Secret Garden E17:Live “Transcap”

It is the morning after and I am numb from crying so much…this has to be the most memorable E17 of a drama EVER. Judging from everyone’s reaction here and at soompi, I dont think there were dry eyes anywhere.
If E17 was just like a preview of what is going to happen, E18 is going to leave me in a fetal position crying all night long-not so good for me cuz it’s gonna be hard to type like that.
They should seriously give awards for best episodes cuz this one would win hands down. Even though no one wants to watch it twice – and trust me the tears keep coming every time- you cant deny they did a wonderful job of doling out the heartache and even managed to insert some comedy here and there so there is laughter through the tears – the best kind. I dont know how they are going to beat this episode. But I cant wait to see how they try.
Secret Garden E17 Transcription
R: what you just said -is that the truth?
did my father -the person who saved KJW – was it really my father?
jwm: you said it yourself
that your dad saved lives – one of them was JW
so dont think of adding some kind of meaning to it
jwm slowly kneels and says
compensate with a lot of money – no matter how much-and with this- dont hold onto to my JW
she cries and sincerely pleads
please – stop- let my JW go
i’m begging like this
I will do everything you want -no matter what it is – even more- bigger- I will do it all
but not my son-that kid is not yours
please -please – I’m begging you
jwm suddenly stops crying and says with a cold tone again
answer me
I said “please – i’m begging you”
she suddenly stands up
I told you I would compensate for all of it
I said I would make up for the cost of  your dad’s life
if I came all this way and did all this
if it was me – I would give in just cuz it made feel [she said “dirty” but here i think it means “cheap”]
how could you [resist] all the way!
should I make it that you have nothing left
will your come to your senses then?
dont let your father’s sacrifice be in vain
dont hurt JW’s feelings and settle it with him(break up)
after you are done breaking up with him,
come and get your money
jwm leaves
R just stands there crying out “dad-dad-dad”
JW goes to action school looking for R
they ask what he is doing there late at night
he says it is late at night so I am here to see R
jw asks if she finished shooting her extra scene
they say that R didnt have any scenes to shoot
and they would know about it if there was one
JW goes to R’s hm
AY is telling R to stop crying
before he comes in- R begs AY not to say anything and goes to wash her face
jw: is GRI here?
AY: she is in the bathroom
When she comes out she tries to act normal
R: what are you doing here without even calling?
he asks if she did the shoot well
she lies and says of course she had to do well to earn money-what are you doing here at this time?
he says you should ask if I want something to drink first
AY offers warm tea
He asks if they have coffee
She says yes
Then he says instead of coffee – do you have fruit
AY says they don’t have any
JW to AY: then that
JW to R: what are you doing? Go buy it
R: why are you looking for something we don’t have
AY to R: I’ll go buy it
AY to JW: please continue talking
JW: AY – you stay here-I have something to ask you about sec kim
AY: what about sec kim?
R: what kind of fruit
JW asks for expensive fruit
R leaves
JW: it’s not about sec kim but GRI
After our date, she said she suddenly had a scene to shoot and hurried away
But there was no shoot- I just came back from the action school
After making up a shoot that didn’t exist – where do you think she went?
AY: when I came home she was already here
R: I don’t think that happened
AY explains today was her dad’s memorial so she is not feeling good
When it is that day her mood is down
JW asks did GRI tell you to say that?
he asks where the nearest fruit stand is
R is by some fruit stand crying still
He watches her cry then goes up to her and asks why she is crying
after lying about a shoot that didnt exist-what did you do so well that you are crying
after making up a shoot and ditching me – why are you crying in the street?
did my mom come by again-is that why you are like this?
tell me – mom came by and left-didn’t she?
R lies and says that’s not it
R:cost of living is up so much there is nothing to buy-so why did you ask me to buy expensive fruit?
I don’t have money so why did you ask for expensive fruit? Why?
JW yells: are you not going to be quiet! If an ugly girl acts stubborn (unyielding) do you know how much I hate that
He takes his gloves off and wipes her tears: your face is frozen stupid
he puts his muffler around her telling her: this is expensive-you know that right?
