Secret Garden E10: Live “Transcap”

OMG the last half of this drama was just full and I mean jam packed full of great lines – humorous – touching – honest – shocking – it’s like they rolled two episodes worth into a half hour- wait till you read what they said – I am telling you – this is like daebak of epic proportions
I am going to say it now – this is my fav episode so far
and best news of all – imaginary Ra Im is back
Any hard parts or lines you thought were complicated and wondered if I was improving -think again. Both episodes of E9 and E10 were done by Blue, White Fox, and Naey 15. Without their help, there would be blanks galore and chaos all around.
this is the episode where I started to realize that JW is clearly lying to others and to himself about how easily he thinks he can break things off with R later
so I named certain scenes accordingly
I just realized what I loved so much about JW- I love how he collects everything she gives him either directly or indirectly. when it comes to her, he just keeps every little item like a pack rat- but then he puts it near him – like on his nightstand or somewhere he has easy access – if only it was that easy to get to her heart.omg he just slays me..
SG E10: Transcription

starts from the line when oska says how he still feels like a kid
25 years a go I was 10 yrs old
15 yrs ago I was 20
5yrs ago 30
and five more years have passed but I still feel like I am 10yrs old
why am I like a child still?
R: you’re not a kid -real kids say “i’m a hyung (older brother)”
oska: you are a lot more impressive than I thought
he notices her tapping her right foot
JW: this is a nice picture
oska to JW: did you just realize that now?
oska asks if she had plans to meet JW
she said she told JW very clearly (not to come around) so he must be either a blockhead or like her to death -one or the other
oska says nice shot after R calls JW a blockhead
she makes a remark about his ahjumma winter underwear and he says that thing about how it was hand made by a French designer one stitch at a time….
she ignores him and says goodnight to oska
oska tells her to meet him in their dreams
JW says what about me? [cuz she didnt say goodbye to him]

he gets mad cuz she never called him oppa when they have a 4 yrs age gap
she shuts the door on him and he says how rude that is and asks where she learned her manners
my nose is higher than other people so I could have been hurt – why didnt you think of that?
Ya! Gil Tang-ja
(Blue explained: Gil because her name is Gil Ra-im. Tang-ja is a nickname AY calls Ra-im because her name sounds like “lime.” Tang-ja is apparently some kind of orange native to China and Korea. Yeah, I’ve never heard of that fruit before.)

AY nonchalantly ask if someone came  outside
R says it was a barking dog so she yelled at him
AY says does a barking dog yelp out -Gil Tang Ja!
AY casually mentions if it was the president and why he came
and why he didnt come in
R gets a package and they are books
R explains that she went to someone’s house
and saw a great library
the moment she saw them
she wondered did that person read all those books
out of them which one was his fav
while reading it what did he think about
and what did he feel
she was curious about that
AY: so you bought the books he read?
R: cuz i was curious about what is in his heart
R: what were his true feelings that I missed out on- I might find out
the titles of books she has collected as follows respectively:
Alice in Wonderland
Like a fairy tale
A night when a galaxy goes through a galaxy
A bad boy is standing
This trivial melancholy
He walked away at a speed of memories

JW: I don’t want to tell you to do this or that when it comes to your dating life but answer me honestly –what you said to R a while ago, did you mean it?
oska: It came out of my mouth so of course it’s my sincerity –if not, could it be your sincerity?
JW: it should not be your sincerity
oska: why shouldnt it be? Do you sincerely like R?
can you be responsible for what you are feeling now?
JW: Responsible? Ask me something that suits (you). did you take responsibility for all the women you met?
oska: That’s why I get bad mouthed . also – the women I meet –  even tho they carry around bags with safety pins on it when their straps break- they are not naive enough to not consider what ppl like us would think about that/how we would take that – they are not that innocent minded (like R)
JW bellows:why are you bringing that up for?
oska: See? If you cant even handle that one thing – what are you going to do from here on? Can you give up everything you have?
JW :Must I give it up?
Oska: you don’t have to. Instead, you can just lose her.  it’s simple, do you know what is different about aunt, my mom and other chaebol wives? Even if they have to pay inheritance tax, they won’t bequeath their estates (to us) while they’re alive. Why? So that you and I will listen to them. Can you win against your mom? 
JW: there is no justification to win so how could I?
oska: there may not be justification to win but i bet it’s because you dont have a reason to
to you, marriage is the biggest business in your lifetime as the same level as M&A (mergers and acquisitions). hope i made my point clear..did I? so meet someone like you and don’t make it difficult for R for nothing. You have no right.
And you –at the golf resort – holding hands with seul – why did you do that?
JW: I told you that wasn’t me.
oska:If you didn’t then who did? Did I see a ghost? What is your real hidden intention?.
for marriage, it’ll be someone like seul. With R-just play around for a bit and get rid of? You’re a “b” . let go of both women. Those two women are wasted on someone like you

jw thinks over what oska just said
he taped the map back together
jw wrote cowardly on the map
R is reading Alice in Wonderland
JW stands on his deck
there is writing on the screen
book titles that have already been translated
* you know? it doesnt matter how many colors these tracksuits come in -if binnie wears them -I can deal with how tacky and ghetto they are -not gonna run out and buy one but still – i will refrain from calling them an eye sore
cant make that same promise with oska’s outfits tho – still reeling from yesterdays’s sartorial fiasco

