Transcap News For New Dramas

Somehow my new year’s resolution post ended up making so many friends concerned for my health. For all of you who left comments, thank you for your concern and well wishes. It made me feel blessed to have so many people care about me. Don’t worry too much – I plan to pace myself and that is why I am being very selective with my drama choices. Since I already checked out Dream High, My Princess is next. By Thursday, I will know which one is going to be transcapped from here on.
*I just heard about a new drama called “49 days” – I am calling it now, but I will most definitely transcap that one for sure in March. I loved “Who are you” and this premise and the cast is one I can 100% get on board with. So looking forward to March now.
January 3rd
Every year I make some kind of new year’s resolution, only to turn around a day or two later and forget I made them. This year I might actually follow through on at least one and it regards this blog. Now that MSOAN has ended, I only have four more episodes of SG left to go. I love SG too much to stop doing it live so no worries there. SG will continue being transcribed the way it has been in the past, but there will be changes to my new drama transcaps.
When it came down to what I wanted to change, only one  light bulb went off. I gave this a great deal of thought and came to a definite conclusion – I need to sleep in the new year. The last two months of live transcaps for MSOAN and SG have given me dark circles and bags for the first time in my life. One morning I woke up and saw my reflection and scared myself silly. There is also a strong chance I might need glasses for sure and my posture is starting to resemble an 80yr old grandma’s (no offense to grannies out there with perfect posture). I feel like I’ve aged 10yrs in 2 months. I used to think people who walked around like zombies were crazy for not taking better care of themselves, but now I’ve become one. I am beginning to think all those people I saw on the street who fall asleep on moving subway cars while standing might all be bloggers. Sleeping in public has never been my thing and I can ride a 14hr flight and still be the only one awake on the entire plane. Those days are gone and I find myself dozing off everywhere. This is Seoul where YAI and LMH look a likes are everywhere and I can’t take the chance of missing an opportunity to have a glimpse of one cuz my eyes were closed. If all of that wasnt convincing enough, I have one more from my friends. They are threatening to confiscate my two notebooks, iPad, and iPod if I persist in doing live transcaps. Every time we would meet up for dinner or drinks, I would eat and run like the world would end if I wasnt home on time to transcap. The fact that one or two people actually stayed up to catch it live made me feel panicky if  didnt make it home on time.
For the upcoming new dramas My Princess and Dream High, my biggest dilemma involved character names. Obviously Dream High is going to be this blogger’s nightmare with its large ensemble cast, but it is the one I have the most anticipation for. Recent cast photos of My Princess did nothing to bolster my enthusiasm, especially in light of the fact that the second male lead is no one I even know or like. I have no way of guessing which ones will be good till they air this week. My normal rule of thumb is to watch at least two episodes – if I don’t like it by the second, then I am going to be reluctant to continue. That is why I chose not to do live transcaps for any of the new dramas unless they become another great drama for the new year. If one of them happens to be a winner, then another new year’s resolution is going to bite the dust.
Otherwise, this is how future new show transcaps will be done:
The transcriptions will be posted about an hour or two after the broadcast depending on how fast torrents are up. I tried it for the Christmas episode of SG. I started watching it from when it started on my cell phone and then when I got home a little later, I started transcribing. I realized without the added pressure of pressing update, I could sound more coherent and have more time to type and clarify. After the broadcast, there is a much quicker way of transcribing if I limit the scene translations to only the important ones or the daebak scenes. The rest will have to be summarized with just the jist of that scene. In the past, from 10pm till 7 or 8 am straight is what it took to do a whole episode. But with this shortened version, I can finally get more than 4 hrs of sleep per night. I’m hoping that with some added sleep, I might have a fighting chance of going back to my normal self.
In closing, I would like to remind any new viewers that I do not pepper the script with my own creative twist and thoughts mixed in with the dialogue. Anything written on the transcap itself will be exactly what I heard or saw unless separately noted. 
I’m not exactly sure how this new format will turn out, but I guess we will all see starting from Mon and Tues with Dream High and Wed and Thurs with My Princess.
Here is hoping that one of them might fill a very large void left my MSOAN. Not sure about you guys, but I am so looking forward to falling in love with some new characters.
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28 comments on “Transcap News For New Dramas

  1. Ash&ash says:

    Regardless what format you choose, just want to thank you for the effort you put in . I am a stalker on yr website when sg is on. My hubby even suspect I am having an affair and would threated to throw away my phone. Just curious are you Korean or someone learning Korea? Thank you for the bottom of my heart.