Always remember how much this muffler is around your neck
He puts his gloves on her and says: I will buy the fruit next time so go in
Don’t think of anything and have a deep sleep
R: where are you going? Where are you planning to go?
JW: since you are never ever going to tell me – to meet someone who will
R: don’t do it- it’s not like that-it’s not like that- please don’t do it!
but he has already walked off
* that comment about the expensive scarf seemed like a backward way of saying that she needs to remember she has worth and to value herself
JW asks his mom’s sec if his mom had gone to R’s place [her neighborhood name]
JW: answer me
I cant throw a punch at someone my mom [ordered]
mom went to [R’s neighborhood name] didnt she?
the guy says : I’m sorry but I dont know anything at all
JW: did you not hear me just say that “I couldnt throw one punch?
the guy repeats :I’m sorry but I dont know about anything at all
JW calls her cell and its off
the sec says she is clearing her head and went to hong kong for a bit
JW: so why didnt you follow her?
JW says tell her that she seems to not want to meet me but that makes me comfortable too
relay to her from now on I am going to do what I want-make sure you tell her that
if she has already heard this herself it would even be better
(he kind of senses she is listening so he says the last line louder)
jwm comes down and says look how smart he is- he took after me
she told him to have R followed 24hrs
jwm:she wants to do whatever she wants so I have to observe that
seul tells oska that TS is leaving korea today
oska: he said he was leaving – so he is going to do that
none of the women I met ran off like this
seul: what?
oska: huh? what I mean is….but why are you telling me about Han TS?
seul: you went chasing after him all the way to jejudo
so i thought he was that impressive
oska: if i say he is impressive – are you going to stare at me again
oska says teasingly: Han TS is impressive
seul: stop it
seul gets up upset
oska: where are you going?
the only person who is impressive to me now is han ts
oska: I thought you were going to talk about us so I was really looking forward to it
thanks for telling me TS was running away, but I want to hear about us
you really cant forgive me?
if i can get another chance from you – I have the confidence to do it really well
i know my sin towards you is heavy so cant I just be handcuffed to you for life?
seul: then hang onto me
oska: huh?
seul: hang  onto me- from now on whenever you see me – hang  onto me then I will think about it
so he yells: really? it’s real right? I’m really going to do that -like this
and she smiles (cuz he is cute)
* wasnt sure if it was cling to or hang onto
TS is about to leave and he looks kinda sad looking at an oska ad
oska stops him
oska: where are you going? I told you to think about it
did I ask you to run off without thinking?
and who goes to China on a boat?
TS: then do I cab it?
oska: cant you live normally? I went all the way to Incheon airport (the international airport)
TS: if I lived normally I would make music like yours- hand over my mp3 player
oska: you think i came to give that back to you
I told you very clearly to come claim it
[something about how there were songs TS wrote on it]
what would you have done if I had stolen that?
TS: you’re not going to
oska: how do you know that?
TS: you dont have the nerve
oska acts like he wants to hit TS
oska: there is no need to prolong this conversation-let’s make a contract
TS: I told you I didnt want to
oska: stop resisting
why? [?]
when I said I wanted to train you – you must have thought it was unbelievable
(since oska doesnt have the right)
so that is why I am saying…couldnt you train me?
TS: what?
oska: let’s rewrite the contract – instead of me training you-to you training me
just trust me
to be honest – you want to help me
why do you keep hiding your feelings?
I really like your song- give it to me
the song in here (taps the mp3 player) you made it to give me
even the title says “oska” -so give it to me
TS snatches it back and tells oska to get lost
TS: it’s time for my boat
oska says again about training him and TS says he cant stand oska
and oska says he needs to tie him up and oska picks him up and carries him over his shoulder
TS: why are you doing this? are you crazy? let me go
oska: that’s why you should have listened to me when I asked
* these two guys’ scenes are my fav- they are so funny together
** in korean oska said “raise or grow” so shortened to train- but like I said before ages ago
he meant to help his career along and make it grow
R boxes and keeps thinking about what jwm said to her
