Secret Garden E9:Live “Transcap”

Updated 12/14
thank you naey for staying up to fill those lines in daebak scene:)
Nikesma will post her SG videos here
so be sure to check it for new scenes from the next two episodes as well. I am so happy she is a part of our SG and MSOAN group here. Please be sure to thank her for all her effort in getting these to you as quickly as possible. 🙂
I have a confession to make. On the very first episode,  when R is lying on the hospital bed and JW saw her wearing Oska’s socks, he snatched it off her feet in disgust and threw them away and I knew exactly how he felt. Have you ever given someone a gag gift and have it backfire in the worst possible way imaginable? Well that is what happened with me.
My older sister is a die hard fan of kwan sang woo (did I get that name right? the guy from daemul?), bae yong joon, won bin, huyn bin, the guy from the upcoming my princess whose name kind of looks like the singer shin seung hun, or pretty much any lead guy from a drama-the list goes on and on – it would take up an entire post. Out of them all, she likes bae yoon joon the most. When she comes out to Korea again, she wants me to go with her on a winter sonata tour and I told her that would only happen if YAI tagged along and even then I would have to think about it. I still can’t figure out why she loves BYJ cuz I have not seen anything he was in, not even winter sonata or the drama where he had long sageuk hair, rode on horses, and looked mad all the time.
Anyway, as a total joke, I was going to buy my sister everything related to BYJ – calendar, mug, key chain, socks, stickers, the works. So I wore dark sunglasses and bribed a friend to go and buy them while I stood nearby at a safe distance. The way I secretly snuck money into her hands and made her go to the guy on the street who sells celebrity stuff, you would swear I was doing something illegal and sneaky.  I was that embarrassed to be seen buying those so I had to get her to do it instead. Anyway she messed up and bought one pair of BYJ and another pair of KSW cuz she didnt happen to like how BYJ’s face looked on one of them cuz evidently these socks come in a variety of poses. I had asked her to just get two of BYJ’s tho and I just looked at her like “what difference does it make if he looks good in them or not? these arent for you.” She said in her panic – cuz she was embarrassed too – she got sidetracked and just picked poses she liked.
After I had accumulated all that I could, on my yearly visit that year, I gave the whole box of BYJ stuff to my sister. I was expecting laughter and jokes -but to my horror- all I got were tears of gratitude. She actually loved every little piece of item I bought her and cried from happiness. That calendar-she used it for like over 3 years till it fell apart and committed suicide on its own by falling on a cup of coffee. The keychain pic got so faded you couldnt tell whose face was on it anymore. The coffee mug was chipped and cracked so much it was dangerous to drink from, but she was willing to still risk getting her lip cut over it. And those socks, every time I went for a visit, I would try to throw them away so she would stop wearing them in public. But somehow they always made it back onto her feet (almost like she developed a sixth sense about where it is at all times), and BYJ’s faded grinning face would stare up at me as if to say “you didnt see this coming did ya-that’s what you get for messing with my popularity”. Needless to say, I despise BYJ and it’s not even the man’s fault all of this happened. However, that fact does not stop me from scowling every time I see his face or hear his name. To this day, my sister keeps dropping hints that is it time for new BYJ stuff and if I could- to throw in some other celebrity stuff in as well. I swear she thinks the most useful thing for me to be living in Korea is to hook her up with this merchandize. This is why I never give gag gifts anymore – cuz they have a way of biting you on the butt and never letting go for years to come.
For those who might actually love these celebrity socks, in their defense, I do have to admit that they are remarkably durable.
Back to SG, I am so looking forward to the next two cuz I dont have to worry about anything except translating the dialogue and story correctly. If any of the written previews are right, we are going to have a lot to squeal over this weekend.
A lot has been said about that hug and his hot and cold attitude towards R. I never doubted for a moment that he loved her, what I doubted was how he could continue to love her in his world. In a way she is like the little mermaid cuz she cant fit into his life. Look at what she did to his nice home-she turned it into her place. It is how she grew up and you cant take that out of her just cuz you put her in a nice setting. Same thing for JW- he changed her surrounding so he could tolerate being there for just a few days even. For some reason, neither one is willing to be flexible and adjust their lifestyle for the other at this point. Maybe they have to fall deeper in love for them to come to terms with what needs to happen to make this relationship work and make compromises. He tries less to be a stick in the mud and she tries more to stop hurting him emotionally and physically. There is a great love story here, but I would hate for it to remain just a possibility and not a reality for them.
SG E9 Transcription

