MSOAN E8: Live “Transcap”

12/8 Updated
omg i need a whole new word for daebak cuz it doesnt cover just how perfect this episode was – man wait till you guys read what they said – omg I am so out of breath – and it isnt from typing – so much emotion – so intense- I love this episode!!!!!!
i am typing as fast as my brain and hands will allow but there are so many great scenes and that kiss is like stuck in my head and it’s distracting me – wish I could just sit there and press replay a few more times. If YAI ever has a kiss scene like this – I can totally die happy 🙂
this is why I love MSOAN – it is easy to translate and it makes it so much more fun to share right away-you guys need to watch that kiss – it’s like all the ones we never got from MGIAG or any other recent dramas – is there a BTS of that kiss – dying to get my hands on it
if JW and R ever kiss like that on SG anytime soon – then we have ourselves two winning couples for this year- seriously – my other bloggers who love JGS is going to faint when they see this scene.
The comments for this episode are hilarious – you guys really enjoyed tonight’s broadcast huh?
Sometimes when I read what other bloggers write about a certain impression the episode had on them, I kind of wonder what that would be like. Before their recaps or after it, they muse and share their thoughts about the show. I made an attempt to way back when, but now it’s hard to find the time or energy. My posts average between 7,000 to 8,000 words. I know I have it in me to write something profound and moving about a certain scene or reaction to what happened, but I have no more brain cells to spare after translating. That’s why I insert some comments – just a line or two after a certain scene cuz some of those are worth highlighting. As far as I know, I am the first blogger who gets to do that before anyone else since I do it live. That is one of the many reasons why I am glad I started doing these transcaps. Take that heartbreak scene last week for example. When I saw that on my TV screen and had to type the words, I could not type fast enough because I wanted to press update so bad to show you guys how great that moment was. There are lots of moments like that for me for both shows. There is something about sharing a scene like that – it makes this whole transcap thing so personal. It’s like I am letting you in on a great big secret before anyone else finds out. I hope tonight’s broadcast gives me lots more to share, but something tells me this show won’t let us down any time soon.
How sad is it that when I was typing the episode number, I forgot which one was tonight. I could have sworn both shows were at different numbers, but for tonight they match up. It made me realize that we are at the halfway mark for MSOAN. Already I feel a little sad. Did you guys know that Mary’s coping method of counting to ten and then thinking happy thoughts was one of my favorite parts about the first episode? She doesn’t do it anymore and I miss it. JW on SG has his own coping method, but at least he is still using his “kimsooroo” chant still. I think it is so interesting that two different drama leads share that one quirky habit. That vulnerable side of them was what made me invested in their characters so early on. Now it’s time to discover just how far they are willing to venture outside their comfort zones for the one they love.
MSOAN E8 Live Transcription

After Mary reveals the truth,
D asks if the marriage was a lie and
when they said they loved each other was a lie too?
JS notices J was there too
S walks out and J follows her
J offers to take her home but she wants to be alone
D, JS, and Mary come out
D asks if J already knew about it
J said I know you are surprised and that he would explain
but JS slaps J and calls him a bad name
and walks off to the car
D and Mary get in too and they drive off leaving J there
D and JS plan what to do
since the contract is over there is no reason to wait
D wants to get her married off right away but since Mary went thru so much shock
they decide to give her a little time and not jump straight to marriage
since Mary is sorry she is going to accept what has to happen
the housekeeper comes and gives a schedule for mary to take lessons to be a good wife
like cooking lessons etc – what most women do to prepare for marriage

MG is working on his music
he has caught a cold and his place is a mess
he walks over to the fridge to get water and sees all the kimchi in there
he remembers feeding her some of the kimchi
where his mom calls them newlyweds
he starts to clean up
he finds the crumpled love is a car accident letter
and throws it away after looking at it
he also picks up the mittens and throws that away too
then he looks at the contract with J and crumples it up

J is at the recording studio
manager bang comes in and
rubs in the fact that MG quit when they are so busy
J defends MG saying that he had a good personal reason and that MG isnt irresponsible
she also mentions a scandal about S
something about S’s personal life I think
since S doesnt go around with assistants and managers
there is no one to block the news or help her thru it
manager offers to help but J declines
S is working out on the treadmill – omg that’s my old gym
she goes over to the side and sits down and ties her shoelaces
J drops by and puts an ipod next to her and sits down
then he hands her a bottle of water
she says it’s ok cuz this is not the first time there has been a scandal
J makes suggestions about how to block some of it
but she said it wouldnt work
she asks about MG and his work
J smiles

