Secret Garden E12: Live “Transcap”

Well in the last scene, they finally came together. Granted it wasnt audible to everyone in the room, but the minute she invited him into her life/dream, that was the silent whistle going off and the race has begun. I really hope the next ep or two will be the two of them happy for a change. They earned their right to have some happy moments to carry them thru the hard times coming up. How far will they get before the switch and the injury happens? I am so scared that we are all going to be needing boxes of tissue pretty soon cuz everytime I imagine a crying JW driving with a “sleeping” R next to him, I know I am so going to lose it. I have no idea why their love has to be so tragic even from the start when nothing that bad has even happened yet. The last 8 eps are gonna be crazy I think and we are all going to have to grab on tight cuz this drama is going to make some sharp turns now.
12-23 updated by White fox-she cleared up a lot of scenes so look for her name in bold and read those parts
Which brings me to my dilemma. Will SG air on Christmas? There were rumors that the production might take a break. I don’t pay attention to stuff like this, so I can’t even remember if dramas aired on holidays. I was always at my sister’s home so I never watched any so I have no clue. Pushing back the production one week means they end a week later right? If they cancel Sat, they have to cancel Sun too don’t they? They can’t just cancel one could they? If it doesn’t air on Sat, that solves one problem, but it also creates another for me. That means they are going to show back to back eps again and the thought of that makes me want to run and hide. MSOAN was one thing cuz it is a lot easier, but two SGs in a row will be a disaster waiting to happen. I wont have enough brain cells left to translate after. So this is what I am hoping will happen, they will push back both eps and end a week later than scheduled. That would be perfect or else I am worried about what is going to happen on Christmas.  For now,let’s just see how the schedule changes this week and I will keep you posted.
I love the guy I keep calling cupid- from day one the way he spoke was so entertaining and he just gets better and better
today he outdid himself – his lines are hilarious
too bad his singing voice isnt as good as his comedic talent
his nickname for JW: “the guy who earns a lot of money” is starting to sound like a Native American Indian name like “dances with wolves”
one good thing about seul is she is upfront – she tells everyone what she is doing – except to the mom of course- but she tells oska, jw, and R
the only thing she is keeping from oska is his betrayal – that card she is keeping to torment him with
SG E12 Transcription

LM scene continued
After JW offers to be her LM
so I am shamelessly hanging onto you
why arent you answering?
I struggled with this for a long time
R: You have to say something that makes sense so I can answer
JW: what part doesnt make sense?
you said you didnt love me and didnt have the right to become my LM
so I have to do it -what else can I do
of course,i had a hardest time in my life in accepting that fact but it’s true that at this point i’m fretting about you.
how’s that? I’m cool huh?
other guys dont admit to these things
R with sarcasm: i’m thankful
JW: knew you would be
even though you dont even think of me for even 5 mins i think of you for a ridiculously long time
that is why I said i would be the LM
I’ll be there by your side like I am not there and disapper like bubbles
R: driving me crazy…are you the kind of guy who can be there like you’re not there?
also, no matter what in the end, either you or me – you’re saying one of us has to turn into bubbles
isnt it?
JW: you’re right
I like you – and I want to keep seeing you – this is the best I can do
R: you like me that much?
JW: yes
R: you like me that much but the future of us together is going to become bubbles
in other words-whether or not we have a cozy loving relationship that deepens- we have to disappear no matter what-right?
JW: that’s the reality for the both of us
of course we can fight back.
against the brothers of my wae-grandpa(*) who opposed frantically me taking over dept store cuz i am a wae-grandson(*daughter’s son)
, investors and lots of stockholders who expected marriage at the level of M&A, and my mom who may hurt you on the grounds that it’s for my sake.
my marriage is a business that  involves a lot of  interests(stakes)
in the end, i will have to choose. should i disppoint all those people to gain just you or should I lose you and gain a dependable business partner in another woman
between the two- do you want the first one?
fine- say that I threw it all away and chose you
we get a place to live together- get a bed- we will fall asleep together and wake up
but how long will that happiness last?
after making me lose everything I had {after making me give up everything I had}- can you say “the two of us lived happily for a long long time”- can you do that?
i dont have the confidence to not hate you or resent you- do you have it in you?
R: I’m realizing it again but what you said is right- it is all correct
but hey stupid -where is a woman who would happily and sweetly nurture her love just for it to become water bubbles?
no woman in this world would start loving after concluding its end-that is why we wont work. we dont have an answer
JW: why dont we have an answer? that’s why I said I would be the LM
what is so hard for you? if a man and woman date – do they all get married?
if I said I would marry you and I dont- what are you going to do?
even if you’re reluctant and don’t have a mind on it, isn’t it worth a try?
frankly speaking, you have a mind to do so, don’t you?
 you like me too
R: please dont be mistaken – I dont like you. Move (aside)