They are starting right before the switch
After R goes back in, they both say “we’re back” in their heads
R and JW both stare at each other and R squeals and jumps around in glee
R: we really have come back huh?
JW: instead of seeing my handsome face and looking at your steam bun-like face it seems so.
R: listening to your insolent way of speaking, it really is for sure.
JW: anyway, it’s been a while
R: it has been
JW holding up his cuffs: but – what are you going to do about these?
R: oh yeah right. In this situation when I look at it from the reverse position it seems God does really exist to consider that we’re switched back in the situation like this.
JW: what does that mean?
R: KSJA(*1), JEJD(*2), MeSgDd(*3). You’ve heard of those sayings, right?
(1) Kwon-Sun-Jing-Ak: literally, encourge the good and punish the evil. [The good triumphs over the evil]
 (2) Ja-Eop-Ja-Deuk: poetic justice / You’ve made your bed and you must lie on it.
 (3) “Mal-ee Ssi-ga Doen-da” literally, Words become seeds [Words have a way of coming true.]
who said “there is no way I am going to bail you out- you need to suffer some”
JW: a while ago when I yelled, it was cuz it was loud in here
(it was) a sort of consideration, wishing you be cheered up at hearing my voice.
R: I know – so i am going to become cheerful and go home.
since you ate the beef broth soup in one gulp, your  tummy should be full, so suffer a bit.
JW: look here – ya!
R turns to the old guy: hey perverted man, dont let him off . You got punched really hard a while ago.
if you’re afraid that (your) 5th vertebra turns into 6th one[*], beg (for forgiveness) or you’re dead.
 [*this is the same words RI told JW in ep2.]
JW: stop it -stop it !
pervert: what are you – why are you making a person angry from a while ago?
it seems you don’t know but i’ve lived upright for the better part of my life, not knowing what settlement is.
policeman: are you not going to be quiet-what did you do that was right for you to make such a fuss?
R tells the cop to do a good job and bows
she turns to JW and says “i’ll be going”
JW: where are you going? how could you just go? we have to stick together till the end!
cop tells him to be quiet too
the other cop says to stick JW in jail till the lawyer comes
JW: where? why me?

JW complains cuz the lawyer is late in coming
sec kim remarks JW’s way of speech changed again
JW tells sec kim to tell the lawyer to hurry up and come and that JW would pay for a speeding ticket if the lawyer gets one rushing over
JW notices another guy wearing his tracksuit and checks the label and wakes the sleeping guy again and asks wear he got the clothes but the guy doesnt wake up and there is writing on the clothes but it makes JW fall over in shock
the guy is a waiter at a nighclub and on the back of his tracksuit it reads “(call for) hyun bin at the entrace” (PR phrase)he’s talking in his sleep, “welcome to special world. secret nightclub. secret nightclub”

R comes in hugging and yelling
Ay says it’s cold [the rain on R as she hugged AY]
AY: why are you walking around getting rained on?
R: it’s really been a long time – have you been well? anything special happen?
i missed you so much girl
AY: what do you mean it’s been a while – i saw you not long ago
you got these nice clothes all messed up
R: did i just run around wearing these clothes?
AY: what?
R: nothing-let’s go in – I have a lot to tell you
R notices all the changes in her place
R: what is all this?
what do you mean? you bought everything
R: i did? how could you just stand there and let me? you should have tried to stop me
AY: what is wrong with this girl
how could I have stopped you?
it was a normal house in the morning but after i came home it was like this
R: you’re saying i did this without you knowing?
AY: what is wrong with you these days?
there is no place to sit now-that chandelier is daebak-
cuz of this breakfast table we wont be able to open the fridge
R: I’ll remove it-dont worry
ohhh!! this guy !really!
R starts to undress
AY: ya -what are you doing?
R: why?
AY: we agreed that we would go in our respective rooms and change with the door closed
You’re the one who said I didn’t learn proper manners from my parents.
You told me to learn the right training from you!
R: I said things like that to you?
AY in disbelief: you said not to leave bras and panties hanging around where
it’s visible so every night I had to use a hair dryer to dry those I …
(voice breaking down from feeling hurt) …really…
wouldn’t even scrub my back…how can you say it was too dirty to scrub?”
R: that wasn’t it! That really wasn’t something I….
(throws her head back in frustration) …going crazy.
AY walks off
R: AY! AY! that’s really not what I …
mr park tells JW’s grandpa about what JW did punching a vip customer and how JW changed his signature
mr park older sister sticks up for JW saying JW did the right thing in punching out the pervert
that a man should stick up for the woman in that situation
mr park tries to explain to her that’s not it but she says
“be quiet-if you are going to talk about nonsense -go”
she tells the grandpa to resume what he was doing (she seems to be the boss of him)
he seems scared of her and says” I am – I’m doing it right now”
tm is their 300 day anniversary (of when they met) and she
wanted to eat chocolate so he is making it
grandpa tells JW’s mom her son is in jail

the lawyer spoke to the mom saying how he already bailed JW out
the mom wanted to speak to jw but the lawyer lied and said jw already left
jw said my mom already found out?
lawyer said mr park had gone there and he said jw’s mom was really mad and JW is mad about mr. park
Jw: why are you standing next to me – you should have pulled up in a car in front of me
where is the car?
sec: we dont have it since we rode in the police car over here
JW: then why are we standing around waiting – for santa claus?
if we dont have our car – you should get another one
people are staring at us
sec: if you dont yell they wont look
JW: was i too good to you these past few days? but now that i’m pushing you suddenly, you’re inclined to defy, aren’t you?
you’re dead from now on
sec: dont have one
takes his coat off and puts it over their heads
sec says really cute: wanna share?
JW gives the secretary 3 non-options: you should run into the rain – buy the best umbrella- or else you’ll die

