Secret Garden E11: Live “Transcap”

have I said this lately? I love this drama – it is hands down the most emotionally charged drama in years.
I made a request for this screen cap. While I was watching the drama, I knew I wanted to stare at this pic the rest of the week. Partially because it’s festive, but more cuz this is the reason why this couple breaks my heart sometimes. If you watch all the scenes with R where she teaches him about being a decent human being and he is left speechless, you know that each time she does that, she is leaving her mark on his psyche. Through her actions and words, he is changing every day. Before, imaginary R would just exist as a comfort to him. Now, not only does she talk back, she makes valid points. Just like in real life, even in his imagination, she is challenging him to be a better person.
just a little reminder – these translations were done quickly so please dont hold it against me if the wording is a bit off here and there- I do aim for accuracy but sometimes I have to settle for “pretty close” which is still better than nothing wouldnt you say?
also when corrections come in, I make changes to them. It isn’t a one time deal. I am always editing and improving on the original.
White Fox just added all the missing lines and made corrections
my brain hurts – from trying to guess what the blanks could be – you would think after 11 eps they would recycle some old vocab so I have a fighting chance but no – they always throw in new words I have never heard of – is there no end to the Korean vocab?  argghh
please keep in mind- brackets are total guesses people so dont quote me on it
joong ki came out in four Cfs so far -how come YAI doesnt have any??????
Secret Garden E11 Transcription

JW being the biggest jerk for her sake scene
JW: if I ever act like I cant live without this woman-then you can interfere-stop me then
right now – this is just for a short time-you cant even wait for a moment?
jwm: do you mean it?
JW: do I ever say anything i dont mean?
she is the kind of woman who pretends not to have seen me no matter how much I hang around her
so by telling her unnecessarily to come or go, don’t have your pride hurt and get embarrassed.
later – when i say “mom – if this woman isn’t the one i will die” make sure you forbid it
jwm: what?
JW to his mom: Even if this woman changes her mind and says she will marry me- don’t ever give your permission. all the way till the end – keep forbidding me and pull her away from me
do you understand?
JWM to JW: wait – instead of asking for permission, you’re asking me to forbid it?
what i usually do.. holding the nape of my neck and frothing at the mouth? you’re telling me to do that?
JW: yes
jwm; you do…
looks at R: do you feel that same way as him?
R to JWM: I’m sorry but your son is mistaken
jwm: that’s right – it isnt (true what he said)
R: yes – to your son I seem to be someone he can meet for a short time but to me your son is a guy i cant be with even for a short time
JWM: what?
R tells his mom all the things she did to him: I got mad at him – punched him- and even tried to throw him but your son’s taste is so peculiar he said everytime I did those things I looked prettier in his eyes
JW: ya
jwm: what did you say you did? threw? him?
R: I heard you put an investigator on me -but instead of me –  having him follow your son would be better -to watch his every move and make sure he doesnt come anywhere near me-if you do that I’ll be grateful
jwm: cant believe what I am hearing….
R stands and bows: then I will be going now
jwm: where do you think you are going? when an elder is still talking!
she throws the basket of tangerine at R and it falls everywhere
jwm: take this with you
if you cant afford it – you should have come empty handed
you’re trying to rub it in my face “this is how poor I am”  arent you?
even a protest should have a limit
what’s your intention of coming here carrying this dumbfounding stuff?
couldn’t you know when you entered, whether it is a gate you can enter carrying a basket of tangerines bought on the street?
R’s lips are quivering as she stares down at the fruit around her
JW to R: did you buy this?
jwm to JW: then do you think I bought it?
is this an eye you have? this?
do you think i gave you aesthetics lessons since you were 12, only to let you have an eye of this kind?
follow me in!
White fox explained:
*(note) an-mok: appreciative eye / mi-hak: aesthetics

JW goes over and grabs her arm and says “let’s go out first”
she pulls free and tries to pack it back up but he wont let her
JW: leave it and let’s go
and grabs her arm again
she breaks free again and says: dont touch me
JW yells: so why did you bring something like this?
he calls out to his staff: is anyone out there? is anyone there? clean this up
he grabs her again and her bag and drags her out
R: let go – let go I’m going to take it with me-let go – let go!
JW: this is our house -you can hit me outside – from outside
she grabs her bag and walks off
JW: where are you going to go? I’ll take you…
R: ya- you crazy jerk
JW: told you this is our house
R: so what if it is your house – are you bragging now that you have a nice home?
you really are – like you said  – a crazy guy
what? a moment? if you say ” a moment” will I automatically be “a moment” ?
am i that easy to [treat lightly] in your eyes?
Listen to me carefully. I don’t want to be around you now for even a minute or a second. I’m warning you, but don’t ever touch my body again. Do you understand?