JL is reading the script in eng aloud- wow so refreshing i dont need to type this part
he was recording it for R

action school
JL gives R the recording and she is grateful
and he walks away smiling
R keeps training and taking notes
we see JW shaving in one scene
and next to his bed, he taped up her map

JW gets dressed and finds R’s instructions on how to tie a tie
it was a printout of what RI searched for on the internet to learn how to tie a tie either in any stylish way
[*it’s written that it is the way favored by european gentlemen.] or in the way JW did. last week there was a scene JW-in-RI’s scoffed at RI pointing out a mis-matching tie. the scene shows RI had put an effort in fact and JW feels sorry for it.
*thanks white fox – we would have totally missed this if you had not pointed it out

ooohh pretty fog
oska’s team tries to get him to put his clothes on and go to another signing event
Oska does not have to courage to face his fans
seul is getting her hair done with her friend
the friend says oska is too much for suspecting seul of doing that
seul tells her to lower her voice
then the friend asks :you really didnt do it?
which makes seul give her a sidelong dirty look
seul: you want it to be me?
the friend cant believe seul would get her hair done at a time like this
except when the country collapsed and when  parents die
if a woman cant think of getting her hair done then she isnt a woman
she tells her friend that a girl has to keep up her appearance
[craziest logic ever]
she gets a call
you found him? he is a korean? what? is that name correct for sure?
then she says this is interesting
seul’s friend wants her hair to be washed by the same shampoo as seul’s cuz
seul only uses that cuz it is good
[what relevance did the shampoo thing have for the future?]
white fox cleared this up : they already knew the plagiarizer ran away abroad and who he is.
there is no way they don’t know who the writer is from the beginning.
the person Seul found out is the writer of original song, who happens to be none other than she contacts TS later to get him in her hands.
i don’t feel like she has good intention behind it.]

oska’s younger fans chant “it’s ok” saying we are here for you, we will protect you,
dont get hurt, we love you
he says he will protect them
he tells them to trust him that he is not a plagiarizer
he feels better
and he says he will sign not as a singer but as a person named chae woong
there is a long line of ppl waiting for signatures all of a sudden
seul is next in line saying you dont trust me and i dont trust you but I’m still your fan
please sign it: seul, with love forever
he signs it : yoon seul -thank you for loving me during that time, oska
she reads it again in her car and cries

jw asks the girl next to him how much she paid for her seat
$250 she says and he asks if the bag paid for a seat too
he tells her he paid for both seats next to him so he can rest his arms
on both side so she should move her bag
an imaginary R watches the opera with him
going back from one side to another
each time her outfit changes and what she is holding
the one wear she is holding her safety pin bag, then vcauum cleaner, then money envelope
sec kim asks jw how he liked the opera
JW says he couldnt focus so “reserve the whole row next time”
JW yells at sec kim for letting him sign with a heart
JW yells at sec kim “does signing with hearts make sense?
mutters to himself: does she think she is kim tae hee?
JW  gives a presentation about the resort model to a bunch of ppl

mr park gets notice that the grandpa is coming
jw doesnt know he is being watched by his grandpa but mr park does
and park keeps adding stuff after JW talks like park is part of it

doc lee is waiting for jw at his house
he tells her to drink while he washes up cuz he went for a walk and worked up a sweat
she says no me first
he asks her to stay for dinner but she has an appt
he hasnt called in a while so she came
she asks if he hasnt run  out of meds
he said he didnt take any these days
he just realizes all this and wonders how he slept in such a small room
without his meds
he also said he went somewhere far and if he tells her where she will lock him up so he wont say where
and says he doesnt need meds anymore
he is ok without them
jw asks: I’m really curious about something -do ppl have to give up something to get what they really want?
she says”of course -because when you really want something it is out of your reach”
JW: that doesnt make sense. so that girl is a woman who is out of my reach?
doc lee: that girl?
doorbell rings
jw gets mad cuz R returned the furnishings
JW: this girl – really – does she have to behave so old fashioned and transparently trite?
doc lee : you dont know but ppl who do not have much-do you know how hard it is for them to be old fashioned and [what he just said]? a typical woman would have taken them and been cool about it and just get lost
see- I told you – that woman is out of your reach
the composer or whoever apologized and oska’s name has been cleared
the manager thinks the guy had a conscience
oska wants to find TS and apologize to TS before he leaves korea

