Secret Garden E15: Live “Transcap”

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just saw the short preview for E16 and JW’s last line to R was “please trust me – I will make a miracle happen.” It kind of makes me scared cuz R was crying as he said that. I am hoping he is referring to maybe getting her chance back to audition.
Seul’s comments to Oska kind of made me choke up too. She says to him “who said you could turn back time just cuz you want to?  who said you could go back to the moment I was hurt the most just cuz you want to?
*white fox filled in blanks
Secret Garden E15 Transcription
It starts with JL telling Rjw that the sunbae passed away 3 yrs ago and the 12-5 was the date of R’s father’s memorial
Oska:the friend who just left is jihyun -KJW’s doctor park jihyun
JL tells Rjw that R would never forget her father’s memorial date and during that sunbae’s funeral/wake she played the role of chief mourner for 3 straight days
oska: there is no way that JW would not know jihyun
her cell phone is programmed on JW’s cell phone as #1
everyone just stares at each other intently for a second
oska: that time when you forgot the house code and made me food-
back then I felt like this too-the feeling that JW is not JW
did you by any chance lose your mind completely?
to the extent that you need to be hospitalized?
oska reaches for the phone saying:
for now- I’m going to ask jihyun to come back…
but JW-r grabs the phone saying “oppa wait a second!”
and gives oska a heart attack and he flings himself back on the sofa to get away from JW-r
oska: oppa?
JWr: no hospital – to tell you the truth I am not KJW -I’m GRI
this revelation makes oska scoot back even more on the sofa
oska: why? why are you doing this? why are you really like this?
JWr : of course i know that what i said is an odd thing that is out of the question realistically and cannot be explained scientifically
but it is the truth
oska: ya! JWah? JW ah? since when were you like this?
what was ji hyun doing? {as in the doctor failed to treat JW}
JWr: I’m not crazy. I really am GRI
“you are the first woman to ask me to meet me at a pig skin place”
my butt is not a ‘Teum-less’ one. (* Teum: crack)
you said those things to me
oska: what is this? ah- is this by any chance a hidden camera?
JWr: oppa
oska yells: dont do that! dont do that! you expect me to believe that?
JWr: it is the truth
when i did a double for kim seon-ah in ‘welcome to dojak-gu’
you said, “it’s not like if i ask you if you’d like to have coffee a hole will be made in your sneakers. right?”
with that you made me remember you.
that last memory gives oska the shakes
* white fox explained
reference goes back to ep4.
— (pond scene in ep4) JW: what kind of woman are you to be so stubborn? — show me ‘Teum’ so that i can squeeze in.
— (flirting scene in ep5) Oska: i’m a very easy man to get. / R: i’m not a ‘Teum-less’ woman either.
‘Teum’ is used as a meaning of an opening in one’s mind and chance to approach.
and ‘Teum-less’ can be translated to ‘unapproachable’ but intention of the lines across scenes becomes lost.
JL : you are acting really strange right now- really strange
did you by any chance – without my knowledge -get injured during a shoot and that is why you are like this? in your head?
Rjw: acting strange – I admit to but I’m not strange like that-it’s cuz souls switched
JL: what?
Rjw: whether you believe or not-it is up to you to decide. that fact is like that
to be honest – I am KJW- 6th trainee- “guy who earns a lot of money” that KJW
JL: what?
Rjw: at jejudo, then for a few days after, GRI was probably acting totally strange – like now-right?
dont stare at me with that strange look on your face – we are the victims too – us too
(she gets a call and holds up the phone for JL to see)
you see this right? this is not R’s phone-right?
Rjw says into the phone: uh- why?
JWr: I think you have to come here (Oska is downing a drink) oska found out
Rjw: it doesnt look good on this side either. hang up for now
to JL: I’ll let you see for yourself so let’s go together
the four of them sit at JW’s house
oska and JL on one side and JW-r and Rjw on the other side
JL points to JW first and then to R saying: so GRI is inside here and KJW is inside here?
JW and R nod and JL grins and oska laughs and pretends he is going to hit both of them “these two..”
JWr : it is true
JWr : oppa -‘our baby ningning-ee’ in your 6th album’s thanks-to, it referred to park chae-rin but you told a lie that it was puppy’s name.
and on 4th album’s jacket a photo of muscle was photoshopped.
and during concert if high notes comes out he turns the microphone towards the crowd (* describes holding m.c toward the audience to avoid singing)
oska points out that even if JWr wasnt his fan the whole nation knows that.
Rjw gives oska attitude and says: is that anything to brag about?
oska senses JW’s spunk and says: oh – when you are like this – it seems like the real deal
Rjw: should I call out a list of women who left this house in the mornings?
oska: oh you really are trying hard
Rjw: hyung- I really had confidence-confidence that I wouldnt fall for that woman-since she is a woman who has nothing-confidence that I wouldnt feel anything -but why hasnt it turned out the way I planned?
oska hears this and gets serious: are you really KJW?
Rjw: uh and this person (nods her head to the right)  is GRI
JWr says to JL: when you get calls past midnight- I know what the first words you say are “which hospital? is he dead?”
now it is JL’s turn to believe
everyone is quiet again for a second
JL: how did this happen?
JWr: we dont know that yet, but when it rains – it seems we return back to normal
JL: rain?
Jwr: it is not for sure but provisionally like that
oska: so how long have you been like this?
Rjw: from jejudo
she mimics like a girl “if I sleep here will you not like it?” remember that?
