My Princess E2: “Transcap”

I’ll say one thing for this drama – they sure do show a lot in the previews and this episode went so fast I had a hard time catching up- it went as fast as the last episode of MSOAN-bam bam bam- one scene right after another- person cant catch her breath here…whew…but I like this episode ten times more than the first one. No yawns this time cuz I didnt have time – they dont give you a second to be bored.
They made every scene count – that was pretty smart cuz that is how they got to me 🙂
I’m pretty sure they chose to watch Roman Holiday since it is a story about a princess who escapes her life for a brief time to fall in love. No one should even like Roman Holiday’s ending cuz it’s not happy. She has to say goodbye and go back to her royal duties and the man who fell in love with her has to learn to live without her. They both exist separately, but we know the time they shared will live on in them forever. No matter how this drama ends, I already sense that connection that lasts a lifetime has already begun between HY and LS. Though they have only met a few times, she is getting to him. You can tell from watching his amusement over her antics and letting her take the reins and pretend to be his gf says a lot. Now all she has to do is abandon her school girl crush on J and catch up to HY.That moment is the hook for me and I am going to hang on-not tightly-but just enough to give it a fair chance.
Just in case that wasnt clear enough – I am going to continue transcaps for both My Princess and Dream High
(but in this format – not like SG’s -that one takes over 9hrs to do- this style takes less than 5)
forget the great grandpa scene-sageuk just is not my thing-
just cant translate that – go read dramabeans tm
will try to fill in more translations tm but if it doesnt happen by tm night it is not gonna happen at all
My Princess E2
It starts from LS calling HY back on her cell phone.
when LS asks why he wants to stay here
he reminds her  she wanted to make money while her mom was away
after they go in, she asks what style of room he prefers and shows two rooms and gives them names like royal grand presidential suite and the room next door is the royal ambassader suite but they are like tiny rooms-he chooses the first one
She tells him how much the rooms are per night/day
it is usually $150 for i night two days but since he is staying for two nights, she’ll settle for $295
she tells him to pay in advance
he tries to pay with credit card
she says the card machine broke 5 mins ago before he came
he gives her $1000 and asks  for $705 in change
but she says he can make a direct deposit online and gives him the bank info and wishes him happy banking and leaves him alone to do it
the way she calculates and stuff
HY remarks she takes after his grandpa completely
HY looks at pic of LS’s mom and says she is not his grandpa’s style at all
HY calls G and says he found her but he cant leave right now
he is calling to say he cant come right now and didnt want them to worry
he says he is going to watch her and if it looks like she really cant be it then he is going back alone
She makes the smell of bacon waft upstairs
HY comes down and asks if there is a restaurant (she says it takes an hour and a half to get there and is closer to Seoul), mart (supermarket- there isnt one she says),  or convenient store nearby and she says it is by the highway
HY rubs his tummy in hunger
LS: you must be really hungry
I dont have that much set but would you like to have some of this at least?
and invites him to eat there instead
she charges basic meal $30 and a bit more  $50
and she pushes for the $50 but he wants the basic
she makes him settle for the more expensive one by waving around the bacon
Y gets interviewed
she is honest and says rumors are that she got chosen by looks and not her talent
he asks how she got started
she mentions it was her first love and talks about whose son someone was and stuff
flashback scene of J and Y
J promises to find those scrolls I am guessing (this part of the story is where they always lose me cuz the language gets super hard)
they went thru a lot begging for info here and then going to a temple place and finding out the scroll was a fake
the last question the reporter asks is the rumor about how expensive it was
she says she cant put a price on it with her own mouth (meaning she cant say the price)
she wants to keep that a secret
Y meets J and says she thought he wouldnt call her for a long time
J;if I do that a day is too long
Y says she is sorry and knows how he feels
J: you knew and did it?
Y says she didnt run away and came to beg for forgiveness so she asks for some leniency/understanding
he asks why she did it
she doesnt want to say and he says she should since he needs to understand
she did it cuz the chairman wanted it and she and G cant go against his wishes
he says she must have had a hard time but he isnt that sympathetic when he says that
president’s staff gets mad that all of korea knew what he doesnt
chairman is meeting the president in secret
there are two people in there so he cant listen in so he tells his aid to go listen in
the aid says how can I when it is just the two of them in there