      R takes the driver’s seat scene:
she walks out and he follows quietly behind her in his car but then he pulls up right in front of her to block her
he gets out and physically blocks her path saying “get in” over and over
he tells her there are no bus stops here so she has to walk far

she asks for the key so she can drive
but she takes off little by little so he cant get in
and then she just takes off and leaves him running after her

and she stops and gets out of the car and he slides to a stop and runs into her a bit
JW out of breath: What are you doing?
R: Why? Cant I play around with a rich guy?
JW: What?
R: How does it feel? Is it fun? [?]are you having fun? should I do it again?
See- you’re mad too cuz I played around with you
I felt that every time I met you
how far is the boundary of your common sense?
I clearly told you to return the money
JW: First thing –calm down…
R: Shut up
Are you disrespecting me cuz i said it nicely?*
After thinking about it I wanted to half kill you-but for the  brief time I felt something for you
– I want to at least show you some manners so I am being patient – so shut up
do you think a “b” who works for two days for a living of one day doesn’t even have pride?
When you go to a stranger’s house – you don’t go empty handed that’s what I learned from my dad
But how could you [reject that] how great is your home that you look down on that?
JW: It wouldn’t have mattered what you bought – she would’ve reacted the same way
What my mother hated was not what you brought, but you
R: I know – that is why I don’t like your mom. I don’t like her either
JW: That’s good. cuz it is fair
R: What?
JW: I understand why you are mad. i can be convinced of it
Even tho you’re mad- shouldn’t you try to understand me?
R: Understand? Understand what?
JW: There is no way in that situation a while ago that you expected me to take your side?
If you expected that than the world you live in is a fairy tale
To look good in your eyes for a second- how could I take your side?
Don’t you know that would have infuriated my mother further?
Right now I am doing everything I can – so shouldn’t you be patient just this much
If you are going to meet me- this is what you have to put up with- you didn’t know?
You’re not at the age where you wouldn’t know that much
Did I say anything wrong?
R: No it’s not wrong –what you said was right
you always say the right thing
but that it’s all right- it really hurts
she starts to break down and cry
*white fox:
outgoing words are nice = i said nicely)
 (note) there’s a korean saying, “nice words for nice words” (literally, “only when outgoing words are nice, incoming words are nice as well.”)

JW: if you were upset- I will apologize-I’m sorry
R: don’t apologize – you’re not sorry at all
she walks the rest of the way
thinking about the sit up, the hug, the cream kiss

she sits at the coffee shop and he comes and takes a sip of her drink and gets cream on his upper lip
she just stares and looks stern

JW: did it to make you laugh
he wipes it off himself
he asks if she meant what she said about falling for him a short time
you felt something for me but pretended you didnt?
Rime to JW: There are some things you are better off not knowing to be happy in the world and to me you are one of them.
she tells him to find someone wonderful so his mom wont be this upset and leaves him behind
she says this in a heart aching way like it kinda killed her a bit to say those words

