone
as he is walking out
he calls LS: did you watch the news? come out of the pension right now
and go somewhere there are no people and then call me and I’ll go to  you…
he stops walking
what? school?
she screams into the phone
cuz J and her are being chased by reporters
HY: hello?
more screaming from her end
LS: what do we do?
HY: hello? what’s wrong?
LS: do something! screams some more
HY: hello? hello! more screams
aish….she hung up….why did this girl go to school?! wait till I catch you
he runs off
the girls in the office keep saying they dont know her or she is on a break
J and LS run into the office with reporters in tow
the girls ask if LS really is the princess
J says to block the door
they ask the girls in the office to keep the reporters out
everyone reacts to the news one by one -president, SW,grandpa

I wanna be LS -having two guys fight over me scene
grandpa is upset her identity has been released and wants to know who did it
 he tells G to bring the princess to him along with HY
HY goes to the school
into the phone he says: I came to school – where are you now?
he walks down the hall with all the reporters surrounding him
while he is under fire from all the questions thrown his way
he calls and says he is here and to open the door
J opens and LS is hiding behind her friend
the two guys just stare at each other and HY pushes past J
HY goes in and tries to grab LS to lead her into the other office
while J pushes back the reporters to close the door
she breaks free to ask J if he is ok
and HY grabs her this time and leads her into the office
LS: why do you push a person and come in
he yells:
do you have nothing to better to do
how can you say stuff like that
does it look like I can keep my manners with all that is going on outside
I told you to sit nicely at home so why did you come to school?
LS: you think I dont know how to yell too
who do you think is to blame for me going thru this
what did you do so well that you vent your anger
HY: i was worried
why did you hang up
why did you scream
if you do that suddenly – didnt you know I would worry?
Come out
HY tries to take LS out of the office
J says: wait – it’s war out there-so how do you plan to leave
HY: move
J: i’m this person’s professor
i cant let her out when I know she will be caught up in a difficult stituation
HY: then what do you want us to do in here?
should we just wait till every reporter in korea gathers?
J: since the news already broke we should [explain?? clarify?]
HY: she is my fiance so she doesnt need to [same missing word]
and I dont have a reason to do that with you even more
J: you do- I dont know if you are a fiance or a kidnapper
cuz I cant tell for sure
LS looks impressed by J
J: if it’s not her flight time to egypt
there is no need to go thru those reporters
and leave this room immediately
LS looks guilty
HY to LS: what is this- why is talk about egypt coming from that mouth
LS to J: professor
LS to HY: that’s cuz the letter arrived earlier than expected
HY: what?
LS realizes what she just let slip out
HY: that letter – what else did you say this time?
LS: even if I am dead I wont tell you so dont ask
J: it wasnt a big deal so dont yell at her too much
since it was just a cute farewell letter
HY gets a call and he says I understand to that person on the other line
HY takes her hand and tries to leave again
but J stops asking where they plan to go without a [plan?way out?]
they talk using the word i dont know so skipping this line
some guards come in
MCmong guard says they made way and they can escort them out
and that Y came with them
HY: i thought I said not to
Y comes in

Y: the chairman sent me so I came
she said she is here to take both of them to the chairman right away
HY to Y: you didnt need to come here too
since you are here I will ask you to put things in order here
HY to J: if you have anything else to say –
tell it to this person since she knows me better than myself
HY and LS leave with the guards
her friends tell LS to go safely and to call
leaving Y and J alone
Y closes the door
using formal language
she says she will speak to him as daehan group’s rep
and she talks about  how she will speak to the head of the school separately later but since he is involved in this incident….
J says :stop it
then asks: why did you have to come?
there are secretaries and they could have sent someone else
Y speaking informally now says something i have no clue about
J: I’m envious of you

HY covers her face with his hand and she uses her hand as they walk down the hall
[but they dont use the hoodie she is wearing at the moment]
he says you came to school cuz you missed your professor didnt you
LS lies: no – I came cuz I had something to do
HY: because of you it looks like we have to run again
LS looks out from under her hand: what?
HY: hide
when I count to three we are going to run
1-2-3- run
the guards chase them calling “young master”
HY: dont follow me and block the reporters – the reporters
and they listen
in the car LS looks out the window
LS: where are you going. I thought we were going to grandfather
HY: until the ban is lifted in two days
hang on till then
LS: what is this – I thought we were going to the chairman
so i was wondering what my fate was and really worried what to do
HY: you promised to go study abroad so why are you still worried about that
LS: the situation has changed
now all of korea knows I am the princess
so how could I go to egypt
also I got my pic taken a while ago
HY: see that’s what happens when you dont listen to me and go around doing what you want
the last time when you were with me – there were a lot more reporters but you didnt get your pic taken
LS: that’s why
why did there have to be a ban on me leaving korea
and cause all this trouble
HY: ah- this is so frustrating
LS: look at him venting his anger again
if you keep doing this I wont cooperate
HY: it wasnt towards you – i’m so busy – but ran out of gas
he wonders where the gas station is and mutters how things dont work out when he is with her
my personal fav scene

