My Princess E1 “Transcap”

This is just the first episode but OMG where was the Roman Holiday scene that lured me here? It looks like tm’s episode should pick up speed cuz right now this first one literally crawled out of the train station. I had no idea her character was adopted with another sister who might vie to become the Princess. Just read it on Soompi-that is confusing. All this time I thought she was the only one. “Lee Seol and her sister Lee Dan were raised in an orphanage and adopted together.” It may have to do with the fact that SG and MSOAN spoiled me with great acting and dialogue so this one needs to earn its right to be up there with those two. Right now it is not even close. *wow this first ep drew in almost 16% ratings- speechless – did they watch the same drama as me? I get E2 drawing that kind of crowd cuz it is going to be way more fun but this first one? now I know what kind of power two good looking people can wield…scary.
The second episode will be posted around an hour after air time.
I really like posting it right after it airs cuz it gives me time to make it more coherent and thorough. Then after I post the first draft, after I download the episode, I can just fill in some dialogue and it saves me tons of time.
had to flip thru all 3 channels to find it- had no idea it was an MBC drama
Sorry for posting so late but had to fill in all the right names after I typed it all up during the broadcast. Between Dream High names and these new names, my head is about to explode -why cant Koreans go by Bob or Sue?
song joong ki is in a newCF with Miho (shin min hwa) – omg he looks so good Shirley – that makes like 5 CFs for him
aigoo – when is YAI ever going to make one????