he watches her walk away from him

he comes home with her basket of tangerines (he got his maids to wrap it back up)
oska calls him from his hair salon
oska: where are you? are you still in pyung chang dong? ( a really wealthy area in Seoul)
JW: no at home
oska: what about R?
Jw: she left
oska;hearing how dejected your voice is something happened huh?
what did aunt say? did she throw an envelope of money and tell her to get lost?
JW: she already did that
oska: she already did it and yet she has been called again to come in today? did R cry?
JW : she didnt cry in front of me but i bet she went hm crying
oska: cry on her way? you didnt send her alone did you?
JW: just cuz i dont send her – is she the kind of woman who doesnt go?
oska: even tho – you should have taken her hm
[he goes on about how awful she must have felt after the aunt laid into her and he asks JW how he could send a woman in that condition home alone]
JW: mom didnt do it – I did
oska: what?
JW: it would have been better if you hadnt called
oska: so you are saying it would have been better if i let R get smashed by aunt alone?
dont you know I watch over my fans? what did you do to her to make you sound like you are dying
JW: hyung – i really had confidence
oska: what confidence?
JW: the confidence that i wouldnt fall for that woman
since she isnt anyone -i had confidence that I wouldnt feel anything
but why didnt it turn out the way I planned
oska: crazy guy- that’s not something you can plan-is a person’s heart a vending machine?
if you want to drink a sprite – so a sprite comes out?
rest – I’ll see you later
stylist asks if oska wants a drink
oska is getting his hair done
he looks at her and says: unni (older sister) a few days ago I had a fan signing, but a 40 yr old ahjumma fan who came to get my signature had the same exact hairstyle as me-what do you think of that?
stylist thinks for a second and gets happy: ah- that person must come to our shop (hair salon) too- right?
oska replies that he doesnt even go as far as wanting to look like an diol but he doesn’t want him to be seen as if he and an ahjumma fan are sisters
he adds “from the back I looked prettier”
oska finds out who the original songwriter is cuz an article about it was released and the young manager tells oska “it is someone we know”
and he finds out about TS and calls him right away and demands to meet him

oska and TS meet
oska says why didnt you tell me
TS says I gave you two chances
and oska remembers back to the two times TS gave hints
TS said he knew that oska would find him
TS: do you have anything to say to me?
TS thinks oska owes him an apology
seul shows up
TS asks if they know each other
and oska asks the same thing
she asks oska to leave if he is done so she can talk with TS
TS asks if seul -ahjumma released that article and she tells TS calling her ahjumma is pushing it
she offers him an officetel and TS says he just decided now to sign with her
Ts points out that she was smart enough to find him the oiginal songwriter
TS keeps calling her ahjumma
[and he just became my favorite person in the whole wide world]
oska says but you promised not to sign with anyone
and TS says he didnt and takes the contract to look over it
oska asks seul how long she knew TS and if she did this on purpose
she says “we must have the same taste when it comes to singers”
and then she rubs it in how much oska is already mad at her for releasing the song
oska asks again if she did it
she looks at him and says : if you think it was me then i guess it is
oska says who else would cuz su much trouble in his life and says she should have shown this side of her to him earlier so he would have been more comfortable around her
oska: you were the most terrible “gossip” in my life
oska’s mom calls oska
she wanted to hear his voice on a day like this-snowing
oska’s mom says she wants to meet his future wife these days cuz she is getting old and asks if he has anyone to bring home
seul comes out and walks by him as he says “no but I will look for a nice and good woman”
oska’s mom goes to mr park
she says mr parks office is not as nice as JW’s
mr park says that is cuz JW is president
she accuses mr park of not being ambitious enough
and he says it is not his style
she is here to ask mr park that if she helps mr park become president will he make oska vice president and that oska would be a lot easier to control than JW
she says oska cant keep dancing and singing for ever

JW is at home walking around holding onto the alice in wonderland book
JW narrates: alice asked:would you tell me which way I ought to go from here?
R narrates: the cheshire cat answered: that depends on where you want to go
oska plays the piano
seul looks thru those placards she held up i think in an earlier episode and cries
JL looks at the footage for his and R’s fight scene [the one from the alice in wonderland speech}
R reads the book and her voice and JW’s voice narrates the book again
first JW then R and they alternate like that
where doesnt really matter/i dont care much where
then no matter where you go, what problem could occur /then it doesnt much matter which way you go
so long as I get somewhere
you’re sure to arrive somewhere if you only walk long enough
these were their voices narrating lines from the book