At the bridal salon
mary starts typing out a text to MG
she says she is sorry that because of her
he had to quit working at the company
she says she ruined things for him
and everything was a mess
then she deletes what she typed in and starts over
“are you doing fine? for everything you did up to now,
I was so grateful
and I am so sorry to you. Tomorrow I am going to…”
she is picking out her engagement dress with friends
=since it turned out this well, it’s for the better
you better make up your mind to be [?]
this kind of opportunity doesnt come around often
you really hit the jackpot
=it’s not like you are doing this unwillingly with someone you hate
you said the director was a good person after you got to know him
=but did you talk to him yet about you having that fake marriage with MG?
Mary: since it was uncomfortable and the director was busy with work so we
each didnt have a chance to talk about it
= that’s better – just get pass it
= you promised your father that you and MG wouldnt contact each other ever huh?
Mary: I’m too sorry so I cant contact him.
also, Mg must have been very angry
=you guys are totally over
=Mary are you ok?
Mary: I dont know. I cant think of anything. a typhoon is going by
but it’s calm it feels like I am inside the typhoon
J shows up to try on his suit
her friends take pics
her friends think J is mad about the fake marriage cuz he looks so serious
one friend tells mary that she is the wrongdoer for having a fake marriage
for 51 days and that Mary needs to do well (to make up for it)
the other one defends mary and says Mary is not a wrongdoer
[my favorite song is playing and it seems so tragic cuz the only ppl who are happy are her friends]

After the wedding shop, mary,J , D and JS have dinner together
the next day is mary’s bday and it’s also her engagement
JS says since there wasnt much time, this would be an intimate event with
family and close friends
d is excited to be a father in law
D asks J if he will tell everyone at the office after the engagement about mary
D says it would have been great if her mom had been alive to share this
mary says she is going to see her mom
d wants to go with her with JS
but J offers to take her
J has a nightmare
he fell asleep in his clothes
he wakes up and sees the socks mary gave him
and remembers how she said to wear it to sleep so he wouldnt have nightmares
he puts it up to his cheek and smiles and puts them on
then he lies back down fully dressed with those socks on and sleeps

next morning mary looks at her wedding pics with MG and his concert photo
and smiles then looks sad
she gets a call from J

J picks her up – they are driving
he says she looks like she didnt sleep well
she asks if he didnt and he says he had a good dream
she asks where they are going
He says when he woke up, he wanted to come here with her
he brought her to an arboretum
he takes her hand and they walk like that
she says sorry – that she didnt want to do it – a marriage that didnt make sense
he says he understands cuz he felt the same way
he said during that time (after she told the truth )he had a lot to
think about and he was angry too
she says she understands why he is angry
she wouldve been too
he says he isnt mad cuz of her but himself
he gives her that piggyback pic
flashback scar scene
on the day of her mom’s wake
mary is smiling and eating a lolipop
she walks up the stairs
J is crying on the phone with his mom, he says he wants to live in korea with her
complaing about how he hates japan, that kids hit him and torment him
and that his dad tells him to put up with it and scolds him
Mary comes up and doesnt know what is going on and is happy
so J asks how she can be happy when her mom died
little mary says “my mom is in heaven”
he explains that that means she is dead
“dont you know what death is? it’s the end-you can never see her again”
mary drops her candy and cries
he piggybacks her down the stairs, slips, and falls
she gets that cut on her head
he piggybacks her outside to a swingset and puts a band aid on her forehead
she calls out for her mom
he teaches her that Japanese phrase about “i’ll be here to protect you forever”
he piggybacks her again
d and JS see them coming while J is piggybacking her
D says since they were playing together and got hurt that
J and Mary should be bride and groom
JS decides to take that pic
end flashback
Mary asks if he remembers everything now
he says not all of it, but from here on, he thinks he will have more good dreams than nightmares
she says “thank goodness”
J apologizes for the scar he gave her on the forehead
she says it’s ok
he said it must have hurt a lot
she says: the past does not torment me anymore
** what kind of warped parent makes light of an injury and wants them to get married instead of driving her to a plastic surgeon so she wont scar? I seriously do not get her dad’s logic.

