My Princess E3: Live “Transcap”

Now that I am done translating most of it, I can tell you that I am starting to like the couple more. Their scenes are more fun and interesting as each episode progresses. Does it make my jaw drop in awe – not yet. Am I moved by her tears? getting there. I can’t force feelings I dont have yet, but I sense I might get there soon.  I need more than 3 eps to fall in love with this considering the fact that I came into this with more trepidation than I had for gumiho’s daughter drama which scared the crap out of me and I chickened out on the first five mins of it.  These two leads look like Korean Ken and Barbie to me and I’ve never been a huge fan – I was more the Legos type of kid. I will say one thing for sure – these two leads are owning their roles. Drama may not be their forte, but comedy just might be. I always knew KTH could do comedy well, but had no clue SSH could. In that Autumn drama, I was always afraid he would hurt a facial muscle trying to emote what he obviously lacked the talent to do. Those days are behind him and I am now rooting for this couple to win me over 100%. Something tells me it won’t take long at all.
wow this has got to be the toughest show to transcap live
they go too fast!!! what is with all these important scenes back to back
I only got to press update like 3 times only I think
no time to breathe – now I am scared of this show-
my arm muscles and fingers are getting a workout
I’m more surprised than anyone else that I chose MP to transcap live from here on out. Maybe it was my curiosity that won in the end. I have no idea why, but this maybe the first time I am watching a drama without having a crush on a single male character.  Song Seung Heon – during the towel scene – I think I may have yawned. The Indiana Jones wannabe professor-nada – zilch.  It really is unsettling…this just doesn’t happen. Part of the fun of loving a drama is the crush that develops for the characters. Bad guy- both leads. SKKS – three leads. MSOAN – both leads. Coffee Prince-three leads. See the pattern there? Right now the only character I am remotely interested in is the grandpa. (Ew gross – not like that) I always thought he was such a great actor and if he chose this drama, there must be something to it. I trust his instinct and I’m willing to follow his lead.
chairman-grandpa: C
song seung heon=park hae young:HY
kim-tae hee = Lee Seol=LS
nam jeong woo-professor=J
(didnt want to use JW cuz it is bad enough the lead is Seol- I am so going to mix up these names in the future with SG’s Seul)
Lee Seol sister:  lee dan =LD
oh yun ju= museum curator=Y
oh gi taek=father of Y-secretary to chairman=G
My Princess E3
It starts from them texting each other and Y spotting LS’s boots
(the door her opened closed and that bell sound went off –
that was the sound LS was waiting for to run out of the room)
After LS runs into the bathroom
LS yells from inside that she was in a hurry and says sorry
she asks if Y had left
Y just stares at HY and he looks away
when she comes out she is surprised and  asks what Y is still here
cuz she was sure she heard the “bee-litt-ee” sound
HY asks her to go inside
but Y calls out : we meet again
LS says hello- you were really surprised huh?
HY: Y – I hope you dont misunderstand
Y: I dont – but you had this side to you?
oppa you are really cute. I’ll be leaving now so you dont need to come out
as soon as she leaves HY looks angry so
LS hides behind the wall and peeks out and says:
I tried my best (to hold it in) but Y is so cool
she is really cool
HYsighs and says : when women act like that-that’s cool?
HY asks LS sarcastically if she feels better now (that she has gone to the bathroom)
she gives him a sheepish smile
Y walks out and looks back and sort of tears up
J is at home and Y comes in and hugs him
she knows his house code
she goes in and hugs J
she says her mood is in the dumps
and wants some comfort
and cries
and he cant see her tears
next morning J brings Y some coffee
she is in still in bed wearing lingerie – omo
she gets a call and J searches her bag for the phone
but she says she will answer it
into the phone
what? is that real/true?
HY comes out and Y runs up to him
Y: something big has happened
HY: what happened?
Y: the only person who can stop the chairman is you
you have to do whatever it takes to stop the chairman
[the chairman is donating all of his fortune
in a press conference now]
basically the chairman said he is revealing the news that
the day the monarchy is reinstated he is donating daehan
group’s fortune to society
LS hears the news in the cafeteria
people around her speculate if the chairman would really do it
one says he announced it like this so he has to
HY drives and tries to find LS at school
he goes and finds her
he yells at her: why didnt you answer your phone?
