Dream High E1 & E2

I have to admit, I did a much better job on E2 as you can see and so did the drama.
The preview alone for next week is going to make people want to tune in. I cant say I am in love quite yet, but I love the song the girl sang during her audition today. My final decision? I want to try E3 and E4 before deciding for sure to pick it up permanently. That alone should tell you that it is worth checking out. I don’t know the little sister’s name, but I like her spunk and sass – adorable. Kim Soo Hyun finally had a few scenes, but he still has not come out enough to feel for his character yet. That played a big factor in my decision to keep watching.
Kim soo hyun- song sam dong:SD
Suzy-Hye Mi:HM
Ham Eun Jung-Baek Hee: BH
Taecyeon-Jin Guk: JG
wooyoung: jason
IU – kim pil sook (PS) sushi costume girl
mr kang: the one HM hates that she needs to stay with (the teacher at Kirin)
jung ha myung: BJ (sorry but I already wrote BYJ yesterday so I kept it- i just cant remember HM)
Dream High E2
starts with BH praying before the audition
then HM begging BJ to let her get into Kirin
she starts to explain why but she stops
she promises to work on what she lacks and that she will do whatever it takes
BJ tells her that even a third rate student wouldnt beg
when it looks like begging wont work she gets up and has a different attitude
HM says she didnt get on her knees in front of BJ just now-she just wanted to see his nostrils
she says she will show him that his decision was wrong
but BH speaks up and says she will show him that his decision is right
HM says bitingly “you’re really funny” to BH before walking out
BH faints
BJ asks to keep HM’s file cuz mr park was about to shred it
HM tears up her number from the audition and spots of the loan shark lookouts and steps out of view. she gets a text from her younger sister that they have been kicked out
BH was about to leave but comes back to BJ and says
something about what her mom dreamt about BH when BH was born i think
(it was something about her being damaged goods or something I think)
BH tells BJ about how her mom thought BH’s dream was too high and didnt believe in her daughter
she wants to be sure so BH asks BJ “you chose me cuz I had talent right”
he tells her to come over closer and let’s her hold the “K” emblem
he tells her to think of it in a good way
she says holding it “so I’m not damaged goods”
she is grateful to BJ cuz he gave her reassurance
JG has to stall for his friend who is in the bathroom cuz his friend is up next
JG tells him to just stop pooping and get out but
the bathroom guy friend says he cant so JG goes out there and makes trouble
to buy his friend some time
when they drag JG up to BJ
BJ guesses since JG is trying to stall
BJ tells JG to dance instead cuz JG likes to dance
JG gets mad at BJ for saying that (probably wondering how BJ knows too)
and JG gets dragged out
outside, JG watches jason practice his dance
HM asks JG to give her a ride out of this school without knowing who he is
but once she sees his face she acts like she didnt ask him for a ride
she is hiding from the debt guy
so JG pulls up and gives her a helmet and tells her  to get on
but she hits it away and he warns he wont ask twice
she tries to hold onto his muffler which chokes him so he tells her to hold onto his waist
he is going too fast so she ends up holding onto his waist
the next to audition is the stuffed shrimp sushi costume girl -PS
(the girl in the suit that was nice yesterday)
mr park asks if she plans to audition with it on
PS quietly says “yes”
mr park asks her if she doesnt have confidence in her looks cuz her pic is fuzzy too
PS laughs sort of nervously saying “yes- a little”
the short hair woman says either take it off or leave
PS asks “could I please audition like this?”
mr park starts to say “of course …..” (he was going to say “not”)
but BJ interrupts and says she can and to start singing
BJ tells mr park “let’s hear her”
so she starts to sing
and she is good
while she sings
JG takes HM to a lakeside
HM is crying and walks off
not knowing she is upset, JG tells her to give the helmet back before she leaves
 and when he takes it off she has been crying under it
she mutters now it is embarrassing (being seen crying)
he puts the helmet back on  her
when PS is done they ask her to take it off now since she is done singing
PS wants to know first if she passed or failed and the panel
gets angry and order her to remove the head part
she looks a bit nerdy
a guy tells another panel judge :when I see a girl who looks like that sings well it makes me sad”
the woman replies : God doesnt give everything
BJ looks like he is pleased so mr park asks: it looks like you like her 
BJ: yes I do but you dont seem to like her
mr park says it is a waste cuz she sings well but her looks lack a lot
BJ: what should we do? I’ll follow your decision
mr park admits her and she goes out and kisses a pic of KHJ and is thrilled to have passed
and starts hopping around and squealing
BJ tells mr park he decided well
mr park says we will have to see cuz it will be hard for her to hang in there with her looks
BJ: that girl will become really pretty
mr park says 3 are missing cuz BJ said he would choose 100 and there is 97
BJ says one is SD – someone he has had his eye on for a long time
SD comes out
he was sewing his rice bags when his mom comes in so he covers the rice bags with his blanket