TS meets with Seul and she wants to sign TS
and brought the contract along
she knows lots of info about him
she offers a sweet deal – car, home, and recording studio
and whatever else he wants
but he isnt interested
he tells her to pay for the drinks since she asked for the meeting
but she said something else that made him hesitate
she says she likes his music and she is loaded and tells him to do the music he wants-she said she will help
he asks why
she says he doesnt know this cuz he is young but it is hard to get recognition in life
dont quote me but she said she found him out-that she knows why he is leaving korea- and knowing that reason is enough so he should sign
*he is the original songwriter
omg that place looks even better when it snows -good lord what a beautiful scene
jw is reading alice in wonderland and – flashbacks of R – sit up scenes

he records funny voice messages on the talking smurf app that he wants to hear from R
he plays it back so he can hear them
omo – kjw – do you know how much i waited for your call?
I miss you so much i could die
i will be your catwoman forever hhahahah
so cute and he says :cant you do stuff like this? gil ra im shi
he goes for a walk in the snow

oska gets some driving game delivered
the drivers ask if this is oska’s place
JW asks when this new model came out and they
said it hasnt been long and that oska is the first person
in korea to have it
jw lies to the delivery guy and says this isnt oska’s hm
and he gets it delivered to jw’s home

JW’s starts lying scene:
oska comes  and gets angry and orders JW to get off
he waited 3 months for it and jw tells him to wait
another 3 months for another one
JW says ok but avoid (old manager -DG) well
JW says he is clear about give and take
for taking away the game, JW is going to send oska’s pics with park chae rim to DG
if oska leaves the game there at JW’s – 3 months later JW will give him the originals (the pics)
they talk about how the song scadal died down and oska says it’s cuz oska lives like a nice guy
oska says : truth has a way of being revealed
so you should be careful too
JW: me -for what?
oska: dont pretend you dont know
the person in your head all the time -R
If there’s even a little bit of truth to your feelings for Ra Im, stop with this “Lovers in Paris” act and return to your original self. That’s the right thing to do. Are you being some “Lovers in Department Store” or what?!
JW: …I decided. I am going to break up with her
oska: do you mean it?
JW: but – later – I’m going to break up with her later-I cant now
oska: why cant you do it now?
JW: for the past few days I thought about it deeply from various angles
I like that woman – so I’m going to go see her like I have no pride
right now it’s dizzing and fascinating
but if I keep seeing her, she will at some point be a comman woman.those women who are a 9 out of 10
not be burning to see her
not cold – not hot – that kind of woman
at the longest 3 months
even if i meet her for another 3 months, nothing will happen to my inheritance
oska : wah – what a jerk. I am going to tell R everything
JW: she already knows-that she cant be more than a little mermaid
judging from her personality – i dont think she’ll be the clingy type who cant make a clean break
oska: in my opinion – i think you are the one who wont be able to make a clean break?
JW: me?
Hilarious Daebak series

JW pops up with stupid excuses to see her –
one scene after another-
it’s like a series of daebak scenes ppl
First one:
JW goes to the action school to blame R for him gaining weight while she was in his body
He said when his body first went to her, he had a six-pack, but they’re all gone now. He wants them back. 
He brings a box of boxers:
JW: these are the ones you hand washed and laid out to dry-you wear these
R: why would I wear these
JW glances over at her body
JW: they look like they would just right
R: get rid of them! and this one – (omg that is the most sparkly underwear I have ever scene)
I didn’t wear this
JW snatches it out of her hand sheepishly : ah – sorry – it got mixed in
anyway – you wear them. These are better than the ones you normally wear anyway
R fuming :crazy “b”
JW: take responsibility
R: for what this time
JW: I’m constipated –what did you feed my body?
what did you feed me that it wont come out!
[makes a tight fist]
It’s blocked tight.
[what are you going to do about this condition/situation?]
R: you have evidence I did that?
JW: where would I get evidence? Do I bring it over?!
R: pervert!

R: now what? What?
JW: our dept store stocks fell
R: rumor must have spread that the president is crazy –
so – you think that is my fault too?
JW: you thought it wasnt?
I told you specifically not to sign/decide on anything – so what nerve you have to sign things? 
You didn’t dream for a second that one signature would affect the stocks did you?
That’s my position and that’s the worth of your childish heart signature. Now do you realize what you’ve done?
R: so what was I suppose to do? Sec kim said I must do it so I did it.
JW: that’s why I am going to fire sec kim.
R: what? How could you?
JW: should I not? Ok – then from here on – I will come here whenever I like and every time I do,
you are gonna greet me love and gratitude, joy and ecstasy-  ok?
R: What nonsense! I can greet you with beating and cursing. For now, you wanna get a sampler of it starting today?
JW: are you saying it’s ok to fire sec kim?
R: bag guy – you just try it
(she leans in and threatens to pour her coffee on him and he pulls back startled to protect his clothes) JW (arms crossed against his chest to shield his clothes):
get angry at me –at me-   what crime did the clothes commit ?
R: crazy guy (sips coffee and gets foam on her upper lip)
JW: just look at that-look at that –what is wrong with girls?
they don’t do it when they are amongst themselves
they always do it when they are with a guy–
get cream on their lips and pretends not to know it’s on there
R tries to wipe it with her sleeve..
JW grabs her arm and stops her
JW:  ahh- that’s dirty.come here.
He gets up and kisses her and she pulls back after a sec
JW still standing over her: why? There is no tissue. Then should I have wiped it with clothes?
When it was made stitch by stitch?
R tries to hit him so he holds her hands down so she cant
JW: I’m warning you. from here on – don’t use violence. if you use violence on me again, this is how I will react from now on.