My Princess Episode One
opening credit is kind of simple, cheesy,  and dull
omg -I dont know any character names-forgot to do my homework and look them up
found them:
group chairman’s grandson= song seung heon=park hae young:HY
kim-tae hee = Lee Seol=LS
nam jeong woo-professor=J
(didnt want to use JW cuz it is bad enough the lead is Seol- I am so going to mix up these names in the future with SG’s Seul)
Lee Seol sister:  lee dan =LD
oh yun ju= museum curator=Y
oh gi taek=father of Y-secretary to chairman=G
LS is dressed as a princess and gets her pics taken with a bunch of people
afterwards HY goes looking for her cuz he needs to keep posing as the princess
HY goes up to the woman in charge of the staff and asks her if he can hire the princess
to take pics with the real princess for commemorative photos
the woman says LS might already have left and tries calling but LS doesnt answer
HY tells the other guy to stall for 5 mins
HY goes in the women’s dressing room looking for LS and gets stuff thrown at him and he finds LS and drags her out saying “you’re the princess right? why didnt you answer your phone? let’s go out and talk”
she makes a point that he sure is holding on tightly to a woman’s hand he just met-
she tells him that he can say what he wants without holding her hand so he finally lets go
he asks her to put the outfit back on and work a little more
she says she has a part time job to get to and she is late
she says “if i get fired it is not like you are going to take responsibility for it”
HY: so if I do then will you do it?
he offers $100 an hour so she gets back in the costume
to pose for some pics with some blond woman in a hat (another princess – a real one supposedly)
there is a press conference to reinstate royalty and the president is against it and doesnt like it
after the photo op
LS goes up to HY to get paid
he pulls out the check and they start a tug of war
he is reluctant to let go cuz it is $1000
he doesnt have any smaller checks/bills
he asks her to send her account info via text and he will deposit into her account
she insists on being paid now
but he gets a call and tells her to text him and leaves
HY’s grandpa is visiting someone’s gravesite
HY asks the grandpa if he is ok after kneeling and bowing and complains “why do you keep coming here”
the grandpa insists HY bow in front of the gravesite
HY says he doesnt have time and has to leave soon
grandpa: you cant even spare 5 mins?
HY: since I dont want to even 5 mins is too long
grandpa – who is this old man lying here?
grandpa: bow first when the time comes….
HY: because 20 yrs is too short?
HY gets angry and refuses saying when the grandpa dies he is going to build him a home here
Hy storms off
G says he will bring HY back
the grandpa says to the grave “your majesty – you waited a long time-now every preparation is done”
LS sneaks into an office
the other workers know she was posing as a princess again
she explains how she got ripped off
she demonstrates what happened with HY and not getting paid and stuff
they ask if he was goodlooking
they think she slept in and dreamt the whole thing
the professor comes in
they stand at attention
J stares at LS so LS asks if he likes this style – straight down the middle hair part
he says she is being goofy again
before he goes he tells the short haired girl to make reservations for him for the weekend
and to avoid “love hotel” cuz they are too noisy
LS makes fun of the woman and teases how could you pick a place like that? where is it?  let’s go together next time and she yells at them to go to class already
during his lecture LS says the professor is sexy
her friends say the break is coming up so stare a lot
LS says if I can go to the pyramids and endure 3 nights 4 days it is game over
LS comes up with an imaginary scenario where she goes to Egypt
and he is there looking at – Egyptian stuff
she says love is about timing
she puts herself in a tomb and the professor
(dressed like a Korean Indiana Jones)
opens it and asks “lee Seol are you sleeping” and she puckers for a kiss
but he shuts the door quickly
she starts to bang on the tomb and it falls
that wakes her up from her reverie
she yells out “professor” in the middle of his lecture
he asks “what -you just called me” but she stammers
i thought of something else for a second
J: you were thinking of something else for a second and I’m in your thoughts?
everyone snickers
the class ends
LS says to her friend:you saw right? how he liked that I thought of him
LS sees some chinese looking letters/characters and asks about them
her friend tells LS to stop crushing on J cuz he has a gf
LS: why?
friend: why are you asking why? she is his first love
LS: first love? isnt that something you have when you are 4 yrs old?
LS is walking her friend to her friend’s job at a dept store
her friend tells LS the rumors says that the gf is very pretty, very skinny, and has a lot of money too
also she is a curator
LS: so professor likes older women? 40s? 50s?
friend: she is younger than the professor
LS takes pics with a red luggage she has been saving up for a year to buy
she tells her friend not to sell it cuz she is going to take it to egypt
LS still needs like $200 more to buy the luggage
she tells the bag to wait for her and she will be back
the other sales lady says this is the last one