JL gets a call from jackson and they speak eng
jackson says R got the part
JL finds out about the audition JW set up
she got the part of Jin- a character in dark blood
JL tells her JW made it happen
cupid jokes does JW like guys? cuz I wanna date him
R tells JL she will be gone for a sec
she wants to go and thank JW
R goes to see JW
she hides and watches him from afar
he is testing out a new concept where you put your hand on that star shaped thing
and make a wish it is suppose to come true
JW wishes for the guy who just spoke to fall down
and that’s when sec kim runs up and knocks down the guy so he does fall
and JW is impressed how well that thing works
sec kim says JW left his phone behind and the call is imp
it is R
she asks if JW is busy
JW; where are you? i called awhile ago and you didnt answer
R says she was filming at a far away location and she is filming night and day
so even if he cant reach her to not be mad
JW accuses her of lying and asks to speak to someone next to her
she says she isnt lying and she only has a few mins to talk so she is going to get to her point
she says a miracle came to me and she got the audition
he is happy and gloats how impressive she is and that she is his impressive woman
R thanks him and says it was cuz  of him
he says the guy saw you for 5 mins so it wasnt cuz i chartered the plane it was you
R lies she has to go film
seul asks R if something happened
R takes her to the art museum
she asks if seul comes here often
R asks what seul thinks when she sees art
R asks what she is suppose to feel when staring at art
seul says what is wrong tell me and i will help you
R explains she is a stuntwoman and that the distance between them is too far apart
even when they are next to each other it’s not like he is next to her
seul says I knew it wouldnt be easy (for you two) so I guess you ran across the obvious problem
she says : this is not why I backed out
she tells R not to throw JW away
seul: were you always that cool hearted?
if the distance  (between them ) seems far -run after him
if he it doesnt seem like he is next to you hold onto him
R: even if that makes it harder for KJW?
seul: that is the problem with his household – in this world they dont have
just loving someone a lot
jwm finds out from the housekeeper that JW chartered a plane for R
cuz R didnt get to do her audition and called R audacious for making that happen
she says she shouldnt have tried to control/catch R
she calls someone in LOEL
she tells the person to meet for dinner to talk about helping her
a bunch of men come out in cars – looks like an army of them to meet her
JW is buying a coat/jacket
sec kim gets a call and he asks to speak to JW alone
in JW’s office sec kim tells JW that an hour from now
the board or stockholders are going to depose JW as president
and the person doing this is jwm
jw: what?
R goes to JW’s mom’s home’
they are sitting across from each other
jwm keeps rejecting his calls throughout this whole scene
jwm: it was time for you to come get the money
but since you didnt contact me I called you here
I’m gonna trust you broke off with JW
how much should I give you?
name it
your acting like you have pride
i’ll acknowledge you got as much as you could so -name your price already
R: I’m sorry
jwm: why are you sorry?
R: i really thought about it for a long time but i cant break up
jwm: i didnt give you time to reach that conclusion/decision
R: i’m really sorry but if my father put his life on the line – to save a life –
now it’s a precious life to me too
because my father put his life on the line to keep him alive
for the rest of my life – I will protect that precious life
jwm:why are you so stubborn (strong willed)
you think i called you to give you my approval
you will always be Jw’s flaw for life
the only flaw in my perfect JW is you
because of someone like you – why does my jw have to endure people’s [criticism]-why?
R: I will do better/work harder
I will do everything well and carefully so JW wont have to face any [ridicule/burden]
jwm: shut up – there is only one way for you to be good to JW
R: I really love that person
KJW – and me – we are sincere ( with our love)
even it’s like that – won’t it do?
will I not do?
please let it happen
i beg you -please give us permission
jwm: so you are saying you wont let go over your dead body?
fine-then do it
jwm answers JW’s call and puts it on speakerphone for R to hear
jwm: um it’s mom
JW yells: mom what did you do?
how could you depose me just cuz you felt like it?
how could you fire me cuz you felt like it?
are you really going to go this far?
jwm: when you met a lowly girl- you should have expected at least that much [happening to you]