JW comes straight from jail to R’s home
JW: it’s me open the door
R: you came out faster than I thought – is it cuz your rich?
JW: i cant be in an interior that is run down for very long, thanks to you i opened a new chapter in cultural exchanges with an alienated class.
you’re the one who did the wrong thing and i got the punishment
and as soon as we switch bodies you squeeze yourself out of the situation?
AY comes home and is startled to see JW
JW speaks informal korean and says “you’re here? eating late at night again
(she hides the food behind her back)
JW to R: go inside
JW to R: and you follow me out.
AY asks why he came-is he by any chance looking for me?
R says she’ll be back in a minute
AY says to herself; he spoke to me informally like we were friends
HUG in the rain scene
JW and R talk in front of her main gate while it is raining:
JW: Tell me, how does it feel to squeeze yourself out of it?
R: About that… I’m sorry. I was so happy about returning back to normal….
I was afraid that we would get switched again if we stayed
near each other, so I ran out. I’m sorry.
JW: if we stay near each other we switch back? who said that?
R: just my thought
JW: then I guess we wont see each other
R: isnt it better for us not to meet?
and i’m sorry for committing violence with your body too
but in that same situation, i will do it again
the law doesnt beat rich people
it will take a while but I ‘ll pay for the settlement cost
since I caused all this trouble
And all those luxury items in my house, take them all with you.
JW: How are they luxury items? They’re basic necessities.
You have a funny habit of saying ‘thank you”.
R: If you are done picking on what you wanted – go now.
JW: I didnt come to argue over these things.
R: then why did you come?
He pulls her into an embrace and while he is hugging her, he says “I came to do this”.
while still hugging, JW: congratulations for coming back as gil ra im
R: you too
JW: you paying for the bail -it’s a good idea
I’m pleased/I really like that you bear responsibility for your actions
[pulls apart from hug]
come to the office tm
decide if you are going to  pay in monthly installments
or pay all at once
i’ll be going
JW runs off in the rain and comes back and says he left his
nice umbrella inside and for her to go get it
TS is at oska’s house
oska comes home and asks why TS is alone and he says the rest of the managers left a few mins ago
oska asked why TS didnt go and TS said he wanted to clear his name and settle matters before he left
TS asks oska if he found the guy and suggests finding the songwriter of original song but oska turns the idea down
TS says he will trust that it’s settled between them and go
but oska wont let him saying TS is not in the clear yet
TS says : you must know the person who leaked it
you couldnt capture the person you know and you have to capture someone to settle this mess and you want me to be that person?
oska: will you?
TS stops smiling
oska was kidding and he smiles when he sees the upset look on TS’s face
oska tells him to sleep over and go in the morning cuz it is raining hard and TS has no car and oska has no energy to drive TS back to where he was
a housekeeper comes by asking about dinner
oska tells her he is ok but to feed TS and get a guest room ready for TS in the guest house
[something tells me TS is NOT gonna want to leave]
Seul: How is it?
Guy: There’s no room for doubt. With this, it’ll be judged as plagiarized.It can’t even be said he used it as reference.
there were a few singers who had the same thing happened to them by this composer
it was just cuz those singers were not famous
Seul: Then what can we do? Is there a way out?
Guy1: Unless the composer admits plagiarizing with his own mouth, there’s no other way. All the articles will talk about it by tomorrow.
Guy2: This is a situation in which Oska will be blamed for everything. But did Wooyoung hyung really not know?
Seul: What kind of talk is that? Are you saying he did that even when he knew about it? Wooyoung oppa is not someone who would ever do that
is there a way to find out who the original songwriter is?

R changed his house code so JW cant get in
JW: Aish, this woman, really!
JW sees oska’s face is on the background
What the!
Ahh, that’s right… the cellphone. What a bad taste she has!
JW reads his caller ID
JW: thorchu?
R; why?
JW: it’s kim thorchu
R snickers
JW: i think our cell phones are switched
R: it seems like it
JW: bring my cell phone tm and what is my house code – tell me quickly
RI: Ahh, the pass code? The pass code is…. Oh, my phone is about to go off!
she takes out the battery
JW: Hello? Hello?
he redials and phone is off
JW tries to measure her height and width with his hands and guess what her size might be
he punches in
he kicks the ground in frustration and says:
aish – this is your size!
a text comes in
R: I’ll give you a hint
the secredt code is a “star”
JW: a star? he recalls that unctuous conversation in jejudo between oska and R
it better not be that-if it is – gonna die
760818 (oska’s bday)
the door opens
i’m not gonna let this go -really!