  2. whoelse_i says:

    Good luck for your new drama transcaps..Don’t forget to take care of yourself..Happy New Year.. :))


  3. missJ says:

    Softy , your health ( and sanity ^^) should always come first … whatever you decide later on , we are truly grateful for what you have been doing until now … Fighting !!!!
    from Japan with love


  4. blue says:

    softy, softy, softy~

    I know I’m going to sound like a Korean ahjumma, but seriously, you need to get more sleep. I can’t believe you were able to function like that. I wholeheartedly agree with your new decision, and support it all the way!

    OMG, and YAI and LMH look-a-likes are everywhere? Where in Seoul are you cause I need to move to your neighborhood pronto?! Hmm, about MYC look-a-likes?


  5. We Yumi says:

    Thanks for the time you spend doing the live transcriptions.

    They really helped me through the wait for the subtitled version of Secret Garden. Without your transcription I might have gone crazy since my addiction to the series is so strong.

    With your help I was able to view the raw–because my addiction wouldn’t let me wait–and have a sense of what was taking place.

    You rock!!

    But it is important to have a live and not missed opportunities of seeing idols in your midst.

    Get some rest, and have a great year. Your fan base will just have to cultivate patience.


  6. shirley says:

    big hug to softy! must make sure this particular resolution come true otherwise you will never be the same again if you continue like this !! take care of yourself .i understand perfectly what you are saying .lol i used to be the same ..rushing back to do some summary and even worry if anyone is waiting that i had to ask someone else to say i will be late or wont be in time .and my friends will think i am totally insane .and shaked head at me .when they had to arrange their time table according to my tv watching time –;;; now i try to control this ..because i think i need to get a normal life back ~ you are amazing to have done so many transcap so on time every week . i almost wonder when do you have time to sleep .no wonder you are sleeping when you are standing !

    your friedns should really follow up with their threat if you dun improve ! lol ..take away your ipad for a week it might do you good keke ..i am just kidding .i willl miss you also if i dun see your traces online .but a line or two will suffice .lol telll me how the weather in korea ^ or if you see any song jong ki look alike , shoutout to me and i will fly there lol .actualy it is better if you can spot the real man keke ..


  7. addicted to SG says:

    I’m one of the people who immediately check on your websites for SG cap. I am spoiled by your Transcap! Thank you for your effort!!! Please take care of yourself.


  8. Jobits says:

    I just want to say thank you, for transcapping(?) SG (and Mary, and others). I just hope you’d get more rest soon though. It must be tough doing these kinds of things, for free.


  9. Beewax says:

    I can’t thank you enough for your transcripts on SG. I have been hooked on Kdramas 3 yrs ago, and I keep telling my family that my addiction should be ending soon. It has not subsided and these wonderfully emotional dramas like SG just keeps me going. I get between 3 and 6 hrs sleep a night and my face shows it and I am dozing off during afternoon meetings, but can’t stop watching.
    Thank you for all the hard efforts. Wanted to let you know it’s appreciated! Do take care of your health and nothing but the best to you for the new year!


  10. MJShinshi says:

    Hello Softy! hope you will keep to your new yr res for the most part or at least get more sleep. I’ve often wondered how you’ve been functioning when you mentioned that you’d had gone to bed at 7am or some other times in the morning after transcap of an ep…?? I’m feeling a bit shameful however very thankful for what you’ve been doing esp complete episodes since I couldn’t watch some eps til way later. May the new year bring you LESS sleep deprived due to this blog 🙂

    I did not care to watch MSOAN or even bother to check it out but watched it anyway since SKKS was over. Boy am I glad I did and also found your blog since I enjoyed MG & MR so much despite how the drama went plot-wise. The same as for SG and really cannot figure out what to watch next but will be following what you’ve got coming up to hopefully fill the MSOAN void and soon SG!