the old guy tells him he should do it like in the movies and try to find a way to eavesdrop
the president and the chairman are meeting
and talking about what the chairman is doing
the president wishes the chairman good health and asks if it is going well
they seem to have a great relationship
HY comes running out in a towel complaining
HY: ya – no hot water is coming out here!
she says it’s $5 extra for hot water
HY: what? you’re really …..hurry and turn the radiator on – I cant even shower with cold water  in the summer
LS: you’re trying to save $5 like this? I’m going out for a second to the store- should I buy you something on my way back like bread…
HY: no just hurry and turn the boiler…ya- bread? where are you going to buy something like that?
you said there were no nearby convenient stores
LS: there are no convenient stores so that is why I am going to a corner store (one of those tiny stores in korea that isnt so nice and pretty)
HY: what?
LS: a while ago you should have asked me if there were any corner stores- i thought since you bought an expensive ring in a dept store- i didnt think you would go to places like a corner store
wanna go together – it wont even take 5 mins to get there
HY: what?!
he sits in his room and hears the movie roman holiday
he goes out and blocks the screen so she tells him to sit down
he says it is cold outside so what is she doing
LS says something about a one of a kind fantastic theater
he makes fun of her pronunciation so she tells him to spit out her butter popcorn
he shoves some in her mouth playfully
HY: just watch the movie – when you watch Hepburn do you feel anything?
he marvels how good she is no matter how much you see her
they watch the scene where the princess sticks her hand inside the  mouth in the wall
the window suddenly opens so she goes to close it
he asks: is this neighborhood your hometown
she says she has lived here since she was 6 so it’s like that
HY: where were you before that?
LS: here and there then in the orphanage for ten months-I was adopted
when I first came to this house – on the first night i didnt cry or laugh
like a baby in a mother’s womb -I just slept a lot
he asks if she remembers anything about her real parents
LS: what if I do? will you find them?
HY: eh?
LS: dont have to be afraid
not sure if i remember, if i dreampt it, or if I made it all up
he says he can help find them -it would be better than you finding them alone
LS: said he would be right back
HY: who? your dad?
she says she cant remember his face but I remember what he said : I will come right back
dad will be right back
but “right back” is really long
she says the way I smile is really pretty huh?every time I missed my father I practiced
when my father comes back and finds me- i’m gonna smile for him
[didnt understand what they said here but it was something like how he felt bad she had to go through that and she says dont most kids go thru that with their parents]
HY: by some chance – if you find your real parent tm what do you think it will be like?
LS: she says she has to go by the situation -see how much inheritance there is
HY: say that there is an inheritance
LS: do some family tree research to see how many siblings there are
HY: how can a small girl like you think like that
she gets a call
it is from the woman in the office that works with the professor
the woman wants the professor to come here tm and asks for LS’s help
LS welcomes the idea of having him come there
LS cleans and makes the place pretty
the woman narrates J will be uncomfortable if he knows it is her place
so to pretend they met here – all by chance
LS: I’m begging you
HY: there are a lot of empty rooms so why are you asking me to move from a room I am using
LS: my room is right in front so when we go back and forth we can naturally run into each other and …blossom
HY repeats blossom?
LS: so what I am saying is….changes her tone to more demanding
just move -it’s not that hard to do
HY: who is coming for you to do this? a guy? what does this guy do?
LS: my professor is not someone who should here stuff like that from you
fine- just know there is no food today for you
car pulls up
omo – he must be here already
what should I do
holds onto HY’s arm
while I change clothes stall some time for me huh?
friendly and warmly ok? (or maybe the word was welcomingly)
she runs up
HY: ya – ya – why should I….
he gets an idea and calls up :ok – take your time and come
J shows up with another guy and there is a sign she had put up (i’m assuming to welcome guests)
which makes J smile
J asks HY if he is the owner
J wonders where the proprietor is and HY says that person is changing clothes
HY asks which one is the professor nam
J says he is and HY says you look like you would from first glance
(the other guy is not attractive is why)
HY mutters to himself that J since J is a professor he should be lecturing not being at a place like this (LOL)
LS comes out and acts all surprised to seeJ-saying how shocked she is
J asks what she is doing here and she says it is her home
LS: this is so amazing how could there be such a coincidence
J asks who HY is
HY puts his arm around her and says “for the time being we are living in the same house'”
and kisses her cheek