i told you very clearly that you had to be responsible for everything you did so far
now you know what I meant
now it’s your turn to reveal what you want
what are you going to do?
JW: fine – take it all – all
I will never give up that girl
jwm: is that so?
then you do that too
jwm hangs up with JW and smiles at R
jwm: there is no need to make that face
now I wont mess with you
to be honest – what did you do that is to blame
from now on I’m going to ruin JW’s life
R hears that and breaks down even more
jwm: you are going to think
“no way is she going to do that
she is only doing this to put fear in me”
whether I do it or not – want to see?
JW will never beat me
if a child goes astray dont you think a parent shouldnt go astray too to beat/win against the child?
I’m saying I can do anything
even if that means [destroying] him
in one hour it will be decided
he will know the worst kind of betrayal in his life today
because of you
he will have to break away from his mother’s hand
R gets up and gets on her knees
R: please wait a moment mother – wait a moment-wait a moment
I wont do it
I will break up with him
I will let him go
I will disappear
like water bubbles I will disappear
so please dont do it
dont ruin him
I was wrong
I did something really wrong
jwm: i had to do something like this for you to obey/listen to me
so frustrating
R keeps bawling
JW sits there stunned
sec kim calls JW “president”
JW: dont call me that-i’m going to be fired soon
sec: are you just going to let this happen to you?
JW: i cant let not meeting GRI happen
so I am choosing the best possible way
sec: wow-how can getting fired as president of a dept store over a girl be the best possible way?
JW: that’s what I am saying – isnt GRI something else?
how could she get a guy like me fired/deposed
[something something didnt get a single word of that]
sec: you became a Romeo
you’re really going to sit back and let this happen to you?
JW: of course
if I try to fight my mom right now-my mom will come back with stronger hits
then who that will be – it’s too obvious
sec: there is no way- you mean R?
JW nods his head
sec: chaebol life is not that great
president – dont worry
by any chance if you really do get fired for real
i will tender my resignation too
JW: why are you tendering your resignation? you’ll just be automatically fired (LOL)
JW:  cuz I hired you
sec: then what do I do- does love buy rice? money buys rice
JW: should we build a farm?
you wanna raise the cows?
sec: president
JW: i’m not the president anymore I said
sec: joo won ee
JW: are you crazy?
sec realizes what he said and starts to run away
JW: stand right there- get back here!
R is at JW’s hm and pulls out the alice book and looks at it
she puts something in it
oska comes up to R
he says: it is you – when did you come?
did you come to meet JW -he just left
she said she saw him leave
oska: so did he ask you to wait
she says that isnt it and that she cant have fan meetings with oska for the time being
oska: why? by any chance cuz of the director Ian jackson? so it worked
he goes on about how hard it was to get his number from Japan -that oska had to call alot-how he had to say something in japanese like a hundred times
she thanks oska for his part in helping her
he acts like it is no big deal between them since they are close and for her not to just say thank you with words and hints that she should buy him a meal or something
JW takes R flowers
he smiles and says “how did you get me to hold flowers? you amazing girl
JW is busy trying to attach the cat pendant pin to her bag
he says he heard she got the stuffed cat from her dad from AY
so he tells her to carry it around on the bag like this and not wrap it with a handkerchief
R: handkerchief? she remembers how she wrapped the safety pins
so you saw?
JW; I’m the kind of person who gives poignancy (a moving emotion)
he finishes:  it’s done
he asks her to hold the bag up
she says no and sort of slaps it aside
he looks kind of hurt
R: you were originally a girl who carried a bag like this
so behave well -is that it?
or do you want me to relive feeling what I did that night every time i carry this bag
is that it?
JW: you know that’s not it. I just….
she pretends to get mad over it
JW asks if he did something wrong
R: i dont have time for stuff like this -for the time being-let’s not meet
she says she has to start filming…
dont call me -it’s bothersome and a it’s making it hard for me
JW: okay-i know it’s hard for you
but I’m sorry – I have no plans to do that
how can you act like this-it’s not funny
how could you do this too
these day I ….
to go to you- do you know what I had to throw away?
R: if you were going to throw it away anyway- you should have done it sooner