    Many many Thanks to you Softy and all bts rebel souls 🙂


  11. Meltedd says:

    Thanks for all the hard work softy!! Hope all the thankyous you receive will not burden you further, we just want to let you know that your efforts are appreciated :)) but please if you ever feel like it’s consuming all areas of your life, please take a break!!!

    Happy new year:)


  12. nekoi says:

    You spoil us all really. Thank you for all the efforts you have put in for MSOAN and SG. Particularly love SG. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
    And please take care, Happy New Year!


  13. momosan says:

    Softy, this is your obasan talking – you get some rest, you stay warm and you take care of yourself!!! Don’t make me pull this internet over!

    Seriously, you do what works for you and don’t let anything any of your readers say make you think you are obligated to do squat. Because you aren’t.

    I love your transcaps, but don’t burn yourself out. Listen to your old obasan!


  14. bing says:

    thanks for this…
    as for me who’s not familiar with Korean language. I do really find it hard to understand the series if its not subbed, so by this it made it much easier for me to understand. Even though, I’ve been watching Korean series for five years now. I can understand simple words but when it comes to fast conversations I feel so lost..

    by your help I can understand though I’m watching it on raw episode..:)



  15. dfl says:

    Sidetracking from the discussion on plot – HB spoke really good English! Much clearer and less accented than HJW! Am impressed! 🙂 Did he recently make a film in the US or something (thought I read that somewhere).


  16. Anon says:

    You should do what is best for you and your health, I’m just grateful you even take the time to do this for us.

    As for new dramas, none of them are exciting me much, but My Princess looks more promising to me than Dream High, I’m gonna give them both a try though.

    Great that the other bloggers can log in again, love the new gifs and headers!


  17. Evma says:

    Warm greetings and wishes to you for a prosperous, well-fit-health New Year 2010 from us here in Thailand. More Power to you and God bless.
    We look forward to your ‘My Princess’ transcap. Thanks a lot Softy.


  18. sunshine says:

    thanks for doing all the previous recaps and thanks for the explanation post! you certainly didn’t owe any of us an explanation. have a restful 2011!


  19. toohearts says:

    Dear Softy, you are one kind-warm soul!! Thank you for sharing news about live transcap! ^^

    Please take good care of your health! As one of your readers and friends, I want you to take care of yourself first (enjoy your every day). Our lives are filled with joy because of your blog, but at same time I don’t want it to be the cause of your burden. Please don’t feel pressured that you have to deliver it to us right away! It is stressful sometimes doing translations live.

    At least you should enjoy these drama first hand as viewers (like any of us), and when you have time after watching it, then go ahead with your transcap. It is just amazing of you, Rebel Souls, for having this place/blog! For that we are really thankful and grateful!!

    When I come to think of it, we all live in different places around the world and to have this blog where everyone come together to share our love for the same drama (or sometimes not love – frustration, or upsetness) is just amazing!

    So please do take care, Softy, and also everyone here! Wish you all good health, happiness and love in our New Year 2011!! ^^


  20. Scottie88 says:

    hi 1st post here ever so am gonna be brief. just wanna say a biggg thxs for your transcap’s. u have no idea how much it means to non korean kdrama fans. usually i wait for official subs to be released before i even start watching but SG is just too good to miss.

    again Thank you for enlightening me/us who’d be clueless otherwise. pls keep it up!


  21. tangee says:

    Dear softy
    Fully understand your dilemma / obligation to your fanbase. They need to understand that you need good health to hang around for a long long time to come. ‘COS we need your transcaps badly , you know?!?!

    Confession time: During MSOAN, your blog was the 1st that I go to for my withdrawal symptoms. Everytime, I would smile in front of the computer ‘cos your transcap is so on time to satisfy my appetite for MSOAN and I would kind of whisper to myself “THANK YOU 3x” This was I much I appreciated your prompt delivery BUT if it is at the cost of you having unattractive “panda eyes”, I would rather you follow your new format. I will respect and abide by your new rule of thumb.