do you carry it around for show?
she says sorry for not picking up and asks if he knows what just happened on the news
reporters come and start taking pics of her
HY covers her with his jacket
he tells her to be still
and let him hide her
cuz if she gets her pics taken now
her life will get very complicated
they run across campus with reporters in pursuit
LS yells at her friends to explain why she cant go in to class
as she runs by them with HY and the press in tow
J sees her run by too
HY shoves her in his car-while he stands outside the car
J comes over and watches too
HY explains to the reporters not to do this now
at first he explained using polite language
then uses informal
to joke around with thim
the beige jacket reporter (Yoo) comes over and says
HY’s skills with handling reporters still lacks
LS gets a call from her friend
she asked if she explained well to J
the friend asks if LS got a bf
the friend says J went after her
so LS peeked her head out and looked for him
but HY just pushed her head back in with his elbow
reporters ask if the girl in the car is the princess
HY lies that the girl in the car is his gf
she is a common student
she is innocent and doesnt know who I am
and why she has to hide and she is surprised right now
so he doesnt want to reveal who she is yet
they ask questions like are you two getting married
when was your first kiss
when did you first meet
HY drags her into the hotel (Lotte -the one in myung dong where SG is filmed)
HY tells the valet to call call security
guards come and block the entrance doors
so reporters cant get in
HY takes her into a suite but
LS wont go in the room
he asks why she is staring at him like that
he tells her to stop kidding around
he tries to get her in and she hits him by accident
with her flailing hand
she apologizes
she says she was surprised
he asks if she is a tae kwon do something
how can she just hit first?
she demonstrates and he gets scared and backs off
it makes her laugh
she says he has a cute side to him
LS says he did well protecting her
he says she doesnt know how awful it is once your pics get out
and the whole world knows who you are
she leans in says : like paris hilton?
he says how could you compare us?
he lists how her family just has hotels but his family has so much more
she asks if he doesnt have any siblings or relatives
HY opens up and says he doesnt have a father
about how he hasnt heard from him in 20yrs
people looked at him and gave him attention
he was popular from a young age
cuz his grandpa was leaving him everything
they would say when the old man dies the 11 yr old kid stands the inherit everything in daehan group
how dramatic is that?
so from a young age there were a lot of reporters sticking by him
and even more people who wanted to be his guardians
but now my grandfather is saying he wont give me anything
so do you think I will get mad or not?
she pats him on the side of his head
she says he suffered a lot
LS said when she was 11yrs old, if her mom put an extra sausage on her sister’s spoon
she thought the world was falling apart around her
back then when she came back from school and the door was locked she would feel {?}
she was so upset over that
she says that is why she knows something about life
she watches the news with HY
the beige jacket reporter is parked outside
he lies that the woman in the car is HY’s fiance
who is a student
LS gets sort of upset cuz he said fiance
HY blames the reporters
she is smiling cuz her face didnt come out
she checks the photo site
they are number one on searches
she says there is footage of her being taken
and HY corrects her and says he saved her
with her partially shown she fears ppl might guess who she is
she asks him to call and get them to take it down
since he is a chaebol he should have that much power
he says he cant – if he could he would have taken his own stuff down
she says she is disappointed
LS: what kind of chaebol are you?
HY: i’m not a chaebol-i’m a chaebol’s grandson
then ask his grandpa she says
HY: do you know who my grandfather is -you think my grandfather would listen to any requests?
he says if you admit you are the princess he probably will
are you going to do that?
LS: of course I have to
after they close down all the sites i can take back saying I am a princess
HY says how a person needs to have limits or a conscience so how could she do that
LS: so you want me to be the princess?  so all your inheritance will fly away?
she says the most important thing is I am not the princess
he asks what the reason is
she explains that her dad will return soon
she says she is tired and he says reporters will recognize her clothes
she asks to rest in the other room since she cant leave
G reports to grandpa about how HY lied to protect the princess
saying that she was a fiance
the grandpa yells that G should have stopped the reports