She tries to go around him twice but the second time he stops her by tenderly petting her hair
JW:  you just lied
think about it seriously and give me an answer
since I thought about it seriously and arrived at that decision
I’ll be going now
* white fox:i used wae-(=maternal) as it is. in grandpa’s generations, sons are favored a lot.

Sec Kim cries thru this whole scene
AY and sec kim argue cuz he cant believe he has to understand how JW knows her so well
sec kim is also upset that she is lying saying she is going more crazy
he accuses her of dressing too nicely and even going so far as to go to a hair salon to get her hair done just cuz JW asked her to
she said she is more confused than ever how JW knows her better than herself
the only person who could have said those things was R but she isnt the type to say that
sec kim wants to know if JW smelled AY or not and she is shocked sec kim would say such a thing

on his way hm, JW leaves a voice message that converts to text message : have you thought about it? why is a woman who doesnt even think for five mins taking so long? hurry and give me an asnwer
she thinks about what happened with his mom at the house with the fruit
and ignores the text
AY comes home and she thinks there is a hidden camera in the chandelier so she examines it
AY accuses JW of having strange hobby – that he put camera in the stuff he sent over – she narrowed it down to that chandelier
what kind of crazy guy would put a chandelier in a woman’s hm as a present unless he had an ulterior purpose
Ay said that JW revealed all the things about her that only someone she lived with would know
how she left the bathroom door open and R yells at her for doing what she normally does after her warning. R warned her not to do in front of JW when he was R
R also finds out that AY walked around without her underwear and R is upset about that

the housekeeper reports to jwm
shows his mom the map that they photocopied and how they got it from his suit pocket
and that JW drew it and calls oska “oppa”
and that JW also wears oska socks
more than that – how JW keeps talking to himself when he is looking at xmas tree or staring at cell phones
jwm remembers her conversation with doc lee
jwm’s mom asks the housekeeper if doc lee had come by and the woman reports that doc lee came by a few days ago

jwm tells her to get rid of the fruit but jw says to leave the fruit
JW comes in and says to the woman I told you to leave it alone
the mom keeps saying trash it
JW says this is my hm so I will take care of the things in my hm on my own
jwm says she will kick him out if he does stuff like this
she says she gave him a great life so he should do something in return for her
jwm said she would forget all about R and the disappointment he caused his mom
and to go back to doing blind dates
he says if i dont- are you going to call R to the house again
she says yes and takes it one step further and threatens to make R leave the country so he agrees to go on the date
* the moment I saw the panic in his eyes at the thought that his mom would go so far as to make R leave the country – where not only he couldnt see her but the idea that she would be taken from her only family – AY and the action school guys- you knew he had no other choice

he meets his date at a museum again
his mom narrates the girl’s background-thanks white fox
3rd generation korean japanese, at a graduate school of Tokyo Univ.
father’s family is CEO of a top shipping company in japan.
mother’s family has a lot of connections in economic and political fields and thus there’s almost nothing impossible in japan.
the girl is way prettier than seul and looks sweet and perfect for JW