    I totally identify with you ‘cos I had “panda eyes” during MSOAN times [staying up till the wee hours of the morning]. Now I am trying to get back to normal after MSOAN. Actually, I must say it was EXCITING reading your blog into the wee hours. Had so much fun.. A very very BIG THANK YOU and HUG HUG for never failing to deliver MSOAN to us on time!!! For that, shout out “” WE LUV YOU””.

    Here’s wishing you better sleep for 2011!
    Another ahjumma fan of your blog


  22. thundie says:

    Softy, Softy… I will be extremely happy if you stop doing the live transcaps. When MSOAN ended, I thought, “Yippee! Finally Softy can get some rest.” But you’re saying you may do Dream High and My Princess?

    This has long-term consequences for your health and I really think you should stop. If you’re falling asleep everywhere, that is not only unhealthy, it’s unsafe.

    People need to learn how to wait. For recaps, for subtitles, for download links, for anything. Seriously, as someone who loves you, it worries me like hell that you have had no respite since the SKKS live recaps. It’s insane, sweetie. You don’t owe anyone anything, least of all hot-from-the-oven recaps!


    • simplesim says:

      Dear, dear softie softy… I totally agree with thundie. You really need to get some rest. You have been doing non-stop live recap since SKKS, then MSOAN and SG. I have enjoyed your recaps so much but not at the expense of your health, safety and precious youth.

      I feel bad seeing how very tired HJW and HB looks (even though they still look beautiful) in Ep16 and praying for their health and safety.

      I hope you will just finished SG and have a good well-deserved rest and then do another later on. 2011 is just beginning and there will be many worthy, cracktastic dramas to recap live. Sorry everyone! Just a halmoni’s concern.


  23. Laurie says:

    So thankful to all the hard work and time you put in to this transcribing for all who do not understand yet enjoy K-Drama. I have not been able to watch the last 4 EP of MSOAN, as it has been holidays here, and there are 7 in the house trying to share 1pc and 1 laptop. Being able to come here and read was a saving grace to my obsession. Next week I will be able to get back to watching as everyone, will be back to school and work.
    I am with everyone else you need to take care of yourself first. If I have to wait a few more hours or 1 day then so be it.
    When I cannot wait I watch the RAW version. Being I watch so much K-drama I am able to get the gist of the what is going on and being said.
    I am ever so thankful to those who can translate it makes my day and world that much more happier.
    Again thank you thank you thank you. Your health is more important.

    All the best in 2011 for your, health, work, and life.


  24. rainyrain says:

    softyyy haggyyyyy my dear and thanks for all the hard work you did with SG you were my savior each time from the long wait for the english subs and from waitng for the video upload , I’m going to miss SG all along with ur transcraps , still only 4 episodes to go and this is making me sad .
    I didn’t watch the first epi of ” dream high ” , not really willing two but I’m going to give ” my princess ” a try eventhough I’m not fan of all the drama actors but I shall find something to watch since I have nothing else to do ( except working eating and sleeping : that’s pathetic na ) .
    again will miss SG and ur live transcaps too


  25. reikokeiko says:

    Pls do live transcap for My princess… it’s looks interesting………. Thanks a lot..


  26. ck1Oz says:

    Softy…..thank you so much for doing the transcap for SS and MSOAN.Especially for SG as I would have died not knowing what happened.

    However like the others,I need to say rest,rest and more rest!!! Your health is more important.If you reaallllllyyyyy…..can’t rest.Puh-leez just do 1 drama only okay?

    Thundie and blue (assuming it’s blue_angel-1004) could one of you join her friends in pulling her away?

    Softy.I know I sound like a chorus…REST!!!

    You can do it 🙂 My new year resolution is almost the same as yours.I am limiting my projects and trying not to stay up late.My timezone is not condusive for working on Korean dramas as well.


  27. charlene says:

    I have a high respect for you. Seriously. Because I know how tiring it is to do what you’re doing. I remember my old day s when I used to be one of the editors at our school paper. Believe me, I know the feeling…I hear you loud and clear ^.^
    Though tiring it is, the fulfillment is priceless. You do extremely well in this craft. 🙂
    Your effort is very much appreciated. Take care of yourself


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