she asks if he is sick cuz he is under the covers
she came to give him persimmons to eat
she tells him that a singing contest show is coming and wants to know if he wants to go see it
he says he doesnt like singing and wont go
she says she wont go too then
after she leaves, he resumes sewing
(oh man he is speaking with a southern dialect that I dont know well
it’s the same one TAC used in conderella’s sister)
mr park and BJ talk and mr park mentions they are short of teachers
at that point mr kang comes in
mr park says how he was going to fire mr kang
but BJ reminds mr park he needs to get BJ’s vote to fire a teacher
cuz it is late at night -the debt collector figures out HM failed and ran off
 the main guy hits the other one for letting her slip by but the guy on watch had memorized the plate of the bike just in case
the main guy praises him first then hits him for not going after them already
when HM goes home some of their stuff is on the front lawn (leftover from when they came to get their furniture and belongings) so her younger sister was gathering what she could in trash bags for her and her sister
HM’s sister asks if HM did well on her audition
the sister guesses HM didnt get in
HM says she rejected it and wont go cuz the school is dirty
 then the sister asks if BH made it
Hm yells at her not to mention BH’s name to her
BH takes down everything that has to do with HM in her room
and even cuts her own hair
they both carry grocery bags with their stuff in it
her sister asks where they are going – if they are going
to mr kang’s place
HM says dont even mention his name to me
her sister asks where then since they dont have a place to go or any money
HM takes her sister to JG’s friends basement place
Hm says they must not stay here at night
the younger sister says again let’s go live with mr kang
how can they sleep here?
HM says it is nice and unique
just as she says it HM is afraid of a rat she saw
her sister says you think you can sleep in a place like this?
Hm says she can – she just needs to clean up a little
sister: she doesnt like mr kang that much?
JG tells the guy in the small closet room that he went to the kirin audition
the guy says :did you audition there?
JG says he took (bathroom guy)
the guy says that makes sense cuz you cant even step foot in kirin
JG brags that he could have gotten in if he wanted
so they make a bet – if  the guy passes the bar JG says he will wear a miniskirt
the guy says he will wear a miniskirt and makeup if JG goes to kirin
JG raises the bet some more and says he will wear a mini skirt and makeup and dance to a famous girl group’s song if the guy becomes a lawyer
the guy says if you become a singer and come out on TV I’ll wear a miniskirt, makeup,and shave my head and get plastic surgery
the guy in that small room has to leave for the countryside cuz the guy’s dad has a chicken shop and his father was robbed and hurt his back
so now JG is homeless
JG goes to a rooftop and copies the dance jason did
(it is kind of a coyote ugly moment here)
JG goes to the basement place and finds his helmet there and discovers the two sisters sleeping in the car-he spots a empty row of yogurut
flashback to a young JG and HM fighting over some yogurut
they hide from JG’s mom cuz his mom is going to send JG to an orphanage and HM cries
this is the first time they met and he asks her name and she says it
end flashback
JG asks aloud: what kind of kid are you?
the loan shark guy found JG’s bike
Hm comes out and the loan sharks are there waiting
he taunts “no matter how hard you hide we will find you”
HM’s sister comes out and sees HM being taken away
she stares at the car and starts to memorize
she mutters “7-6-i’m an angel” (she used mnemonics to memorize the car plates- totally love this little girl now)
JG is walking back from the store (he bought her yogurut and stuff)
and sees HM in the car and he chases after her
HM struggles to get free and gives up
she said she tried to get in but failed
she says she will work to pay him back
he says of course you do” you have to do whatever to pay it back”
next scene she is in a dark nightclub in front of a mic
HM is wearing sleezy clothes and suppose to be singing but she wont sing
she says she will rather die than sing
one guy comes near her so she hits him with her shoes
JG is on his bike looking everywhere for her
Hm is being chased around the club
she threatens to call the police on them
they say go ahead but know that your dad and your sister will be hurt or something
he says again she should have gotten into kirin and everything would have been fine
mr kang comes in and says to let her go
that he works at kirin and HM is a student there
her sister comes in after mr kang choking on the smoke
(kinda cute and funny)
mr kang tells the mobster guy that BJ chose HM himself
the mobster asks mr kang if he thinks Hm has talent and mr kang says yes
mr kang and HM and her sister come out of the club
he wants to take her home to his house
HM says all of this – going to his house and going to the school is all
cuz of the money so he should know (meaning she isnt doing it cuz she forgives him for what he did to her mom and her parents marriage)
JG finally arrives at an address he has on an ad sticker
mr kang gets beat up by a woman when he gets home
the woman wants him to get the girls out
she is his sister
he drags her into another room so they can talk/yell in private