he gets in and realizes he is wearing oska socks
and gets startled by all the underwear hanging off the banister to dry
R loves being in her own home and stuff
she asks AY if anything happened during the past days
she asks if she did anything out of the norm or behaved strangely
while we were sleeping did I do anything to you? and keeps asking along those lines but AY looks angry by the minute
and yells
what else are you going to do now?
ay yells at her cuz she made AY sleep on the floor
AY: you changed too much
how could you buy all that suff? you dont have that kind of money
you think i wont know the president bought all this stuff for you?
AY asked R to let her be late with the utility bill for 3 days but R turned her down
R: I didnt let it slide?
Ay said that R said she was  [?? needle] like a knife about this stuff – sharp and wouldnt hear of letting AY off
AY getsupset tells her to set the alarm for 6
R uses his cell to set the alarm
R finds the pics JW took from her locker on his cell
and thinks about the hug earlier
oska thinks about seul and their jejudo convo
and he looks at the ring he was going to propose with – wow nice ring
and how she turned him down
then he remembers the other jejudo convo by the beach
what is with all the flashbacks
about her saying how he wanted to protect himself and not her

JW goes up to Oska
JW: it’s been a long time
Oska: I’m not in the mood to joke around
JW: i’m not joking…for the past few days I went so far that you cant even imagine and came back
oska: have you been drinking?
JW: you wont believe it but when you saw me this whole time it wasnt me
oska; are you on drugs?
[JW says something about how JW might have been nice to oska these past days but to remember that was not what he sincerely meant so erase it from his memory]
oska: i told you i was not in the mood for jokes
if you came cuz you were bored – go away now
JW: is it cuz of the [leaked song]? did you stop it?
oska: how can i block the internet -with what power?
if it gets to plagiarization …
JW: then what will happen
oska it will just end up plaigiarized
R’s text to oska: hello its gil ra im
was the problem solved well?
dont worry too much about it
everything will resolved itself well
oska: how did she know my number?
JW: who is it?
oska; you dont need to know
oska replies text to R:
it’s ok
i trust that it will get settled well
thank you for worrying
oska’s text goes to JW
JW: aijoo- so she went thru my phone book
[she went thru his phone book to get oska’s number ]
that was gil ra im just now huh?
oska: i thought you were weird these past few days – did you get the ability to be [psychic]?
JW: i learned about how women feel/think really well
JW: but I am curious about something. why do your fans wear socks with your face on it?
Hyung, do you like your face getting sweaty and smelly inside someone’s shoes?
Os: Why? Does Miss RI wear my socks?
JW: Are you crazy? Why would she do such a thing?! Her liking you is of a
very light nature. The kind where when you ask her to name celebrities she likes, she’ll think about it for about 3 seconds and then say, Oska? Something like that.
going now
oska: how come you dont wear those shiny tracksuits these days?
JW: dont ever bring up that topic about those tracksuits
i’m going to switch brands – to one that hasnt launched in korea yet
although-if i wear it – it will be sold at dongdaemun (popular shopping market)
oska yells after JW to call dr lee saying “you’re getting more weird as time goes by”
the scene with oska and his managers come out
manager: {????}
How am I supposed to know?
young manager: We really didn’t know. We’re the victims here.
oska: why are you giving them answers [one after another]
manager: so should we just stand by and do nothing?
oska: it;s not like we didnt know the news would break
manager : do you feel better for knowing it would break?
so you want us to sit and let it happen to us?
manager: what did seul say? shy did she do it?
oska – i;m curious too
mamanger : what does that mean ? you didnt meet her?
young manager : what about the signing today?
manager; we have to go
oska; while this is going on how could i go sign?
[there is more here but gonna skip for tonight and finish tm}
manager: After finding out that it was a plagiarized song, we cancelled the filming of the music video. And it’s not a song we officially released. So what’s the problem?!
Oska: People don’t care about that. If it came to this, I’m just merely a plagiarizing singer. Cancel the schedule.
manager: Hey, where are you going?
the sales staff at the dept store scene comes out where AY thinks JW likes her
Girl: He punches the face of that perverted bastard. He’s so cool, so totally cool!
Voiceover: I missed you, girl!
JW: Ah, I’m sorry. There are so many things I want to say, but I’m going to go crazy because I can’t say them.
Girl2: The president has arrived. Hurry on out!
[all the female staff is all a flutter cuz JW is coming into the store and they just talked about how cool JW was for punching out the old pervert and AY thinks about what he said about missing her so she is under the delusion that he likes her]
JW let the girl who was insulted by the pervert to rest for a few days and bought her daughter a gift
and the staff wonders how a person can change overnight
AY guesses that in the name of love for someone he has begun to understand all that they (sales staff) go thru
they ask who the “who” is

