Dream High E3

You would think I would know by now if I like this drama or not
but I still cant make up my mind. If you watch it – you will know that
it isnt that bad – but it isnt the best new drama of the season either.
One more episode tm and then I will reach a decision
Here is a quick recap
Kim soo hyun- song sam dong:SD
Suzy-Hye Mi:HM
Ham Eun Jung-Baek Hee: BH
Taecyeon-Jin Guk: JG
wooyoung: jason
IU – kim pil sook (PS) sushi costume girl
mr kang: the one HM hates that she needs to stay with (the teacher at Kirin)
jung ha myung: BJ
Dream High E3
Starts with BJ asking mr kang to bring kids on that list
mr kang thinks they must be great if BJ is scouting them
BJ says something is lacking with each one
each one has a fault
mr kang wants to know why BJ wants to scout them
BJ says for mr kang to teach them
cuz even though it may seem like they wont make it
BJ thinks for some reason they will become something great
SD takes HM on stage
the mc asks her to say where she is from
he asks HM and SD to dance and sing together
she politely says if she does it she will get in the way cuz she isnt ready
but SD gives her an extra outfit
she throws a hissy fit saying he should have taken the hints that she didnt want to
she tells him not to saying anything else and to come with her to seoul
cuz he got chosen to go to kirin
now it’s SD’s turn to lose it
he yells she is crazy and he wont go with her to seoul and to get lost
mr kang’s face is zoomed in: you failed at bringing SD-why did you do that?
he shakes her saying what was so hard about bringing him
next it’s his sister’s face zoomed in
she says HM made the woman’s brother end up jobless so Hm should get out
now HM is homeless in a box with her sister
her sister says all you had to do was dance
and we wouldnt have ended up like this and dies
but this was all in her imagination
back to reality she is still up there on stage with SD
SD asks if she can wear the rice bag outfit
she forces a smile and reaches for it and wears it
SD starts singing and he is awful-so bad i want to change channels
she wonders since he cant sing
maybe he is being scouted for dance
but he sucks equally in dance as well
and combined with his awful singing makes me rethink continuing this
SD gets kicked off stage [the bell ringing indicates he has been dropped and cant qualify to win]
even thought SD lost the mc asks if she is going to accept SD or not
HM says she will accept
if he listens to her wish-which is for him to go back to seoul with her
SD drops his mic in shock
the mc asks SD will you go with her to seoul or not
SD says he has to take care of his mom
but the mom stand up and  says her son will go to seoul
at the school
kids get a break from dance practice
the teacher says there will be two solo spots for someone
she asks ppl to raise their hand if they want one
the teacher listens to each reason and chooses two
a girl says she thinks it will be fun
one says she wants it for her dead mother to see from heaven
BH raised her hand to ask that the girl with the dead mom get the spot
and some other girls back BH and asks the teacher to give it to the girl with the dead mom
JG is in the hospital
mr kang brought him there
the doc asks for JG’s guardian
so mr kang looks thru his cell phone
finds out JG doesnt have parents
but he finds one number
he tells the person JG is in the emergency room
HM shows SD pics of the school
SD says he doesnt want to go
HM thinks to herself I dont know why BJ wants him
she flirts and tries to get SD to go
he says he needs to think about it
he gets all flustered cuz she is being too cute and sweet
he finally reluctantly says he cant go
she turns on him and terrifies him
she gets angry and says you want to die
he comes running out to his mom
his face is bloodied a bit
he runs off with his mom
mr kang calls HM
she tells him how SD sucks at singing and dancing
he tells her to come up to seoul and give up on SD
and he will go try to bring SD himself
she says she will do it her way and get SD to go up to seoul
mr kang finds out from the nurse that JG already left
JG with his face all bandaged is in a car with his dad
JG asks how his dad knew JG was hurt
JG explains his injuries werent this fault
the dad says he let JG leave hm to live quietly on his own 
the dad says if you dont think you can live quietly i can send you abroad to study
the dad starts to complain about how busy he is with work and so if JG was a good son…..
but JG says how about you dad?
JG points out fathers should ask first when they see their sons looking like that
are you ok?
are you hurt anywhere
who did this to you
bring that guy over right now
you should have done that
JG gets out of the car upset
SD and his mom are going hm on some tractor looking thing
HM hides in the back under some lettuce
the mom asks him if that girl liked SD
he says of course
his mom says she liked HM
then all of a sudden HM says hello mom
SD wonders how she got there
the mom finds out HM is here to take SD cuz he sings well
he tries to send HM away
she asks him to rethink going to the school
cuz she is going to attend Kirin too
she tells him she left her number on his cell
and to call her when he decides to come
HM says she is leaving but the mom
says there are no buses going tonight