J gives her an engagement present
He takes her to a room and she goes inside and asks what it is
he replies it’s an arboretum (using what she calls bookstores)
The room has been turned into a private library full of books she likes
with a place to sit and read
mary has a flashback
to when she asked what kind of music he wants to make and MG tells her he wants to make music that doesnt lie
Mary:honest music? music that gives honest emotion
who are you really? you’re poor but you live so freely doing whatever you want
with no worries
she asks if he has a secret life as [something] chaebol
he laughs and asks if she is writing a novel
he tells her to stop talking about strange things and go read
J gets a call that S wont be doing the drama so J has to leave
Mary says she is going to see her mom
he tells her he will be back to take her
she said she will read books till he comes back
before he leaves he kisses her scar and wishes her a happy bday
she gets a text
her firend says this is your last bday as a single woman
MG texts and says “Meet me”

mg is singing my precious at the park
mary watches him
he gets mobbed by students in uniform who call him “teacher”
mary laughs
MG; you came
she says its been a while
she said he looks good – that he looks peaceful
he says it’s cause his life went back to normal
he asks how she is
she says it’s peaceful

* what in the holy cow does “pyung-ah-wool” mean?
band drives up
they say they should have back dancers and change the mood
and to come up with a strong concept and curly hair guy puts cuffs on MG
Mg says this is not his style
they greet mary
she asks why MG why he asked to meet her
he wanted to pay her back
she asks where he got the money
the band member says MG is a teacher at some kind of
hakwon (institute)and is already so popular
Mg tells the guy that it is restricting so take the cuffs off
that guy takes the cuff off and puts it on mary

mary: what are you doing?
=we have stuff that we are sorry for to the two of you
they want them to get along until the audition
they will release MG and Mary then
they chase after them but MG gives up
and says they said they would uncuff them later
mary says that wont work cuz she has something imp to do today
he asks what it is

she opens her sweater coat to show MG her engagement dress
he asks alarmed “you’re getting married?”
that was the most adorable flash scene in kdrama history !!!!

J goes to S’s place
He asks why she wants to quit the drama
S reminds him when she agreed to do it that she
has a habit of changing her mind suddenly
and that she doesnt feel like doing it anymore
J says he needs her tho
she says she wants to rest
he asks if it is about MG
she snaps at him
she tells him to leave
he doesnt

Hair scene:
Mary: Why? They all won’t answer their phones?
MG: Yes, they are determined. What time was your engagement?
Mary: In the evening at 7
MG: It’s not 12 yet – there is a lot of time left
Mary: I also have a place I need to go with the director –he’s going to call soon
MG: Oh this is so annoying (he tousles his hair) and I have to wash my hair too
Mary: Ya – why are you washing your hair now?
MG: I was up last night producing and came straight from [something ]the bus
Ya – look how [?].  Does it smell
Mary starts to back up saying “yaya– ya – yaya – ya!” as he comes closer for her to sniff (LOL)
In the bathroom, Mary is washing his hair
He tells her to be careful and not get any foam in his ears
Mary: Why is it that every time I meet you, something wrong happens
MG: Ya it’s the same for me too. When I don’t meet you –everything is normal
Mary: That’s why – we shouldn’t have ever met up again
She scrubs harder in frustration and he yells out in pain and he tells her to stop
He asks her to go outside and get the conditioner and she yells at him to just shampoo it and he tells her to hurry. Forgetting they were handcuffed, when she tries to go out, he ends up getting dragged too
{I love moments like this – so cute and they are totally believable as a real couple – so comfortable around each other – best chemistry seriously]

S is in the bathroom and J knocks and says he is going in
she is crying in the shower -dressed
he takes her out and puts a blanket around her
they talk on the bed
he says something about how a rumor doesnt become the truth
S; what did I do that was so wrong?
J: you didnt do anything wrong
S mumbles something how ppl are treating her like she did something horribly wrong and J says”those people just want to believe what they want to believe so be honest and upfront and tell everyone since the reason why you kept everything hidden was to protect your family”
[the guy is freaking getting engaged later that day and he goes into a bathroom where a woman could have been showering??? this guy seriously lost points with me tonight.
I also could not stand how S was such a drama queen – she is like beyond annoying tonight]