JW walks right by AY and she seems upset
JW asks why everyone is acting like that and sec kim reminds him of what he did the other day
mr park and his driver hear JW took the escalator again and he didnt respond to any of the greetings
mr park wants to know why JW goes back and forth (with his actions)
and they lost me
JW smiles when he gets in his office and JW throws back the line that sec kim said in front of R the other day when she was JW-about that line where sec kim brags that JW depends on sec kim so much it burdens him
JW says he will fire AY first and jw pretends to be surprised asking”you are dating her? there is no way you are-it must be cuz you saw her around ”
JW says let’s talk about it after work
JW asks for all the files and stuff that has stacked up
sec kim reminds him JW already took care of it
JW gets upset when he sees that R signed with hearts after the name
JW asks why didnt you stop me?
sec kim says he was surprised at first too
JW almost hits sec kim with those briefs
[basically in this scene JW uses all the stuff sec kim said to R and now JW is throwing those exact lies back at sec kim-must be unnerving for sec kim]
staff meeting
JW keeps staring at the hearts next to the signature
JW asks whose idea was the x-mas event
mr park says JW shouldnt say anything about it since JW already signed off on it and JW points out that he asked nicely who had the idea cuz he is aware that he shouldnt bring it up again
JW doesnt like the idea cuz it is too unfair for single ppl and it caters to couples too much
mr park says these days there arent many ppl without a bf or gf
JW asks do you have a gf and mr park says he is married
jW says he knows an amazing girl and she is single [R]
so he gets an idea to change it to cater to singles
JW throws the brief and tells them to spend all night fixing it
Blue cleared it up for us:
There’s some kind of an event that the department store is planning for couples if it snows on Christmas. JW suggests an event for singles that if it rains on Christmas, the first place winner can win ownership of a parcel of some resort. The people at the meeting are shocked, but JW reasons that the greatest chance is that it won’t snow or rain, then the next greater chance is that it’ll snow, then the next greater chance is that it’ll snow&rain combine, and the lowest chance is that it’ll rain. But people usually get excited about things with the lowest probability because the reward is the greatest.

seuls’ staff tells her oksa came looking for her
and she hears how angry he was
he shows up and accuses her of the song leak
oska: did you do it to get my interest?
she says you are not here to make sure cuz it seems like he made up his mind
he says she is the kind of girl who would do stuff -he lists all her past wrongs against him
she tells him to sue her then
oska keeps saying the IP address came from here
he begs her ” let’s not meet again”
one of the staff members did it by accident and the other staff tells her to keep it a secret of else they willl all get in trouble
seul cries
oska sit on the steps and looks miserable
a coupl walks by and the woman asks if he is oska and the bf says there are rumors that oska is a plaigiarizer
manager tells him ppl are looking and he has to go sign
seul keeps crying

R comes to action school
that preview scene comes out
they remark how she was scowling these days so they are surprised to see her happy again
JL shower scene comes out
he comes out and she is there
she grabs his hands in delight and says I’m back”
he asks what she means
she says she wont behave strangely anymore
since the script has a lof of english she says she’ll need JL’s help
he says she was good the other day and surprised him
she said that was just then
she thanks him for signing her up for that event

JW’s mom had R followed
the pics shows her buying furniture
R is spending all the money the mom gave her
she says R’s taste is not like a stuntwoman’s
JW’s mom tells the investigator to find out more details about R’s background like family and how she grew up
R makes the other stunt guys work too much
she has to make up for not working out her muscles
they ask if the rich guy dumped her
one asks since she lost her chances with him is that why she is turning her attention back to stunts
you said you wouldnt do this anymore
you said it was for ppl who were dumb and that is why they had to use their bodies
so did you become dumb again?
she says you let me say those things to you and not beat me up?
you should have half killed me
can I kill you starting from now
now it’s too late

JW’s sis and JL scene
JW’s sister comes looking for R
jw’s sis meets JL first
he asks her-how did you come here? are you an actress?
she misunderstand and says “no-I didnt come here to learn”
[the word for actress in korean is the same as “learn” in korean so the girl got mixed up so JL clarifies]
JL: actress [in english] one who acts
sis: ah – I’m not that pretty. I hear that alot
JL looks like he cant believe he is hearing that
sis: do you work here? do you by any chance know who gil ra im is?
JL: why are you looking for ra im….
someone yells out “be careful!”
a sword comes flying across the room so JL pushes down JW’s sister’s head
and she screams and lands on her butt and he leans back and avoids it too
R comes running over asking: are you ok?
JL: who was it? who doesnt know how to be careful!
sis still on the floor asks JL: did you just save my life just now?
JL: i couldnt let you get hurt
sis: cant believe this
she stands up
sis: in this situation when a guy saves a woman, the guy should pull her towards him in a hug or he gets hit in her place or fly through the air and catch her in a dramatic embrace
isnt that how it should be done?
how could you push down a woman’s head and fling her on the ground ?
R smiles -amused -along with the other guys
JL: i was in a hurry so what could I do?
if you get hit by that – you could have broken a bone
other guy:I’ll apologize in his place-our director does not have that kind of sense
JL gives him a dirty look
the guy introduces himself -didnt catch his name
R to sis: we’ve met somewhere before didnt we?
sis: oh – really- did you study in NY?
R: no
sis: then where was it? i thought of it! shinsa dong karusukkil-i’m kim -crap didnt catch her name-I’m JW’s younger sister
guy: KJW-“earn a lot of money” guy’s younger sister means she is…
R steps on his foot to silence him
R: then why did you come all this way here…?
sis: are you gil ra im?
R: you came to meet me?
sis: yes – it’s not something we can talk about here-let’s go out-hang on a minute
sis to JL: usually I dont ask this kind of question but are you by any chance married?
other guys: ohhhhhh- you look good together
R cant believe she did that