Y asks if grandpa is going to give his inheritance away
grandpa asks G what happened
G explains that even Y didnt know until it was revealed today
grandpa says to G that even if he wanted to keep it from HY
Y should have known beforehand
since she is going to marry HY
and she is G’s only family
grandpa explains to Y that it was his dream for a long time to do this
and he wanted to do it before he died
he can put everything to rest cuz he found the princess
Y asks her dad who the princess is
she doesnt get why that woman/royalty is so important that they have to go thru this
she asks why her own dad would keep this from her
she asks if her dad worked all his life to have [something]
he tells her to lower her voice
she says when her mom died he told her to lower her voice
he told her that if she keeps crying it will be harder on the chairman
she says she was always quiet -like she was dead- after her mom passed away
she kept telling herself a good day will come one day
one day they will be rewarded but the end of the wait is this
Y says  G should have stopped working for the chairman then
she says she cant live like her father anymore
she calls and wants to meet the reporter HY doesnt like in the beige jacket
she congratulates him for the piece he did
he thanks her to the tip off she gave him
the president meets with some men
he asks if they ate well
he says to one guy that he looks like he gained weight
the guy says he is bloated from not sleeping
and the rest went over my head- i swear i tried just dont know anything they said
HY is looking at the internet photos of him and LS
Y shows up at the hotel
LS comes out covered in a blanket after her nap
he asks why she came out with a blanket
she says when I woke from my sleep I was cold
Y cant believe LS can sleep thru this trouble
LS  says hello to Y
Y says in this situation she wouldnt be able to say hi so casually like LS can
Y wants to talk with HY alone
when they come in the bedroom
Y spots LS’s coat and handbag on the ruffled bed
he asks her not to misunderstand
HY: you are really mad huh?
she asks why his lips got hurt
he says he was dragging LS around and got hit
Y: that’s good
she considers that her revenge cuz she does not like him now
HY: i thought you came to find the princess
i wondered how you found her so quickly
but it was [fake name LS gave}?
how could you let me hear about your engagement on the news?
even tho our dates werent a big deal- werent we going to get married?
she says her pride is wounded, she is embarrassed, and really hurt
he says sorry and he will explain
LS is outside listening
when he opens the door
HY: what are you doing?
LS: how can you just open the door without knocking?
how can you not have any given etiquette
he says that’s for ppl outside not inside
LS: that’s right but you did it on purpose didnt you?
HY: yes
cuz I could hear you eavesdropping
LS: i did it cuz I thought maybe you two were speaking ill of me
HY: we have a long way to go together so why would I insult you
HY: I’m going to re- introduce you again
he introduces Y as the curator and the woman he is going to marry
LS: the other time I overdid it huh?
it was cuz I thought you hadnt forgotten about your first love yet
HY gives LS a look that says be quiet
LS: no- I meant I hope you two have a happy relationship
HY to Y: and this is the princess grandfather is throwing all his support for
by giving away his whole fortune
LS says again: how many times do I have to tell you
i’m not the princess
HY: this isnt a situation where you can say I am not right now
by using your dad as an excuse and wanting to keep your history a secret
you’re expecting something more -isnt that right?
write down what you want from me for you to leave Korea
you said you wanted to study abroad- I will send you
if you dont want that then you can go somewhere any play to your hearts content
[until this matter is over] it will take about 3 yrs
while you are gone I will take care of your family
when you come back get you a job
Y says she will help too
if there is something you want just say it
LS asks are you really going to give me anything I ask for?
then give me all your inheritance
then I will go study abroad
he says he isnt in the mood to kid
LS says she isnt kidding
HY: dont make me mad
when I get mad I become a really bad guy
Y gets a call
G wants HY to bring LS right now
Y asks what her dad said but HY tells her to go cuz he has to take
LS somewhere in a hurry
LS says : no thanks – I want to go home and if you dont send me I will call the police
but HY says: they said for you to come and meet your dad
I’ll let you meet him
that’s the only way to end this
helicopter arrives to pick them up
she is impressed at the scale they go thru to avoid reporters
he covers her up so she is warmer and says “let’s go”
she asks once again if they are going to meet her dad