she is happy to have HM stay
but HM looks worried
mr kang goes and finds JG in the basement place
he acts all worried over him
asking where are you hurt how hurt
and JG says mr kang nags more than a dad
JG acts like he is weak from hunger
so mr kang feeds him
JG keeps eating bowl after bowl of some soup
mr kang asks him to go to the school
HM is wearing tacky country clothes and SD makes her a place to sleep
she asks to go to the bathroom
the mom says HM cant go alone
SD has to take her cuz it is outside
and there are wild pigs there
SD stands outside the outhouse (outside bathroom )
she wants him to close his ears while she does her business
he lies and says he did
she doesnt believe him and asks him to sing
he says no – if she wants to cover up her bathroom sounds
he tells her to sing
and she sings really well-this is that mandy moore song “only hope”  from a walk to remember
and he seems to have fallen more in love listening to her beautiful voice
on the way back
she tells him to laugh it off and get it out of his system that he heard her sing in the bathroom
he says he liked her singing
she almost falls so he grabs her and takes her hand telling her to be careful
they walk back holding hands
(man how far is that bathroom from his place)
JG asks mr kang if I go there
can i be like michael jackson
for sure ? a 100%? 50% 30%
mr kang says he cant say for sure
maybe .00001 something
JG walks out
he goes to a billiard on the 11th floor
and mrkang says if JG rides up and mr kang runs up
if mr kang is there after running up
JG has to rethink going to kirin
mr kang left his shoe there between the elevator doors  to cheat a little
JG dances in the elevator a little
of course mr kang is not there when JG arrives on the 11th floor
mr kang is still huffing and puffing up the stairs
but JG doesnt get off the elevator
mr kang makes it there  half dead and collapses on the floor
and the elevator door opens and JG is there
mr kang says told you – the chance of me making it is .oooo1
JG tells him the truth and says he got here before him
but mr kang says-but  you didnt get off it (which means mr kang wins)
JG asks if mr kanf has an empty room at his house
SD drives HM to the bus stop and gives her the
cell phone accessory she dropped that BH bought with her
BH wanted both of them to hang it on their phones together
HM tells him to keep it
cuz he thinks it is pretty and seems to like it
he was going to say something to her but the bus comes
she says one more time to come to kirin
he says I already told you I wouldnt go
she gets on the bus and goes
he runs after the bus
when it stops he goes to her window and she opens it
SD: let me ask one thing
why did you come up on stage with me
HM: what do I have to say for you to come to seoul
SD:  if you say you liked me so you came up with me
HM:I like you
SD: what?
HM: that I like you
that is why I went up there
so make sure you come to seoul
she smiles at him
he stands there stunned
he reaches up to kiss her….
but the kiss part was his imagination
the bus driver breaks his spell by asking if he is getting on or not
SD yells to the bus driver he isnt getting on and to leave
and Hm yells out “ya”
as the bus pulls away she says
you are coming right? I said I liked you… 
so you have to come for sure…if you dont ..you are a really bad guy
SD tells himself: it is a lie-  an outright lie-she is a bad girl
dont fall for her lies SD 
BH accidently meets the gangster guy
she still thinks he is HM’s new driver and
she gives him HM’s stuff
he says dont you know?
HM doesnt have anything
her family is financially ruined
she runs to HM’s house and sees  a stranger coming out
she is upset that HM didnt tell her
JYP and BJ and mr kang meet up
mr kang says he knows JYP
but JYP keeps denying it in front of BJ
and mr park and the other teacher talk about the 3 of them
a reporter says he is looking forward to meeting the kids BJ hand picked
mr park talks to the reporter and finds out more info
as mr kang takes JYP into the school
to show JYP around
mr kang keeps telling JYP that they know each other
that they went to the same school
all of a sudden JYP backs mr kang up to a wall and acts all mean
JYP says he remembers all of it
that if JYP knew beforehand that mr kang was a teacher here
JYP would have never come and
that mr kang ruined things for him back then when they were young and starting out
JYP orders mr kang to act like mr kang doesnt know JYP
HM finally makes it back to seoul and goes inside
to mr kang’s hm carrying a row of yogurut
JG is there with a towel on
he worries and asks if she is ok
he takes a step closer to her and the towel falls
she sees everything
she screams and so does he
mr kang explains to HM and says JG is one of the 3
so he has to be there
HM calls JG a pervert
JG overhears and spits out his drink at that
all on her sister who happened to be there and got sprayed
she is just too cute for words
BJ is looking at the empty classroom
mr kang asks why BJ didnt reveal the other students
BJ says i guess there isnt a reason not to
and lets him reveal the students
kids are lined up to get there uniform
JG’s friend holds up a large size uniform and makes fun of it
asking if it is a blanket and if this school has dorms
PS runs off in embarrassment