sis drills R for info about JL
sis: what is his blood type?
R: A
sis: what about his astrological sign?
R: his b-day is mid april
sis: Ah, a ram (Aries). If he’s a ram with blood type A, he’s prudent, reserved, likes adventures, and doesn’t like to lose. He’s someone who’s very passionate about his work. Am I right?
R: yes..well, close about
sis: I see. I noticed that ppl called him director
R: yes he is our action director
sis: oh really-he is a director?
R: so you came to ask stuff like this?
sis: oh that’s right …I’m like this…i was curious about something and I wanted to inform you about something. first – what is your relationship with my brother and what is your relationship with (oska-woong oppa) ?
R: I’m not involved with either one of them
for answering a question i didnt need to answer-dont come and find me again….
sis: wait a minute-you really are not involved with my brother at all?
then why did you accept the money our mom gave you?
R shocked : money?
sis: (heard) you met my mom- she gave you an envelope full of money but you spend it all in one day
R: so you are saying I received an envelope (full of money)
I’m sorry (for asking) but how much did I receive?
sis: you didnt even check how much was in it and spent it all?
onyi-sister you are cool!
anyway my mom is investigating you
i wanted to tell you that so I came
R: why would you?
sis: in our household, I am  the most normal . my brother takes after my mom and I take after my dad
R: hello
JW : what time is it now? I told you specifically to bring my cell phone today-why arent you bringing it?
R: ok i’m going now- dont go anywhere and make sure you wait

Daebak office and elevator scene
JW: are you glaring at me right now? why? you shouldnt be the person who is mad. do you know how much i suffered to find out the pass code? and what “Kim thorchu?” what does that mean? it couldnt mean “crazy guy tracksuit” right?
eesh – are you not going to look at me normally? why are you looking at me sideways
you went thru my cell phone didnt you? who told you to go thru someone else’s cell phone-do you wanna meet my lawyer?
R:yes-i want to meet him- i really want to see him now
i want to use your lawyer’s [services] and meet with your mom- i think I should tell them -the person you gave the money to was not me-what do you think?
JW: did you meet my mom
R: is it important that I met your mom?
i found out that your mom gave me money [to get rid of me-to buy me off]
but that you accepted it instead
JW: it was something you would have found out about eventually
yes I accepted it- so what?
R: what? [she kicks him]
ack! this woman – really – say it with words!
Why do you think God gave us human language? It’s because God wants us to communicate with each other with language not with our bodies
R: do you use your brain or not? how could you accept that money?
you think if one doesnt have anything, they dont even have pride?
if you accept that money -how would I look? how could you accept that money?
did you have such a low opinion of me to accept that money?
JW: of course i had to accept it
instead of saying “I cant accept this money”-
“this money is too little-give me more” will make her way more speechless
R: what?
JW: I did it for you to beat my mom
so that my mom would think you werent a woman to be treated that way
instead of you, i thought it was a good thing i went out there
if you had gone there -you would have just said those pitiful I’m sorrys a hundred times and came out
“she didnt take the money and kept her pride and left”
you think my mom would have applauded that? there is no way she wouldve
whether you accepted that money or not-the end result wouldve been the same
we wouldve kept meeting
R: based on what?
JW: because I just said
[they stare silently at each other]
R: you are mistaken – I dont want to see your face again
i dont know how much you received, make sure you tell your mom “I’m sorry” and return it to her
[R picks up her cell phone and throws his on the sofa. then she turns around and says}
also -be sure to tell her that there is nothing going on between us and not to worry
JW: why are we nothing to each other? There’s something going on between us to say so…..
R: ah- there is – the little mermaid you like
you told me before to think about it so I did, but I’m not qualified
do you know why? the little mermaid loved that man
[omg the hurt look on his face killed me – like her words were ten million times more painful than her kicks]

R walks quickly to the elevators
just before it closes he opens the doors again
he steps forward to get on but stops
JW to R: get off – get off
she ignores him and presses the close button
he runs down
she cries in the elevator
he looks everywhere for her

R wraps up all the new stuff in the apt
AY asks if it is cuz of AY
R finds out about the calendar
AY says R didnt sleep and did that with a lot of enthusiasm
JW is at home and is still upset
there is a hand drawn map of the grounds and hearts where oska lives (LOL)
JW tears it up

oska fights with his manager
he has no choice but to do a music show
and the cow color outfit comes out with crimp perm and all
R is there screaming
and there is dancing again – oh my eyes