oska: that was R – no – was that you?
he gets up wanting to punch Rjw but sits back down muttering how he cant hurt R’s face
JL: then – “you’ve been found out by me” – who is that?
Rjw raises her hand and says “sorry”
JL: so “till you die – um -um-dont do it” that too -was it you?
Rjw: it was me alright but for that- I already got yelled at plenty by GRI
JL looks away in embarrassment I am guessing
oska: then the golf club sauna-who was at the sauna?
JW-r claps his hand over his mouth and runs off
oska cant believe that R saw everything and throws a fit saying “she saw”
oska sits back up: then seul…
he looks at Rjw and goes to grab him calling Rjw “this punk” but JL restrains oska
JL: R’s body will be hurt-for now we will leave her be and when he returns back to normal -then let’s set a date
Rjw: what’s wrong with you? ‘an enemy’s enemy is a comrade’ you forgot it? (* oska-comes-to-kidnap-R aka Arab-joke scene)
JL: just wait till you change back
and gives Rjw a menacing glare
* i didnt get to appreciate this scene the first time around but it was priceless – hilarious
thanks to white fox for the fillers
JW-r is upset cuz he thinks oska will see her as a strange woman now and R-jw is jealous and says “is that oppa that important? Are you dating that oppa?  You’re dating this oppa (meaning himself/herself).
JW-r: leaving man-woman relationship aside, there was something special like communion between Oska and me.
so R-jw says “that turned out well then – you don’t meet oska and I wont go to action school how’s that?  leaving man-man relationship with director Lim aside, in fact i had something special like murder impulse.
JW-r “really!” did director leave?
Rjw: who cares if he left or not
R sits down and pats the seat next to her and tells JW-r to sit there and when he doesnt Rjw follows JWr
Rjw: if you get caught, punishment will be heavy.
no.1 hug (in chinese character), no.2 hug (in english), no.3 hug (in korean). from no.4 intensity is high.
which makes JWr stop and turn around to attack R-jw
so R tucks her left leg behind her so JWr cant kick her shin again -so cute
* white fox filled them in
JL and Oska are outside watching R and JW inside.
Oska tells JL: I don’t know if that guy is GRI but he is definitely not KJW.
How can something like this happen? Can you believe this?
JL: How can we not? If we don’t believe it then it means those two went crazy at the same time- I don’t like that even more.
Oska looks closely at JL so JL asks :what are you doing?
And oska asks: did you cry by any chance? You’re eyes are really wet.
JL: my eyes are naturally rather moist.
JL walks off and Oska chases after him taunting: eh- looks like you cried-you did cry didn’t you? why? Ah- you invested in Loel Dept store huh?
sec kim gives AY a present-boots so she can be comfortable when she leaves or comes in to work
she said she doesnt wear these cuz she is too adorable in them
she gloats saying she feels bad for others and it burdens her
Sec Kim asks her to put up with it even if he burdens her cuz she will get old really quickly
AY frowns at him
then she asks if sec kim quit over hearing she got fired
sec kim asks did the president tell you that? why did he have to say that?
sec kim says it is a secret but sec kim has that side of him and he gets lectured by AY cuz she says that is the problem- in that case one of them needs to keep their jobs cuz do people buy rice with love? no they buy it with money
jwm consults oska’s mom
and tells her that R threatened to take JW out of the country
jwm: living in poverty- she has nothing to fear in the world-she has nothing to lose that’s what she means
how should I step on her to let my anger go away
oska’s mom says to let JW just marry R and not register their names
jwm tells oska’s mom to do that with her own son
oska’s mom lets it slip that she knows R is a stuntwoman but jwm never told her that
jwm accuses oska’s mom of suggesting JW marry R so that oska’s mom can benefit and jwm wants to know what oska’s mom hopes to gain
oska’s mom lies and says she has a massage appt and leaves quickly
oska’s mom goes to the managers at the recording studio
she says she knows they are suffering and understands them
she opens up a bag of korean traditional medicine (hanyak) for the older one
she wants them to quit making oska go through this
oska: what are you talking about?
om: when you were young if you had fun for a while that is enough
watching you live like this – mom is starting to dislike it
she says to the older manager: you made a lot of money during that time with my son
she saw the article and doesnt like oska living with insults when there is nothing he lacks
she wants him to take the opportunity this time to walk away but oska politely tells her they are in the middle of an important meeting and he would call her later
she asks him to think over what she said carefully
after she leaves
manager to oska: what are you doing?
oska: thinking over what she just said
manager: so you want to quit over this?
oska: not that – about me being insulted
i keep feeling like I didnt live the right way
oska says he wants to apologize for it
oska gets a list of women he made cry and cherry’s name is on it
the list also contains people he has offended
oska is surprised to learn he made so many women/people cry
he finds out about a PD he hurt on inkikaeyo and is surprised that person still let oska do his comeback on the show
then he learns that he got mad cuz the show gave the ending to big bang
oska is surprised that he behaved so badly with so many people
Y: here it is. i wrote in an alphabetical order from the director whose script you threw.
oska: ah really! how many times did i say it was not the script but synopsis? won’t there be out an edited version of x-file(*)?
(* an interview report about korean top and promising celebrities commonly known as ‘celebrity X-file’ which was made by an agency and was leaked onto the internet in 2005.