seul calls R to meet at the museum and
gives R the line JW gave her during their first date
RI: why here?
S: “cuz we don’t need to waste time.”
RI: what?
S: “a way of walking tells personality.”
    “an eye for arts tells the level of education whether they’re of the kind who suit museum or club.”
    “whether a taste for perfume is blatant or roundabout. the answer is quick.”
    those are the lines KJW-ssi said on our blind date. rude and arrogant. isn’t it?
    an hour ago he did another blind date right here. with a woman who has a roundabout taste for perfume.
    are’t you surprised?
RI: so? why are you telling those things?
S: both KJW-ssi and me are living a life with quite a large part of our life displayed just like this museum.
    even if it’s not me, KJW-ssi will marry someone like me after all.
    if it will be that kind of marriage, i’ll be the one (to marry him) myself.
    i know you two are serious about each other. so i wanted to see you and apologize.
RI: i don’t get it. director Yoon, wasn’t it you loves CWY-ssi(oska)?
S: it was in the beginning. in the beginning i started this to go back but now that i actually came this far, it turned out i got farther away.
RI: even so, how on earth can you stake your life on whom you don’t love?
S: i may do that. anyway i don’t exist in anyone’s memories.
    do you know what is the scariest hatred in this world?
    when a fan turn into an anti-fan and when a love degenerated into a hatred. now i belongs to both.
    so from here on i’m going to try my best to make CYW get hurt in the heart. of course it may not work as i planned.
    because, seeing KJW-ssi goes on blind dates again, both you and me is no from his view(position).
    we chose a really difficult match. don’t you think so?
*white fox did the whole scene 🙂

standing by her locker, R remembers jw’s words
‘this is just for a moment- you cant wait for a moment?
didnt you know you had to put up with this much if you date me?
you’re not at an age where you dont know that”
she ignores his call
she gets ready for her audition
she speaks eng – thank goodness not so hard on the ears
she gets another call from jw
Daebak scene

R is wearing headphones and going hm
As she is about to walk the steps, he is there waiting with his arms crossed
JW: why dont you answer your phone?
do you know how many times I called?
why didnt you pick up?
cant you hear me?
this ugly girl doesnt even obey at all 
R: I was busy- why did you call?
JW: you heard everything so why didnt you reply?
R: cuz it’s bothersome
she tries to go but he uses his long leg to block her path
JW: you think I called cuz I had nothing better to do?
if it was too bothersome to call, then you could have picked up (when I called)
why did you ignore my texts?
I know I told you clearly that I am thinking of you for a ridiculously long time
so how do you think i felt? do you think i could focus on work?
she keeps glaring at him
did you see the texts? if you read them – you should have replied
why didnt you reply?
R: I’m still thinking about it
JW: when will you be done
R: what if it’s done-when did you ever get my permission to like me? if you were that curious about my answer to the extent that you couldnt work well-then what attention did you have to go on a blind date?
JW loses composure for a second
How did you know I went on a blind date?
R: how was the girl this time? was she pretty? is she rich? is her education the best?
how about her taste in perfume? was it to your satisfaction? and was her way of walking elegant?
JW is immobilized from shock: do you know all that?
R: I dont have taste in perfume, but my taste in shampoo is overwhelming-even more with my taste in toothpaste
If you got/understood all that – could you stop and get lost?

JW: are you acting jealous right now?
she turns and glares
JW beams: you are jealous
why? are you mad that I went on the date? are you furious?
from now on- should I not go on them anymore?
R: how could you not go on those dates? when it is M&A on which your life is at stake
stop being interested in a girl who brings tangerines and just keep going on those dates
she walks off and stands with her back to him
JW: is that the only way you can talk?
woman- why do you think I am here like this at this time of night
I came her because I wanted to see you (I missed you)
so dont show me your back and let me see your face
he walks down and stands in front of her

JW: let me see you like this
that’s why who told you to erase my cell phone pics on your own?
just stand there for a second
JW positions her so he can take her pic with his cell
R looking pissed: just dare to take it
JW smiles and takes it: like always-you look the prettiest when you are mad
decide everything by tomorrow or else I will be back tomorrow
he leaves and she looks up at him as he walks off
ooooohhh gawwwddd I love him
love how his long leg was used again to block her
* by the way, that jacket of hers is freaking expensive

JW’s mom and JW’s sister have a meal together
jwm says jws should pay more attention to her bro’s problems and take better care of him cuz his problems affect the whole family
jws says I was busy studying -I am not going to live off you and be comfortable so dont think about treating me like my brother
jwm says she talks like her dad
the sis asks what her bro’s problems are but gets interrupted
oska’s mom arrives and says they are eating fattening food and she orders salad
jwm asks oska’s mom how oska’s mom took care of all the women in oska’s life and how she managed to do that – get rid of the women
oska’s mom says she became a pro at doing that
sis says her brother is dating
oska mom says JW has a girl now?and asks if R is pregnant
jwmsays they are not like that -but they do stay out all night
sis is surprised to hear her bro did that
oska’s mom says a mom cant separate her son from his woman
another woman has to do that
oska’s mom tells his mom to find another woman with strength of character to take R away from JW