R watches oska get mobbed by fans and reporters and oska spots her
as she walks away
he calls her
they meet at a cafe
he says he is doing a fan meeting [by meeting her like this]
she thanks him for the come back performance
she mentions his women scandal and he says isnt it better than a guy scandal
he takes her home
she asks if seul is ok
seul was crying on the way back after oska dumped her on the road
and when JW and her picked her up seul was upset
oska says how long ago their relationship was
but he is still like a kid
oska says R is very impressive
he notices how she puts her right foot behind her after hearing the compliment
JW shows up in a purple tracksuit and says
“this is a nice picture”

no preview
*also that explanation I posted on the long trailer about the name “thorchu” was done by a korean friend – she looked it up on Korean naver and that is the definition she said popped up – crazy/psycho guy who is rude in manners etc -everything i wrote is what she called out to me
also the first part “thorai” does mean crazy person in korean and my friend said in one word “psycho” fits the best definition
the writer of this drama added the training suit part on by using the korean way of saying “training” {which makes no sense to me – it is pronounced “chu-raining”}to make it more fun
so you can think of it as: “crazy rude guy in a tracksuit” but I chose to trust my friend and naver and put “psycho” cuz then I dont have to use any bad words cuz the “guy” was the b word for a bad guy.
not to mention thorchu is one word not six

74 comments on “Secret Garden E9:Live “Transcap”

  1. ck1Oz says:

    Hi softy thanks for the recap.I’m on holidays and snuck in to read.Then off to my Sat night.Guess I am addicted huh?

    Your gifts were just too cute.My little sister has never liked anyone enough to request this.Your friend buying them?Oh my…that’s a good friend.I would curl up and die if anyone caught me buying socks with drama stars 🙂 Good on ya big sis 🙂


  2. nikesma says:

    Did I ever mention that I love this background the most? Out of the few past background. :DDDDDDD
    *tries to wander off her mind. waiting for the download to finish is a torture


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      working on getting the fillers for the daebak office scene so please hold off subbing till they are done – thanks- will PM you when I get them filled


      • nikesma says:

        OK. np ^^ I’ll watch the episode while waiting.

        Anyway, well I think if JW stepped in that elevator, things would’ve been different? Look at how RI was waiting and all he said “Get off”? RI must’ve been annoyed at how he do things his way, always order her around, decide things on his own and such. Of course she doesn’t know about his phobia and she can see him as, until the end, he still ordering people around. (sorry weird way to put it, not good with expressing myself) =.=;


  3. nikesma says:

    Softy is now having problem accessing the blog. But she’s now still translating separately and will update us whenever she can access the blog.

    Did anyone else having problems viewing the blog? I am in fact I have to refresh the page few times to finally be able to view this page perfectly. T^T


  4. Minsun says:

    My heart stopped a few times this ep… when he hugged her, I couldn’t breathe!! And the look on his face when she said “because the little mermaid loved the guy”, OUCH. When JW was running down the stairs, I so wanted him to get to the lift in time! I thought the stair sequence was really good in creating suspense and getting the audience emotionally engaged.

    ahhhhh can’t wait for more!!! too little of the first leads this ep. Too much oska!!! heh. Can’t get enough of the two of them.

    Thanks for linking us to the transcap Softy!!


  5. kd38 says:

    LOL @ the purple tracksuit JW was wearing at the end of the ep……Does he have a closet full of them in different colors or something? XD


  6. toohearts says:

    I also had problem accessing this blog earlier…I kept refreshing it…I am glad that it is working now!! I want to say that I love this episode like the other ones before it… YES, the DAEBAK scene – that must really hurt JW! RI is hurt by what he did… I think she likes him (or at least is starting to)… I think RI was still in the elevator, she didn’t press any other button except close the door button.

    I am going to watch the raw first…and also I am going to re-read your transcap. Thank you, Softy!! ^^


    • Anonymous says:

      From the last ep that RI wanted to dress up to meet him, she likes him, too. But JW is not giving an inch, all he’s offering her is the ‘mermaid’ life. Some people are beginning to show impatience on the storyline but I’m loving the pace the director’s going because I could watch both leads all day long. They’re so GREAT together. I wouldn’t mind a pairing with JL and JW’s sister either. DAMO scene coming up, too! LOVE it!


      • missjojo says:

        I think she likes him too – for one thing, she didn’t kick him when he hugged her. Poor JW must have black and blue shins by now 🙂

        I personally like how the storyline can still go either way, it keeps everyone guessing. That, and those amazing track suits…


  7. […] Secret Garden E9:Live “Transcap” omg i couldnt access my own blog for almost an hour nowfinally back in–will translate a few lines each scene and do […] […]


  8. Khin Nwe Aye says:

    Thanks for the transcap. I read it first at 8:30 a.m. US EST, then checked it again in the afternoon , then watched the raw vid, and then read it, with additional info, a third time so that all those scenes make sense to me. I think the world’s biggest jerk is now completely in love with RI, and he shows his vulnerability when RI implies that unlike the Little Mermaid, she doesn’t love him. His face, especially the eyes which are tearing up, is the evidence that his relationship with RI goes beyond that of a curious stalker who thinks he can just have a brief fling and then forget all about the girl. His words also clearly show that he’s determined to keep seeing her whether the mother approves or not. And he denies RI’s assertion that there’s nothing going on between the two of them. Now, his biggest problem will be to convince RI that his feelings are much deeper than what he once implied, and I don’t know whether RI will ever believe him after having been hurt too many times over his harsh words criticizing her lack of education, wealth, status, and he even objects to her vocabulary which he thinks is vulgar and inelegant. Maybe, during the mother’s investigation of RI’s background the old snob will discover RI’s father was the one who saved JW in an incident in which the father lost his life. If this will soften the horrible woman’s disapproval of RI remains to be seen. I’m not holding my breath as people of that type rarely recognize that they owe people any gratitude. But things are getting interesting as JW has seen RI and Oska driving back together which will make him more mad after he finds the map of his compound with hearts around Oska’s house and a “Danger” sign over his. I think the plot will be developing much faster in the coming episode.