it consisted of 100+ pages of powerpoint files and contained many scandalous secrets collected from entertainments reporters as well as profiles and evaluation grades.
<oska “sorry, i apologize” rehabilitation list>
#4 kim tae pyeong(*) – rookie actor. was prevented from appearing cuz he’s more handsome (* Hyun Bin’s real name)
#9 park chae rin, #11 lee che ri and so on – chased first but dumped
oska: Chae Rin, Eun Sol, Ji Won, Min Ji… did i make this many cry?
C: I thought it was a winner list for year-end awards ceremony.
oska: did i hurt even inkigayo’s PD? when?
C: during the time of your 6th album. you promised to make your first appearance there but did on other station and stabbed him in the back.
oska: yet he let me appear in a comeback stage for my 7th album? wow he is Jesus.
Y: you refused to appear for 2 weeks because the finale was given to Big Bang.
oska: what? you mean i messed with Big Bang?
(C nods)
oska: how vigorous i was!
the manager asks again why oska is doing this
oska says ” to go to seul”
oska: even though she is JW now, when R was R she said that I was older than a ten year old so I should be right now about 17yrs old
i want to repent, apologize, and hurry up and become an adult so I can go to seul
manager: what are you talking about?
the two people oska hurt the most with the most stars next to their names were the two managers
Y: i maintained objectivity more than any other media.
C: you can think of it as a criterion for how fair this list is.
oska says to them: for all that time- because of me – all the hurt you got and suffered- I am really sorry
from now on I wont make you suffer. if there is one thing to look forward to- even 20 yrs later- I hope the people who schedule my performances are you two
you’re accepting my apology right?
they feel weird like they have seen a stranger and the older one pinches the younger one to check if this is really happening
oska meanwhile calls a director who is about to hang up on oska and oska apologizes for what he did wrong to the director
TS goes to seul and says he cant sign with her and says he is sorry
she asks what his reason is
TS says he feels partially responsible for what happened to oska
he wants to live his life freely doing whatever bad thing he wants but when someone else in involved cuz of him – he cant do that cuz he feels burdened to clear it up
seul: if you dont sign with me – does that responsibility go away?
TS: even if it doesnt go away, it gets lighter
she says fine and they can act like she never asked him to sign but she wants his help just once
She wants TS to find out which other singers the songwriter has worked with. TS had that same thought. He doesn’t think this happened just with Oska. TS thinks the songwriter did this here and there hoping to catch one singer and TS thinks oska was the only one dumb enough to get caught. Seul says “dumb?” and TS says oska is too old to call naïve so he is calling oska stupid. (I love TS’s logic). TS asks seul why she is helping oska when it looks like they don’t get along and she says “I like being the only one bothering oska”.
* now i know why TS keeps calling her ahjimma
at the cafe JW sits there and switches to R
she remembers back to the hike with JL on the mountain
R asks if JL thinks she will get the final audition
JL:if you pass why don’t you just become an actress?
R: do you think i don’t have talent to be a (stunt) director?
J: I dont know if you know but I am afraid of taking calls late at night-the first words out of my mouth is “which hospital? is he dead?
while sending three colleagues off without being able to say goodbye
 I think -did he die in my place?
wasnt it my place to go to that shooting site?
before I lose anyone else- I think I should stop tomorrow-the after tomorrow I should stop-I think about that every single day
when you get your own team – you will have to go through that
so that’s why -with you – while you can still say goodbye to people you care about-before you get those phone calls – I wish you would leave this field
R takes a sip of her coffee amd JW arrives and says “look at this- she is drinking cappuccino again”
she mimics the cell phone “text came in – text came in” and JW warns her “i told you not to do that with my face”
R gets a text from cupid and she got the first audition-he congratulates her
she wants JW to practice again
he says “you’re seriously asking me to take your place during the audition?”
she points out how he practiced all this time
JW explains  he just practiced to please her
he wasnt serious about actually passing the audition
you dont really think I can pass do you?
R: no – I’m not doing this to pass
even if I did it- I dont have a chance to pass
JW: then why?
r says: because I cant just do nothing at all
even if she doesnt make the cut it has been a lifelong dream so she just wants him to stand in for her
so she asks/pleads with JW
he tells her he cant even get on elevators but before he can explain more- phone call interrupts
JL acts all weird cuz JW’s voice answers so JL tells her/him to hang up-
JL would rather text than hear JW’s  voice
JL texts asking what JW-R is going to do about the audition and wants her to come to his office
R tags along too
JL gives them both coffees
JL stares at R’s face and she asks why and JL says he cant stand to look at JW’s face
which still makes R’s face frown
JL: what are you going to do about the audition
JWr: as long as we turn back to normal before the audition there wont be a problem
JL: what if you dont return to normal?
JWr: we will return
JL mumbles : how could this happen…
R jw to JWr: why didnt you tell him you were making me practice?
JL: what are you talking about?
JWr: no matter what – I wanted to get to the audition so…
JL looks at JW and yells: ya – you punk- does that make sense?