LS says she saved $300 for two years but is still short
as she walks away from the bags
she calls her friend not to sell it cuz she is going to buy it when her part time job pay comes in
LS gets distracted by diamonds and keeps asking to see this and that
LS asks how much the ring is and one is over $4000
LS remarks that is the amount of tuition
and the other is $6000
HY is there and asks for the $6000 one to be wrapped up
she recognizes him from earlier in the day and he looks at her and says “aw-the princess”
LS asks him for the $100 he owes her
he said she didnt send her account and she says she has to go home and look at the account book
and he calmly says you cant remember eleven digits?
HY still insists she text him her bank account for him to pay
he charges the ring in one full payment
and LS cant believe he did that
He declines the dept store incentive special going on that day (where you get money back if you spend a certain amount)
he asks LS again for her bank account and she reminds him again she doesnt know it just now
and he says text it and I’ll deposit it right away
she follows after him into the elevator and then to his car
HY turns around and asks LS: how far are you going to follow me
she says she knows she shouldnt say this….that she didnt know she had it in her to do this. ..
(he thinks to himself that she likes him)
she chickens out and says “I cant do it -just go”
HY: this is frustrating – it isnt like we met only once so just say it
LS brightens up and says: then should I?
she wants his receipt (since he isnt going to take advantage of the dept store incentive)
she says since he isnt going to use it just throw it away to her
if it is over $3,000 she can get a gift certificate (like cash to spend at the dept store)
you look like you dont really need it but I really do
she says her life could even depend on it
she said all this leaning in really close to him so that he has to lean away from her
he gets another call
he talks to Y
he asks if the preparation for the unveiling is going well and she reminds him what time it starts
and starts to lie to him saying to thank her staff for working so hard she let them go home early and she is wiping off their desks right now
he tells her not to and let the workers do it
she says no she is doing it cuz she wants to so it isnt hard
while Y talks to HY
J comes to see Y
Y tells HY if he comes tm she wont be as tired and he promises to see her tm
after he hangs up he looks for LS who was behind him
she says eagerly “i’m here”
HY asks LS if she is a student
she says twirling: of course- dont i look like one at first glance?
and he says: at first glance you dont look like one so I am asking
LS: your eyesight must be bad
but why are you asking?
HY: do you want a quick part time job? cleaning up an office?
for payment he offers the receipt plus $30
LS: by any chance do you have a gf?
HY: why are you asking?
she thinks he likes his gf but the gf doesnt like him
she tells him to wait 3 mins and she is going to raise his level up to “honey, sweetie”
(so he doesnt have to be in a one sided relationship)
she takes the job and takes the receipt and runs off
he waits and waits
she finally shows up and she brings him dishwashing gloves
HY: what is this?
LS: are you stupid?
HY: what? stupid? you dont know this but I’m not at an age where I hear the word “stupid”….
LS: that’s enough- you are rich she is probably rich- a girl who is rich – if you buy an expensive ring and use money like that….
she basically says that buying those gloves- something Y never imagined-it will make her heart beat faster
she says so you wear it yourself and clean her desk
she says she is going to keep the receipt as her pay and tells him “fighting’ and leaves
Y texts HY and says you’re not rushing over here with rubber gloves are you?
she is leaving work and says to meet tm
Y tells J she has to go
J says they met ten years ago- that is why he wanted to meet today
she calls him a romantic
he says dont laugh cuz it makes me want to hug you
she says your threat is too sweet – confusing who we are
she tells him the president is coming tm
Y takes J inside a special place in the museum
it has lots of old royalty clothes
she tells him to come tm even if he is busy since it is this special
he back hugs her
and says he is proud of her and she doesnt need to be confused and just stand still
he says no one can look down on her tm
everyone will know you are young, pretty, and a talented curator
[something else i dont know was said then the topic shifts to those characters on the scroll thing]
she says you still havent given up yet huh? (finding that scroll or script thing)
he says he needs more time and she looks guilty and drops a hint saying it is a secret and to congratulate her at that time
Sul goes home with her new red luggage
her house code doesnt work
her sister LD inside says she wants to be alone that night
LS had followed her sister to seoul
guess her sister  is sick of LS
LS worries where to sleep
she goes to the professors office
but he comes there cuz he left something behind
he asks what she is doing there and she says she left something behind too
they eat ramen together
she asks why he isnt married
he says he is worried his popularity will drop
she asks what style his gf is-cute, sexy, classy, innocent