the stunt team are exciting about first day shooting and pile in
R gets in the van with the stunt team and JW shows up and says he wants to go too-she keeps telling him to get lost
when she pushes him out he says “i told you my nose is high so I could get hurt”
one of the guys explains he called JW: what is wrong with you- I told him to come
To JW: hurry and get in
R: he isnt trained so how could we take him along?
JW: I’m not the kind of person who cant do something when I go somewhere-I learn everything quickly
cupid guy: there is nothing except running and falling today. if he is that hopeless we can just leave him in the car. he wants to do it so why are you trying so hard to stop him?
to JW: hurry and get in the director is waiting
JW squeezes in and says : let’s go
then to R: but can we go separately? this car is too ugly
R: starting from now the first jerk to talk we are going to throw out
cupid says :jerk? me?
JW points to him and says he talked: let’s throw him out and go comfortably
cupid to JW: ya- you!
JW shushes him and warns him again
and JW smirks at R

they are shooting at a skks location but it’s more dirty here cuz of the slush from rain and snow so there are mud puddles everywhere
JW doesnt like his outfit when he sees what JL is wearing
JW has a huge mole on his face and a middle part wig -LOL mole or not still a cutie
JL asked how JW ended up here
the guy says he thought JW had put aside his feelings for R
but he came around R again so he wanted to help R
he said he played cupid cuz R keeps pushing JW away
he says it would be good if they worked out
since R doesnt have to suffer anymore
jw says something is wrong cuz JW should be wearing what the cupid guy is wearing and the other guy should wear what jw is wearing
but the cupid guy bribed JW and said if JW keeps on what he is wearing the cupid guy would take JW along to the workshop

there is a fight scene and the ground is dirty so jw doesnt want to die on the ground so he lies on top of another guy LOL-like I seriously laughed 🙂

jw goes up to pretend stab JL and the director yells cut cuz jw and JL are on the same side so jw should not have been fighting with JL
jw wants to see the scenes he was in and check it out
jw says R looks  good in a hanbok
they talk in sort of skks language so it’s kind of hard to make out what they are saying – got rusty from not doing it lately – who am I kidding – i was never good at it to beging with

there is sad pretty music during R’s fight scene with JL
she is in her elements and looking like she is gonna cry
JW narrates this as he watches her scene:
There’s a syndrome called ‘Alice in wonderland ‘. As if looking through a telescope backward, due to mysterious visual illusions a fairy tale is seen every day. It’s such a wondrous and sad syndrome. I’m certain I have that syndrome. If that’s not the case, why in the world does every moment I’m with that woman who is nothing become a fairy tale?
R puts JW in his place scene

[and probably makes him realize this is another reason why he loves her]
R takes pics of the crew in their outfits. JW complains about the food and tells R not to eat it too and eat something warm later. She takes it back and eats it. He asks where JL went and says he isn’t eating something better and feeding us this is he? JL went to go check out something about the horses.
JW keeps complaining about why she has to do work like this where she cant eat and has to do [?].
she tells him to just eat.
He persists and says it doesn’t make sense why anyone would do this kind of work “you wont get rich, famous, if something happens you can get injured or die”. He really pushes by saying no one recognizes your (work), they only remember the lead actors so what is so great about your [?] did I say anything that was incorrect.
R says slowly: what you said was right, but (she looks over to a fellow stuntman) this person remembers me, [camera keeps panning to one stunt guy after another as she repeats] this person remembers me [she looks at JW] and I remember all these people.
JW says: okay but what if a few ppl acknowledge you then what? Does anything change?
R: a few ppl? Then how many ppl acknowledge you? when they break their arm, crack their head  in your place and still say “thank goodness it wasn’t you” and smile – how many ppl do you have like that?
JW has no answer
R: this is why I told you not to come. I don’t know why our work is such a joke in your eyes, but  we chose this work. When we work, that is when our heart burns the most so that is why we work.
Who are you to[grade/evaluate/assess]our work? [What is so great about you?]
[it’s scenes like these that makes it difficult for JW not to fall in love with her more – she may not have wealth and status but she more than makes up for that with her humanity, loyalty, and sincerity.
I love how principled she is -it’s like she knows that is the one thing she can cling to and know for sure that she is a better person than him ]