R is at action school and sees her dad’s pic
she has a flashback
she is walking home and her dad calls out her name
his friend bought it for his daughter so her dad (cant tell if he took it from the other guy or he bought one cuz her answer didnt sound like he bought it himself and he never finished his sentence- so confused -anyway that is why she has the stuffed cat)
her dad gives her a stuffed cat and she doesnt like it cuz ppl already call her *gil -cat as it is
RI: …….. my friends are already teasing me by calling me as ‘gil-yang-ee’.
 dad: gil-nyang-ee? what is it?
 RI: cat street. they say i have a charm of untamed toughness.
 *gil-yang-ee: the superposition  of 1. Miss(=yang) Gil(=her surname) 2. a shortening of gil-goyangee (=cat street)
he asks if she goes around beating up other kids and she says how could you think of your daughter that way
she holds up the groceries and says she was going to make him delicious seafood soup and noodles
and now she is going to eat it all alone
he chases after her asking why she has to pout over that

cupid guy comes over
to tell her she made the cut -something about 40 of them made it or something – and that JL just got the call
R runs into JL’s office excited and JL congratulates her and she says it was all cuz of him – she got the part or something 
she asks if he is free for dinner so that they can all go out to eat and she will treat everyone to those pig intestine skins
he tells her to just go and she asks “arent you going with us?”
he lies and says he has an appt so she offers to move it to the next day
but he says “tm, the day after tm – i have appts”
JL: if you are worried about me and acting like this- you dont need to
what i need now is enough distance and time so that’s why I am doing this
R: i’m sorry but what are you saying…
JL: the way you told me like that I thought it may have been wise
a clear line had to be drawn
i didnt know you were that quick to notice
getting caught by you was my fault
it would be good if you didnt make me feel sorry
cant you act like nothing happened, act like you didnt hear, pretend it never happened
dont pay attention to me  and just focus on your work?
and I wont ever be caught by you again
R starts to realize what he is saying and thinks about killing JW and starts fuming

JW comes down and asks the housekeeper if there is construction or repairs going on outside cuz it is loud and she says they were about to decorate for x-mas and he says it’s already x-mas
he wants to know how much  they did so far
he oversees the decoration
the staff says he did a good job overseeing the work
sorry but for a rich guy the decorations are like -not so great to put it mildly

JW hangs her oska socks on the tree

he imagines R next to him watching the lights
JW: do you like decorated trees? i dont like it
It’s not my bday – it’s someone else’s bday- making all this [fuss]
but I thought you would like it
Since you only like things I don’t like
like those socks too
Even if I hang those socks, you wont get your present
R: Why
JW: Santa doesn’t give presents to kids who cry
His guidelines are clear
R: But you made me cry
JW: but Santa only cares about fact (that you cried)
R: Jerk
JW:That’s why- who told you to cry
confrontation scene

R shows up for real in his house
she walks right up to him and takes the place of the imaginary R and the imaginary R just evaporates -so cool

he looks over in shock  with his eyes bulging out and pokes her cheek:  are you really GRI?
she is mad: are you playing right now?
JW: seeing how the rabbit is hopping – you are real
how did you come here without any warning
R: why are you smiling? after making someone feel stupid why are you smiling?
JW: what are you talking about?
what did you say to my director with my face?
for the  director to tell me I didnt have to feel sorry
JW:  you came here to argue that? at this time?
R: hurry up and tell me
JW: i told you in jejudo your director likes you so i told him to never confess till he dies that he likes you. why?
R: what?
JW: shouldnt you be thanking me? it wouldnt have worked out well with him anyway
R: so are you saying you did something good right now?
to someone like you you think there are only two kinds of relationship between men and women, don’t you? I’ve known him for seven years -the director to me is my teacher, a parent substitute,someone who supports me unconditionally and someone I [admire] the most. it wasnt up to someone like you to interfere and play around and destroy all that

JW: what did I destroy – i only put things in order. your director’s feelings towards you isnt innocent the way you think -I could tell from one glance-why cant you see that? or are you pretending on purpose not to know?
R: like you said- let’s just say the director likes me-but it’s my problem
it is between the director and me. what right do you have to hurt my director? who do you think you are? more than the pain you gave me – that you used my face to hurt my director – that makes my heart ache more.
JW: if i didnt hurt him – were you going to date him?do you like the director?
R: yes I do like him. thanks to you – now that I know how he feels, I am going try liking him as a guy
she starts to walk away but he grabs her

and he force kisses her and she doesnt kiss back but resists the whole time
JW: Now I have the right.  I’m warning you – never get mad at me cuz of some other guy.  for some other guy dont tell me that you’re hurt. dont ever come find me again cuz of some other guy