she has a flashback to when she was at the construction site
her dad tells her to stand aside so she doesnt get hurt but
she holds up some rocks saying she wont get hurt and she is helping him
move rocks and brags about her strength
her dad gets in trouble for bringing his daughter to work yet again
after he had been told not to before time and time again
her dad promises never to bring her again – just today
the helicopter arrives
blowing sand
her dad protects her
LS cries remembering
and asks herself why she is like this
hy asks if she is ok
she says she is happy
and she says I told you my dad was alive
(I love this song that is playing-Kasio by Taru)
they leave and reporters down on the ground know they are gone
during the helicopter ride HY looks at her like he is sorry cuz he knows what is coming up for her
they hike up a little bit
but grandpa is there to greet her
he calls her princess so she says not to
he apologizes for all that she had to go thru that day (with the reporters)
she says she remembered something during the helicopter ride
how it was a day like this-it was such a cold day-
when the wind blew you felt like you would fly away
at the construction site the helicopter came down
and she remembers grandpa came to see her dad in a helicopter-isnt that right?
the grandpa says she is correct
she asks where her father is
he takes her to the burial mound
grandpa says to (her dad): do you see? I finally brought the princess
G says this is your father
LS says it is a lie-this cant be
she complains to HY crying
LS: what are you doing now?
you said you would let me meet my father
I told you that dead person wasnt my father
where is my father
something is wrong
let me go
I dont want to know anymore
HY: i want to know the truth
I dont even know who he is but for 20 yrs I bowed to him
I want to know why I had to
he doesnt seem to want to tell you
I want to get this off my chest so listen
what is the truth?
LS: what truth?
the truth that my father threw me away?
as if that wasnt enough – he died comfortably alone -that truth?
Grandpa: the person who caused his death was me
(he bows his head to her)
they both stare at him
flashback to G and her dad
LS as a kid sleeping on her dad’s lap while he talks to G
G gives her dad something in a sachet
[the one in the picture that J had in his book that LS saw]
and keeps calling her dad your majesty
her dad: this is so bizarre -i threw away my name and pretended to be dead and came back alive
how did you discover that out and came to find me
her dad says he thought he wouldnt have to hear that name anymore
and lists some other stuff  he had to endure
he says it’s all in the past and
wants to forget everything
the grandpa promises for the rest of his life he will take care of him and the princess
probably to reinstate them or something – kinda hard words
in the middle of the night
the dad packs that sachet in his sack
she leaves behind her strawberry hair tie
she asks her dad for it and he promises to buy her another one
the dad sneaks out with her while grandpa sleeps
as they run away
they are seen by G and his body guards
her dad was piggy backing her but
he sets her down in an alley promising to return soon
dad: wait her for a minute
dad will be right back
Youre really going to come back right?
dad: of course
dad: i will be right back so stay right here
LS: hurry back
he left the sack with her
she sings
then starts to cry
as her dad gets hit by a car
the grandpa is holding her dad – her dad dies
she is still crying in that alley
* I have a dumb question
she is crying a few feet away so why didnt they look for her?
they knew she was with him when he left
shouldnt they have looked for her?
and why did her dad leave her there?
where was he headed? to the parked car?
she is kneeling in front of the mound
LS: the person I wanted to talk to
the person I wanted to hear from
it has all been resolved
I will go now
she gets up to leave but G stops her
please bow formally to him
for so long he waited – he was so lonely
it’s okay if you dont forgive me
please just say hello to his majesty
LS: yes-  I dont think I can ever forgive you chairman
for the rest of my life – whatever happens-
I will never do anything that makes you happy
even if that is bowing in front of my father’s burial mound
* she probably blames him for causing her dad’s accident
since he was chasing her dad that night
at the bus depot -they sit on a bench
HY gives her a drink
she says dont act like you care, if i just die suddenly  like my father and not be the princess wont that be good for you?
he asks should I get you a mic so you can keep that up
she is mad
LS: You dont think I wont?
from now on I am going to only do things your family doesnt like
he explains how sad his grandfather has been over her dad’s death
cuz there was no meaning to it