then he looks at R and says: is this something that can happen just cuz you practice for a few days?
with this spoiled brat what do you hope to accomplish?
this matter involves your future on the line
Rjw: if I do it what are you going to do?
JL: what?
they switch
JW to JL: what are you going to do if I do it?
R to JW: really?
JW: uh – I’ll do it-if you really want it – if GRI’s future hangs in the balance-I’m saying I’ll do it
if I do it till I can – who knows – a miracle might happen
R smiles
JW: but I have one condition
R: condition?
JW has the upper hand scene
R jw shows up with her bags at JW-r’s house
They switch bodies. JW comes to his home to live.
R- what are you doing right now?
JW: came to live together- we already discussed it
(he holds out his arm to her like a baby)
carrying your bags, my arm is sore- massage it.
(she knocks it away)
R: if it wasnt for the audition –
i would put up with(*gamsu-hada) my body gets bruised and hit you.
JW retorts : only if coming foot is nice, going audition will be nice. huh? (* pun on a proverb)
R: go back right now
JW: then I wont do the audition
R: ya!
JW: since there is only one bed let’s share
R: are you crazy?
JW: Then I wont do the audition. There is also one bathroom so I guess we should share that too.
R: you’re really going to get hit.
JW: then I wont do the audition.
R: you want to die?
JW: from now on, I wont even let you go to work. I sent sec kim an email. From tomorrow on, I’m going to have meetings at home. These aren’t meetings you can take with acting. So from now on- for 24/7 we will be stuck with each other. We should have done this sooner- why didn’t we think of this earlier.
I’m going to go take a shower. aren’t you coming? We said we would shower together.
R: you’re asking for a beating?
* literally said “the time has come to withdraw installment savings of smacks you earned. huh?”
(this drama uses a lot of invented expressions. whitefox)
JW: then I wont do the audition
which makes her scream “ya!”
he makes a “meh-rong” face
Not quite the bed scene everyone had in mind but still quite sweet
JW is lying on his side staring at her while she lays there with her eyes closed
JW: are you sleeping? I’m asking if you are sleeping. I know you are not sleeping
R: I’m curious about something
JW: what is it?
R opens her eyes and looks at JW: the bottle of medicine in the bathroom-what is it for?
JW: what bottle of medicine?
R: is it serious enough to hide?
JW : have you heard of claustrophobia?
R: being nervous in confined spaces-that?
JW: if it is just nerves that would be good -but for me it is beyond nerves and I feel fear
that is why I cant take elevators at all
he explains all the things that can happen but I only understood three of them
lose consciousness, if hyperventilation occurs and blood vessels constrict, in worst case it can lead to a heart attack
This is a secret – only you can know
R: that is why when I said I would take the elevator everyone was shocked
JW: you took the elevator?
R: the first time we switched bodies and the day I went into work
since I had no idea about that
JW: because of you -it must have caused a mess in director park’s head
JW smiles and says :you did well
they switch
R-jw says to JW-r’s face leaning in close: but the more I look….
R backing away: why? what?
R-jw: , I’m really good looking -how can people stand it to talk to me? because they are shaking
JW-r: crazy ….
JW-r turns away from Rjw
she offers her arm as a pillow and he says it is his arm
(total LOL moment)
they practice sword fight in the snow
he is wearing the tracksuit with the gold heart
they have the meeting at his house and R stands by the side pretending to read and signs to JW to say no to the suggestion made by mr park but JW hesitates and say I can accept this as your best so take it with you and slams the file down R praises him for doing well
TS and seul meet with some singers I guess and try to get their cooperation but no one wants to be involved
oska reads an article about plagiarism scandal and looks worried –
(oska is typing a comment posing as one of netizens.)
|  dears.. i am his nextdoor neighbor.
|  oska is definitely not that kind of person.
|  i ain’t saying this blindly(*).
(* shield-chida: internet slang
when fans defend the star blindly regardless of the rights and wrongs, or that kind of text is called shield-(chida), where a verb ‘-chida’ corresponds to draw/pull when to say ‘~ the curtains’.)
he is frustrated and slams the computer shut
more sword fight in the snow and they switch
JW pants and complains it is hard and R squeal in delight saying he was really cool
R; how did you learn so quickly?
JW: are you trying insults and now aego (acting cute)?
“here it is, aegyo” is it that kind of thing? (* it has a connotation of complimenting without sincerity to make someone to keep working hard.)
R: i said it cuz you were really cool
R wonders : if it goes on like this – just like a miracle what if you pass the audition
JW: you need more miracles? a miracle already occurred
and lists how he is dating her despite her not having wealth, status, etc
a woman who doesnt have wealth, education, or looks is jeon do yeon and kim tae hee to a man like me who has nothing to envy. isn’t there any placard hanging on your hometown?
<< a woman__ is, to a man__, JDY and KTH.>>
be honest and tell the truth- when I kept clinging onto you- in front of me you said “go away or get lost” but inside you (screamed) huh? because you were so thrilled
R: how about trusting your discerment now
I’m the girl worthy of “the man who has nothing in this world he is envious of “KJW clings to
JW: look at this look at this- how can I resist this
I just thought of it when you squealed just now but that day in the mountain- you really didnt scream?
R: mountain? where?
JW: in jejudo – I know for sure I heard it. I’m not the only one who heard – oska heard it too