oska comes and interrupts
oksa: what are you doing? fighting?
oska to R: did this guy bother you?
JW: you’re late
oska: this mood really feels like there was a fight
what do you think you did so well to fight? if you said something insulting you should just endure the hit
are you ok Ra im shi?
R: I’m sorry for leaving like that yesterday
oska: dont worry about stuff like that
oska says something about the older women being harsh and asks if she was shocked
JW: why are you talking about what has already happened
oska: to you it’s all in the past
to you today is today
for R – today, tm too- she will go back to that moment yesterday standing in that pyung chang dong living room. do you know how a woman feels?
Ra im shi – just dump this guy
R: I want to do that too but no matter how many times I dump him he doesnt even know he has been dumped
JW: that is my strong suit
oska wants to take her home
JW said he will but she asks oska to take her home saying: it has been a hard day to even stand

oska and R practice for the cf shoot and go rock climbing
omg that looks like fun
R and oska are rock climbing and she forgot the chalk you need to put on your hands to keep from losing your grip. She checked her back pocket and it isn’t there so oska says to use his and he offers his back pocket, but she ends up patting his right butt cheek to look for it and she apologizes for what she just did- but he says he is the type that if he gets hit on the right, he has to get hit on the left too so now she now has to touch both so he offers his left butt cheek too
he even says his butt isnt that flat
she remembers his sauna scene
she said she saw more than she needed to before
he thinks she saw his photos -with that girl
sec kim and JW talk about some business thing that went over my head
chae rim is here to see JW
sec kim says I should send her away huh?
and JW says why ask the obvious but has a quick change of heart and tells him to send her in right away

she is here to ask about oska and where he is right now
she kept calling ever since jejudo but he wont answer her calls
she came to collect on his promise – that in this kind of situation he would tell her where oska is
JW: why did you just come now instead of sooner?
okska and R eat
she says cuz he is athletic he is a fast learner and she thinks a week to learn will be plenty
and he says something about ten days (so maybe then can see each other more-not sure)
she says she lied about being his 3 yr fan -it’s a lot longer- so it has been 13 yrs now -she liked him back then even before his debut when he couldnt sing and had a band at hongdae
he says now he can sing but he looked better back then
he asked why she lied
she said she was afraid he would be scared she liked him for so long
he says it is kinda scary cuz he doesnt like that she saw him age
she says I grew old with you too
he says she aged well (he said pretty but how the heck to you age pretty?)
she asks about the jejudo bet
i thought you heard from JW- you didnt even know and fought with me at the police station?
R: at that time it was the only thing i could do in that situation 
oska: we made a bet on you -JW and me-what we wanted the most – to take it from the other
JW put you up for the bet and i put up my house – I won
Rime ssi, i am in possession of you. What are you going to do if I claim my right to have you
she asks if she gets to meet oska’s (a hallyu star’s) mom
he says something about the intercom camera or something at his gate
and she says she looks good on camera
and he says then i might end up marrying you (he said it as a joke)
chae rim comes to oska
she says JW said oska is with a weird girl to come here right away
he asks chae rim if she showed the pics and she says she lied there are no pics
Seul rememebers what oska said and that golfer/actor said
what is with all the same flashbacks
she tears up the signature and calls someone and says “you need to help me”