she tells HY to stop it
he says do you want revenge? there is only one way to get revenge against my grandfather
to bite off the monarchy
she says he is really bad for saying that
LS: what you just said wasnt for my benefit-you said it to protect your inheritance
he says it would be win win for both
she says ok but you have to get something for me
HY asks G gor LS’s dad’s pic
G says he is sorry about not telling HY about the inheritance being given away
LS goes inside to J’s office
they are all jealous of her good  looking bf
LS asks for a leave of absence from school
they ask if she is getting married
where is the wedding hawaii- are they invited
they ask if the family gave her money to get lost
or have water thrown in her face?
or ask her to leave the country?
they ask if she accepted
Y comes and asks to meet LS
Y gives LS all the paperwork to study abroad
Y says if LS needs anything LS can reach her instead of HY
and gives LS her business card
LS says this is something between her and HY
Y says they are the same since they are getting married
LS says Y has a lot of men she is getting married to like J and HY
cuz Y was also suppose to marry J
and how everyone in school knows
Y explains the rumors about J saying she hears it too
LS points out that HY heard it with her too
LS: but HY doesnt believe them
so you dont need to be nervous about me
cuz when you meet a guy like that you must have to deal
with a lot of things that make you nervous
Y says it is hard for HY to do all this and she wants to help cuz she really likes HY
LS is walking out and J sees her
LS says she is taking a break
J says he heard from her friend that her bf’s side is strongly opposing the marriage
LS says it’s not like that
J asks: then you arent getting married
she says she has to be crazy to do that since she likes someone
he says he knows that
he goes on about why it was reported in the news like that and
he guesses she really is a princess
and she says how did you know
she asks him to keep the secret
J drives her home
she thanks him for the ride and all those books
J: those are expensive so dont get spit on them
[meaning dont drool on them when she falls asleep reading them
funny dude]
HY pulls up and honks
HY: are you going to stand there all day?
LS: why did you come here again
HY: why is your professor here?
LS: he gave me a ride
HY: that’s what I am saying-why is a male professor driving a female student home
in broad daylight
J: you must only drop off women late at night when it is dark
HY: what? is that how a professor talks?
J: stop minding her business – you have enough to deal
with your own problems-to make your head spin
HY: what do you know about me?
J: doesnt everyone know the truth about daehan group’s
heir who stands to lose everything and it is probably eating him up inside
you two arent even going to get married
and she likes someone else
HY spots her sister with some reporters so he grabs her hand
HY: isnt that your sister over there? if you go home now you are walking into trouble
come on let’s go
J asks what he is doing now
they fight over her-like one grabs her hand the other her other hand for a sec
and takes LS in his car
LS asks J to run away too
LD repeats the rumors to the reporter
so you are saying that LS is the fiance to daehan group’s grandson
reporter yoo: when is your sister going to marry PHY?
LD: I told you from a while ago that I am not her family member
now I can leave right?
LS spies on the interview and goes back to report to HY
LS wants to know how the reporters found out where LS lives
LS: do you think they told my sister?
HY: shouldnt you be more worried about what your sister said to them?
LS: my sister is really good at acting like she doesnt know me
so Im not worried about her- Im worried about the reporter
if anyone messes with my sister’s personal life she throws a hissy fit
HY kinda lectures LS: learn from your sister
when i saw her she was going home alone
why are you riding in a car with a guy when it is so dangerous
these days
and guys who look like that are usually more [suspicious]
the mom shows up and says :the way I see it you are really [suspicious too]
LS asks why her mom is here
she says she heard a car engine and thought a customer was here
i was right a customer is here
who is he?
she asks her mom if she saw the news and the mom says dont you know me
i turn the tv off right away after my drama
LS lies to her mom saying HY was passing by looking
for directions to a mart or convenient store and she was helping him
mom: i saw you get out of the car
the mom says they look like they went on a date and he was dropping her off
so why are you hiding that?
LS: you saw wrong mom
she gives HY the signal to go so he starts to roll up the window but her mom puts her arm there
mom: just by looking at you – you are not the type to lie well