R: are you sure it was my voice? wasnt it the lines were crossed?
JW: that we dont know- we heard a woman’s voice so we thought it was you
R: that really wasnt me
JW: now that I think about it – wasnt that boiled chicken restaurant a little weird too
the phone didnt work properly and the owner lady was strange
she just gave only me the chicken legs
R: you ate that well
now that you said that – it seems like it
then that liquor- the floral liquor I told you to give oska-that day did you give it to oska?
JW: yes of course why?
R: did oska drink it?
JW: i think so-why?
R: he did? then it must not be it. I thought maybe we became this way cuz of that liquor
if it was cuz of that liquor I wouldve switched with oska not you
that night I drank that liquor
JW: what?
R: why?
JW: to be honest – I drank that
R: what? you just said you gave it to oska
they switch
Rjw: is that the problem right now? that liquor must be the key
hurry and change clothes- let’s go to that place
JWr: now? to jejudo?
when they get there
everything is different – more normal
-another woman is there so they ask if she had changed owners and she says no
they ask where all the liquor went and she said they dont sell home brewed alcohol
they keeps asking details about the other lady and this one gets irritated
they come back wondering if it really was cuz of the liquor -what to do cuz they cant get the liquor and cant switch without it
R blames JW for accepting the alcohol to begin with
JW says he thought it was good for the body so he accepted it
R thinks without it – they might end up switching back and forth for life
JW: when it rains we return to normal
R: that isnt certain- a week has passed but why isnt the rain that is suppose to come not coming
JWr says :they said rain coulds with lightning and thunder veered away from the Korea Peninsula!
Rjw says :that’s why I said we should go to NY
and JW retorts: so why did you drink that liquor? if I told you to give it to oska then you should have
they come home and jwm mom is there
the bags are there packed
JW bows to jwm and says hello
R: I told you before that we would live together …..
jwm:  live together. I wont stop you
but leave here
I packed your bags. take them and leave right now!
they go to oska’s house
oska is on the phone apologizing to another director saying how back then oska was young and didnt have any discipline so …..
JW and R come in rolling their suitcases
oska tells the director he would call back and apologize again
oska: what are you guys?
Rjw: we got kicked out by mom
oska: what?
he gets confused about who to yell at so he tells them to wear name tags
Rjw: just give us a place to sleep- we’ll manage food by ourselves
oska: why should I ? get out!
Rjw: then just take in R
oska: ra im shi….
JW smiles
oska gets grossed out since she is in JW’s body
oska: what do you want me to accept when body and heart are separate
Rjw: body and heart I am asking you to accept it all
(*/** cunning wordplay by JW. it sounded like JW was considerate of RI but he meant both JW(body) and RI(heart) would stay from the beginning.)
Rjw tells JWr: use the bedroom cuz hyung always sleeps on the sofa any way
oska: ya! who said to do what they want! if you unpack you’re dead
and oska gets a call
“hello? tomorrow?”
oska gets a call from someone oska had contacted-one of the people oska had apologized to
the guy says the songwriter did this to other people and tells oska to go talk to cherry
oska goes to meet her and TS and seul are there with cherry
(the girl from brilliant legacy that played seung gi’s sister)
(* che-ri is the same character from writer’s previous work ‘on air’)
cherry said she already heard from seul and TS that oska needs her help
cherry says how she doesnt like names starting with “o” oska –
Oh Seung Ah (* Kim Ha Neul’s character from ‘on air’)
and he said he doesnt like hers either and  she says “is this how a person who is asking a favor behaves?”
oska explains to seul not to misunderstand-that oska and cherry had a scandal a while back but
cherry wants to finish the explanation
she mentions how she admitted it but oska’s office made a fuss that it wasnt true and made her look bad
seul asks so you two did meet?
cherry goes on about they met over drinks cuz oska was upset cuz he had proposed but got dumped
(* che-ri really thinks it was just made-up flirting lines and talks proudly as if she saw through it but overlooked it.)
she finishes by saying she doesnt like oska but she wants to help seul and TS
cherry tells them about that songwriter and how that woman did the same thing to cherry
she wanted to be a singer so the songwriter sent cherry that plagiarized song
cherry even recorded it but then she heard oska’s and realized she had been swindled too
TS gets mad and asks cherry how many people got that song
cherry says she doesnt know and asks TS how old he is and if he has a gf and oska stops her
saying “he is…” ( he was about to say TS was gay I think) but TS tells cherry he has someone he likes
oska is surprised and says “you do?” but TS just tells oska to finish his conversation with cherry.
She says she said all that she had to say and that her management will be releasing this story the next day.
as cherry leaves oska offers to buy her food but changes it to a bag
seul says since everything seems to be settled she is going to leave but oska holds onto her hand and tells TS to go away so TS sort of glares at oska’s hand on seul’s before walking off
(OMG TS does like oska)
oska asks seul to stay to talk
she says she tried to help him to pay him back
then he says he remembered everything
all that he did wrong
how he couldnt sleep over it
he wants her to know he didnt mean it back then
he didnt know what he said would do this to her
he keeps apologizing
seul cries and says she thought she was a bad person, but it is upsetting her to see oska feel sorry and she doesnt like it and leaves