    • tiryns says:

      Your comment is absolutely spot-on! I love the fact that JW not only hugs RI but also holds her closer again when he confesses. This time he doesn’t make any excuse to see her (the hospital bill, the vacuum cleaner…). He simply wants to show he cares.


    • Anonymous says:

      how did you know that ri’s father is the one who save jw? Did they show it in the previous episodes? thanks


    • bea says:

      How did you know that ri’s father is the one who save JW in an incident? Did they show it in the previous episodes because i can’t remember watching scene about it? thanks


  9. ck1Oz says:

    Credit to

    About the caller ID name ‘kim-tto-chu’김 (Kim) is his surname, Kim Joo Won
    똘추 (tto-chu) is a slang; from 또라이 추한놈 (tto-lai chu-han-nom), literally crazy bastard. To put it mildly, tto-chu means a rude ignorant fellow.
    Were you let down? Ra Im just called him Kim The Rude Ignorant

    BUT! Writer Kim has done a wordplay on it. It has an additional meaning:

    Kim- (surname; see above)
    Tto- (from tto-chu, see above.) If you will recall, Ra Im called Joo Won a “tto-chu” at the hotel in Episode 1:

    “I thought you were just dumb, but I see that you’re a 똘추 (tto-chu) as well”
    Chu- Hahaha. This is the best part yet. ‘Cause it’s about the Bling Bling. 추 (chu) as in 추리닝 (chu-ri-ning), comes from the english word “training” (as in training wear). Yup, we’re talking about the The Tracksuit.

    So that concludes our Korean 101 today. I guess the most profound impression Joo Won has on Ra Im is 똘추 (tto-chu) and 추리닝 (chu-ri-ning). Well, isn’t that better than before? She calls him Kim The Jerk In A Tracksuit 😀


  10. shirley says:

    thanks for all the efforts to provide the translation for the scene and subtitles !
    @softy at your sister story ..i gave a good friend a key chain with JDG face . she was never so happy to receive anything from me when i am on a trip ! and i used to steal traypapers from dunkin donuts for friends we all had our history keke

    here is esp 10 preview as for the lift . i really think she might not have pressed the floor and is still in the lift at the same floor when he went down .! .

    esp 10 – Damo scene is going to be not a few min only haha ~


    • MJShinshi says:

      what, JW is in the stunt-crew now? long hair again…..LoL@ JW and Director


    • anna says:

      LOLOLOL oh that looks so much fun. I just can’t wait for tomorow!


    • Nora says:

      I guess joo won is not letting up in his effort to win her heart. He is willing to put on a wig and looked ridiculous if it is what it takes to thaw her heart. If I am ra-im, I will be willing to say ok to anything. Well…I’m not as strong as ra-im I guess


  11. Yumi says:

    I’m having a little trouble deciphering acronym.

    can someone tell me what OTP means?



  12. Mikee says:

    TORTURE, don’t you think that is what THORCHU means?
    Ra Im is not good in english and probably did not know how to spell TORTURE, so she spelled it that way.

    I am aware that it could mean psycho … but…


  13. Ash&ash says:

    Check out for picture on the kiss


  14. krickitat says:

    That elevator scene was awesome.

    And I cant help but LOVE the new track suit


  15. shirley says:

    esp 10 – 5 min preview~ lol at JW in damo .


    • El says:

      3:28 what only 2 highlighters instead of 3 this time, guess he’s getting more sensible, but..*recalling the purple-lace-tracksuit* guess not.
      @Shirley: Thanks


  16. softy says:

    when JL pulls JW back from going into R’s place
    JL says : why are you going in there?
    a drunk JW tells a drunk JL that JW has worn R’s panties, gave her a bath, brushed her teeth three times a day
    in the last line JW tells oska “i decided i am going to break up with that woman”


  17. color pirate says:

    Ok, though I originally tagged this site to expand my drama education I’m having more fun reading your blurbs and comments rather that the episode TC’s. I started searching through other stuff you posted which I haven’t actually seen just to read your comments. Who are you, really? The story about the sister was hilarious! C’mon, English majors, right? You’re not writing a screenplay on the side??!
    I hope to be in Korea this summer, I’m not even that interested in BYJ but I’d love to do a Winter Sonata tour with you guys as the guides doing the commentary along the way! HA!


  18. ItadakimasU says:

    aaaaah i like/love this drama sooo much!!
    thank you rebel souls so much for the live transcaps… without you… it would have been very frustrating to watch the raws^^

    also i really love your personal note in the beginning ^^ so nice of you to share your own story… i LOL-ed@that!!
    Really like how you weaver some of your own “life-experiences” with SG


  19. nikesma says:

    “the little mermaid loved that man”:


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