the stunt crew goes drinking after the shoot
JW watched R grill pig skins and put it on JL’s plate. JL tells her to eat too.
R keeps passing out grilled skins to people around her. JW watches her feed everyone and finally holds up his plate for her to put some pieces on it but she doesn’t.
JW: why are you leaving me out?
R: you don’t know how to eat this stuff-you said eating this stuff made (us) a pervert.
JW: whether I eat it or not it’s up to me but if you are holding the tongs you have the responsibility not to discriminate
cupid says: you cant eat skins? What kind of guy cant eat this stuff?
JW: who cant eat it? Who? Also saying this stuff is like a guy…
(R sneaks a piece in his mouth while he is talking and he looks at her in shock) R: you asked for it. Eat it.
JW [holding it in his mouth] I’m eating it. The taste is really…
R stares at him accusingly and says : chew it-chew it and swallow.
JW yells out: no- I’m going to melt it and eat!
the whole room goes silent and JW motions for them to continue eating R smiles at JW and JL stares at her and doesnt like her smiling at JW.
Next morning JW wakes up next to JL and yells.
R comes running from the kitchen: what?
JW: Why am I here? Did we switch again?
R: you’re not sober huh? Just wash your face.
JW: if we didn’t switch, why am I here?
R: why do you think you’re here? think about it carefully.
JW: I don’t remember so I am asking! Why am I – oh my head…
previous night
.JL and JW glare at each other and keep pouring and drinking. As time passes, only four of them are left.
JW says drunkenly, I’m going to have breakfast with GRI tomorrow.
R: are you crazy – why are you like this?
JW: right once we have breakfast together game is over
JW to JL:
I slept over at her house a lot. You don’t even know so why are you talking….
R yells: yah!!!
JW goes inside R’s place and JL pulls him back and says why are you going in there? there is no way I am letting you go in!
JW to JL: let go. This is my place. I slept here. I wore her panties. I gave her a bath. Even her teeth, I brushed it three times a day.
R slaps him hard : are you not going to shut up? Do you really wanna die?
JL to R: Tell him to go home right now!
R: you too director -stay still
both guys fight their way in
AY is in bed and shocked to see the two men come in
R explains she couldnt stop them
JL says he will sleep on the bed
JW says he will sleep with R and they both fall on the bed
next morning
but JL and JW are in bed together
JL asks JW is this your home?
jw says so youve never been here before and this is your first time
JL says of course it is
JL asks if he can help her cook or set the table
JW sticks his head out of the bathroom and asks did you remove my toothbrush
he asks for another towel -the one he likes
[it is too obvious JW knows his way around her apt too much so]
R lies to JL that Jw is still drunk

oska is waiting outside
he asks if they all played go stop
oska called her – he says she is the first person not to answer his phone
oska wants R to help him shoot a CF
she laughs at what oska said
jw asks if she is laughing cuz she likes it or something else i didnt catch-it was sarcasm tho
she gets permission from JL to go with oska
jw asks JL how could you just send her like that
JL asks why JW didnt stop her
JW says you could have used your action skills
and i wouldve provided the lawyer

in the cafe as they talk
she calls oksa “my/our oppa” and she says how
happy she is for him now that the whole song scandal
is behind him and now only good things will happen to him
he says she understands how he feels too well
and if she keeps doing that he will think of her
at nights
she asks – which night-tonight tm night? she wants him to
tell her which one so she can think of him at the same time
[did he drug her or something?]
he says if they do stuff like that they will end up dating
R asks if oska is being careful around her now
she admits she was kidding
he says he knows
oska says to be honest he is starting to like her little by little so he is being careful
it gets awkward so he changes topic to work
the cf is an outdoor brand
she said has to check her schedule
R gets a call from jwm

R: Did you get your money back?
jwm what money?
R: didn’t kjw return it?
Jwm: did our jw say he would return it?
R: so you didn’t receive it yet?
Jwm: are you kidding with me right now? Are you saying the money you got was [too little]? Or are you really asking for monthly payments? serioisly you’re a girl i cant read a move from. why should my son repay the money you spent? Is my son your wallet?
R: that’s not like that at all. you will probably find it difficult to believe, I really did not receive that money
 jwm: oh – really – you didn’t receive it? Why? When you came out to get the money – did you leave your soul at home? Since you impudently took the money, even if you have no pride, I thought at least you would have kept your word, but what is your motive in continuing to meet my son?  if you got the money, you should have left him or ask for more and then get lost for good-don’t you even have business ethics? 
R: your words are too harsh
jwm: that’s right – only my words are harsh
 (she picks up a cup of water and throws it at R and R avoids it easily)
R realizes what she did and apologizes: I’m sorry – it was a habit…(puts another cup in front of jwm) .. .I’ll go again (meaning jwm can throw it again and this time R will take it).
Jwm: how can there be someone like this – omo
Brutal honesty scene
JW: what are you doing now?
jwm: can’t you see from looking? I can’t just stand by watching.
JW: why: for what? Mom you don’t have a reason to behave anyway you like with her.
jwm:KJW- what are you doing to your mom in front of this girl?
JW: because you’re exerting your energy for nothing
I didn’t say I was going to marry this woman.
Why did you call her over here and make her the star of a third-rate trashy drama?
If I ever say I can’t live without her, then you can interfere-stop me then.
Right now – this is just for a short time. You can’t even wait a short time?
[The camera pans to R. The look on R’s face is beyond description – can you imagine how she must feel? what gets to me is he never once looked at R – not once – it felt like if he saw her face – he would know he is telling his mom and himself all these lies]

omg what an ending – woooooowwwww
they finally nailed one great ending
holy cow
no preview
they ended early again

91 comments on “Secret Garden E10: Live “Transcap”

  1. Anon says:

    I love the comments you wrote about this episode, JW is such an asshole, but I can’t help but love him. I love all the scenes where he went to see her, so funny.