jwm and oska’s mom are in a sauna
jwm’s said something about how since JW is president that the dept store is doing well
oskamom said: how is that all of JW’s doing – it is cuz ppl under him are helping him so much
so that is why it is doing well
oska’s mom continues
to be honest – after the accident-if his memory of the accident still hasnt returned-you cant say he is back to normal yet
jwm: unni!
i’m worried so I am saying it -if (he still hasnt remembered) after the accident it could go on forever
jwm: are you in a position to worry about someone else’s son?
jwm said to hurry and get oska married off cuz she is embarrassed about all his scandals
seul and her friend come in and start talking about JW and her blind date with him
friend: the water here is great . how was your blind date?
seul: not sure about anything else but i think i was dumped
friend: what are you saying? i heard the dept store, hotel, resort, and this spa all belongs to his family
you should have held onto him no matter what
oska’s mom: isnt that talk about JW?
jwm shushes her
seul: i dont care about his qualities
my qualities are not short(/insufficient) either.
it was just an innocient(/pure) fluttering but since talks about household and qualities keep being brought up, i feel like i’m not square.
since he kept bringing up talk about household and qualities he looks for
i couldnt feel close to him
so that is why i am not contacting him
friend: so you are not going to meet him?
seul: how can I meet him when I know he has someone else he loves
i dont want to get between them, i dont want to be misunderstood as a woman who [fits the qualities he looks for]
friend says since seul is such a nice person she doesnt want seul to be misunderstood too (gag)
the friend gets startled cuz the two women have moved down right next to her
seul says she is sorry to jwm and oska’s mom and saying that they must have been too loud
she pretends to be shocked to discover who they are when oska’s mom says “this is jw’s mom”
and seul overacts and covers her body pretending to be modest
and she says how she usually doesnt talk about a person when they are not around
and jwm’s mom says it is okay – if it isnt like this then how would she hear what ppl are saying about her son behind his back
jwm asks to meet with seul
jwm said she remembers seul from her pic and says she looks better in person and that seul resembles her mom
jwm asks why seul isnt contacting her son
seul says she is afraid he would feel burdened
jwm; this is a problem with people who have been raised well
[something about how seul is too kind hearted to do a push and pull * dating skill]
seul apologizes and jwm’s mom says :why should you apologize there is someone else who should
can I hear what you were saying a while ago in more detail?
did you say our jw had a girl he was seeing
jwm asks if she meant R the stunt woman and seul says “you knew? since JW chose her she will surely be a good person”
jwm’s mom says between clenched teeth : i sent her away too nicely
omg seul is evil
seul and her friend are in the car
and her friend compliments seul on her acting
seul asks the friend who the other mom was and finds out that it was oska’s mom
[that just killed her chances with oska’s mom for good]
JW calls sec kim
but sec kim doenst pick up -again and again-
he is watching AY eat waffles
sec kim asks if JW still drops by
she says she JW dropped by a few days ago
sec kim gets alarmed and says to “see you?”
AY: it seems like it but then it again it doesnt seem like it
AY tells sec kim that these days JW and R are both acting strange and confusing her
sec kim says “what is there to be confused about? they are them and we are us”
sec kim says did i tell you that I switched cars?
JW calls again and sec kim goes off on him and yells at him
“why -why ? if i dont answer – you should think -ah he must have urgent business-how could a person keep calling till i pick up-are we close?
and JW gets mad and says : are you crazy -dont you know who I am?
sec kim: ah- it was you president? i thought you were the pig feet (restaurant) owner
-I feel so awful so what should I do?
JW: pig feet? i dont think you got confused-you didnt huh?
sec kim: i cant hear you very well…..why? AY? why do you ..?

JW gives AY a drink and she cant drink comfortable till her tells her why he called her here
JW asks AY out to dinner in front of sec kim.
JW to AY: “let’s eat dinner together”
AY: with me?
JW: cant we?
AY: we can ….
JW: i have one condition tho
AY: condition?
JW: we each have to bring our best-our closest friend with us.
AY: by any chance- dressed really nicely?
JW: of course
Sec Kim glares at JW

AY brings some other random girl and JW does not look happy.
the whole date scene comes out
he did bring sec kim
AY asks : your friend is …?
JW: yes- we act like friends
JW says you must have a lot of good friends cuz I  said very clearly to bring your closest friend
and she says this girl is my best friend
these days she doesnt get a long with R
JW says how could your friendship change?
the reason why i made this happen…..
omg JW tells sec kim all of AY’s secrets

he  starts by asking sec kim: how much do you know about AY?
AY doesnt like it when the person sleeping next to her has their back to her
she believes she can make a guy hers by toying with him and then dumping him so even if she dumps you be patient-if you want to belong to AY
how sec kim should not complain and go with her to fortune tellers cafes
JW: cuz she already heard she has not a good marital harmony with won bin and jo insung, i guess the next is kang dongwon.
how she leaves the bathroom door slightly open and says “does it smell?”
after washing her face once but she applies 7 creams-out of them buy ? cream-she ran out
AY says : president
JW to sec Kim: please take good care of AY
and he tells AY to come home late today and leaves
sec kim looks angry and AY looks surprised
*JW said all that like in a trance and I went into one too as I was translating cuz I couldnt believe he would say all that to everyone like that- but the LOL part was when he used her girly voice when he said “does it smell” -I died like died on the floor laughing
mermaid scene