seul is brought to the family gathering by jwm
JW is surprised
oska is upset
the mom introduces seul to the grandpa and says whose daughter she is and that she went on a blind date with JW
seul: hello, I’m seul yoon – (i hope you will ) always be healthy
grandpa: it’s nice to meet you
when the grandpa asks since you met on a date and came here – are you two getting married?
(he looked right at JW and asked this but his mom responds)
jwm says “yes father we want them to have a spring wedding since JW will be 34 next year”
but the grandpa says “i wasnt asking you” and he wants jw’s answer
JW replies matter of factly: spring is good- flowers are in bloom
jwm tells seul to sit and get to know everyone while eating
jwm introduces oska to seul saying you know him right? jw’s cousin and he is a singer
seul says to oksa: hello it’s our first time to meet. i’ve been a long time fan of yours
JW: what do you mean first time? you two know each other very well
seul gets alarmed and oska looks at JW upset
oska’s mom says you know my son? i am his mom
seul covers and says like i said a minute ago- (i know him) cuz I am his fan
i saw him at concerts and performances a few times
oska leaves for the bathroom
oska asks seul how far she is going to take this- “this isnt the end is it”
he says how could you come here (knowing what it means to the family)
she says simply that she was invited by jwm
she says she likes it cuz she can see him -that he is paying attention to her- and for her- even his eyes are shaking cuz of her
he asks what he has to do for her to stop
she says you should find out why i am like this first
seul: I know I changed a lot
i wasnt like this long ago, but thanks to you i became a woman who can do everything
while i changed this much- what did you do?
no matter how average a woman is she can become a queen
no matter how precious a woman is she can become a lady in waiting
depending on how she is treated by a man she loves
how far will i go? next time we meet – you’ll know
oska is visibly shaken

jw asks his mom why she didnt warn him ahead of time about seul
jwm: if I told you in advance- so you could run away?
JW: yes – I will keep doing what I ‘ve been doing and keep going out on blind dates
that woman cant work
that woman likes another guy
jwm: you like some other woman too
JW: mom!
jwm: with her looks and background- you think she wouldnt have someone else?
JW: so you are saying it is ok? you’re ok with that kind of daughter in law?
jwm: it was hard enough matching family, education, status.
i have to add “love each other so much you cant live”?
JW: you really are something. mom – you really are too much
* now I see the resemblance in the way they talk/argue
jw goes and tells oska it wasnt his idea – about seul-and not to misunderstand-that it was his mom’s wish and that’s it
he also explains how jw behaved with seul in the past so oska could misunderstand but that wasnt real/genuine (since R did it all that time)
oska ignores him
jw wont go cuz oska is still misunderstanding
oska says: you think I am like this to you now cuz i misunderstood you- that’s not it – I am mad at you
oska doesnt like how jw made seul embarrassed at that place
jw put her in an awkward situation in front of ppl she just met so that is why oska is mad
oska says did you see the look on her face when you said “what do you mean first time – you two know each other well”
couldnt you just overlook it?
you’re always like that – you only care if you lose out, you dont care when someone else gets hurt
-that’s how you live
jw asks you really like her?
r calls oska to change their appt time
oska asks ok to the change of time of their training session the next day,but asks to see R right now
he says he will call when he gets near there
jw wants to know why oska needs to meet R
oska says she is the one who can comfort him
jw calls seul and wants to meet