J says to LS: so you were dating? i didnt know – congratulations
fighting off HY’s arm around her shoulder the whole time
LS: no professor – I’m not – dont congratulate me…that’s not it….
HY tells J :I’ll show you around – the room you are staying in is the royal grand executive presidential suite and the room right in front is our room
you can knock on it comfortably when you need us
and the rate is 1night two days is $150 and of course it has to be in cash
to LS: should we go in first?
LS starts beating him up when they get inside
LS: are you crazy? one house what?
HY: why? dont you remember what you did
grabbing her arm like she did when she met Y: I heard a lot about you from oppa
LS: i did that so things would go well with you
The curator you like is someone I dont like
HY: isnt that perfectly natural- girls usually dislikes girls who are more popular than them
LS: it’s not cuz she is popular
she knows everything but acts like she doesnt know -she acts innocent so guys fall for that
HY: Y doesnt even know the word “acts like” exists in the korean language
LS: she is going to marry someone else but ….but you sure have no clue
you really like her that much?
ah-he must really like her
it’s a little touching
let’s make up again
she orders HY to bring all that outside or no food for him
HY complains she always threatens with food
HY gets a call from his grandpa
he tells him that she seemed to have grown up well
HY says he didnt tell her yet
grandpa tells him to hurry up and bring her there
after he hangs up the grandpa say she should have the satchel with her
Y takes coffee for J and his friend and HY takes one (he took hers)
she sees the pic of the small royal satchel when the two guys are talking
(think this is the princess one)
she asks J what it is
J: during class you just looked at my face huh? I covered this in my lecture already
YS; no wonder I thought I saw it in my house
the other guy thinks she is cute and they talk about the satchel then
the other guy talks about Y and how he saw her on the news
Y is really impressive – without any fear she became curator
before she succeeds even more shouldnt she get married first
J: dont talk nonsense
the guy: this is why you shouldnt date for a long time
HY overheard all that
and LS is nervous
the whole time HY was glaring at J so J asks do you have something to say to me?
LS lies and says she forgot to turn off the gas
she asks HY to go in with her for a sec
HY asks if they are talking about the same Y he knows
LS pretends she didnt know the curator’s name was Y
HY: you better tell me the truth
why are they talking about marrying Y or not
she tries to change subject and asks if he likes bean soup  or kimchi stew
HY: are you going to keep changing subjects?
you knew from the very start huh?
she owns up
she says there was a rumor Y is J’s first love but now that she heard all that it must be true
LS to HY:do you have the confidence to win a first love
he says he isnt the kind of guy who needs to do that
she says he is already lost to the daehan grandchild
she said she kept it a secret cuz she doesnt want J to know about HY
she would prefer if J got dumped by Y
she asks HY to help her so that she can follow J to egypt and make him hers
she wants HY to help make J jealous but he doesnt even listen to her plan
she tells him to hold her arm so she can yell
she wants to pretend she needs J’s help
HY guesses what she is up to and wont play along
HY takes her up and says to pack her stuff so they can leave
he says they are going to Seoul
she rattles on and he interrupts
he thinks she is his aunt (LOL)
LS: what?
HY: i think you are my aunt
LS: aunt? what aunt?
HY: you dont know what an aunt is
i think you are my grandfather’s daughter
it is upsetting isnt it? I feel that way too
LS: so you’re saying I am (someone’s girl who)
has a great car, can buy expensive rings on a whim, your older than me but I am your aunt?
HY: yes
LS: you have proof
it’s strange
if you want to find your lost daughter- a parent should come-or another relative
how could they send her nephew who is older to come get her
if I was the real daughter – either show a picture or birth certificate or personal item and ask if this yours or not do you remember it or not – shouldnt you ask something like that
HY says the grandpa is ill right now
she thinks they want her liver or an organ or something
and that is why he is saying these things
he speaks down to her so she says how can you talk to your aunt like that
she asks if the grandpa’s health isnt too serious
she asks if he lives well
she insinuates that they might be tricking her so he points out didnt you watch how I behave?
she says just cuz you charge a lot on your card doesnt mean much but he says
after you make sure later dont like it and fall for it
he tells her to hurry and pack
she tells him there are customers so stop joking
he gets serious and says he isnt kidding
HY goes outside to J- you said you were her professor since you know each other
I hope you will be understanding
her life is going to turn upside down
so she needs to be gone from the house for a while
LS says HY is surprising the professor saying it like that and she aplogizes to J