MG is eating
she tells him to hurry
she wants to go out and find a locksmith
he says it wont work
she says she cant wait till 5
J calls and asks where she is
J says he wont be able to go with her
J says he is with S
mary tells him she will go alone
he says he is sorry again
Mary tells MG to text his ex to comfort her and live like he has loyalty
MG takes his phone out and starts to text
MG asks if she is ok that J is with her
she asks if Mg is done eating and says “let’s go”
he says “go where”
he wants to go home and sleep and wait for his mom who is coming
mary says to come with her first cuz she has to go somewhere
MG’s headphone scene

Mary has partially taken off her sweater coat so the dress is visible
She places flowers at her mom’s memorial stone [no clue what to call it so I went with that]
Mary: Mom it’s been a long time
MG leans in and stares at the photos on the wall and says:
Wahh – you look exactly like your mom. [she is way better looking than you.] She is really beautiful.
Mary: I have to talk with my mom – (points) – headphone
[He mumbles something I couldn’t make out  as he puts it on]
Mary: Mom – today I get engaged. That’s why to show you mom, I wore this dress and came.
I was going to come with the guy I’m engaged to ….
Laughs and points at MG : mom-that’s not him-don’t misunderstand.
Mary starts to cry: Anyway mom, I wanted to be like you and dad and fall in love at first sight, love someone so much to kneel in front of a grandfather who forbids, or want to run away and get married, but somehow it ended up that I got engaged like this.
Even thought he isn’t someone I love, he is really a good person. Also dad really likes him.
Since it turned out this way, mom, I’ll try to live well.
Mary completely breaks down and says:
On a day like today, if the person I loved and you were next to my side, it would’ve been so great.
MG heard all this, but pretends he didnt and puts her coat around her
“I was worried you might be cold..I can’t hear you so continue.”
Mary keeps crying really hard and looks over at MG and MG keeps looking over at her concerned
Major bonding thru their backgrounds on the bus

she said when she was young, the days she thought it would
be nice to have a mom was on rainy days
cuz other kids went hm holding onto their moms hands
but mary had to wait alone for her dad in the classroom
her dad said it hurt his heart too much to think of her getting rained
on and going home so he made her wait for him to pick her up
she had to wait till he got off work and somedays she had to
wait alone till late at night
he says “why did you wait? you should have just gotten rained on and run home”
MG talks about his past with his mom
since she had to work, he stayed with relatives a lot
Mary asks: until when did you live with your mom?
they hardly lived with each other
if he lived at one place, after he got kicked out they would stay together
in the meantime until he went to live somewhere else
so they hardly ever lived together
and he didnt have many memories with her except one
since she is a woman she took MG to women’s saunas
mary says since it was my dad, he took me to men’s saunas
MG says “isnt that so embarrassing?”
and she agrees and they bond over that
he went till he was 8 wearing a towel and ppl thought he was a girl
he gets a call from his mom
still in a good mood, he is smiling when he answers:
“I was just talking about you. what time are you coming later?
what did you want to say?”
Mary’s headphone scene

This time it is mary’s turn to listen to music to give him privacy while his mom and MG talk
his mom is going to paris with her boyfriend 
she got tired of having to meet and part so often for over a year
if they leave korea and go overseas, there is only the two of them
so she likes the idea that they will just look at each other and live
MG wants to know if that means she is going there and getting married
“no – like you said, I’m not getting married. since I shouldnt cause him pain
(not sure if she said receive pain or give pain cuz i cant hear the pronoun}
she thinks for his sake, it is better to be separate from MG cuz his mom keeps
depending on him and making things difficult for him
he gets up and yells at his mom “what could you do that is so difficult !”
Mary pops up out of her chair in surprise too
She reassures him that she cant hear and that it’s ok
He pulls her back down to sit as he sits too
his mom calls her to get her attention
she asks mary to take care of MG cuz mary has loyalty
his mom tells mary that after she settles things with her cafe,
she is going to leave after a month to somewhere far away
MG says: stop it – why are you telling all that to an outsider
he leaves with mary

Mg leads Mary around to walk off his anger
she calls out to him to stop
MG calls his band and yells at them to uncuff them – he asked if they
were prepared for the audition and to go straight to the club
after he ends his call, he turns to Mary and says”let’s go”
but she hands him a lettuce bouquet like the one he gave her the first time they met
she says : “here – a present”
he remembers back to that scene when he gave her one
she tells him not to be sad
he cheers up a little and smiles and says “let’s go” and she says “accept it”
as he drags her away