mr kang tells her to think of the girls as her nieces
but his sister keeps beating him up
saying how could i have nieces? you wanna die?
he explains how he was fired from kirin but  BJ gave him another chance
that if mr kang brings back HM he wont get fired
HM overhears all this from outside (they were talking inside another room)
there are two more students he has to bring to kirin
HM looks at the files of the two kids
she reads sam dong and makes fun of his name and
wonders where he lives cuz she hasnt heard of dam-bong
they show SD-he has sewn together rice bags for an outfit
Hm reads out another name and JG’s face comes out
JG goes to a sleezy place and is looking around but one of the loan sharks
recognizes JG as the bike guy
JG calls out HM’s name asking where are you
JG tells him to hand over HM  before he calls the police
they figure out he came to rescue HM so the main guy calls
HM and says did you go hm ok and she says she did so JG can hear
JG is trapped and gets beaten up
the students meet each other
BH meets bathroom guy (lord help me but I cant figure out his name) 
he knows who she is and was moved by her audition
and talk about their next teacher and how she gave the most students theirdebuts
she gives them 5 mins to pick up a 1000 thumbtacks or else when
they dance they will end up stepping on them
after they pick it all up
one was missing but BH finds the last one
she talks about where they are going to end up if they dont work hard
and it shows a scene where all the students look like zombies and the classroom itself is a mess
jason comes in late cuz he went to the wrong classroom
the teacher gives  deductions for the (bathroom) guy who said jason was late
mr park finds out about one of the teachers BJ is looking to hire
JYP is someone who was an english teacher at an institute
JYP is at a place to sell his keyboard so he can buy his gf a ring
the guy at the store doesnt like what JYP brought cuz it was bought in the US and has the wrong voltage for korea
JYP explains how he never took it outside even once and always used it indoors and there is nothing wrong with it-never been broken even once-doesnt have a scratch
the guy says he will give JYP $200 but JYP asks you look like you arent crazy but how could you offer such a low price
JYP says he bought it in Japan a year ago for – no clue how much but it’s a lot
when the guy says there is a scratch JYP tells him to listen to it and plays a part (of his most famous song)
throughout the deal he had been getting phone calls from his gf and he blows up on her
he yells “stop calling i told you I would call- to buy you a ring do you know what I am selling? to get married to you, not only did I work as an english teacher, now I am selling my instrument -do you hear me! she hangs up on him 
JYP tells the guy if she doesnt answer my call I am going to burn this place down
she doesnt answer
the guy asks so are you going to sell or not and JYP says he wont sell it
JYP threatens to break a guitar but the guy tells him what it is and i guess it is valuable do JYP just gives it back and walks out with his keyboard
mr park narrates: age 37
teaching experience was only 2 yrs at an institute
mr park says he cant put up with anymore
mr park is upset cuz BJ wants this guy to teach english at kirin –
people like him who have no experience or right to be teaching at kirin
mr park meets another guy and complains to him about BJ
mr park asks for the guy’s support but the guy wants to be paid for it
HM wakes up and thinks about what mr kang told his sister
mr kang comes out and the little girl had made all the breakfast
she is nice to mr kang
she tells him that HM told him to call her when he wakes up
HM went to go find one of the kids (SD)
she knows mr kang has to find another kid too so she says you go find him
before the due date and I’ll find SD 
he worries she cant find SD by herself but she says she already thinks she found him
she saw signs for a popular korean singing show
during backstage practice SD learns his mom came with someone she knows
so SD is upset about it
SD rushes out and runs into HM and knocks her cell phone on the floor so he helps her pick it up
and they meet and he looks smitten
mr kang asks that bathroom guy where JG is
mr kang goes to find JG in the basement place
JG has been beaten badly and is unconscious
BJ goes to JYP’s place
BJ wants JYP to be their english teacher
JYP thinks BJ is tricking him
BJ finds an album that most people dont know
JYP is impressed
JYP sees BJ’s buiness card and believes  him
SD goes up to sing
HM realizes this is the kid she came to find
the mc asks SD why he is here instead of at school
SD says to make his mom sleep well
the mc says why cant she sleep
SD says she is worried SD will never get married so she cant sleep
the mc says there are lots of pretty girls so pick one and bring her up to the stage
JYP is still with BJ
BJ says he cant wait long so is “no” your answer?
JYP says not that isnt it – he is worried he might fail BJ
JYP says arent you worried I might not work out and BJ admits he does
but he likes this nervous feeling
as BJ narrates : when you meet people -you dont know if it is destiny …..(SD stares at HM)
so whenever you meet someone doesnt your heart feel like it is fluttering
and at the same time we see SD go up to HM and say”sorry but come with me” and takes her hand and leads her up to the stage