HY to LS: you just stand still – what else is more important than this in your life-why are you sorry?
J: what’s the matter
HY: if it was something we can say we already would have
HY to LS: does this guy normally not pick up on things quickly?
she wants to explain and asks J for his understanding and stuff
she explains she has to go up to seoul to J nicely
HY gets impatient and drags her off saying : what kind of asking for understanding takes all day long to say
as they walk away from J, LS complains she didnt get to say bye properly and bow
HY says he is going to bow down to you from now on
J looks worried about her
In the car on the way to seoul
she asks about his grandpa
she guesses the grandpa sells cell phone cases and stuff-HY laughs
he asks if she still has his business card
she reads the name
he points out that is his name – the same one as the museum and that he is the grandchild of daehan
she is surprised that he is the same person
she worried that she has to bow down in front of his grandpa when she sees how nice his home is
they pull up to the house
the grandpa kneels down and calls her your majesty- this sinner even if I die now
there is no regrets your royal princess
G wont let HY through
G is blocking the door so the grandpa can talk to LS alone
G says no one can  go in and interrupt
and HY says am I just any one?
G: chairman waited all these years for this moment
HY: how can that person inside be a princess? what princess?
how can an aunt be a princess?
G: I was hoping that person inside wouldnt show up
for you, me and Y for daehan group for all our sake
all my life -before what I wanted- I respected and folllowed the chairman’s orders
and even this time it is the same
HY is angry cuz G wont move out of the way
chairman tells LS to sit down
he opens a pretty box and takes out an old pic
she recognizes him as (no clue what royalty titles are)
he says he is going to tell a story from a long time ago
a little boy with his dad
little boy is the chairman and the man next to him is his dad
and the king looking guy gives the boy’s father something
*The king looking guy is LS’s great grandfather-Joseon’s last emperor Sunjong
he had an unknown legitimate son and LS is descended from that lineage
only part of conversation I caught was something about a father with no strength
the boy echoes what is said -cute kid
the chairman says the guy ran away with the last child
end flashback
so the chairman is asking for her forgiveness
LS says so you are saying I am Royalty
she says she dreamt of being a princess as a kid
hw says it is for real she really is one
she cant believe someone from joseon time is still alive (meaning the grandpa is old) but she changes her statement since it is rude to “of course someone from joseon time should be alive
he shows a pic of a man
she doesnt know him
she explains she doesnt remember before 5yrs old
he asks her to remember-she has to remember
LS: I have to remember to remember – I really dont have any memory
she remembers crying alot in an alley, was there ever a girl who didnt cry in an alley?
strawberry hair tie, and a helicopter
i dont know if all of this is my memory if I dreamt it or if I made it up
she wants to know why she has to remember
he gives her a pouch and asks her to open it
there is a strawberry hair tie
(this means she really was there )
he looks at the pic and tells the man in the pic that he found the princess
she remembers the construction site from 20 yrs ago
she finds out the guy in the pic is her dad
chairman: you really dont remember?
she asks where her dad is now
chairman tells her he has passed away and begs her to forgive him (chairman)
she runs off
[*do not know one word of what they are saying – it has been over a month since SKKS ended so i am rusty with this sageuk talk -not helping the confusion is the king guy is played by professor jung and the boy’s father is played by the king from SKKS-this time professor jung is standing and the king guy is kneeling- how funny is that?]
HY is pacing outside
he asks if the talk is over
he asks if she is running away
she says he told me my father is dead and that I am a princess
something is wrong with your grandpa huh?
dont restrain me and she walks off
he drives up and pulls over and says he will take her
they can talk on the way
she cries and says it isnt my father
my father promised me-he would be back soon
so he cant do this to me
I waited so long
he cant die on me
he cant throw me away again
she keeps crying
he hugs her
from crying so much LS has raccoon eyes from her running mascara
she goes home but the house code is still different
HY asks why she doesnt have a key
she said it is her sister’s house and not hers
HY asks if they dont get along
she says they fight a lot
she is afraid to call cuz she will get yelled at
he asks if her older sister is the parents real daughter
LS: no my older sister was adopted too
we are the same age too
but mom said even twins have older and younger sister
she told us to do rock paper scissors [to see who would be the older one] and I lost
she tells him to go cuz she has lots of places to go…
he said he knows and he wants to be included as one of those places and tells her to follow him
[was that real snow?]
he takes her home to his place