before i got tired (of you)
please leave
i dont want to see the face of someone in your family
jw leaves
after he is gone she looks at the cat pendant and cries
JW starts drinking alcohol
then he takes his pill again
he stands by his window looking out and grabs his coat and leaves
R goes hm but JW is inside
he says : i asked AY- AY is my fairy godmother
R: from now on dont do that – if we need to meet – (let’s meet ) outside….
JW: dont act like this -there is no guideline to what you are doing
if I am going to fight with you
why are you late
why did you look at that guy
why do you cook only for oska
i wish it was over something childish like that so….
R:  the accident you had 13 yrs ago
the accident you cant remember
at that time -after saving you – a fireman lost his life
that person is my father
JW’s eyes get round: what?
R:you can be comfortable not remembering
but every time I see you i cant stop thinking about my father
now I dont have it in me to see you comfortably (without a heavy heart)
because if I did- I feel too sorry to my father
cuz of you – i had to live 13 yrs without my dad
can you imagine what that time was like
you said before that you would be the LM
I’m asking you – like bubbles – disappear
JW goes and does research
he gets old papers delivered to him
and he looks and finds her dad’s obituary
in the paper -omg
scary music
it says  he died in a fire when the elevator fell with him in it
and he person he saved was an heir to a dept store
her dad’s voiceover narrates that fireman’s creed line
about being prepared –
about God protecting his family and wife
*I wonder if JW remembered her dad reciting this during the accident
and that is why JW is hearing it now
R goes to see her dad
dad I came again
dad – did you really save him?
you told me you would come hm early-you told me not to eat dinner and wait
and you didnt come hm
cuz you saved him – you couldnt come?
i’m sorry dad
because I love him – I’m really sorry
i’m really sorry dad
before R leaves
AY: arent you nervous? it’s your first day of filming
R says she is so nervous she cant button her coat properly
AY tells her about a dream AY had
she says one a snowy field there was a beautiful table set and
JW and R were sitting across from each other drinking tea
a pretty flower tea
R: was it by any chance flower liquor
AY: how can I know that? is it possible to know taste in a dream
but  besides you and president there was one other person too
but i dont know who that person was
AY: anyway because you two drank that tea
red rose petals rained down from the heavens
R asks why are you telling me that dream (she literally said “why are you selling that dream to me”)
AY: cuz you and the president were in it
R: you said there was another person
that must be you
AY: was that it?
AY tells R to film well
R goes to film site
R meets jackson and starts filming car scene
jackson says R was too slow so go faster and JL translates and she does it again
the roads were blocked for filming
one guard explains to the driver he cant pass cuz there is filming going on
the moron complains about the road block
the guard asks the jerk to go wait or around but he wont
the jerk decides to not listen and drives thru the barrier
he runs into R
she crashes
JL runs like crazy in slow motion to her car
the camera pans to the driver’s seat and her bloodied hand drops
JW is at hm looking out his window holding a book
sec kim comes running in yelling “president”
JW’s book knocks over and breaks a vase full of red roses
it’s like he knows-he stares at the roses on the ground
and then he looks at the sec
at the hospital
AY is crying like crazy-cupid has to hold her back from going in
JL is in shock and sits there stone faced
action school guys are bawling
R is in a coma
doc  narrates – she may never wake up
she is brain dead
JW is still not crying
he just walks down the corridor
as sec kim follows bawling
oska and seul come up behind them
the screen goes white
then it shows R’s room
it’s dark
the camera zooms in on R’s pic
a red and pink rose petals drop in front of it (from the flowers JW gave her)
JW narrates
half a month went by
she is still in her dreams as usual
when I see how comfortable her face is
in her dreams I am not there
so it seems she is waiting for me
till i come
she looks like she is waiting
tm and the day after tm
he takes care of her -wiping her hands and stuff
he doesnt sleep and stands looking out the hospital window
change of clothes again and he holds her hand and cries
omg this is so awful- i cant type cuz I am crying too hard and my hands are shaking
JW writes down
*GyeongGi Do IlWon(name of province), ChungBock province(name of province)