JW asks seul do you have something to say to me?
seul: it was good to see you again a while ago
jw: what exactly is your relationship with hyung
seul: a past boyfriend
JW: are you sure? the way I see it- the two of you still like each other
she says he got it wrong
he says even if you say that, it’s not how my hyung feels
my hyung still likes you
seul says oska must have told jw how oska really felt about seul
JW: what is it that you want?
dont you think it’s too much to fight over people’s feelings- are you really going to marry me?
jw doesnt like her answer
and he asks why do i have to be used as an empty shell(*tan-pi) in a war between my bro and you?
you two must be hurt so you are doing this…
he says his own problems are troubling him enough
she says she knows so she is perfect for him
since he cant get a happy ending with R
and she doesnt intend to touch her husband’s personal life
(meaning he can meet R all he wants while being married to seul)
JW gets it now: whaaaa – so this is why my mom likes you
seul: your mom said she likes me?
JW: that is the problem
jw says oska still loves seul
seul says are you talking to me about effective value of love
she says R is impressive for changing JW so much
JW: I know- it’s the way she behaves that did it
seul: you really do like her
but what should i do? i’m not persuaded. cuz it’s already been long time since i’m cured of such hormone disease.
*white fox filled in blanks
oska says this is the first time someone brought him to eat skins
oska says he called her to make him mad cuz he was next to him
oska says jw did something he didnt like
r says he always does stuff i dont like
oska says tho he met a lot of women he doenst get them
the first and last woman he loved appeared and turned out to be his worst demon in life
and he doesnt know what he should do
R: all the demons in the world are people who were hurt
women continue to love through crazy hateful acts
r says the way she sees it seul and oska have a misunderstanding between them
oska: i know -that is why I can not confirm it-that the reason why seul is like that – that it might really be because of me-I was afraid that I might know that
both couples think about the ones they love
cupid comes to tell JL that a loan for the school has been half  paid off
JL cant believe it and tells him to call the bank and let him talk to them

jwsis tells a guy he cant smoke there-citing that he is breaking a non smoking area rule
and also that there are some children next to him and he should consider his health
he tries to hit her over it and JL rescues her again and grabs the man’s wrist
JL to man: you know you did something wrong dont you? are you going to apologize?
if you do I’ll let you go
the guy backs down and apologizes
she narrates looking up at JL adoringly “that’s him-but he is not the man who pushed by head down to save me. the man who is standing before my eyes right now is way better than the guy back then.
she asks if he doesnt remember her from the action school and he says he does but he has to go

JL goes up to JW
JL: are you the one who paid off the money?
JW makes a joke and says JL didnt need to come all this way – could have called
but since he does action he comes all the way in person
JL repeats his question and wants to know why JW would pay off the action school debt
JL :where did you hear the talk about the loan? did GRI tell you? that the action school had debt?
JW: it wasnt exactly GRI that told me but it is similar
JL: what was the similar situation- explain exactly
while JW was R he saw her records and she/he got a phone call about getting a loan extention
JW starts to explain – while I was in your office, i accidently answered a call about it-is that enough?
JL: if you answered the call you should have said something
why did you cross boundaries and pay it off yourself?
so JW says to JL he should think of it as an investment-like other action schools who receive investments
JL: I have no desire to receive investment from you
after I opened the action school, within 5 yrs we built the building and moved in
we (my kids and me) got it all through sweat
and you – in one instant – turned us into jokes- do you know that?
JW: then what could I do? I couldnt let her answer a call like that
i was walking by and heard the phone and answered it
do you think if it was her she would have answered it?
if she had answered she would have said those pitiful “I’m sorrys”
I hate that – that is why I paid it off
i was afraid I would hear stuff like this from you so when I was thinking should I pay it all off
i only paid half
also dont worry-i keep accurate accounts-since it is not charity
pay it off diligently
JL: even if I pay it off I wont pay you
take back immediately the money you lent since I will let the bank know
* what the freak is JL wearing in this scene?  his coordi is killing me- how am I suppose to focus on what he is saying if he looks like he just stepped out of a gothic novel movie
mr park thinks R is threatening JW with her pregnancy for JW to pay off the action school loan
mr park meets doc lee
 director park was pretending to be a patient and listed JW’s symptoms as his.
he wants to confirm that JW is a claustrophobic.
Park: Is it so? but anyway if there are these symptoms, it is claustrophobia. right?
Lee: I can’t yet say for certain. it is necessary to do various tests. by the way since when are you suffering those symptoms?
Park: Well… from the time when i started to dislike a certain guy..?
Lee: what kind of guy is he?
Park: young, rich, tall and good-looking. the only thing he lacks is manners.
he always asks if that is the best and every time he does, i feel myself get smaller(insignifant).
Lee: Is there only a feeling of dislike?
Park: What do you mean?
Lee: Might it be a strong yearning? (* i agree with dr.lee lol )
*White Fox did this whole scene
some stunt guys quit
one is scared the other says it’s like repeating the army and he cant put up with it anymore
R: isnt everything you did up to now wasteful?
do you have confidence that you wont regret?
one guy says it is regrettable but he is too afraid
R: okay  – lift your head up
you guys didnt do anything wrong
we cant all have the same dream
no matter what you do for a living
do something that makes your heart race
then that will be your dream
I”m sorry I couldnt pay more attention to you all this time
the guys say that’s not true
R: you guys worked hard all that time- be healthy
she sends them off with a cool attitude
JL watches her speak to the guy from above and comes down and tells cupid they all need to go to the workshop and to find a venue