he shows her his guest room and where the bathroom is and calls the room the presidential suite
and the rate is $150
she says she is going to wash up and he says it will be $5 extra for hot water
she looks at her face and washes her face saying
My father is not dead he will return
the mom is buying  LD a new outfit
LD feels bad about LS
the mom says when LS graduates she will buy her an outfit later
LD says you think she will graduate?
the mom says she thinks the same way that LS wont
that is why she keeps calling her down to the pension
to give her lessons in working
Hy makes a nice dinner with steak and everything
[how long was she in that bathroom?????]
she asks you know how to cook?
HY there isnt anything i cant do-i’m too perfect ..[blah blah blah] so it is tiring hearing that from people
let’s toast
she sits there looking “mung” so he says if you cant eat it I’ll eat it and tries to take her plate
but she just digs right in
she stabs her fork and holds up the meat and takes bites
she talks about the meat scent and stuff
he tells her to eat slowly and that there is a knife next to her
Y calls
he answers but she tells him not to pick up
HY says he is eating at home
Y is there right now
LS keeps eating
he makes her take her plate into the guest room
she complains you guys can just go out and meet
he tells her to be quiet
he flips all the partitions to the bedroom
(that is sooooo freaking cool-it is a mirror on one side and a mural pic on the other)
she remembers her purse and goes back out and grabs it
HY says to Y this is her first time at his place
she says it is her first time coming in but she has been to the front door
he tells her to call next time before she comes
LS keeps eating in the room wondering what they are saying
her stomach starts to make loud gurgling sounds
HY and Y talk outside
he wonders why she came to see him
she says he picks up on things too fast and doesnt have mood
HY: it;s not like you came to set the mood
Y asks if he heard anything from the chairman
HY: grandpa doesnt mention important things to me
so ask comfortably -what is it?
LS is trying to keep it in
Y asks if by any chance the chairman…..
HY gets a call
[this is hard to translate cuz she says something but he says something in response that doesnt sound like direct answers to her comments cuz he has to pretend this call is about anything but the bathroom issue]
LS says it is urgent and she needs to go to the bathroom and he tells her to take care of problems like that herself-in your opinion – what should I do
LS: if you dont want to be caught tell her to leave quickly
HY I get that you are frustrated but you have to think carefully and answer
it’s an important problem right now-isnt it?
she says she is going to die
[ you can see that she cant even breathe properly]
HY: why are you like this all of a sudden?
HY says sorry but he cant help with that-of course I feel bad about it -since you are a grown up- use your own strength and figure it out-understand?  hanging up
LS texts him: i am dying please save me
HY: hold it in
LS: you can go out and talk
HY says that will look weird if he says lets go out all of a sudden
LS threatens if he doesnt figure it out in 1 minute she is going to do whatever she wants- so do as he pleases
LS: there sure a lot of  expensive brand bags in the closet
which bag will you be the most upset about (which bag will he miss the most)
HY eyes bulge out
HY asks Y what they were saying before
Y: about the chairman
HY: that the chairman wants to go to the bathroom…that wasnt it…wait a minute…what did grandpa …..
Y says he doesnt look well
she said she will talk tm
he says it is late and he will call later and walks ahead of her
Y sees girl’s boots as she is about to leave
he pretends not to know what it is
LS comes running out yelling “my stomach”
Hy shields LS from the press
Y hugs J
HY leads LS into a hotel room it looks like and she says “where are you touching” and flails her arm and hits HY right in the face by accident
chairman yells “what do you mean fiance?”
Y cries and yells at her dad about something ten years ago how he should have known or something
LS remembers after seeing the helicopter pad-when she was a child and her father was holding her tight
her father had got hit by a car in front of the chairman
a young LS cries in the alley alone
HY spots reporters and pulls LS close to him and J grabs her other arm and asks HY what he is doing
HY and LS are on the bed when her mom walks in (but it looked like she shoved them in to begin with)
LS tries to hear through the door when HY and Y come out
J says you really are a princess to LS
LS: how did you know
chairman takes LS to the gravesite-to her dad
chairman: your majesty – do you see – now I finally brought her highness/princess
LS meets her new staff and the hick kick guy is there
LS and HY are at the airport
dang that is one long preview – are they going to save anything for the show to surprise us?
* I just had a thought – if this drama ends up being my favorite this year I am seriously going to have to rethink what this world is coming to -cuz never in a million years would I have guessed I might like a drama with these two in it -omg -how am I going to live this down?