HM doesnt like having to stand on stage with SD while he sings
HM sees JG’s “uhm” when he drops his towel and she screams
(guess mr kang took him in too)
HM calls someone a something pervert and JG spits his food out on HM’s little sister
HM is drunk and says “hello mother” to SD’s mom
written before it aired on mon night
I came home and got ready to post for this show so I went on soompi for the cast info and choked on my sprite cuz I counted almost 30 names. The funny thing was I only cared about one name: Kim Soo Hyun. If it wasn’t for the first two episodes of Will it snow for Christmas, this drama would have been one of those that slipped through my fingers. Now I have like a few mins to try to figure out how I am going to get all these names straight in my head. There is no way they are all going to be on at the same time right? Life only half the cast will be on for sure I think – I hope. Wow this show really is not transcap-friendly. I have a feeling it will be total chaos for the first episode. No one – including myself- will know who is who or what is going on. Thank goodness I am not doing this live – just imagining the confusion I would have caused makes me think I should never do this drama live. 🙂
I just realized that this show should be called “dream big” cuz who says “I have high dreams?”
written after it aired
Bad news, Kim Soo Hyun didnt come out except for one second. Not sure if one character can make all the difference in the world, but I had to fight to stay awake without him. (it wasnt cuz the drama was dull – I was tired and sleepy before it even aired so dont get me wrong. the drama is not as bad as you might think)
mr park quit working for JW and came over here to work for BYJ. He is in this drama- i recognized him from the back of his head-no one should be able to do that – it was too scary.
also remember how I couldnt translate the meeting scenes with JW and his staff cuz of all the business terms? well it turns out I dont know music terms either so most of what BYJ said in his office went right over my head. A drama with such a simple plotline should not put on airs and make me this confused should it?
and that audition scene scared me cuz  I hate american idol and this show is like a korean version.
The story is not as complicated as I expected, but good lord there are a lot of people in this drama. I watched the whole episode and didnt learn one character name.
I had to cheat and look them up after the episode ended and change their names from “girl in glasses” and “girl in red”-which took forever.
Suzy-Hye Mi:HM
Ham Eun Jung-Baek Hee: BH
Taecyeon-Jin Guk: JG
jung ha myung: BYJ (sorry but I already wrote BYJ so I kept it)
 Dream High Episode one
There is a news report about “K” how he is at the grammy awards show
the year on the screen says 2018
there is BTS concert footage througout this voiceover and constant shots of a “K” emblem
BYJ is being interviewed about “K” and he is given a group shot and he says “K” took it 8 yrs ago
reporter: did you know he was going to become a world star-that he would be good enough to win a grammy later
BYJ: I didnt make “K”
reporter: K said in a CNN interview that you gave him his break shot
BYJ asks you know what a break shot is right? 
reporter narrates about the break shot- when you play pool, it is the opening shot when the cue hits the other balls.
BYJ: with that shot the game starts.  what is unusual about a breaks shot is even if you hit it with the same strength same angle the balls spread in different directions. 
you dont guess where those balls will meet and where it will go
HM is performing on stage with the opera singer and BM is snapping shots of it -irritating the people around her
BYJ: the second you hit the break shot the game is out of your hands and it is a war between the balls
[In this metaphor the balls are the kids- not quite sure if he is the cue or the school though]
There is a shot of KHJ walking and on his bag there is the “K” emblem hanging from it 
BYJ comes out of baggage claim and
Kim hyun joon is at the airport being interviewed
he says he is doesnt have a script that caught his attention yet but if a good script comes in he’ll sign on/participate?he talks about his new album and when it will come out and he spots BYJ and walks over to him
KHJ: what are you doing here? i heard you were in China
BYJ: we were on the same flight but you didnt know huh?
KHJ: really? you should have told me sooner
ah-were you waiting to see me?
their conversation shot ends up on the news
HM and BH are friends. BH tags along and sort of looks up to her friend cuz she has always been first place for everything. HM even got to perform with that world renown Korean opera singer who has a cameo as her teacher. in the opening scene they walk by the performing art school Kirin ( which i think is the name of a beer isnt it? sorry anyway) and HM makes fun of the school calling it all these unflattering names. HM is suppose to go to Juilliard so she is looking down at Kirin. On the way, a celebrity car passes and a crowd of fans makes her drop her wallet but she doesnt know it. Some guy picks it up and likes the photo of her and the opera singer and keeps the pic. JG comes along and sees his friend with the wallet and the girl who dropped it and offers to return it himself.