D is getting his hair done and he tells JS we are becoming a family in 2 hrs
he says how he and JS grew up lonely
they want lots of grandchildren
D is a widower and JS is divorced
D asks why JS treats J so harshly

omg J is playing the guitar for S
she talks about having to alienate herself from her family to become an actress
grandfather who was a government official 
father who is a professor
brother who is a lawyer
sister who is a doctor
the only way she could get any acknowledgement from her family was to get married
he stops cuz of the pain
S: what’s wrong? does it hurt somewhere?
He says it’s ok and she insists on seeing it and takes his hand
there are two long cut scars
S: why is your hand like this? what is this – did you try to commit suicide?
J: yes
when I was living in Japan, this guitar was my [comforting] friend, but my father told me to quit. music brings emotions to the surface so it makes a person weak (he said)
I couldnt go against my father’s [order] so i quit, but when I looked at the guitar that I couldnt play, it really tormented me. so [eventually]i did something i shouldnt have
So you are really impressive. you went against your parents objections and chose to do what you wanted to do. I couldnt do that.
[*during the broadcast I didnt pay close attention cuz S used a different tense for the word “suicide” in korean. I know that word but she used a shorten version so I didnt recognize it till now-sorry for leaving out a crucial part]

MG and Mary and the band are up on stage 
the manager auditioning them points out the girlfriend should wait separately off stage
and asks why she needs to be up there
one member tells the truth and says sorry and that he lost the key to the cuffs
but the leader says that’s not it, that Mary is part of their concept as a backdancer
and that she is really good 
MG tells her: when the music starts, dance naturally
Mary dumbstruck: what are you talking about? I can’t dance
Mg to the band : let’s start
Mary panics and says: ya
MG tries to pull her forward to start dancing but Mary goes right back and hides behind him again. the whole time she looks like she is mustering up the courage to actually do it.
Mg tries once again to pull her forward, but yet again she is not quite there yet. The third time did the trick cuz not she knows there is no getting out of it and starts to nod her head to the beat and then she slowly goes for it and what ensues is a scene I could watch over and over again and never stop smiling.
one by one the band members notice and they all suppress their smiles but the manager doesnt and just laughs.
by now Mary is in full swing, waving that lettuce bouqet around and throwing her body into it while mouthing the lyrics right along with MG who notices and smirks as he sings.
[too bad that song was “my bus” cuz if it was something else, maybe Mary would’ve had a fighting chance. I have to add, when I first heard this song, I didnt love it but tolerated it cuz JGS is singing it. Now with this image in my head, I’m sold.]

after the performance they look for the key
she calls J and says she is at hongdae and will explain when he comes
J takes S to drop her off at hongdae (at MG’s place)
he tells her he is going to his engagement
she asks: so you’re going now to pick up your fiance?
he says yes
she feels bad for taking up his whole day
he says it’s ok since it was important
she says she is envious of whoever his fiance is and curious (who she is)
J doesnt tell her who tho
he says he would introduce her after the engagement
admitting scene

At MG’s place, they are sitting on the couch and MG is trying to get the handcuffs off
Mary: Only an hour is left..the director is coming to pick me up….so hurry up
MG: Ya – I’m trying hard…you really want to get engaged that much…
Mary: You think I want to do it? It’s cuz I promised is why..
MG throws down the screwdriver …it won’t work….
Mary sighs – because of you….I ….
MG: What did I do? What? That I’m unfortunate (unlucky)?
Mary: What is that – when did I say such a thing?
MG: You said when you meet me things get complicated
Mary: It’s the same when you meet me too so that must mean I am unfortunate too
MG smiles
Mary: don’t think like that – you’re a fortunate kid
MG surprised says: What?
Mary says: blessed with goof looks and musical talent…that much means you are really fortunate
MG laughs it off and says “what is that” and sits up and starts to play with his fingers awkwardly and asks: have you ever liked me?
Mary: What? What are you saying all of a sudden?