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    thank you softy!! am relying your all your live transcripts weeks to come!! keep up quick work!! sending YAI goodies your way! You are jiang!!


  15. missJ says:

    the first and second thing I did after opening the comp. this morning was to watch the 2nd ep . , and read your transcap ! gosh , this drama is fantastic ! just after 2 eps and I’m hooked , looking forward to the next eps, just like SG ! I never thought MSOAN will be replaced in my heart that fast , but here I am , going gaga over MP already ! thanks for the hardwork , Softy ! pls. get some needed rest , and don’t forget to eat ! mwaahhh !and thanks again for continuing the transcaps for MP !fighting !!!!
    From Japan with love


    • Softy says:

      Hey missJ,
      So far this second one was pretty good huh? I was afraid I wouldn’t like it after the first one, but if they can keep this up- I might end up doing this for a few more weeks. People have been commenting that I am taking on too much, but after SG is over – that’s it. If I don’t do something, missing SG is gonna be torture. It’s not even over yet, but I am already mourning its end.
      When skks ended, msoan and SG helped me move on – so I need MP and DH to help me get over SG.
      My gut instincts tell me DH might not be able to keep my interest, so I am moving forward very cautiously. Then I will only have MP so I thought it was better to start both this week. I even watched Sign, but after two mins, I knew I could never transcap that-too boring and too technical for me. Thank goodness or thundie and blue would’ve killed me 🙂


  16. tangee says:

    Dear Softy
    1stly, thanks for your Speedy Gonzalez transcap. Other than eye candy that I am looking forward to, I didn’t think that these 2 [one woody, one beautiful] could actually up the game. Thanks for your comments, am so looking forward to watch it with more enthusiasm NOW. Maybe, I have 1 more reason to watch it now!!

    Kamsahamida.. glad to know you HAVE been sleeping a bit more.. Good for you.



  17. kiki says:

    tks…for your hard work…



  18. sansukini says:

    Hi softy. I downloaded MP yesterday, and the viki’s MP team is fast with the subs so I’m watching it today while i wait for SG tonight. We’re going to have so much anguish people! Mp doesn’t grip my attention as much as SG on it’s first episode, but I think it’s cute so I might be able to finish it.

    My sister was watching Dream High on Youtube last night. They have subbed episodes there now, and iot also looked good. I haven’t seen a lot of singing yet and I was expecting it to be some sort of GLEE wanna be, but my sister said that the story is like that movie FAME. Anyways, I’m not a fan of kpop idols so I wasn’t planning on watching it, but maybe after it’s finish I can marathon it.

    Btw, what do you think of Paradise Ranch/Meadow?


    • Softy says:

      Not gonna go near it-there is no one in it to grab my interest. After I tried the last few mins of daddy’s little girl E1, I realized not all K dramas are for me. To tell you the truth, if it wasn’t for this blog, I wouldn’t be trying out so many dramas like Sign, DH, and MP too. Nothing much has changed when it comes to Kdramas – I don’t feel the urge to watch everything. Dropped plan B after first 5 or 10 mins, dropped Joseon xfiles after first 15 mins, never watched chuno, queen seoduk, giant, iris, or Athena. I still like American and BBC dramas more and that is what I usually watch during the week. After you listen to an episode of a kdrama over and over, the last thing you want to do is watch the same ep again. I can’t turn off the translating part of my brain so it is easier just to watch American tv 🙂


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