Later HM gets cornered by some debt collectors and JG comes along and comes to her rescue. He throws her back her wallet and continues fighting the bad guys for a few more scenes. Once she gets away she notices her pic is missing so she starts to follow JG. As he runs into the subway car, just as the door closes, he ends up running smack into HM so they have a scarlet ohara moment where she is leaning back and he is holding her so that they look like they are doing the dip part of the tango. (this is the part where I mentally checked out of this drama btw-too cheesy)
anyway she follows him to his place and gets her pic back from the guy who took it. she had been without her shoes this whole time cuz she used one to throw at the head of one of the guys chasing after JG and no clue where she lost the other one. JG gives her his own sneakers to wear home but she throws it at his head saying it smells and it ruins her image.
she goes home wearing boxes for shoes and the debt collectors are there and she worries about her younger sister. but her sister is safe and eating bread the men gave her. they told the sister to give HM their business card and to call when the dad returns. HM is well off but her mom has passed away and her father’s business failed so now he is on the run. He calls his daughters and says he is going to Canada for a while – I think he said a month or two. In the meantime he wants his daughters to go stay with someone. When HM hears the name she cant believe it and yells at her dad -that she will never stay with that guy and hangs up on her father.
she does call him in the middle of a meeting he is in (he works for BJY) and meets up with him. (she does a running kick when he gets out of his car and the camera made it look like she was going to kick him, but she kicks his side mirror instead and it comes off) She hates this guy that much. He meets HM and he cant believe she would contact him. she makes him pay for a lot of food and tells him why she called. this guy owes her family big time cuz he messed with her innocent mom, had an affair with her mom, and caused her parents divorce. She tells him how her dad told her to contact him so that she can live with him with her sister till her dad comes back. He acts like he is going to go along with it but when he pulls his car up to pick her up after the meal, he drives off.
the main debt collector guy picks up HM at her school as she is walking out with BH. BH assumes the guy is HM’s new driver so HM plays along with it cuz she doesnt want to tell BH the truth about what is going on in her life. the guy drives her to his office and offers/ forces a deal. he did some background check on her and it turns out she has lots of talents so he wants to capitalize on that. he wants her to enter Kirin and become a celebrity so he can take part of the money she earns once she makes it as a singer. he makes her sign a contract, but she asks what if I dont? and he says then we will have to use your younger sister then. So she ends up auditioning to get into Kirin with her friend BH. At first BH is surprised that HM is not going to Juilliard, but is happy for the chance to go to school with HM.
some of the in between parts was a bit fuzzy
I paid more attention towards the end.
JG and the rest of this cast for this drama is there to audition so they get to see the video footage of each audition.
the two friends audition together singing and afterwards, BYJ says only one can make it. BH says if both of us cant be chosen, then we both dont want to be chosen cuz we promised to do this together. BYJ asks BH what if you are chosen, she remains loyal and says then she doesnt want to pass without her friend and that they promised to go till the end together. HM says no we didnt -that is just what she thought on her own – it’s not what I want. I dont want to go with her.  BH reminds her they promised to go together till the end but HM says when did I promise that? I dont want to. BH tries to hold her hand but HM takes her hand away.  HM goes on about how she wants to remain.BYJ tells her she is mistaken cuz she wasnt the one chosen- he chose BH.
HM is mad and demands to know if he knows music at all cuz he cant spot talent. she calls him an “ahjussi” and says he isnt doing his job well. BYJ doesnt let her get dragged away cuz he is amused by her so he lets her continue her rant. HM points out all the mistakes BH made while singing and asks if he even noticed that.  HM argues that BH just tagged along and isnt as good as HM – that BH is nothing-that HM is first and BH is [not sure if she said last or third]
BYJ decides to give them another final test. They have to guess what he is playing on the piano. he mixed up two songs and he tells what one of them is so they have to guess the second one. HM gets it wrong and BH gets it right. it was tricky cuz he mixed a normal song with a trot twist and HM complains about it.
BYJ narrates about the break shot and applies it to the real world as we see her furniture being taken away. {it sounded good but I dont know all the words to make sense out of it}
he ends his narration saying if I could go back to then, I want to tell them  (performing arts kids) this: the game started so dont be afraid and have fun.
in the last scene, HM starts to walk away but goes back and gets on her knees and asks BYJ
” please save me”
preview for tm
JYP cameos next
Kim Soo Hyun comes out finally so I will be paying more attention