MG: We’ve already ended everything’re getting engaged…so that’s why I am saying this..during the middle for a second…I had feelings towards you
Mary: You said you didn’t see me as a girl
MG: Instead of saying I saw you as a girl…ah…I don’t know…(leans back on the couch)
Mary: When did you do that?
MG: At first when you went to the country house with that guy…after I met my mom…when I was eating ice cream alone…do you remember?
Mary nodding hear head : uhmm- I remember..
MG: At that time – for a moment cuz I was feeling [melancholy]I waited for you. the next day you came with that guy. Right away I went back to normal
MG gets a call
“you found it?” he whispers to her “found the key”
she doesnt seem happy hearing that
MG into the phone “we’ll go there right now-hyung (brother) where are you now?

Building up to the kiss scene
MG and Mary walk down the street and MG looks miffed and Mary keeps looking down at the cuffs and looks a little sad
MG: Let’s hurry up –we’re late. Saying you had to marry someone you love later – made a big fuss and asked me to marry you in a fake marriage. In the end, you’re doing an arranged marriage -wee mary.
Mary: Stop it (she stops walking)
MG: Why are you about to cry?
Mary: When was I about to cry?
Looking kind of angry, MG asks: you – do you love that guy?
Mary: I don’t know yet/I’m not sure yet. How could I know what love is?
That’s true-a girl who hasn’t even dated yet, how could you know about love
Mary: You don’t know what love is either
MG: What?
Mary: Not being able to meet a girl for over a month – is that something to brag about?
MG: So
Mary: Don’t act like you know everything. That’s a disease
MG feeling insulted: What? Disease?
Mary: That’s right – a disease. In other words fear of commitment
MG: What makes you think you know me?

Mary: Why wouldn’t I know. I met you as a fake wife for over 51 days. You have to hurry up and fix that disease or else you really won’t be able to love
MG: Who do you think you are to tell me to love or not
MG yells: You’re marrying a guy you don’t love so what are you bragging about!
Mary: (not sure if she said “dae-tha” to mean “Never mind” or “forget it” or “whatever”}
some more students come calling him teacher
they see the cuffs and ask who mary is
they ask if he got a girlfriend
mary says: kids that’s not it
they want to know what kind of relationship they have
he tells them to calm down
but they say calm down about what
MG suddenly tells mary to run

D and JS are waiting both J and mary are still missing
d calls J and he said he wont be late
S gets out of the car-this is MGplace
she needs to borrow J;s phone tho cuz her battery ran out
she calls MG and then sees mary’s number and the engagement photo
S looks at J like she is pissed
J asks if she is done using his phone
The most Daebak Kiss scene in recent kdrama history

They hide between two buildings. Both are leaning against a wall out of breath from running and they laugh cuz they made it.
As those students run by, MG suddenly hugs Mary to hide her and hold her so her face is buried in his embrace.
He lets go, looks at her, and goes in for a kiss, but she turns her head

Mary: Playboy
MG: What?
MAR: You’re not affected at all
At that time, I thought my heart would burst
MG: So.. you that time
Mary: (crying) It was suppose to be with someone I loved…you ruined it…(she starts to hit him) …you jerk
MG says softly “Mary….
Mary: (you said) you didn’t see me as a girl
MG: (you said) you didn’t see me as a guy
Mary: (you) told me not to like you….
MG: you too…(you) said you didn’t like me…

He suddenly kisses her
a sparkly heart forms and pops out from the cuffs
best ending EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
S asks J : your fiance was Mary?
Mary and MG went to the beach to watch the sunrise
mary leans on MG holding onto his arms
It’s really like a dream – how we ended up like this
J to MG: I have to say it’s over and then this contract will end
JGS never kissed like this on YAB – omg – I am so starting with the kiss scene first
then all their other great scenes – when he said he liked her
when she got mad at him on the street before the fans came
oh man forget sleeping tonight – too much to do

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    Aigoo..I was at work and had to get your link off sompi.And I saw the gif there.Man oh man…..YAH!!! My colleagues are probably wondering why I have an ear to ear grin.I love love the 2 dramas back to back.

    Softy….is there anything you want for Christmas? You are my lifesaver 🙂


    • ck1Oz says:

      Oops that was me…
      ‘oh man forget sleeping tonight – too much to do’

      LOL….you are too cute.I watched the gif scene like 5 times in a row 🙂 Gah.