TS is there and wants to talk to seul at her office
TS says she is the type to like oska’s music not TS’s
so he wants to know why she wanted him to sign with her
and TS guesses she was trying to use TS to hurt oska
seul says that oska and her do not have that kind of relationship where they have love fights
TS: then what kind of relationship do you have?
seul: whatever we are to each other what does it have to do with you?
TS: you know that oska skipped out on a MV shooting to come to jejudo to sign me right?
seul: would I have offered you a contract without knowing that?
TS: if you just measure up to that you should also know how much oska thinks of me
seul: so what is your point?
TS: dont you feel jealous? I dont know how many times he chased after me whenever I changed part time jobs
seul: right now – you are acting like a jealous girl over one guy- do you know that?
I think TS said she sensed it correctly
and walks out 
JW r comes to action school looking for JL
JW r talks to cupid
cupid asks why JW is looking for JL
JWr says he feels nervous but cupid says he is more nervous cuz JW is using formal language
cupid reminds him that tm is R’s audition
JWr says it is driving him crazy cuz there is no rain
cupid asks what is wrong with JWr
some caucasian guy shows up at the airport
guess he is here for the audition
JWr gives Rjw a drink and asks if she is nervous and she says do I look like the kind of person who causes someone else to be nervous or do I look like I get nervous
JWr asks her to do a good job today and they are about to go in but
R gets a text from sec kim -he wants to know where JW is cuz the grandpa
is there suddenly so JW has to go there
if the grandpa knows that JW didnt show up for work the grandpa is going to make a huge deal out of it
they have an hour  left so JW offers to go and do well in front of the grandpa
R gets nervous cuz she doesnt want to do the audition alone
JW promises to come back quickly
he tells her to wait inside since it is cold out there
and asks for the keys and goes
the grandpa asks sec kim and mr park  if JW is still not coming in regularly
sec kim says that JW has been coming in all the time but just today he happens to be out on business
mr park says to the grandpa that staring at the empty seat is upsetting
sec kim listens to that and texts JW behind his back telling JW to hurry up and come
mr park offers saying isnt it better that I take JW’s place
mr park’s sister says to her brother :what is that talk? how dare you say that aloud
you want me to see me get a divorce from the president?
that position is not one you can ever get
the grandpa stops his wife and asks why she is always scolding mr park
saying he understands why mr park wants to do that watching how JW’s misbehaves
she tells the grandpa that because the grandpa is too grateful to mr park that is why her brother keeps having vain dreams
she says to mr park: you pitiful person- that place is not yours- why dont you know that?
(omg I love this woman)
when JW comes in, he apologizes and says he had a meeting outside
grandpa yells but the new wife is really sweet to JW
saying how sorry she is to call JW here when he is busy
and how they came to buy someone’s present and for JW not to pay any attention to them and just work
she says to the grandpa: we should go see to our work too so let’s go
grandpa threatens to come back again next time
JW bows and says he is sorry again and for them to go home safely
mr park sits there all miserable and JW asks if he is ok and that he doesnt look too good
mr park says “president – you should really be happy”
mr park leaves
sec kim mimics what mr park and his sister said to each other
but JW has to go so he goes back to R and tells sec kim to call him if he needs him
R calls JW and tells him to hurry up and come back
she says she is gonna wait till she is frozen solid until he comes
she is nervous being alone and wants him to hurry
JW is taking the elevator and mr park is there too waiting and is surprised that JW is doing that
JW turns to mr park and lies saying that all those other times he took escalators cuz he wanted to conserve energy but today he is in a hurry
mr park walks away but changes directions and runs the other way
and he runs to the security camera room and tells them all to go eat lunch and mr park watches JW get in the elevator
mr park is shocked he really got on
the elevator stops though
JW looks at the elevator camera and says ” director parkI know you are watching me right now
mr park runs off scared wondering how JW knew he was in the security room
he runs off saying ” i wasnt here”
JW keeps ringing the bell button to say to mr park not to do this cuz he doesnt have time right now
*I watched it again and it didnt show that mr park stopped the elevator but why else would it have stopped – it had to be him
while R is waiting it rains and she switches
JW is still stuck in the elevator yelling”is anyone out there? there is a person trapped in here”
the switch happens in there too but there is more blue light and it is creepy
JW: really did come back – we were right about returning to normal when it rains…
he realizes where he is and starts to get scared
the lights are flickering
oh crap I dont like this
R is happy to be back and is happy that the rain really does make them change
JW is having trouble breathing and sweating profusely
he keeps calling for help
R looks at the time and realizes she can still have her audition and is thrilled,
but she remembers about JW and the elevator
JW collapses in the elevator and is barely able to breathe at this point
he calls R
she is already crying
he tells her “I told you i couldnt ride the elevator…” and he loses consciousness
she keeps screaming his name and saying “answer me”
the camera shows JW taking shallow breaths until it stops
no preview