    Thanks again and thanks to WhiteFox and Naey15 too.


  2. toohearts says:

    Finally I got the chance to read your transcap! Being busy all day, and this episode is so GREAT!! SO many DAEBAK scenes like you said, and also hilarious scenes that crack me up and made me so silly ’cause I kept laughing non-stop. My husband was so curious to why I was laughing that way!! JW- you made my day after a busy day!!

    I want to thank all of you, Softy, White Fox and Naey 15 for doing the live transcap for this week’s episodes!! You guys are the BEST!! ^^

    No preview for next week….what I am going to do? I am glad that they are still in their own body….. Honestly, I am fine with the way things are now (don’t swap back, not yet… ’cause I guess there are lots of things that they need to do in their own bodies before they body-swap).

    I don’t get it why does JW have to act that way?!! JW, what’s wrong with you?!! I know that you are being “honest” but did you really have to say those things at the end?!! (to JW: “bad guy”! with a kick to his both legs!! :P)


    • kd38 says:

      I was wondering, could it be that at the end of this ep when he tells his mom that he doesn’t have any serious intentions towards RI, could he be doing it so his mom would leave RI alone? JW knows what his mom is capable of so maybe it’s his way of protecting her. JW may be strange sometimes, but he’s very smart so he knows that if his mom knows he’s serious about RI, then she’ll do everything to hurt RI.


      • toohearts says:

        Thank you for your insights! 🙂 I thought about the same thing (after my posting)… I guess I didn’t want it to end there…and we gotta wait another week to know what is going to happen…. the suspense is killing me!

        I just hope that RI will not give up on JW because he is “acting” like a jerk…Like she wanted to find out about his heart by reading the books he reads, I hope she will end up understanding him better than himself.


  3. Lydia says:

    JW is reading Alice in Wonderland like RI was doing. And I noticed that the place with a lot of book she’s talking about is JW’s house and all the things she said about knowing what that person thinks and have in his heart is JW (I just figured it out).
    And I wanted to ask you something: can I make a spanish version of your recaps? Giving you all the credit you deserve for your hard work ^^. There’re some people that don’t understad nothing of english so I wanted to help them out. If I can translate it a post it here or may on viki…Can you please answer me by mail?
    Thank U ^^.



  4. kd38 says:

    After reading your recap, I was able to understand the raw video I was watching so thanks softy!^^

    My favorite part was JW following the action school ppl on the shoot and instead of lying on the ground when he was shot with an arrow, he chose to lie on someone else and he attacked JL when they were supposed to be on the same side…..hahaha……Binnie is just too hilariously adorable for words!

    I’m not sure if there’s a significance to the Alice in Wonderland story but the story of Alice in Wonderland is based on a dream……gahhh……really hope this is not some horrible foreshadowing that the entire drama is a dream but then the writer has just been interviewed and she says she’s heard of the rumors and guesses by some fans so this could just be her way of teasing everyone. It’s obvious the writer has a great sense of humor based on the witty diologues of the drama so maybe this might just be her way of teasing everyone….haha

    thanks for the recap for the 2 eps this week, softy!


  5. unachicaloca says:

    Oh my freakin’ sh**, how the hell am i gonna last the whole week waiting for the next episode?! *sigh in desperation* (sorry for the violent reaction ^ ^’) i just love this episode! i thought the few previous episodes were quite draggy. but this one, i just love it!!!

    imaginary GRI is back! it was nice how the imaginary GRIs in the opera showed her in the scenes that made the most impact on the development of JW’s feelings for RI – the GRI embracing the bag with the broken strap , the GRI with the vacuum box, and GRI with the money KJW’s mom gave her (this last one, however, just displayed its full impact on the last scene of this episode).

    arggghhhh…please come quickly Saturday!


  6. toohearts says:

    It is so great to see new and THREE gifs!! I cannot reply enough the same scenes that we have on these three gifs!! THANK YOU, 1crazynyt and betchay, for creating these three amazing scenes from this episode 10 of SG. I can’t control myself from over laughing!! I am “Alice in the Wonderland” when I saw these new gifs!! Thanks guys!! Love ya!! ^^ 😀


  7. angelika says:

    videos are blocked? copyrighted it says..


  8. chewii says:

    LMAO hyun bin is freakin’ hilarious and OMG! JL and RI fight scene reminds me of Damo… my dear chae okk T.T


    • chewii says:

      PS: I think it is actually JW who’s playing the part of Little Mermaid. Here:
      Music: Alan Menken
      Lyrics: Howard Ashman


      What would I give
      To live where you are?
      What would I pay
      To stay here beside you?
      What would I do to see you
      Smiling at me?

      Where would we walk?
      Where would we run?
      If we could stay all day in the sun?
      Just you and me
      And I could be
      Part of your world

      I don’t know when
      I don’t know how
      But I know something’s starting right now
      Watch and you’ll see
      Some day I’ll be
      Part of your world


      • Tari says:

        I’ve been mulling over the same thing since last night. Joo-Won indeed the Little Mermaid in this story, no doubt about it, but I don’t think Raim is playing the role of “the prince” here. That’s if we want to end this story romantically.