  2. anne says:

    OMG!they kissed again,i love this episode
    what can i say softy,you are d best n thank u so much for ur transcap


  3. callmepebble says:

    OMIGOD OMIGOD my heart jumps out of my chest watching the kiss scene cut with my 56K internet.
    Totally agreed with you Softy that we need a whole new word for daebak for this episode.

    I am very grateful that you’ve done the kiss scene first, I’ll have a good dream even though I don’t put my socks on. Can’t wait for tomorrow night!


  4. MJShinshi says:

    Another Awesome ep and cannot wait for BTS of that last scene…since they were embarassed at the first kiss what happened this time for this was A Kiss, One Hot Kiss!!! Well we ordered a hot Kiss and we got it. YAY! When he said her name, his voice says it all realization of their mutual affection!! Yup replaying Kiss vid, fangirl Mode On and MaeRi chicken dancing! LOL (have i said, “kiss/Hot Kiss” enough times yet or what?) 🙂


  5. Literati says:

    LOL during the kiss all I could hear was SM Ballad’s ~~HOT TIMES~~

    And he did give Park ShinHye a kiss like that during one of the makeup CF’s. Why it wasn’t in YAB I’ll never know. And can i say I saw a lot of jaw movement, yey one of kdramas good kisses that isn’t Bi style face eating or the kdrama press.


    • rory's mom says:

      Those two are/were dating?? Doesn’t count, I speak of acting. Kdramas boggle my mind as to why they have to do it pecking style. Recently saw Kimi Wapetto in Japanese (cause JGS is redoing) and they really kiss.


      • Tari says:

        Hi, rory’s mom, agree with you. Every time I see a-press-lip-kiss..come on, that kills the storyline. But for me there were some ‘real kiss’ in kdrama as well.
        1. Coffee Prince (plus a killer dialog: “I don’t care whether you’re a man or an alien”. GY is a good kisser no doubt, see him in S Diary?)
        2. Goong (JJH seems to be a good kisser too, Naked Kitchen is the proof)
        3. The World They Lived In (Binnie.Real.Liplocks! alot..hope we’ll get that from SG *law of attraction mode on*)
        Those were my favorite 🙂 btw love the one in this episode as well


        • rory's mom says:

          Thanks for the info. I will watch Coffee Prince and Goong at a later time but I couldn’t sink my teeth int TWTLI (HB is gorgeous) cause he really is dating his costar. I thought her acting was poor.
          Another eye-opener, Kim Rae Won (love him) always pecks but watch him in Plum Blossom. The purity of him that I had in my mind went out the window.


          • Sarahdylan says:

            Hey lets not forget Park Shi Hoo in prosecutor’s princess…i think he kiss good too and maybe Lee Min ho in personal taste????


      • Literati says:

        Kimi Wa Petto did have a serious kiss scene. I hope it gets remade properly in Korean because that series was DaeBak. And they weren’t dating it was for a makeup commercial. (but I so think that they dated/are dating).


      • Literati says:

        Thanks for making me go look this up again. in my mind this is just tacked onto the ending of YAB.


    • Anonymous says:

      I know right, i mean i was expecting a nice sweet kiss between park and jgs in Your Beautiful but it sucked no movement and she even looked like she was in pain or something.


  6. nikesma says:

    Here. The kiss scene with softy’s translations

    hmm how do I add the youtube links to show up here anyway?


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      omg you are fast – when did you do all this? I was in the middle of translating so I didnt know till now…omg some of those lines I changed and wasnt sure of -I hope no one kills me for the errors. You are one busy bee tonight -ppl will love you for making these.
      thanks for sharing your love for MSOAN!!!!!


      • nikesma says:

        😀 You don’t know how I much I love tonight’s episode as well! Gyaahh! Well, I can only be productive this late at night (we’re in the same timezone) so I’m afraid I can only do this much. My will to do this also driven by how much you’ve worked hard. XD So, though they’re not perfect, I hope you like the vids ^^


  7. nikesma says:

    admitting scene:


  8. toohearts says:

    Fireworks!! And more fireworks!!!!!!!~~~WOW MG, what a hot kiss!! Sorry JI, yours can’t even compare to it! I guess round 2 – you lose as well! I am sorry to say that but I guess MR’s heart belongs to MG after this and that is why she can’t marry you!