but your making an adult stand waiting and not getting out?
HY: i was just about to get out
he gets out and bows and introduces himself
the mom checks out the car
she asks if the car is his or if it is a lease
inside the home
She brings drink for HY
mom: you came to the pension as a customer and you liked LS
HY: rooms were so expensive it would have been better if  I bought the whole pension
mom: you dont know the average rates
if 1 night two days is $50 it is a great deal
HY: $50? she charged $150 for one night two days and $5 extra for hot water
half a meal was $30 and full $50
mom to LS: because you wanted to keep talking to him you kidded around with him huh?
LS tries to explain saying the story is long
he asks what his father does- does he sell anything?
he says tvs fridge and stuff
she guesses something lower in the daehan group and says
how much he must suffer cuz they are known to not treat their [factory workers]
HY says daehan is not that kind of company
she says it’s ok to talk like that cuz it’s between them-are you afraid I will tell on you (lol)
the mom says something about how she looks for some kind of family and LS says she picked the wrong kind
mom guesses he has land-no wonder cuz I thought your car was nice
is it under your name?
he says it is under his grandpa’s name
she says that means it will be his
he likes hearing that-you and I think alike
mom: since we are getting along should we talk seriously?
the rest I could not understand
she makes him go to the room to rest
she wants him to stay for dinner so while she is preparing he should rest
LS says where cuz all the rooms are taken
mom says there is your room
LS: it is too small and tight in there
she practically shoves the two of them into the room
she tells HY to think of it as his home and relax
when LS asks why she is closing the door
the mom says so no cold air will go in cuz a woman’s body needs to be warm
she says she knows  to knock when she comes in
he says LS is like her mom
you should get it checked – you really do seem like her real daughter
LS: you dont want me to be the princess so you are saying just anything
he keeps looking around her room
she tells him to sit cuz he is making her dizzy
HY: where do I sit- there is no place to sit
oh – found it
when you are engaged -dont you show the 100days baby pics?
i dont have stuff like that
they fight over the photo album
and LS ends up on top of him
the mom walks in
they both pop up but HY keeps pacing like he is looking for something (LOL)
LS says mom you said you would knock first
mom: i just said that – why didnt you lock the door? are you a child?
she tells HY to relax again and leaves
LS asks why he was trying to get her album and cause all this trouble
he says again she seems like her real mom
he takes something out of his pocket
he says to give her the pic of her father
it is an original so she should be careful with it
LS: you came here on purpose to give me this?
for me to leave even a day early?
he says he brought it for her to see her father even a day earlier (awwww)
she asks when should I leave?
he says faster would be good
they both look sad
LS writes her mom a letter
mom first go to the fridge and pour a drink of water
in the drawer by the sink there is a [? no clue but some kind of medicine maybe]
take (swallow) that first
did you take it?
then calm your heart and finish reading this
then finish reading this letter
she says by the time she reads this LS wont be here
to be honest I wanted to go for a long time
but i didnt want to cause your heart to ache so i never told you
but the opportunity of a lifetime came
mom dont be shocked
I won the lottery
i’m going to be gone 3 yrs
i was afraid you would oppose so I am leaving first
mom I’m really sorry
when I get back I will call
i love you
LS is at the airport
writing a list
HY comes and reads the list
she had written stuff she wanted to buy at duty free
like bikini, sunglasses, shoes, and stuff
she explains it was for her mom and sis
he asks the bikini was for your mom?
she says that was for her older sister
HY: if you go in now you dont have time to buy those things
he takes her list and says he will buy them at the dept store
i just have to send it to the pension right?
he tells her it is time – as they walk over
he asks if she is hungry
she mentions a reason why I plane doesnt take off
he asks if she doesnt want to go
she says she came all this way so how could she not-she has to go
she just feels bad that she didnt say anything to her mom and came
she has to give her ticket and passport
the guy says she has to get out of line and step aside
she cant leave korea
and they take her passport away
the mom yells at them for running away and asks if she is pregnant
J has to run and take LS away from more reporters
J and HY face off
LS gets her own house
LS touches HY’s eyelashes as he sleeps