she covers her face so the gas attendant cant see her
HY: why dont you just sit forward with your face down-
what is that – you’re acting weird so they are staring more
LS alarmed: even if I cover up, do I still look pretty?
he gives her a deadpan look and says: cover up-keep covering up
just continue covering it
HY gets a call from his grandpa- C is getting his blood pressure taken in bed
HY: it’s me
grandpa: what kind of guy are you?
are you in your right mind?
the doc says you shouldnt talk when i am taking your blood pressure but grandpa tells him to be quiet
C : what are you thinking kidnapping the princess
HY: i told you I would do anything  for my behalf
my whole life is on the line so even if I die I wont let it get taken from me
LS tells him to lower his voice
HY: no -dont make me more angry anymore
even now I want to bind (her) hands and feet but I am purposely restraining myself
will hang up now
LS: what about tying hands and feet
HY: i was just saying it
the attendant wants HY to sign
while he is busy doing so
the gas attendants take pics of her
guards come and says to HY to follow them
when they are busy with the gas station attendants
HY gets away
they keep driving and she falls asleep in the car
she wakes up and he is sleeping next to her
his jacket is covering her
she tries to wake him
she says he must be really tired since he isnt waking
she looks at the time and figures out how long he has been driving
she covers him with his jacket

she plays with his eyelashes and comments how long they are and compares with hers
she is about to go out
he says where are you going
LS: you were awake?
HY: were you going to run away?
LS:how long have you been awake?
HY: did you talk to grandpa by any chance?
LS: oh he just woke up
she asks if he heard anything
he says heard what – about my eyelashes
she calls him a pervert-why did you pretend to be sleeping when you werent?
HY: who is calling who a pervert? why touch a sleeping person’s face?
LS: i didnt touch it and also since you are bringing that up-I didnt recline this seat-why is it in the reclined postion
he says cuz she was snoring
as soon as he reclined her seat she stopped immediately
go to the hospital – you need to get that checked
she says she doesnt snore
and then right then her stomach growls
HY: after she wakes a person she sure is loud
LS: it’s cuz I starved all day-arent you hungry
HY:  you think of food at a time like this?
LS: … can I trust a person like this and go abroad with him for 3 yrs
HY laughs and asks :are you hungry?
she nods

they go eat somewhere
K brings their spicy fish soup already boiled
so they can eat it right away
K winks at her and says for the pretty noona
this is a service-a bottle of cider -sprite
(service: meaning he gave her a freebie)
she asks HY if he saw that
how K winked at her
he says he must have a stye -(eye infection) [LOL]
and that he shouldnt be working in a restaurant with it
LS: that’s not it – I meant that he doesnt recognize me
HY says cuz they are in the countryside ppl dont seem to know them
she offers to serve him
LS: you are wearing expensive clothes so what if you get some on you
HY: what’s come over you?
HY is so happy but she gives him only the vegetables and no fish
so he complains
she has all the fish
she offers him more green vegetables
he makes a comment about how cheap she is
and says even when she goes to egypt she will live well
she asks: do I have to go to  egypt
HY: why do you keep saying weird stuff from a while ago
she says she didnt know daehan was so powerful and she is
afraid she will get caught in eygpt right away by daehan group
he says then you can run away again
she asks till when
HY: it probably wont take that long -eat up for now
news comes out about HY and his fiance and the ppl
in the restaurant comment they heard she is pretty
K mentions how he is going to go work for the princess
and he’ll be jobless without the princess
he asks for their support to vote for the monarchy
more news come out -about her -the princess’s personal life
the news is now about her father and the truth that was kept a secret
Yoo reporter announces that  20yrs ago her father didnt have a steady job, was involved in swindling, etc and that when he was discovered/found out- he died from shock
and HY remembers his conversation with SWwho said
if you just release the news you dont need to handle it anymore
he had said that her father was a bad person with many women
so there is no way to know the lineage for sure
if you just release this one information it’s the end of the game
the customers speculate and insult her father saying he is a robber who sold off his country
and deceived koreans
she stands up crying and says:
that’s not it
HY tells her to sit
LS: he wasnt that kind of person
you dont even know so dont just say anything you want
HY takes her out and she cries

brief flashback to her and her dad by the beach
he watches her play with the shells
she says dad this one is cute and this one is unique huh?
she holds up another one and says : this one is pretty too
dad: do you like it cuz there are alot of pretty things
she says yes
her father says to him she is the prettiest
she makes a snowman with him and he says her hands are cold
and he warms them
he piggybacks her when it gets darker
she asks : dad the snowman is cute huh?
dad-dont your legs hurt?
dad: my legs dont hurt at all
she asks: dad arent we going home?
dad: you’re sleepy right? go to sleep
she says she is cold
end flashback