he asks what style LS is so he can tell the difference
she replies she is all 4 of course
he says he doesnt think so
LS smiles and says: guess you’re not falling for it
after they eat
he asks what she takes bus, subway, etc so he can give her a ride to it
she lies and says she might as well finish up some work
he tells her where to find a blanket
she wonders how he knew
she goes into his office and looks around
she notices a book he wrote that he is reading and thinks it is cute of him to do that
she sees a girl’s name on it and starts texting (which I cant read)
LS turns on the computer and sees Y’s face on the desktop
LS turns around so she doesnt have to look at it
and keeps texting
next day LS goes to see Y at the museum
Y’s pics are being taken by the press
LS spots HY and tries to avoid him and in the process she ends up in the photos with Y
HY goes up to her and asks if she came to follow him
LS keeps hiding from Y
HY asks if LS knows Y
LS says the girl is not pretty
Hy disagrees and says she is pretty
LS starts saying about how Y probably got the job cuz she is too young to be the curator here
then LS goes on about the museum and which family it belongs and built it and named it after his son
HY corrects her and says it wasnt the son but more than likely it is the grandchild
he says the grandson’s name is park hy
and LS is impressed he knows info like that (she still doesnt know his name)
LS guesses Y is someone in the daewon groups gf or something
HY corrects her and says she isnt
Y comes over to HY
HY grabs LS before she can run off and introduces Y to LS
Y has to step away
LS asks how do you know her
HY says she is the owner of the ring
LS says she is the rubber gloves? what about our professor?
HY: who?
LS insinuates again that Y is a gf or something (meaning something not so great)
HY tells LS not to talk out of turn about Y cuz she is going to be the wife of Daewan group family member
LS is so excited and HY says “you;re not the one getting married so why are you so happy?”
LS asks if the rubber gloves fit
HY says he didnt get to meet her cuz she went home
she tells him he should have gone to the womans house
LS advises him to grab a woman’s heart- for him to make her jealous
so when Y comes up LS lies and says I am his gf (gives a fake name) and LS grabs HY’s arm
Y says to HY you made a gf without my knowledge
he meekly says I guess I did and goes along with the lie and says “isnt she cute?”
the three of them sit down for drinks and get to know each other
LS says she heard a lot about Y from HY
LS says some guesses she made about Y (too complicated for me)
LS pretends that her family likes HY a lot
LS tells HY says lets go see my mom- I’ll go call
and leaves HY and Y alone
HY says some lies about LS’s background to Y saying LS’s family is common and has a small hair salon
Y offers to buy LS dinner next time they meet
* i skipped a lot of dialogue cuz
1- i dont get half of what they said
2-I dont get why HY is going along with the charade with LS to make Y jealous when he supposedly likes Y
yes I get that LS is gorgeous and I bet he doesnt feel like it is much of a burden to pose as her bf but why would any sane guy in love do that to the woman he likes
LS asks HY as they walk out if  Y was jealous and asked about who LS was while she was gone
he says she wasnt and LS wonders why not cuz she should have been really jealous
HY makes a comment about how that could happen when Y and LS doesnt compare
so she goes on the defensive
LS: why? if you compare us-first I am younger
height- i maybe shorter but money-i cant earn much- but isnt my complexion a little better?
if not forget it
HY asks why LS is paying so much attention to Y
LS: of course cuz of my professor…
LS spots the professor holding onto a bouquet so drags HY away
the president comes in and there are more pics
Y makes a speech about remembering this moment and says what the thing is under the veil
something about a hidden prince
and how she is happy to reveal it
the professor does not look happy and leaves – not taking the flowers with him
LS stares at the characters and says she thinks she knows the characters
HY guesses she might have seen it on the internet somewhere
she saw it at her house
HY says he has a lot of those at his house too
she thinks he is being childish copying her
since LS helped him out she says you should feed me
they eat noodles together
HY gets a call from Y
LS takes his cell phone away and gives him dating advice
she says since Y wasnt jealous he needs to be more hardcore
he says why should i do stuff like that give me the phone before she hangs up
LS: this is all for the sake of loving longer
these days guys who say they love you to death is not attractive
if you want to win and beat out the daewan’s grandchild listen to me
also why did you buy the ring? bday? to commemorate something?
and he said to propose
she bangs her hand on the table and says “you cant!”
LS: when it comes to rings-you have to wait till the girl is crazy from wanting to receive it
and then give it to her-how can you give that already?
from now on dont buy her anything
she advises him on the girl’s bday just call and wish her happy bday and that is it
give present a week later saying “i didnt want my present to mix with others presents”
with those words the result will be the best
HY says he cant do that cuz it is too cheesy