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    thank you again.. weeee.. u always make our life so so so so happy.. weeeee


  3. toni says:

    thanx for transcapping this :-w


  4. somuchsoju says:

    Much thanks and appreciation! :))


  5. Erika says:

    Thanx for trancaping this.same here.I don’t have a cruch with all the leads but chemisty,plot and acting caught strange because usually I watch kdrama if I know and love the leads.this something new.


  6. mercy says:

    thanks a lot for choosing this drama to transcap…after SG i hope this will be best


  7. ck1Oz says:

    Softy softy…thank you 🙂
    I’m so lucky you always choose dramas I am working on.Thank god for your recaps it tides me over while waiting for subs 🙂


  8. bathala says:

    Thanks for working on this.

    I’m a guy so I’m not really affected by half-naked men with Adonis bods. I’m also not that attracted to white/fair skinned women though I appreciate cuteness. My wife has a nice brown skin, much to the jealousy of my Westerner/European friends. That being said, I got interested with this drama because I’ve always been intrigued with secret princess stories. Oh wow, I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve watch Princess Diary with Ann Hathaway. The other reason is that I was surprised how the main actress reacted to being told that she’s a princess (this was episode 2).

    I hope this drama doesn’t let me down later on.

    Thanks again for the transcap. 😀


  9. ssen68 says:

    hi softy,
    am always on the lookout for your trancap
    your description make it so colourful and enjoyable
    thanks so much for mmm and sg as well
    and many others.


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  12. somuchsoju says:

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    Btw, what do you think of this episode?

    There’re are lotsa crying scenes eh?


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    You’ve always wrote reams.If you do it this style…you might get enough rest then and not have to recap for the next 9 hours dear.

    Thank again.


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    Cheers and good day to all at MP camp…


  16. nikesma says:

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  17. goldennlionn says:

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  18. milagirll says:

    Thankyouthankyouthankyou!! You have no idea how much I appreciate your hard (and exhausting work)


  19. Josina says:

    I’m with you on this – I’m just having fun watching the main actors bicker and play off each other, both verbally and physically, without being too invested in them. I could sure use this after the angstfest that was the last two episodes of SG…

    Even though the male lead is the stereotypical rich dude he doesn’t come off as all that aloof, and the female lead is refreshingly flawed without being dislikeable. I don’t think I have seen either actor in anything else before (not a big drama drama fan) but they seem to do well with this genre.

    Thanks for taking the time to do these recaps – it must be harder for a drama you’re not that invested in.


  20. Evma says:

    Morning greetings from Bangkok! I’m always thankful for your transcap that even comes before the twilight here in our country. I’m really grateful to you. It’s like you’re my fresh dramabread every Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Since SKKS then MSOAN and now My Princess.

    Thank you very much indeed.


  21. Meyawie says:

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  22. rainyrain says:

    thanks softy , the show seems interresting , will focus on it as soon as SG ends ( I’m sad don’t want SG to end 😦 )


  23. Thanks for taking the time to do these recaps – it must be harder for a drama you’re not that invested in.


  24. sansukini says:

    I also think the OTP’s bickering is so darn cute. I’ve yet to watch ep 3 and 4 but I have a good feeling I’ll hate the second lead here. Her face looks odd, for some reason. Like she’s had one surgery too many. Kekeke! Reminds me of the second-lead on MGIAG.

    Anyways, fighting softy! You’ve been working so hard.


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