9 comments on “Dream High E1 & E2

  1. ciiii says:

    thanks a lot…:)


  2. sansukini says:

    My sister is interested in watching this because she saw the trailer and it looks good, accdg to her. Would u recommend it? I’m really looking forward to MP, and I’m not sure I can accommodate more than 2 dramas at a time without neglecting my son so I’ll go with whatever u transcap, softy. Thanx in advance.


  3. Balletbabe says:

    I really hope Ep2 is much better than the first cause I was not feeling it at all! Well I guess you can’t expect much cause it’s the intro : / I am going to watch MP this Weds with precausions and have a low expectation so I do not start the New Year bummed out by k-dramas!


  4. hwy says:

    thanks so much for the effort!! that’s a lot of words, i can only imagine how tiring it must have been for you. i enjoyed reading it – watched it RAW and could barely make out what they were saying, only roughly getting an idea of what was happening.

    and imo sorry but suzy’s acting kinda sucks… for now. it’s only the FIRST episode though, so i’m going to watch out for more improvements on her acting. gosh she’s the main lead. hope she steps it up more next ep. and what was with the singing? she sounded pretty awful to me (not sure if it was intended) and eunjung sounded so much better.


  5. Kat says:

    This drama would be good if BYJ was NOT in it. He doesn’t act. He’s just moving around on TV screen being BYJ and by god he looks like he had his face done.


  6. M says:

    I love Kim so hyun… he’ s my next favorite can’t wait to hear his voice … I kind of dissappointed with suzy’s so-call great vocal.. Cos her vocal is just average..


  7. amy says:

    hi there i think u missed out the shy girl with the good voice’s name..she is one of the main casts i think..its a relief the drama didn’t tank as many people had anticipated it to with all the newbies and the idols..i think i must really check out kim so hyun then as i haven’t watched any of his works..thanks!!


  8. Laurie says:

    I have to agree with you about waiting to see episode’ s 3 & 4 to see if I will continue watching this or not. I think it is rather slow due to the anount of Characters and they have to build each one.
    If I am not able to watch it first I will be here to read it all.
    Thanks guys.


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