the guy  starts to read the name inside the skirt but before he can

jason goes up and gets her uniform from the guy
and says it is mine
the guy says it’s a girl’s skirt
jason uses some odd logic saying do you separate men and women with skirts and pants
so is that girl a guy then (she is wearing pants)? then he says in english-what is mine is mine
later on jason wordlessly gives it to PS
when she is hiding away from the others
and she thanks him
but he has already gone
BH runs into HM at the school
the other kids ask if HM didnt fail
HM says she didnt fail the audition
she just didnt need it
BH asks HM to speak in private
but HM tells her to say it here
so BH says everything about HM’s father’s bankrupcy
in front of everyone
HM gets mad about it and storms off
BH runs after her
BH hugs her and apologizes
BH says if I had known
HM says what if you had known
what would you have done? give me money
BH says she should have seen the signs and picked up on the clues
ever since you said you didnt want to go to julliard
HM cries and says you need to know your place
and reminds BH that she is beneath her
someone trips HM as she comes out
BH rememebers about the solo
she goes and asks the teacher for the solo part
the teacher tells BH she needs to tell
the other girl BH backed up earlier
BH says she will but feels bad about it
so the teacher tells her the truth and gives her some more advice
the other girl lied
her mom didnt die
her mom got a divorce and went to the states
BH opens someone else’s locker and takes the shoes inside
(this is the locker of the girl who lied)
SD chops wood
he hums Hm’s song
his mom hears him and says he sings well and asks why he hid it from her
he thinks it wasnt anything to brag about it
she tells him his dad is a singer
she says she likes music
that is how she met his dad
JG tells HM to come over and sit by him
he lets her listen to his music
sharing his ear buds
she says no sound is coming out
he says you should pretend to be a friend
and they both listen to nothing-one in his ear and the other bud in her ear
PS leaves jason candy taped to his locker and he takes it
she hides and watches him take it and she has the same one in her hand
during dance practice
BH and that girl are practicing their dance
suddenly the girl is in pain
cuz there is a thumbtack in her shoes
BH looks at that thumbtack in the teacher’s hand
as BH takes her friend to the bathroom to wash her foot
there is an announcement at the school about the new students
and they are going to reveal them
everyone is gathered
mr kang is worried SD might not have come
but SD has-we see him get off the bus
he sees a lost girl in the station
JG asks if SD came or not to HM
there is a performance- jason is dancing
SD is helping the girl find her mom by taking her to the PA system to make an anouncement about a lost girl but the woman says the little girl’s name wrong so SD takes over
and sits in front of the mic
BH has her solo
as she sings and dance
flashback to the rest of the advice the teacher gave BH
the teacher says to BH:
should I give you some advice?
the teacher says: do you know what is more precious than a friend in this school?
fighting competition-one you want to destroy the other person 
that will make you win /succeed
*took a guess on that last line
JG and HM go up to the stage without SD
SD never made it so HM gets in trouble for that
HM and BH fight
BJ leaves

11 comments on “Dream High E3

  1. pookong says:

    thank you


  2. Byul says:

    Thanks you =) , but I have to say, this drama doesn’t seem to be picking up any speed T.T x


  3. Byul says:

    hehe its meant to be “thank you” not thanks you, sorry XD


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  5. azumi says:

    Wow Thanks now I think I like Suzy charactor hehe don’t know why…thanks


  6. lucertola says:

    Thank you for transcaping!!! I think this series has a huge potential (hope they develop it though). So I’m cheering for more transcaps. ^_^


  7. martha says:

    Thank you 🙂


  8. choua says:

    You should continued to recap dream high.. I look forward to it every Mon, n tues… greatly appreciate it.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Who is the male lead supposed to be? Taecyeon or Kim Soo Hyun? And i saw Eunjung saying in an interview that Suzy’s character likes Taecyeon’s but it seems to me that he likes her.


  10. Laura says:

    As always, thanks for the transcap. I’m the same as you, on the fence, about this series. I wonder if it’s because there are sooo many characters and its going to take a while to get to know all of them. So many names to keep straight 🙂


  11. Aisha says:

    This drama is deabak 😀
    tnx alot 4 the transcaps …


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