20~30mm per hour, the news of rain (It will be rainy)
oska comes over
oska: you were here
JW covers up what he wrote
JW: um-why?
oska: to be honest -a few days ago-I saw R here
JW: here?
oska: before she got hurt
JW: why did she say she came-to see me?
oska: she said it wasnt to meet you but she told me to be sure to be happy-like someone who wouldnt see me again-it felt really weird
how is R?
JW: what was she doing here?
oska: she was looking at a book
he walks over to where  she had been standing
she was standing somewhere around here
jw asks which book
oska says he didnt pay attention that much but
she wouldnt have come all the way just to look at a book
I thought of that today
JW goes thru a few books
he finally pulls out the Alice book and finds the pic R had put there
*The paper Rime put in Alice in wonderland is the last page of the little Mermaid.
The content is…
The knife the little mermaid was holding was shaken.
But the next moment, little mermaid threw the knife away into the wave (sea)
As the knife was falling, the wave shone ruddy brightly
At that time, the sun was rising over the sea
The little mermaid was looking at the prince with dim eyes
And threw herself into the sea
And she disappeared becoming bubble
he cries while reading it
he holds it close to him and bawls
and sits down on the ground and keeps crying
*thanks naey
JWM gets flowers and reads the card
JW says “mom i love you -always-always – JW”
she says he came back to her
but that he sounds like the way he was when he was 21
she asks for the prettiest vase in a happy tone
she kisses the card and smells the flowers
oska makes JW laugh
oska tells JW about a time when some lady at a restaurant asked why the cameras
she heard oska was a singer and she thought she should get his signature
and she kept asking “who is it – who is it?” and she was told “oska”
and she said “if is oska so I should make sure i get a signature then she asked
“is he a man or woman?”
jw laughs too much
oska: your reaction is over done-this isnt a very funny story
jw; what do you mean it isnt funny – i think it was
oska: are you taking pity on me cuz I’m old?
if you are going to take pity- give it to me with money
JW :oh it was so funny – ok- even if it isnt money -I’ll give you something that will suffice
he gives oska a gift box
oska asks: what is it- if I open it – will it explode? or is it a dead bird?
JW: aish – why didnt I think of that?
oska: why are you like this today?
he opens it slowy
inside the box are the most hideous pair of blood red shoes I’ve ever seen
and brown shoes and lots of luxury brand watches
oska: what is this? these are the ones I tried so hard to steal
you are really giving them to me?
JW says he is paying him for letting him stay there
oska asks if JW caused trouble
JW grabs it back saying “if you dont want it never mind”
but oska hugs the box saying”no no “
oska says thank you joo won ah
jw: then let’s take a pic-the two of us
oska: why would I take a pic with you when it’s gross
JW says after he was 21 – they dont have a pic together
you will regret not taking a pic with me
oska says in his life regret is half
he says that kind of regret wont even be noticeable
JW: thats true hyung you are a really bad guy
oska glares at JW and goes back to admiring his watch with diamonds on it
oska is sleeping
JW watches him sleep
he says I knew all that time what you were doing
that you kept losing to me (on purpose)
I was always grateful hyung
JL shows R her action film clips and says “this is the kind of impressive person you are
can you see it? you are strong and a [resilient] kid so you can wake up-hurry and wake up GRI”
she shouldnt sleep this much
“cant you see that sunbaes are all worried
wake up -just wake up-if you wake up-
I promise to send you to JW with a smile
if  you only wake up”
JW watches all this from the doorway
JW narrates his letter to R
I’m telling you in advance
You are the only poor alienated neighbor to receive a letter from KJW who is writing for the first and last time
So it’s ok for you to be proud of yourself
The wind is blowing strong enough to shake the branches this afternoon
When you read the letter too – I hope you can also see the wind blow and shake the branches on a afternoon like this
So that what I saw- I hope you can see it too
The window I stood by-you stand by
The bed I laid on –you lie on it
The books I read-if you read them
Even like that – if we can be together
if is is that much – let’s say we are together
if it is that much-like other dating couples- let’s say we are happy
he keeps crying as he writes this letter
Hyun Bin’s version of  “that man” plays-and breaks hearts all over the world