she claims he can win the grandchild like that-fighting
HY’ if you are done let’s go
LS gets a call from  her mom
her mom has to go somewhere so she asks LS to come down on the weekend and feed the dogs
LS has another fantasy scene where she earns money for her vacation by renting out rooms
she comes out of her daydreams
HY asks why her mom not being home is so good for LS
LS tells him the house has to be empty for her to make money
she wants to go on her vacation to confess
HY says to give him her mom’s cell
she asks why he wants it
HY said cuz her mom needs to know her daughter is acting like this
LS wants a ride if they are going in the same direction
but he gets a call
his grandpa got great news so his heart got too excited and now he is in bed laid up
his grandpa says the name Lee Sul into HY’s ears
HY asks who that is
G gives HY a card with the name, cell phone and address wants HY to bring this girl
that grandpa owes her something
HY asks : this has something to do with that gravesite huh?
G says it is not his place to say and to come back and hear it straight from the chairman
HY is upset and asks G for a direct answer: is this person my father’s  kid or grandpa’s kid?
Y comes in and asks what the two of them are talking about
Y goes up to her father (G) and says she is part of this family and wants to know
when he says it is not her business
she wants to know what he is hiding and calls him “dad”
he says he is always grateful and apologetic that she grew up so well
but he is also a father who is always nervous and fearful
Y: what does that mean?
G alludes that what she is dreaming about – the spot she wants in this family she has to beat someone to it
HY looks at a pic and says “dad” in a sad way
HY goes to LS home and LD answers the door
LD explains how LS she didnt come home
he leaves his buisness card and is about to leave but LD  says I know where she is – if I tell you where she is now can I call you later
HY goes to LS’s mom’s home
he sees her with the dogs
he calls her cell phone
and she picks up saying a name of the “pension” (a place like a Bed and Breakfast)
he cant see her face yet then before he speaks he sees her face- he is in disbelief
they are like a few feet away from each other
he hangs up and she calls him back
she asks “you just called right? who are you”
he says you’re name is Lee Sul?
she sees him and says she is glad to see him here like this and wonders how he knew where to find her
he asks again if her name is really Lee Sul
she says  it is really pretty right? everyone says I look pretty and my name is too….
she realizes she used a different name when she pretended to be his gf when she met Y so she looks a little guilty
he acts kind of cold and says you said it was something else and she explains
she was afraid to be caught cuz  girls go through minihome page and stuff when a rival appears
[meaning she was afraid Y would research her]
he goes “but even so-you lied to me?
she explains again
LS: but how did you happen to come to my house and find out my number?
HY: you think finding that out is hard?
LS: you didnt investigate  me up did you?
HY: what if I did?
she says jokingly something but he says seriously and accusingly – you knew who I was from the start huh?
then walks toward the house asking: is there a room? I’m going to stay here till tm
why? you dont want me to? you said you had to earn money when you’re mom wasnt home
LS yells out something about welcome patron
she shows him around the house and names HY’s room the presidential suite
HY comes running out in a towel cuz there is no hot water and she says it is $5 extra for it (saw this part from the trailer)
J asks Y “why did you do it?”
LS is happy to see the professor
the professor comes there and HY hugs LS and tells J that they ended up staying in one house (he kisses her cheek)  and J says to LS: so you were dating
the grandpa kneels in front of her and says “your majesty”
she cries out “shouldnt have died like this- shouldnt have thrown me away again” and HY hugs her
the roman holiday scene comes out -yay!
LS is suppose to be hiding from Y while HY is showing her around cuz it is her first time here but LS runs out saying “my stomach” and she has to go to the bathroom
i just watched MP’s competition Sign. It has so many great veteran actors (minus kim ah joong and the champ guy) so you would think their amazing acting chops would blow MP out of the waters, but I almost fell asleep even faster during Sign. At least with MP’s first episode I yawned a few times, but Sign made me want to crawl in bed and just sleep instead of finishing it. Wow I cant get over the fact that so many great actors cant make one difference when it comes to slow plotline. At least with the US version of CSI it was interesting, but this Korean one just doesnt get people interested long enough to care why the singer died. Now I see why the ratings battle was so close and Sign won out by a tiny margin. People who trusted great acting hung in there longer and everyone else was smart enough to root for the pretty couple cuz at the very least, they would be mildly entertaining. After trying out Sign, I can get behind that logic now even more. I hope my expectations for MP takes its first step in the second episode. The preview gave me hope that it would.