cupid calls JW: it’s me- didnt you want to go to the workshop
cupid and JW sit in JW’s office
cupid: since you did well on the shoot last time, I am keeping my promise
we are leaving this wed so come dressed warmly
JW: where is the location/venue
cupid: we are going to choose that now
JW: cant I choose instead? action school’s finance isnt good
board and lodging, clean nature, spacious and comfortable environment, the best conditions of location by Feng shui(*fungsujiri: the theory of divination based on topography)
call (means I agree)
cupid: so long as board and lodging are provided of course it’s call
cupid: R is really upset so this workshop is important
JW: why is GRI upset?
cupid: two “6th”s left -she was in charge of training them-so that’s why I am saying this
make a concentrated attack when she’s depressed. the line she’s most flattered by is
“GRI, your presense itself is a miracle to us.” or “Your action has a scent of a lavender.”
you know lavender(*)? a symbol of bravado.
should I tell you more?
JW: it’s ok. I have two things I am curious about
first- last time during the filming and now with the workshop-why are you helping GRI and me to work out
cupid: our joo won has a lot of make a lot and spend a lot- I want our joo won to grab on tight to R and never let go. even if she plays hard to get, I hope you understand it
JW: then the second – why do you keep speaking so informally to me
cupid: I’m turning 31next year
JW: I’m turning 34
cupid shocked: you were? [changes his speech suddenly to formal from here on]
you’re totally baby faced
JW: I know. you can go now. be careful from now on
cupid: yes- the venue – could you let me know by text
cupid bows properly and leaves
JW informs someone about the location and to schedule it for wed
*white fox added missing parts
JL stares at R while the team shop for outerwear
Oska keeps thinking about seul wonders why she is behaving so brazenly when she didnt do anything good
the manager brings in goods they are going to sell at oska’s concert – blanket, cushion, and tshirt
oska complains it’s not much. since the concert is for 2,000 people oska orders enough thuck ( rice cakes) and cookies for everyone. the manager complains they wont have any profit left and oska doesnt care if he doesnt make any money off of it
he gets up saying he has to go cast the guest artist but the manager wants him to practice

oska talks to TS at a recording studio
oska says since you are here you must have signed
TS wants to know if he came to ask that since it looked like oska and that ahjumma didnt get along well
oska tells him that is none of his business and wants to know if TS signed
TS still hasnt
oska asks why TS didnt sue the guy who stole TS’s song and why TS is leaving it alone
TS says something sympathetic about the guy and oska jumps to conclusion that TS knows the guy personally
(* this is the last piece of the truth about plagiarism scandal.)
oska: since you always acted like being meaningful, this time i tried to make a deduction.
you said clearly like this, “apologize from the songwriter? it that the outcome you tried hard and earned?”
TS: as a person with ingenerous beauty, you must have had a hard time (in deducting it).
oska: tell me. you two are aquaintances. right? by any chance did you tell him to admit plagiarizing?
TS: what if i did?
oska:why (did you do that)?
TS: I was worried about you.
oska: BS
oska looks around looking for seul and asks where is your owner
TS says how could I have an owner when I have not signed the contract
seul comes and overhears
oska keeps asking – where is your owner? did she not come today? have you been to the office a lot? is your owner never there when you go?
ts realizes that oska is here to see the ahjumma
oska tells him ts needs to practice so free his schedule next wk
oska says TS is his x-mas concert guest
TS: who says?
oska tells him to pratice and stop playing around
seul watches all this from afar
oska did come to see her
*white fox did this scene
tim’s song comes out love this tune
JW is walking with some construction workers looking around the grounds
he checks out the hiking trail and says :looks good looks good
he says something about the villa interior to sec kim and the construction guy says they are finishing up and it can open this month
action school arrvies and everyone piles out of the van
JW sees R and smiles sweetly and she glares – again
JL looks peeved
cupid: oh – isnt that “the guy who makes a lot of money”
how is it that you are here?
we came here for the workshop
JW: I came cuz of work
how is it that we meet like this?
cupid: that is what I am saying. since I am your sunbae, I can speak informally right? I came with R
R: what are you two? is this really a coincidence?
cupid and JW speak at the same time: it is
JL says to cupid: I need to speak with you
cupid says ok to JL and that he would be there soon and then cupid winks at JW
cupid tells him “dont worry i’ll be right back after i get hit
everyone including R heads inside but Jw stops R by saying: you stay behind
he grabs her backpack and throws it at the guys to catch
she glares at him and he looks innocent and says: why? you and I have something to talk about
I was busy during that time so I couldnt urge you
but you still havent decided?
R: I am not that free with my time to think about such an insignificant thing
JW: why are you dragging it out so long?
fine. then later, we can talk about it quietly when we are alone together
A few days ago, you met choi woo young. what did you do when you met him?
Did you stuff like – makes lovey dovey looks and cutesy looks with his face and voice–again?
R: whatever we did- what does it have to do with you?