This is a first for me, but I am actually in love with an older character on a drama. I love the grandpa’s new wife. The way she told her brother off to stay put in his position and stop lobbying for JW’s was like a breath of fresh air with all the meanness and conniving attitude of the other parents.
I hated seeing JW suffering in there and we know he recovers cuz there are BTS pics of an ambulance taking JW away, but I bet he will be sore about this for a while. He almost died so she needs to make this up to him big time. Guess this means she misses her audition too since she obviously ran to his side, but that can’t be helped.
I just watched the KBS awards and I was soooo bummed – YAI was robbed – he should have won the newcomer or netizen award too and not just for “best couple” with song joong ki – though how cute were they up there – omg so freaking A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.
Hey I love that SKKS won so many awards and I’m glad Micky got it too, but I just wanted YAI to win another one is all. He may not be a newcomer, but every year they pick people who just gained popularity despite not being a newbie so he counts as much as anyone else. Look around this blog and tell me who you think we were rooting for – look at the left side and the header. 🙂
Yes if you count the number of scenes and stuff micky had more and he was very good for a newbie, but I personally think YAI made that drama what it was -if anything they should have shared that award-then this day would have been perfect

57 comments on “Secret Garden E15: Live “Transcap”

  1. rainyrain says:

    Happy new year softy , thanks for the transcrap as always u are my savior from the long killing wait for the epi then for the english subs 🙂