        • kd38 says:

          I agree also ….. JW appears to be the “Little Mermaid” here. I’ve been thinking about this recently and that’s my conclusion too.


  9. toohearts says:

    Just before I go to bed, I see the background has changed!! Aww~~ you guys know how to pick the best pictures of JGS and YAI (those lips of YAI, and the killer eyes of JGS- OMG)!! They are so gorgeous!!

    I got a long day tomorrow but the anticipation of reading your live recaps for MSOAN and see your gifs keep my energy going…I don’t know what I would do without you all!! Stay warm!! Hugs~~!!


  10. Show2007 says:

    Softy, I just want to say thank you for bring us the recap for SG and MSOAN for the past months. You are my life saver, I am so addicted to SG and I raely will post anything on the forum…e.g I have my soompi account for 2 years and I probably wrote 3 times for the past years, cos’ of SG, I wrote like 20+ for the past weeks. I found it so amazing. I don’t care Jerk Axx Jin Woo is, I just love his character so much…he is the type of person you want to slap him but can’t hate him…Again, thanks for taking your time to do this for us. We greatly appreciated it.


  11. Tari says:

    @1crazynyt and betchay, I said this before, but gotta say it again, you guys made the best sreencap. thumbs up.


  12. arjoe says:

    the best drama in 2010….


  13. ann says:

    Thank you Rebel Souls for all the hard work. This drama is just taking away too much of my time:)


  14. meltedd says:

    Thanks for the recap! managed to make it through with the chinese subs and this recap to plug the gaps. I think seul mentioned something like how taesung was either the original song writer, or he composed this plagiarized version. Not quite sure :/

    But the ending… whoa. No idea whether I’d be flattered or pissed off, because it seems like he’s saying he’s falling in love but it’s not such a serious problem yet. I’m guessing RI is more likely to be pissed off than anything. Got to wait a whole week for this, OT but I’ve got some gtop to fill the void between M3 & SG!


  15. nikesma says:

    I was away and couldn’t watch it til now.and now while putting my son to sleep, I take a peek at the blog with my mobile. Too bad can’t see the background n gifs. 😀 anyway, Wow, I missed a daebak episode evah??
    “It’s also strange that although he seems to care about some aspects of her well being, he never worries about hurting her feelings at all. I thought what after they switched souls, and he had to endure the abuse typically directed at her (from his mother) that he would be more sensitive.”
    My thought that for one he maybe wanted to protect RI from his mother. He knows to what extent her mother is capable to make RI. During the switch, he was sorry to RI at what his mother did to her. And like RI said it’s not as much as HIM hurting her. I think, JW have always wanted RI to understand every words he said, and every actions he take. At the beginning of episode, we can see how he’s trying to clarify things he did. Like making RI to apologize to Seul. He wanted to clarify that but sadly RI’s mind was full of seul’s actions not his. During the fight at his house when RI went to send back the vacuum, he said either take it or leave it, RI take it as an insult, when JW only meant for her to make him apologize. All the things he did he wanted her to pay attention to him just as much as he did. He wanted her to be curious of him just as much as he did. He above all wanted to her to understand him… In his weird way.. So this time as well, I think he did it with reasons and he probably praying somewhere inside him for her to understand what he did. Well, maybe. Just a thought. 😀


  16. Khin Nwe Aye says:

    JW has really dug up a deep hole with his remarks to his mother in the last scene and I don’t know how he’s going to climb up from that depth. JW, JW, shouldn’t you realize by now how big is RI’s influence over you? You no longer need meds to survive in her tiny room, and apparently you’ve no trouble sleeping at nights too when you’re in RI’s body. You also hear a lecture from RI when she points out how caring and loyal are her stunt team mates, and JW is apparently friendless, apart from his psychiatrist (though it’s rather lame to consider your personal physician as your friend, but maybe because of the speculated past relationship she may be counted as a close friend). In spite of his riches and status and what-not, he belongs to a world where he must be on alert the whole time for backstabbing friends. And he has no family life to speak of, as far as we can see. I don’t see any interaction between JW and her “normal” sister at all. He’s always alone reading in his big mansion, or strolling all by himself in his vast estate. I wonder what it will take to shake JW out of his delusion that what he’s feeling for RI will turn lukewarm in three months? I bet his feelings will deepen the more he knows her and the more he comes intimate with her. He’s learning her values and principles by which she lives with, and his doctor friend even tells him she is not an ordinary woman and probably beyond his reach. I’m impatient for the next episode as I want to see what the writer has in store for us in creating a device to prevent JW being finally thrown away by RI. And to add more spice, Oska is finally showing real interest in RI. Though RI may think she’s just a faithful fan, I notice she has good chemistry with Oska; they’re always smiling at each other and have an easy relationship with each other. Oska also appreciates RI is a pure, naive girl, most unlike most of the women he has tangled with in the past. And Oska seems to have made a move to move on with his thanks to his ex- Seul. Maybe, a budding RI-Oska romance may finally force JW to reflect on his real feelings for RI, and evaluate how valuable RI is to him, and maybe stiffen his spine to face his horrible mother and declare his intention to have RI for keeps. BUT, this is a big but, RI still hasn’t shown how deeply she feels towards JW, and I don’t know whether she has enough confidence in JW’s sincerity to take a risk on having him as a boyfriend, let alone as a life partner.