JW bellows: why doesnt it matter – we’ve already kissed…she clamps her hand over his mouth to shut him up before anyone can hear.
R threatens: is breathing a bother  to you? should I send you somewhere peaceful? (afterlife)

an stunt guys calls her from the balcony and interrupts them
JW screams at the guy: do you know what kind of veranda that is? go in!!
the action group has a meeting
JL says this gathering was to pick the leader for the action school next year
JL is stepping down from his position
JW looked bored till he heard that part
and R recites something
it’s because if one person keeps being the leader and that person gets injured or dies, that team gets disbanded
so once a year we switch out the leader (representative) even if the position of the leader becomes vacant due to suddent accident
whoever becomes the leader -in order to protect/watch over the team it is the tradition that our big subaes made
JL: as the leader for 2011 director hwang jung hwan will work hard
it’s cupid! wow cupid has a hard name -glad I gave him this nickname recently
cupid: I ask all of you to look at me favorably
they all clap and celebrate
white fox’s note) in this scene, 3 words ‘leader(as is in english)’, ‘representative’ and ‘director’ were used. so i adjusted to not conflict with each other.
*JW looked good in that leather jacket and distracted me during the broadcast but this was an important scene that ties into the next scene
Awesome scene between two men who love her
JW goes out to stand next to JL as they look at the night sky
JW walks up and says: that was a bit impressive
Looking at it from the same position as director it is hard to step down from power 
JL: since I am a better person than you
JW: Arabs i’ve known were humble.
(note: this joke means JL looks like an Arab. in a previous episode, JW joked about it once, when mentioning an arabic proverb.)
I’m curious about something
by any chance will GRI also become director someday?
JL: I told you – she is a kid with talent
JW: {he says something like this but a more complicated version- isnt there a way for her to avoid getting hurt someday]
JL: this is how she came/made it this far
JW: cant you just fire her? for reasons like immorality or something?
JL: it’s not that I didnt try, but to R action is everything to her
when it becomes everything to a person, with what right do I take it away?
JW: then it cant be helped -I’ll have to take it away
at least I have some right
* I love this scene cuz one man wants to protect what she loves and the other just wants to protect her

alll the guys are lying down sleeping here and there and JW steals 2 covers from some sleeping guys and covers R while she sleeps and he lies down on one next to her and watches her sleep
omg he looks good in firelight- but more importantly he looks like a happy kid who finally gets to enjoy his new found toy-he cant seem to stop smiling while looking at her
In her sleep, she frowns and he mimics her frown for a second then
JW touches her forehead to smooth away her frown and she wakes up
they just stare