HY watches her cry
he says it is cold so let’s go to the car
she says she is going to seoul to meet the chairman
HY: why do you want to meet grandfather?
she says out of the people i know he has the most power
LS: everything on the news a while ago were lies
I am going to capture all of their legs
and make everyone who lied apologize
HY: if you just hang on for another day – you wont be here
just ignore them
LS: I dont want to-how could I ignore that
HY: what are you going to do if it is true
you said you didnt remember anything as a kid
so how could you know for sure
he was so burdened that he threw his child away
so what wouldnt he do
after you say it isnt and then what if it is true
how are you going to handle that
LS: you forgot but my father did not throw me away
she walks away from him
HY: where are you going?
K comes running up to her calling “noona”
K: you were here
I looked for you a long time
HY comes up saying :what is this?
LS to K: why were you looking for me?
K: because you are the princess
I didnt know who you were a while ago so I’m sorry [he bows]
and dont pay any attention to the news
I dont believe any of that
HY to K: she isnt the princess
HY tries to take LS away but
the cars pull up
K: they are here
they said they were here to find you princess
so I brought them here
he says see you next time and goes
G and the chairman comes

C says your majesty I came to get you
there is no point in avoiding anymore and you cant avoid it
now the korean citizens are looking forward to meeting you
it’s time for you to decide
please come back with us
she mentions how people are pointing at her and
she asks if they believe she still has the right to be the princess
he says she already is the princess
she looks at HY and gets in the car with the chairman

the car goes right up to the palace
they pull up to a mansion with attendants  lining the road
she was asleep so the chairman wakes her and says
princess – we’ve arrived
she gets out and it looks like goo jun pyo’s home
the chairman asks if she likes it

she meets her staff
tries on pretty clothes and shoes
HY’s property in his home are being red tagged and he screams in frustration
[meaning they are taking these from him
anything of value and they even tag his shoes-really?
who wants worn shoes???]
she asks J to help her cuz PHY announced their wedding
HY has a suitcase and he meets Y
K rides a scooter and chases LS’s car and tells her to get out of the car cuz it is dangerous
Y gives LD her card and says to contact her anytime
LD finds LS’s dad’s sachet
(on soompi it said that Y wants to back LS as the princess so this is probably the start of that plan- although I dont get how since LD is not blood related to LS)
the housekeeper comes to wake LS but it is K dressed as a girl in pink PJ’s and pink flower headband
[wow this guy is really secure in his masculinity to be wearing this]
he says to himself: this must be the right thing to do (but shorter)
HY says into the phone: you and I – our scandal has to get bigger before it benefits me/becomes useful to me
a little girl says how pretty the princess is to Y and Y looks pissed
HY carries LS to his bed and G narrates that the princess is with HY at his home-should I go get here right away
C says he has to go himself in person
LS’s friend reads on her cell phone about the first night-…body – mind 39.5 temp.
LS comes out wearing a bathrobe
he asks if she slept well and feeds her while she is wearing a bathrobe
LS throws papers at HY saying: doing things like this to block me from [?] – is there anyone else who would do this except for you?
she tries on the sparkly shoes and twirls and falls and says the shoes do not fit
this drama’s previews are more like highlights of the next episodes
i dont think they know what preview means

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  1. somuchsoju says:

    OMO, Softy!

    First all of, thank you sooo much for sharing a more detailed transcap with us! I had fun with this episode and I thought this was the best out of the four but I also loved the dramatic scenes in Episode 3 where LS recalled how her father died. *sobs*

    Secondly, you don’t how thankful I was when I got to read your last comment which contained some translations for the Good Day show! OMOooo! Before I came here, I’ve been watching that clip countless times already and reading that just made me squeaall & rewatch it A LOT more. Hope it’s fine with you if I share that part on MP Soompi thread (with full credits).

    Lastly, please know we, fans, are very much grateful and appreciative of the time and energy you dedicate for this drama. BIG KUDOS!

    P.S. Heeeheee, I agree with you that the previews are long and more noticeably, the ones they give out are mostly highlight scenes. What’s up with that?O___O


  2. Looking forward to reading through more. Great blog.Really looking forward to read more.


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