    • Yumi says:

      Remember, in the first episode (I think) it was his sister who got him to go to the Oska concert, and his sister who got him to stay until the end (by threatening him a little). Of all the brief glimpses of his relationships with others outside of RaIm, I think he has the most human relationship with his sister and his psychiatrist. Both seem to know him relatively well and he doesn’t seem able to boss either one around.

      It seems either people wield power over him, his mother and grandfather or he wields power over them-everyone else. :^P]


      • Khin Nwe Aye says:

        I totally forgot that scene at Oska’s concert. Thanks for reminding me. Age is catching up with me, I guess! Has anyone thought the new grandma maybe playing a benign role in JW-RI relationship? I read somewhere that she’s a professor, and so I hope she has more brains and intelligent than the horrid ma, and this lady also really loves the grandpa. Here’s hoping the new grandma will champion another love match in the family. She’s the only one who can weild power over JW’s ma, through her stranglehold on the old grandpa, so that the snooty one will have to give in when JW finally realizes that he can’t live without RI. I was laughing like mad when I read that he hopes his feelings for RI will become lukewarm in three months’ time! With his neuroses, he’ll find loving RI will become a lifelong habit which he will never be able to kick off.


  17. […] Secret Garden E10: Live “Transcap” OMG the last half of this drama was just full and I mean jam packed full of great lines – humorous – touching – […] […]


  18. color pirate says:

    Hmmm? Is it just me? What hair dresser sets your hair then takes it out to wash your hair??! Did they splice the scene incorrectly?


    • Yumi says:

      Some hair treatments require an application, then drying they washing.

      People will put highlights in and have it stay or a while, I’ve never seen them use rollers, though, but who knows.


  19. nhyn says:

    tang-ja = tangerine maybe??


  20. WhiteFox says:

    [The camera pans to R. The look on R’s face is beyond description – can you imagine how she must feel? what gets to me is he never once looked at R – not once – it felt like if he saw her face – he would know he is telling his mom and himself all these lies]

    her face indeed. i guess lots of ppl will think firstly “oh she must be hurt and mad!”
    sure she got mad but all my impression when i saw her face is sadness.
    sadness overwhelmmed madness as if it’s been forgotten or even didn’t exist from the start. Both jw and ri have a feeling for each other and are aware of it but still in denial modes in their own ways against the relationship between a chaebol and a commoner.
    and yet on the other hand they were hoping deep inside the hearts the other would be the one to break the barriors between them. JW wanted her to win against his mom and RI wanted him to defend her against his mom but sadly and ironically they both acted in the opposite way.


    • Ariendoll says:

      JW has already been pinned a ‘jerk wad’ to the nth degree, but the one thing he’s been consistent about is his feelings for RI. Which he’s still clueless on. So I hope we’re right in assuming that he’s doing this to keep Mom away from RI.


  21. REBEL SOULS says:

    yeah i saw it already earlier today and was going to do it,but naey 15 posted the translation on soompi already and shirley mentioned that JW had cream on his upper lip in the cafe scene 🙂
    Naey’s translations:

    Rime to JW: There are some things you are better off not knowing to be happy in the world and to me you are one of them.

    JL tp R : I didn’t know you are that quick to notice. From now on I will never be caught by you again ( I will never let you notice my feeling)

    Oska : Rime ssi, i am in possession of you. What are you going to do if I claim my right to have you( I guess he is talking about the bet he and JW had in JeJu(MTB))

    JW to R : You won’t be the little mermaid, so I will be the little mermaid


  22. We Yumi says:

    Finally an explanation of Joowon asshattery supported by research.

    So he is not a caricature but an extreme example of his class. So let’s not blame the man, he is a victim of his wealth and background.

    See article below.

    Rich people don’t choose to be rude. They simply can’t help it.

    Affluent people — in terms of income, social status and education — have trouble detecting others’ emotions, a study in Psychological Science found. While lower-class people are generally skilled at figuring out what other people are feeling, their upper-class fellows are more insensitive.

    The wealthy don’t need to rely on others for help, the study determined, and so their people skills have atrophied.

    “They’re less concerned and less perceptive of other people’s needs and wishes,” said study co-author Michael Kraus, according to MSNBC. “They show a deficit in empathic accuracy.”

    In the study, people with more education and from wealthier backgrounds had more difficulty interpreting pictures of faces. While “lower-class” people tended to correctly identify emotions, “upper-class” people had trouble.

    Even as they will likely enjoy extended tax cuts under the Obama administration’s deal, the nation’s wealthy won’t be well equipped to share their delight.


  23. kevin says:



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