JW goes to wait for R
he calls first but she ignores his call
he goes up to her and asks why dont you answer your phone? why dont you answer my call?
R: am I your secretary? whether i answer it or not -it’s up to me
JW: what is so great about you? who do you think you are?
do you know what I did today cuz of you ?
R: i dont want to know-move
JW: how could you not want to know?
we know each other enough to want to know- we’ve even kissed
how can you be so aloof? how can nothing affect you?
do you know how many hrs i waited here?
my personality- someone like me- you think this makes sense?
why am I the only one-why am I the only one doing all these things?
R: are you saying that’s my fault?
JW: you didnt think it was?
from the beginning when I asked you do you know oska?
what did you say to me?
you said”what if i do”?
you shouldnt have answered like that
I know oska but I am not park chae rim is what you should have said
then we wouldnt have been entangled like this
R: this crazy guy
JW: that’s right- you are the one who made me into this crazy person
but you are fine – you eat-go to action school-meet oska-nothing in your daily life is shaken
but you took my simple daily life and turned it upside down
that is what makes me feel like it is unfair and bugs me
R: so what do you want me to do?
JW: so from now on I am thinking of doing everything
including being stupid enough to wait for hours in front of someone’s house
so you should cooperate
R: what?
JW: you wont even consider being the little mermaid
so i will be your little mermaid
R: what?
JW: I will be your little mermaid
i will be by your side like i am not there and disappear like bubbles
so I am shamelessly hanging onto you now

R to JW: no woman in this world would start loving when the end is [apparent]-that is why we wont work. we dont have an answer/a solution
oska makes TS his x-mas concert guest
JW asks seul : so you really intend to marry me?
some guy tries to hit jw’s sister and JL stops the guy and jw’s sister looks at JL like he is her hero

67 comments on “Secret Garden E11: Live “Transcap”

  1. rainyrain says:

    Thanks softy , always saving me from the stressful wait for the video to be uploaded and downloaded .
    I just loved JW in this epi ( Binnie is rooooocking really , I’m loving how he is portraying his charactere ) , I know he still has a long way to go to show RI how much he loves her and to understand his own feelings but still I felt how much he was tortured betweeb his heart and his mind , a heart who is claiming for his love , RI , and a mind who is stopping him from digging deeper into his love feelings for the sake of money and chaboel guy standards .
    my favorite scene in today’s epi was his conversation with Oska on the phone when he told oska that he was so confident that he won’t fall in love with RI but he doesn’t know why now it’s so hurting him . that was really sad and heartmelting .
    concerning RI , even though she told JW that from now on she will try to love her director the way he does but I think she won’t do that , she is so much into JW , she really loves him and it will be very hard for her to quickly forget him since she still even remember the unforgettable sit-ups , and I also think oska will try to help this two to come to an end with their feeling , whether a happy end ( being together and realize that they can’t live without each other ) or sad end ( they break up once and for all ) , at some moment when he ( oska ) asked her at the cafe if he will should claim his right for her since he won the jeju bit he was waiting for her answer ( even has a hoping look , I think , that she will say yes ) but her way of changing the subject must have made him think that she loves someone else , ok just my thoughts hun .
    I’m also now almost sure that the ” dark blood “scenario has something to do with the dad who wants to save his daughter’s (RI) life thing and the switch will happen soon .
    anyway , from the preview seems JW will be surprised by Seul’s presence in their family dinner and I loved how he looked worridly to his young ( since he knows Seul and oska loves each other ) .
    also seems JW’s sis will be present in tomorrow’s epi and will meet the director again , I’m really interrseted in their story , wanna know how she will make the director’s heart melt for her ( she’s cute , love her charactere and the actress is very beautiful )


  2. tari says:

    Just wanna say thank you softy, this one my fav episode so far ^^
    Feel sorry for JW, he was very sad for making R cry.
    I started to understand his point of view though, he’s not all that bad,
    he wants their relationship to work out against all odds, hope Raim got it at episode 12.
    But I read at soompi or somewhere, they gonna switch again on episode 12. Is it true?