he goes to the hospital and takes her out of there
and takes her in his car
they are parked somewhere on a lonely road
she is leaning on his shoulder with a blanket around her
JW says to her calmly at first then crying:
dont love anyone else
and just think of me and live alone
dont get too close to chae woong-that’s incest
it will seem like a selfish/”do what I want” decision
but it’s made by a leader of society so respect it
the gil ra im that was always impressive/cool no matter what
even in the future you have to be impressive/cool
he kisses her forehead
i’m going to miss you a lot
i love you
i love you
there is a storm in the distance with lightning flashing and dark clouds
he drives right into it …
and I guess they switch
it ended
no preview for SG
just preview for next drama after SG
*not sure about the brackets – just new a word or two so I pieced it together so no quoting please
Now I cant help but wonder if her dad wanted JW to drive into that storm
was that part of her dad’s plan all along with the switch? knowing the car accident would happen
did he trust JW enough to do the right thing and save his daughter like this?
cuz if her father did -he took a huge gamble cuz what if JW didnt use the switch to his advantage to save R?
if her dad didnt plan this – I wonder how he would feel watching JW bravely make his sacrifice
and thereby taking away the only person who could have been her family for life
as her  father – this has to be a tough choice for him to make -or watch as it is happening
I bet when he saw JW driving into the storm – he was thanking JW-but I hope he realizes this act will also break his daugher’s heart cuz her last words to JW was to do exactly this- to disappear
* i think I broke some kind of record for crying non stop during these translations – you would think I would become numb to this after a while but no… hearing exactly what they said during these scenes is making it even harder for me to stop crying
at the rate I am going – I am going to be up for a total of 11hrs- stupid blog break down
I am never doing another weekend drama unless it is the sequel to SG cuz I’m going to miss church again.i only went once since SG started. it’s either sleep thru service or sleep thru church service time so I’m going with the latter. if I dont go next week for sure-God is not going to recognize me and go “who are you?” when i finally make it there
when I pray for forgiveness and tell Him it was cuz of a drama – I hope God has a sense of humor
this episode is like emotional overload – the tears just would not end
pow- more sadness- pow-some more- and just when you think they will ease up and save it for tm
another pow- the worst kind
this ending was the best one yet in this drama
I literally wailed when he drove into the storm
what kind of drama does this? omg I didnt stop crying for like 40 mins…
who does this on ep17? there are still 3 left
omg omg omg –oska is going to cry like crazy
what is his mom going to think? she is going to have a heart attack-she caused her son to do this
when he sent her flowers I just knew it-then he gave away his watch to oska- all the signs
pointed to this-but I had no idea about driving into the storm-omg i love this drama
tears and all- my head hurts from crying so much
The second the music cue began and JW’s mom’s facial expression changed from hardened to desperate – I felt it – as she started to slowly kneel down – a wave of emotion flooded over me and I lost myself – that is how I always feel when I cry with a character. With JW, knowing how much it took to get here, for him to realize he is the reason she doesnt have a family-her father – omg – how do you make that up to someone you love? There arent enough thank you’s in the world. I keep thinking of that fireplace scene at the golf club, when he told her he couldnt sleep cuz he wondered why she didnt have what everyone else has – now he knows that reason had something to do with him…he is going to have to deal with the shock of remembering what he had suppressed all these years, but something tells me the truth of what he inadvertently took from her is going to be harder to face-the show hasnt even started and I am already feeling it….crap – totally screwed.
can I also add thatI love Hyung Bin’s rendition of “that man”. The fact that he is so sleep deprived and losing weight in the process of bringing us such a memorable character makes my heart ache listening to him singing – like his voice is pleading us to remember all his effort for this drama and making us feel even more for his character- as if that is even possible. Years from now-I am still going to think of Joo Won as one of the most memorable main leads in a Kdrama.