jw’s voice narrates to R: in your dream, what is troubling you so much?
R’s voice narrates back to JW: in my dream, you are in it
JW’s voice narrates to R: are you unhappy with me even in your dreams?
R’s voice narrates to JW: even so come into it – tomorrow and the next day too
omg it did not just end here
daggummit they need to learn ……argghhh
no preview
(* white fox’s clarification everyone should note)
in JW’s narrations(line #1,3), “dream” is used by its first definition (images during sleep).
but in R’s narration (#2) “dream” works perfectly by both the first and the other definition (hope).
and in #4, literally R said only “come” and it makes room for it to be interpreted both way.
that is, ‘come into my dream when i sleep.’ or ‘come to see me in real world.’
the song cupid was crooning – these are the lyrics posted by Mai
sending you to a faraway place, like the parting of the autumn birds
after sending you off, i return and sit down in front of the wine cups (to drink)
tears in my eyes…
after sending you off, when i gaze at the stars that seem so very despondent
streaming from my eyes, the words i couldn’t say, this painful love
can it be erased…
someday, perhaps raining in a dusty alley, like in a memory
if i become a solitary person, with a lowered head
your voice…
If only this very painful love was not love
If only this very painful love was not love…
someday, the wind, passing by my wet shoulders
all those times when i got so exhausted, if they get younger at the window, i will hate you more
If only this very painful love was not love
If only this very painful love was not love…
now let’s not come to this world to love
and bury those words of mutual longing
this impossible love…
If only this very painful love was not love
If only this
very painful love was not love…

105 comments on “Secret Garden E12: Live “Transcap”

  1. Niccicola says:

    i’m dying of curiosity – JW will get injured? OMO! will he die or RI? can you tell me where to find any of these spoilers please? I want a happy ending, please….


  2. Khin Nwe Aye says:

    Nobody seems to be commenting on the coming spring wedding for JW and Seul. When grandpa asks JW, he replies “spring is good, flowers are in bloom”. Does this mean he accepts the spring wedding??? So, he means to have a three-month relationship with RI and then end it just casually, and have this spring wedding nonchalantly? What utter rot! How can RI even think of being in a three-month relationship with the wedding already planned for spring? I hope she does get this info from Oska, most probably she’ll get it from the gleeful Seul, whom I’m becoming to detest more and more. Oska deserves a better woman than this spiteful, calculating, manipulative and vengeful snob. JW should start looking around his family for allies — and the new step-grandma would be his best ally as she’s supposed to be a professor and believes herself to be in love for the first time and marries his grandpa not for money. And his grandpa, in his mellowed state, may be able to oppose what the horrible mom is planning. Regarding the rumours about RI getting spinal cord injury, I wonder whether this will be the catalyst to spur JW into finally accepting his real feelings for RI and will help him to sacrifice his material advantages for love of a woman.


    • WhiteFox says:

      “When grandpa asks JW, he replies “spring is good, flowers are in bloom”. Does this mean he accepts the spring wedding???”

      don’t be serious. it was sarcasm.


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      it was definitely deadpan sarcasm – he couldnt very well reply”hell no gramps-it’s mom going off her rockers planning this whole thing by herself” in front of everyone so he just gave his opinion about spring weddings.
      next time JW does that again I will make sure to clarify more so you are not misled 🙂


  3. Beewax says:

    May be JW is thinking to marry RI in springtime?


  4. minnie says:

    i wanted to ask about some thing that was mentioned in this transcap and a bit in the previous, you said there is going to be another switch and there will be an accident? is that true? and i aslo wanted to ask question that been thinking about what does R’s dad said by saying this is the only way for his daughter to survive?


  5. Mai says:

    hey just wanted to say thanks for the transcriptions =)
    Also I just wanted to know where RI’s jacket is from? Thought you might know because you commented on it…thanks =)


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      In korea there are magazines where they feature clothes, bags, and shoes worn on dramas and that is where I saw it. since I can’t read korean, I have no idea what designer it is. The one Uee wore on YAB, the blue marc jacobs cape that was similar was less than $1000 and the other blue one minam wore on YAB when TK confessed he liked her at the airport was from Italy and was over $2,500 so you never know with these brands. If I had to venture a guess I bet this one is around $1000 give or take a few hundred. If I ever find out the designer name, will let you know 🙂


  6. Anon says:

    Ep 13 preview

    OMG, JW is killing me here.


  7. Clutz80 says:

    I just saw Ep12 with the subs yesterday and the “Arab” joke that JooWon made to JL really made me burst out laughing and rolling on the floor! He’s just so funny and quick-witted….hahah…I saw the raw epi beforehand and didn’t get the joke (or knew that it was even a joke?) so really man..watching it with subs make so much difference! Luckily also we have Softy’s recaps too!!!! Fantastic work!!!!!


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