    Thank you, Softy, for transcap for this episode, and other daebak scenes!!!!! I loved all of them! What is going to happen next? We are halfway through, and yes, I can relate to you that I feel a little sad just to think about its end… Like you, Softy, the quirky habits that both drama have (from MR, to JW and to RI – her foot taping when she is overjoyed with happiness) are also the little things that warmed up my heart and my day!! I cannot get enough of them! 😀 😀


  9. nikesma says:

    Building up to the kiss scene:


  10. staying up late says:

    Thank you so, so, so super much Softy for the transcap.

    The last 6 days of tortured waiting really pays of in this incredibly MSOAN fan satisfying episode 8! Had anticipated a kiss right between the two walls and MR & MG proved beyond doubt what a meeting-of-souls KISS would be like – full of conviction and tenderness all at the same time. Love it and over the moon with happiness!!!


  11. nikesma says:

    Kiss HQ + Preview:


  12. nikesma says:

    Hair scene:


  13. toohearts says:

    Ah~~~~ so excited to watch the scenes (videos) with the translations!! Thank you, nikesma, for posting them here!! Thank you, Softy, and others who were involved in creating these videos!! I am enjoying every single one of them!! So sweet~~!! ^^


  14. missJ says:

    Kyaaaahhhhh !!! the kiss was daebak !!!
    Thank you, Softy !!!! you are such a kind person ! Reading the detailed transcap today was worth the wait !!! this ep. is squeal-worthy !!! can’t wait for tonight’s ep.
    Rest and sleep tight , Softy ! Hope you will be refreshed for tonight’s ep….and don’t forget to eat your meals as well ….
    I’m off to watch the raw ep.^^
    Softy, fighting !!!!
    from Japan with love


  15. Tari says:

    sorry if you’re getting tired reading my name. but i have to say that you and your blogger friends who responsible for the screencap indeed have a talent for catching the picture that sells the story, even took the time to put it side by side with the one on episode one. its like reading color manga 🙂 another good job.


  16. deb says:

    Thank you again, and again, and again, I have read this transcap three times and its getting better all the time… Omg I love this drama, and and this episode is the best ever. I love you guys for doing this transcap and I love those side comments of yours 😀


  17. nikesma says:

    I’ve decided to keep making the videos like I did last night for more episodes to come and for secret garden as well. I’ll make the vids as soon as softy updates her translations. So,please treat me well ^^


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      wait wait wait – can you give me a heads up about which scenes you are gonna do so that I can get every word or grunt in so it matches the dialogue? you did a great job but I want to make sure i dont give you too many blanks. omg I feel so much pressure now…esp for SG cuz those scenes are way harder and there is bound to be more blanks for those….aaahhhhhh- please wait till at least a few hrs after the broadcast or better yet the next day when the lines are filled in completely. also 1crazynyt wants you to contact her so if you are a soompi member – can you pm her please? thanks for all your hard work – you are gonna have so many fans now 🙂


  18. moom says:

    OMG.. I LURVE YOUR GIFS softy !!!!

    the kiss gave me goosebumps but anyone alse wishes that MGY would also kiss back? I guess that being MR’s ‘first proper kiss’, she would be less ‘passionate’

    the dance scene is bloody hilarious!! i have not laughed this hard in a long time… MGY is so absolutely adorable.. i’m beginning to love this actress.. she is really brilliant

    I also love the MG confession scene; JKS really nailed the ‘awkward, shy, trying to keep his pride’ look and the bus scene.. these 2 are so natural and effortless… they ARE their characters MR and MG..

    I guess that is what I love abt Mary….even though the story so far is not terribly exciting.. the little sweet scenes and the amazing acting and chemistry of the leads really draws me in.. I am sooo addicted, it’s crazy 😛


  19. koori says:

    Hi Softy. Not sure if you already have this..but for this :

    MG: Let’s hurry up –we’re late. Saying you had to marry someone you love later – made a big fuss and asked me to marry you in a fake marriage. In the end, you’re doing a [?] marriage -wee mary.

    ….the chinese subs read as ‘arranged marriage’ (those type that are arranged by parents and the groom/bride doesn’t have any say).

    Does that sound right?


  20. JoInSung4ever says:

    Hiii… just found your site.
    Thank you for your fast translation. Really apreaciate it…

    Btw, we have the same taste… I mean JGS and YAI
    -_^ ……… sssttttt!!!!!


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