17 comments on “My Princess E1 “Transcap”

  1. geanna says:

    thanks for the transcap! i’m so happy that you transcap this drama too!
    oh, i’m forever grateful for Secret Garden’s live transcap! kamsahamnida!


  2. Tari says:

    Didn’t know you gonna do this transcap Softy ^^ Off to read. Thank you.


  3. ciiii says:

    thank you…<3


  4. sobohomom2 says:

    Could you please tell me what the relationship is between Y & HY? I can’t tell whether they’re engaged or brother and sister…



    • Softy says:

      They can’t be siblings her dad (G) is the chairman’s secretary. From soompi I found out Y wants to marry HY but she has history with J the professor. Later she gets jealous of LS and tries to get LS replaced as princess with Lee Dan (LS’s sister)


  5. sarah says:

    Thank you for recapping this.. Like u I am sucked because of that Roman Holiday thing..princess story is one of my weakness in drama.the first ever Korean drama ot me hooked is Goong.after that drama I’m hooked…thanks agai


  6. Ariendoll says:

    You got me sold by your recaps alone. I haven’t had the chance to watch it raw yet. The interaction between LS and HY reminds me of MSOAN. No pressure on which drama you want to cap. I’ll still camp out either way, so please make sure you get enough sleep.


  7. darcy5 says:

    Thanks for doing this. I thought you might need to take a break before starting something new, but I am glad that you didn’t. So far, the hero comes off a little dim in this. I don’t know why, but it seems like both of the female leads are running rings around him. I will give it a few more eps before I decide one way or the other.


  8. JongKeyFacts says:

    Thank you sooo much. Ep 2 will be far more interesting!


  9. tangee says:

    Dear Softy

    Thanks for transcap. So fast indeed.
    Right on with the high quality of acting from MSOAN and SG. Am not expecting too much from Mr Wooden SSH and Ms Beautiful KTH. If story goes haywire like MSOAN, what the heck! guess that taught me a good lesson especially when it comes to script writing – THOU SHALL NOT EXPECT TOO MUCH!!

    Should that fail, let’s say we’re in for eye candy BIG TIME! Saw on another blog, SSH captured in shower scene. Yummy Mr Wooden!! uumm.. That’s what I call maximum temptation. Not sure if they will become OTP, let’s wait and see.

    Oh Softy, Gentle reminder: hope you had your dosage of sleep, yah?
    Thanks heaps for satisfying our appetite with new escapade.

    On another note, have not got over MSOAN yet. still dealing with withdrawal symptoms. ha ha! kept replaying over and over soundtrack esp. the ones sung by JGS.

    Have good day!


  10. Tisha says:

    dear Softy,it’s nice to see you doing transcaps for new dramas…I’ll look into My Princess if it’s worth watching…aha after MSOAN ended,I missed ur blog…hope the story doesn’t sink like M3 but the actors do great job like our holiday couple…


  11. REBEL SOULS says:

    This format is my solution to getting more sleep – it saves me hours cuz I don’t do every scene word for word – just a few lines here and there – it isn’t too bad right?
    Who knows- if this ever gets really good – I might put more translations but I am still on the fence about this drama. After ep 2 I will know for sure


  12. Meyawie says:

    thank you so much for translating the 1st episode, i feel ep 2 will be interesting also


  13. missJ says:

    thank you , Softy ! actually , I have no expectations about MP, but I was surprised by ep. 1 …I kinda liked it , ( even watched the raw ep. twice , hehe ) , and now looking forward to ep. 2 …I hope this drama turns out good enough for you to continue transcapping it …..
    Softy , fighting !!!!
    From Japan with love


  14. reikokeiko says:

    Hopefully you can do live transcap like MSOAN and Secret Garden. From the bottom of my heart,
    thank you verymuch.


  15. embot says:

    thank you for deciding on doing the transcap of this drama!
    a super duper thank you for your effort and hard work.. komapta…


  16. maomango says:

    thank you so much….


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