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      dont even say that – it better be at 18 or something cuz i need more easy eps like this one -plus I am at a total loss as to what i should do next wkend cuz of xmas
      never had to blog on a holiday and not sure I wanna be spending x-mas working-pretty sure my friends will kill me if I do
      omg what should I do?????


      • Anonymous says:

        we all have our obsessions, undoubtedly right now is SG but x-mas is once a year and could we tell you to spend your holiday on it???? To me it’s absoletly noooooooooo…
        so share this nice moment with yours

        And maybe next week there will be no ep air… so don’t torture yourself


        • tari says:

          second this, no matter how much we love your work but don’t let it be a burden Softy, take a break if you need it, you’ll be missed for sure but we want you to have fun with it as well until the last episode^^


  3. you’re wondering where is Ah-in? If he wasn’t on the flight back to Korea last Friday, then he is stranded here in London’s snow.


  4. kdrama addict says:

    Thank you soooo much for your translation. It helps a lot in quenching my curiosity. I watch the raw first and confirms my understanding wth your translation/recap. Thanks a million……….


  5. leopard says:

    Softy, you can write anyway you want to and still enjoy your blog. Without you, SG is not fun and enjoyable to the peak of the drama. SG should thanks you for your recap. Again I want to say how much I appreciate all your time and effort and spoil us crazy.


  6. toohearts says:

    Once again…after reading your transcap for Episode 11, I am loving this drama more and more… I like the beginning (JW’s mom, RI and JW’s conversation)…and also at the end when JW declares to be her “little mermaid”. I was wondering what makes him decide to do that? From someone (JW) who has a clear vision of “love” (his “first date” with Seul in Ep. 1) – he claims that “[That’s exactly]….why I hate the idea of marriage…Love…of course there must be people for whom that’s important. But, because of the ignorant sickness of love..Ignoring pedigree, education, background, and abilities. Not being able to communicate and being on different levels. Do you think it’s right to just substitute kissing for all of that?” — isn’t he doing that right now with RI? (Just because they’ve kissed!)……

    Hahaha, he really racks me up…. In my mind, I still have last week’s episode (10) where he is trying so hard so that he can attend the workshop (filming scenes) with RI… [the scene where he lays on top of another actor – where he supposedly died during arrow shot)… HAHAHA!!

    Thank you, Softy, for this episode!! You must be exhausted!! Take a good rest!! We appreciate it very much!! Thank you, Softy, 1Crazyny and Betchay, for the festive decorations up above! They are just so cute!! ^^


  7. […] Secret Garden E11: Live “Transcap” have I said this lately? I love this drama – it is hands down the most emotionally charged drama in years—it is […] […]


  8. S says:

    Thank you! Love your live transcaps so much. 🙂


  9. Kit09 says:

    I love this episode, both JW and R are too loveable.


  10. ete says:

    @rebel soul,
    thanks so much for putting so much effort to make the sub of this drama..!!!


  11. I spent couple of minutes at your www and i am very impressed, very good interesting post


  12. mq says:

    Thank you so much for the live transcaps! The suspense in Secret Garden is killer, probably due to all that tension and chemistry between the leads, and it’s great to find out right away what happens!

    As for ep 11, even though JW volunteers to be the hurt little mermaid, at this stage, he is still destined to be the prince. At his point, he has not changed so much that he would throw away his almost aristocratic duty to marry. He will marry some princessy chaebol granddaughter one day and the memory of him will haunt Ra-Im forever. He thinks she should be happy and satisfied that he is sacrificing his pride for a period of time for her. But really, who wants to fall in love with a man and plan to let him go. Who wants to hear “I’m going to put the ring on another woman’s finger, but you know, I love you so much right? like 1000 times more!”


  13. nikesma says:

    JW being the biggest jerk for her sake scene:


  14. @BrainyG@ says:

    Softy ^^ thank you so much *mmauuhh*


  15. cemil says:

    The Turkish perfect decoration models, look here 🙂


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