139 comments on “Secret Garden E17:Live “Transcap”

  1. almontel says:

    Thank you so much for the translation! I was crying like a baby…and that was without understanding what they were saying. Now i’m crying even more after reading your trans.
    i think this was the climax of the series…so so so sad…
    i don’t really want a sad ending, i wonder how it will turn out..but making RaIm in a coma is giving me a slight hope that she’d still pull out of it so that we can still have that happy ending…
    Can’t wait for ep18 tonight!


  2. kae says:

    Goes to show how powerful and emotional this episode is. I am just reading your transcap and by Joo Won’s letter I realized that I am teary-eyed.


  3. Nat says:

    This episode of Secret Garden is,by far,one of the best,if not the best,episodes of any dramas I have ever seen. The emotions on display hardly seemed like acting. Amazing job by the cast and crew too. Not enough words can describe how I feel about Secret Garden. Just…wow. Thanks to all who contributed. 🙂


    • may says:

      hi Nat
      totally agree with you, a hundred dramas I’ve seen this is the best, has everything, action, actors real good, different and interesting theme, funny, serious. For me definitely the BEST drama


  4. christina says:

    i always said to myself….. this is the best kdrama i’ve ever ever watched … one after one ….. BUT….. now i can say loudly that SG is the BEST BEST ever kdrama i’ve ever watched !!!!!!


  5. toohearts says:

    Hello all.

    The long preview for Episode 18 is out.

    credits and thanks to starcandii of soompi for uploading the clip in Youtube


  6. peekabooo says:

    i just read the transcribe… and it set my tearducts flowing. what is this~!!!! now im off to see the vid… SG rocks


  7. dannyjwkim says:

    thank you.


  8. grace go says:

    there are a lot of scenes from ep 17 that touched my heart…oska and jw’s scene…seeing how much they care for each other…and yes, that writing a letter scene while Binnie’s version was playing in the background…i was crying like a baby…and the last scene where Binnie was saying his goodbye to GRI….when he said i love you twice and kissed her on the forehead, i knew he was sacrificing something important for the girl he loves… and when he stepped on the gas towards the lightning, it gave me gooosebumps…

    my husband asked me why am I crying in front of my computer while watching Ep17 despite not understanding one word they’re saying (watched it RAW)…I said Binnie’s crying and decision made my heartache…


  9. xav says:

    i thought i had cried enough watching the show, but reading your transcap i cried again – thats how daebak your transcaps are! 😀

    and reading the line “Hyun Bin’s version of “that man” plays-and breaks hearts all over the world”, my heart broke again as i couldnt help but agree. :X

    its hard to express my gratitude for your work through a few words but rly, thank you! 😀


  10. may says:

    Was it a super strong and emotionally charged to these actors as talented as we took the tears from beginning to end …. in a few hours but continue to suffer, but I’m looking forward to chapter 18.


  11. ?? says:

    In episode 17, Ah Young also said this about her dream – “Besides you and the CEO, there was one more person. But I can’t figure out who that person is.” This led to worried speculations that “maybe both of them died and met with Ra Im’s dad”.


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