    I laughed so hard when RI in JW’s body was embarrassed when oska asked who was with him in the sauna , HB rocked but then the elevator scenes , OMGGGGG I was feeling my heart aching for my JW , as u said I thank allah I know he will be fine becoz of the BTS pix of the upcoming epi , but for now someone helps him pleaaaase .
    and haa why RI didn’t remember he is in the elevator as soon as the swap happened , I’m really pissed at her 😦


    • Anonymous says:

      It is not her fault…I feel more sorry for her here. She just want to rush back as soon as possible since she does not want JW to freeze his / her ass out in the cold weather…and also she did want to warn mr. park therefore she insisted on taking elevator as well. She just wanted to protect JW as well… Mr. Park did scare the….s…. out, since she called him through the camera, rite?
      I know lots of people here are JWs shippers but come on…don’t be that narrow mind…because I am a Rs shipper as well !!!!..


    • banhmat says:

      Come on…it just happened very suddently…it also just took like 1 min. before she remmember JW….because the focus was on JW the whole time that make you feel like million years.

      I feel also sorry for R, since JWs shippers keep on blaming her…She took elevator in order to rush back with JW, since she did not want him freeze his /her ass out in the cold weather…He did insisted on waiting for her back until he is frozen, rite? And like some people already said it. She took elevator also to warn Mr. Park therefore he was scared like…s…when she talked to him through the camera….She really care for JW….

      Ok enought of that…Thanks Softy for the transcaps and happy new year to all ;O)


    • rainyrain says:

      hey galz chill , I didn’t mean anything bad , I love GRI also , ok not as much as I love JW , but still I always thought that JW is incomplete without his lime ah , and anyway I melted as soon as I saw her tears and the way she was calling him all heartbreakon


      • Lala says:

        I agree with you…It’s not her fault that they switched back again when she was inside the elevator..And for her to momentarily forget about Joo Won I think its normal..The audition was something she really wanted..its normal she will temporarily feel excited about it…


  2. ck1Oz says:

    On a techical point…wow Hyun Bin.That was a performance at the end.This was beyond a panic attack.He was like a drowning victim/breathless and struggling.Bravo.Speaking from a morbid point of view from my job-err…that was really realistic emotional and physical response of someone struggling to breathe and not getting it.



  3. houstontwin says:

    Thanks for the amazingly speedy recap!!! Does anyone think that Mr. Park may have had something to do with JW original accident? After all, now we can see how truly rotten he is! Sorry if someone already mentioned this!


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  5. kiki says:

    tks:):):):):):) i just wanna leave a comment for your hard work…


  6. secret_garden_fan says:

    Hyun Bin is a great actor! I just saw the last part & wow..he acted really very well…


  7. martha says:

    Thank you so much for your “Transcap” This was my first stop this morning! So exciting! I will be lurking, waiting for the next episode along with everyone else! Again thanks for all your hard work!


  8. We Yumi says:

    I just saw the short preview for Episode 16.

    The boards have been warning about the dark side, but I cannot accept what the preview imply.

    I never watch shows with life threatening disease or impending death. I don’t find that stuff sexy, sweet, or satisfying. I just find them sentimental and stupid.

    I can’t accept the crap that seems to be heading Secret Garden’s way to derail the OTP happy ending.

    If I were married to the writer, I’d divorce her. She better pull a happy ending in this world/reality out of a hat or folks, including me, are gonna be pissed.


  9. ctrawberry says:

    I was watching chinese sub earlier and their translation regarding the beach where JL and R talks is regarding to the stuntmen field. JL wishes R to leave the field before she start facing those sad moments.

    And another daebak episode!!! Luckily one more episode tonight….i wouldn’t know how to survive for another week if they end with JW being stuck in the elevator. argh~~~~~i’m counting down time now


  10. Nat says:

    Can anyone tell me where to watch the preview for episode 16?? Pleaseeee!!


  11. may says:

    trasnscripcion that good, thanks, and I saw the episode and your translation is great


  12. jeezvive says:

    EP16 long preview (6mins)


  13. CIMUT says:

    oh please don’t like oska…. please like me…. @___@ i won’t u to be a gay


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